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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  December 30, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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hour. i will be back at 3:00 eastern time. allison morris picks up our coverage right now. >> thank you, happy new year, my friend. >> it is monday, december 30th. bran new brand new details just came in about the man attacking the synagogue. a gunman opens fire at a texas church killing two people. why armed parishioners are being called hero. and president trump's decision to withhold security to ukraine. we are learning more of the gruesome attack at a rabbi's home. the suspect facing federal hate crime charges. according to new court documents, thomas bursted into the home on saturday night and started staffing and slashing
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people with a ma charlotchete. thomas fled while witnesses following him. thomas was found covered in blood with a strong smell of bleach in the car. court documents say officials found a handwritten journal at thomas' home that contains anti-semitic writing. two men tried to stop thomas. >> people who are in this house when it happens, pretty much shaken. it was encouraging to learn two things first of all that one of the people who was in the house followed the perpetrator when he left and went to his vehicle and he got attacked. this was when law enforcement was able to apprehend him within hours.
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>> i saw him walk in at the asked who's coming in the middle of the night with their umbrella he started to go around the big room which was on the left side and he was bleeding her and in his hand all over. >> blood on his face and that's when he came back outside after me. he told me here you are, we got you. i was running before him in a few feet. he's coming, he's coming. joining us now, kathy park is live in muncie, new york. a lot of information in that
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complaint. what more have you learn? >> reporter: allison, good afternoon, that's right, a lot of chilling new little more information about what happened in the rabbi's home. according to the complaint, he said no one is leaving and then there were a little bit more information about what officials were able to retrieve in the suspect's car which was found 30 minutes away from here in manhattan, they found a machete as well as a knife and weapon of bloodstain. during the search, when they obtain the search warrant reporting there were no visible signs of anti-semitism. after a thorough investigation and coming through some of his belonging, there was a journal that included anti-semitic
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sentiment. a phone was also recovered as well as part of the investigation and internet browser, why did hitler combing through this. we know the suspect will be appearing before federal court sometimes this afternoon. we'll get more information. this complaint is new. this is in addition to those charges for attempted murder which he pleaded not guilty to. these are additional charges at the federal level. over night we heard from the suspect's family who had said that mr. thomas has a long history of mental illness and hospitalization and harbor no hate any religious groups and grew up in a household that embrace all faiths and religions. we bring you up to speed throughout the afternoon, allison. >> kathy park from muncie, new
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york. thank you very much. lawmakers demanded actions after saturday's attack, calling for federal funding to keep synagogues safe. earlier on msnbc, mayor deblasio promised to take action. >> the answer to the challenges to be additionally vigilant to put more police presence out. we'll have community members of different ethnic backgrounds joining together to patrol streets and inhibit this kind of violence and we are focusing on our young people and our schools adding to our curriculum immediately to teach young people any act of hate ultimately becomes backup and hurting everyone. >> why is this out there and why do we allow it to go on? no people group should be terrorized by others who simply hate them. >> we are in a different
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community, we are calling out frequently and aggressively as we can. looking at the laws would be helpful. >> joining us now, david harris, the director of the jewish community. the defamation says between january and november, anti-semitic incidents were up 17%. >> are you seeing a rise in our country? >> absolutely, we are seeing the rise and we are beginning to call it an epidemic. during the eight days of h hanukkah. what's going on in our country? >> it is hard to pinpoint any one reason. clearly several things are happening at once. first is that there is little to no understanding today of the holocaust. the suspect searches for why
