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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 29, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PST

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we are back live with an ongoing situation in the area around london bridge, central london at a standstill. a massive response by police to what was a stabbing incident, shots fired. the man subdued, but the question that remains at this hour, could this be terror related? that's going to do it for me. i'm chris jansing.
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yasmin is here to update us, a clearly major, major shutdown in central london. >> as we see, a major incident in central london. we're awaiting a news conference at the top of the hour. thank you to chris jansing. i'm yasmin vossoughian at msnbc news headquarters in new york. in london any moment now, as i mentioned, met poll tin police are expected to hold a news conference following an attack near the iconic london bridge. here is what we know right at this moment. police are saying several people were stabbed. one man shot by police. the area cordoned off and nearby buses and train stations remain closed. a video posted by eyewitnesss appear to capture the moments before, as you see here, police open fire. right now the motive is yet uncle unclear, but in a twitter posting, metropolitan police saying this, and i quote, at this stage the circumstances
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related to the incident at london bridge remain unclear. however, as a precaution, we are currently responding to this incident as though it is terror related. one man has been shot by police. we will provide further information when possible. i want to go to nbc's chief correspondent bill neely standing by on the phone for us as he makes his way closer and closer to where the incident occurred on the london bridge. bill, i know you've been following this for the last hour or so as you made your way there. bring us up to date as to what you know so far and what we expect to hear from the metropolitan police at the press conference that should be apg any moment now? >> i'm about as close to the incident as we can get. we've been pushed back another 50 yards or so. there's a police helicopter hovering directly above me. we have seen police vehicles arriving by the dozen in the last hour or so. what we do know is that the police say this incident is
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being treated as if it were a terror incident. that's 90% the way to saying that they believe the man they have arrested a territory suspect. but they're not going all the way. it is being treated as if it were a terror incident, and we have to rely on the few statements we've had so far by the metropolitan police. the first being that at 1:58 this afternoon police were called to a stabbing at a building near london bridge, and then there was the incident on the bridge where a shot was fired, at least one shot was fired, possibly more. one man was arrested. a number of people have been injured. we understand that may be as many as five, some seriously injured. at the moment police are discounting reports that one
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person is dead. certainly nbc news cannot confirm that or any of those injuries. we do know at the moment that five people have been injured. all of this unfolded at the heart of the city of london, in the heart of london, in everyone's lunch break, just before 2:00. the area would have been crowded with hundreds and hundreds of people. borough market and london bridge are very close to one another and many people fled buses when they heard the shots being fired. there was a commotion on the bridge with passersby jumping on, tackling one plan. an eyewitness saying that man had a knife. one passerby, one person was on top of the man, was pulled off or got off and a police officer opened fire. we don't know who the man is, we
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don't know what the motive for this was. we are trying to join the dots as it were. boris johnson has come back to downing street where he's being briefed. we are in the middle of an election campaign here in the uk with an election in just over two weeks' time. so this is a sensitive time. during election campaigns in the past there have been terror attacks. indeed this incident very close to where six people were killed just two years ago. a lot of these incidents have taken place in the bridges over the river thames. so london bridge, a couple, westminster bridge where there was a stabbing and shooting incident a couple years back. so the police are certainly
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taking this extremely seriously. they have set up a very, very why cordon. things have calmed down a little bit. in fact, we've seen a couple of police vehicles leave the area. we believe it has been contai d contained. they are treating this with an abundance of caution given the possibility that in previous terror attacks, one incident has followed the other from isis and al qaeda and other groups. have used one incident to draw police emergency services. the police are taking absolutely no chances here. the area is being monitored from above and on the ground, certainly by hundreds of police officers, many armed officers still at the scene. so once again, the police saying they are treating this as if it
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were a terror incident. >> as you bring that up, bill, i cannot help but think and i think many people are reminiscent about this, the bataclan attacks where there were followup and copycat attacks following the initial incident, very much reminiscent of what you were just describing. i'm sure police are on high alert, making sure the entire city is safe and nothing else is taking place. i'll give you a moment as you stand by. we appreciate you bringing the information. i want to go to former new york city police commissioner bill bratton joining me on the phone. i believe you have more information as to the police response in london on the ground there. what have you got? >> understanding in these situations, all the information is preliminary, subject to change. the first story is never the last story. so it would have been very busy,
