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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  February 4, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PST

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hi there. i'm stephanie ruhle. it is tuesday, february 4th. here's what's happening this morning. absolute chaos and confusion in the state of iowa as technical issues overshadow the first votes of the presidential election. by this time this morning, we were supposed to have a clear winner and delegate count. one or more democratic candidates were supposed to be riding a wave of momentum and iowa was supposed to be boasting a new transparent reporting process. instead, front pages of newspapers across this nation are telling a very different story of a party in self
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inflicted disarray. the iowa democratic party says it will release results at some point today, but the campaigns have already moved onto new hampshire without a clear answer of where they even stand in the all important race. here's what we need to answer. what happened? the iowa democratic party said it was not a glitch, just a reporting issue. election workers told our team on the ground they were struggling to use a new smart phone app created just for the caucus, and when they turned to the backup plan and called the report, there were major delays. like the rest of the country, the candidates waited. as it neared midnight and still no results, they came out to address supporters. >> we know there's delays but we know one thing, we are punching above our weight. >> looks like it will be a long night but i'm feeling good. >> it is too close to call. i'm just going to tell you what i do know. >> you won! >> when those results are
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announced, i have a good feeling we're going to be doing very, very well in iowa. >> by all indications we are going onto new hampshire victorious! >> we've got questions to answer. we have our incredible team of reporters still fan out across the state of iowa and new hampshire to bring you the latest. first, we have to go to steve kornacki, standing by an unusually empty big board. we're always together the morning after. you're normally standing in front of a board full of numbers and breaking them down. now you're in front of a board with zeros. >> we have zeros and blank space. 99 empty counties. the iowa democratic party said at 2:00 a.m. they had a conference call, we were on that, it was very brief, about 70 seconds long, didn't take questions. they said at 2:00 a.m. they would release the results, quote, later today. so 2:00 a.m., that was today, sometime today. we don't know anything more
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about the timetable at this point, and frankly in terms of what exactly went wrong here, you went through some of the basic issues that are out there. there are more questions than answers now. the iowa democratic party put out a couple of very brief statements last night. they were not responding to questions we posed. one thing that's notable at one point, they had encountered inconsistencies between three types of results. worth remembering, iowa has for the first time ever the idea here this year was to release, this is the state delegate count. that's what they've always done. 50 years, they had the state delegate equivalent they call them. but other things they were going to release the first time ever were the raw vote. you show up at the local precinct, split into groups, biden here, buttigieg here, sanders here, add up the groups, that's the raw vote. everybody's first preference when they come in. they were going to tabulate that across the state and release it,
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then release a second thing, reallocated preference. in precincts if a candidate doesn't hit 15%, supporters become free agents, can go with other candidates. they were going to release that total as well. they've never undertaken the challenge of assembling that from 1700 precincts across the state. there are questions about folks running precincts who had never run a process like this before, never tabulated a process like this, if they were fully versed in the procedures. what the iowa democratic party has and last thing they told us at 2:00 in the morning, they were manually checking the results. what that means or suggests is that in all those precincts across the state, again, nearly 1700 of them, they have a paper trail. folks that showed up filled out a preference card. they're trying to reconstruct manually, it would appear, what happened in the precincts.
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>> steve, technology has changed our lives. the most powerful companies in the world are google, amazon, and facebook. how is it we are running one of the most important indicators of the presidential election caucus style? >> so the caucus, in particular, the reason the caucus still happens in iowa is simple. a long time ago, talking nearly a century ago, not quite that long, but a long time ago, new hampshire was first in the nation primary state. and new hampshire had that status for decades, really for generations. what allows iowa to go before new hampshire, iowa said we're not a primary, we're a caucus. these are different things. there's first in the nation caucus, first in the nation primary. they co-existed with each other about a half century. there's been a move in the democratic party against caucuses in recent years. what you saw were reforms in describing were attempt to make the caucus more like a primary without making it a primary. so tabulating the raw vote.
