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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  November 26, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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vel whichshe wil "velshi & ruhl" and coming up, a major ruling concerns former white house lawyer don mcgahn that he must testify to the house judiciary committee. what does that decision mean for the impeachment inquiry and most specifically president trump? plus new reporting that jared kushner is leading construction of the border wall. we'll look at the latest goals including how many miles trump wants down by the election. and the father of this girl, jamie, there she is, the parkland shooting victim. jamie ges gut lenburg. he is going after president trump for inaction on gun control. we'll be speaking with fred later this hour. but first, president trump and his administration now responding to the major court ruling that ordered don mb becg to testify in the house impeachment inquiry.
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today the department of justice filed a notice of appeal challenging the decision. the federal judge ruled monday that mcgahn must obey the house subpoena saying no one is would have the law. in a 120 page written decision, the judge added this, presidents are into tnot kings and they do have subjects bound by loyalty or blood whose destiny they are entitled to control. president trump reacted to this on twitter saying in part i would actually like people to te guy and i would love to have mike pompeo, rick perry, mick mulvaney and others testify about the phony impeachment hoax. joining me now pete williams. i do have to go to that first. when the president says he would like all of those people about to testify, why exactly aren't theyperspective? >> if the white house wants them to testify, there is no legal issue. the fact is that some figures like mick mulvaney, like the
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former nsc adviser charles kupperman and like mcgahn have resisted the subpoenas saying that the president has directed them not to testify because -- and not in kupperman's case, but the president has directed them not to testify because of the congress has no power to force people in the executive branch to testify who are close advisers to the president. that is the position that the district judge yesterday said is wrong. so what the justice department has done is two things. filed a notice of appeal and secondly a few hoursing a inag the judge to put a hold on her own rule r. ruling to give the government time to appeal and they say in their court filing that the house does not oppose an administrative stay of seven days to give the government time to write up the appeal. so the notice of appeal says stand by, we'll appeal this and then they actually file the full up legal briefs saying why they
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think the judge got it wrong and that will come within the next week or so. >> and so is she going to do that, will she hold off, the judge i mean? >> we don't know yet. i would think so. that is it typically what happens here. what they say is the last time a court did something like this in the bush administration, george w. bush administration, when a different judge rule that had there is no such thing as absolute immunity from testimony, the appeals court did put a stay on it. so the justice department says look, this is a big deal. this is bigger than just donald trump versus the house democrats. this is sort of an institutional separation of powers issue about the power of congress, the power of the white house, it is bigger than any of us, so let's take our time and do this right. >> pete, thank you so much. that is the what. let's dig into what it means. and joining me now, annie karni and also mimi hoca.
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obviously the ruling is significant, but given who runs the department of justice and they are already appealing this thing, are we ever really going to see don mcgahn testify? >> that is a great question, steph. let me say this first though. you know, we're so used to barr's corruption and sort of acting like donald trump's lawyer but we need to son and think about the fact that this wasn't just a ruling against trump, this was a slap down of the department of justice's position about absolute immunity. the judge didn't just say that they were wrong, she said basically this is a frivolous argument. it is not even a closed case. and they really shouldn't be appealing this. and the fact that they are just shows that barr is still trying to run out the clock for donald trump. and, you know, there is -- we have on go back to the fact that after the mueller report came
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out, donald trump was tweeting about how don mcgahn, you know, essentially he claimed falsely was lying to mueller about what trump said. i think the fact that there is no absolute privilege as this judge said and as the constitution makes clear and as frankly the appeals court will rule means that cdon mcgahn nees to testify and executive privilege and any lingering claims about that will be waived because donald trump has already tried to argue against mcgahn. >> what he should do, don't we need to put into perspective this white house? kellyanne conway is already saying beat it. the president will as well. they are of the comfortable with you or i thinking that what they are doing is despicable, some might say deplorable, but will he actually be forced to testify? >> right. and i mean, that is part of why i'm bringing up and reminding
