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tv   First Look  MSNBC  December 2, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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. this week a new round of impeachment hearings is set to begin, and the white house says it will not be participating claiming the probe is unfair, basele baseless, and highly partisan. and while the hearings get underway on capitol hill, president trump will be in london to mark nato's 70th anniversary. he's reportedly eager to lead on foreign policy as the impeachment probe ramps up back home. plus, it is cyber monday, one of the biggest online shopping days of the year between black friday and today. more than 165 million americans are expected to hunt for bargains from their favorite retailers. ♪ good monday morning to you, it is 2, i'm yasmin vossoughian. we begin with a look at the critical week ahead in the
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impeachment probe of the president. today, the house intel committee will review a draft of the impeachment report which will make the case for the removal of the president. tomorrow, the committee will vote to send the report to the house judiciary committee. on wednesday, the house judiciary committee will host the first impeachment hearing. the judiciary committee had invited president trump or a white house lawyer to attend the hearing but the white house informed democrats yesterday that it will not participate. in a five-page letter, to house judiciary chair jerry nadler, white house counsel wrote in part this under the current circumstances we do not intend to participate in your wednesday hearing, adding this. we cannot fairly be expected to participate in a hearing while the witnesses are yet to be named, and while it remains unclear whether the judiciary committee will afford the president a fair process through additional hearings. and while this new week of impeachment proceedings kicks off, the president will be leaving for the annual nato
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summit today. the president tweeted on saturday, this. i will be representing our country in london at nato while the democrats are holding the most ridiculous impeachment hearings in history. read the transcripts. nothing was done or said wrong. the radical left is undercutting our country. hearings scheduled on same dates as nato. and as the impeachment proceedings shift to the house judiciary committee this week, the panel's ranking republican congressman doug collins says he wants to hear from the house in kel committee chair adam schiff. congressman collins also complained that wednesday's hearing give republicans to little time to study the impeachment report. watch this. >> the person who needs to testify is adam shif. adam has been the author of many of them, many to be found false over the past couple of years but he is the author and he compared himself in the past to special counsel. this is what he said he had been doing. if we go back to clinton, ken
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starr was the special counsel and we will get a report and he came and sat and testified under oath and took questions from all sides including the white house. i have a question. why are they hiding this stuff from us? if they think they have such a case, give us all the materials and don't let jerry nadler write a crazy letter saying on the 6th let us know who your witnesses are. we don't have the information from the intel committee yet. this is why it is a problematic exercise and simply a made for tv set coming on wednesday. joining me on the set is msnbc legal analyst danny cevallos. let's discuss impeachment and give us your reaction to the white house saying that trump will not necessarily participate in the judiciary committee. >> a couple of different approaches. the white house may be saying, we could participate, but we are not going to give any air of validity to these hearings. we're not going to participate. so we're going to ignore them and move on to other things. it is a risky gambit because you
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want representation generally at anything where your client, his rights or his concerns are going to be addressed. so that is really, it is more of a pr maneuver, than it is a substantive attack on the hearings themselves. >> so pat cipollone said we can't yet participate in a hearing where the witnesses have yet to be named. should the witnesses be prenamed, before the president shows up? what is the process here? >> it is a fair argument. lawyers should be allowed to prepare. they should have information and they should have an idea of at least what witnesses are going to show up. so i understand the sentiment in cipollone's letter. but the concern of course, is any kind of a hearing has to be prepared for, his lawyers have to know it is going to be there. and i hear where they're coming from, for sure. >> so republicans are calling on the house judiciary committee chair adam schiff to testify. what do you make of this request? >> it is an interesting request. it's not as simple as the fact that adam schiff is the author
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of the schiff report, that is yet to be seen, and republicans are going to argue that similar to kenneth starr who authored a report, and came in and actually testified, during the clinton impeachment, so should schiff. but more than that, adam schiff arguably is a fact witness. he was involved directly in the whole whistle-blower report. so republicans are going to argue that as a fact witness, he should additionally be required to come in and testify about the facts that he uniquely knows. >> all right, danny cevallos, as always, my friend, good seeing you. for a second sunday in a row, republican senator john kennedy of louisiana argued that ukraine interfered in the 2016 u.s. election. in a contentious interview on "meet the press" yesterday, moderator chuck todd asked kennedy about a "washington post" op-ed from columnist michael gursen criticizing his comments last week, that ukraine was responsible for the dnc hack. >> simply uttering this con nation on ukraine and russia,
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the inference is our doing the president's dirty work here. do you accept that criticism? >> well, listen, i like michael gursen, i haven't met him, but i know he is a smart guy, and i read his columns now and again, and i disagree with him. i think both russia and ukraine meddled in the 2016 election. i think it has been well documented in the financial times, in "politico," in the "economist" and the "washington examiner," even on cbs. >> according to the "new york times" a couple of weeks ago, u.s. senators were briefed after fiona hill's testimony, that actually this entire effort to frame ukraine for the russian meddling of 2016, of which you just made this case that they had done it, that actually this is an effort of russia propaganda, this is a russian intelligence propaganda campaign, in order to get people like you, to say these things about ukraine.