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releasing this data was to try to make it more democratic, small d, democratic, without making it a primary, and the result is as you can see chaos. >> indeed. we have to go straight to iowa where the chaos took place. katy tur in des moines. you got your steps in last night at one of the caucus sites, up and down the basketball court. help us understand the chaos and confusion. >> reporter: it wasn't chaos, more of a controlled chaos situation. they knew what they were doing there. what they did as steve was laying out, did a count off for every alignment. first alignment, counted everybody in the room, then counted everybody involved or supporting each campaign. then did a second alignment, recounted to see who is supporting the campaigns after a couple of the people were not viable, didn't reach 15% of threshold. after that, after they counted the cards and people with those cards put their name and address down and put who their
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preference was, they collected them in a number of plastic bins. those bins were physically walked to the iowa democratic party headquarters. the caucus director that i was talking to last night told us he got started so late, he didn't bother using the app. instead, he walked results across the street. here's the problem, stephanie. iowa is the first in the nation to go to the polls, using polls loosely, it is a caucus, not a poll, they're the ones that first decide. they don't necessarily pick winners here, we have seen in the past people that have won iowa have not gone on to win the presidential election. but what they do is they whittle the field, make the race tighter as it moves to new hampshire, nevada, south carolina, and so forth. here's the big good news here. there's a paper trail. they'll be able to go back, check out results. it will come out probably at some point today. the bad news is that the
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confusion here is going to allow people on social media and other places to claim the system is not working. you've seen the president do that, seen his campaign manager do that. when election officials look at the election of 2020, what they're most worried about is misinformation and disinformation spreading across social media. this seems to be a prime example how it can go wrong. >> thank you so much. turn to maura barrett, she's living in iowa, covering the campaign the last seven months, has sources across the state. maura, you have been in contact with the iowa state party all night long. what's the latest, take us through how all of this played out. >> reporter: hey, stephanie. so i'm outside the iowa democratic headquarters here in des moines. the latest update we have unfortunately was at 2:00 a.m. eastern overnight. we heard from the chairman of the iowa democrats, troy price. he spoke to reporters for about a minute. it was incredibly brief.
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they did not take questions. one of the things i want to highlight that he told us on the call, this is tray price telling reporters the integrity of our process and results have and always will be our top priority. at this point in the idp is manually verifying precinct results. we expect to have numbers to report later today. we want to emphasize this is a reporting issue, not a hack or intrusion, and it is exactly why we have a paper trail and systems in place to uphold the integrity of our process. stephanie, we started to hear concerns about the app being downloaded over yesterday afternoon. this is something that iowa dems put in place to increase speed and efficiency. this is the first time they were reporting three separate numbers rather than just delegate count. they wanted an efficient way for people to report numbers. obviously that did not happen, and when folks started to call in reports, there were discrepancies in numbers they were given. that's why the iowa democrats now are double checking, going
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through the paper trail that katy mentioned, making sure they're accurate before they give a result. stephanie, as we all know, there was a ton of uncertainty coming into caucuses, figuring out what the order of top four candidates would be, and still uncertainty this morning the night after. >> and we've still got it. let's bring in vaughn hilliard, covering the buttigieg campaign. vaughn, we have been talking about what little information we've had, but pete buttigieg got out there on the podium and sounded the most victorious before there were any results. >> reporter: pete buttigieg took the stage last night about 11:30 p.m. locally, 12:30 p.m. eastern. based on entrance polling and internal numbers from this particular campaign, they believe there's a good shot they won the iowa caucus. pete buttigieg is already on the ground, has eight events on the
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day across new hampshire. there's got to be frustration. this is the state where pete buttigieg needed to prove he could win. he touted himself as the candidate could win the midwest. this was his chance. he had that opportunity to take the stage. but what's happened, and i want to take it back, i actually just got off the phone with tom courtney, one of the local leaders about three hours from here and he told me, we got off the phone, he said at his caucus location there were about 122 folks. i want to read you this quote. he told me i can never get that app to work. there was a practice app, i kept telling them, i couldn't get it to work. they would tell me to try it again. by the time caucus state came about, the app didn't work. he said he was on the phone an hour before going to bed. didn't call in numbers until 5:00 a.m. that paper trail troy price and the democratic party are talking about, he said number one, he hasn't heard about this. he is headed to a doctor's appointment. after that, he can go see about
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that. while the iowa democratic party suggested in a little over a minute phone conversation with reporters that they're working on the paper trail and will have results at the end of the day, the gentleman tom courtney i just talked to seems to be questioning whether that's going to become a reality. >> vaughn, tauhank you. one candidate that responded to state democratic party was former vice president joe biden. his campaign's lawyer sending a letter to the party writing this in part. the campaigns deserve full explanations and relevant information regarding the methods of quality control you are employing, and an opportunity to respond, before any official results are released. joining me, deputy campaign manager and communications director for the biden campaign, kate beddingfield. why did he send this letter? isn't it exactly what president trump wants to paint the picture that the democratic party is a mess, can't get its act
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together? >> no, of course not. we have real concerns about some of the issues with the process last night. we obviously have all seen that the app failed, precinct captains couldn't report out totals. obviously the phone system also failed. heard previous reporting about people not being able to call in results, getting frustrated, hanging up, and the issue of the paper trail that you were just talking about. we don't have indication from the iowa democratic party that they have the paper trail on each of the votes. that's supposed to be the backup, reassurance behind the app. those things taken together we think raise concerns about integrity of the process. obviously we believe iowa voters and voters across the country should feel confident that the process was fair. we are asking the iowa democratic party to address some of the issues before they release official data. >> given what just went down in your mind, is this the last time the iowa caucus should kickoff election season?
