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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  December 3, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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coricidin hbp is the... ...#1 brand that gives... powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure. all right, that is pretty much going to do it for us tonight. i will tell you with the release of the impeachment report today, the impeachment inquiry does now formally move over to the judiciary committee. tomorrow morning they're going to have a panel of four constitutional law experts, three called by the democrats, one called by the republicans. they'll be talking about the constitutional grounds for impeachment. should be fascinating. it'll also be fascinating to see how the judiciary committee is going to handle this in terms of staff asking questions, members asking questions. hearing itself starts at 10:00 a.m. eastern. our special coverage here at msnbc starts off at 9:00 eastern. we'll see you there. now it's time for the "last word" with lawrence o'donnell. >> our first guest tonight is chairman adam schiff, which i
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can't wait to get to. >> wow. >> but i want to make a note of something as we begin this hour of coverage and after your hour of coverage tonight and what a packed and historic night it is. we have had a major development, major development today in the campaign for president. senator kamala harris dropping out of the race. and i think -- i didn't get every word of your show, but i think that amounted to a sentence or two. >> it was the first sentence but it was -- i know. >> and that's what i've got. i can't -- there's not going to be a segment about that here because of what we have to cover, and i really want to do that campaign the justice it deserves, but this is where we are. and the way this story is developing in the impeachment process. >> we'll get to it at some point. and i will say it's not just kamala harris dropping out of the race. it's the shocking fact that kamala harris is dropping out of the race.
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i know there's all these people like oh, yeah i saw this coming. no, you didn't. it is a shocking development in this race. and we will give it its due in due course, but, yeah, the news overruneth right now. >> and if comhaw harris leaves the race or a candidate of that stature leaves the race we won't even be able to cover it with the nature of what we have to handal. and i heard you talking to chuck rosenberg about the call logs obtained by the committee which absolutely fascinate me since we went through those hearings having no idea that they have have the call logs. one of the things i'm going to ask chairman schiff about is did the republicans know -- did devin nunes any that you had his phone calls? >> yes. and while you were sitting there
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and he was a and berating you, i know you were talking to lev parnas and rudy giuliani through this entire process. i mean, you're going to ask him. i'll let you go. >> rachel, it's one of those illustrations of as transparent as this process is with televised hearings and all of that, we and often get the feeling we have all the information, that we know everything, and this report comes out today. and it just pops with information we had no idea that they had. >> even after all of those public hearings and a reading of all the transcripts of the closed door stuff, they still had more. and the investigation isn't over. and they're still collecting new stuff. and lev parnas is now enrolling production from his materials. i mean, man. >> thank you, rachel. well, we'll be joined by a psychiatrist tonight to consider what the president of the united states said today about our first guest, congressman adam schiff, the chairman of the
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house intelligence committee. it sounded like donald trump was actually talking about himself when he said, quote, i think adam schiff is a deranged human being. the president said those words today in london where people are much more familiar with madness in heads of state. the madness of george 3 riii wa hit play and adamted inpted int film. adam schiff's introductory comments in consultation with the house committee on oversight and reform and the house committee on foreign affairs chairman schiff wrote "the president became the author of his own impeachment." when chairman schiff made the report public today he said
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this. >> this report chronicles a scheme by the president of the united states to coerce an ally, ukraine, that is at war with an adversary, russia, into doing the president's political dirty work. it involves a scheme in which donald trump withheld official acts, a white house meeting as well as hundreds of millions of dollars of needed military assistance in order to compel that power to deliver two investigations that he believed would assist his re-election campaign. >> "the new york times" calls the report a sweeping indictment of the president's behavior. the report says that knowledge of and participation in the president's scheme was widespread and included the vice president, the secretary of state, the acting chief of staff, the secretary of energy and other senior u.s. officials. chairman schiff saidthali that committee will continue its investigation but needed to present these findings as