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they're trying to frame ukraine. you apparently were briefed about this in the united states senate by intelligence officials. are you at all concerned you're doing russian intelligence work here? >> i was not briefed. russia was very aggressive. and they're much more sophisticated. but the fact that russia was so aggressive does not exclude the fact that president pouryshenko actively worked for secretary clinton. >> wait a minute. senator kennedy, you now have the president of ukraine saying he actively worked for the democratic nominee for president. i men now come on, i mean i got to put up, you realize, the only other person selling this argument outside the united states is this man, vladimir putin, this is what he said on november 20th. thank god nobody is accusing us anymore of interesting in u.s. elections. now they're accusing you a cline. well, let them sort this out
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themselves. >> you accused the former president of ukraine. you're doing what the russian president is trying to get politicians to do. are you concerned you are duped? >> no. just read the articles. >> republicans deny knowledge of the russian effort to place blame on ukraine for interfering in the 2016 u.s. election, according to a "new york times" report, citing three u.s. officials, american intelligence officials informed senators and their aides in recent weeks that russia had engaged in a years-long campaign to essentially frame ukraine as responsible for moscow's own hacking of the 2016 election. the briefing came as republicans stepped up their defense of president trump, in the ukraine affair. a u.s. official familiar with the matter has confirmed to msnbc news, the briefing did cursion and said that it was considered classified information, until it was made public during the impeachment testimony from former white house national security adviser fiona hill. and while the house intelligence
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committee read the impeachment report, the top republican on the judiciary committee, congressman doug collins of georgia and the judiciary committee member tom mcclintock, the gop congressman from california, yesterday defended president trump in the dealings with ukraine. >> if you believe that the president had used the power of his office to try to get ukraine to interfere with our elections, if you believe that, would that be an impeachable offense? >> i do not believe it, so i'm not going to answer a hypothetical which is designed to say that the president did something improper. he did nothing improper. there was nothing about a problematic giving aid to another country in which you're talking about corruption which he is required to do by law and it just so happened that a presidential candidate's son, getting a massive amount of money from a company that had been under investigation, and other witnesses that had been favorable quote to the democrats in the investigation have said needed to be looked at. this is a problem of overall proportion but there is nothing that the president did wrong and this is the thing that we're
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going to move forward on. >> when you defend the president, and think about these hearings, is there anything in your mind that the president did involving ukraine that is wrong or that concerns you in any way? >> well, he didn't use the delicate language of diplomacy in that conversation, that's true. he also doesn't use this marmy talk of politicians. what you hear from donald j. trump is the blunt talk of a manhattan businessman. he says what he means. he means what he says. that's the only thing that is remarkable about that conversation. but he was entirely within his constitutional authority. and was following the statute that congress adopted in granting aid to the ukraine. >> joining me here on the set, white house reporter form "politico," meredith mcgraw. meredith, tick through the time line for us, with regards to the impeachment inquiry, and the schedule that we see ahead of us this week. and also, how this week's events
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will potentially impact the president going forward. >> well, this week, all eyes are turning to the house judiciary committee, on wednesday, they're scheduled to have their first hearing, and of course, white house counsel has said in a letter to the judiciary committee last night, that they will not be participating in the wednesday hearing, but they didn't result out maybe participating in any future proceedings from the judiciary committee. and then today, the house intelligence committee members will be getting their first draft of chairman adam schiff's report. and they'll be scheduled to vote on that tomorrow. to kick the ball forward in the impeachment inquiry. but you know, of course, all of this comes if the backdrop of re-election campaign for president trump, and his allies, and his advisers, some of them have said this is a good thing for them. they can say the democrats are working on the impeachment proceedings, while he's