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>> look, i think anybody that watched the process last night would come away with concerns. right now, we're focused on the campaign. we're here in new hampshire, we have a full day of campaign events, we'll be here campaigning hard. obviously the race moves to nevada, south carolina, super tuesday and beyond. we always said for us we believe that the democratic nominee is going to be the candidate who can build the most diverse coalition, bring together all different arms of the party, all different demographics. and joe biden is the candidate who has that support. so we're really looking forward to the race moving forward. >> i get it, you're moving forward, moving on, but other candidates, ie pete buttigieg declared victory, and joe biden didn't. why? >> well, i think for exactly the reason i was saying at the top here which is that we don't have official data from the democratic party. and that's important. we need to be working from official verified data. right now, the iowa democratic
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party has yet to release any of it. of course you have campaigns out there putting out partial data, trying to make their case, but fact of the matter is we don't have the official data and it is not verified. we feel great about how we did in iowa. obviously our own internal information shows we outperformed in parts of the state where we didn't necessarily expect to, won precincts in des moines that bernie sanders won handily in 2016. we see evidence in our own data that we had a great night, feel good that we'll get our fair share of delegates coming out of the process. >> can you give more details on that, based on preliminary reports, what exactly did you see? >> we saw really strong performance from biden across the state. i think some of the initial reporting last night was focused on urban areas and college campuses, and obviously for our campaign we have long said we would be focused in rural areas, places around the state. our own data shows we performed
6:16 am
very well. i would also say again iowa is 41 delegates out of 2,000 that you have to win to be the democratic nominee. it is the beginning of the process, not the end of the process. we are here in new hampshire today, ready to sprint to the new hampshire primary next week. >> if you end up not in a top spot for iowa, does the strategy change? >> no, not at all. i think we've always said we believe that the nomination runs through new hampshire and nevada, south carolina, super tuesday and beyond. this is a long process, designed to allow diverse voices from all over the country to have a say in who the nominee is for president, and we have always built our campaign to be successful over the long haul, so that's where we're focused. >> long haul it will be. get some rest, kate, stay hydrated. you have a long road ahead. thanks for joining me. coming up, onto new hampshire, despite the chaos in iowa, candidates are moving on to the next contest.
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welcome back. i am stephanie ruhle. with results of the iowa caucuses up in the air, campaigns have shifted focus to the next state, new hampshire. several democratic presidential contenders arrived in the state
6:21 am
overnight. voters there will head to the polls for the state's democratic primary exactly one week from today. and we have our team of reporters at key locations across the granite state. start with josh letterman covering the buttigieg campaign. josh, buttigieg has eight events today in new hampshire, after he declared victory in iowa, how is he trying to capitalize on last night's confusion, we don't have the actual numbers. >> reporter: the great thing about not having the numbers, everyone is a winner for now. pete buttigieg here in new hampshire is trying to campaign as if he has the momentum he would have had if buttigieg wins iowa is printed on the front of every newspaper. he is trying to hit the ground running with endorsement, running out with one of the first mayoral endorsements. he started at a coffee shop this morning saying he was victorious, frustrated by lack of results, he will be speaking in manchester in a few minutes
6:22 am
as part of more than a half dozen events in new hampshire just today. >> let's turn to mike memory also in manchester, covering the biden campaign. mike, i spoke to the deputy campaign chair and she said nothing changed as far as the game plan, they're moving forward. is that really the case? those that are angry about what happened are anti-establishment, they're sick of the system, and the system, the establishment, that's joe biden. >> reporter: yeah, steph. this story is beginning to unfold. it will be interesting to see how it goes. as far as where the biden campaign itself goes, you talked to kate. she and senior leadership of the campaign traveled here with joe biden late last night. he has two campaign events later today. but some of the other senior leadership is still in iowa. the plan all along had been for those senior leadership to figure out how to redeploy resources they had surged into iowa for the final few weeks.