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hitler kills the jews and basic education, stay away from that, six million people were killed in an act of racism that could apply to any group in the world. and social media, it exploded. all they had to do is go to their laptop and they'll find it in abundance. the more other people may feel this is my moment of family and this is my moment of attention and let me try this as well. that's why it gets tough policy and becoming so important at this moment in time. >> you call this an epidemic and you talk about education or aed. what can we do to fight this and fix this? is education a place to start? >> education is a long-term process and if events are happening everyday whether in
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brooklyn or manhattan, it is not going to fix the problem night. i want to applaud governor cuomo to escalate this and send a message. if you want to engage an anti-semiti anti-semitism, we'll come down on this. >> one rabbi telling nbc news that people are trying to have security without turning synagogues into lockdowns. >> allison, i don't think there is a simple solution. there is going to be a trade-off no matter what. either we have more security and people are more concerned, how
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do i explain to my children and grandchildren why there are arm guards outside the school. on the other hand if they are not there then people are exposed. it is important that we have not had security that have not become so intrusive. inhibited. they need to express pride and courage and backbone right now. >> governor cuomo calling this domestic terrorism, is that what you see it? is that what we should call it? >> i think he's right to call it that. this goes way beyond of what we have seen before. walking into a room of 100 people celebrating hanukkah candle lighting and stab as many people as you can, what is it? if it is not domestic terrorism, what can it be called. >> david, thank you very much for being with us. another attack on the house of worship, investigators try to
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find a motive. the service of west freeway church of christ started moments later. part of the church's security team shot that suspect dead. blayne alexander has more. >> reporter: the urgent calls came right in the middle of service, it happens in white settlement, texas. there in the top left corner, you see a man get up from his seat and talks to someone. minutes later, he steps back and pulls out a shotgun and fires twice. parishioners who were armed, spring into action. >> two of the parishioners who were volunteers on the security force drew their weapons and took out the killer immediately, saving untold number of lives.
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>> reporter: in the gunman's path, two victims both rushed into the hospital where they later died. one of them 64 years old tony wallace, a loving husband, father and grandfather. >> he was our rock. tony's daughter describes watching in horror as the gunman opened fear. she held him in the sanctuary of what would be his final moment. >> you see it in tv and on the news, once it hits home, you don't think it is going to hit home and the fact that it hits our home and someone that supports us and elizabeth warlo is our dad. it definitely holy spiriurts th. >> reporter: this shooting comes two years after another gunman killed at sutherland, texas,
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first baptist church. >> this church had its own security team. they were well-trained. the heroism today is unparallel. >> reporter: as yet another texas church community is grieving. the fbi is joining the investigation, working to learn more about the gunman and why he opened fire. >> that was nbc's blayne alexander. iran condemning air strikes boo i the united states and both iraq and syria as an act of terrorism. american fighter jet bombs targeting weapons and ammunition depots. at least 24 people were killed
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and 50 injured according to local media, militias. kim jong-un calling for positive and offensive security measures to protect the regime. he gave the trump administration a year in deadline to offer confessions and exchange of denuclearization talks. kim jong-un threatened to resume nuclear and long range missile testings if u.s. did not giviss sanctions. joe biden is getting heat from his contestants. >> some are voting against trump's impeachment. we'll tell y who, next. you are watching msnbc, live. you are watching msnbc, live automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. plus 0% interest for 24 months on all beds. ends new year's day.
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a new report shows the extensive decent between the trump administration and career government officials to withhold military aid to ukraine. according to "the new york times," defense secretary mark t.esper joined secretary of state of mike pompeo and bolton. >> the debate over those funds continued between political appointees in the trump administration and career government officials who shaped at the rational for not releasing the aid. joining me now, our gaanalyst, .