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quickly as possible because of, quote, a clear and present danger that the president will continue to use the power of his office for his personal, political gain. and leading off our discussion tonight is the chairman of the house intelligence committee, democratic congressman adam schiff of california. chairman schiff, thank you very much for joining us on this important and historic night. what can you tell us about the possible continued elements of your investigation that might be continuing beyond this point? >> well, there's a lot that we still have to learn about the conduct of others. we know i think very well what the president did that he withheld this military assistance, that he withheld this meeting in the white house to coerce ukraine into doing investigations to help his re-election campaign. but how much involvement did the secretary of state have in this? we know he was in the loop from
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the documentary evidence and testimony of ambassador sondland. we know the vice president was aware of the conditionality of the military aid on these political investigations. we certainly know mick mulvaney was deeply involved in this. there's more to learn about their role. there's also more to learn unt when this whole scheme began because there are indications it started far earlier than we expected, that indeed some elements of this go back to when the prior president of ukraine poroshenko was in office, efforts to get that president and his attorney general l lutsenko to engage in his sham investigations to help donald trump. one thing we know already without a doubt and that is this president will do it again. indeed, he's never stopped inviting foreign interference in our election, and for that reason we really cannot delay. we took up the report and voted for the report. that goes now to the judiciary committee which will have to
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weigh whether articles are warranted. >> the big surprise for us who followed all the hearings is the revelation of all these call records involving rudy giuliani, also involving delvvin nunes, a member of the committee. we didn't know that when we were watching the hearings. when did the committee discover these phone records? >> you know, there are a number of records we're able to obtain and we obtain them over time, so i can't pinpoint for you which records we learned about when. but nonetheless these records show just the kind of interaction between these different players in the midst of this scheme where you have rudy giuliani calling the white house and calling the office of management and budget. now, why is the president's attorney calling the office of management and budget which is holding up the military assistance? you have giuliani obviously working with parnas. parnas in touch with this reporter for "the hill" magazine that's printing these false allegations about the bidens,
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about ukrainians supposed interference in the last election. and of course you have the ranking member mr. nunes also in touch with these players. and so we're trying to identify the full scope of those who were complicit in what the president were doing, and these records give a window of insight into exactly that. >> did the -- did the republican members of the committee know that you had these telephone records while, for example, the hearings were going on? >> yes. in fact, the republican members were made aware of the subpoenas that we were sending out. the republican members were given the same phone records and other records that we received. and so they've had this evidence as well. now, what they've chosen to do withito with it, whether they chose to ignore it, look into it or hope it got swept under the rug, i can't say. but they were priv ato this
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information as well. >> as we were watching devin nunes in the hearings he knew that you had obtained phone records that included him and that those phone records would inevitably be made public by your report. >> well, he certainly had possession of the records. now, how much he looked into them, how much he discussed what they showed with his staff, i really can't say. you'd have to ask him. but he's certainly aware of his own conduct. he's certainly aware of his communications with mr. giuliani or mr. parnas or with others. and whether that or to what degree that informed his conduct during the course of the hearings are again questions for him to answer. >> there are some calls in there in which it's not clear -- it's not identified exactly who rudy giuliani is speaking to. there's "the new york times" report tonight indicating that the possibility is the president could be on the other end of those phone calls. what can you tell us about that? >> well, the short answer is we
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don't know for sure. we have been trying to get records from the white house which has been unwilling not only to share them with us but looks like unwilling to share them with witnesses like their own ambassador to the eu gordon sondland. but we can't see in the roger stone trial that when roger stone was in communication with the president, it showed up as a dash one number. whether that's the same situation here, we don't know, but we're trying to find out. it is worth noting, however, that rudy giuliani has one client in the white house and of course that's the president. so this is part of the picture that we continue to investigate. but given that the evidence against the president is already overwhelming, we were not prepared to let it slow us down. >> i want to get your response to what the president said about you today in london. let's just listen that for a second. >> i think adam schiff is a deranged human being. i think he's a very sick man, and he lies.