6:23 am
there were more than 150 volunteers, staff, and wanted to send them to states that make a difference going forward, but have various scenarios where to send them based on what the outcome is and we don't know the outcome. a little bit of a holding pattern for the campaign in terms of how they redeploy resources. they're operating on two tracks. one, pointed language about the result. in fact, kate talking about the integrity of the result being an issue. and secondly reminding everybody of their view of the campaign, this is a long delegate race. iowa caucus are less about delegates that are won and all about momentum. and talking to the biden campaign advisers yesterday, it was clear they were concerned about what was about to happen. reason to believe they might have a disappointing showing. the fact we don't have results dilutes some blow back they might have received, but still might come shortly once we do get results. >> josh, you're in manchester
6:24 am
today. yesterday you were in california where early voting started. you weren't with pete buttigieg, you were with mayor michael bloomberg, clearly not in iowa, taking a different route. any word from his campaign in the last 24 hours? >> reporter: mainly we have seen the bloomberg campaign say they were disappointed how it was carried out by the state party, didn't think it was good for democrats. as you know, stephanie, bloomberg is a real beneficiary of what's happened. the unsaid part of his campaign strategy is if the democratic primary at large is a mess, that helps bloomberg, it creates an opportunity once you get to super tuesday states where he is competing hard to come in and swoop in support from a field that says i don't know if we have time to be dealing with all of this intraparty stuff when we have to focus on defeating trump. that's been bloomberg's message all along. >> you know who else it serves, the president. keeping an eye on markets, they
6:25 am
open in less than ten minutes, soaring premarket that this is a win for the president. coming up, race for the white house as we have said is something in limbo now because of what's happened in iowa. we're going to dig into what specifically went wrong, how last night could change iowa and first in the nation status. and we still have zero results from the state. ave zero results from the state ♪ i thought i had my moderate to severe ulcerative colitis under control. turns out, it was controlling me. seemed like my symptoms were taking over our time together. i knew i needed to talk to my doctor. think he'll make it?
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what happened when you went to report numbers to the iowa ni democratic party. >> i chose to go on the phone. >> why, because you didn't want to use the app? >> i tried, and at my certain age i'm not interested in learning. >> all right. let's get out of the politics and let's get into the technicals. after last night's debacle in iowa, there are tons of questions asked about the app that was supposed to make it easier to report results. but appears to have made it a whole lot harder, in some cases impossible. iowa democratic party insists
6:30 am
the app itself never crashed, but there were plenty of red flags about the technology and its reliability long before last night. caliper cal perry is looking into it. cal, they didn't see the issues coming? >> reporter: they should have because we have emails that were obtained by nbc news at 9:00 a.m. yesterday, they knew there was a problem. here's what the precinct captains wrote to each other, quoting directly from emails. quote. i've given up on the app. that's at 9:13 a.m. i'm not using the app writes somebody else. nobody having trouble with the app should feel dumb, somebody writes at 9:09 in the morning. hearing way more problems than twik 2016. worst case, i will call it in. therein lies the problem. the app isn't working. everybody gets on the phone line to try to read results, phone lines are jammed up, nobody can read results, get the results.
