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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  December 5, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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earlier today. we'll have a lot of fun with the link. remember election night. that's always fun. we'll be back tomorrow. "the beat" starts now. good evening. we begin with breaking impeachment news. speaker pelosi making it official, saying the house will do what many thought it was on its way to do, impeach president trump starting now. they're not waiting as we've heard for courts to rule on anything else or deal with stonewalling witnesses. they are moving. >> sadly but with confidence and humility with allegiance to our founders and a heart full of love for america, today i am asking our chairman to proceed with articles of impeachment. >> pelosi also dispensing with some of her other red sense and dubbing donald trump a coward saying there's no choice other than impeaching him given the mountain of evidence against him. >> the facts of ukraine
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situation have just changed everything. the ukraine was the vehicle of the president's action. this is about ukraine, it's about russia, who benefitted by withholding that military assistance. russia. all roads lead to putin. understand that. and so that was the ahah moment. >> the ahah moment. think about what we're witnessing right there because the speaker has moved so methodically. she didn't wash to impeachment. everyone knows that. she is not letting only the record or the evidence make the case. the report is the foundation. and ultimately any article needs evidence. speaker pelosi going broader saying it's not just ukraine, it's russia. it's not just abuse of power or bribery. it's national security. it is, she says, a matter of national import whether we maintain a democracy.
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she made this point saying if congress does not impeach on this evidence, maybe impeachment shouldn't even be in the constitution anymore. so, that's where the speaker is. what else is happening? new today, the house just dash yar committee announced its second committee hearing. chairman nadler working on drafting articles of impeachment in evidence hearing on monday. they will have a lot of witnesses that are of interest given they're coming from the intelligence committee, those lawyers. so, then we'll see the scope, the size and what any articles written tonight, something i couldn't tell you last night for sure, they're writing them. what will they say? will they deal with this as n narrow or broad as an abuse of bribery? what will they do with a witness that may be a cospontaneo-consp. where is he? he's in ukraine. you're looking at him with the ukrainian lawmaker. those photos were posted today.
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we have them via "reuters." they're undated but they were newly posted. this is him sitting down with an interview with the prosecutor of ukraine. he's filming a series on the pro trump news network. we found one promotional video which shows a former ukrainian official and the d.c. issues and all of them at a table here with giuliani. that's what they do. you're looking at that on a loop, and that's the oan part of whatever this plot is. so, you have all of that, and then you have these looming questions tonight of what's the response to all this and who's going to make it given that the trump administration has been boycotting the impeachment proceedings? that brings me to the final thing i want to tell you before we go to our guests. take a deep breath. who's going to show up and defend the president on this plot? no one in washington today, but his personal attorney rudy giuliani newly live tweeting a defense ot president from
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ukraine. i want to bring in eric swalwell well, jason johnson, and bill crystal. good evening all. congressman, there is the serious, there is the heavy, there is the baroque, and the there is the bizarre. and what i went through i think covers a bunch of it right now. your view of what it means to your committees and to the congress to have the president's lawyer who's at the center of this plot doing those meetings today and literally live tweeting a defense from ukraine. >> rudy giuliani being in ukraine shows this is a crime spree in progress and that gives us an urgency to act. and to anyone who asks are you moving too quickly, i say the president's lawyer is moving quickly to continue to ask a foreign government to cheat our elections. and doing nothing is completely off the table. we have to secure our elections. we have powerful uncontradicted evidence now. and now is the time to hold the president accountable and
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determine just which impeachment articles we should proceed with. >> take a look at part of what giuliani is posting. it's a farce. evidence will be released very soon, he says, that supports his views. interesting that he brings up evidence since you well know he's been withholding participating and providing evidence with your committees. i've got to tell you, congressman, i spoke to a very seasoned attorney today who said that it looks like potential witness tampering to have him over there talking to these people that are subjects of your probe. >> well, we have seen from this president witness tampering, jury tampering, intimidation of witnesses. and so it's not surprising at all. but what we have to focus on, ari, is that rudy giuliani is donald trump and donald trump is rudy giuliani. the president can throw many other people under the bus and distance themselves from them. he can't do that with rudy giuliani. we have evidence in the intelligence committee report