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tail end of lunchtime in london when this occurred. an individual, one individual apparently, possibly wearing what was thought to be an i enchtszd type of device, the improvised explosive device, stabbed at least three people in the market or adjacent to it, in that building, then attempted to flee onto the london bridge where he established a woman on the bridge at which point he was evidently in an altercation and he was possibly tackled by several passersby who have to be described as heroes in this situation, apparently armed with a very large knife in addition to him wearing an ied-type of device. whether it was an actual device
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or one that would, in fact, not work. that might explain the three police officers, all of whom were there within about 20 seconds based on the videos i've been watching, of the altercation with the passerby. all three of them were armed with semi-automatic short barrel rifles. at least one of them based on the videos i've been watching fired at the suspect once the suspect was separated from several of those passersby who were fighting with him. there's also a scene of another passerby stepping away with a large thing in his hand. hard to tell is it a knife, is it an umbrella. difficult at this stage. there will certainly be more vehicles of this, london like new york has probably more videos that just about any city in the world. that's one of the things the police will be attempting to do, the reconstruction of what happened. also confusing this is on the bridge itself, as the videos are
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showing, a number of vehicles that, including a white truck that apparently went across the median blocking the bridge. it looks like several other vehicles may have struck each other. so what they're concerned with naturally is the idea, was he alone or was this something in coordination with something else happening on the bridge. it's too early to tell. they'll try to sort it all out. the bridge very good, like the nypd, at dealing with these things very quickly, with the assistance of the cameras. unfortunately they've had significant numbers of experiences with these types of attacks, and it's unfortunately commonplace in many respects in london over these last several years. >> commissioner, you gave us a lot of information here. something that really stood out to me, and this is i believe the first time we're hearing this, which is the fact that this suspect was wearing an, as you say, ied type of device.
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is this something you believe could feasibly have been a suicide vest type of device? >> no details on that at all. even that information about possibly having some type of device on him, whether it was a device, whether it had the capability to be detonated, all much too early in this process. but in the sense of the three officers who were there armed with weapons, even after the passerby had been pulled off what was apparently the suspect, the idea that the officer then fired, was he stild armed with the knife? did he possibly see what appeared to him that might have been explosive device? this is all going to have to be sorted out. hopefully in the preliminary complements, they'll do a press conference very shortly trying to put out whatever information they can. a lot of what's going on, as you're seeing on your video
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showing, when these things happen, there's a lot that happens from a security standpoint. they will certainly be looking to safeguard all the senior leadership in the capital city there. boris johnson and others. they'll be on heightened alert here in new york city, simply the nypd which has an officer assigned in london, counterterrorism, they will be trying to learn as much as they can as quickly as possible. you can guarantee in the arch city light now nypd is starting to put its resources out on this very busy day, black friday. there are hundreds of thousands of people in new york city right now, manhattan, tourists and shoppers. out of a height of caution, abundance of caution, nypd and other major cities around the country will be on heightened alert. fortunately new york has resources to provide a lot of visibility very quickly, as well as great coordination between
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federal, state, local police forces as well as internationally. london and the metropolitan police -- new york and the metropolitan police have extraordinarily good close relationships 30, 40 years now. >> commissioner in, you managed the metropolitan police as we await the press conference will bring us more information from the ground as soon as they get it. we're waiting for that to begin at any moment now. you think about now how bill neely just said on the air with us that this incident is being treated as a terror incident. the metropolitan police saying with an abundance of caution, this incident being treated as terror. what leads the metropolitan police to treat this incident as terror versus a domestic situation? honestly, it went if not necessarily knowing many details about this incident to being treated as a terror incident in a matter of 60 minutes or so. >> well, the nature of these, it has many of the indicators of an
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apparent terrorist attack, whether a lone wolf or possibly part of a larger coordinated action. they will be very quickly, as you might expect, doing the computer searches, seeing if there are any threats that have been made that might have provided an early warning. they have a suspect apparently in custody, possibly wounded. they will be working very, very quickly to identify who he is, try to get access to his residents, get access to any electronic devices he might have. they're very good at this. unfortunately we've had too much practice after the fact trying to sort these things out which has allowed law enforcement to get very good at very quickly trying to pin down exactly what happened. is this a lone wolf? is it, in fact, a terrorist-inspired type of attack? we talk oftentimes about these attacks are either inspired, enabled or directed. those are the three terms. was this inspired?
