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tv   Politics Nation With Al Sharpton  MSNBC  December 29, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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he this holiday, start the journey with a dna kit itreat them all as if, they are hot and energized. to dvds, thumb drive, or the cloud. the ng legacybox is simple and safe, stay away from any downed wire, with over half a million satisfied customers. call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out the more we look the more we find, visit today, and get 40% off. the sparks that make america shine. and keep the public safe. >> announcer: welcome back to the 2019 revvie awards. from rockefeller center, here's we're portuguese? your host, al sharpton. it's the ninth annual revvie i thought we were hungarian. can you tell me that story again? welcome back to the ninth behind every question awards from rockefeller center annual revvies. is a story waiting to be discovered. in new york city. here's your host, al sharpton. we are turning now to the this holiday, start the journey with a dna kit nominees for some of the more from ancestry. ridiculous events our network >> good evening, and welcome to has covered this year. we're calling the category the "politics nation's" ninth annual revvie awards. ridiculous. first up, acting chief of staff it's where we celebrate the best and worst in 2019 and give mick mulvaney admitting to the quid pro quo at a press recognition to those who deserve briefing. then there's the colleges it. let's bring in our esteemed admissions bribery scandal. panel of judges this year. congressman devin nunes suing my friend and colleague, joy twitter and a few parody accounts. former press secretary sean
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reed, distinguished host and spicer's signature cha-cha on author of msnbc's "am joy," "dancing with the stars." and despite our best efforts to keep trump out of it, we had to republican strategist and include the president changing a necessary nbc political analyst susan del percio, and also with national weather service us, author and host of "all in" hurricane map with a sharpie. and the week of absurdity that right here on necessary nbc, followed. chris hayes of course, and susan? >> you touched on it earlier, i say greenland. the fact that the president woke omarosa manigault newman, a up and said i want to buy greenland was just absolutely former senior aid in the trump white house. quite a group with us. ridiculous. >> joy? >> i would say the ongoing got the a-list this season. project to help donald trump jr. be his own man is my favorite let's get right to our first story of the year. revvie, the worst political move of 2019. it's a crowded field that molly johnfast introduced me to includes, among others, the concept of a fail son. papadopoulos and lewandowski running for office, democrats' the fact that he needed the rnc handling of the mueller to buy all of the books to put testimony, trump's continuous him on "the new york times" best lie about the mexico wall, beto seller list, as an author who's o'rourke's born to be in it gotten on there by myself, i think that's hilarious. magazine interview and the >> chris? >> i go with the sharpie moment litany of black-faced scandals. and the reason is it's not just what is the worst political move
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the first tweet where he said of the year, joy reed? >> you know, those are a good alabama, look out, it's the excessive doubling down. list. it's kind of hard to top a lot there's a comedy sketch in which of those but i have to give it a guy has a job interview and he to mayor pete. goes to leave and goes to the mayor pete buttigieg who has had in a lot of ways the biggest door and starts pulling on the door and the guy says i think upward trajectory of any it's push. he says, no, no, it's pull, and candidate in the democratic race has also had the biggest stopper then he proceeds to wrench the which is his inability to court door off the hinges because he the african-american vote and doesn't want to be wrong and you his awkwardness in trying to watch as the sweat is pouring deal with it. from his face and the door is i think of all the moments that buckling and the machinery is he had to kind of symbolize popping off. >> but he can't be wrong. this, it was his reaction to a >> he can't be wrong. and this is the -- moments like police shooting in real time while he's mayor and while he's that happen with donald trump all the time. a presidential candidate, a guy he could have just walked away named eric logan, a r- from it, never talked about it. he had to double down and double down and double down until he's unarmed black man shot by police in his city in south bend, there with a sharpie drawing lines on a map in front of the country. indiana and he goes before a >> it's going to have to be group of black lives matter activists and he says to them as donald trump serving fast food they're yelling, really emotional, i'm not asking for to the national championship your vote. i don't think he really means he teams that come to the white isn't asking. house. this used to be an honor. i think he is asking for the you would get lamb chops and african-american vote and i think he's trying to fix his problem with black america but filet mignon. his inability to do it and instead he's serving big macs communicate with african-americans in a way that works and that actually and whoppers. resonates i think is the reason >> and he inspected it first.
