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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 29, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PST

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we are now at the top of the hour. i'm chris jansing. we begin with the ongoing breaking news story out of london. police have declared a stabbing attack near the iconic london bridge as a terror incident. several people have been stabbed. the suspected attacker ewas sho and killed by police. london mayor sadiq khan addressed the attack. >> we've seen breathtaking heroism of members of the public who ran towards danger to confront him. >> police were called to a
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stabbing at a premises near to london bridge. emergency services attending including the metropolitan police. a male suspect was shot by specialist armed officers from the city of london police and i can confirm that the suspect died at the scene. a number of other people received injuries during this incident. as soon as we can provide further updates on their condition. >> police continue to search the surrounding area for any other threats. this has basically shut down central london, so they're asking people, please avoid the location at this point. i want to bring in nbc's erin mclaughlin who has been on the scene following this very closely. what's been developing where you are? >> reporter: hey, chris. the situation here seems to be comparatively calm especially when you consider what was unfolding here a couple of hours ago as police were trying to clear this area.
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there are specialist police units rushing down the streets, bomb-sniffing dogs surveying the area. that seems to have been dialed back a bit. at this point we're seeing more emergency vehicles leave the scene than enter the scene, although this entire area, about a third of a mile away from where the incident took place, remains on lockdown. entire blocks evacuated. as you can tell, they're not letting any traffic other than official police traveliffic, ot than emergency vehicles, in and out as well. people trying to get to work were unable to do so. again, this area totally evacuated. you can still hear police helicopters overhead. it was an overwhelming response to really chilling events that happened on the bridge at around 2:00 today in broad daylight. police say they responded to a call of a stabbing incident. when they arrived they saw the
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suspect, according to social media video filmed by passengers inside of a london bus, you could see a man on the ground being tasered. you could hear police shots fired. police officers later saying they believe he had a hoax explosive device which is likely feeding into the reason they are saying that what happened there is now considered a terror incident. the exact motive, though, what drove this man to the bridge to carry out these stabbings, a number of people stabbed as part of the incident, that remains at the heart of this ongoing investigation. >> erin mclaughlin on the scene for us as she has been for several hours now, thank you for that. soon after this happened, boris johnson, the prime minister, went back to 10 downing street. he has tweeted his thanks to emergency services. we're told he's being briefed there. here in the u.s. the white house is monitoring the situation. kelly o'donnell is in west palm
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beach, florida, where the president returned from that unannounced visit to afghanistan. what are we hearing from officials at the white house, kelly? >> reporter: chris, you know how these things typically play out, where we first learn the situation room is alerted about events in london, and as they have some time to process it, we get an update that the president has been briefed. that has occurred now, and the white house is monitoring any developments that are coming out of london. and in addition, they have added in a statement to say that the united states condemns any act of violence on innocent people and that the u.s. stands with our close ally, the united kingdom. that message of course takes on some extra importance now because after this quick trip to afghanistan, the president is heading to london next week where leaders of the nato alliance countries will be gathering for the 70th anniversary of nato and to have their annual summit there. so there will be magneeetings o whole range of issues. the president will be in london
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this week. this takes on more urgent perspective with of course the close partnership between the u.s. and the uk and the personal friendship between president trump and prime minister boris johnson. they've known each other for many years. at this point we don't anticipate any specifics from the president today after coming back from afghanistan. he spent some time at one of his golf clubs here in south florida. other than that, no scheduled events. but this is the kind of thing where as they learn what's happening and get a sense of what is perhaps the kind of outline of where this is going, the u.s. may have more to say or contribute as the day goes on. >> i know you'll update us as it comes in, thank you, kelly o'donnell, for that. josh lederman is a reporter for nbc news, and evan, you spend your days and nights, seven days a week, look at these bad actors around the world. we don't know a lot about this
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guy yet. we know police took him out, we know he had a fake explosive device. we don't have any real answers at this point about motive. from what we do know, what are your thoughts? >> there are parallels to what happened in 2017, knife attack, fake explosive. >> although in that case six people died. >> that's right, this is a less successful version of that. this seems to be the work of isis or isis-linked cells, we don't know that but it certainly suggests it. if you look at other attacks in europe like the bataclan attack in paris or the attacks in belgium, it seems obvious if this is isis or an isis-like individual, this is almost certainly not someone on the ground in syria who received advance training. this was someone who was indoctrinated online. there have been a number of incidents recently that would possibly push someone like that
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to carry out this kind of attack. number one, obviously there was the death of abu bakr al baghdadi, the leader of isis. there have been any number of terrorist plots in the last few weeks that were thwarted in europe and turkey and elsewhere, perceived to be vengeance plots, perceived to be an attempt to get isis' name out there to say "we're still here," right? in the last week and a half, there has been a major operation online to remove isis' presence online, crash all their chat channels. a lot of these kind of peripheral actors have suddenly been unmoored, disconnected from the organization, they're out there saying, what do i do now? one of the things we'll have to look at is was this person like that, and did they suddenly decide to do this because they were cut off, basically, from the mother organization?
