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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  February 4, 2020 7:00am-8:00am PST

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that wraps up a very busy hour on an extremely busy day here on msnbc. i'm stephanie ruhle. coming up right now, more news with ms. hallie jackson. >> thank you much on this tuesday. the iowa caucus, that's what they're breaking because the system is broken. which is why we still don't know who won. check out the results or the lack thereof. zeros across the board so what's the problem? there's an app for that according to a brand-new statement out within just the last hour from party leaders, blaming the technology they tried to use to make the whole process easier. coming up we have our new msnbc reporting showing the officials knew about this as yesterday morning. the candidates are keeping on keeping on.
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when you don't know who won, you do what you do know. spin like you did. >> iowa, you have shocked the nation. >> i have a good feeling we're going to be doing very, very well here in iowa. >> i'm just going to tell you what i do know. >> you won! >> we are punching above our weight. >> we feel good about where we are. >> watching it all from the white house, the one person who definitely did up with the iowa caucus on the republican side, president trump calling the iowa meltdown an unmitigated disaster this morning and frankly hoping his state of the union speech won't be. my sources say he's not going to hit impeachment hard tonight with one person telling me the president hopes by speaking past it he'll make the point he's working for the american people. that's ahead of tomorrow's final trial vote and at this point, just about the only suspense left is who can cross party lines. that's why we're watching the senate floor live right now this hour for a couple of key democrats and any hints they may drop about how they're leaning. you won't have to wait to see another senator and impeachment juror live here later in the
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show. we have got senator richard blumenthal along with mark short. but first, we're headed to the campaign trail. vaughn hillyard, mike memoli and ali vitali. vaughn, we just saw that statement in the last hour that frankly did not tell us much. right? when are we going to know more? >> it didn't tell us much and this party is indicated that it intends to release the results today but of course joe biden's campaign is specifically pushing back saying that they want to see the results for themselves. frankly, this has not been an iowa democratic party that's been responsive to the press. r lasted just over a minute and they did not take any questions. they did however f just releasea statement in the last few minutes. i want to read you part of that, quote, we have every indication that our systems were secure and
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that there was not a cyber security intrusion. while the app was recording data accurately it's reporting out only partial day ta. we determined this was due to the coding issue in the reporting system. while our plan is to release results as soon as possible today, our ultimate goal is to ensure that the integrity and accuracy of the process continues to be upheld. regardless of when the results come in, you had five candidates take the stage last night, all indicating a victory of sorts. i got off the phone a few moments ago with the precinct captain about three hours from here out in burlington. he told me that he texted his results in at 5:00 a.m. this morning to an individual over at party headquarters and he said he had not heard of any desire to have any sort of paper tracing back to him. he had to head to a doctor's appointment before he could get to that. and the same precinct captain it kind of fits the mood across iowa, not only democrats but republicans.
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tom, he told me, even if the iowa caucus were to stick around, why would any campaign invest the sort of resources that the campaigns have long done before? you had millions of dollars from the campaigns, you had hundreds of staffers on the ground. you had volunteers walking out in the streets in the zero degree weather. it is unique to this place, but based off the last two democratic processes here that's not much hope you can say for its future. >> boy, we're taking about that later on in thealperry, you have obtained some new emails, right, some messages that show the fire alarm was getting triggered yesterday morning, hours before the caucuses even started. right? >> yeah. i'll just quote directly from some of these emails that the team here was able to obtain last night. the first one at 9:09 a.m. yesterday morning quote nobody having trouble with the app should feel dumb. i'm hearing way more probes than 2016. i have given up on the app, that
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from a precinct chair. i'm not using the app, i'm going to call in my results. 9:29 somebody makes a joke on the email chain using a smiley face, just don't submit your results. i can also tell you, hallie, about 9:39 a.m., the app folks wrote into the email chain and tried to provide a solution about a new p.i.n. number. people on the email chain tried that p.i.n. number, it didn't work. so what we saw last night was everybody calling into the system at the same time. everybody rang into the telephone system at 10:00 p.m. to sort of record those results. that's what jammed up the phones. that's what's brought us to this point now. as you heard from vaughn, some of tseecct 3, they're still tryg to get the results in. add to that this paper trail that we talked about. well, and these candidates -- presidential preference candidate cards were new. so some of the chairs at some of the precincts didn't know how they worked. some people filled out the backside before the front side. so add that to the complication indeed in addition to the sort of technical challenges that
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we're seeing here. >> you have got the campaigns that are confused about what's happened and where this goes next. as is appropriate, mike memoli, the candidates are trying to say, hey, we actually won. let's be clear, we don't know, right? the campaigns don't know, they have internal data, but we won't have a clue who came out on top here. i want to play for you what mayor pete buttigieg had to say on this network about how this played out. watch. >> the frustration is the timing. the results will come in and i will trust the results but we wanted to see those results last night. so that we can address our supporters with a official official count in hand. we're still waiting and at the same time which know for the road ahead. >> and of course he's in new hampshire, you near new hampshire. joe biden is getting ready to be campaigning as well. what are the campaigns hearing