6:31 am
we heard in the last five, ten minutes from the iowa democratic party saying as part of our investigation we determined with certainty the underlying data collected by the app was sound, but the app itself had a reporting system problem. that's all well and good, but again, this state and the country is waiting for results, the problem seems to have been known to the precinct chairs since 9:00 a.m. yesterday, stephanie. >> since 9:00 a.m. yesterday. cal, thank you so much. this fallout is brutal, swift, coming from all sides, and some people are now saying that the state should lose its privilege of being first to vote. robert leonard, news director for a pair of iowa radio stations. robert, you wrote a beautiful love letter to the iowa caucus before all of this happened, i thought of it while i watched. and last night did seem beautiful, actual people getting involved, caring about politics,
6:32 am
volunteers. it is beautiful. how do you feel this morning though? >> well, i feel like many other oi iowans. it is a setback for iowa. we'll see if they recover and retain first in the nation status. the thing that's important for all of us to do is take a step back. you can talk about the app failing, but ultimately there are backups to backups to backups. there's a paper trail. i stood over the shoulder of two precincts of friends of mine recording in real time what was happening. that paper trail exists and while it didn't exist for -- the information didn't come out at the speed the media wanted it to, but we need to relax, take a step back, and trust that the process works. this is our future. we need to plan for this. this is the future of america and future of democracy, and
6:33 am
that we need to be prepared for backups for backups and just be patient. >> the problem is people don't trust the process. you said we're going to wait and see if iowa loses its first in the nation status. should they lose it? >> i'm not going to say whether iowa should lose its first in the nation status. all i know is we worked very hard, i first interviewed a presidential candidate two-and-a-half years ago. those presidential candidates, every one of them, i interviewed them all, most of them, and they're better for this. iowans did their job. there was a technological problem. google drive went down last week, google calendar, these things happen. backups and backups. results will come out and they can be trusted, i know they can be trusted, i watched my friends and neighbors count on them. that said, a friend suggested this morning that maybe we need
6:34 am
to put it in the hand of county auditors in the future and of the state, let the state do it, maybe it is too big and complex. i have faith in iowans and faith in the people of new hampshire and nevada, south carolina. this is the democratic process. small scale societies have gathered forever amongst friends and neighbors, cast our votes with accountability and caucuses are a great system, not saying it is the only system, not saying iowa should be first, we're proud to be first. i personally hope it continues and we did our best, will continue to do our best. >> what if very best isn't good enough? say iowa keeps its status. should we take a closer look at the caucus system and say maybe the system should be scrapped? >> maybe it should. all i know is that this isn't an aberration. we were counting hanging chads for weeks in florida.
6:35 am
we just need to have integrity of our election process. >> robert, that was years ago. now it is 2020, should we say let's embrace a new method so we aren't doing that? >> the best method is paper. that's what we're counting on. we can trust that paper ballot. trust our friends and neighbors doing it. trust our auditors. it is technology that failed this time. i am sure heads will roll, perhaps iowa will lose first in the nation status, there will always be somebody first. the important thing is step back, wait and see. this is part of the process. there was a technological failure last night, but it isn't a failure of the system. part of the system is the backup after backup after backup, and it is going to work. iowa is going to yield an accurate result, and the campaigns need to trust us. they know us, know the party
6:36 am
officials, they know we have iowans and the nation's best interest at stake. if they lose first in the nation status, so be it, wish the other first in the nation states the best of luck. >> robert, the sentiment of trusting friends and neighbors is always a good one, getting it done. we're leaving it there. i know you have a busy day ahead. coming up, one of the presidential hopefuls waiting for results from iowa joins us ahead. first, president trump preparing to give his third state of the union while still under the cloud of impeachment. now there's a twist, courtesy of a democratic senator. esy of a democratic senator
6:37 am
6:38 am
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6:40 am
right now, majority leader mitch mcconnell is speaking on the senate floor to kickoff the day just one day before president trump's impeachment trial is set to come to a dramatic conclusion. while it is expected we're going to see a majority of senators will vote to acquit, there's new drama. joe manchin proposing a new resolution to censure president trump. >> i do believe a bipartisan majority of this body would vote to censure president trump for his actions in this manner. censure would allow this body to unite across party lines, and as equal branch of government to formally denounce the president's actions and hold him accountable. >> joining us now, the man that broke the news, robert costa, national political reporter for
6:41 am
"the washington post" and moderator of "washington week" on pbs. and eddie log, msnbc contributor. why is he introducing this resolution now? days after republican led senate doesn't want witnesses to speak. >> part of the reason is where he comes from, west virginia, a state won by president trump in 2016. senator manchin has a deep political base in that state, wants to keep that base while he remains undecided. some say he could vote to acquit president trump this week in the senate impeachment trial. he is looking for an option. how does he rebuke president trump, come up with a way of doing so in a way that's less severe than removing him from office. he has been floating censure to colleagues, now has formally introduced the idea. >> what's your take? is this air cover for democrats that want to vote to acquit the president but say they did
6:42 am
something? >> ding ding ding ding. that there. i think it is absolutely that. no way that mitch mcconnell who has been carrying donald trump would allow this to the senate floor. so the idea that the perfect call that just now that trump has been touting he didn't do anything wrong, even though we saw certain senators like murkowski and lamar alexander saying it was wrong, i still don't believe mitch mcconnell will turn. and all of this is simply an attempt in some ways to provide some conservative democrats cover in order to acquit. >> robert, president trump's approval rating according to the hill is nearing record highs. look at the markets this morning. in the last ten minutes, they're already up almost 400. yes, he is under a cloud of impeachment. but he is going to get acquitted tomorrow. is he rolling into the state of the union feeling strong as ever? >> when you talk to white house officials as "the washington post" has in recent days you hear that confidence from them.