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their propaganda line was suddenly cut off. >> let me ask you about that, because we've talked about this before, josh has covered this as well, when i was covering the obama white house for nbc news, there was a major effort to look at this indoctrination effort, you have thousands and thousands of people out there, how do you follow every one, how do you differentiate those who might pose a real threat. where are we with counterterrorism in terms of online indoctrination, if that is what we have here? >> i can tell you from working with foreign jurisdictions and law enforcement, we have gotten much better at tracking some of these folks. it's still a needle in a haystack situation, there are people out there we'll never find because they're at such a low level and they're indoctrinated so fast, it becomes difficult to locate them. but the good news is we're making progress. i would say that for the first
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time, the europol actions in the last two weeks have had a dramatic impact. you see people right now flooding the few remaining sites online now saying, was this guy with us, was this guy part of our organization, was he isis? they don't really know, there's a chaotic element here. but for the first time we're starting to see daylight in terms of tracking these folks, identifying them, and shutting down the venues they're abusing to do this, telegram being the major venue they've been using, this online encrypted app. we're suddenly seeing statements from executives at telegram saying, we don't want to be part of this, we will do whatever is necessary to get this off our systems. and that is dramatic. we've seen that before from facebook and twitter, but not these kind of esoteric acts by russian hackers that are out there, seeing them agree to cooperate. that is daylight. it's not the solution, but it's
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daylight. >> josh, we have a president who just came back, trying to i guess restart talks, peace talks with the taliban. we've had this ongoing debate that seemed to have intensified over the last a couple of months about the state of isis. what an incident like this does do is sort of reignite the conversation about the broader state of counterterrorism. >> that's right. we've been talking in the last couple of hours how britain just reduced their terror threat level which had been raised in 2016 as the islamic state was growing in syria. the geographic caliphate has been largely defeated, but that doesn't mean the threat no longer exists. it means it's become more diffuse, and there's been a real emphasis on us not taking our eye off the ball, because now that isis doesn't have a geographic caliphate from which to plot attacks on the u.s., on europe, and other areas, that doesn't mean they're not using
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the internet, using other venues to try to conduct and inspire attacks that are perhaps lower tech, for instance the use of knives which we saw in this incident which are perhaps sometimes less deadly but also much more difficult to be able to detect and prevent in advance. so a big emphasis on not taking the fact that the geographic isis caliphate no longer exists as a sign that we don't need to be worried and taking really proactive efforts to address counterterrorism and the radicalization of folks around the world. >> whether there was online indoctrination or not, how do they move forward, how do they determine -- i mean, they're saying this was terrorists, terror-related. we don't even exactly why they came to that conclusion. we've speculated about it. they have not said specifically why. but everybody has an online footprint. they've put teams of people out