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that the president told anyone who is working on ukraine, rudy is my guy on ukraine. and that rudy giuliani has represented the people, that he is the president's person on ukraine. so, they're inseparable. so, if rudy is to be held to account, that means the president has to be held to account. >> jason. >> yeah, you can't say that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. i think the critical thing here if we look at the stepping back, nancy pelosi said something really fascinated today when she said we're going through with impeachment. she was adamant about this not being political, this not being partisan. this is not about 2020 from the standpoint of switching the polls or getting undecided voters. it's about 2020 from the standpoint of election integrity. if you have a president who is established he will try to cheat if we don't hold him accountable for trying to disrupt the process, then we can't move forward. i'm pleased to see we finally reach the point where arrest the president, we've got the evidence, ooinl glad nancy
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pelosi has gone that far. what's going to be interesting is the writing of the impeachment articles. we might see a preview of those conversations on monday. >> bill, joining me here on set, i'm tempted to try to do something that would help people see how today is not like yesterday, how giuliani's trip is so brazen and beyond that we do struggle for words. should we throw a mug off the set? should we swear? should we do something to say that the brazenness of what we just showed in the top is in itself its own new incredible development? >> i think it is. and i think jason's point is interesting. speaker pelosi went out of her way today answering a question saying i disagree with donald trump and strongly disagree with him and dislike what he's done in a lot of areas, daca, immigration, climate change. she says those are for 2020. but this is about the constitution and the oath you take and it's about the 2020
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election which trump clearly had an interest in having a foreign government affect by announcing investigation of the biden family. so, that, i think, really does focus -- i hope she and others stay on this thing. they need to focus people on why this impeachment is just and why it's necessary and urgent. i think giuliani being over there, it's so whacky that you want to laugh about it and make fun of him. he's tweeting and having drinks with disreputable characters. he is involved in the plot, right? he is acting in a way as putin's agent. he's meeting with pro-putin people in ukraine to create this fictitious narrative of something or other about the obama administration. >> and bill. >> and he said in a tweet yesterday i believe biden said, remember he was talking about the phone calls to the white house and omb. he says i call them all the time. i'm the president's lawyer.
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it's not that he was the president's lawyer and now he's over there doing random things. unless president trump has said he isn't, he's the president's lawyer. he's there representing the president of the united states in ukraine. it's pretty unbelievable. >> he's also a former prosecutor who still knows how wiretaps work. he knows he's under investigation. if he wants to talk to these witnesses for the purposes of the criminal investigation or the impeachment probe, he knows that calling them up is likely to be giving the goods back to sdny. does that speak to also what may be a little bit of a nervousness inning ha in having to go do things in ukraine. >> i haven't thought about the wiretap issue. but it does suggest they are worried. he needs to get people over there to create excuses for what he's done and the president has done. but the facts are clear. they need to keep it simple and clear in terms of the impeachment articles and i think they're prepared to do that.
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i think the obstruction of congress and justice are strong as well. it's almost a matter of constitutional not just law but kons constitutional practice, resisting the house, not providing material to the house when it's explicitly an inquiry is unbelievable. on this the house has to get the material. how can they decide whether to impeach or not? >> 100%. this is the highest point. take a listen to the republican perspective here new from congressman scalise going after pelosi. >> there are still no facts to impeach, but they're going to do it anyway. and i think the biggest disappointment in all of this is what's not getting done, and i think that's really why you're starting to see, you know, today pelosi just unraveling, yelling at reporters. >> congressman? >> that's how they talk about women. you know, if it was a man talking to a reporter that way and the president does that often, they would never characterize it that way.