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people that trump was out there calling mcgahn a liar. don mcgahn is not especially with this court ruling, he is not bound by donald trump saying, gee -- or tdepartment o justice saying we don't want him to testify. he should want to clear his name. whatever people think of his opinions or his role with judges, he is a man of integrity. and he should want to defend that. and so i mean, i'm looking to him, you know, just like people are saying why isn't john bolton clearing his name. don mcgahn to want to get up there and say i did not lie when i talked to mueller. i tolgd the trutd the truth. >> and annie, president trump said that he wants people to testify. and earlier today mike pompeo was pressed on this and here is what he said about it. >> the president tweeted that he
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would encourage you essentially to testify in the impeachment investigation. is that something you are considering? >> when the time is right, all good things happen. >> when the time is right, all good things happen. i don't know what that means. do you? >> i think that means nothing, which is how it was intended to play. it is clear that trump does not want people to testify because if he wanted them to testify, he would have them testify. his claim was fulled with fact all error, one being that don mcgab's lawyer has stated that he did nothing wrong. i don't think that don mcgahn's lawyer ever said that. but the bigger question here about this ruling is not will don mcgahn ever testify. because question already basically know from the mueller report what don mcgahn has to say. the repercussions what the question is, does this ruling affect other people like john
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bolton and will it make them testify. and what i found interesting about this is that it led me to believe that john bolton doesn't really want to talk because this judge's ruling if he wanted to talk, he's been waiting for a judge to rule about whether he should, could have been potentially used as a door opening saying, well, this is in precedent here, the judge even talks about bolton in the ruling, but his lawyer is saying that this does not apply to him and that he had a different role in the white house. and it leads me to believe that bolton will not be looking for a reason to speak in front of congress. >> mimi, there was a win for the president yesterday being specifically the supreme court temporarily blocked the disclosure of his financial records. we'll wait until december 5. how do you think this will play out? >> well, i mean it is not surprising that they issued a stay. i mean, if they knew exactly that they were going to, you
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know, rule against trump in that case, then they could have just denied the state because the tax returns would have had to be turned over. >> what does the stay mean for civilians like me? >> sorry, it means that as of right now until there is further word from the supreme court, the tax returns -- they should not turnover the tax returns to the district retu district attorney or to congress. that was really what was at issue there. so they had to do that because if they didn't do that and the returns were turned over to either congress or it the district attorney, you can't undo that once it is out. so this is a way of just holding the status quo basically. so i don't think that it signals which way the court will or won't rule one way or the other. it is just holding the status quo which courts like do when the issue -- the conduct at
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issue would be irreversible. >> all right. mimi, annie, thank you so much. you've made us smarter. we have more are documents in the feud between the white house and the navy. today the now former navy secretary richard spencer speaking out for the first time since his firing. and slamming, you guessed it, president trump's decision to intervene in the eddie gallagher case claiming it sends a very dangerous message to our troops. >> that you can get away with things. we have to have good order and discipline, it is the backbone of what we do and we have to build a system around it that has discipline, people look up to us and go, yes, they actually stick by what they say. and they take the higher ground. >> you think in this case the u.s. has not stuck by what it said? >> to date i think it has, but an action like this erodes that. >> still ahead, the race for 2020, new numbers show a very tight four way contest in the key state of new hampshire. who is on top? coming up.
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plus some of the candidates pouncing on michael bloomberg, the latest to enter the democratic race, we'll go live with his unusual strategy and see how it is doing. see how it is doing.
