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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  December 6, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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mitchell reports." remember to follow our show online, have a wonderful weekend. chris jansing is in for voo"vel and rule." >> hello everyone, we'll have live reporting from the scene as we learn more about the suspect. and the november jobs report is out, it crushed expectations. we'll look at the big picture ahead. we'll begin with the developing story, breaking news at a naval base in pensacola, florida. the suspected gunman who killed three people and injured seven others was a foreign national who was in the u.s. for training. the shooting at the naval air
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station at pensacola on florida's gulf coast is the second deadliest shooting on a military base this week. the mayor calling it a tragic day. a true military in the community and asking people to keep their distan distance. joining me now, blayne alexander and pete williams. let's start with you blayne, what do we know at this point? >> reporter: we are expecting to hear that press conference with the latest from the escambia county sheriff's office, we know the base is closed for the rest of the day. only essential personnels allowed in and out. we know that the shooting that we are learning more about where the shooting happened and how it unfolded. it happened in one of the classroom buildings. the briefing earlier, officials would not say which room, they
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did not want to give too many details. it happened at the naval air station. the call came in around 6:30 this morning, calling for an active shooter. we know three people have been killed zand others taken to the hospital near by. two departments were aluties wee shootout. we are waiting to hear from officials. >> when we listen to the previous news conference, they were squasked about the shooter they did not get any information. what can you tell us? >> reporter: the suspect, the person that carried out the shooting is a saudi national who was here for training, his name is muhammad shiad.
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. the air station gives you what you need to know about the fact there are a lot of pilot training and you see the runway there in the areal picture. many foreign folks come to the u.s. for training especially if they're going to be operating and using military equipment that comes from the u.s. they train here and knowing how to handle u.s. equipment and so forth. a big note of caution here, just because this person is a foreign national and from saudi arabia according to officials, it does not mean it is an active terrorism. a foreign national could have the same kind of motives or problems from anyone else who carried out shooting could have. you can compile your own list of what possible motives may be.
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none t because it is someone from the middle east, authorities obviously have to pursue the possibility that this was an active terrorism. no one is saying it is. but, obviously it is something that has to be investigated. and, in terms of more about this person, we are trying to check that out now. i can only tell you what we have confirmed which is this person is a saudi national carried out the shooting today and there is an intense investigation to look into this person's background, why were they in the u.s. and for what training and then you know, work backwards from there. any look at their stron i celec devices and this will be the investigation by the hands that's led by the fbi. a shooting like this, the lead
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agency will be the investigation service. this will be taken over by the fbi because of this development. just to say and caution, terroristi terrorism is something we have to look at. >> it can be the same reason on base as it is off base. anything from a mental health issues, domestic situation, somebody who had too much to drink or a workplace issue, all the way up to and including the anthropologist possibility of terror. >> i would tell you this strikes home particularly hard for me as a retired military member. walking on the crime scene, you
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don't expect this to happen at home. this does not happen in escambia county and pensacola. >> it is a harrowing situation. what do we know of anything? what is security like there and the ability to respond quickly. somebody in morning described the heroic response. >> what the sheriff's office said they had two officers, two deputies who responded immediately. those were the two who were wounded in the encounter with the sheeooter. one was wounded in the arms and one in the knees. the injuries are said not to be life-threatening. the sheriff did tell us there was a considerable exchange of gunfire in the classroom building at the base on two separate floors so it unfolded of two floors in the classroom. >> pete, i know you will be listening in the press conference when it happens with
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us. we'll be getting back to you most likely. thank you, pete and blayne alexander on the scene. i want to bring in clint watts and our retired colonel jack jacobs. let me start with you, this is not the first time this week but there has been a shooting. adjustments were made after fort hood and 2009. another major shooting at the navy yard at 2013. what's your thought as you know based on what we know so far. >> we'll whine uptig tightening security again. after a while, we are relaxed now. it is impossible to have extremely high level of security and maintaining the optimal that we need to at the post point it is a bit like the internet. the argument is always balancing