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>> i don't think that over states it because we now know that in august, three of our government's highest ranking executive branch officials told the president point-blank that if you continue to withhold these funds that are designed to go to ukraine to help ukraine protect itself against russian aggression, if you continue to withhold these funds mr. president, you will not be acting in the country's interests. i have to tell thank yyou, that pretty powerful. it signals not only does the house of representatives believe as evidence by its vote to impeach donald trump on article one, abusive power, not only
10:19 am
does the house of representatives believe he abuse in his power but according to his new york times article, pompeo and esper and bolton, also not only believing he was abusing his office and his power but he told himself. here is what i will say about that. in my 30 years of a prosecutor, i did not get to present evidence to my jury that the defendant committed not just a crime but he did so knowingly intelligently and inform matter, that the president's hand pick officials told him he was abusing his office. now we know he was abusing it, knowingly and in an informed matter. so anybody after a senate trial that votes acquittal on article one of articles of impeachment is voting in favor of a continued abusive power by
10:20 am
donald trump. >> glenn, let me ask you about this as well after the july 25th phone call between president trump and president zelensky, michael duffy reached out to the pentagon and told them not to release the aid. does that undermine the president's defense that the aid was not contingent on any investigations? >> yes. it further undermines it. it is yet another smoking gun of this whole sad episode. it reenforces what donald trump's own hand pick ambassador to the eu, gordon sondland testified under oath which was and i quote, "there was quid pro quo," this e-mail right after that conversation is yet another damming piece of evidence. i don't think it measures up to what we just learned from "the new york times." executive branch government officials told the president in
10:21 am
realtime, you're violating your oath and not acting in the best interest of your country. >> another e-mail, he wrote in in september in the pentagon saying the white house is not responsible if the aid is not delivered. the pentagon's top budget officials responding, you can't be serious, i am speechless. what do you make of that from a top pentagon official? >> everybody knew that this was transparently donald trump's drug deal. i am not going to be involved in whatever drug deal mulvaney and sondland and others are cooking up. let's face it. mulvaney and sondland may have been the people with their feet on the ground doing the actual cooking. the person who's directing it all, the king pen so to speak. this was all about his own personal political benefit by
10:22 am
having ukraine announcing a bad investigation into the bidens. >> we know the secretary of state pompeo is traveling to mee meet president zelensky to reaffirm support for ukraine. how is this reporting over shadows that trip? >> it is more of the same. if anybody expects president zelensky to begin to stand up and say i need to set the record straight. president trump with strong arm -- president zelensky is trying to fight against and defend against and being out-matched by russian military forces? do you think he's going to say anything that may impact the nature of his relationships and his country's relationship with the united states moving for r
10:23 am
wa we have not been a good ally under the trump administration. >> incredible times. glenn krischner, thank you, we appreciate it. >> coming up, president trump's with the strongest stock market in decades. we are 35 days out from the first democratic iowa caucuses. we'll tell you which candidates are hitting the trail and a last stitch effort to stand out before 2020 gets into high-gear. you are watching msnbc live. in. you are watching msnbc live. that i can get. als at liberty butchemel... cut. liberty mu... line? cut. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. cut. liberty m... am i allowed to riff? what if i come out of the water? liberty biberty... cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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the iowa caucus is just 30 days away. christmas break is over for a lot of democratic candidates. several contenders are on the campaign trail today. as we inch closer to the first vote, the candidates are raising the heat on each other a little bit. vaughan hilliard is joining us now from west de moines, iowa. what is pete buttigieg say to the biden campaign?
10:28 am
>> reporter: 35 days away from the iowa caucus. elizabeth warren announced her bid 364 days ago. sees essentially it comes down to this. schoolteacher, they're trying to decide where they are at and that's where you are seeing. pete buttigieg painting some contrast there with joe biden. i want to let you hear this is pete buttigieg yesterday when it came to joe biden's iraq war vote in 2003. >> certainly respect the vice president, this is an example of why years of washington is not always the same thing. he supported the worse foreign policy decisions made by the united states of my lifetime which was the decision to invade iraq. >> my judgment is different and different divisions that i have
10:29 am
laid out. >> reporter: voters are circling around allison. you have a very strong top year here. pete buttigieg is still leading. he has events scheduled here in iowa through january 5th, ahead of what the senate plans to begin its impeachment trial, you will see a lot of these candidates over the next 35 years here. >> he's not just under attack from his fellow candidate, he's facing off with some people protesting, what's going on? >> reporter: exactly, they're particularly three voters yesterday where new hampshire where joe biden was. they went after the former vice president over his son's dealing in ukraine. joe biden pulls back and says you can go and support your guy and do it in a respectful way.