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looking for this as we speak. >> scotland yard is very good with this, i've worked with them directly. they're going to see this guy's hard drive, they're going to mirror it and go through it piece by piece, look for any kind of social media profiles, be it twitter or facebook or something a little more esoteric than that. they'll try and see whether or not there was any activity involved. they'll certainly be looking for a telegram app either on his phone or computer, because this, up until very recently, was the main means by which isis and isis groups were disseminating their information. it should be fairly quick for them to do this unless this was someone who was very sophisticated in terms of wiping his identify. the problem is, of course, it only does you so much good to find that out afterwards. the idea is to try to find this out ahead of time. again, we are making progress. it's not 100%. but if you see what the fbi is doing these it isdays on these , if you see what scotland yard is
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doing, they are doing proactive work, identifying some of these folks ahead of time. someone like this who picks up a knife and goes and starts stabbing people, it's very difficult to prevent or identify. >> almost impossible. >> there are people out there who just you can't see them before they come. so it's never going to be 100%. >> evan kohlmann, always good to see you and to have your expertise. josh, we'll see you back to talk about other stuff. we'll be staying on top of this news throughout the hour and the afternoon. we're also following president trump's big trip. he's back home on u.s. soil after that surprise visit to afghanistan and he's announcing new talks with the taliban. we've got details on that story, coming up.
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president trump is back at mar-a-lago after the surprise trip to afghanistan. but he returns amidst some serious concerns and questions about what's next for u.s. troops there. his press secretary billed the trip as purely to support the troops. but president trump then threw a curveball, suggesting he's reopened peace negotiations with the taliban a mere three months after declaring them dead. during his first visit to the country, the president served thanksgiving dinner to the troops and he met with afghanistan's president, delivering the message, quote, we're going to stay until such time as we have a deal. but he's giving himself the political space to sell the end result as a victory no matter the outcome. >> the taliban wants to make a deal. we'll see if they make a do. if they do, they do.
9:19 am
and if they don't, they don't. that's fine. but we've had tremendous success. >> joining me now, retired army colonel jack jacobs, medal of honor recipient. good to see you, jack. stephanie grisham, the press secretary, says this is all about the troops, not the peace process. then he says we want to resume talks. do you think there's plan in place here? >> no, there's no plan. don't forget, this on-again, off-again, on-again routine is viewed by many, including the taliban, as just political. we didn't have talks, now we're talking about talks again. for their part, the president of afghanistan said that there are preconditions including a cease-fire which i don't think you're going to go to the from the taliban. i think the taliban recognizes that the united states is willing to do just about anything in order to get talks
9:20 am
started, whether there's a result or not. and they in fact view the insistence that there will be talks if the taliban wants it, it's just political posturing on the part of the united states. >> he suggested two different things, that you could either reach peace with the taliban through talks or a total victory, which seems to me it's a sharp departure, it certainly isn't what we've heard from diplomats and military officials which is that this thing is not going to be won militarily. this is something that is going to absolutely require a diplomatic solution. >> well, a series of nation states tried to bring some control to afghanistan. the brits couldn't do it. the russians couldn't do it. and we can't do it. we have to remember that there is very little governance in afghanistan, even when the central government is strong, which it never is.