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privacy against premium of speech. it got to be a balance or you will not get anything done. you can expect security will be tighten anywhere. you do have different rules on the base in terms of arms and guns than you would in the outside world. even if you are in a state where the gun laws are pretty relaxed. >> if you are on post, if you live on post, you can have weapons. all locked up in an arms room in a box, in a locked room that's maintained by an armour and you can't get it unless you have permission to take it out and signs it out and sign it back in and so on. if you live off post, whether you are a civilian or military, you can get on post, the most
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bases and camps, if you have a vehicle that's registered with the promo marshal and have department of defense sticker on it, and you have a department of defense id of some kind, your vehicle is not searched. when it is routinely searched, they're all the vehicle that comes in. those are the ones that take apart and look into everything. someone to inspect every single one like they do in every vehicle. >> you have ten thousand workers that come to that naval air base everyday. >> it is also a tourist de destination. >> if you got a weapon, you can bring it in or a government id and you got a vehicle that's registered with the marshal. you can slide right through. >> so, clint, i think pete makes
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a good point just because this muhammad sayid is a saudi national who was there training. does not mean this is a case of terror. what's going on right now to figure out who this guy is and why this may have happened and how quickly and how broad will mobilization be at this investigation. >> with pensacola being a training base, would not be entirely unusual to form military personnel or doing training there. this does change the equation of what we are talking about. how to form national -- why were they targeted? was it about personal grie grievances, we always talk about terrorism and it is interesting that pete mentioned a little
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than an hour ago that fbi did not rule out terrorism. they're trying to find out what was the motive and why was the target selected and if it happens in a school's building or classroom. who were the target? the third part is going to come up is, this national could access to some sort of weapons on a military base. this is very troubling to say the least. this could be a much bigger international issue. any foreign military soldiers, that's trained on one of our u.s. bases, usually comes of the approval of another country which it could sound like saudi arabia. >> we train an enormous number of foreign nationals from countries which we are alive or tryialign with. >> it happens all over the place. given all of that and we don't know what we don't know, what
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are the key questions you would have this press conference coming up, we think in about 15 or 20 minutes. >> it comes down to motive. motive speaks the target. what was the grievance? was this personal grievance and some sort of workplace incident or a bigger ideological and think back of nadal hasan at fort hood. if this person did execute, did they do it alone? could it be an international connection? i am sure they'll be scouring through more information. >> we much appreciate it. thank you for being here. >> still two weeks left until congress heads home for the
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holidays. congress jamie raskin will join us ahead. four hours out from the house's deadline to get involved with the next round of house judiciary committee. will the president join the fight? you are watching "velshi and rule" live on msnbc. "velshi and rule" live on msnbc. ♪
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we are counting down to a deadline now less than four hours away. president trump must decide
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whether he intends to have an attorney to represent him and what's left on the impeachment here. the president's council can call witnesses. the president refused to take part in the inquiry. nancy pelosi ordered committee chairman to draft the article of impeachment with a vote expected in the next two weeks. >> i believe we should introduce article of impeachment. this is a sad day for our country. it is something i hope we could have avoided but the president's actions made it necessary. you can't violate the constitution in full view. >> and on monday, the next hearing begins, the committee will present evidence on whether or not to impeach the president. >> garret haake is joining me now who's on capitol hill. what are we expecting the judiciary to look like on monday. >> reporter: it could be another
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long day in the same committee room of intel and injujudiciary they'll go through findings, the majority recoport that came out this week. there will be questions by colleagues and members of the committee. some of this is informative. anyone with connective connection can go online and read those reports right now. having it presented in the flesh is another important part. democrat ps fes feel like prese their case to the american people. >> congress goes home in less than two weeks, i asked eric swawell earlier today, they have stuff where they have to get done between now and then, it is not about impeachment, right?