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she was asked an unfair question and she gave a serious response. >> let me -- i'll let you continue. >> go ahead. >> it was a pretty strong exchange with a conservative reporter from fox news right after the announcement of the impeachment plan. >> do you hate the president, madame speaker? >> i don't -- i don't hate anybody. >> the reason i ask -- >> i don't hate anybody, not anybody in the world. so, don't -- don't you accuse me -- >> i did not accuse you. >> this is about the constitution of the united states and the facts that lead to the president's violation of his oath of office. and as a catholic, i resent your using the word "hate" in a sentence that addresses me. i don't hate anyone. i was raised in a way that is a heart full of love and always prayed for the president, and i still pray for the president. i pray for the president all the time. so, don't mess with me when it comes to words like that.
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>> congressman. >> these are serious times, and we need people to approach this with a seriousness that it deserves. so, to steve scalise earlier, the facts are there. and what i think the american people are going to have to consider is this is what we want the president of the united states to be able to do, to use your taxpayer money to cheat an election. if lieutenant colonel vindman and yovanovitch and fiona hill can risk their jobs to come forward to do the right thing, then these republicans can do their damn jobs and uphold the constitution. >> congressman, i appreciate you joining us tonight, and we'll catch up with you soon. i appreciate it. jason and bill stay. i want to turn to one more piece
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of this. bill, we've got a lot to get to here. the third piece of this is what we're learning about the actual case and the actual articles. and it was very interesting today in another exchange with reporter, garrett haake, pelosi not wanting to speak to the big question of other alleged obstruction. take a look. >> do you want to see elements of the mueller report or these other -- >> i'm not going to talk about that. i'm not going to talk -- my chairman will be making recommendations. >> do you have a personal view on that? >> as to what the -- our counsel, our lawyers, our chair, the staffs of the committees have been sensational and will look through them for their judgment. >> how do you read that? and for people who care about these issues, you run a group about the rule of law. politically there may be reasons not to go too big. substantively, if you think the president obstructed the mueller
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probe, you have an obligation to deal with it. >> you want to have your strongest count there and not the slightly more complicated ones maybe if they're not necessary getting slightly easier targets, perhaps. >> you don't like it as a strategy? you don't like getting back into it? >> i like mentioning it as part of a pattern. i think the easiest way to do it is to have it in there in a sense or two of part of a pattern of obstruction, pattern of welcoming others into our election, the obstruction of justice article, and the obstruction of congress article. those are all relevant to the mueller report. i would have that more as an instance of pattern that ukraine is the key decisive moment. they wouldn't have actually impeached just on the mueller report, so you can't retroactively make that up, i think. and i think they can use it as an example. but they need to keep the focus on ukrainian, i think. >> interesting to get your take
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as a noted trump critic. a number of people think of you and have said this about you that you will take anything and everything against him and you're disagreeing with that and saying they should be supporting evidence. jason, your view? >> nancy pelosi knows that not only in congress but the country there's an appetite for impeachment but you can't just sort of fill the plate, right? you're going to have to get something that people can eat in small pieces, that people can understand, that they can take to their constituents. the only reason ukraine matters is because of mueller. it's because of previous things that the president said. in basketball we would be calling this a make up call. you're not getting this technical foul for what you just did. it's for the five other guys you kicked. if donald trump hadn't engaged in such consistent and brazen behavior, if he weren't still doing things with having rudy giuliani there right now, if the president wasn't continuing to
3:16 pm