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>> as i said we're going to have a psychiatrist actually react to that later in the hour. but what did you feel when you heard that today? >> well, you know, he gets more and more untethered over time. and, you know, i certainly have the same impression that you're likely to hear from the professional who comes-on our show which is this a president who's done nothing but project onto others his own lack of morality. that's unfortunately not a unique character trait or path ae ology to this president. we've seen it exhibited in some of the members of congress. >> you, of course, we've seen you shrug off these kinds of comments by the president in the past. but it's comments like that about some of the witnesses in this case that actually found their way into your report. and you suggests that includes witness intimidation by the president. >> yes. and that's part of a long pattern which goes back to the mueller investigation in which
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he was calling those who would cooperate with authorities like michael cohen a rat, in which he would praise people like manafort guilty of multiple federal crimes because he wouldn't cooperate with authorities and in which he would attack anyone who spoke critically of him or even more seriously exposed wrongdoing, misconduct, abuse by him. and of course his greatest venom is reserved for the whistle-blower because the president believes he has a god given right as president of the united states to abuse the power of his office and not have to suffer people exposing it -- who he considers to be traitors and spies. if you expose people of wrongdoing as traitors and spies -- that is not the case here. and sadly we have a president who believes that he has every right to use and abuse the power of his office to help his
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re-election campaign, to force allies to do his dirty work. and the american people have a right and a need to expect better in the president of the united states. >> chairman schiff, where does the investigation go from here? you voted tonight, the committee voted tonight to deliver this report and its evidence and all the underlying evidence to the judiciary committee. when will the judiciary have that information, and when will they be able to act on it? >> well, the report will be transmitted immediately. we'll also be transmitting the evidence that underlines the report. that may take a bit more time. but they're also moving with thoroughness and they're going begin tomorrow with constitutional experts to talk about import of all this, what does this mean this clause in the constitution about treason, bribery, high crimes and misdemeanors. what did the founders mean when they talked about bribery?
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is it the same as we understand the criminal defense of bribery or is it in fact broader? does it encompass when the president of the united states is trading his public trust, trading his office in exchange for political favors? something of great value to him. so that discussion is going to begin immediately. that's going to begin tomorrow. but there's also going to be other proceedings on the judiciary committee which i'll leave chairman nadler to describe. >> we can't thank you enough for finding the time to join us on this historic night. we really appreciate it. thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up, the surprise witness in the house intelligence committee impeachment report today is rudy giuliani's telephone. ari melber and barbara mcquade will join us next on what we learn from the new evidence presented today in the report. presented today in the report. most people think of verizon as a reliable phone company. but to businesses, we're a reliable partner. we keep companies ready for what's next.
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rudy giuliani did not testify in the house intelligence committee's impeachment investigation, but his telephone did. phone records obtained in the investigation made public today for the first time in the committee's report reveal several phone calls rudy giuliani had with the white house and with the office of management and budget in april and august when rudy giuliani was trying to help donald trump force ukraine to investigate joe biden. the phone records also show five phone calls between rudy giuliani and republican congressman devin nunes on april
7:19 pm
10th. and just two days later according to the phone records, devin nunes had a nearly 9 minute phone call with rudy giuliani's associate lev parnas who is now a criminal defendant in a federal investigation in new york city. joining us now is ari melber, msnbc's chief legal correspondent and host of "the beat." and barbara mcquade a former u.s. attorney and msnbc legal contributor. and ari, i asked chairman schiff about the phone call that's not fully identified. rudy giuliani and who, and is that the president of the united states? we'll find out maybe. >> i thought your interview with chairman schiff was fascinating for several reasons including your line of questioning about when did devin nunes know he was busted. >> right. >> and how did he know it. >> as you know, the committee usually shares information with everyone on a committee, right? and so when i saw that today i thought when did they tell nunes