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>> that's right. they are walking and chewing gum at the same time. >> voting rights package of bill they have been working for quite some time. they'll have to fund the government. that's saturday, another continuing resolution and something that everyone up here generally tries to avoid. the thought of going home for christmas tends to sharpen the minds of lawmakers. getting all these things done before the end of the year is a possibility. the impeachment thing is tricky. this is not congressional business. everything has to go right for democrats, they have to get the hearings they want and avoid hurdles and get them to the floor to make it happen. it is krchristmas, it can be do. is there any sense at this point and thinking of what can be
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drafted. >> >> reporter: there are two sift sets of issues here that could be two or three article. first is the broader abuse of power, focusing on ukraine, what democrats did. this is an urgent need to be addressed now. how do you deal with the obstruction from this president. do you make it purely the obstruction of ukraine matter. there is some division on that point. democrats who's on the judiciary and particularly had to deal with the mueller investigation for so long. many feel like you should show the pattern of conduct and include that in a separate article. there are some democrats who say let's keep it tightly focused on
10:21 am
ukraine. that'll be one of the debates that continue throughout the week. >> joining me now is annie carney and vivian salama and michael conway, good to see all of you. an annie, i want to go back to the deadline that's looming right now. do we have any idea whether or not the white house is going to say, yeah, we'll send somebody to participate? >> the white house can surprise us, there is no sign there is any change of strategy and the strategy so far is to dismiss the entire house's procedure as illegitimate and that's what the president wants to do and his aids want to do. i have no warning signs it is going to change the next 48
10:22 am
hours. >> is that the idea here of what's going to happen in the senate? t . >> the white house and the president himself keep on calling it a sham or hoax. they don't want to get involved at it. in the hope, the senate will somehow be exonerating process for the president, they believe that mitch mcconnell will essentially you know dictate a proceeding that's a lot more generous to the president himself. they're looking ahead to that. i think one thing that's interesting in hearing, the rhetoric comeing out of the whie house, the president and others wrapped their head around this that the president is likely impeached by the house. it is something they're trying to accustom themselves to and see how they can manage that 2020? their messaging and dealing with congress. >> and annie to that point. i think politico put it
10:23 am
colorfully. house respects really want to see the senate democrats scormed. >> he wants to call witnesses at that trial. what do we know of how they are gearing up as they look ahead to the senate? >> well, there is a split in the white house on this issue of whether or not a long process helps the president or whether a short close, get it done there and anticipating an acquittal in the senate. there is division of which process is helpful for him. the lack of drama here that the white house and his campaign, we know how this is going to end. the senate will quit and then they hope to toggle to this was a waste of time.
10:24 am
look at these jobs jury room we saw out today and hoep that's the message that resonates from voters throughout the next 11 months. >> to my e-mail, and probably yours of the trump/pence campaign put out a whole big spread. they are definitely moving forward with that. >> michael, your council under president nixon. how did you expect monday's hearing to look and how will it compare to what you lived to in 1974? >> a cup of similarities. >> the similarities is we brief the house judiciary committee for weeks before the accident. >> james sinclair was allowed to participate. he presented evidence and argument and into the committee. all that was released to the public. >> more than 4,000 page of
10:25 am
evidence was released. >> if they give to the senate trial, it is going to be a trial for public opinion as all. >> are they going to rebut the democrats, they better produce it in the house and judiciary committee. >> rather than sandbagging it in. that's unfair to the public people. >> the white house, all of this has gone into various court. >> it is something that democrats as garret pointed out, with -- what's your advise if somebody coming to you as somebody who knows how the house works. >> the house managers are going to be democrats. they present the case as prosecutors to the senate.
10:26 am
is mitch mcconnell going to allow to appear. >> i say mitch mcconnell, i really mean that. >> normal case, all the judge makes ruling and everybody is afazing. based on private practice, the senator can vote. if he says we can issue - mr. mcconnell can have the cushion. >> great to have all of you on today. >> any minute now, we'll hear live from officials in pensacola, florida. as we learn more of the suspect in this morning's deadly shooting. we'll have it for you live, you can see mic is settling up. >> president trump tweeted this. my thoughts and prayers are with
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governor rodesantis and governor morgan will be there. we'll go straight to it. our other big story, two weeks left until congress goes before the holiday, house committees are moving ahead with the impeachment investigations. the house judiciary committee will hold its second public hearing where lawyers on both parties will present evidence before a vote on whether or not to impeach the president of the united states. congressman of maryland and jamie r jamie raskin, good to see you