engage in this behavior we wouldn't have ukraine. so, the idea of focusing specifically on this particular behavior, keeping the money from zelenski in order to affect 2020 but saying this is the end of the result of the mueller report and several other things they've done, that makes sense for congress. that's something people can understand. >> it's striking and interesting to hear from both of you on that. bill stick around. i think you know why and it's a reason for a lot of people to stick around. we're going to get into a fact check of donald trump's new defense about impeachment. ukraine hasn't gotten all the money. later, breakdown on the ukraine scheme and why so much of it has blown up in rudy giuliani's face because of fox news. and you're looking at joe biden trying to diffuse these issues. and reunited and it fills so good, bill chris toll, fat joe tonight on "the beat" when we come back. t on "the beat" when come back. tendercrisp technology,
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elliott? elliott. you came back! now we turn to a new story that we have not had time to cover at all this week because so much has been happening. and i bet if you've been following impeachment, it will interest you because it's new evidence blowing a hole through a core trump impeachment defense that you've probably heard a lot about from the white house side. this is now new from this house impeachment report. it's gotten almost no attention yet, understandably given that
3:21 pm
it's a long report and a lot has been happening. the issue is at the heart of trump's alleged bribery scene, the military aid that was withheld for extortion. we mentioned nancy pelosi's remarks. she cited that money in her new statement. >> the president abused his power for his own personal political benefit at the expense of our national security by withholding military aid. >> withholding military aid. as everyone who's following this knows, the money did ultimately get unfrozen when they got caught. donald trump learned that a whistleblower was actually going after this whole plot, and he relented. now, many trump supporters have argued, this is very important. you've probably seen this line of argument, that ukraine ultimately got the money and that cancels out any impeachable offense. >> ukraine got the money. >> ukraine did nothing to get the aid released so there was never this quid pro quo. >> i look at it this way. the aid is there and the
3:22 pm
investigations didn't happen. so, if there was a quid pro quo, it certainly wasn't a very effective one. >> they got the money. let's take this apart, two points. one, it's not a valid league defense to bribery. in fact other politicians are in prison today for unsuccessful bribery plots. so, trump's alleged extortion of ukraine was going on while the money was frozen. that's what made it allegedly extortion. number two, this report cuts into trump's defense for the facts because from all the talk about the white house releasing all the ukraine money, trump's actions denied ukraine not a dollar or a hundred thousand dollars or a million dollars, but $35 million of that aid, report noting pentagon officials confirming ukraine still has not received 35 million in security assistance yet to be dispersed meaning those funds which were approved under u.s. law have not gone out. this isn't a rounding error.
3:23 pm
what you see simply on your screen is 14% of the entire money has still be denied to ukraine. so, trump did not get all the money back to ukraine even as he tried to lift the hold to cover up the plot which adds context to something else you're about to see, the senate floor there, september 26th. on that day, lawmakers took a little noticed action. they passed a new special law as a way to get trump blocked. you see anyone paying close attention would have noticed, this is military affairs covered by deference one noting extension. why am i telling you about this right now? this is not just history. this is now tonight. new evidence against donald trump for his potential impeachment. that vote was revealing, and it did have some republicans on board which showed they still wanted the money to get back to ukraine. a very unusual problem that
3:24 pm
lawmakers who, by the way, don't get everything passed into law. i think we all know about that. they took this seriously. and the next day after trying to fix the delayed aid which this report says is still denying ukraine millions, well it was still a big deal rattling lawmakers on the floor. >> let's see, russia has invaded the ukraine. ukraine is dependent upon the united states for military assistance to defend itself, trump is withholding the aid at the same time asking them for dirt on his political opponent. he's jeopardizing the national security interests of the united states. >> maybe he had never seen that moment before. that was on the week that congress took this extraordinary bipartisan vote to try to free up money, money that we're learning in the new report donald trump actions have prevented from going to ukraine. any time you hear this defense that actions went to ukraine, that is factually false.