7:20 pm
they had him? >> and i took the chairman to be saying to you they gave him that information among other material in a stack, whether he did or his staff did the homework is up to them. >> how could they miss it? >> there's that. there's this very mysterious interesting tantalizing material about who is minus one, negative one, all the different mysteries. obviously as the chairman said rudy giuliani's formal relationship is with the president. so it would be a reasonable inference that would be one of his intended calls. the other surrounded texts in april when he first makes contact with the budget office and in august when there's a flurry of activity does tie rudy giuliani and his client back into all this, whether or not the white house ever confirms or denies what that call signature means. >> barbara mcquade, what did you make of the new evidence we discovered in the report today? >> i thought it was fascinating, and lawrence, i think you're absolutely right to focus on
7:21 pm
this. this is really the only new bombshell we see in the report in terms of facts. two things. number one, the involvement of rudy giuliani talking to this person only identified as white house dash one, can't help but wonder if that isn't the same person as individual one and tying it to president trump. certainly we know rudy giuliani from his own statements was acting as a lawyer, a personal lawyer for president trump. so even if he's talking to someone else at the white house, i think he's there as an agent of the president, and it brings the president into many of the transactions involved in this case. the other is the involvement of devin nunes talking not only to giuliani but also talking to lev parnas. devin nunes is a witness here. the idea he's sitting as a fact finder and has a vote in impeachment, that is astonishing. he could be recused from this and called to testify to find out what on earth he's talking with rudy giuliani and devin nunes. >> ari, you worked in the congress. are you as stunned as i am at
7:22 pm
the speed, the quality, the length, the detail of this report? >> it's really striking, lawrence. the mueller report was years in the making with professional prosecutors, investigators and a lot of people forced to sing because they were on their way to jail. they had fewer legal weapons here, and they've come up with something that is very substantial. in some ways the mueller report had more depth and legal rigor. it certainly had a constitutional section that was detailed. but i would put this on par with the fact finding section and particularly in regard to the election conspiracy. adam schiff and his team not only say they've found one, they've laid out the evidence from the call notes to an attempt by rudy giuliani and sondland to ghost write a foreign gump's investigation of the bidens and that's in there and side by side. i could see now more than i could yesterday why this white house took the giant gamble and risk of defying everything,
7:23 pm
which looks bad. and republicans in washington and other honest intellectual conservatives says that looks bad, but it does look bad. and they took that risk because complying and turning over other records and stuff like this, would have been far worse. it would have been a full self-impeachment self-dunk, end zone, safety whatever analogy you want to use. the little bit that's come out is bad and the report is exhaustive. and that's before you can get to the obstruction section, which like the mueller report that's where the two are in tandem. a portrait of the president like nixon and other who'ses who faced this process are not taking care. >> that's such a good point ari just made about the nondefense that the president is offering. and it's something you do see in courtrooms once in a while when the prosecution puts on a case and the defense basically stands up and rests before basically calling a single witness, never
7:24 pm
mind the defense because they don't have an affirmative defense. all they could do was hope they could push around some witnesses that the prosecution put on. that seems to be what we're watching here. >> i think they're going for sometimes it's referred to as failure of proof, trying to persuade the fact finder the prosecutor didn't make his case or even nullification, that is we all know that the case has been made, but we're asking you to show some mercy or decide we don't care what the facts show. and i think essentially that's the defense. hey, senate, republican controls you and yes we've done all these things but in the words of mick mulvaney, get over it. we care more about keeping our guy in the white house. we don't care he's abused power. we don't care he's put his self-interests above the interests of the country. we don't care he's obstructed congress and perhaps set a bar for all future presidents because all we care about is keeping our party in power.