10:32 am
congressman. >> good to be here with you, . >> do you think there is a deadline for the article of impeachment? >> to get involved in the american presidential campaign by announcing an investigation against joe biden. we saw witnesses that people who were state department professiona professionals, decorated warriors coming forward to testify about the nature of this plot and the evidence really is overwhelming. i am hoping on monday when the intelligence committee staff and councils arrive, they're able to put this into a coherent narrative such as we are able to do our work articulating what
10:33 am
the high crimes and misdemeanors were. we were able to organize them into articles of impeachment that would impeach the president for his specific misconduct against the government and the people of the united states. >> well, we should know there is a debate among democrats -- you know the evidence well, where are you leaning? >> well, yeah, i think that to me does not capture the choice that we need to make. i don't think it is really a question of narrow or broad. it is a question of whether we should have a thinner approach or deep approach to it. the deep approach requires us to look at patterns of misconduct, speaker pelosi have said repeatedly all roads lead to russia with president trump and the president's actions have been to cover up all along the way here. we have seen a pattern
10:34 am
intimidating witnesses and coaching witnesses, withholding evidence and trying to blockade the investigation of congress into what exactly took place. >> so does that made you lean towards deeper? here we are approaching the holida holidays. there is not an argument to be made, the thinner, more focused is the better way to win over people who are not already definitely in one camp or another. >> we are focused on getting the facts out. >> you want to get them out in a way where people can digest them well. >> obstruction of justice was a central article in those
10:35 am
impeachmen impeachments. this president have done everything in his power to cover up and withhold evidence and disrupt our investigation and it goes onto this very day. i don't think that we can the pattern of obstruction of justice that began way back and special counsel mueller appointed by president trump's own designees when he tried to interfere or stir their testimony. i don't think we can ignore that and the fact that the president welco welcomed russia in. there was no evidence to find that he con pyspired with russi.
10:36 am
he threw up all the doors and windows, come on in. except here, the president basically bribed about it just as mick mulvaney admitted, we'll offer this guy a deal, the deal is you want to meet a meeting at the white house or $391 million that's voted for you by the u.s. congress. come out and say you are investigating joe biden. we can't tolerate that. if we allow president trump to get away with it. that means we allow every president to get away from it forever. >> to that point, the president gave us no choice but to impeach as nancy pelosi said yesterday. she rather be talking about something else. republicans argued not only do they not believe her when she says this is not political.
10:37 am
they argued what's going to hurt democrats. at one point the speaker was concerned about that. are you worried of the potential fallout of the impeachment hearings from modern democrats and districts that president trump won in 2017. we enacted 225 bills on a bipartisan bases that are sitting on mitch mcconnell's desk right now including a number of them relating to gun violence. we passed it for a mental background check for all firearms sale in america. >> is that the argument you think could win some of those moderates, could win voters over to some of those moderates? are you concerned of what impeachment and how it could impact some of the colleagues who are running in purpose districts, districts that donald trump won. >> the point is we are trying to advance the public welfare, we are trying to advance the common
10:38 am
good where as the president is engaged in personal corruption all over the world. we are trying to get back to the business of government. we are trying to get back to prescription drug reform and pass the equality act which is sitting on mitch mcconnell's desk. they're not acting on them. all they are doing is passing the court with right wing judges so they can continue to circle the wagons around donald trump. what we need americans to do as elijah cummings would say, listen up america, this is our democracy, this is an exercise in our democratic sellif government. impeachment is in the constitution for a reason. when we get a president who's acting like a king and violating all principles that the framers held dear, we got to act and hold the constitution close to our hearts.
10:39 am
>> congressman raskin, thank you so much. >> we are expecting an update at a naval base in pensacola, florida, we should be hear fing from the governor and the u.s. attorney's office. we have been told by pete williams, sources tell him it is a saudi national who was a shooter. we are hoping to get more information about his training there on the base and what the motive may be. we'll have it live for you on "velshi & ruhle" on msnbc. t liv "velshi & ruhle" on msnbc. back up camera... [kristen gasps] (employee) because you never know what might be behind you. (kristen bell) does the sloth come standard? (kristen bell vo) looking to buy? enterprise makes it easy. [maniacal laughter] gold. gold! right, uh...thank you, for that, bob. but i think it's time we go with gbtc.