9:21 am
there's an old saw that says the president of afghanistan is really just the mayor of kabul. the rest of the country is run by tribes, is virtually lawless and has been since anybody can remember. so it's going to be difficult if not impossible for the united states to impose its will on any outcome in afghanistan short of putting lots and lots of troops there and sticking them there for a very long time. i'm talking about decades. >> in fact, jack, they're not talking about lots and lots of troops. he was talking when he met with the president of afghanistan about bringing the number down from 13,000 now to 8,600. what dow jones industrials you? >> if the president had his way, the number would be zero, he doesn't want anybody there. that's less of his insistence on
9:22 am
withdrawing the u.s. from the world stage than an acknowledgement of the difficulties in afghanistan. >> senator lindsey graham, colonel, says if you take the troops out, we could have another 9/11. do you believe that? >> it's entirely possible. but don't forget that enemies of the united states can coalesce and have coalesced just about anywhere. they don't need afghanistan anymore, like they did 20 years ago, in order to prosecute a war against the united states, a terrorist war against the united states. but i think we're going to leave people there at least partially because of how it looks, at least partially to try to train the afghans to do what they need to do in order to at least protect kabul and in order to have some kind of leverage over the government of kabul. we're not going to have troops there in order to win the war in afghanistan. that's not going to happen. >> colonel jack jacobs, always good to get your expertise and good to see you, thanks so much. >> good to see you too. ahead, much more on that
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a stabbing attack near the london bridge has been declared a terror incident. we're expecting any minute now to hear from prime minister boris johnson who is at 10 downing street and is being briefed. the suspected attacker was shot and killed at the scene. the metropolitan police say several people were stabbed. that incident has left central london at a virtual standstill with nearby bus and train stations shut down. let's go to nbc's bill neely. bill, what are the latest headlines as you know them? >> reporter: yes, we are waiting for the prime minister, boris johnson, who of course used to be mayor of london, to make a statement outside 10 downing street. he has already spoken of the immense bravery of some members of the public who tackled this suspect. he's also praised the police and emergency services. it's about 3 1/2 hours now since this incident began with a call to police about a stabbing at a
9:28 am
building near london bridge. a man with a knife was then seen on the streets. he was eventually tackled by members of the public, and then armed police arrived at the scene and fired at least one shot, and the man, according to a police statement not so along ago, died at the scene. police say this is terror-related. they are what they call open-minded as to the motive of the suspect and they'll now be digging into his background to establish whether or not he was indeed a lone wolf attacker, whether he left any kind of note or video, and of course who his friends and family were and did they know anything about an impending attack. this of course is the scene in borough market of a horrific mass frenzied stabbing a couple of years ago when six people were killed and indeed the
9:29 am
bridges of london have been the scenes of many recent terror attacks at westminster bridge, london bridge, and now this incident today. i think what caused particular panic was that the suspect, according to police, was wearing a hoax explosive device on his body, a fake suicide vest. we're now getting reports, eyewitness reports from people who were terrified at the sight of this explosive device. i think the man obviously wore that with intent, with purpose, because often when suspects are wearing devices like this, members of the public and indeed police are extremely reluctant to tackle them because of course someone could set off a suicide vest very, very easily.
9:30 am
there was a lockdown of a large area around here in bars and restaurants. in one, we had reports that an announcement was being made constantly, police advise the incident is ongoing, and that was repeated for about 45 minutes. it was probably 2 to 2 1/2 hours before it really became clear that in all likelihood, this incident was over. it does appear to be a lot calmer here now. this place was flooded with hundreds of police officers not that along ago. we're waiting for a statement from the prime minister boris johnson just within the last hour, the current mayor of london, sadiq khan, spoke, and he spoke of one suspect, one individual. so in his mind, and remember, he has been briefed by counterterror officers, in his
9:31 am
mind, only one individual was involved, an individual that he called the worst of humanity. and just reading some of the social media posts, at least one american was caught up, a man called aditi, a 29-year-old from new york, who was one of those in lockdown in a nearby restaurant. so the fact that this man not only had a large knife but had some kind of fake suicide vest on him has obviously caused a great deal of panic. we don't know yet the condition of the people in hospital that he stabbed. we understand that around five were stabbed, some of them where reported to be in a serious condition, but we haven't had any recent update from hospitals on that. just to conclude, it does seem this incident is over. one man, the attacker, the suspect, shot dead at the scene and a number of other people
9:32 am
injured. >> bill neely, thank you so much for your reporting. i'm going to bring in malcolm nance, an nbc terror analyst. it's terror, that's what they're saying, malcolm, but we don't know why they're saying that. we don't know, in the course, the three or four hours since this has happened, whether they've had a chance to check out his online presence. obviously there's a whole issue of the hoax, that he was wearing a suicide vest. what are the things they would have looked at that would have said to them that this is a terror incident? >> you have to understand that the british counterterrorism command has a lot of intelligence assets that we in the news media just do not know about. within seconds of the shooting, they could have taken his fingerprints and had it into their database and found out that he was what we call a known wolf as opposed to a lone wolf. that's a terrorist or extremist that just hasn't bubbled his way to violence but may have had
9:33 am
arrests in the past or been seen in the extremist underworld in the past. so from there, other officers within minutes could have already been raiding his apartment, speaking to people, or they could have heard witnesses saying that he said things which wasn't heard on the videotape, or from the three armed officers who engaged and shot him himself. of course the suicide vest is an indicator because isis actually put out information to its attackers, saying if you're going to jihad, jihad in place, right, which means you're going to do we are you can do whatever you are, carry a weapon, suicide bomb belt, or a fake belt, that way you'll be guaranteed that you'll be killed in your attack and achieve what they believe is martyrdom. also it will scare people off and create more terror. in this circumstance, the british police shot the individual to death.
