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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 28, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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hour. right now more news with my colleague chrisjansing. happy thanksgiving. >> have you do the parade in. >> i have not. >> thank you, happy thanksgiving allison and to all of you. >> i am chris jansing. new reports raised hundreds of thousands of questions of what the president's personal lawyer was doing in ukraine while at the same time conducting an off the bookstore strategy for the white house. mayor pete buttigieg plans to push in south carolina after facing criticism for his comments on race and still failed to connect with black voters despite his poll numbers. up, up and away the famous balloons for the macy's thanksgiving parade are flying today. nypd gave an all clear for the balloons with a small change. we'll have a live look.
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president trump and house democrats on a brief impeachment pause. the last round of critical hearing and what will be the last chance for democrats to change some minds. president trump and his allies continue to slam the entire process. one of those allies are in hot water. rudy giuliani who's publicly pushing back on new york times and "the washington post." even if he's representing the president on ukraine, he was trying to make money through relationships through ukrainian officials. joining me today kelly o'donell and our white house chief of staff and our legal analyst glenn kirshner.
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kelly, let's start with where the president is, is he sweating over impeachment? he's doing an amazing job for not showing it at least of what we heard from the white house. >> reporter: we were in the president's rally in florida here. >> that was tuesday night sort of get him into the holiday move for the president if i can use that sort of characterization where he was able to talk about his frustration with democrats. there were a couple of expletives included as well. the president is pushing back hard on all of this. one of the argues he makes, he blo believes overtime and while lawmakers in their homes and districts and states for the holiday. they may be hearing from constituents who do not support impeachment. many democrats are from district that are solidly blue and
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therefore having a strong support of impeachment. still some question of how many americans want removal. democrats certainly believe they have laid out their case. the president is hoping in those districts he performs well. there could be some push back that may give some democrats pause. he tauts the faect that republicans have largely been unified in not believing whatever occurs on matters of ukraine that it does not rise to an impeachment offense. that's a lot of what we have been hearing from the president who gets a mix of sunshine and gold of his concerns. >> you understand how the white house navigates political pressure. do you think as you watch this white house and this president resign to impeachment but they feel 100% confident on the senate so now they can focus on galvanizing those voters in 2020
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and using impeachment to galvanize them. >> chris, happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving my friend. >> in terms of the white house, my best thought certainly the way president clinton conducted his presidency during the he simile conpartmentalized. the white house is following right behind him. i think there are some feeling that they still have kind of a standoff here in terms of the congress with the senate but that's pretty fragile in my opinion. >> glenn, in the middle of all this impeachment stuff and all the political ramifications of it. there is this new report of rudy giuliani tweeting a denial
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saying fake news, he did not pursue business in ukraine although documents were obtained subjected different. if you are his attorney, do you convince him to stop tweeting or what would you say to him? >> not talking anymore would be good advice to rudy. real quick if we break it down on an epic 101 bases, chris. if rudy giuliani is going to ukraine and interviewing a potential witness on behalf of his client donald trump. if he's also involved in discussions with that witness lutsenko and trying to potentially strike a business deal with him, i have to tell you, that's really world class unethical conduct for a lawyer because -- >> let me ask you and i am sorry i am interrupted you. unethical, illegal, something that the bar could look at.