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welcome back to "velshi & ruhle." the november jobs report blew away jobs expectations, 266,000 jobs were added. unemployment fell. earnings increase by 3.1%. joining me now, politico chief correspondent, ben white. great number. estimates have been all over the place. what do you make of what we are seeing here? >> i was shocked by it. the 266 is a blow out number. you got to subtract out 50,000 of gm workers who are coming back from that strike. you are still around 200,000 which pushes up to a monthly average about 200,000. this was less than last year of 225. it is still good pace for the economy this late in the expansion cycle. we are not heading to a recession any time soon and obviously if you are president donald trump in the oval office
10:44 am
waiting to be impeached by the house, this is a happy headline and go and tweet. >> i was saying earlier since i have gone on the air, the trump campaign put out the press release. >> it is a good number. >> they come on the heels of three times interest rates have been adjusted and what does the trade wars do? then you have this bod littom l job growth. how do we sort of align those two things. if you want to look at a political perspective, it is ease s easy to say wow look at what the stock market is doing. you can't afford to put in money at the stock market. >> wage is not great, it is not terrible. it is better than inflation but not by a huge amount.
10:45 am
>> wage will be growing more quickly. >> it is surprising they are not apart of that. baby boomers are retiring and part of it is a lack of activity. when you put in the political context, this economy was not a lot better than it was last year. it was not growing fast. it is a good daily headline for the president. it does not mean he's got an easy path of reelection, does not mean the election is going to be about the economy. it is not blockbuster. >> he tweeted today it is the economy. taken that line. >> let me ask you quick, one of the things you and i talked about quickly. wall street and other economists built in thinking trump's announcements are unpredictable and talking more about tariffs and rough exchanges in london on
10:46 am
tuesday. first he was big on tariffs and he was down playing and there is been a lot of talk about french wine and cheese and handbags. are we still in a place of a lot of concerns out there about what's next? >> there is a lot of risk about what's next. whether he can execute the deal with the chinese to stop the next round of tariffs and whether he can get a new act to congress. those two things are outstanding. wall street is going to get both done. that's why the market is elevated as it is. employers put the fears aside. though i should say in manufacture, the numbers are flat. there are not a lot of job gains. that's where the weakness of the economy is, manufacturing. that's why you need to get those deals done. >> ben white, thank you. >> stay right here, we'll have up da its on officials of the naval base in pensacola, we'll
10:47 am
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welcome back to "velshi & ruhle." democratic presidential candidates are barn storming iowa, a series of simultaneous stumping on an intense level. take a look at that. bernie sanders the only one who's taking the brunt of the cold there. right now former vice president joe biden is making a big push in iowa. he has a bus tour and he's joined today by a high-profile ally, former secretary of state john kerry. one day after kerry officially endorsed him. biden is answering for this fiery back and forth with a voter who questioned his son's work in ukraine. >> on the other hand, sent your son over there to get a job and work for a gas company that he had no experience with gas or nothing in order to get access for the -- for the president. so you're selling access to the
10:52 am
president just like he was. so you can -- >> that's not true. >> we're going to go live to pensacola where the governor is speaking on an update on a shooting at the naval air station. >> they come through here for flight training and so this is a dark day for a very great place. i think it not only strikes at the heart of community here in northwest florida but throughout the navy and around the world because of so many people who have been involved in this base one way or another. and i know the president is actively monitoring in the white house and the thoughts and prayers go out to everybody. we at the state of florida have already dispatched support. our department of emergency management sent a mental health coordinator to talk to any of the witnesses, any of the victims, the families and offer whatever support they can give. department of children and families has sent a mobile response team to the hospital.