9:34 am
and that right now gives us a framework around this that counterterrorism specialists would say, this fits the profile of most of our knife attacks that we're seeing here that is not individual criminal attacks. >> and it brings to the point, a very scary point for a lot of people, what evan kohlmann was talking about here in studio just a short time ago, that you can't possibly know or predict everyone who may be a threat, you call it a known wolf, but you can also see something very unsophisticated, a man with a knife but an agenda, maybe jihad, who is not concerned about his own health or well being, can create chaos. >> you're absolutely right about that. and, you know, the data stream of information that is coming from isis and isis supporters has gone down to a fraction of a trickle. but they still exist out there.
9:35 am
that doesn't mean that, you know, each individual may see a precipitating event like taking down of their networks and that that sets them off. as we've seen in the united states with our own criminals, and as i've seen in other international terrorist groups, the person who decides when, how, and where they are going to attack is the individual attacker themselves or the leader of a terrorist squad. it is not like they receive phone calls from syria. oftentimes it is just the place, the circumstances, the mental mindset of the attacker. and they just choose, are they going to use a giant butcher knife as we saw in this one. he decided to go to london bridge. why didn't he do this in london bridge station, which was just below and crowded with hundreds of people? why did he want to go on the bridge? did he realize, did he plan that he wanted this to be seen from the air by the news media like
9:36 am
the westminster attackers? he obviously couldn't use vehicles because the british had set up defenses. so again, it's up to the individual, and you can never predict an individual. at that point you are in what we call counterterrorism as opposed to antiterrorism, antiterrorism is before the attack. now counterterrorism is where you respond to the incident and in this circumstance the british responded quickly and advicively. >> malcolm nance, always appreciate your expertise. thank you, malcolm. >> my pleasure. we'll be watching for the british prime minister to address this attack any minute. obviously he's been being briefed, you see the door to 10 downing street. there are still many questions, why they've decided this is terror, all the way to what do we know about the conditions of the people who were stabbed. so we're keeping an eye right there. and we'll have that for you. but first, we're about to enter a new phase of the impeachment inquiry. and it goes to the house judiciary committee, already on wednesday. today, a republican member of
9:37 am
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the stage is almost set as the impeachment probe enters its next phase. on wednesday, the house judiciary committee holds its first public hearing on impeachment. right now we're waiting for the white house to announce its decision on whether it will send attorneys to the hearing to represent the president. they have to let the committee know by sunday. i want to bring in maya wiley, professor at the new school and
9:41 am
an msnbc legal analyst. josh lederman, a reporter for nbc news. josh, you've covered this story from the very beginning. what do you think, will the white house send some lawyers to next week's hearing or will they go by what has been a lot of republicans' position, it only legitimizes a process they believe is a sham? >> i think it's pretty unlikely that they will send counsel to this hearing. as you were just saying, they don't want to legitimize this and show it's actually a process that has some credibility when their main argument against this the entire time has not been on the substance of what the president did and when and why, but on the process and trying to chip away bit by bit at what the democrats have been trying to do and say this shouldn't even be happening in the first place. that being said, the white house has also used the fact that in the previous phase of this impeachment hearing proceedings, that they were not allowed to have counsel there as the many reason for why they did not have to cooperate with it. the state department was saying the fact that they couldn't give