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was it enabled? in other words, did he have assistance? or was he, in fact, being directed by a cell or by isis or al qaeda, the two most prominent terrorist groups? hopefully the metropolitan police will have the ability to quickly put out information that calms people down. it's an isolated event rather than like what happened in paris. part of what they're trying to do is put out as much accurate information as possible, as quickly as possible. >> stand by for us, if you get more apprecia. the mayor of london, sad deke kahn, the metropolitan police confirmed the horrendous incident at london bridge is being treated as if terrorist related. it has been confirmed that people were injured in the atting that. my heart goes out to them, their families and all affected.
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thank you for our brave emergency services who responded to today's horrific attack. every day they put their lives on the line for us running towards danger in order to keep london safe. we must and we will stay resolute in other determination to stand strong and united in the face of terror. those who seek to attack us and divide us will never succeed. the london bridge area remains closed. joining me now, retired four star admiral, james sta read dass, msnbc chief international diploma. admiral, thank you for joining us, very much appreciate this, this major development from london bridge as we're learning more details as the hours tick by. talk to us more about what you have heard so far and your reaction so far to what you've seen on the ground there developing in london? >> as always, wlets cautilet's
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we'll learn so much more hour-by-hour by hour. certainly this has the hallmarks of either a lone wolf as the commissioner was just saying to us, inspired almost no doubt by an organization like al qaeda, the islamic state. conceivably it's part of a larger plot. i find that unlikely yasmin. what i would suggest this, if it is related to the islamic state, it's probably part of a series of responses we'll see overcoming months to the killing of baghdadi. you remember that was some weeks ago. we not only killed baghdadi but also the number two. yet, as always with the islamic state, you know this as well as i, it's not an individual. it's an ideology. it's a network. my guess unfortunately is that
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the target set, as this holiday season unfolds, will be europe. you heard me say on the network three weeks ago be very cautious in these christmas markets in europe. be very cautious in large tourist areas like this. i think this is potentially kind of a leading edge of what is to come over the next four to six weeks. >> it's interesting you bring up these christmas markets. there have been these soft target terror attacks at christmas marks. we remember the attack in nice, france. we remember the bataclan attack. we can go on and on. here, the london bridge attack where a vanimo r /* /- van mowed down tourists. like london, new york city, paris, in these holiday months where a lot of tourists will be out shopping, enjoying times
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with their families where they're most vulnerable. what goes into the preparedness of these cities, when you think about london specifically recently, the uk terror threat was downgraded from severe to substantial, there has been an uptick in knife attacks in and around london. of course, as i mentioned earlier, that london bridge attack that happened back in 2017. many people reminded of that today. what goes into the preparedness for cities like this at this time of year? >> i'll give you three things that i think are crucial at this point. taking it up a level from the tactical things that i think the commissioner described perfectly, but at the strategic level, what are these cities doing and thinking? first is international cooperation. it's how you link together the intelligence sets that you're seeing. as you mentioned, london, paris, berlin, new york, all of these have very sophisticated intelligence networks that are
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focused on the city, but by bringing together that intelligence, a number of mechanisms for doing that including interpoll, the international police organization as well as the national intelligence entities. number one is intelligence and international cooperation. number two, yasmin, is something we've struggled with here in the united states. it is interagency cooperation. in a u.s. context it's how are we fusing the intelligence from the central intelligence agency, the department of defense, the national security agency, the federal bureau of investigation? how are we fusing that? in theech of these cities, the mayors and the city security folks need to be and typically are working with the national government in that interagency process to make sure as we discovered two our chagrin at 9/11, that you don't see things slip between the cracks of the
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various agencies. third and finally, and maybe most importantly, yasmin, is private-public cooperation. in other words, ourentities, ou first responders and intelligence professionals, they're still only a tiny veneer in this city, in this civilization. you have to be working with the private sector as everybody, as the saying goes, see something, say something. you see first responders who are often members of the private sector. and all of the surveillance cameras, the ability of these private sector entities to participate and work with the public sector is going to be crucial. i'd say it's international interagency private-public are the three layers that need to be occurring. >> admiral, quickly, it's interesting this is taking place, whether or not this is a