10:53 am
we have fatalities but we also have people who are wounded. some like the deputies look like they're going to be okay. some are still in surgery. we're praying hard for those folks. i think there's going to be a lot of questions about, you know, this individual being a foreign national, being a part of the saudi air force and then to be here training on our soil, to do this and the fbi is working with dod, they're working with the escambia county sheriff's to answer those questions. one of the things i talked to the president about, given this was a foreign national, there will be time to do this, but obviously the government of saudi arabia needs to make things better for these victims and i think that they're going to owe a debt here given this was one of their individuals. what i can tell you is the response that we saw from the deputies of escambia county. some of the active duty
10:54 am
personnel responding to the scene. you'll hear more in-depth some of these stories, but i can tell you lives were saved because of the response of people both in uniform, the navy in uniform, with escambia county. on one of the darkest days of the base's history, you still saw some of that bravery and grit come out and even people who had been wounded themselves thinking about others and what could be done to save others. and so those stories are inspiring and keeps us going on a very -- otherwise very bad day. with that i'm going to bring up the base commander of nas pensacola. >> thank you, sir. commanding officer of naval air station pensacola. this has been a very, very difficult day for us, for our families, for the navy family here. all i can tell you is that i am absolutely in awe of the
10:55 am
response by our sailors by our civil dod, by the escambia county sheriff's adopt. there was some real heroism today, real heroism. it made me -- i'm devastated. we're in shock. this is surreal. but i couldn't be prouder to wear the uniform that i wear because of my brothers and sisters in uniform, civilian or otherwise, that did what they did today to save lives and for our brothers and sisters here with the state of florida and with escambia county emergency management and the sheriff's department. from the bottom of my heart, i thank you and thank you for the support. the days ahead are going to be difficult when it finally sinks in what has happened here. the most important thing going forward is to support the families. they are family. we're family here in the navy. so that's where most of our efforts will be going to, supporting the families and the people who have been affected by
10:56 am
this terrible tragedy. with that, i turn it back to you, sir. >> thank you, everyone. with thank you for all of the prayers for the escambia county officers and of course for the injured navy personnel. as the governor has said and captain, a dark day, this shows who we are. this shows the best of who we are. one of us needs help, everybody responds. i will tell you this morning i've been more than impressed by the federal bureau of investigation and the u.s. attorney's office. in all of those folks when the call went out, you didn't need to look behind you, who was following you through that door because you knew they were all standing behind you and they were there together. we're in a recovery mode right now. this is going to be a lengthy investigation. there's going to be some parts of this investigation not only that we're a part of with the fbi and the atf and the state authorities that you may never have access to just because of the fact, again, the nature of the case and who we're dealing
10:57 am
with. that will be extremely frustrating for you. this is something i'd talk about in your government and elected officials today that no one speaks of and that's called trust. you're going to have to trust us. we're going to tell you what you need to know to keep our communities and our state and our nation safe and i want to also assure you from the men and women of the escambia county sheriff's office who are more than proud to serve every day that you'll hear the truth from us as best we can tell you. prayer for the navy personnel. there are grieving mothers and fathers today who will never recover from this day. in two week's time, remember the names of who was wounded and killed here today and you won't. you won't. but if today was a member of your family that was wounded or killed today, this day will be etched in your memory for the rest of your life. that's what the families of the navy personnel are dealing with today. they need your prayers, they
10:58 am
need your comfort. that's why this morning i asked for your assistance in helping us deal with this case. we're going to get there. give us a little bit of time and we'll provide all of the answers we can for you. you can be proud of your community. you can be proud of your navy. thank god for the united states of america. thank you. >> mayor? >> thank you. governor, thank you so much for being here and as a part of that. i want to say to all of our escambia county residents how grateful we are that you're here. we've gotten calls from our congressmen, senators, the white house and they have expressed anything they can do for our community they're willing to do. so we very much appreciate that. this is the tragic day for city of pensacola, again. i think the world of our base commander here who always says that as goes the base, so goes the town and as goes the town so goes the base. there's a deep affinity between
10:59 am
pensacola nas and pensacola and the men and women who work here. this is a sad day but some of the things that were said there, this is a community of great resiliency and i'm confident that we will bounce back from this day and be stronger as we go through. but i'm certainly here in support of everyone and certainly want to thank all of our first responders, especially those escambia county deputies who got here and took care of neutralizing the threat and all of the police officers who were here assisting. we had ems from escambia county as well as fire and rescue from escambia county and the city of pensacola. all of our first responders, you never know when you're going to have a day like december 6th. again, thank you to all those individuals who serve us every day and take care of us. that's the professionalism that
11:00 am
you can expect and we appreciate all of those who have come, the governor, everyone else, the state of florida has reached out to us and we appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers. please continue to keep thinking about pensacola nas and the people there and we will bounce back from this. thank you. >> i think we have time if there's any questions. >> as a former member of the navy corps, former officer, how would you expect this investigation to play out? >> well, i think that -- i think the fbi is probably going to brief you guys in due time. but obviously when you have a foreign national involved, you know, particularly in that part of the world, the investigation is obviously going to be different than if it were just somebody from a local community. and i think you'll see that as things go on. >> can you maybe help people understand the background nature of what the t


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