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that he, despite his huge >> by the way, let's be clear about those big macs. trajectory, is going to have a they're cold. they had to go through security hard time. >> there was history with a black police chief so there was and this is during the shutdown a background. >> there was a background. he tends to say i can't. so it's winter. they're sitting in a big room that i've been in in the white he says what the police chief house which is not that warm. who was fired, i can't release the tape that was supposedly >> and not very sanitary. >> by the way, those of you, we racist where white officers not only disparaged him but the know the white house has some of black police. he said i can't release them and the greatest chefs in the country and you could have that's fair but he has a lot of anything you want. >> anything. >> that's what he served them. >> that's what got me, when they i can'ts for somebody in an showed he actually went down and executive job. for a lot of black america, they're missing something about him. just saying that you have a plan inspected them and walked named after frederick douglass around. it's not like he said who doesn't work when you don't have an authentic connection and he thought of this. hasn't been able to create one. he actually inspected it. >> omarosa, worst political act >> that's all he eats. of the year? >> i'm going to have to point to >> it's true. >> it's what he lives on. donald trump and the do me a he's full of big mac. i don't think he eats anything favor. obviously it's let us to this else. and diet coke. >> the fact that we're laughing, point when you ask a foreign we should be also crying because some of the ridiculous stuff, when we think of what this entity to interfere in our country has had to tolerate and elections. i think that was the worst the thing that really scares you
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is the normalizing of people political move and as a result he will be impeached. looking at push saying it's >> it's not a specific action but a theme of action which is pull, and we are beginning to the republican party has see americans act like this is decided -- and we saw them normal. double down this year -- that when you have the president they can govern the country from sitting up there telling you the essentially 40%. weather and you're looking they've gotten further than you outside and seeing the opposite and you start looking at the would think in a democracy sharpie more than looking at the governing from 40% but they've weather, we have a problem. made no efforts this year to >> we just had a book by peter expand outward in any way on key bergen that just came out about the president and north korea issues like climate for during this fire and fury moment instance. which i think you were probably polling shows that young in the white house during that republicans by 60, 70% margins period of time reporting the favor action on climate, on president actually instructed u.s. families of military personnel to be evacuated from inequality after that passed seoul and from the korean that big corporate tax cut. they're running experiments and peninsula. you see it in the way that they now, that was a ridiculous thing to do because it would have pass legislation and the things triggered the north koreans to that they say in hearings and thinking that an attack was even the way that donald trump acts, when he made a move to imminent and could have literally initiated a nuclear stop vaping but stepped back con flag rags on the korean because he got pushback from his peninsula. >> he wanted all of seoul, south base, even though regulating it would be good, they can dead set korea, to be all of that. >> the stakes are nuclear war. >> well, i mean, you can go on
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on being with the 40% of the and on and on with it but country. that doesn't work in the long hopefully things will get better. run, didn't work in 2018. everybody, stay with us. the revvies will be right back. k the vaping things was a perfect example, some ways of showing folks we're willing to step outside our base, some kind of gun legislation, some kind of regulation, some pro environment, some work on the carbon emissions. none of it. >> worst political act? >> i'm with omarosa, i went with donald trump but i went with donald trump because he totally underestimated nancy pelosi from the get-go. her coming in as speaker, he did not know what was coming and she frankly ate his lunch more times than not this year. >> okay, interesting. well, let's go to the best political move in 2019. here are some of the nominees. democrats questioning throughout these impeachment hearings. beto o'rourke's speech after the shooting in his hometown of el paso. president obama largely staying out of politics.