6:43 am
they've been a little bit on edge about coronavirus and other concerns, as you see the markets for now are not adjusting in any dramatic way, they did drop a few days ago, seem to be inching back. they believe they have a fight on their hands, that president trump saw erosion of support in the suburbs in 2018, so it is by no means going to be a cake walk to the white house and second term, especially as populism rises on the left, voters may give that version of populism a chance this fall. >> what's your take, eddie? >> our system of checks and balances have been thoroughly undermined. >> legally. >> legally. donald trump now in habits for all intents and purposes the imperial executive branch. >> legally. >> legally. we have now moved into this idea of executive power that is now
6:44 am
consistent with what william barr articulated. the idea that it informed the way in which many were defending richard nixon, who came out of that, don rumsfeld, dick cheney, who came out of that, william barr, a range of folks. there's a kind of political lineage around the way in which the executive functions that has actually won. and we need to understand that for what it is. donald trump will take a victory lap tonight. and we need to prepare ourselves for it. >> robert, how do democrats play that. we could say all day how the house did, the great points adam schiff and others made. but at the end of the day, president trump is going to run a victory lap, and mitch mcconnell is as well. >> because of the chaos in iowa, democrats are likely to have a full month to make a decision. you're not going to have so much clarity out of new hampshire, close to the home state of senator warren and senator
6:45 am
sanders, south carolina is a bastion for vice president biden support. super tuesday in early march will be the marker, where is this party going to go, who do they want as standard bearer, someone more moderate, seasoned, someone that's more progressive, more of a firebrand and anti-establishment, there will be a full month where the democrats have to grapple with who exactly they want. we didn't get any indication last night, at least for the moment, because we don't have a result. >> last point to you, eddie. >> there's a major political realignment happening in the country. what we know is everyday ordinary working people are struggling to make ends meet, know our politics are -- there's skepticism around donald trump, skepticism around the democratic party. folks are looking for folks to step up. what we will see coming forward is the volatility of folks looking for change, substantive change. so we'll see. >> we'll see. thank you. we're going to leave it there. coming up, talking about the
6:46 am
democratic party in somewhat of a tail spin as the candidates are moving on from iowa. we talk a little bit about it. trump and the markets are loving last night's chaos. presidential hopeful tom steyer knows a bit about the markets, it is how he became such a successful guy, here to respond to what we saw last night, how much it could hurt democrats going forward. much it could hurt democrats going forward. during wayfair's mattress markdowns event
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we're keeping a close eye on markets. the dow up 3400 points already, all three indexes tom steyer, he's the only presidential candidate left in des moines, iowa this morning. he joins us now. tom, before we get into the details of iowa and what happened to you last night, let's talk about the market. the stock market does like president trump and when the market looks at what happened in iowa it falls right into the president's talking points where he says democrats want big government. look how government works. democrats are worried about election security, this is a self-inflicted wound. what do you say to that?