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welcome back. right now michael bloomberg is in the state of arizona, it is day two on the campaign trail, he is the latest moderate democrat in the race and his
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more progressive rivals are already launching their hardcore attacks. senator elizabeth warren and bernie sanders taking aim at the former new york city mayor being a accusing him of trying to buy the election. >> some people have figured out it would be a lot cheaper to spend a few hundred mill just buying the presidency instead of paying the two cent wealth tax. >> i don't have to meet people, what i'm going to do is take out my wallet and i'll spend it on tv commercials. >> and it is not a two cent wealth tax. if she is talking about billionaires, it is 3% or 6% depending how you look at it. i'd love to discuss it with elizabeth warren any day. and joining us now, ali vitali in phoenix. you were with mike bloomberg yesterday. and there you are in arizona today. how is he responding to these attacks? he is getting them from all
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sides. >> reporter: the rest of the field isn't holding back how they feel about the billionaire joining the raterace. but michael bloomberg wasn't going after the other candidates directly. listen to how he handled it. >> are you trying to buy the presidency? >> i've been using my resources for the things that matter to me. so i'm now in the race and fully committed to defeating donald trump. i think he is an existential threat to our country and i'll make my case and let the voters who are plenty smart make their choice. >> reporter: and i have to say, i was surprised because you and i both understood the rationale of michael bloomberg getting into the race which is that he was troubled by the rest of the field and how they would stack up against president trump. that would make you think that he would come right out of gate
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drawing contrast with the field. but yesterday that is not what we got at all. >> is >> so let's talk about what he is doing in arizona. takes super tuesday state but it went for trump back in 2016. what is his strategy to flip a state like that? >> reporter: just on the one hand, buying all of the ad space that he can. we know that this is a state that was part of that $30 plus million dollar ad blitz are and we can at test to that because our producer saw one of them this morning. but the conventional way is that if you can get on tv, that is great. a lot of campaigns don't have that ability right now. michael bloomberg does because of the unlimited war chest. but you also need some ground support. i haven't seen any signs especially since we are on day two that he has an organization bit out here. and even just to take a few steps back, michael bloomberg's campaign strategy is to campaign in the march states partly
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because they feel like that gives them a more level playing field to compete against the rest of the field. it is also where a lot of the delegates are especially if they will try to make a play for the convention. but they are trying to put him in a place where there is more of a level playing field. but other campaigns though, biden and warren for example, are also starting to build out into the states that are later in the calendar. they have been putting out at least a little bit of an organization and infrastructure in these places. so even though they are not on the air, it is not like michael bloomberg is the only one who is actually getting into these communities and starting the race for the march states. he is just one of the people doing it on the airwaves first. >> all right. ali, thank you so much. we're just over two months from the new hampshire primary and among the democratic voters in that state, still anybody's game. in a new poll, bernie sanders leading the pack at 16% right behind him, elizabeth warren, pete buttigieg and joe biden. all of them within the margin of error. but that is not to discount
10:19 am
other candidates. 21% of new hampshire voters still have not made their minds up. joining us now, steve kornacki. you, somebody who studies day it, analytics and poll, are you excited, are you interested to see how this bloomberg strategy will play out? we've never seen it before. >> very interested to see it because there is a couple dynamics here that are unusual. number one, just the fact as you say that he is skipping the early contest but he is spending potentially so much money on the states. we have seen self-funding candidates before. ross perot in a general election, steve foerbess. but the scale at least potentially of what bloomberg will try to do in terms of the money that he will spend may be unparalleled. and i think that is a fascinating experiment to have, somebody spending that much
10:20 am
moneyo money over a sustained period. i know a lot of people are skeptical, a lot of reasons to be skeptical about it, but you can't really look to the past and say here is where it has been tried before. kind of unchartered territory. so fascinating to see. >> and we have to talk new hampshire. is it unusual neck and neck and neck and neck four candidates? >> it tells you how fluid it is. number one candidate just 16%. we've seen some dnlic primaries in the past that have been kind of fluid like this. i can remember back in 2004, the last time democrats were trying to choose a nominee to go against an incumbent republican president. they badly wanted to beat george w. bush. but when you see polls like this in new hampshire, remember new hampshire is just eight days after the iowa caucuses. and we saw it in the 2004 race, we've seen it in other races how
10:21 am