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president trump meeting with north korean leader kim jong-un multiple times this year. or maybe it's the canadian prime minister, justin trudeau, greeting first lady melania trump with a kiss on the cheek at the g7 summit. what is the best political move of the year? chris, let me go to you first. >> i think it was the best political move of the year just in sheer politics, the first thing democrats did, which was to hold -- to stick to their guns on the shutdown. they inherited a shutdown. they came into the government with a shutdown. there was tremendous pressure for them to end it and they didn't. they refused to back down. >> trump blinked. >> trump blinked and i think that was really important to set a tone. for all the sort of back and forth between the house democrats and the white house, had they started by conceding, had they given him the money for the wall, that would have been a huge sort of precedent to set in that relationship and i think them sticking to it -- it's interesting, you look at the
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approval ratings, the president's approval ratings are flat and consistent. there's one big deep and it's during the shutdown. >> omarosa? >> it's got to go to kamala harris. it seems a little counter intuitive but the fact that she entered this presidential field allows the country to realize how important black women are on the national stage and how we need more african-american women to compete at that high level. so although she ended her campaign, i think it's important to acknowledge the historic nature of her candidacy and to celebrate it and encourage more of it. >> susie. >> i went to speaker pelosi on how she handled the impeachment process. she waited until she had it lined up just right and pulled the trigger. she was able to get her whole conference together which was very difficult. >> she took a lot of flack. >> she took a lot of flack. >> she was getting flack from both sides. >> i think she's done a tremendous job keeping her conference together and showing leadership that you do what's
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right even if it's not politically wise. you do what you what is necessary to stand by your oath of office and to do your job and protect america. >> joy reed? >> i'm attempting by omarosa's answer because i think kamala harris being in the race was incredibly important but susan took my answer as well. the democrats, i think they were inevitably going to keep nancy pelosi as speaker but ignoring all of the doubters and keeping her in that position i think was the best over all political move because donald trump's unique threat to the constitutional order required an equally strong leader on the democratic side. i don't think democrats could have done better than picking this woman who in so many ways triggers and scares donald welcome back. trump. i think the fact that she's a we're wrapping things up here at woman, she's a woman of a the revvies, and we're ending contemporary age to him, he with a look at our judges' great can't rattle her, scare her with expectations. their predictions for 2020 will silly nicknames and she won't back down to him. make sure to save this tape to the fact that she is leading this impeachment which is a very embarrass you. important moment for the country embarrass all of you next year. to make a statement about the so choose wisely.
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limits of the presidency that we need in order to be a democracy, let us go to chris hayes. >> i'm going to make a i think that her conduct of the prediction that i feel pretty impeachment, her guiding her good about. caucus toward it, her managing that the 2020 presidential the moderates who tried to stand election will be the highest in the way of doing it i think has been smart from picking adam turnout election ever. i think in raw vote totals, i schiff to lead the charge. he was a good pick. think as a percentage it's going and just the way she's kept her to be near certainly in the caucus together, this is a huge modern times whatever happens, i momentous moment for democracy. feel extremely confident that >> she's kind of the adult every metric we have of people's playing with a child. level of investment in this she's reduced trump to looking race, in politics, is at the juvenile. >> yes. highest it's been, and it's going to be a very, very, very >> she's been able to use that finger very well. >> yes. big number. >> do you think that we're going she's been able to do that very well and take flack from some of to see the type of suppression her own caucus which shows and chicanery we have seen? >> yes. i think ever since the voting leadership. you've got to be able to do rights act -- that. >> but the numbers might over i think that's -- both of you made a good point. wem it. i was youth director at 18 years >> yes. i think we'll see high numbers. old for the shirley chisolm >> omarosa. >> our prediction is we will in campaign so i loved what kamala this country next year have our did. stay with us. we're just getting started. first african-american woman we'll have more of this year's vice president. >> really? >> yes. revvie awards on the other side >>. >> who might that be?
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do you want to go a step of the break. first, we'll hand out one of our further? >> i predict it will either be trophies. >> here's a look at this year's kamala or, of course, stacey revvie for best political abrams with a heavy leaning on impression. >> mr. president, just a few senator kamala harris. questions. >> so you think the democratic >> can you comment on ambassador sondland's damning testimony nominee -- >> no matter who it is, will about your illegal dealings with select a black female as their running mate. u >> suppose if it's elizabeth u ukraine. >> i can't really hear you that warren. >> i still believe the good because of this lousy chopper behind me but it sounds democratic party is at this moment where they have to like you said sondland's acknowledge the very powerful testimony completely exonera force that black women make in me. the party and they have to oh, here it is, i said so acknowledge it by stepping up sondland, i want nothing, no and matching their words with quid pro their actions. they're going to have to nominate or at least select a it's right here in black licorice, case closed. black licorice, case closed. black woman as a running mate. >> well, i tried to talk joy on day one. reid into it, but she says if congress has never passed an important climate bill, ever. i'm drafted, i will. this is a problem which continues to get worse. >> joy. >> i think that you're right. i've spent a decade fighting omarosa, that i think whoever and beating oil companies, stopping pipelines, the democratic nominee is will stopping fossil fuel plants, pick a black woman. i think no matter who it is, ensuring clean energy across the country. that is going to happen. how are we going to pull this country together? i would throw val demings in as
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we take on the biggest challenge in history, someone on the short list. florida, very popular. we save the world and we do it together. >> good choice. >> she is a form police officer, but she's very popular. she and her husband, the current sheriff, he took over for her, and she's popular. >> she stood up when she was sheriff. i dealt with tensions down there. >> she's solid and smart and popular. and she also was a social worker, not a lawyer, before she was a police officer. she is -- so i think that's probably true. my prediction is not so sunny, though. i think that whatever happens in the 2020 election, we are going to court. i predict that if donald trump, who i think will lose the popular vote, but whatever happens in the electoral college, if he doesn't come out on top, i think he'll take it to court. i don't think he'll acceptable losing if he's declared the loser and regard lass, we'll end up in court, also dealing with a lot of chicanery around voter suppression. >> do believe donald trump will be acquitted by the senate.