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i mean help me to understand what we are talking about here. >> all of the above chris, here is why. if you are representing a client and you are dealing with a witness who could have information that could assist the client. everything that you do with that client becomes important and will be looked at under a microscope. with that same witness, you are trying to strike a business deal. it makes suspect any information that witness provides. a quick analogy was when i was a prosecutor, if i bought witness a cup of coffee, i had to disclose that to the defense attorney. >> literally a cup of coffee? >> that's about four bucks these days from starbucks. i recognize that. that's me potentially giving the witness a benefit. i know it sounds crazy, chris, that $4 benefit could become
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relevant in the information the witness was presenting to me. so the defense attorney at the end of the day will get to cross-examine the witness about the fact that i gave him a $4 coffee and may that have i am pagt impacted the nature of information. on a larger scale of rudy giuliani talking about $200,000 business relationship with a witness in a case he's investigating. >> that's a lot of cups of coffee. >> we know individuals in rudy giuliani's people, parnas. how do you think sdmy is going to push all of this forward? >> there is a play book in the southern district and prosecutors are proceeding along the lines that you will expect. this is an extraordinary case in my ways but it is also you know,
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it follows what you would expect and so they're doing, they're following money or leads where it takes them and as we now heard they're now pursuing investigations against rudy giuliani. >> yeah. every time you go down area, it may takes you in another direction. these are complicated stories. >> it is complicated in some ways. >> they're pursuing one of those lines against rudy giuliani and they have now expanded this investigation to include his finances and business dealings and campaign contribution that he was associated with. they are zeroing in on him. it is very clear and you know he's responding with these tweets and these public statements that you know, it is just ill-advised.
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there is prblobably a reason wh for him to find a white collar. that's probably poor judgment. he has been charged and he denies it and never the less of what we know of the investigation shows us what we said. glenn, there is yet another new issue for the white house. i want to play just a sort of set this up, some of what we heard from gordon sondland about a key conversation he had with president trump. >> i believe i just asked him an open ended question mr. chairman. what do you want from ukraine? i keep on hearing all these different ideas and theories and this and that. what do you want? it was a short abrupt conversation. he was not in a good mood. he just said i want nothing. i want no quid pro quo. tell zelensky to do the right thing. something to that effect. >> this has been a key talking point for the president for his
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supporters, i said clearly no quid pro quo. but now "the washington post" is reporting they're in documents to corroborate the description of that call or records in the white house's call logs. they muddles this this up furt. >> the fact that president trump announced he did not commit the crime after he was caught committing the crime is not all that persuasive, phone record supporting it or not. what we know is the most important record that tells all of us what president trump wanted from president skeleton i want you to look into the bidens. more recently i have no idea what rudy giuliani was doing in
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ukraine. everything else should melt away as a side show, chris, we got the call summary. >> people are getting exhausted by this. you talked about the time president clinton co compartmentalized. we are in a different time here. as you look at it through that political lens and 2020 and the exhaustion factor. do both sides with impeachment and back and forth, with all of these investigations ongoing have some real risks here with the voters? >> chris, i think you summed it up perfectly. i have been saying that, trying to make those points. the real issues here is people are exhausted and they are
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concerned and unsettled and uneasy. they want their government in washington, their officials starting in the white house and going in the senate and congress to be concerned about their needs and try to lift them and their families and address these issues. we got a lot of issues out there and opportunities, real big issues on trade and a lot of international issues and some security issues and some economic issues, i remain deeply concerned about when you mention president clinton and new gingrich, they're able to work together. that's what people are concerned about and focused on. all of this is a risk to both parties as what you said it in my opinion. >> mack, you talked about trade and the economy, there was this critical decision we were waiting for president trump. he signs legislation from
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congress supporting hong kong pro-democracy movement. there were questions on what he'll do here. tell us about this decision what it means going forward? >> well, chris, it took a while for the president to add a signature to these two bills that were overwhelmingly passed by congress. he did do that last night and it sends a signal to china at a time where the president we know for months trying to get president xi and the different negotiating teams from the u.s. and china to come to terms on trades. doing it at some costs, his concerns about his relationship for china. china responded by recalling their own ambassador by reaching out to u.s. ambassador who's a close ally of the president to complain about this. basically what lawmakers have decided that the u.s. would be
6:14 am
able to review periodically how the u.s. government interphases with hong kong which has autonomy even though it belongs to china to make certain that there would be protection for democracy there. the president did what was expected but at the same time the response has been expected and a potential cause is still a question mark. will it affect his desire? >> kelly o'donell, glenn kirshner. thank you for spending part of your morning with us. happy thanksgiving. >> coming up, the macy's thanksgiving day parade. officials gave the go ahead for the balloons to fly despite the winds. later the spotlight, mayor pete buttigieg facing some tough questions as his poll numbs num
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yes, the iconic balloons are flying as the macy's parade is underway. new york officials finally gave the all clear for balloons to fly at a low height at concerns of strong winds. gabe gutierrez who's on the
6:19 am
parade root is joining me now. i was coming to work and i heard people asking police officers, are the balloons going to fly and the police officer were very nice, we don't know yet but now we know. >> reporter: yeah, now we know. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: that's the question we hear over and over again. will those balloons fly. we are not feeling too much wind here. they're hard to see right now. those clouds are moving in a big clip. thankfully the weather is cooperating right now. these people are so excited. how excited are you? with we have been seeing people here across the world, 3 million people are expected to be here and manhattan. >> if you can zoom in. where are you guys from? >> austria. >> reporter: first time here? >> yes. for me, yes.