10:30 am
he would love to see tax returns of president trump, he released 20 years of his financial documents and there is nothing from his current president. >> vaughan, an interesting note on the holiday, we know it can bae sl be a slow time and ramping up this week. it is a slow time for polling. that's something that's important for the candidates who are trying to make the next debate stage. andrew yang wants the dnc to do about the lack of polling. what is he talking about? >> reporter: the next debate is january 13th. tom steyer and andrew yang, what andrew is saying is that the dnc nord to qualify for the debate, they need to have polling done
10:31 am
by the dnc. you recall that in order to qualify the debate, you need to have a certain number of report. you can include early state holds. their polling support in early states like iowa is higher than it is nationally. you have yet to see the last 50 days. there is not a single poll that met the qualification standards by the dnc. only national polls. i want to read you this statement from dnc communication director adrienne watson responding to andrew yang. "the dnc will not sponsor its own debate qualifying polls of presidential candidates during a primary. this would break with the long standing practice of both parties using independent polling for debate
10:32 am
qualifications, and it would be inappropriate use of dnc resources that should be directed at beating donald trump. th allison? >> thank you, nbc news political reporter, vaughan hilliard. >> we appreciate it, vaughan. thank you. >> it is. >> coming up, congressman john lewis announcing he has stage four pancreatic cancer. he's not giving up the fight. what he's saying about the civil rights icon ahead. the holiday shopping is over. we got a market update for you next. you are watching msnbc live. next you are watching msnbc live. when you shop with wayfair,
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now to wall street where it looks like the christmas rally is maybe over. the dow is down 117 points. it was up a little this morning and it started dropping. s&p 500 is not a great day today. in despite of those drops the markets are set to have the best year in two decades. wall street is rallying may have the opposite effect. industries that were supposed to have a boost were hampered by rising cost and the retaliatory tariffs. household appliance and iron and
10:37 am
steel -- joining us now to dig into all of this. our sue herrera and our chief economist and an adviser to the federal reserve. sue, what's going onto the market today, is this the end of our rally or investors taking a little breather here? >> we are coming to the end of the year. also, if you have some big profits in the market, you may want to take that before the end of the year. volume is thin. a lot of times when volume is thin, everybody is off this week and except all of us. >> that seems to be the case, huh? >> i know. >> as a result of that, i don't think it means the rally is over. i think it means we may be in for a couple of down base. >> we did see a big swing on wall street this year.
10:38 am
what are traders and investors are expecting for the new year? >> i think we are looking for more volatility, i don't know if traders know what to expect. we saw mr. navarro this morning saying we should have that trade deal inked by the first week of january. we heard talks like that before and although we have made progress certainly, we have not seen the writing in terms of e signing by both sides. i am not holding my breath. we'll see what happens. hopefully we'll get a deal. i will wait and see. >> diane, what do you see happening? >> they pivoted and took back their rate hikes in 2018. and they also expanded their balance sheet. now, they said that was not quantitative easing and that was to deal with their over night
10:39 am
markets and the problems there. none the less, both those things together help to support this market and give them an extra tail wind. you saw troubles in the sector that were affected by trade tensions and tariffs. that's important as well. it is also important to remember that these broader indices are no longer as reflective as they once were of the broader economy. they're the largest and most profitable firms. many firms have gone private in recent years or have not gone public as they once would have done. the broader economy actually saw a profit margin peak in 2014. we are seeing a different story in the overall profit picture than what we are seeing than the performance of those stocks that are being traded on wall street. >> are there things concerning you in 2020 or the impact the impeachment could have or the impact that uncertainty of trade could have? >> well, trade issue is, as sue
10:40 am
said let's wait and see. even if we don't actually ink and sign an agreement, that would be worse. signing an agreement with china, i would like to see phase one agreement signed. it means greater risk that china will violate a promise in that agreement which means they didn't want to sign it. that's something we worry about. we also worry about is there going to be further escalation. as long as we hit the pause b t button, it is always the forecast in 2020, it is contingent on the uncertainty. can we look at uncertainty enough to free up investment to be a driver of overall gains in 2020. no, we cannot, the phase one trade deal does not do that. bilateral trade deal are still up in the air. we do not have enough certainly going forward. at least we won't be adding more to the equation. >> i would love to take a look at how the markets have done
10:41 am
over the last 20 years. look at this. we are set to see the best performance on the indices in some 20 years. you can look at the dow and there is the nasdaq and what the market have done. and where it is for the last 20 years. sue, would you say to people as they end this year, what should you take away from this and how should you walk out of 2019 and make of 2020 ahead? >> well, i think as diane put it, the fed basically has said it is not going to raise interest rate. that's a positive for a lot of consumers certainly and not necessarily for consumers. if you do your investment strategy so you are diversify. you should be fine. you can't get income from other aspects of this market because
10:42 am
interest rates are low. stocks if you are willing to take that risk are your best bet and the economy is doing well and unemployment is at a 50 year low. wages are rising a little bit. the under pinning are there as long as diane put it, we get some clarity on trade. >> it calms people a little bit. it got to be glooming ahead, but maybe enough. >> diane swonk and sue herrera, thank you very much for joining us. we have breaking news in the church shooting in texas. two parishioners were able to shoot the suspect mote after he opened fire before he could hurt anyone else. blayne alexander just spoke to one of those parishioners, jack wilson, a member at the church. here is some of that binterview. >> reporter: take me back to yesterday if you can.