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terror related incident, we're going to learn more from that press conference with the metropolitan police which i believe is happening in about 60 seconds or so. you think about this taking place right now amidst the timeline of what we have seen. as you mentioned, the killing of baghdadi a month or so ago. you had the president visiting afghanistan announcing resuming peace talks with the taliban there. the nato meeting, you said the number one thing here is about international cooperation. >> it is. this will -- this incident will drive the nato conversation do focus on the islamic state along the turkish-syrian border. nato has a role to play there. i think this incident will help crystallize that. last comment, cyber and cyber security and how we martial the
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immense resources of the nato alliance in the cyber world. i assure you that's where the islamic state is going, to proselytize. >> isis spreading its ideology most successfully over the internet. admiral, thank you very much. i want to bring in erin mclaughlin who was near the scene of the incident. you've been following this from the jump. we believe they're approaching the microphones now. let's take a listen. >> i can confirm that at approximately 2:00 p.m. today friday, the 29th of november, police were called to a establishing at a premise near to london bridge. emergency services attended including officers from the city of london police and the metropolitan police. a male suspect was shot by
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specialist armed officers from the city of london police. i can confirm the suspect died at the scene. a number of other people received injuries during this incident. as soon as we can provide further updates on their condition, we will. our heartfelt sympathies go out to everybody who has been involved in this and anxiously awaiting information on their loved ones. as soon as we can get that information, we will get it to you. as you expect, we responded as though this is terrorist related. i'm in a position to confirm it has been declared a terrorist incident. we're working jointly with the city of london police as we continue to respond. officers from the met counterterrorism response are leading the vase. i must stress we obtain an open mind as to motive. it would be inappropriate to speculate further at this time. due to reports that the suspect may have had an explosive device, specialist officers also attended the scene and wide cordons are in place to ensure
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there remains no further danger to the public. however, i can confirm at this time, we believe a device that was strapped to the body of the suspect is a hoax explosive device. officers continue to carry out meticulous searches in the area to ensure there's no outstanding threat to the public. those extensive cordons will replace in place for a considerable time. i would ask the public, please continue to avoid the area. public safety is obviously our top priority. we will be enhancing police patrols in the city and across london. i would ask anyone with information, image or footage of the incident that can be shared with our investigation team to do so on the uk police image appeal website. i would also ask the public to continue to remain vigilant and report any concerns that they have to the police. i'm not going to take questions
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at this time. the prime minister has asked for a personal briefing. i'll be heading with the commissioner of the met to downing street immediately. thank you for your patience. we will update you again when we can. >> we just heard from the commission her of the metropolitan police neil basu. he gave us an update. want to bring people up to date. it happened around 2:00 p.m. it was a stabbing near the london bridge. it was a male suspect who was shot and killed on the scene. a number of other people were injured, although we don't have the exact number quite yet, and the commissioner has promised he will bring us that as soon as possible. we don't know the condition of these individuals that were injured. the commissioner calling this a terrorist incident. it was treated as a terror
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incident when they first responded. now erin mclaughlin is near the scene of the incident and can add more to what we heard at the press conference. erin? >> reporter: a device of sorts was found on the suspect's body, believed to be a hoax device at this point, and that presumably is the reason why they believe this was a terror-related incident. certainly treating it as much from the get-go. just an hour ago, really saw an overwhelming police response as they tried to clear this area. it remains cordoned off. we saw specialized police units with bomb sniffing dogs combing this entire area. the buildings you see behind me remain evacuated. you can see police cordon still in place. beyond that a number of police
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vehicles, a growing media pack here, media presence. this will truly shock londoners across the city and the country. it has been a while, after all, since a terror attack has taken place here in london. just recently a number of weeks ago, the home secretary taking the decision to reduce the threat level for london. there was a sense of ease here among londoners, given the events that have unfolded, given that press conference there that just wrapped up, that sense of ease perhaps that has gone and now people will be very, very worried in terms of copycat attacks and anything of the like that could happen next. no doubt londoners on high alert today. >> i just want to reiterate exactly what we heard from the commissioner there because it is incredibly important. so much new information, the story very much developing. once again, a stabbing taking place near the london bridge at