6:20 am
>> reporter: pretty hard core, why is it so important for you to be here? >> we love new york city. >> reporter: that's great. we have been seeing people here from austria and around the country and florida and you know i am walking here along tg street, we are expecting the parade to arrive at this location in about half an hour or so. how excited are you for these balloons? where are you from? >> maryland. >> reporter: i was talking to you earlier, there is something special besides thanksgiving for you guys. >> it is my daughter's 13th birthday. >> reporter: happy birthday. >> what are you looking forward to? >> green eggs and ham. >> reporter: we hear astronaut snoopy is making an appearance here. >> reporter: chris, as you know
6:21 am
seati winds regulation -- we have been hearing that forecast. there is a lot of concerns whether those 16 iconic balloons would fly. that breaking news, city officials are saying they'll fly but at a lower height. there is a police supervisor along with each one of those balloons, taking those measurements and making sure those wind gusts don't exceed at dangerous level. the green eggs and ham balloon kind of got out of control. i think of cat in the hat if you correct me there, chris. how excited are you guys out here? >> reporter: where are you from? >> atlanta, georgia. >> reporter: i used to live there. is this your first parade? >> yes. >> reporter: thank you guys for talking to us. a lot of excitement here. the parade is just underway, we are expecting all those balloons and excitement here within the next few minutes. >> i saw the turkey leading the parade on the other camera and i
6:22 am
think we got a little glimpse of astronaut snoopy. have fun out there, gabe gutierrez, appreciate that. still to come, a league of their own, republicans on a mission to elect more female members of congress. i will show you their strategy to right the ship back to 2018. you are watching msnbc. to 2018 you are watching msnbc as soon as the homeowners arrive, we'll inform them that liberty mutual customizes home insurance, so they'll only pay for what they need. your turn to keep watch, limu. wake me up if you see anything. [ snoring ] [ loud squawking and siren blaring ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ itso chantix can help you quit slow turkey.
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♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. another controversial involving pete buttigieg and his comments on race. his experience of being a gay man helps him to relate to struggles of african-americans. part of the problems or black students is a lack of successful role model. even though he's rising in many polls, he continues to struggle with black voters. a constituency he'll need if he's going to win the nomination. a new survey out this week polling with 4% with black
6:27 am
voters. priscilla thompson and our msnbc contributor, jonathan capehart and also an msnbc contributor. happy thanksgiving all. i understand priscilla, there is going to be a turkey trot race going on behind you. let me ask you about mayor pete. how is his campaign handling this latest criticism and what are you hearing in. >>. >> reporter: the turkey trot will get underway here shortly. i was actually with mayor buttigieg last week when a poll in south carolina released showing him zero percent among african-american voters. he's been hearing a lot of criticisms the past few weeks and i asked him what's going on here. he says to me it is about name recognition. he said they did not have the
6:28 am
opportunity to meet him, following some of that controversy he said the campaign is going to be doing new and increase voters engagement among african-americans. he says after thanksgiving, he'll go to north carolina and alabama. he's not going to be doing bigger rallies but much smaller, roundtable and meeting with church leaders and really get to know them. it will be sblinteresting to se. >> meantime jonathan, mayor pete has been a ground breaking comment. his latest comment as your newspaper put it, angered some african-americans who view it as an attempt by a privileged white
6:29 am
man. >> as pete buttigieg who disposed his sexual orientation after he had been elected mayor. jonathan, a lot of the criticisms i have head have been raw and emotions are running high. did he make a mistake here? >> look, this is one of those issues that is very raw and tender for the african-american community. i wrote about this tension back in 2012 chris, i thought it was earlier and recent than that. 2012, what mayor pete was saying i think is not that he's trying to appropriate the black struggle or claims some sort of equal victim hood. what he was saying is that as a gay person who faces discrimination, he can understand the discrimination and the way african-americans