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governing, but of course the big question is how much of a distraction is this going to be. >> it is interesting you say the white house and specifically the president and his attorneys, pat cipollone being one of them, that they have not necessarily ruled out participating in the house judiciary committee hearings. what is the likelihood that you think they will jump into this thing? >> we will have to wait and see, as they outlined in their letter, they said that they want more specific details about, that some of these hearings would actually look like, of course, their argument, we're not participating in this wednesday, part of that was them saying that the president is away in london at the nato summit. but we'll have to see exactly how they respond. >> what do you make of this angle that we're hearing a lot from inside of the gop, and i just played some sound obviously from senator kennedy, basically pushing this angle of the fact that ukraine interfered in the
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2016 u.s. elections. it is a blatant lie. it has been disproved by u.s. intelligence committees. they have come out and said this was russia. you had dr. fiona hill in her own testimony saying this, it is russia and we are not prepared to deal with another russia hack come 2020. >> as you said, the intelligence community has ruled this out. they've said that this is an effort by russians to further divide the country. that this is a conspiracy theory that they put forward. but when you have president trump, he's pushed this theer recollection he did so on, theory, he did so on a fox and friends interview, i think it is part of an effort to make legitimize his request for ukrainians to have any sort of investigation, but as you said, it has been debunked by the intelligence community. >> based on a lie. >> yes. >> meredith mcgraw, thank you very much. i will talk to you again in a
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little bit. so stay close. still ahead, a warning before you start your cyber monday shopping. bots and cyber thieves could be out in full force today. parts of the northeast being hit by severe winter weather. some areas could see a foot or more of snow. meteorologist bill karins will have a full check on the forecast when we come back. ♪oh there's no place like home for the holidays.♪ ♪'cause no matter how far away you roam.♪
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welcome back. americans across the country will be heading online today to spend billions of dollars on cyber monday, but before you shop on your laptop, or your smart phone, a consumer warning about so-called grinch bots trying to steal some of the best deals, nbc news correspondent joline kent has more. >> reporter: first came the black friday frenzy. online shoppers shelled out a record $7.4 billion. now, the cyber monday rush already on track to break more records. 77% of consumers plan to shop,
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expected to spend $9.4 billion. and forget the laptop, consumers are buying 50% more on their smartphones than last year. and retailers are attempting to woo customers by extending cyber monday into cyber week. best buy offering up to $250 off lev n-. ovo laptops and chrome books. hotel tonight has 25% off a hotel booking. apple advertising gift cards of up to $200. depending what you buy. and getting those packages into your hands fast has become more competitive than ever. >> order on the app and within two hours, i can drive up and have my items waiting for me so it gives the convenience of shopping online and the breadth of product but at my leisure. >> for the very hottest items, you might be competing with the so-called grinch bot to get it. according to cyber security company radware, these computer programs are run by games of cyber criminals and shop faster than you, can scooping up the biggest discounts, then selling them elsewhere at a higher
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price. bots can outnumber human shoppers 20 to one. to protect yourself, experts recommend don't buy from third party sites to avoid getting scammed and make sure you're using a secure url with https and check out pay pal or another payment service and check your credit card statement often for fraudulent activity. >> and to get the best cyber monday deal, always shop around. >> never pay full price. and never accept anything less than free shipping. >> 'tis the season for shopping secure and saving and securely. let's go to bill karins tore a check of the weather. remember the time when we had to go to stores to buy things? >> do you still like going to stores? >>, no i actually don't. >> that's the catch, right? >> i hate it. >> but i still remember that aol commercial from way back when, with the dialup, now you can actually shop from the comfort of your own home, and it showed this guy like on a couch shopping and it was like, it is