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2:00 p.m. the suspect killed on the scene, several people injured. the commissioner there saying it is confirmed a terrorist incident. they were treating it as a terror incident. now it is confirmed it is a terror incident. the suspect had an explosive device. bill bratton mentioned earlier on the air, the commissioner here confirming he had an explosive device on him and yet believed to be a hoax explosive device. incredibly important detail there. this commissioner also saying the counterterrorism command leading this investigation. give us a sense of the police presence there as this whole thing is unfolding. i imagine there's very much a fear and threat of possible follow up or copycat attacks we've seen in other major cities historically in europe. >> reporter: there's a tremendous police presence here and will likely remain here for
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the next few hours as they continue to investigate just exactly what happened around 2:00. the police know it. at this point there's simply not saying. we also don't know, and they were very clear about that in the press conference as well, motive. they don't know what drove him to the bridge in the middle of broad daylight. according to the police, a number of individuals were stabbed. we saw the social media, videos captured by bus passengers showing a scuffle take place on the bridge itself. the suspect pinned to the ground. you see one passerby walking away with what appears to be the suspect's knife as police point their guns. then you hear on social media
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shots fired. really an extraordinary and terrifying scene. now police confirming that they do believe that was, in fact, a terror attack. the motive, again, is very much in question at this point. >> i imagine many people on edge in that city right now. of course, the commissioner there stressing that people stay away from that area so long as this story is developing. thank you so much, erin mclaughlin. as you learn more, come back to us. want to bring in malcolm nance, msnbc terror analyst. erin brought up a really good point here in that the commissioner stressing he doesn't necessarily know the motive, don't know the motive yet, but they are deeming this a terror incident. how are they so confident this is a terror incident considering the fact they don't know a motive? >> well, i think they're confident because this attack, looking at the tactics, looking at the individual, how he carried out the attack, his target set, has the exact same
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framework of the borough market attack in 2017, and, in fact, closer to the lee rig by attack in 2013 in which individuals armed just with knives -- this is what we call an individual weapons attack with a blade, and using just that came out, using just that came attack massive people, individually through stabbing action. then went out and continued that while moving. the only difference is it took place at the city gilt arts building. there are the black barriers, those are the anti-vehicle barriers that went after the attack on westminster bridge. and that stopped and took away the entire possibility of using a vehicle to kill people. so this reduced this attacker to
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having to go down and just slash and stab individuals with a knife. very much line the market attack in 2017 only that was done with a squad of individuals at nighttime intending to kill as many as they could which was six. in this incident one lone individual using the isis playbook, the isis playbook says use whatever weapons are at hand and then carry a mock or a fake suicide bomb device so that the police will have to stand off and won't be able to engage you. as we watch this incident you see the officers of so-19 the specialized weapons command or specialized arms command of the counterterrorism unit. this squad of three just -- went in there and as soon as they saw that the individual had this device on, they immediately engaged and decided to neutralize him most likely shooting him through the head. >> malcolm, stick with us. because i kind of want to talk what we know so far. of course we do have footage also of what took place on the
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london bridge. to reset everybody, our breaking news if you're just joining us, police in london now say a stabbing attack has been declared as a terror incident. the video posted to social media from eyewitnesses appears to capture the moments before police opened fire here and malcolm, as you were talking us through this, this is the moment it seems as if this suspect approached individuals on the bridge before those police were to open fire on him and subsequently he died. right now, the motive as the commissioner had said earlier is unclear, but in a twitter posting metropolitan police are basically saying this is being treated as a terror incident. you talk about, malcolm, those barriers that were put in place after the 2017 attack after those three isis supporters plowed into the london bridge. getting out of their van subsequently and going on a stabbing rampage. eight victims there.