6:30 am
feel. he's not trying to say i am a victim like you are. what he's trying to say is i understand where you're coming from and i have an affinity and i want to help and i can hear you. i can see you. that's all i can boil it down to. what he has to understand is he's got to be for someone who is nuance as he is, he needs to learn how to be more nuance when talking about his being gay and trying to construct a bridge over the african-american community. he faced a lot of criticisms earlier, late last month when a memo came out from his campaign where focus groups of african-americans and the big news that came out was a lot of people in those groups had a problem of him being guy. when you read the memo and the entirety of the memo of what
6:31 am
comes through is one, that folks did not know him and once they learn more about him. the more they were open to hearing more about him and the key thing in that memo was the people who were most opened to hearing more about him and looking at him more favorably were older african-american women. you need to know in south carolina but also among african-american, older african-americans women are the backbones of the party, they are the ones that come out and vote. if mayor pete can reach out in black women in general in particular he can stand a chance. vice president biden is in the race. as long as he's in the race, everyone is going to struggle with the african-american vote. >> adrian pointed out he's going to be going to south carolina and north carolina and having said that if he can't pick up more significance support from
6:32 am
black voters, he's in single digit pretty much. what is this dealing giving that joe biden is in the race, where is that support going to come from and how does he get it? >> you are exactly right. mayor pete is not able to get more african-american support throughout this campaign and he's simply not the nominee of the democratic party going into the general election. it is not going to happen and jonathan took the words out of my mouth. older african-american women are the backbone of the democratic party, they'll decide who this nominee is. now the good news for mayor pete is his campaign is aware of this problem, they're working hard to address it. number two, he's working hard himself. he's trying to reconcile some of his past comments of where the party is and where african-american voters are. he made it clear that he's trying to learn. he's showing that he's working
6:33 am
hard to understand and learn from this experience but he's got a lot of work to do. you know he's doing really well in ireland and new hampshire right now. after that, chris, you know very well, nevada and south carolina and going into super tuesday, african-american vote is crucial and he may have the situation in his hands that he does not do well in the states following the first two. he's got some work to do and talented campaign staff. they are aware of the problem and working to address it. that's all you can ask for it. >> jonathan and adrienne, happy thanksgiving my friends, thank you to all of you. >> coming up. we'll look at a draft report of 2016 surveillance of the trump campaign shoots some holes some of the theories that the president likes to repeat. you are watching msnbc. t likes . you are watching msnbc
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they were spying on our campaign. >> yes, i think they were spying into trump campaign. you can't say it any better than that. it was illegal spying and unprecedented t unprecedented spying. they were spying on my campaign using intelligence agency to do. >> it went right up to the top and everybody knows it.
6:38 am
spying, surveillance, trying for an overthrow. >> amazing series of sound bytes there. a new report this morning that debunks one of president trump's biggest talking points on the campaign trail that you just heard. his campaign was spied upon and unprecedented spying. "the new york times" reporting that the justice department inspector general found no evidence that the fbi attempted to place under cover agents or informan informants. joining me now our msnbc contributor who covers the fbi and doj for decades. it was interesting i am sure for you too, matt, to hear that sound byte of the president saying the spying of campaign went all the way to the top.