what happens in iowa can have a spillover effect into new hampshire. so you see how fluid it is. this is what it looks like right now. these are the averages out in iowa. and again, you have buttigieg leading there, sanders, warren, biden, also in flux out there. i think that the winner of iowa at least potentially has the opportunity to then roll that into new hampshire. especially if the winner of iowa were to be say warren or sanders, next door neighbor states in new hampshire. and if any of those can put together the one-two punch of iowa and then new hampshire, we've seen that combination in the past be sort of unstoppable on the democratic side. but the other x factor, when you get beyond iowa and new hampshire, when you get to south carolina, that is where joe biden -- look, joe biden's lead so far has been unsalable in south carolina. his support from black voters continues to be overwhelming. so another question there, if one of these candidates who is not biden can put something together in iowa and new
10:22 am
hampshire, will it then roll over to south carolina and beyond or will biden's strength down there which has held up so far, will it endure. >> 21% undecided. give me a history lesson. normal/abnormal? >> very normal in a race like this where you have so many candidates, you didn't have like a hillary clinton in 2016 kind of dynamic. i keep thinking that 2004 race, kerry, howard dean, remember those names? >> you totally do. >> but that is where kerry won iowa and then like a bunch of dominos fell from there. what happened is iowa picked a candidate who was broadly acceptable to the democratic party and the other states then kind of said okay, we have a winner, we'll go with that. >> at that time was the tent smaller, were they more like minded? it is hard to look at this whole spectrum of names and say it is a likeable candidate for the whole party given where the party is. >> and that is where i think that it is a question. did you look at like a biden, if there is a scenario whebiden wi
10:23 am
iowa, you can roll in a to new hampshire. so if you could win iowa, it is hard to see him being stopped sanders and warren, i can see them winning iowa and new hampshire. the question especially has been buttigieg lately leading in iowa, being strong in new hampshire, but still showing no ability yet to break through to african-american voters when you get to south carolina, 60 plus% is black. and i think that there is a question there. if buttigieg were to break out in iowa and new hampshire, will it extend south or will we see something we haven't before. >> well, we know one thing, it is about to get very interesting. steve kornacki, thank you so much. we'll turn to something that almost seems extraordinary. can you believe this? it has been almost two years since the mass shooting in parkland that left 17 people dead. now the father of one of those victims is calling out president
10:24 am
trump and top republicans namely mitch mcconnell accusing them of doing absolutely nothing about it. fred guttenburg is the author of the very special op-ed and father of janl amie who lost he life in that shooting. he'll join us next. and president trump is getting serious about his border wall. but first, desperate rescues are underway right now in albania after a devastating earthquake right before dawn. at least 14 people killed, and more than 600 injured when the magnitude 6.4 quake hit toppling apartment buildings near the capital city. no word yet on how many are still trapped in the rubble. and we'll have more on that on the other side. it's tough to quit smoking cold turkey.
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welcome back. over the weekend, the community of santa clarita, california mourned the loss of a 15-year-old girl and 14-year-old boy who were shot and killed at saugus high school. and classes will resume on
10:29 am
monday. and it has been almost two years since a former student opened fire at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida, the deadliest high school shooting in u.s. history where 17 people were kill and 17 others injured. now the father of one of those victims is speaking out in a scathing new op-ed directed at president trump and mitch mcconnell. fred guttenburg writes in this op-ed, there is more to be done. until this white house and mcconnell are ready to stop politicizing gun violence and to complete the work sent to them by the house of representatives, more americans will die. we'll hear from fred guttenburg in a moment. but i want to share this. since the parkland shooting and many others, there has been a loud chorus for change. but not much has actually happened. at least on the federal level. we are still waiting for the senate to take up two bills the house passed back in february. hr-8 known as the bipartisan background checks act of 2019.
10:30 am
it requires background checks at gun shows, over the internet or private dealers. right now there is no check required for sales at shows between individuals. hr-1112, enhanced bipartisan background checks act would require dealers to wait at least ten days for a response from the background check system. right now the sale can go through after just three days if there is no response. there have been some incremental changes elsewhere. dick's sports goods raised the gun sale age to 21 and is reviewing whether they will continue to sell guns all together. walmart raised the age to 21. three states raised the age to 21, california, florida and washington. and there has been a new focus on red flag laws designed to take guns from people who might be considered dangerous. 17 states and the district of
10:31 am