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this city, very much more prepared for an incident that took place like this, just two hours ago know than they were even two years ago. >> you're absolutely right. i go to london quite often and i look at the types of preparations that they do. i know people in the special operations command. you notice that they have been -- the terrorist attacks just in the last few years have been reduced from firearms and explosives four or five years ago down to vehicles two years ago, down to individuals with knives now. so their level of preparation, the psychological operation of knowing that armed so-19 officers are patrolling all over london in large numbers so you never know when there's an armed officer around you, has pushed the terrorist tactics down to the basest level. that is one man with a knife, fake suicide bomb. but as you see here today, we're
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very lucky, hopefully no -- none of the civilians were killed and only the perpetrator was killed and very rapidly. if you watch the video to the right of the screen -- >> yeah, it was incredible how quickly they responded. >> they saw him running and they just tackled. a knife can be fatal but it's not a firearm like we see in the united states. where attackers can kill 10, 15, 20 people. so holding them down until the 10-19 officers got there and then they instantly realized we don't know what this threat is. this could be a real bomb. and they neutralized him without going -- you know, without deciding to allow it to go further. >> that last point, malcolm, is so incredibly important. think of the mindset of not only of the civilians that attacked him, but the officers approaching him, literally in a
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matter of 30 seconds or so. seeing a device which was a hoax device and nobody knew it was a hoax device. at any moment he could have pulled that thing from their perspective. not knowing if it was a hoax device or not and killed every one of them. that didn't happen, thank god, but think of the mindset and what these police officers were trained for in approaching this individual who had a device strapped to him and what these civilians were not trained for. just enjoying their walk across the london bridge. attacking this individual, getting him to the ground despite the fact that he had this device strapped to his chest which turned out to be a hoax. >> well, you're absolutely right. and, you know, i think here in the united states we -- you know, we see these things or supposedly they're routine. because we have armed police officers everywhere. they know what to do with an individual with a knife. they shoot him or use a taser, but in a terrorist incident like
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this, a man who is running and may have attacked a bunch of people, and they know about the market attack and it was a attack with a knife. same on the attack on rigby and others in europe. when you tackle that purpose you want to get his hands. i served in iraq a lot of people in iraq know the only way to neutralize the suicide bomber is to shoot him where his neurological systems cease to function or grab his hands. for, you know, as you see in the video, when the so-19 officer pulls the civilian off he has no option. there's no negotiating, his hands will become free and he may detonate himself. so right call at that point. >> malcolm nance, thank you for joining us now. i want to bring in frank feguzi, thank you for joining us on the phone.
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first time we're hearing from you so far as the incident is unfolding there. now being treated as a terror incident, confirming this was a terror incident. the suspect shot and killed on the london bridge, wearing a vest that the metropolitan police confirmed was a hoax. it's a type of device. give us your reaction so far as things are unfolding there. >> sure. my initial reaction the response time from the authorities as well as the reaction of the civilians on the bridge was impressive. we're at the point now in our society where we've got this down. we understand reaction and response time. but i want to follow up also on something that malcolm said because he's got an important point which is we're now seeing the fruits of success against terrorist organizations. by that i mean the low cost, low tech kind of thing we're seeing on london bridge, whether a stabbing or a big explosive device is actually where we are
8:40 am
now because we have taken the head off al qaeda and isis and there's -- and they lack this centralization and funding and ability to get money to fund more significant operations. so what we see is this very decentralized online radicalization. it's unlikely -- now we'll see as this unfolds and the intel comes in. it's unlikely this actor got very specialized training or funning but rather it's very likely they'll find it's a case of online radicalization and we are seeing faster and faster radicalization times online. but the good news if there's any here, this is almost the best they can do right now and while this is a tragic incident, we're so pleased that we didn't see a real explosive device or an automatic weapon used. the other thing i want to point out about the fake explosive devices, as malcolm said it's not only keep police at a