6:39 am
here we have another instance that it looks like it is going to be debunked by one of his intel agency. talk a little bit more about this. >> sure, we know the fbi has been under investigation by the department of justice's inspector general for well over a year now into the origins of that investigation. we are expecting next month for the report to come out and really uncover the origins of the investigation and the method used in the investigation and the extraordinary time of the history of the fbi. my colleague last night wrote the story that among the findings that the inspector general is going to have is the fbi did not place informants inside the trump campaign or try
6:40 am
to spy. the fbi predicated an investigation into the possibility as jim comey said publicly there was coordination associated with the campaign and russia. the fbi did not try to infiltrate the campaign or try to collect campaign dirt. >> william barr was back before congress in april and he was asked about this spying by senator janine. >> i want to remind what folks he said. >> you are not suggesting that spying occurred? >> well, i guess -- i think there is a spy that did occur. >> so there he is agreeing with the president that spying did occur and now this report is going to be coming out, do you
6:41 am
expect this to impact his decision to have the investigation of the russian investigation? >> i don't. i do think one of the findings in the reports that there were problems at the fbi application for a wiretap of carter page who left the campaign at that time. with the understanding of the justice department is going to find problems with that application. i don't expect that's going to go away. i think the question of spying in the sense is semantic. i think from a dictionary standpoint, the question here is
6:42 am
the president right when he says they're spying on my campaign for political services and the justice department found no evidence of this. >> matt apuzzo, i appreciate your time. >> up next, plan of attack after a disasterous 2018 term for women. can they convince the number of women they need? you are watching msnbc. e the nu women they need? you are watching msnbc i'm finding it hard to stay on top of things
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the political agenda gap is hitting impeachment in a big way. a poll 61% of women are in favor of impeaching president trump. just 40% of men supporting impeachment. republicans women know it. as one told us recently we know we are playing catch up, that does not mean we are giving it. >> this is sue's fifth campaign. >> she's undefeated in local races. now she's running for congress in suburban chicago.
6:47 am
>> you are holding the republican ticket? >> i am. >> i will be glad to sign it. >> her big challenge is money. >> we may not have the mainstream to sell funds. >> or have the contacts or the history of having donors. >> contacts is huge and i am not in that world. >> rezin's message to republicans, money talks. give more to republican candidates in day one. 2018 was disaster for republican women. one freshman woman was selected. overall they lost ten house state while democrats gained 26. >> the political arm of the group winning for women created the first ever super pac for republican women years behind the democrats.
6:48 am
>> being elected of one new republican woman. >> money was not the only problem. does donald trump make it harder for a woman to run? >> yes, there are districts where he's playing where he's hugely popular. we want to stay focused on the candidate and getting her over the finish line. winning for women gave us an exclusive look at the endorsement list. including michelle steele. and with four local races under her belt, he's ongoing. >> i make few of them. out of 161 already filed. they're aggressive and very smart and so good and strong. >> they're also talking to each
6:49 am
other. sue rezin regularly talks to a group of friends with campaign experience. the night we were with them, the conversation turns to get one more challenge facing republican women candidates. >> i think it is social issues. the republican party needs to do some recalibration when it comes to social issues. >> so things like abortion and gay marriage becomes litmus test, it works against women? >> i think so. >> we need to change the conversation about who we are as republicans. >> who is messaging us from the top? who's saying get women elected? they're going to make it happen. >> this gives us a lot to talk about. let me bring in adrienne and our margaret and susan. as a republican strstrategist,
6:50 am
understand what these women are saying. i can't tell you how many republican candidates told me with more conservative records that they have been told they are not conservative enough. what's the problem for a republican woman running in one of these potential swing districts? >> that's the thing. s? >> that's the thing. you want to win, that will help them move forward. the party leaders and money people have to get behind it and say, i want to elect mor . new republican to the house. we have to say we want to elect
6:51 am
more republicans. part of that means the republican party waking up saying women will help you get there. >> i was actually shocked, adrian, to hear this is the first republican super pac dedicated solely, solely, to getting republican women elected and they all, all the women i talked to, pointed to emily's list as sort of the first, the gold standard, but they talked about all the different democratic organizations that kind of came together. i mean, would it be fair to say on the democratic side, because we did see in 2018 the year of the woman, but a lot was fueled by these groups that were started by the grassroots, not by the party? >> you're exactly right. first of >>all, i love your foc groups that you do with women because i think they're so telling about where the state of both democrats and republicans are when it comes to women these days. you're exactly heright. there are groups like she should run, run for something, there's