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about when they might find out more from campaign party officials? >> well, hallie, maybe this is the former new hampshire embed in me talking here, but between iowa and the new hampshire primaries, it's the most fun you have in politics. you take all of the energy and the suspend running up to iowa you bring it here to new hampshire and you add to it the urgency of candidates reacting to a result in iowa. and what that does to their campaigns. well, we don't have that result to react to yet. so that definitely changes the dynamic here. in the case -- a number of the candidates you saw them trying to spin what they knew into a victory declaration almost in some cases. you're not hearing that from the biden campaign. instead what you're hearing from them are questions about what they call the integrity of the process. i want to read the letter that the biden campaign sent to the iowa democratic party. the campaigns deserve full explanations regarding the quality control you're employing and an opportunity to respond before official results are
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released. so the biden campaign said before you go public with any numbers we want to see all of that, the work that went into getting them there. that they can have confidence in the process. joe biden will be here campaigning today. he has an event in gnash ya and in concord. they said we knew this was a small number of delegates in the nearly 2,000 you need to win the nomination and they believe that joe biden has the coalition that you need to become the nominee. but the momentum you get with a strong showing in iowa which he won't have, that could be a tough situation when the numbers come in. >> so you're on the biden campaign. we have ali vitali covering the warren campaign and mike makes an important point here. it's not necessarily about the number of delegates but the rest of it. the momentum as he's talking about. frankly, the media attention that the iowa winner gets leading into new hampshire. tell us what you're hearing from your sources in the warren campaign about how this is going
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down. >> well, the delegates may end up being important because many of these campaigns including the warren campaign are gearing up for what could be a protracted primary. you're right, the buzz and momentum you get out of iowa, i can tell you that mike is right when he says it's the most fun you'll have in politics because every campaign is trying to restrategize and figure out how to position itself. i will say the warren campaign is notably not declaring victory. instead, elizabeth warren used her time to make the case for why she think she's best positioned to beat donald trump and then her senior strategist came out overnight with a tweet that i want to read to you, any campaign saying that they won or putting out incomplete numbers is contributing to the chaos and misinformation. of course the warren team is separately saying based on the information they have from some of the precinct captains they
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view it as a tight cluster that biden is not in. instead it's warren, buttigieg and bernie sanders who have a good chance there. the other tweet that you showed was from the biden staffer sort of showing what he seems to be saying is the hypocrisy of making that case that it's a three-person race in iowa. while also saying that putting out results or putting spin on this is further convoluting the process. you have to think of voters in this situation. the people who may have been confused about the state of this race going into iowa the other night, we saw muddled polls, no clear front-runner, that's not usually the sense you have going into iowa. impeachment further muddled things. imagine how voters feel this morning hoping they'd have a clearer picture of where the democratic primary is at but instead chaos is seeming to reign hire. >> i think back to my time covering the 2016 campaign with you, actually, there's a natural winnowing of the field that happens. you saw it on the republican side in 2016. there's not a lot of incentive
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frankly for that to happen on the democratic side and you don't know the results. i want to go to shaq brewster who is following bernie's campaign. they were expectation managing last night. they were expecting to do well. what are you hearing this morning? >> you're right, hallie. this is not how the iowa caucuses were supposed to go for the sanders campaign. they came in feeling good about where they were, they were raising expectations throughout the night. as the night continued to go on and as the data wasn't being released there was open frustration from the campaign. the campaign does believe they won the iowa caucus. they're still confident about the data they have. you heard that speech from senator sanders on statement last night, it was a victory speech with slight modifications and he stayed into the hotel barroom an hour after he gave that speech with the promise he'd return to the stage if more results came.
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those results simply did not come. and instead, this campaign released their own internal unverified data. it was incomplete. just 40% of the precincts. but that just shows you the sense of confidence that they have. the messaging that they're saying it's onward to new hampshi hampshire. we'll be on board with sanders from iowa to new hampshire and they want to focus on the events there. he'll have a state of the union response tonight. they want to go on and focus on the next state because they do believe they still won here in iowa. >> but again, we don't know, nobody knows, we're not going to know until the results get released and there's a huge question mark when that happens. road warriors on an exhausting morning for you. thanks to all of you. it's -- i feel weird not having been in iowa but i had to stay back covering the white house for my day job for nbc news.