3:25 pm
not all the money went to ukraine. and as of tonight, trump administration still doesn't have a good reason as to why. i wanted to get you that news. now we're going to go on to something really interesting, the report for the house intelligence committee says anything on fox news can and will be used against them. ythind will be used against them. impeachment probe moving forward against president trump
3:26 pm
even as aides refused to testify. i want to show you something else right now, how this report stitches together evidence from trump and his aides. so, while they won't testify, the report emphasizes that democrats think they can prove key damning parts of the false based on reports live on fox which looks bad because it was occurring before the whistleblower came forward like back in april when no one was talking about ukraine, giuliani took interest in a then-obscure company, burisma. >> so, i began getting people coming forward and telling me about that. and then all of a sudden they reveal this story about burisma and biden's son. >> all of a sudden, biden's son. impeachment probe is finding evidence that trump's ukraine plot was fundamentally about propaganda. the goal was pushing ukraine to
3:27 pm
damage the bidens in public, not about investigating foreign corruption. it was about getting talk of biden and corruption the on american television. in a loop from fox news back to ukraine back to cnn, an entire political conversation that was designed to tarnish the biden brand. as a key witness cited, it was all about hitting biden on air, not whether anyone actually did the investigations. >> he had to announce the investigations. he didn't actually have to do them as i understood it. >> this was a demand that president zelenski commit on a cable news channel to a specific investigation of president trump's political rival. >> and this new report we have documents it with giuliani secretly plotting in march to get the probe launched while publicly touting his clues on television. the report shows more exhaustively than we've ever seen until this week how it was supposed to work, a drum beat building to what they planned,
3:28 pm
an international televised announcement of a probe which had that happened would have made giuliani look maybe press yent when in fact they were predicting, quote/unquote, the outcome they were secretly engineering backed by the frozen money and all the other white house plotting. take a look in april, on the same day conservative writer john solomon, giuliani went on fox news to push them further. >> i got information about three or four months ago that a lot of the explanation for how this whole phony investigation started will be in the ukraine, that there were a group of people in the ukraine that were working to help hillary clinton and were colluding really with the clinton campaign. and it stems around the ambassador and the embassy being used for political purposes. >> giuliani was predicting biden would be investigated by election day but falsely claiming not because giuliani
3:29 pm
wanted it but because it was warranted. >> it's a dramatic story and i guarantee you joe biden will not get to election day without this being investigated not because i want to see him investigated. this is collateral to what i was doing. >> the evidence shows that false. trump and giuliani did want him to be investigated. that's why they were predicting it. the report shows trump was in on all the plotting pushing another ukraine conspiracy, guess where, also on fox news. >> take a look at ukraine. how come the fbi didn't take the server. podesta told them to get out. he said get out. so, how come the fbi didn't take the server from the dnc. >> trump and giuliani pushed those false conspiracy theories to try to hurt biden and wound up hurting themselves. here's the question. did they believe those things were true? maybe, which could explain why the plot backfired so badly.
3:30 pm
it's one thing to cook up a propaganda drug deal to trick others. it's another thing to trick yourself. since john bolton so memorably brought that up, i know you heard this before, never get high on your own supply. maybe they were so high on cloud strike and burisma they started believing it and it clouded their judgment. that is not a legal defense. the goal of propaganda is to hurt your opponents regardless of the truth for all the talk of the 2016 servers, the evidence shows trump wanted to run basically the same play that worked in 2016. hillary clinton was never actually indicted, let alone convicted over emails. everyone knows that. and the new emails that did get rumored and come out, they didn't change the outcome of those investigations. but do you remember this? if you take one thing from this
3:31 pm
special report, let it be this. do you remember how just the talk of potential investigations, reopening investigations, especially if you talk about it on fox news followed by bad news, that can really effect an election, right? >> i think he's got things you're going to hear about in the next few days. i'm talking about some pretty big surprise. >> i heard you say that this morning. what do you mean? >> you'll see. >> you'll see, he said. that was 2016. here they were at it again with the same person on the same channel and the same type of problem gann da with some details different. this time though it blew up. it looks like it may get donald trump impeached which is when biggie smalls give away, when it comes to framing your opponent, the same sort that knight you can good night you.
