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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  November 26, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PST

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tonight on "all in." >> are you afraid, mr. mayor, that could you be indicted. >> you think i'm afraid? you think i get afraid? >> new subpoenas reveal the depth of the federal investigation into the president's lawyer. tonight the trouble rudy's in. what his indicted associate handed over to investigators and how close this gets to the president. then. i have a conscience very clear and a duty. >> republicans in congress pick up what president wanted ukraine to dedo. >> i'm going to stick to our warrior. >> reporter: firing our own nave a esecretary to support an accused navy war criminal. and in the rose garden. >> this is the ultimate fighter, ultimate everything. >> the president finds a friend.
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"all in" starts right now. good evening from new york. president trump's personal lawyer, rudy giuliani, seemed to be in very hot water. "wall street journal" reporting that subpoenas seek information on giuliani. according to the report quote subpoenas described to the "wall street journal" listed more than a half dozen charges, including obstruction of justice, money laundering, conspiracy to defraud the united states. serving as an agent of a foreign government without reporting to the justice department, or oallowing someone else to use one's name for retribution. rudy was back brushing off concerns about his own legal
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situation while intumating he knowstu things that will stop trump from throwing rudy under the bus. >> are you afraid, mr. mayor, that you could be indicted? >> oh, wow. ohow long have you known, me ed? >> several years. >> you think i'm afraid? >> i dont exoe. >> i did the right thing. i represented my client in a very, very effective way. >> have you talked to president trump? >> i do not discuss my conversations with my client. you can assume i talk to him early and often. and have a very, very good relationship with him and all of these comments, which are totally insulting -- i mean i say things written like he's going to throw me under the bus. i say he isn't but ib have insurance. >> i have insurance?
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that's the president's personal lawyer. we learned big news about another lawyer he represented the president. in the last hour or so reported that former white house counsel don mcgahn must obay a subpoena and we learn that the supreme court has agreed to suspend another subpoena. we're go having to more in just a few minutes. those rulings came shortly after news that house intelligence committee adam schiff has writ an dear colleague letter saying his committee is documenting a report sums aring the evidence against trump so far. he expect the report will be sent to the judiciary committee. but he very clear laesays the following. quote we are open the possibility that further evidence will come to light, which is important, i think, because there continues to be quite a bit more evidence coming
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to we saw a whole barrage of new reporting. the "washington post" reports cs turned up documents revealing extensive efforts for an after-the-fact justification and debate over whether the delay was in other words trump halted the military aid to ukraine the tried to figurer out a good, kus. and documents showing sec areitary of state pompeo owas having discussions with rudy giuliani. remember two of the men have been indicted, in part in their role for that scheme. and parnas is out there begging
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to cooperate. the guy, adam schiff. devin nunes. that devin nunes met with a shady ukrainian prosecutor last december. according to parnas' lawyer he told him of the urgent need to launch investigations into biden. and said pranas was willing to testify. nunes has loyally defended the president throughout the impeachmenthe hearings, pushing one discredited conspiracy theory affanother. and when asked about the reports on trump tv this weekend, nunes naturally went after the reporters. >> bottom line. were you in vienna? >> yeah, so look, maria, i
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really want toma answer all of these questions and i promise you i will come back on the show and answer these questions but because there is criminal activity here, woor arer wie're with the appropriate law enforcement agencies. >> he's not wrong. it's unclear what he meant by that. no noteworthy he's not denied it. but the kiss of the lev parnas media blitz is that the thous houses intelligence committee is in possession of video, audio recordings. that's right the house committee investigating the president of the united states now has audio, video and photos of the president and his lawyer with a man charged with multiple federal offenses.