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i believe the majority of senators will vote to have him leave and not -- yeah, i think -- >> it will be a 51-49 number. >> or more. you see up to four or five republican senators vote to convict donald trump. so he will not have gotten the majority. he won't be forced to leave office, but he will have the majority of the u.s. senate convict him. >> save that tape. i say zero. >> i say zero. >> no republicans. you think every republican in the senate trial votes to acquit? >> yes. >> there's one possibility that won't, and that's cory gardner, who is in deep, deep trouble in colorado. i'm not sure he can get -- he might be the one if one does. maybe mitt romney will be tempted, but i still would be very shocked. >> i think if you have cory, you get susan collins. if you get susan collins, you get lisa murkowski. if you get three, you get mitt romney. >> it's true if anyone is going to do it, they're in a better
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position if it's four than one. >> one won't do it. if there's a group, they might. >> you were there in the white house, omarosa. from your knowing those players, are they panicking with the senate trial coming up early this coming year? >> there's no question they're panicki panicking. donald trump cares about what people think of him, and the one thing he does not want to think of him is being a failure. and so just this whole impeachment process confirms and solidifies with that asterisk by his name that he is in some ways failing at being president. >> we haven't talked about your favorite mayor of new york, rudy giuliani. we can't close it without talking -- >> how did he not get on the list? >> one prediction is about what his legal situation looks like in 2020, which is -- >> and if william barr stands in the way of him actually paying the price, because he still does
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supervise the southern district of new york. we'll see if he interrupts it. but rudolph giuliani, those of us who lived under him as mayor, this is huge karma and welcome back to the 2019 comeuppance. this was a threat to me when he revvie awards. was mayor of the city, and he from rockefeller center, here's your host, al sharpton. made it clear he was not our mayor and he was only mayor of the people he chose to lead, >> we're back with some of the which was white new yorkers. it's quite an interesting and best and worst moments of the sort of delicious irony that he now finds himself having to pay year in politics. for having monetized 9/11. i'm back with our singular panel of judges, joy reed, susan del he took the fame and the percio, chris hayes, and omarosa manigault newman. adulation of 9/11 and sold it next up, the best speech of the and now he's going to pay. >> who's going to be the democratic nominee? year. several come to mind including >> why did you come to me first? late congressman elijah cummings >> i'll go first. >> okay. >> biden, no question. >> most likely biden. speaking at meek amichael cohen >> no idea. >> i mean -- >> i have no idea. hearing on capitol hill. >> warren is still out there. elizabeth warren, i mean, but president obama at elijah it's looking bidenish, but we'll cummings's funeral, the intel see. we'll see. >> biden. >> you think it's biden. it's bidenish. chair closing comments. no idea, because chris knows i'm
2:15 pm
senator kamala harris announcing going to save the tape. >> exactly. >> and susan. presidential bid in oakland, well, that does it for us here. california. >> you have to tell us. last, we'll leave an open space >> rev. >> who is the nominee? there for the president, just an >> i'm not running. open space, hope that maybe one >> he's smart. day he'll have one speech to that's a politician right there. fill in the spot. maybe one day. >> i'm not running. thank you all for being with us for the revvie awards. we had a lot of fun. i would like to especially thank susan? >> when i saw this category, my panel, joy, susan, chris, and immediately one line came to mind, we are better than this, omarosa. you have been beterrific. elijah cummings. we have to go, so cue the orchestra. it happened at the beginning of i'm really looking forward to this year and i'm always going 2020. more discussions, more debates, back to it because i find myself more caucuses, and primaries. watching hearings or what have and yet