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an amazing novel idea, totally mind-blowing. >> i'm old school. on black friday, i went to the biggest mall with the most people possible. >> did you. >> i went to the new toys. are us that opened up. >> it was crowded. >> and i got a picture with the giraffe. >> did you? >> all right, bill. >> it was for me, by the way, not the kids. 50 million people impacted by the winter storm. we're not done yet. we will see snow breaking out in areas that have gotten a little bit of a break. in two pieces for many areas. the spine of the appalachians is going to get snow. and winter weather advisories in areas of tennessee this morning. and by far the worst of it has been, and will continue to be interior sections of new england, and that's where the high elevations may end up with maybe 12 to 18 inches, already a few spots at 13 inches of snow, in massachusetts, and near the capital district. and the heaviest snow right now is in the southern tear of new york and also northern portions of pennsylvania, and this will rotate and shift towards philly and new york later today, especially as we go through the
2:21 am
late afternoon, into the evening. this is the additional snowfall amounts. philadelphia and new york, you could get maybe another one to two inches later on today. you're not completely done. and after the sun sets and the temperatures drop, secondary runs, untreated roads could get slippery. heaviest snow from boston to the coast. and this could last into tuesday morning for some of you. another six inches possible there. and everybody else a little bit lower amounts. as far as the airports go, today, i do think we will still have some major impacts because of the low visibility, the high volume, and the rain and snow, from new york to philly, albany, hatford, boston, prld, maine, getting into the mix, and dc and baltimore and pittsburgh and buffalo will see improving conditions at the airports and anyone driving by far the worst of it, the mass pike, the new york state throughway up 87 and across 90 some of the worst roads out there. some of the best plow crews but some of the slipperiest roads. following president trump's trump to afghanistan, there is new reporting that the taliban
2:22 am
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turkey. >> all right, that was the president speaking to troops during an unannounced trip to afghanistan on thanksgiving. the president's first visit to that country. it came almost a year after he made a surprise trip to iraq, his first time visiting a combat zone since taking office. meanwhile the taliban has signaled interest in reigniting peace talks with the united states. a spokesperson for the insurgent group told reuters on friday, that the group is quote ready to restart the talks. it comes just one day after president trump's surprise visit to u.s. troops in afghanistan, where he discussed the status of the taliban talks. >> the taliban wants to make a deal. and we're meeting with them. and we're saying it has to be a cease fire. they don't want to do a ceasefire. but now they do want to do a ceasefire. i believe. it will probably work out that way. we will see what happens. >> but "the new york times" reports that those comments
2:26 am
further confused the taliban, and left them scrambling to figure out whether trump had suddenly moved the goal post for negotiations with the addition of a ceasefire demand. still ahead, with impeachment hearings set to resume, president trump will be abroad for the 70th annual nato summit. we're going to have a preview of what to expect when he meets with world leaders. plus former vice president and 2020 candidate joe biden hitting the road in iowa, and he is pledging to win the first in the nation caucus. his message to his voters. coming up. so why treat your mouth any differently? listerine® completes the job by preventing plaque, early gum disease, and killing up to 99.9% of germs. try listerine®. need stocking stuffers? try listerine® ready! tabs™. doprevagen is the number oneild mempharmacist-recommendeding? need stocking stuffers? memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian. it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. president trump back at the white house, after spending the thanksgiving holiday with troops in afghanistan. and with his family in florida. this is going to be a busy week for the president. he's heading to london for the nato summit while new impeachment hearings take place here at home, nbc news white house correspondent kelly o'donnell has more. >> leaving florida sunshine behind. >> president trump heading back into the storm of impeachment. >> a critical week. lawmakers reviewed the draft report, of allegations against the president. tuesday, the house intelligence committee votes to send the findings to the house judiciary committee. which takes over wednesday, with a hearing on the constitutional grounds for impeachment. the president's allies complain about the process.