6:51 am
>> i would say last night was a messup. i would say it means this race is wide open, stephanie. the one thing that everybody now knows is that joe biden had a really bad night last night and that means that it's wide open about who's going to win this race. and it's going to come down to who can put together a diverse coalition of democratic voters. and that's what i have been trying to do in nevada and south carolina and so i think last night actually just opened this race wide own to see what happens. >> it doesn't mean you had a very good night. you had over a hundred events in iowa and there are still zero official results about you and joe biden. >> i know that, but what happened last night. this race cracked wide open. it's now on to new hampshire. but it's really on to the real diversity of america and the
6:52 am
diversity of the democratic party. it's going to be time when a lot of black voters and latino voters get a chance at the polls. those are people who i appeal to very well and i think that's the new race, stephanie. >> so does joe biden. >> it wasn't a mistake, but this is going to be -- this is going to be a brand-new race as of today. >> explain this to me one more time. we still don't know the numbers. so how is that a clear loss for joe and a wide open race for you? i still don't follow. >> i think that every -- all of the numbers that we have gotten last night and you're right, there are no official results is that joe had a very bad night last night. i think what that means he was the presumptive winner of this whole thing. he was the person who everybody thought was going to walk away with this. and it turns out that's not true. so -- >> that's not true. >> this race is wide open. there isn't is a presumptive. >> joe biden wasn't the presumptive winner of the state of iowa. where are you getting that? >> i think that all along the
6:53 am
idea was that he was going to be the person who was going to walk away with this race. and i just don't think that's true after last night, stephanie. i think what's true now is this race is wide open. it's unclear where it's going. it's gonna to come down to the very diverse democratic party across this country that we start -- we go right to new hampshire and then we go to nevada and south carolina. those are places where i am polling really well. they're very diverse places with lots of latinos and black voters. we'll have a brand-new story coming out of today. >> all right. well, speaking of nevada, you're headed there tonight. and let's talk technical because they also have a caucus system there. they're using an app that i believe is made by the same company iowa used. does that make your nervous? >> well, let's hope they can do a little better job, stephanie. they have a couple of weeks to get the act together. i'm hoping they'll do a better job. >> is hoping enough?
6:54 am
looking at how the president is able to prey upon this. you and i have spoken before about the importance of election security, the fact that the president isn't taking it seriously. he's laughing all the way to the bank this morning. can you really hope the system works itself out in the next few weeks? >> let me put it this way, i'm sure that the democratic officials in nevada are going to spend an enormous time making sure that the app works. this is a shot across the bow and we can't have another one of these, i agree with you, stephanie. i'm sure they're going to double and triple check to make sure it works. i think last night was a question of opening up this race. that's my big point. i think the big point, i think this race cracked wide open. >> wouldn't you think that the democratic official would have
6:55 am
double-checked and triple checked to ensure that the iowa caucus worked to make sure that president trump isn't saying this is rigged? >> i don't put a lot of stock about him saying that. that's just election nearing that doesn't bother me. >> how about the caucus system, does it bother you? >> it makes it hard for a lot of people to vote and i'll tell you why. you can't just go when you want to go. and check the time. you have to show up when they tell you. so if you're not free at 7:00 at night because you have kids, or if you're like my aunt and you're 100 years old, you can't spend three years it makes it tough. it kind of makes it less possible in terms of full participation by every
6:56 am
democratic voter. >> all right, tom, we'll leave it there. i know you're anxious to get the official numbers out of the state of iowa. good to see you. >> yeah, thanks, stephanie. >> thank you. presidential hopeful tom steyer. coming up, a very big day in american politics. the president is delivering his state of the union address this evening. this as senators are taking to the floor to deliver their thoughts on the over of the vote in president trump's impeachment trial. chuck schumer is speaking right now. all of this while we still await results from last night's iowa caucuses. we have got it all covered here on msnbc all day long. don't you go anywhere. bc all da. don't you go anywhere.
6:57 am
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that wraps up a very busy hour on an extremely busy day here on msnbc. i'm stephanie ruhle. coming up right now, more news with ms. hallie jackson. >> thank you much on this tuesday. the iowa caucus, that's what they're breaking because the system is broken. which is why we still don't know who won. check out the results or the lack thereof. zeros across the board so what's the problem? there's an app for that according to a brand-new statement out within just the last hour from party leaders, blaming the technology they tried to use to make the whole process easier. coming up we have our new msnbc reporting showing the officials knew


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