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democratic congressman of maryland, asm member of both th house judiciary and oversight committees. first, let's start with the scope question in light all of the evidence. lev parnas has said he wants to cooperate. he's turned ovvarious evidence. there's pages of documents inside the white house about the review. what is your thought on the balance between speed in all of this and getting everything you can possibly get? >> well, first, thanks for having me. and we're obviously interested in all relevant testimony from all material witnesses and chairman schiff has said that the job is not necessarily over as more evidence comes in. i think oversight committee feels the same way and the judiciary on the other hand we're in the
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midst of an impeachment investigation against the president of the united states. so what we have to look at is the table of evidence facing us with respect to the president's misconduct in office. we've seen overwhelming and uncontradicted evidence that he wanted investigations about joe biden and wanted conformation of the discredited 2016 conspiracy theory. basically trading the russian intervention for a mythical ukrainian intervention. we need all the evidence we can related to that. but a lot of the things you're mentioning goes to other crimes and other offences against the united states. and parnas and fruman have already been indicted for federal campaign violations. it looks like a broadening
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investigation representing foreign governments without investigating. we're interested in that right now to the extent that the implicates the president. >> i guess the question is how do you find that out? one of the things that's happened is we-a week's depositions and followed by public hearings. and in defiance of word from the white house, somefr turned over documents and the white house is still holdingn to documents. it does seem like terhey're stonewalling on many fronts. do you feel like we have him on this. we don't need more evidence? >> the intelligence committee is
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prepara -- preparing a pre -- report and at that point we'll see how they've delineated the contours of the case and we'll have a sense whether they think there are anyer places they thi evidence needs beac obtained or whether they think there is sufficient andnk compelling evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors at it this point. the story that emerged was uncontradicted. there was basically no factual hypothesis about what happened and the only people throwing stones are the people refusing to testify in the investigation and go under oath. >> final question. don mcgahn doesn't have absolute immunity. he sdrdoes have to testify. do you think that's going to happen? >> judge brown wrote a decisive opinion about they have to cut lout thee nonsense of categoril
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executive immunity and all these fonny doctrines. everybody owe os the sovereign of the united states, the people of the united states through their representatives in congress honest and truthful testimony. and unless you have a real fifth amendment, then forget it. the administration should stop invoking it and should send people to give us their testimony. >> thank you so much. joining me now are two reporters that have been closly following the impeachment of the president. political reporter for she wrote the story about devin nunes' aborted trip. again, i'm a lay person and giuliani has not been indicted and so b there's no formal accusation against him. but my word, having faollowed a
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number of developments on other people it does not look very good. >> i think what we're beginning to see as more people talk is an emerging picture, can yes, of giuliani moving through ukraine, parts of eastern europe, of him collaborating with people like devin nunes who's interested una lut of the same things. and really building these two cases, building the biden/burisma case. it's an important piece of understanding how the republican argument, which is the biden/burisma, there's one avenue and the other is a 2016 democratic ukraine collusion conspiracy. and how they came to be and so close to the president and we
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think they may be what the republicans decide to bring the senate trial if there is one. >> this seems like huge development. i'm curious of the nouzs he's obviously making, that he's talkingth about wanting to testify? >> it'st pretty clear that pars has been trueing to dangle the idea he has useful information for the house intelligence committee to get immunity. and i think he thinks that may help him with the southern district. i'm not sure it will and i'm not sure the house is going to give him immunity when these kind of serious charges are being investigated by the southern district.s i want to add one quick point about one of the many mysteries here is who was paying for giuliani's trips to madrid, kiev, all around the world to
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develop all this information that began the pressure campaign and it clearly seems to come from the mashinations of parnas and fruman. trying to get investigators in a company, if you can believe it, called fraud insurance. >> fraud guarantee. >> fraud guarantee, sorry. and somehow they got a florida personal injury lawyer to put up $500,000 that then went to them, then to giuliani. if that's how donald trump's legal bills were being paid, that raise as whole host of other questions about the financial benefits going to the president himself. >> and we've got the "wall street journal" reporting that ukraine energy official saying giuliani associates tried to recruit him. there seems to be two tracks.
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there's this mission to get stuff that will help the president politically and a bunch ofan side deals that they seem to be pursuing, perhaps with giuliani looped in. >> yes and perhaps these side deals are part of the narrative of what may have caused them to want to remove marie yovanovitch, the ambassador, which is an important piece of us understanding the origins of the july 25th phone call, where his head was, what he was thinking. fruman and parnas and giuliani are all people with various businesses, consulting businesses, financial businesses, private clients and they're people with a lot of avenues for revenuet and woo don't know what was coming from where and that's one of the biggest questions still standing. >> final