7:25 pm
and if that's the case i hope there will be some people who break ranks and choose country over party. >> that's a great point. and goes to something beyond the law and to this trump era we're in. how many loud communication strategy bullies have gone quiet and choked with the evidence hit them? paul manafort would tell politicians what to say for a living, he went quiet. roger stone couldn't take the stand, convicted on most counts. donald trump in the center of all of it, so much tough talk, so many tweets. where was he today? he was traveling. where will he be at tomorrow's hearing ducking after claiming he wanted to send lawyers. neither he nor his lawyer will show up tomorrow morning. there has been a lot of bluster completely wiped out, demolished and exposed as soon as there's a process instead of tweets and attacks we have rule of law in this country and if you lie
7:26 pm
under oath you'll get in trouble. so a lot of people have gone quiet. >> barbara, the giuliani evidence might also be an investigation by prosecutors in the southern district of new york. do you see any avenues in today's evidence for them? >> i do. you know, lev parnas is a really intriguing figure. he's all but begging for an opportunity to testify and tell us what he knows. because these records tell us what calls occurred. it doesn't tell us what the contents of those calls were. lev parnas is someone who can tell us at least what the content of those calls was. he can share a lot of information about rudy giuliani and devin nunes and what was going on. i have some intrigue about what he has to say there. and the southern district of new york has something that he wants, which is recommendation for leniency in a sentence, and it'll be interesting to see
7:27 pm
whether they make that trade so the public can hear what lev parnas has to say. >> thank you very much. and thank you every night at 6:00 p.m. for shaping my thinking on all of this, and i can steal half of that to use at 10:00. >> thank you, sir. i got my prac tis in this business from sitting there. >> we have run out of compliment time. coming up, once again we will be joined by a psychiatrist to evaluate the president's behavior today. dr. lance dodis has joined us on this subject before, and he will give us his view what donald trump might have been thinking when he was talking about adam schiff today. thinking when he was talking about adam schiff today ♪ hi honey, we got in early. yeah, and we brought steve and mark.
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yesterday former republican presidential campaign manager
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steve schmidt said this. u.s. senators defending trump's bribery and extortion plot are accomplices not dupes. when the defense rests on a misinformation campaign launched by the russian intelligence services, it makes them useful idiots. today one republican senator refused to be a useful idiot. >> i saw no evidence from our intelligence community nor from the representatives today from the department of state that there is any evidence of any kind that suggests that ukraine interfered in our elections. we have ample evidence that russia interfered in our elections. >> joining our discussion now is steve schmidt, former republican strategist and msnbc political analyst. steve, when mitt romney says it, it just seems so easy to say, it seems so clear. and yet where are the rest of the republican senators?
7:32 pm
>> it's extraordinary to see in this moment an entire republican congressional majority capitulate their oath to donald trump, that there's obviously no higher calls for them, not country, not the constitution, not their oath than service to donald trump. and it's alarming. we saw a poll that got a lot of attention on twitter today, it's an august poll from pew. and it talked about that 43% of republicans now believe that it's okay to get rid of the checks and balances, that it would be good if the president wasn't so encumbered by a congress or by the courts to enact his will, to enact his legislation. and there's a word for a leader who has that power. it's a dictator. it's enathama to the american
7:33 pm
experience and we've never seen anything like it. so putting aside for a second the corruption, the bribery, the extortion scheme. as bad as that is, the real crisis is this rising sense o a authoritarianism in the country and its acceptance by so many republicans not to mention the leaders we invest with very significant authority and power in washington, d.c. senator kennedy from louisiana got on television with chuck todd, and he echoed word for word russian propaganda. he cited things that were simply not true. he cited evidence in the economists and other magazines that never occurred. echoing a russian misinformation campaign. this man is a united states senator who swore an oath to defend the constitution of the united states, who's doing the bidding of a hostile foreign
7:34 pm
power. we are in unchartered territory, and nobody should underestimate how profoundly dangerous it is. >> there has been i think no republican senator who's given up more of himself to donald trump than lindsey graham. let's listen to what senator lindsey graham said when he was endorsing ted cruz for president. >> trump would destroy my party because of who he is and the way he behaves. >> steve, he got it right that day. >> well, he's shown himself to be a man of no principle, lacking any type of public integrity. somebody who obviously proximity to power is an aphrodisiac. and what i described him as not too long ago is he's like a fish that hangs around a predator fish like a shark.