2:31 am
>> rounds one and two, by speaker pelosi, and the chairman schiff, are as rigged as a carnival ring toss. >> but in the next phase, the president could mount a defense. >> they're invited to participate, so we're certainly hoping that the president, his council, will take advantage of that opportunity. >> republicans insist they should be able to defend the president, by questioning his accusers. like the whistle-blower who was not called to testify by intelligence chairman adam schiff. >> my first and foremost witness is adam schiff. it is easy to hide behind a report. it is easy to hide behind a gavel at intelligence committees and closed door meetings. >> a staffer on the nixon investigation, she voted against bill clinton's impeachment, and says president trump's conduct is worse than watergate, because it involves a foreign country. >> nixon's behavior didn't fall into that range.
2:32 am
so in that way, this conduct is more serious. >> a quick turn-around for the president, he and the first lady head to london today. and they will be there for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of nato. the president also has meetings with european leaders and he has complained that democrats are undercutting the country by scheduling impeachment activities on the same date his nato meetings at a time when he is representing the u.s. overseas. >> thanks to kelly o'donnell for that reporting. in what is being spun by some as a win for the president, the latest cnn/system srs poll, shows an unchanged opinion on public support of impeachment and removal from office. the stagnant result comes from within the time frame of the first round of public impeachment hearings. however, half of americans still want the president impeached. and removed from office. these numbers come in stark contrast with president trump clinton's impeachment numbers, the peak of public support of
2:33 am
impeaching and removing president clinton from office back in 1998, only rose to 29%. according to cnn's polling. and the dc circuit court of appeals has had back-to-back impeachment-related hearings, just after the new year, according to the order issued last week on january 3rd, the court is going to hear oral arguments as to why former white house counsel don mcgahn should be completely impugn from having to testify on the ongoing impeachment inquiry against the president. same day, another key impeachment related court fight will also be held. the attempt to obtain grand jury information in special counsel bob mueller's report on the investigation. and the democratic-led house won both cations in front of district court judges and trying to push away efforts by the justice department to overturn those decisions. as nbc's kelly o'donnell mentioned earlier, president trump will travel to london this week for a meeting of world leaders marking nato's 70th
2:34 am
anniversary, while then candidate trump labeled the alliance as obsolete. "the wall street journal" reports the white house has struck a more conciliatory tone ahead of the summit, taking credit for increased military spending by member countries and declaring quote the trans-atlantic relationship is in a very, very healthy place. "new york times" reports that in a gesture to trump, nato announced last week that it had agreed to reduce the united states's contribution to the alliances relatively small central budget, from about 22% to about 16%. and according to the times, nato's own budget, which covers its headquarters and its staff, and some small joint military operations, is about $2.5 billion a year. compared to more than $700 billion for the pentagon. and former vice president joe biden launched an eight-day bus tour of iowa over the weekend pledging he will win the state's
2:35 am
february caucuses. despite recent polls that suggest otherwise, biden was optimistic, telling a few hundred supporters, quote, this, we're going to win this race and we're going to beat donald trump and we're going to change america. meanwhile, bidens aides acknowledge that he must sharpen his message and bolster outreach ahead of the caucuses and insist that biden has wide support and remains well positioned to recover any lost ground. and south bend mayor and 2020 presidential candidate pete buttigieg visited the reverend william barber in north carolina, while rising in recent poll, mayor pete has struggled to attract support from black voters. after attending yes's service he spoke to reporters about the effort to engage african-american voters. watch this. >> certainly i have a responsibility as a candidate for office to reach out to black voters and i think the more we
2:36 am
do that outreach, the better that relationship will grow. >> the latest emerson poll, showing joe biden falling ten points in new hampshire, and now trailing both bernie sanders and mayor pete. senator sanders rose 13%, to lead the field at 26%. buttigieg follows at 22%. after climbing 11 from september. biden and senator elizabeth warren are tied with 14%. each. and tulsi gabbard and andrew yang round ott the list of leading candidates. when asked for their choice between the president trump and the current 020 contenders, buttigieg, and biden and sanders all end up on top. mayor pete beats trt 53 to 47. and biden and sanders beat trump trump 52 to 48 and trump is the winner when facing andrew yang and elizabeth warren, 51 to 49. joining me on the set, white house reporter for "politico," meredith mcgraw. what do you make of the new polls out of new hampshire