6:52 am
so many groups you don't always hear about every day but have been doing theon hard work for long time at the state and local level to not just recruit women at that level but groom them so they can run for congress and run successfully after being elected locally for a number of years. that's what democrats have been working so hard to do. that's one of the reasons, as you mentioned, chris, during your segment that republican women got shellacked essentially in 2018 and democratic women had such strong gains. you have to look at the issues when it comes to the issues that suburban women, who are the swing vote in every election or have been in the past few elections, the issues they care about are gun safety legislation, equal pay, women's rights across the board, reproductive rights, those issues democrats have been winning on for as long as i can possibly remember. we've seen that take more shape since donald trump has been president, since he has banned all -- banned any sort of
6:53 am
movement on these issues when commit to gun safety legislation. it's not hard to figure out why republican women have had a hard time. i'm not sure 2020 with trump at the top of the ticket is different but we'll see. >> i think one of the things, margaret, that i've talked to republican strategists about and party officials where they see an opening within the trump administration is impeachment. and it was a fascinating article in politico about mikey sheryl who won her district but when she had a town hall, the headline from politico magazine, the town hall, impeachment blew up. theme message from some pretty fired up voters, again, more conservative part of her district, was, what are you guys getting done so i did a google search abouttt some of the town halls by democrats, impeachment keeps coming up and i'm not sure, but i'm interested in your
6:54 am
take on it, that what i hear from democrats, which is, well we've been passing a lot of bills in the house but they're not going anywhere in the senate, is going to satisfy some of those swing voters. what do you think? >> that is the answers. there's a lot of bills on mitch mcconnell'sls desk. thismc time around, as adrian points out, unlike 2018, trump will be on the ballot and overshadow so much of it so that impeachment question you bring up isen important. more women favor it than men and women in general like fairness and that les plg hthe presidentd to get a leg up on this campaign through the ukrainians strikes them a wrong way. you can'tro wait for an electio where one candidate is already cheating. but thecae issues that women c about, health care, in particular, trump is on the
6:55 am
wrong side and republicans are on thesi wrong side of. they tried to kill obamacare and they kipretend to be for coveri preexisting conditions, but they are not. so that's the strongest issue these women have. they alsoe have an issue, whic is, how do you want government to be? you know, all these stories about how our thanksgiving dinners are going to be ruined by the -- how divided we are. >> adrian and susan wrote about that. did you read it? they wrote about that thing. >> yeah. it's due to donald trump. i have a sign on my refrigerator which says, "no discussing donald trump until after dessert or put a dollar in the tip jar" and i'm very rich now as a result. >> i'm happy to hear that. can i give them each 15 seconds, i don't know how much time i have left, toco give your tips r today? susan, i'll startor with you. >> getsa people to talk about themselves. go to their facebook page, find out what they've been doing and
6:56 am
ask themhe questions. people love to talk about themselves. >> adrian? >> talk about sports. don't talk about politics. talk about shopping. anything else other than politics and drink a lot of wine. >> well, i don't know, the wine thing, because it sometimes gets people talking. adrian and margaret and susan, i loved having you on this thanksgiving. y thank you so much. >> thank you. >> another liveu lookuc now at macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city. the balloons still flying. despite some concerns about the wind.on they aren't dwight as high. look atey that this year. much more news ahead here on msnbc. ws ahead here on nbmsc. sundown vitamins are all
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and that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. happy thanksgiving once again. i'm chris jansing. word on the street they had to drag you in. you were waiting to see the astronaut snoopy. >> i saw the astronaut snoopy, a photograph. my wife was out there. it was good. >> awesome. >> happy thanksgiving to you. thank you, friend. >> happy thanksgiving to all of you out there. coming up this hour, president trump is spending this thanksgiving day at his mar-a-lago retreat and calling the impeachment hearings a hoax an signing two significant bills supporting hong kong's protesters. china is not happy about that. some of the 2020 candidates are hitting the trails this turkey day and one candidate continues to defend himself over comments made years ago. thank you for sharing your holiday morning with us. i'm ali velshi at our


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