columbia now have those red flag laws. before parkland, only five states had them. joining me now, the and you are authorize of that op-ed fred guttenburg and also from the center for gun policy and research ca research cass sandra kafarsi. your daughter was a dancer, a student, when she was killed. what do you make of the changes in gun legislation in the last two years? >> you know, i'm glad that you distinguish between what is happening nationally and locally about because you have mayors, governors and states attorneys generals who are doing amazing heroic things. you have businesses who are doing amazing heroic things. ed stack of dick's sporting goods is my hero. but you also have washington, d.c. and what is happening in washington, the house of representatives under the leadership of speaker pelosi and
10:32 am
somewhat rowic people in the house have passed legislation that if enacted will start saving lives immediately. and sadly mitch mcconnell and the white house withstanding on it. they will not allow anything to go forward. and so it puts everything at a stand still. and what they do, it is worse than doing nothing. because then they take that and they act as if they are doing something and the house of representatives isn't and that is the ultimate lie. and i will tell you this next election can't come soon enough. >> it was a specific tweet by the president that set off your response to both him and mitch mcconnell where he wrote this, nancy pelosi, adam schiff, aoc and the rest of the democrats are getting nothing -- are not getting important legislation done. hence the do nothing democrats. usmca, gun safety, prescription
10:33 am
drug prices and infrastructure are dead in the water because of the dems. that was the tweet. what was your immediate reaction? >> i called him a liar. because he uses his twitter platform to redirect and to protect himself. that is what twitter is to him. it is a platform for him to use self protection. however, he should be fighting to protect the safety and citizens of this country from gun violence and other potential risks. and he is not. and it is dishonest. and he lied. they are not doing anything. there was a period of time where they were working with certain senators like senator chris murphy on trying to come up with something after the shooting and the texas shooting. because then he walked away from the process. he got frustrated. and now he will lie about it. the reality is this, the house of representatives has sent legislation that could be -- that hearings could be held
10:34 am
right now in the senate and votes could be taken right now in the senate. and that is the way democracy working and they are not doing it. >> cassandra, less than one month after the parkland shooting, florida passed the high school public safety act. and that banned bump stocks, permitted teachers that were trained to be armed, and it raised the minimum age to purchase a firearm from 18 to 21 nra filed a lawsuit challenge the age restriction. what do you think is the solution? >> i think the gun violence is a policy that doesn't have one solution. it will take a suite of policies focused on a range of issues that contribute to gun violence. but it is also just not going to be policy. we need to support community based violence prevention programs and we need meaningful investment in the communities themselves so that we can begin to reduce gun violence. >> attorney general bill barr
10:35 am
recently announced what is known as project guardian, a nationwide extra strategic plan to reduce gun violence in part through improved background check enforcements. what is your thought on it? >> it certainly is a step in the right direction. but it should not be seen as the end of the path. any conversation that we have related to reducing gun violence needs to be focused on risk and accountability. we need to focus on who is at greatest risk with causing harm with a firearm and create a system that increases accountability to make sure that people who shouldn't have guns don't get them. research shows that requiring purchasers to get a license, strong laws that dispossess domestic abusers and protection orders that temporarily remove someone's firearms are all evidence based policies focused on risk and accountability. >> fred, under the president was a liar, but you didn't mention him by name in your op-ed. why? >> i actually have gone away from mentioning him by name.
10:36 am
>> why? >> well, number one, the man loves to hear his name. it is his brand. but he hadnhe harnsn't earned t for a positive accompany late. >> i don't think that you would be using his name positively. >> i've been waiting two years for him to do the right thing. and every time he has a chance to do the right thing, he behaves in a way that is infuriating. and i just -- to me, that title, yes, i understand he resides in the white house, but he doesn't behave in the way that i'm used to my presidents behaving. and i hope he changes my mind. listen, you've heard me say from day one, anybody who wants to do the right thing on this issue, as soon as they decide do the right thing on this issue, i will embrace them. but until you decide to do the right thing on some this issue
10:37 am
and when you are purposefully doing the wrong thing and hurting the wrong people because of this issue, i can't be supportive of that. i hope he changes his mind. sorry, this is falling out. i hope that he decides to turn around and do the right thing on this issue. but he hasn't yet. >> all right. fred,cassandra, thank you both. jared kushner is in charge of the border wall. what has been done? coming up, we'll hear from some who are actually getting a wall in their backyards whether they like it or arnot. plus what is the secret to nancy pelosi's power? we'll speak to a woman who literally wrote the book on pelosi, her oecown daughter. howr . gimme two minutes. and i'll tell you some important things to know about medicare. first, it doesn't pay for everything. say this pizza... [mmm pizza...] is your part b medical expenses. this much - about 80 percent...