2:37 am
showing vice president joe biden lagging. >> joe biden still remains i think the national front-runner. but i think what this shows is just how fluid this race continues to be. as you watch these candidates, crisscross the country, and as they're focusing on iowa, and new hampshire, there are still these four main front-runners, sanders, buttigieg, biden and warren, but again, it just shows how fluid this race is right now and if we learned anything from 2016, really anything can happen. >> but also, when it comes to the polling, with regards to the matchup against the president, a lot of people look at the polling across the country and who could beat the president here and when you look at the polls, mayor pete at the very top, and followed by biden and sanders and andrew yang and elizabeth warren, who are second and third place. and first place in some several nationals lags and losing to president trump, 51 to 49. >> and those numbers, it goes to
2:38 am
show the challenge that president trump has, coming up with some of these candidates, but it is interesting to see -- >> how much change has been happening amongst the polls as they come out. we want to take a look at the week of the impeachment inquiry and we look at the pushed back court hearing with regards to don mcgahn. what do you make of it? >> well, don mcgahn is a potentially, the ruling here, could be potentially consequential for these impeachment hearings. if the appeals court rules in favor of don mcgahn, it means the white house can continue to stonewall this process. and of course, if it rules against him, it means that the house could open it up to dee d
2:39 am
demanding that more white house officials come to testify. and as you said, that ruling is set to happen on january 3rd. in dc district court. and what is interesting about that date, it is a big date there for that court because that is also when they will also be ruling on whether they will order the release of mueller grand jury testimony as well. >> interesting. we've had a lot of conversations surrounding the fact of whether or not this impeachment inquiry will bleed into the first primaries of the 2020 election, ahead, and it seems as if that is exactly where it shedding and we will be talking about 2020 alongside the impeachment inquiry for quite some time. meredith mcgraw, thank you so much. appreciate you being here. >> thank you. new questions are being raised about president trump's no quid pro quo phone call with ambassador sondland. the "washington post" is digging into whether the conference ever happened. and the department of homeland security was severely
2:40 am
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welcome back. according to a new report, the department of homeland security did not have the necessary tools in place to track how many immigrant children had separated from their families. a new d history s inspector general report found that the trump administration estimated it would separate 26,000 children, if the zero tolerance policy of 2018 had been allowed to continue. furthermore, the agency knew at last the technology, to track and reunite children with their parents. after receiving backlash nationwide, president trump signed an executive order ending the policy in june, of 2018. the administration previously said an estimated 2800 children were separated as a result of zero tolerance. but the new report says that due to the lack of technology, to track which children had been separated, meant the agency had to revise that estimate to more
2:44 am
than 3,000. the report released last wednesday, also said officials at customs and border protection forged ahead with the policy even though they knew ahead of time that the agency lacked the proper technology to track and reunify these kids with their parents. meanwhile, "politico" is reporting that the department of homeland security's inaccurate adequate medical, inaccurate medical technology and records management for migrants who passed through are leading to poor care and deaths. and the infamous no quid pro quo call reportedly had between president trump and eu ambassador sondland at the crux of the administration's impeachment inquiry defense may be unraveling. during sondland's second congressional testimony, he recounted aspects of the september 9th phone call. however no other witness testimony or documents have emerged that corroborate his description of a call that day. the "washington post" points out that trump himself, in
2:45 am
describing the conversation, has referred only to the ambassador's account of the call, which, based on sondland's activities would have occurred before dawn in washington. according to an administration official, the white house has not located a record in the witch board logs of a call between the president and sondland on september 9th. with that, let's get a check of the weather once again with nbc meteorologist bill karen. >> good morning. yesterday the airports were a disaster. the roads, too. yesterday, we had 5,000 airport delays. in the lower 48. over a thousand flight cancellations. and we're already starting to add them up already this morning, with already 500 flights that have been delayed in those areas of the lower 48. most in the northeast because of the storm that is bingering. yesterday, we ended the storm in the great lakes, and minnesota and wisconsin. and they saw a lot of snow. i know duluth is one area with 28 inches of snow. here are some of the scenes from