3:32 pm
let's get to lenny tolliver. good evening. >> hey, ari, how you doing? >> i'm all right. there's a lot in this we're still getting into. what do you think about the propaganda portion? >> it goes back to what dr. fee yo ma hill said. this is language sanctioned from russia that's going to divisive to our country and destructive to our democracy. and what they did, there's no such thing as coincidence. all the bread crumbs are laid out in ub approximate lick. they led the public know exactly what they were doing and using the same play book from 2016. the only difference here now is we had a whistleblower. we had a whistleblower who came forward with a report and complaint and now congress has taken steps to get to the truth and what they've done with all the expert testimony, all the witnesses coming forward is now schiff's team has laid out a very clear case against trump and what he and all of his allies have been doing this entire time.
3:33 pm
and there's no way to rebutt it. there's no way to really counteract all the facts they willingly went out and said public. >> it takes miranda rights and turns it into a hannity version. what you say on fox news can and will be used against you. it's striking to see times when they go back to hiding what the democrats are arguing is potentially obstruction. rudy giuliani blatantly, blazenly out in ukraine, then saying he can't tell you. i'm about to show you him in an interview being dodgey when it is reported he was speaking at the time from ukraine. take a listen. >> i can't really describe it. i can't even confirm it. all i can tell you is i'm doing, today all day and all night maybe, all i've been doing for a year and a half. i'm representing my client. i am not involved in 2020 election. that is democratic garbage.
3:34 pm
what i'm involved in is defending my client who's innocent against false charges. >> and part of that itself has proven to be false. >> if he wanted to defend his client, he would have done it in front of congress. he is in ukraine right now on behalf of president trump. and i need the american public to really let that sink in that even with all of these facts out, all the evidence out, he is still in ukraine doing trump's bidding like nothing happened, like none of this matters. and ultimately this really aligns with what pelosi, what schiff have been saying of this is an active threat to our democracy and the upcoming election cycle. that's why they're forced to take action. >> you laid it out clearly. the report has a lot of material we're going to continue to make sense of. it's just a lot of information to shed light on what everyone thinks of it. juanita tolliver, thanks as always. >> i want to turn next to a fiery clash on the campaign trail next. y clash on the campa
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there's been a lot of reporting on the evidence, facts, and substance of impeachment. but because this is ultimately as we've been reporting a propaganda campaign about 2020, there is related politics, everyone knows that, including how the target of this smear campaign is responding. biden was out today calling out what he calls lies. you're going to see this in a moment. but let me show you context. he's tried to address this several times. remember what joe biden said in the first days after the whistleblower story broke. >> wait, wait, wait a second, wait a second, wait a second. not one single credible outlet has given any credibility to his assertion, not one single one. so, i have no comment except the president needs to start to be president. >> no comment except that one and more to come. in fact, since then joe biden has been presented with this and
3:39 pm
has to deal with it in all kinds of forms including at those highly-watched debates. >> my son did nothing wrong. i did nothing wrong. i carried out the policy of the united states government in routing out corruption in ukraine. that's what we should be focusing on. >> beyond the campaign trail, the biden folks also launched this website. it tries to deal with trump's accusations, just the facts, folks. these types of efforts give oxygen and repetition to the very attacks joe biden says are worthless. that brings us to something new that's making all kinds of waves today, joe biden out campaigning. he's campaigning at the center of this impeachment crisis which involves attacks on him. now with your own eyes you can see exactly what happened. >> you're selling access to the
3:40 pm
president just like he was. >> you're a damn liar, man. that's not true and no one has ever said that. no one has said my son has done anything wrong, and i did not on any occasion, and no one has ever said it -- >> i didn't say you were doing anything wrong. >> you said i set up my son to work in an oil company. isn't that what you said? get your words straight, jack. >> get your words straight. anyone at a human level could understand joe biden's feelings about this, what he says and what have been demonstrated to be lies involving him and his son. this is a top democratic candidate and how he deals with the pressure after we showed you he said no comment, fact check, and now a flash of understandable emotion. voters are going to have to continue to assess how joe biden who rarely does live tv interviews on any of those topics, how he's handling it and whether his campaign is ready if he stays in the race or becomes