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parnas sawing he heard from others that nunes was meeting with these people. it does strike me as quite serious should it be the case. >> first of all i agree. parnas has made a number of claims that people have not been able to verify, others have disputed. it all depends on the circumstances, if the sole purpose was to dig up stuff on biden, there are potential issues. however, he will claim just like democrats on the committee he was seeking information relative that scope of the committee's investigation. >> thank you both. up next breaking news a federal judge says former white house counsel don mcgahn must testify in the impeachment hearings.n and
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. big breaking news tonight on the extremely active legal front between congress and the white house. they ruled former white house counsel don mcgahn does indeed have to testify before the house because the president cannot grant absolute immunity. judge jackson found in favor of the house judiciary committee and against don mcgahn. quote stated simply the primary take away from the past 250 years of recorded american history is presidents are not kings. also tonight the supreme court stepped in and issued a stay on subpoena from congress for eight years of the president's financial records. trump's lawyers are asking them to look at ruling in which he's
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been asked to hand over tax returns for ty vance. and let's start with judge jackson's ruling in this district court. it's a long ruling and it's quite -- it goes right to the point. she writes however busy or seth aid might be, the power doesn't have the power to excuse him or her from performing the action the law requires. >> we keep seeing this for a reason. there's a reason the courts ru the president's administration but forcefully and evoking this is what the constitution says and your position is absolutely ridiculous, basically. that's not something you often see unany kind of litigation let
12:21 am
alone with an administration. it shows how extreme the positions are. it is not a real thing is what she says. of of course there is the possibility they are appealing. i think that will come out in favor again of there being no absolute immunity. >> they've lost in the district court and the circuit court. and the supreme courtsteps tine stay a ruling that they have to hand over -- not the president, mazar's. how do you read that? >> i think they're just giving time to decide whether they're going to consider the issues. what's really significant is this 120-page dockium that basically puts the lie that president trump who's directed all of his subordinates not to
12:22 am
testify and with the real proof of the pudding is from john bolton. he said he wanted an opinion from the court as to whether or not a presidential aid-to testify. mr. bolton, here it is. and if he sits around and waits for an appellate division ruling. the circuit court in d.c., or for the supreme court to rule on whether there's a stay or not, which will take us well into january, that -- this is where the rubber hits the road with john bolton. >> there's legal processes and arguments and then sand in the gear. donald trump's lived his whole career people can't get you to pay them $19,000 you owe them because they can't afford the legal fees. there's a question of how quickly courts will move.
12:23 am
>> i think so far we've been surprised even at it district court level they've moved more quickly than we thought. i feel like good law clerks in the circuit court could write the opinion. you could have oral argument and write an opinion really quickly. they are not hard cases because they are such ridiculous positions. >> the question is what is going to be the smoking gun tape that got the republicans off the dime to get rid of nixon? and you've got two items. >> you're presuming such a thing exists? >> one is trump's taxes, which could show he's a tax cheat, which might move a few republicans off the dime and the other is will this opinion get john bolton in to testify before congress? >> there's an amazing moment unterms of the way the department of justice has
12:24 am
lawyered on behalf of the president. they said you don't have the jurisdiction to aresolve this fight. and she writes back to say you have three cases before the federal dockets where you're arguing we do have the jurisdiction. >> he points out hypocritical, which is it the nicest word to describe what doj is doing. our department of justice is frivolous -- they're making frivolouses arguments. >> they're making frivolous arguments on behalf of this individual president on behalf of the united states? >> that's because of the attorney general we have. >> and it shows up in the sloppy reasoning we have seen. coming up is the united states senate about to investigate the conspear
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there were a few things donald trump was asking for. first, he was trying to extort the ukrainian government for pushing ukraine for the sabotage of our election and thereby lets russia off the hook. the other thing was to force ukraine to manufacture dirt on biden and his son. that's why it is very likely the
12:29 am
republican-led senate will soon be forced to put the president on trial. but instead of a real trial, they appear eager to use that forum to do the things that trump was trying to force ukrainians to do. listen to senator john kennedy, who definitely knows better. >> senator kennedy, who do you believe was responsible for hacking the dnc or clinton campaign's computers? was it russia or ukraine? >> i don't know. nor do you or any others. >> the entire intelligence committee say it was russia. >> right, but it could also be ukraine. >> maybe 9/11 was an inside job, who knows? who's to say what knowledge and truth is. no, it wasn't somebody sitting on their bed. the president once claimed it was russia.
12:30 am
full stop. lindsey graham is trying to spearhead his own investigation into joe biden and his son. >> if you can't admire joe biden as a person, then you've got problem. he's the nicest person i think i've ever met. he is as good a man as god evecreated. >> and graham is trying to bring down his old friend simply to serve the interest of donald trump. joined by the democratic senator from connecticut who serve would with hum f him for men a years? >> closeness in politics is all relative and frankly, i regret that he has launched on this course. i think he'll regret it too. because not only is it
12:31 am
completely spurious. he knows it's been debunked and in fact relieuing on this insane, as you correctly call it, conspiracy theory involving ukraine endangers our national security. this is one of the central tenants and proeps of russian propaganda. >> i love joe biden as a person but we are not going to give a pass to what is obviously -- i would like the hear you talk about. this thing we now thing is the most important story that ever happened. they controlled both houses of congress and a point of the board, did republicans do anything about it back then?