2:46 am
areas of michigan. especially northern michigan was hit the hardest. let's get to the forecast for today. so this is starting out this morning at 6:00 a.m., snow, heavy snow over the southern tier of new york, binghamton and syracuse. and on and off in areas in southern massachusetts and vermont and new hampshire. as we go throughout the day, this storm will begin to intensify. there will be a narrow heavy band of snow that will be somewhere near new york city. it may be in areas to the north. it may be in northern jersey. someone is going to get a quick three to six inches during the evening rush hour. that will cause a lot of problems. then overnight, the snow band will slide up through areas of southern new england and by tomorrow morning, the heavy snow band through coastal areas here of new england. that's why we could see another three to six inches possible from boston up to portland and then the storm even lingers, this is even into tuesday evening, some areas of maine, still dealing with the slow-moving storm. for today, the middle of the country, fine, we're not going to melt any snow in areas like
2:47 am
minnesota. 25 degrees. the high temperature today in minneapolis. so for today, there is the winter storm. in the east, we've had messy weather in california. yesterday, we had over 200 flight cancellations in san francisco. because of rain and wind. and it looks like another storm will move, in and then slide through the four corner region. notice the eastern half of the country, you are quiet. wednesday, thursday, and even friday, it looks pretty good, too. just a little bit of rain here in the southeast. once we get past the storm in the northeast, today, and into tomorrow morning, we should be fine. but there are thousands of school cancellations and delays in the northeast a lot of people will be spenning a day home for their fifth day in a row. >> i'm sure the kids are pretty hap by about that but the parents are like, please, go back to school, leftovers are gone, would dehave food in the house. we need to get back to school. still ahead, a rising corporate debt could be a big issue for the economy. that, and other headlines driving your business day coming up. and other headlines driving your business day coming up we'd be closer to the twins.
2:48 am
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welcome back. the u.s. corporate debt has reached an all-time high of nearly $10 trillion putting the fed and other investors on edge. joumanna is joining us live from london. incredible news there. >> morning. >> us through how people are dealing with this. >> yeah, that $10 trillion number is gigantic in the context of the american economy. 40% of the gdp, to put it in per
2:51 am
sfe perspective, in the last decade or so companies have geared up and borrowed a lot more than they possibly should have. and some of the major companies that have done that are at&t, general motors, cvs all who have have splurgesed on borrowing costs and it's raising alarm bells for the imf and the fed who say in the future if interest rates start to rise then question could be in a situation where defaults start picking up and everyone remembers what happened in the financial crisis when that started to happen. for now, no eminent threat but bearing in mind that the debt overhang is very large for corporations in the united states. and we're getting numbers come in from adobe saying that black friday online sales records have topped $7.4 billion. that is a jump from 14% from last year, an all-time record
2:52 am
hype. it kee high. they are expecting $144 billion to be spent online, the big shift, of course, has been from in-store spending to online spending. nobody's going to the stores anymore, most of the spending is being dub online. 40% is expected to go to amazon. overall, it's painting a positive picture for the u.s. consumer. in aggregate, retail spending is expected to be up around 4% this holiday season from a year ago. very important driver for the u.s. economy, of course. let's not forget today is cyber monday and today adobe are also expecting consumers to spend $9.4 billion online, that's a 19% increase from last year. another record high. they also say that today could be a good day to buy a television. the average markdown there is 19%. >> there you go. bill karins was telling me
2:53 am
earlier he needs a new television for his basement. today's the day to buy a tv. i'll let you go to sow y you ca get your shopping started. coming up on "morning joe," there's breaking news in the presidential race involving one of the contenders on the democrat side. joe and mika have that. new headline at the top of the hour. plus, a key preview of what to watch in this week's critical stage of the impeachment probe and the president's face-to-face meeting with some of the same nato leaders he often accuses of failing to pay up. "morning joe" is moments away. . orning joe" is moments away. have been delayed." t-mobile makes the holidays easier... this. because right now when you buy one of the latest samsung phones you get one free. on that. so you can post this... ...score this... there like this... ...and share all of this... ...with that. so do this, on that, with us.