3:41 pm
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house democrats making it official. they are drafting articles of impeachment, teeing up a floor vote that democrats vow to win and then a trial of president trump that could captivate americans presenting damning
3:46 pm
evidence to people who aren't political obsessives which leads us tonight to a big question. what story will the rest of america hear and will this be an inflection point in the trump saga that actually changes minds? the trump era has changed politics and brought many together including a political friendship. bill kristol and grammy rapper fat joe finding common cause. they're back tonight with joe's 12th studio album coming out and bill kristol advocating with the rule of law together. so, from terror squad to the squad, we have two icons back together. >> great to be back. >> the odd couple. we're legends on the tree. i'm walking with bill. i go to some places -- >> where was the last place someone asked you. >> stone crab in miami, somebody approached me and said, yo, where's bill kristol. they think he's part of the e
3:47 pm
entourage or something. >> that was my cousin. >> are you ready to get into terror squad? >> i'm speechless at the thought. >> people ask me about fat joe all the time actually. >> so, that happens to you too? >> i give him the lyrics and help him out. >> we do a show with bill. >> a beat spin off. >> are you serious? do you want to do a show with bill? and i'm like of course. >> i've got news for americans -- >> he told me about this in the green room. we had a little discussion, should we include you? it's tough. let's face it, do we really need you? do we really need you? >> you raise a fair question. >> it would be nice to let him be part of it. >> the show is happening right now. >> woo! >> fat joe, lot of stories come and go. you're interested in politics. not everybody is. how do you think this impeachment story goes out to regular people? >> it's -- it's -- i think it's -- the people who are the political junkies are tuned in.
3:48 pm
but i think your average person is just going over there head because it's been vice versa, trump bashing and trump going back. and it's just -- i just feel like it's been so much going on where it might fly over your average person's head. >> i'm amazed how many intelligent people that do follow the news say it's not that serious. you know, and people really are able to just slide it off. >> it's based on a tale of two americas right now. if you're democratic, you follow certain stations. if you're republican, you follow certain stations. you know, sometimes i tune in to fox just to see what they're saying. i cringe. in ten minutes i change it back to look at ari. you know what i mean? and that's what's going on in america. they're telling a story and we're telling a story, and everybody's choosing their side. and, you know, that's what's going on with the news. that's what's going on with the
3:49 pm
people. it seems like the die hards are the die hards and never trumps are the never trumps. and that's what's going on in the media. that's what's going on in the workplace. that's what's going on in america. >> and yet, you know, talk about changing the minds about trump, hip hop has changed its mind about trump. he used to get shout outs and the facts evolved and people said no more shout outs because this isn't a game anymore. >> i was so interested in trump when he was running whether he was republican or not. it was until he gave his first speech coming down the escalator and called the mexicans drug dealers and all that, my jaw dropped. i used to see donald trump walking down the street or at games. i was there for trump. i had the popcorn, like the meeting, like what's he going to say? >> if fat joe can change his mind because you got past the dazzle and the reality show, is that a model for other people. >> i think a lot of people have slothed that off and said he
3:50 pm
says those things. it's unfortunately but the country is okay. ironically, trump is helped a lot because the country is a strong country and he hasn't done as much damage as he might have done in terms of day to day life. so, people are able to enjoy trump. >> you just put your finger on it because whose day to day lives we're talking about. i want to show you attorney general bill barr who is the kind of power that can affect peoples' lives, who gets arrested, who gets frisked, who goes to jail? he said something we want to put out so people understand what's going on. take a look. >> i think today american people have to focus on something else which is the sacrifice and the service which is given by our law enforcement officers. if communities don't give that support andrespect, they might d themselves without the police protection they need.