12:32 am
>> they did nothing about it and in fact that's an important point. they did nothing for all of those years. and in fact during those years they said russia infiltrated in our oelections, interferes in our democracy. we need make them pay a price. all of their past statements contradict this insane conspiracy theory involving ukraine. kennedy is a sharp guy. he's got a very elite, dare i say, resume. were you surprised to see him say that? >> i was astonished and appalled. and to my republican colleagues i would say you do know better and if you don't, you should read the report done by our intelligence committee controlled by republicans. >> on the senate side? >> which says the russians interfered.
12:33 am
it affirms the unanimous consensus of the intelligence community. >> here is what is unnuving about what i feel i'm beginning to see. he makes two asks and a phone call. one is insanity about the server. and the other is go get dirt on the bidens. republicans in the senate has the option to say you shouldn't impeach him for it. and afirmatively good and both of those avenues must be pursued by the republican-controlled senate. >> it endangers our national security because the russians are at it again. they are attacking us right now and we need to call them out, not let them off the hook, as this kind of fictional narrative
12:34 am
would have us do as a nation and that's whom we should be investigating. vladimir putin deserves no pass and terrihey're aligning themse wi with putin absolving the russians. >> and your name is on the lawsuit around the amaluments clause. i wonder what your thought on rulings, the department of justice put up saying you cannot touch anything having to do with the president's former officials or his records. >> you just heard from two very able lawyers about how absolutely spurious the department of justice defense of the president is on his blocking witness withes and equally true
12:35 am
on the amulluments clause, which is the key tenant of our constitution. and nobody should be surprised that the courts have said the constitution means what it says. the president cannot receive been if thes and payments without the consent of congress. that's what he'd be doing and again it compromises our national security. >> thank you. still to come why did the president fire his own navy secretary? it all started with watching trump tv. how it happened, what it means for our military ahead. plus thing one, thing two starts next. thing one, thing two stars next hospital gown waiting to get my eyes checked?" ready? absolutely not. see, having the wrong coverage can mean you get the wrong care, or you're paying more than you have to. that's why i love healthmarkets, your insurance marketplace. they make sure you have the right coverage, health insurance, medicare,
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thing one tonight. it's well known the president is not a fan of man's best friend. like a dog is one of the president's most used burns. >> he choked just like a dog he choked. >> i'm watching marco sweating like a dog on my right. they throw you out like a dog. she lied like a dog. >> i see her barking like a dog. >> and he was run out of office like a dog. >> like a dog. and so you might have been surpri surprised-the white house unexpectedly called the press core. the president strolled out with
12:40 am
melania, vice president conan, the heroic dog of the al baghdadi raid. >> we just gave conan a medal and a plaque. and i think conan knew exactly what was going on. they were going to put a muzzle on the dog and i-a choice. but no, the dog is incan credible. we spent good time with hum and so brilliant, so smart. they're very special dogs. this particular dog is -- this is it the ultimate fighter, ultimate everything. >> it was a perfectly feel-good afternoon outside the white house for the president and even what should have been a straight forward photo on, the white house-to keep. forward photo on, the white house-to keep.
12:41 am
12:42 am
for about six minutes in the rose garden the president heaped praise on conan, the heroic dog and judged imperically watched from the wings? why not. in your pooler's humble opinion, he was a very good boy, very good boy indeed. -the white house corrected walker. quote a white house official confirmed to your pooler on background that conan the dog is female. your pooler retracts the earlier comment that conan is a very good girl. conan is apparently a good girl. good girl, conan.
12:43 am
and quoting again a white house officials now tells me that conan is actually a male dog after woo were told earlier that conan is a female dog. looking for more clarity on the matter. and so a third pool report. a white house official informed your pooler that conan the dog is male. multiple officials-previously said conan was a female. conan is a good dog. >> they're very special dogs. they're very hard to get. they're very hard to get
12:44 am
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chief petty officer edward gallagher has been a cause celeb for fox news, specifically "fox and friends" cohost. he was accused of stabbing a person with a knife. he charged with posing with the corpse. and hitting a young girl and elderly man. he was arrested after men under his command complained to their superiors and several navy s.e.a.l.s testified against him. but a military court acquitted him. gallagher was convicted of posing with with the prisoner's
12:48 am
dead body and sentenced to four months, and give credit for time served. fox news has been advocating on his behalf and gallagher was going to be expelled from the seals fall eoing his conviction on posing with the corpse but "fox and friends" has been lobbying the president to pardon him. so he did. and they not going to kick him out. then this weekend gallagher went on trump tv to rail against his own commanding officer. >> he's trying to take my triedant because it's all about retaliation.