8:41 am
distance for a while and create a dramatic scene, but it almost ensures martyrdom for the actor. by that i mean they know full well that the police particularly in london are well trained to neutralize anybody that looks like they have a suicide vest on. so this guy wanted to die. wanted a dramatic scene and he could do it in a very low cost fashion. >> so you talk about in a way if there's any sort of silver lining to this whole thing the means in which they're able to attack individuals in these pedestrian areas, in these high pedestrian areas has been reduced to the use of a knife attack in a hoax vest, but i want to talk quickly, frank, about what admiral brought up on the air, which is addressing the cyber threat. as you know, isis recruits via internet and they do so successfully. they indoctrine -- they spread
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their ideology through the internet. how do you address that going forward? >> well, this raises the larger question of whether or not authorities have all the legal skill sets available to them to do their job and by that i mean particularly in the united states. are we able to prevent by getting inside chat rooms, blogs, websites, whatever encrypted messaging is being used. increasingly, the answer in the states is no because they're using simple encryption and the silicon valley types are not willing to give the police the key to unlock that encryption and password. we are coming up on a significant challenge for the law enforcement and there's research showing it's getting faster and faster. we see examples of a young person becoming radicalized from zero to violent act in nine
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days. >> unbelievable. >> through the online violent video, provoked to action in nine days. >> nine days radicalized online. we are i believe -- unable to address that right now. that's larger conversation that you as well as i believe we need to have as this incident comes to a close whenever it does and we learn more about how this individual was radicalized if in fact it was terror as the metropolitan police is confirming it was. frank, thank you for your voice on this. i appreciate it, my friend. we are continuing to monitor this breaking news in london. a stabbing attack near the metropolitan bridge has been declared a terror incident. several people were stabbed. one person was shot by the police. we'll have much more coverage of this terror incident right here on msnbc. we'll be right back. be right ba. and my lack of impulse control, is about to become your problem. ahh no, come on. i saw you eating poop earlier. hey!
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sundown vitamins. all clean. all the time. welcome back, everybody. we are hearing from the mayor of london, mayor sadiq kahn. let's take a listen. >> what's remarkable is the breathtaking heroism of the members of the public who
8:48 am
literally ran towards danger. and they confronted them. we do know from the statement given that there appears to be a device on the suspect. members of the public didn't realize at the time that was a hoax device and they really are the best of us. another example of the bravery and heroism of ordinary londoners, risking their own personal safety. thank you to them on behalf of all londoners but also because it shows the best of us. [ inaudible question ] >> i'm mayor of the greatest city in the world and we do know that there are people out there who hate our diversity, hate what we stand for and are trying to seek to divide us. what was amazing about today is we saw in one individual, the
8:49 am
suspect, the worst of humanity. but we saw in the response from members of the public also the best of humanity. and the best -- not just to londoner, but to the visitors to the city but around the world is we are resolute. we stand united in the face of terrorism and we will not allow anyone to divide us. >> what do you feel is -- when you hear -- >> look, i know speaking to colleagues around the world, mayors of other great cities that we are targets for terrorists. the fact is since the terrorist incident in 2017, because of the excellent work and because of the intelligence provided by members of the public we thwarted more than 20 attempts at terrorism on innocent citizens and what's really important is that we'll remain vigilant. if anybody sees anything suspicious, report it to the police.
8:50 am
err on the side of caution. i'd rather people overreport to the police and experts rather than underreport. but also ask the members of the press to please respect the privacy of those who have been injured and the families as well. >> what's the threat level? [ inaudible question ] >> all right. we are hearing from the mayor of london who says there are people who seek to divide us in this world. but he goes on today -- he goes on to say today we saw the best and the worst of humanity, the worst of the suspect, the best being the civilian who tackled that suspect. also tackled the person on london bridge and authorities thwarting 20 incidents of terror, incidents that we hadn't necessarily known of.