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10:40 am
bringing jobs and thousands of affordable housing units with it. after witnessing the terrible toll of gun violence... he helped create a movement to protect families across america. and stood up to the coal lobby and this administration to protect this planet from climate change. and now, he's taking on... him. to rebuild a country and restore faith in the dream that defines us. where the wealthy will pay more in taxes and the middle class get their fair share. everyone without health insurance can get it and everyone who likes theirs keep it. and where jobs won't just help you get by, but get ahead. and on all those things mike blomberg intends to make good. jobs creator. leader. problem solver. mike bloomberg for president. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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i need all the breaks, that i can get. at liberty butchumal- cut. liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ welcome back. it appears that the election and impeachment pressures have rei go nighted president trump's determine nation to keep his signature border wall campaign prom promise. the president has named jared kushner de facto project manager for construction which reportedly includes questioning, quote, an array of government officials about progress on the wall and, quote, pressing customs and border protection and army corps of engineers to exercise the process of taking over private land needed for the project. the president tweeted that the wall is going up fast. but what is really going on at the border?
10:42 am
mariannayo mar anwe visited the border. >> reporter: and this family has worked the land for their entire lives. >> those of us who live here don't want it. >> are the neighbors divided? >> absolutely. this was put in as a vehicle barrier and served its purpose really well. >> reporter: but the 2020 election is right around the corner. and the president has a campaign promise to keep. >> it is continue to build the wall because we're building. >> reporter: in october, the government broke ground here with a promise to replace nearly 19 miles of existing barriers
10:43 am
with a border wall. and that includes nearly four miles on this property just down the road. crews are racing to fulfill the president's goal of building 450 to a 00 mi500 miles of border w the end of 2020. as of last week, 83 miles have been built, nearly all of it replacing existi replacing existing barriers. but chad wolf says it is new wall. >> this is not replacement wall, that is a new wall, a new physical infrastructure. i don't agree with the assertion that we are simple iy replacing wall. >> reporter: those remarks during the tour of a new barrier built where none previously existed. some prefer the car barriers but is letting the government lease
10:44 am
her land during construction. >> we will never say they wanted it, but that is where we turned around and we went and said okay, if it is going to happen, then we'll be involved. >> reporter: involved in the future of the wall for the next generation of ranchers. >> seeing a border wall fragment the landscape is a heartbreak, but roots run deeper than politics and my family heritage will withstand whatever issues we face here. >> and mariana is joining me. let's talk about that 83 miles. acting homeland security says it is not a new structure. >> so chad wolf showed us the only two slabs of new wall that we could confirm are on our end have been built at this of it has been replacement wall. so they say replacing a car barrier with stronger higher wall, is that considered new
10:45 am
wall? >> how big are those two slabs 1234. >> they are taller than the car barrier, but those are the two new portions of wall that we could find. >> and we're not talking miles then. so we are just looking at two slabs in total 83 miles of replacement/new structures. the president wants 450 by next year. >> you're an expert on economics. you do the math. i mean, it is a tall order and now that jared kushner will be overseeing and the big thing will be in texas over these land disputes. because most of the new wall will go up in texas and that is where you have mostis privatelye families will be challenging the government in court because any didn't want the government their land to build the wall. >> so this is a n imminent demad issue. if they don't want the wall, who
10:46 am
says we do? >> they are taking the government to court, at least one family that we're talking to and that is a process that is tedious and costly and many of the families tell us we don't have the resources to take one of the most most powerful government in the world to court. >> well, thank you for taking us down there to arizona to the ballistic missile border wall, replacement, whatever you want to call it. moving on, nancy pelosi the most powerful female politician in the country, up next, we'll speak to one of the people who knows her best, her very own daughter, about pelosi's secret to success. he wanted someone super quiet. yeah, and he wanted someone to help out with chores. so, we got jean-pierre. but one thing we could both agree on was getting geico to help with renters insurance. ♪ yeah, geico did make it easy to switch and save. ♪ oh no. there's a wall there now. that's too bad.
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in tweets over half a dozen times in just the last week as the impeachment inquiry proceeds into a new phase a new book out today examines different life lessons from the speaker and how they have helped her knave gait her kcareer
10:51 am
joining me now, her daughter, christine pelosi, and her book is called the nancy pelosi way advice on success, leadership and politics from america's most powerful woman she's also the chair of the california democratic party women's caucus and the dnc executive committee woman. christine, for many people, this is clearly going to be a christmas gift tell us. what lesson from this book do you think applies most right now as your mom is navigating the impeachment inquiry into president trump? >> well, thank you, stephanie and happy i thinkth the most important lesson we learned growing up, my parentsst had five kids in six years. raised us from diapers to degrees. my mom wasom r very hands on, class mom, cupcakes, costumes, homework every night, pressing our catholic school uniforms. made sure we had breakfast, lunch, bus fair homework done and out the r door.