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rewarded. learn more at the explorer card dot com. and get... rewarded! >> announcer: axios 1 big thing is sponsored by bp. welcome back, everybody. joining us from washington, with a look at axios a.m. national political reporter for axios, jonathan swann. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> talk to us about axios' one big thing today. >> top european officials have been confessing that i anxieties
2:57 am
ahead of this week's nato summit in london. president trump and emmanuel macron over the last year have been call into question the value of the alliance at a time when they're beset by internal divisions on how to handle china and russia. they're saying it's going to be a celebration for the great progress they've made. but senior officials have said they've learned to wait until trump talks and not to take the talking points at face value. they've been burned before, they say. in 2017 prufesident trump refeu to endorse article 5 are the when one member gets attacked people come to their defense. if 2018, in the meeting in brussels he threatened to pull the u.s. out of nato if they didn't lift their spending commitments. this is actually a really
2:58 am
important meeting this week. you've got internal problems with turkey and questions about whether they belong in the alliance and then you have russia with the increased maligned behavior, and the big question in europe about how to handle china and particularly when it comes to 5g and huawei. >> i believe french president macron back in november in an interview basically said there was a brain death, that nato was facing a brain death, which was startling to hear. >> that was a really important, just on that point, that really irritated merkel. she was furious about that. but also trump, i'm told, was very, very annoyed with those comments because in that same interview of the economists, he said that the u.s. is turning its back on us. i'm told by senior white house officials that that really got to the president, president trump, and may actually have the ironic effect of encouraging him to say more positive things about nato if for nothing else
2:59 am
than to contradict macron. >> what else are you hearing about the president's agenda in london this week? >> well, he's -- i'm also told that he's going to use his time -- very short time on the ground to hold a fundraiser for his campaign. so he's in london. this is a big-dollar fundraiser. they're going to -- the top tier to get in is $125,000 a seat. i'm told the target is $3 million. so he's going to be meeting with wealthy donors as well there, which we broke that story on axios. >> all right, jonathan swan thank you. we're going to be reading axios a.m. in just a bit. you can read the newsletter at that does it for us on this monday morning. "morning joe" starts right now. we're being talked about again as an armed forces. we're really winning. we know how to win. but we have to let you win. they weren't letting you win before. they were letting you play even.
3:00 am
we're letting you win. we're having a great family and for having made a tremendous difference in this country, i made a tremendous difference in the country. i didn't get down, i sat down and had a gorgeous piece of turkey and i was all set to do go and i had some of the mashed potatoes, and i never got to the turkey because the general said come on over, sir, let's take some pictures. i never got to my turkey. it's the first time in thanksgiving that i've never had anything called turkey, but that's okay. >> some of president trump's thanksgiving messages over the past three years, that's what we got. good morning and welcome to "morning joe." >> wait, wait, wait. he's complaining to troops. >> who are serving abroad. >> that are serving in afghanistan over the holidays that he did not get enough to


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