8:51 am
also hearing from prime minister of the uk boris johnson saying i want to thank members of the public and emergency services for their bravery in responding to the terrorist attack at london bridge. this is an appalling incident and my thoughts are with the victims and their families. bill neely, bring us up to date on what you know. >> reporter: at the minute things to have calmed down a little here. it's not for me to declare that this incident is over, because there are still police helicopters overhead, and hundreds of police officers at the scene. but both in the political statement you just heard from sadiq khan and i have to say in the atmosphere here, it would appear that police now believe this incident is closed. sadiq khan, as you have heard, speaking just of one individual, one suspect. so it would appear at the moment
8:52 am
that he is treating it as a lone wolf attack, although of course for police, they will now be digging into the suspect's background to try to work out was he helped by anyone, did anyone know that he was about to do this, did he leave any indication, any note, any video that he was going to do it. and as you heard boris johnson also praising the immense bravery of the members of the public, the bystanders, the people who tackled this man just moments before he was shot by police. and we heard just a short time ago, from police assistant commissioner, more details about this incident. it began at 1:58 this afternoon, so just under three hours ago when police were called to reports of a stabbing at a building near london bridge. in the most recent press
8:53 am
conference we've heard, that a man was shot, a suspect was shot and died at the scene. as far as the police are concerned, this is a terror incident. they say they are open minded as to the motive of the suspect, and as we heard the suspect had a hoax explosive device on his body, so a sort of fake suicide vest. several people were stabbed. you don't know the up to date conditions of those people. but we have heard earlier that a couple of them were at least were in a serious condition. a large knife was removed from the scene. we don't know exactly how many shots were fired. but there were reports that two shots were fired. so that is it at the moment. this area is still cordoned off. we are coming to the end of the working day. this incident of course has happened right in the heart of
8:54 am
the city of london, just listening to the police helicopter going overhead one more time. hundreds of people will have witnessed this incident. people on packed london buses going past. there are still hundreds of police officers here. and boris johnson is at 10 downing street at the moment monitoring this situation. this incident has happened in the middle of a national election campaign. >> and we are hearing, bill, from the president of the united states, president trump has been briefed on this morning's attack at the london bridge and is monitoring the situation. it goes on, the united states strongly condemns acts of violence on innocent people and we pledge full support to our ally the united kingdom. i want to bring in christopher dickie, joining me on the phone from paris, france, he's an
8:55 am
msnbc analyst, paris being the area of a major attack, the bataclan attack a couple of years ago. that city also on edge after what's taken place in london. chris, before we bring everybody up to date on what is happening in london and what has transpired so far, bring me your thoughts. >> yasmin, first of all we need to step book for a sxheecond an say what do we know about this guy. he had a knife. he had a fake suicide vest. he stabbed people, thank god none of them have died, we hope none of them will. he was shot to death by police. does that make him part of an international terrorist organization? no. does it mean he was enabled in any way or supported in any way by a terrorist organization? no. so why is it that we think this is a terrorist incident? probably, as some of the people
8:56 am
you've had on before, who all were great, because of the suicide vest or the fake suicide vest. but that's also possible that he was what we call suicide by police, that he knew he would be shot after doing something like this. so i think we have to keep in mind the possibility that he's not only a lone wolf but that he is a very lonely, crazy person, and make sure that we don't extrapolate that into an international terrorist incident. i'm sure that's the way the police are looking at it. now, as commissioner bratton, former nypd commissioner said, in london, all over the world, people are reasonably concerned, especially the police, that this is part of a larger effort to inspire an act after the death of abu bakr al baghdadi and the defeat on the ground in syria and iraq of the so-called
8:57 am
islamic state. but we don't know that. and anything we have to be just very careful. your analysis has been terrific, your own, yasmin, but also you just think generally spectators need to understand very little is known about this guy. >> many important points from christopher dickey as we always expect, my friend, thank you for joining us this hour. we are following this breaking news situation from the london bridge where police have confirmed they have shot and killed a suspect there with several others injured. we don't know the exact number of those injured or where they are in their treatment. we'll bring that to you as we get it. we'll be right back. ing that to get it we'll be right back. and we want to keep you connected to those you love, with the new iphone 11. so t-mobile is giving you an iphone 11 on us for each new line of unlimited. for yourself, or up to a family of four. keep your family connected,
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