another opportunity to you and i say, we are better bring you the revvies. than this. how are we going to get there happy new year. and good night. though. >> that's a tough one. >> you've been watching the 2019 >> unfortunately, some of the revvie awards, brought to you by others say no, we're not better. reverend al sharpton and >> they prove it on a daily politics nation. thanks for watching. we'll see you next year. basis. have a happy holiday season. >> exactly. >> i came very close to say that one as well. it was so moving and congressman cummings was such a good man this sunday, alternative facts. the assault on truth. that it's a real loss not to >> charged by our press have him here during this impeachment crisis. secretary gave alternative facts maybe it's because i'm so in my feelings about her not being in to that, but the point -- the race, i go back to kamala >> wait a minute, alternative
2:16 pm
facts? look, alternative facts are not harris' announcement speech. >> 20,000 people. fact, they're falsehoods. >> 20,000 people in oakland, we're living in an era where we california. it was the most memorable of the can't even agree on what the speeches, the most inspiring of facts are. >> ukraine was not aware of the aid. >> they knew it on july 25th. >> truth is truth. the speeches. i don't mean to -- as a black woman it made me feel there was a possibility that we >> no, it isn't truth. might achieve the white house. truth isn't truth. women in this country have not been able to achieve what women >> who the truth tellers are. in pakistan, in parts of africa >> just remember what you are seeing and what you are reading and israel and england have been is not what's happening. able to achieve and for black >> or even the meaning of the simplest ideas. women you're doubly locked out. >> it depends on the meaning of and liberia. and we have had this bar almost the word is. on a woman being able to be president. for a black woman to be in the position, naming shirley chisolm who is both of our political hero. >> absolutely. >> for her to hinge it on that legacy i thought was so inspiring. it's a real loss that she's out of this race. >> omarosa? >> i have to agree with that and in fact, i have to confess that i had my students at howard, joy, watch her announcement speech so that they could know what it's like to come from
2:17 pm
howard university and end up on such a national stage. but i chose robert f. smith and his speech at morehouse college and his encouraging -- >> this is where he paid the debt for his -- for the class that year. fantastic speech. >> it was a fantastic speech that encouraged those young men to pay it forward, but it also reminded us of the political issue of college debt and how there are so many bright and incredibly talented students who come out of college just heavy ladened with debt. and that speech, i think, was a turning point. >> dramatically brought that point home. chris hayes? >> i would say the elijah cummings speech, a combination of what he said, the moment, the fact that it was extemporaneous and because of the fact that we lost him this year and he's such a singular member of congress, beloved across the aisle, a model legislator in so many ways. on an international perspective, the grete get that -- gretta th
2:18 pm
speech. here's a 16-year-old who says i shouldn't have to be here. you, the adults, the people in power, you have mortgaged our future. i'm here as a child before you to tell you to do your job which is the custodial work of taking care of the planet that we are going to inherent. i think that she was named person of the year. i think in a strange way she's one of the most gifted rhett riggss of our time. it's really a remarkable thing that this 16-year-old who started by herself not going to school with one sign more than a year ago has been able to kind of coalesce this global movement. >> she really made a mark. she did it as one that does speakingtiming. she's a very good orator. i agree with you, kamala's speech was inspiring and ms. c,
2:19 pm
chisolm, was very particular about speaking. you would sit in the car with her and every word had to be perfect. don't use that word. i told kamala, kamala loved the shirley chisolm stories. we have a lot more revvies on the way. don't go away while i'm here reminiscing. but first, in memory, remembering those who departed. all were flat out fired from the trump administration this year.