7:35 pm
and for a long time he swam next to a noble shark and that shark was named john mccain. but that shark is gone and now we have donald trump. and though the dech ritist is vile, he remains well-fed. there's many more of politicians in washington, all of them republicans in this instance who their fidelity to trump, their obedience to him, that is their highest calling. and we should have a particular contempt for those senators who we know know better, the ben sasses of the world, the rob portmans of the world, the john thunes of the world. why is it that these men want to be united states senators? what is it that they're doing up there? they stand for office to defend
7:36 pm
this unprecedented corruption, this assault on the constitutional order, this erosion of civil liberties. in this country despite all this flaws it's a miracle. it was a miracle birthed in 1787. no republic has endured permanently, and this one is in trouble because the american people in substantial numbers are losing sight of the majesty of this system of government. which is based on the premise that no man or woman is above the law. in this country the law is supreme. and we see one of the two great political parties in the country, the second -- excuse me, the third oldest political party in the world transforming
7:37 pm
in a matter of 36 months into a cultive personality where the allegiance isn't to the flag, isn't to the country, isn't to the constitution but to a man, to a person. and a corrupt man who is sundering the country and assailing the constitution literally with every breath he takes. >> steve schmidt, thank you very much for your eloquence on this tonight. really appreciate it. >> thank you, lawrence. and when we come back, we will look at the madness of donald trump on full display on this historic day in his presidency as the impeachment investigation against the president proceeds and proceeds quickly. that's next. esent proceeds and quickly. that's next. tom steyer: wall street banks took advantage
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>> let's be serious. >> ah, president macron, i'm sorry but president trump doesn't know how to be serious. there are a few intersecting factors that leave donald trump stranded as america's clown on the international stage as he was once again today. donald trump is first and more most the most ignorant person ever to hold the office of president. he has never publicly spoken with any authority on any serious subject, any presidential subject. donald trump's lack of real information combines with what appears to be gravely limited intellectual capacity. so that when donald trump as president is supplied with good information, he is incapable of processing it. he seems like a lost elementary school student who just can't process multiplication or even addition. >> does the united states support these protesters in
7:42 pm
iran? >> i don't want to comment on that. but the answer's no, but i don't want to comment on that. >> he doesn't want to comment on that because he has no idea what he's talking about. after he said that his advisers must have explained to him how crazy his answer was, so he later today tried to repair that damage with this. >> the question was asked do we support them, i thought financially, and we haven't supported them. i don't know if we've ever been asked to support them financially, and i -- you know, if somebody asked maybe we would. but we support them very, very seriously. >> financially? no one has ever suggested supporting protesters in iran financially, and no one was asking about financially. that was donald trump's demented way of trying to repair the damage of his earlier demented answer. and i use the word demented because that's the word donald trump decided to aplooito adam schiff today in a description of
7:43 pm
adam schiff that sounded like anyone else in the world describing donald trump, which brings us to the madness of donald trump or the possible madness of donald trump. perhaps it most important to explain of the things donald trump says and does. after this break we'll be joined by psychiatrist lance dodis who will consider the mental health of the president of the united states beginning with donald trump had to say about adam schiff today. nald trump had to say about adam schiff today and a score of two under par is...? (daughter) big birdie! (dad) no, it's not that, it's uh... (rickie) turkey vulture! (dad) rickie fowler, i'm sorry, what...? (rickie) turkey vulture. (dad) oh! thats a turkey-oh! all right, lets go. i'll follow you. go, go, go- go! (burke) otherwise known as sand trap scavengers. seen it, covered it. september twenty-ninth, twenty-seventeen. at farmers insurance, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ [sneeare you ok?fles] yah, it's just a cold.
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the fragile mental state of donald trump was on display today in london especially when he described adam schiff in a way that to many sounded like a reasonably accurate description of donald trump. >> i think adam schiff is a deranged human being. i think he grew up with a complex for lots of reasons that are obvious. i think he's a very sick man. and he lies. >> joining our discussion now dr. lance dodis, a former assistant clinical professor at harvard medical school. he's a contributor to the best selling book "the dangerous case of donald trump" 37 psychiatrists and mental health experts assess a president. there he is today saying i think adam schiff is a deranged human being, he grew up with a complex for lots of reasons that are obvious. i think he's a very sick man and he lies.