12:49 am
>> why are they still going after you when they know what the president wants to happen? >> this is nothing to do with good order and discipline. >> gallagher keeps his triedant pen which signifies his membership of the s.e.a.l.s and the secretary of. d the secretary of insurance companies. don't miss the deadline. there are only days remaining in open enrollment. funny thing about health insurance, you don't think about how much you need it until you need it. he's not going to be okay. with so many changes to health insurance plans, are you still sure you have the right fit? having the wrong fit can cost you thousands. new plans are available that can save you money. that's why i love healthmarkets, your insurance marketplace. they guarantee you won't find a lower price anywhere for the plans they offer. their new fitscore instantly compares thousands of plans, both on the government exchange and off, to find the one that best fits
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what were the ramifications of intervening in that review process? >> well, right now we're not going to do it is what secretary esper says. what message does that send to the troops? >> what message does that send? >> that you can get away with things. it's the backbone of what we do. and the triedant review process with the seniorer enlisted reviewing fellow seniorer enlisted is critical. the senior enlistred the gurder of good order and discipline.
12:53 am
they can handle this in each one of their communities. >> the now fired explained why the president should not have intervened regarding a accused war criminal. there's a point he mamade in hi letter to the senator. it comes after nonpartisan officers offering their testimony. quote i no longer share the same understanding with with the commander and chief who appointed me. i cannot in good conscious obey an order that violates my oath to defend the constitution of the united states.
12:54 am
former assistant secretary of defense and a retired navy captain. you know the president has made noise said about doing things like this. there was a pardon earlier in the year. how big a deal is what's happened in the last 48 hours? >> i think one of the most destructive things he's done in his entire presidency. this cuts to the fabric of good order and discipline in the place where they protect our nukes. if he starts meddling with the good order and discipline in the military, a lot of good things can could happen. the navy s.e.a.l.s are drawing a line. and spencer's making a stand. this might be the most important stand we've soon yet and it's trying to block a pattern that goes back that kurds, khan family, the july 4th parade. this is a pattern of trump reaching in and disrespecting the military.
12:55 am
the only folks really happy are our enemies. and they see the commander and chief fighting with the navy s.e.a.l.s. enemies around the world are clapping their hands and celebrating. >> essentially paul is right because these terrorist groups can recruit people by saying look at the united states. they come over and kill innocent civilians and they get away with it. this follows on what happened at guantanamo and undermines the order and discipline. and the real villain in this is the sec reretary of defense bece he claimed he was firing spencer because spencer-communicated with the white house. the president's been after spencer since last march. it's interesting pompeo and es,
12:56 am
r are both west point class mates. they're not living up to what they were supposed taught. >> the president and his defenders presenting these moves as prosupporting our armed forces. ifb i just read this about platoon members in gallagher patrol unit. they tampered with his sniper rifle to make it less accurate and fired warning shots before the chief had a chance to shoot them. >> there are a number checks to keep this guy in line. and the navy did hold them accountable, at least on one charge. this is literally like reaching
12:57 am
in and freeing criminals. >> which the president has the power to do in the civilian context as well? >> you're not supposed to drive off the road and crash into buildings and when you do, you're supposed to be held accountable. he's sending a message to anyone else that if you break the rules, you can get out of it. and it wep withaponizes our mil. he's weaponizing. there's nothing that appeals more than our military and he's playing that tune over and over again and it's very dangerous. >> and "the daily beast" says he wants absolved war criminals to campaign for him. they've heard trump talk about how he'd like to have golsteyn
12:58 am
or edward gallagher up on his stage. >> well, i think it's sort of like when secretary mattis wrote the letter basically when trump-this insane policy unsyria to get out in the middle of the conflict. and i think he's making a statement. this is a life-long republican coming out against him. and basically saying that you're ruining our military by doing this. since 2011, 150 members of the s.e.a.l.s have lost their triedant pen. what about those people? are they going to come out and say well, wait a second, why can't you do it for me? and that same time trump pardoned an army first
12:59 am
lieutenant lawrence who had bun convicted of killing nine afghans. >> choose me or choose your oath? that's the line he's drawing in the sand. the secretary of defense has chosen to go with trump instead of our troops. >> this is going to cascade through the services. and when you're talking about almost 2 million people, this is a het rugenius group of people. but it's going to be polarizing within with folks there as well. >> it's terriably divisiveb. on the back of oleaving our allies, the kurds. >> thank you, gentleman, both.
1:00 am
that is "all in" for this evening. quote presidents are not kings and she has ruled former white house counsel don mcgahn should be allowed to testify before congress. the next court up will hear aappeals and they will consider speaking up. r aappeals and they will consider speaking up. big money in ukraine. and a united states senator from a deep red state literally repeats russian propaganda on live television after being told by our own nation's top experts that it's russian propaganda as "the 11th our" gets underway on a monday