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welcome back to the world famous revvie awards. our next category is a favorite here at "politics nation." it's the alfred c. sharpton
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blueberry pie lifetime achievement award. every year we look around and ask, who has the most blueberry pie on their face, and for the second year in a row, it goes to none other than president donald j. trump. why, you might ask? well, where do we even start this year. maybe trump telling the squad to go back to the countries they came from despite most of them being american. what about trying to host the next g7 summit at one of his properties in florida? and then after backlash scrapping the idea? perhaps for failing repeatedly to get gop candidates elected to the governor's mansions. oh, and then there was the time he tried to buy greenland which, news flash, mr. president, has never been up for sale. panel, take it away. >> you know, i would have to agree with you but a close
2:25 pm
second is mick mulvaney when he stood up there and told us all to get over it. yes, politics and foreign policy and in this case, yes, we did make these demands. >> i did the crime, get over it. >> i thought that was not only a blueberry pie on the face but peach cobbler, apple pie. >> congressman duncan hunter is the second member of congress to endorse donald trump, the first, of course chris collins, has already pleaded and is awaiting sentencing for insider trading. duncan hunter had a misuse of campaign funds. he attempted to throw his wife under the bus and say she's to blame for it. he said it was a witch hunt, ridiculous, he was going to fight it. it includes misusing funds for everything including flying the pet rabbit across the country for $600 or purchasing golf gear and saying it was for the, quote, wounded warriors.
2:26 pm
ultimately after all the railing against the system and how it was unfair, he pleaded and will be leaving congress. >> susan. >> by the way, he threw his wife under the bus too. he just blamed it all on her. unbelievable. good one. i went with press secretary stephan stephan stephanie grisham. it's not the press secretary's job to lie to the american public so i think she has it on her face, in her hair, it's coming out of her ears. it's everywhere. she's got blueberry pie all over because she's been disen with us with providing the american public with the truth. >> there's only one person in my view who can beat donald trump and that would be attorney general william barr. this man has been covering up for presidential deeds since 1985. this year he got caught lying about the mueller robert and the ig report. the mueller report says donald trump openly accepted and welcomed help from a foreign
2:27 pm
government. he says the opposite when he gives a preview of it. the ig report says, no, there was no pernicious attempt to get donald trump for spying on him and investigating that exact thing that happened, what russia did to us, and he comes out and does a media blitz saying the opposite. he just lies. >> what's amazing about barr is, does he realize that in both cases there is a report coming out. >> you can see it. >> it's not like we have to dig up the truth. >> he's taken the pie -- >> he does it the day before. don't you understand that everybody's going to know and you stand there with that blueberry pie on your face. since trump gets the blueberry pie, he'll probably eat the entire thing. we're going to hand out some extra slice to someone who's of honorable mention this year. we decided it goes to current virginia governor ralph northam, a democrat, who last went to his
2:28 pm
court wearing black face in a medical school year back from the 1980s. take a listen. >> when i was confronted with the images yesterday, i was appalled that they appeared on my page, but i believed then and now that i am not either of the people in that photo. >> after first confessing that it was him in the photo, northam changed course and denied it, and despite the loud course of calls for him to step down from his job, guess what? he's still in office today. all right, don't touch that remote, we have more of the revvies on "politics nation" right after this. >> announcer: the ninth annual revvie awards will be right back. ncer: the ninth annual revvie awards will be right back ly. we're a festive family. we're a four-legged family. we're a get-up-and-go family. we're a ski family. we're all part of the chevy family. and as we kick off the new year, we'd like you to be a part of ours. because our chevy employee discount is still available to everyone.
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>> announcer: welcome back to the world famous rockefeller center in new york city and the ninth annual revvie awards. here again is your host,
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reverend al sharpton. >> thank you for joining us for our end of the year celebration where we look back on the year that was in politics. my distinguished panel, joy reed, susan del percio, chris hayes and omarosa manigault newman. our next category has so many possible nominations, we couldn't fit them all in. i'm talking about the worst trump tweet of the year. here are a few just to get us started. trump attacking 16-year-old environmental activist greta thunberg for being named "time's" person of the year, telling her to go chill. his puny welcome back message to asap rocky after he was released from a swedish jail. or when he called senator mitt romney a pompous ass who is,
2:34 pm
quote, so bad for republicans. and one of his most racist moments, telling representatives of color to go back to their countries, saying nancy pelosi would be happy to arrange their travel. i mean, it's so many and i didn't even use the ones he did on joy reed. it's on and on and on. >> or mine. >> i wasn't going to bring yours up. >> thank you. >> you noticed i didn't even put you on our list of the departed. >> thank you. >> i'm trying to be kind. it's my end of the year new year's. >> the one that i would include in there, again, because of the context, is calling the district of elijah cummings rat disgust trope. it's a disgusting racist trope part of trump tv programming every day which is albout how te
2:35 pm
places are dirty and infected. >> and the district is not at all that by the way. >> no. in fact, it has a higher median income than jim jordan's district. >> he has more bed bugs in the hotels. >> the thing about the tweets that i find fascinating in a broader sense is you will talk to republicans and they don't want to cross him because they're scared of a tweet. like, the tweets have an effect on the people they target. whether it's private citizen like lisa page or others, and it creates serious security costs. like when he goes after people, there are people who walk around in -- people in our country who have 24-hour security because they have been targeted. he targets you with a tweet, you then have a security problem on your hand. that's the world we live in when the president of the united states comes after you, he has produced a genuine and palpable, even a thing you could put a cost on of a security situation.