7:48 pm
what's your reaction to donald trump saying that about adam schiff? >> well, you had representative schiff on earlier and i think he got it exactly right. he said this is a projection. that's exactly what it is. he tells other people that they are what he is. it's a common enough mechanism in early childhood. and it's -- but as an adult using it all the time it's what we would call primitive. if donald trump were capable of giving a reasonable discussion of something he didn't agree with, he would make some sort of logical case. but he's unable to do that. he runs kind of a simple program in that way, so he tells you that other people are what he is being accused of and what he actually is. >> so in that sense, doctor, does that mean that his source material for what he is saying is almost always himself because that's the only source material he has? >> yes. everything is about him.
7:49 pm
as you pointed out he doesn't have actual knowledge so he just says what feels right to him. and especially what he thinks is in his personal interest. your other guest was pointing out that he is replacing america with himself. and people who support him support him rather than the country. and i think that's also exactly right. like many strong men the con he has works because he identifies himself with something they love, in this case america. as long as they have this idea he is america, he represents america, he literally wraps himself in the flag, which he's done, then it doesn't matter that he's a sociopath. it doesn't matter he has no conscience. it doesn't even matter that he commits crimes against humanity which he did when he locked up children in cages on the border.
7:50 pm
as long as long as they think he represents what he loves, they'll love him. >> he says it in the next sentence. let's watch this. >> in some ways i think it's better to wait until after the election if you want to know the truth. i think in some ways it's better to wait until after the election with china, but i'm not going to say that. i just think that. i just tell you -- in some ways i like the idea of waiting until after the election for the china deal. >> right in the middle of that we hear him say i'm not going to say that, i just think that and then he's already said it, and then he says it again. >> well, again, this is -- you have to understand this is man as i said who's running a very simple program. i don't say that as an insult. it's just because he can only do what he does. and he is in a way -- he's limited by the limited capacity
7:51 pm
of a person with early emotional development. he doesn't have much complexity to him. so he says what he thinks and he, you know, it doesn't matter where it's truth. truth means nothing to him and other people mean nothing to him. once you get that concept that nothing matters, no conscience or morality, then everything else falls into place and truth means nothing. >> in your experience, doctor, how does a person end up like this? what's the developmental path to this kind of condition? >> it's very early. almost all people don't have this problem. one of the irons is most people who support him would make a better president because the president is ill. but the early capacity to have empathy for other people, to identify them as being worthwhile happens in all human beings at a very early point.
7:52 pm
he doesn't have that, and that's why he can treat other people with complete abandon and literally abandon. if they're for him, he loves them, if they're against him, they're horrible. as black and white and very simple. >> writing in 2017 in the book that we mentioned, the danger case of donald trump, you said that these characteristics will only become worse. do you see evidence that that has happened? >> absolutely. and they will continue to be worse. if he didn't have his party behind him, he would have been out of the office a long time ago because he's so obviously incompetent. but he will be propped up. as long as he is propped up, i think he'll survive. but he will certainly get worse the more he's challenged. >> dr. lance dodes, thank you for joining us once again tonight. we always appreciate it. thank you very much. >> sure. when we come back, last word viewers get tonight's last word.
7:53 pm
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8:00 pm
that is direct and damning and flat-out says our president placed his own personal and political interests above the national interests of the united states. then they name names other than trump, all of them big names with a lot to lose. and there are phone records they link trump's guy, rudy giuliani, to the white house budget office and they link devin nunes with lev parnas, who may be working for the feds. all of this on the next wave of impeachment hearings, donald trump is in london. kamala harris is out of the race. we have it all covered as "the 11th hour" gets under way this tuesday night. good evening once again from our nbc news headquarters here in new york, day 1,048 of this trump administration. and tonight, as expected, the house intelligence committee moved the impeachment case to the next step.