10:43 am
i know so many people have seen that live stream. when did you first realize that something was wrong? >> when the individual first entered the building, there was concerns, red flag went up. the security team members are aware and they turn it on him from that room and watching one of the individuals that was shot. he was four feet to his right.
10:44 am
the individual sitting in the middle of the back on the far side of the building. i made sure one of the other team members were in position outside the area and went in d and -- he never saw he did a lot with his left hand. >> he got up and went to the restroom and came back and sit back down. he got up on two occasions and talked to the fellow. then when he sat back down the second time, he stood up and turned and released his shotgun and richard and i both drawn our weapons. richard did get his ring out of the holster.
10:45 am
he ended up going in the wall. the shooter have turned and shot him and shot tony and started turning to go towards the auditorium and in fact, when he first shot tony, i didn't have a clear window, members were going chaotic andup. he was there and went through recovering and at that point, we took his shotgun back. it feels like there were still ammo in it. i don't know how many rounds were in it. by that time when i got over
10:46 am
there to cover him, there were five other individuals had their guns out and drawn on him, too. the individual did not make any attempt to get up. that was it. >> reporter: so all of this to be clear, all of this happening so quickly. >> the whole time from the time he stood in terms until it was over was less than six seconds. i know i was watching replay with the guy yesterday. it is between four and six seconds from start to finish. from the time he got up and turn with the gun until he was there. >> reporter: and you all were suspicious of him from the moment he walked in the door.
10:47 am
>> there were concerns because of his attire. >> reporter: what raise the red flag for you? >> just his general appearance. he was not a regular, he's never been in that building before. just instinct i guess is the best way to put it. there were concerns and a possible threat. >> reporter: from the moment he walked in. >> yes. >> unbelievable. what a hero. >> congressman john lewis is being stated for stage four pancreatic cancer. you are watching msnbc live. anc. you e arwatching msnbc live. hey there people eligible for medicare. gimme two minutes. and i'll tell you some important things to know about medicare.
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civil rights icon congressman john lewis plans to return to washington and keep working as he starts treatment for stage 4 pancreatic cancer. he made the announcement on sunday write, i've been in some kind of fight for freedom,
10:52 am
equality, basic human rights for nearly my entire life. he was recently seen on the house floor speaking in favor of impeachment. >> when you see something that is not right, not just, not fair, you have a moral obligation to say something, to do something. our children and their children will ask us, what did you do? >> news of his diagnosis sent shock waves across the country, triggered an outpouring of support over social media, house speaker nancy pelosi telling the congressman that generations of americans have you in their thoughts and prayers. former president barack obama adding that if there is one thing i love about john lewis, it is his incomparable will to fight. i know he's got a lot more of that left in him. this new battle won't be easy. pancreatic cancer is the country's third leading cause of cancer deaths after lung and colon cancer. estimates it will be diagnosed in over 56,700 people this year with a 9% five-year relative
10:53 am
survival rate after treatment. lewis' cancer was already at its most advanced stage when doctors found it during a routine visit last month. he says that while he's clear eyed about the prognosis, his doctors give him a fighting chance. joining me now, keshia lance bottoms, what was your reaction when you heard this news? >> it was just simply heart breaking, allison. we have such deep love and affection for congressman lewis and i went through this with my father in-law a couple of months ago and i know how frightening that diagnosis can be to a family member and obviously to the person who has been diagnosed. and so my heart just really goes out to congressman lewis. he is my representative in congress, but more than that, he's the reason i'm sitting here as a mayor of atlanta. so many of us have had so many opportunities given to us because of the sacrifices that
10:54 am