3:51 pm
>> fat joe, you have the attorney general making what i heard to be a potential threat. if you don't do what we want, you won't be protected by the police. >> that sounds crazy, like really crazy. i think we should all respect law enforcement. they put their lives on the line every single day. but at the same time you've got freedom of speech. what are you saying? if you protest, you're not protected? this is crazy. >> bill, i haven't seen a modern attorney general say anything like that. >> yeah, certainly not. i think he's reading a speech there, right? he's not just answering a question. it's pretty shocking. i mean there are bad apples in police departments, i believe everybody knows that. there have been investigations that have found that. unions and those protections people have maybe people should
3:52 pm
be held accountable with what they're doing and suddenly with cops it's like don't hold them accountable at all, and we've seen a lot of evidence. i've been a lot of shaken in the last few years to see what i think other people who live in different communities who live up close which is the behavior of the police. but, you know, that needs to be -- anyway, the barr attitude is really damaging. >> i think it's chilling. you've got your album dropping tomorrow, and we've got this great, great buddy comedy here between the two of you. so i've got to do both. because i don't know if you've even seen this. this is family ties, but i also want to show you some moments where other people on television, i didn't even bring it up but they brought it up and wanted to talk about the two of you in this partnership. >> the only man forging a friendship between bill crystal and fat joe. there it is right there.
3:53 pm
>> i don't know how much time you spend in the nightclub, willy, but we're calling him bill crystal. >> i'm still picturing bill crystal and fat joe in a stretch navigatorsert sort of cruising know, the streets of manhattan. >> that's what's up and eugene robinson didn't know. fat joe and bill kristol riding around the streets of new york city. you guys are inspiring people. >> this is where it all happened, where it all went down. >> and i'm just happy to help out with family ties. fat joe could have done it without me, but you'll see some touches in there. >> that leads to the other question, joe, what is bill
3:54 pm
kristol like in the studio? >> i can't tell you what he's really like in the studio. i've got to let my man make some money. he gets it lit in the studio. >> family ties you've got mary j. blige and cardi b. >> i said i'm 87% towards retitle. this might be my last album, and my daughter's 13, and she wants dad to be there when she gets home from school, so this is going on. the only good thing i figured out i heard when they're 15 they don't really want to be around their dad no more. but we put our heart and our soul, we think this is hip hop classic. you're going to definitely enjoy it, and i'd like to thank everybody who's a part of this album right here. >> great to have you back. that's right.
3:55 pm
we love it. we'll be back with one more piece of news on donald trump's still secret tax returns. (employee) enterprise car sales has access to over half a million preowned vehicles, most with tech features like blind spot detection, back up camera... [kristen gasps] (employee) because you never know what might be behind you. (kristen bell) does the sloth come standard? (kristen bell vo) looking to buy? enterprise makes it easy. ♪for the holidays you can't beat home sweet home.♪♪ we go the extra mile to bring your holidays home. i'm a verizon engineer, and i'm part of the team building the most powerful 5g experience for america. it's 5g ultra wideband-- --for massive capacity-- --and ultra-fast speeds. almost 2 gigs here in minneapolis. that's 25 times faster
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in other news the president's made his second attempt to get the supreme court to try to keep his financial records secret. today, brand new donald trump asking the court to hear a case about this request from congress to try to formally subpoena these financial documents. he's already asked for the court to weigh enon another subpoena related from the topic from prosecutors in manhattan. the supreme court famously ruled
4:00 pm
against president nixon in a case that was about whether or not he has to comply with, well, similar types of requests. and it court once unanimously ruled against bill clinton in a similar vein. see you back here tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. eastern. "hardball" is up next. the speaker's verdict. impeach him. let's play hardball. good evening. i'm chris matthews up in new york. well, the speaker of the house spoke for the democrats today and called for impeachment of the president. nancy pelosi began the day directing congressional committees to get busy next week drafting articles of impeachment against donald j. trump. in doing so speaker pelosi established herself as the driving force to make president trump the third


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