10:52 am
doing all those tasks every day for years and years she taught us to be ready and be ourselves and if the five of us couldn't face her, donald trump certainly can't either. >> your mom has been the target of some pretty viciouss attacks from republicans and the president. how does she take it privately? >> she just doesn't let it faze her and what she says to us and i say this in the book, don't agonize,do organize. from her very first campaign evenai for party chair when peoe would say negative things, she would say why are you telling me that? if you see something negative about me, go say something positive. go put onay a house meeting. get people knocking doors. she has a way of turning the an tag on into something positive. you had my friend, fred, on earlier. sheez families who have lost
10:53 am
children to gun violence are such fighters. nothing compares to the pain of losing a child. you know, nasty tweets. negative ads. lar ad llion doll r campaigns against arher. one thing she's always said from when we were young, you can't take my children from me so nothing else is going to hurt me politically but for people whose children have been b taken by violence, she puts those children and families first and that's how she survives all this negativity. >> she has organized, green lit this impeachment inquiry. steve bannon said on fox news this week that your mother is risking losing her speakership. is she prepared for that? >> when she passed the affordable care act, she said it's worth to it to bring health care to millions of americans. she then won it back on the strength of protecting our care. so she always says i'm here on a
10:54 am
mission. not on a shift. the fact of the matter if you're goupg to do the right thing, then of course worth losing your job, but i don't think she will because i think the american people are ready for the truth. they're raeady for the presiden to testify and they are ready for congress to assert its constitutional duties. >>ti will she need to change strategies? dl there's a new cnn poll out this morning that shows even after the hearings last week, 50% support for impeaching and remove iing the president from office is unchanged since october. do you think that's going to cause yournc mom to change how she's addressing these proceedings going forward? >> one of the things i talk about in the nancy pelosi way is the way that nancy pelosi is knows when to weave and when to whip. her first leadership job in congress was whipping the vote, which is ale rather violent ter for keeping people in line and pushing people to do something. but she's the weaver of the house. she listens to everybody in the house and particularly in the democratic caucus, weaving
10:55 am
together different per speck ties and views and she'll continue to do that. so her strategy is really her lifelong tactic of listening to people. building consensus, coalitions and shek won't change that and poll high or low isn't going to change what she think ss the constitutional imperative of congress to follow the facts and investigate and hold the president accountable because no one is above the law. t >> all right. l joining meo much for today. her new book is out, the nancy pelosi way. advice on success, leadership and politics from america's most powerful woman. still ahead, new questions surrounding president trump's personal lawyer,ah former new yk city mayor, rudy giuliani. formk city mayor, rudy giuliani. hello! hello is friendly... hello is open... it's welcoming... everything we want to be when helping people find a medicare plan. so if you're looking for yours, say hello to hellomedicare...
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propel ships, and fuel trucks... and cut their greenhouse gas emissions in half. algae. its potential just keeps growing. ♪ it is time for our monom monumental americans. today, it is edith clark. the first woman in the country to be professional employed as an electrical engineer. she was born in 1883 in howard county, maryland. she graduated from vassar college. she was hired as an engineer in 1921 when she invented the clark calculator. a device that simplifies
11:00 am
equations that engineers use to understand powerlines. she even used her expertise to help build the hoover dam. in 1949, she was hire d at the university of texas at austin, becoming the first fult female professor of electrical engineering in the united states of america. she died in 1959 and was indu inducted into the national invent ors hall of fame in 2015. what a fantastic woman to honor and my favorite way to end the t show. right now, my friend katy tur picks up coverage. >> i know you have to go, so please. thank you so much. happy thanksgiving. good afternoon. it's 11:00 a.m. out u west and 2:00 p.m. in washington where a federal court reminds that the president is not a king. in a court victory for house democrats, a federal judge ruled that form rer white house counsel don


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