he's made, and just the thought of him enduring any type of pain or heartache really is heart breaking for all of us, especially here in atlanta. >> have you had a chance to speak to the congressman about his diagnosis. if so, what did you say to him? if not, is there something you would like to share with him while you're on with us today? >> i did speak with his chief of staff yesterday, michael collins, just before the public announcement was made. and what i shared with him is that we are praying with him and we just as a community of faith, we believe that there is still healing that's possible. and most importantly he has such a fighting spirit. >> he sure does. >> and we know that that means everything, just in terms of how someone faces a challenge, such as dealing with treatment from cancer. and so what michael shared with me yesterday is that he will fight and what i found most
10:55 am
interesting was that he shared something that is so personal publicly. he didn't have to share with the world that he has stage four pancreatic cancer, but i believe it is because he wants us to pray with him and to believe with him that he can get better. and i just know that in atlanta we love congressman lewis, he represents us in congress, but i think for so many of us, he represents the best of this nation. he really is the conscience of congress and really represents the heart and soul of what this country is all about. >> when we hear stage four cancer, it is really easy to fear the worst. in her tribute, bernice king emphasized that john lewis is live, tweeting, let's not bury him in response to a diagnosis no matter how dire, think high, love deeply, be encouraged and encourage him. what do you make of that? >> i love that because what it
10:56 am
says to so many people, he's going to continue to show up and fight for us in congress. and that as long as he has fight in him, he will continue to fight and i think that's extremely important. and we saw the clip that you shared where he is so very passionate on the house floor, speaking for all of us, and i was recently with him just last month when he was in atlanta for the dnc debate, and he is such a vibrant man and he speaks with such passion because it -- he has passion in his soul for what's right in this country. and i think that we owe it to him to continue to wish him the best and to continue to send our prayers to him and to continue to just support him in whatever way that we can, but i think that the best way that we can pay tribute to congressman lewis while he is still representing
10:57 am
us in such a passionate way is to do the work of our communities. and that's to suggest and to love mercy and to continue to work on behalf of those who can't always fight for themselves. >> atlanta mayor keshia lance bottoms, thank you so much, thank you for sharing the positive messages of support and those thoughts and prayers. we know he's very much appreciating it. >> thank you for having me. coming up, secretary of state mike pompeo will travel to ukraine this week despite president trump's impeachment. what we know about his planned meeting with president zelensky ahead. you're watching "msnbc live." p ahead. you're watching "msnbc live. using my old spice moisturize with shea butter body wash... all i wanted was to use your body wash and all i wanted was to have a body wash. it's finally time for... geico sequels!
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i don't use some waxy cover up. i use herpecín l, it penetrates deep to treat. it soothes moisturizes and creates a spf 30 barrier to protect against flare ups caused by the sun. herpecín l. it does more for a cold sore. and that wraps up this hour. thanks so much for watching. katy tur picks up our coverage right now. >> allison, thank you very much. good afternoon. i'm katy tur. 11:00 a.m. out west, 2:00 p.m. in the east. we're learning the secretary of state will travel to ukraine even as an impeachment trial
11:00 am
looms for the president of the united states. the purpose of mike pompeo's meeting with president vladimir zelensky, we're told, to reaffirm u.s. support for the country. news of the visit follows a report that reveals more about pompeo's role in withholding that ukraine aid. the new york times has an extensive article detailing the, quote, conflict and confusion that consumed the white house following president trump's demand to withhold nearly $400 million in assistance, an effort that began on the first day trump asked about the aid on june 19th, to september 11th, the day mr. trump was forced to finally release those funds. and the article reveals previously undisclosed meetings that could explain why the president has refused to allow many of his top aides to testify. according to the times in late august, defense secretary mark t. esper joined secretary of state mike pompeo and john bo


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