9:42 am
their lawyers, putting them in the room for these hearings, was a reason why they should not have let state department officials testify. >> boris johnson we are told just spoke at 10 downing street. let's listen -- oh, no, we don't have it? okay. it's going to be tape playback, we'll have that for you when it happens. again, he's been briefed. let me pick it up on where josh just left off. is there an argument to be made, legally or politically, maya, that maybe they should put those other concerns aside and send a lawyer or two? >> honestly, i don't think they have much to gain from sending a lawyer, but i say that hoping that they will, i think it's important they participate given that it's a constitutional process. the reason i say that is, we've heard publicly basically three lines of defense. one is, this is national policy, the president gets to make national policy. there's lots of evidence that shows he was doing this for personal reasons, not for
9:43 am
national -- not in the national security interest. i don't know what they would be able to do to counter that evidence. the second argument typically made is intent. there's not evidence that he intended to do something wrong. i think the problem there is then the lawyers have to get into an argument about what his state of mind was. they don't want to be in a motion to talk about what donald trump's state of mind was. and then the third is the worst political defense for any elected official is the incompetence defense, it was such a bungling white house, they didn't know what they were doing, they were tripping over each other and nobody was really on top of what the national security interests of the country were so therefore it's not impeachable. well, what politician wants that defense? their best defense in a sense is what josh is saying, which is the defense of distraction and to process. >> there's some consistency on the republican side to the
9:44 am
complaints that they've had about the process. most recently on fox business news just this morning. take a listen. >> i want to move on to impeachment hearings set to resume next week, when the house judiciary committee on which you sit will host constitutional experts and the focus on the definition of an impeachable offense. congressman, your thoughts on what's going to happen in the coming week. >> well, i think this clown show, which is what it is, is going to continue when it moves to judiciary. we have to remember that the american people have seen this for less than a year, let we're moving forward. >> clown show, sham, hoax. this has been the consistent mantra that is not just about impeachment, it's about 2020. it's what one columnist called the persecution complex. >> it's a reminder of why the president doesn't really need to send his own lawyer into the hearing to cross-examine these own witnesses, because as we saw
9:45 am
from the phase of this that took place in the intelligence committee and as that clip shows, republican lawmakers who are in these hearings have taken the role on themselves of cross-examinatio cross-examining the witnesses. they can do that even if the president doesn't send anyone to represent him. >> happy thanksgiving, josh and maya, thanks for coming in. we're two months away from the iowa caucus. can the campaigns learn anything from 2008 to keep up the excitement? up the excitement time. (announcer) when you have the best network, you wanna give the best network. feliz navidad! (announcer) this black friday weekend, you can give america's most reliable network and the latest iphone. i'd probably give it to her grandparents so they can take tons of photos. my mom is amazing. if i got her one of these for christmas, she'd be freaking out. (announcer) now through sunday, get up to $800 off the latest iphone when you switch. with plans starting at just $35 per line. (squeals) yeah, exciting. (announcer) happy holidays from the network that gives you more.