2:36 pm
>> no doubt about it. we joked about it, you, and i'm is tweet did cause real serious security concerns. >> all of his followers would come and they pile on whatever he directs towards you -- and you know this, joy. they pile on and add more and more vitriol to the tweet so it does have an impact. >> but it also empowers and wakes up, susan, people that are beyond what is -- that can't understand they're supposed to do something. >> that's to follow up on chris' point. mine was in september when the president tweeted out that there will be a civil war on talk of impeachment, and that did go after not just the individual but bring groups of people up and they were talking about forming militias. this is no joke. >> or the guy that had the bus in florida that actually went out and had all of our pictures on his bus.
2:37 pm
>> and the tweets really are important to recognize for what they are, and most of all, it's to go after his opponents and to continually divide our country because he can only survive under hatred. >> he also commits crimes sometimes. the testimony of testimony, he tweeting and attacking her. he did that to intimidatewitnes that moment in front of congress. >> the reality is that it's hard to pick one because there's a combination of go back to your countries which states his state of mind about people of color that he thinks they don't belong here. there's the one attacking in real time, the fact that he is aggressive toward anyone who dares to stand up to him and he's done it to -- we've all been subjected to it. but i did at the end of the day pick the one that he did about baltimore because i think that boils down what donald trump thinks of communities of color and countries run by non-white
2:38 pm
people. remember, his obsession to this day is the fact that a black man served two terms as an american president and in his mind that brought the united states down. he can't get over the existence of barack obama for one second. >> obsessed with it. >> he's obsessed and he's obsessed with making sure and i think he has a lot of people who work for him -- talked about stephen miller in the break -- that are trying to ensure that this country is run by white christian men forever and they'll never allow people of color to feel empowered. >> chris, you and i have had this discussion off camera. when he was a democrat he used to come to a lot of functions. he can accept you in the role of entertainer or athlete, but don't be the head of anything and don't think and challenge something. so this whole thing, his son said, well, he has great friends that are black. in a certain role. >> that's right. >> the jockey on the lawn, you can do that. >> that's exactly right. what was so revealing at a
2:39 pm
deeper level, he's always threatened by power being held by people that are not white but at a deeper sense, he's talking about baltimore and he's saying this district is rat infested. those are your constituents. >> your son-in-law. >> not only your son-in-law, but also you are the president of every american in every district. if a place in america is rat infested, a place in america is suffering, that is on you as the president of the united states because you represent those people but to the president of the united states, those places are in almost a literal sense not part of him because they are not his supporters and people that are not his supporters are not part of the country that he represents. >> duh, have you ever heard of hud, ben carson? everyone stay with us. before we go to break, here's a look at some of the excellent -- other excellent political
2:40 pm
impressions from the last year. >> that little girl you just introduced, that little girl was me. >> i'd love to see those trump supporters come up with a conspiracy theory about a jewish billionaire with his own media company. good luck making that stick. >> as a democrat i want to apologize for not being gay. but i promise to do better in the future. >> because this is the only time i'll be talking, i just want to say black church, barber shop, greens, beans, tomatoes, potatoes. >> billionaires don't like me, oh, no! look, i'm going to tell them the same thing my grandson told me when he took me to very long very lo -- avengers, infinity war, this ain't for you. war, this ain't for you. when we see you enter through our doors,
2:41 pm
we don't see who you're against, or for, whether tomorrow will be light or dark,ar we see your spark in each nod, each smile, we see sparks in every aisle. we see you find a hidden gem, and buying diapers at 3am. we see your kindness and humanity.
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