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66 days to go until the iowa caucuses, and former president obama has a piece of advice for the democratic field, reportedly warning candidates who are trying to recreate his victory in iowa that in today's environment, he would not run the same campaign as he did back in 2008. a new article for politico also says obama said privately that if bernie were running away with the nomination, obama would speak up to stop him. here with me to break it all down, former senior adviser to president obama, neera tanden, and former republican congressman david jolly. neera, former president obama
9:50 am
has been, as he promised when he left office, very disciplined in keeping his thoughts largely to himself. we don't hear him every day talking about what donald trump is talking about. he hasn't talked a lot about the 2020 campaign. but some things have leaked out lately. is he, like a lot of democrats, feeling nervous that donald trump could win reelection? >> i think anyone rational should think that an incumbent president could be reelected. and i think that's a common view within the democratic party, that's why electability is such an important issue in this election, there is a fear, much greater fear than in 2016, a fear that donald trump will win this time. i think what president obama has been doing is actually trying to talk about the kind of race that needs happen and in a matter of words put up guard rails of the direction of the party but not
9:51 am
come out for any particular candidate. >> the political pieces that obama does not want to interfere, if he thought bernie sanders was going to win, he would step in. have you heard of that? >> i have not heard of that. i have not heard that at all. >> how about any concerns that you know the take on bernie and warren too far on the left. we need a moderate candidate. is that something president obama would say at a fundraiser behind closed doors? >> i have not heard anything. if you look at the whole statement there is a strong and important role for activists within the party and they have a critical voice but also this is an election against donald trump and you have to recognize that essentially not all policies will play. some things that activist may
9:52 am
not be with the whole country. it is a temper statement but it also makes clear that elections are about winning and this election for democrats, i think it is a mix of those, you need to put up candidates who could have a mix of support from activists but also reach out to swing voters. >> david, on that whole conversation, the founder of t bet's robert johnson says this "i do not see anybody in the democratic primary race today that's enough in the center where most i believe most of the voters are" wh," what do you maf that statement and what republicans are hoping for or counting on? >> what i would say --
9:53 am
>> two reasonably successful individuals. >> more than a two te-term congressman, right? >> it was bold leadership and hope and change. it was also more than e expectations. he wanted to close quantano bay. it is how you communicate with the american people that you understand perhaps there are people that are lenient. medicare for all is about saying you must enroll in this medicare program. the public option is about saying you may. the reality of 28 seconds sound byte, republicans are going to pay all the massive tax cuts.
9:54 am
be who you are and begin to deal with the reality that you have to get the 51%. that does not mean abandoning your ideologies. i see mayor pete trying to wrestle with how do i communicate with the progressive message to midwest the audience. >> we have 30 seconds left to answer. the thing of barack obama, you can make an argument that democrats were fed up with president obama is going to be excited for whoever it is, they'll work and donate for them. having said that, you see people like michael bloomberg getting into the field, do you see any excitement for them and what is that thing, that magic dust that may be out there that democrats need? >> i think there are two elements right now that they'll change. joe biden is hoping for
9:55 am
inevitability where warren and sanders and mayor pete are hoping for the candy bar. some candidates get the intangible. i think the intangible candidates are powerful than the inevitable ones. joe biden nationally polled at the top of the race even if there is a disconnect in the primary state holder. >> david. >> really quickly. candidates in 2018 were able to actually excite people and get votes. >> that's right. >> great to see both of you. more on the terror incident now in london. boris johnson just talked about the attack at the london bridge. >> i have been briefed by the commissioner about the event
9:56 am
this afternoon. while this is an ongoing investigation. we can confirm this is a terrorist incident and my though thoughts for especially the emergency police and police where they goes into danger as they do and paying tribute to the bravery of those members of the public who intervened to protect. d to protect. ♪ ♪ applebee's new sizzlin' entrées. now starting at $9.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. non-gmo, made with naturally sundown vitamins are all
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that's going to do it for this hour, i am chris jansing, stephanie ruhle picks up our coverage from d.c. hey steph. >> hello everyone, it is friday, november 29th, 2019, we are following breaking news out of the city of london. officials there investigating officially being considered a terror incident on london bridge. the suspect was wearing a device shocked to his body. eyewitness captures the moments before police open fire. we heard from prime minister boris johnson who thanked police and civilians who intervened. >> my thoughts with the police, the bravery they showed going
10:01 am
towards danger as they do.