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but in reality both of the house accusations are
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constitutionally incoherent. >> to interfere in our election to blackmail the foreign countries gets at the core of what the democracy is about. >> that's mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer just in the last couple of minutes on the senate floor. you're looking live at that on the left side of your screen. things are picking back up there. colleagues get their chance to lay out the impeachment rationale to the constituents and it's a back drop for the biggest day on capitol hill. obviously the big impeachment vote is tomorrow, but we have an interesting 36 hours of tee up before them. >> that's right to the degree there's drama left in the process it comes from the question of whether any senators will cross over and vote essentially against their party either for conviction or acquittal. i'm watching doug jones, he has a tough re-election in alabama
7:18 am
and kirstin sim ana, not talking about how she fells about it. and then joe manchin floated the idea of censuring the president instead of impeaching him. on the republican side there's the votes of hearing from additional witnesses that's mitt romney and susan collins. they haven't spoken about their official vote yet. they could later today, but more likely tomorrow. the question of censure is an interesting one, because we have heard from lamar alexander and lisa murkowski who said she'd vote to acquit the president but also she thinks his actions were wrong and shameful. manchin floated the idea that perhaps they could censure him instead of convicting and removing him from office, but listening to the speeches from mitch mcconnell and john thune,
7:19 am
i don't see that having legs. mitch mcconnell, i don't see him putting in a censure motion. that looks extraordinarily unlikely from where i stand right now. >> garrett haake, i'll see you later on. i want to bring in richard blumenthal of connecticut. great to have you back on the show. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> the last remaining degree of drama is whether any democrats will cross party lines. i have heard from my sources this idea that they will tout a bipartisan acquittal, right, if any members of your party do cross over and vote with republicans on let's say the second article of impeachment, do you think that will happen and are you prepared for how the white house will respond? >> at this point, i will be very blunt and honest. i have no idea whether it will happen or not. i think each of us is focused on how our own individual vote as i am because it is so historic. but i will say each of us will
7:20 am
have to live with that vote. and the kind of process that we have had without witnesses, without documents, i hope will influence my colleagues to say there has no full, fair hearing. the evidence of bribery has been abused. he tried to cheat, he not caught. and he worked hard to cover it up and i think history will haunt any of my colleagues particularly on the republican side who vote to acquit. >> and to be clear, you're voting to convict, of course. >> well, i think the evidence is pretty compelling. i have weighed it out. and i have said that the president in effect solicited a bribe, a personal benefit in the 2020 election. smearing a political opponent in return for releasing hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funded military assistance to an ally struggling to survive.
7:21 am
that is classic bribery. section 201 of 18 united states code and it was the same crime in the time of the founders as it is now. so i think that abuse of power justifies a conviction. >> senator joe manchin is one of your colleagues who i don't think is where you are on this yet. i caught up with him yesterday for a quick interview after his floor speech and he called for a censure, admonishing president trump. can you get behind that? >> i think at this point we need to focus on the task, the historic challenge ahead which is impeachment. that's the decision that we have to make. that's the only decision that we have between now and 4:00 tomorrow. >> are you ruling out then the possibility that you would support a censure movement or a motion? >> i rule nothing out. if there is continued abuse of
7:22 am
power and that's what we unfortunately we can expect and i hope that the free press and the independent judiciary will continue the task of uncovering and sanctioning this president. we have a responsibility independently. >> there's new numbers out that are kind of interesting this morning, senator. president trump's approval rating and gallup polling now hitting frankly what is an all-time high for him. up five points since earlier this month. up to 49%. how do you look at this and say this impeachment process is not energizing his base in a way giving him a boost? >> we have a constitutional responsibility here as you know, the house voted for impeachment and our responsibility was to try the case. i think the house managers have done an extraordinarily professional job at it. and i believe the american people not just his base but all of the american people will have to look at the proof that's been presented and also the evidence
7:23 am
that's been concealed as part of the coverup. i don't think they'll look kindly at it. >> senator, before i let you go i want to ask you about the other big headline of the morning. as a politician yourself, i know you have some interest in the political process playing out in iowa. dick durbin called the iowa caucuses a quaint and quirky tradition that should come to an end. given what you have seen unfold in iowa, do you agree with senator durbin? should iowa no longer be the first state that the caucuses head for in the election year? >> i think as iowa as presently done has outlived the usefulness as the first state to cast its ballots and shape the future of the nomination process. i agree that it is a quaint process. caucuses may or may not reflect the will of the people.
7:24 am
the use of an app which was inaccessible. failed to download and upload and ultimately proved very possibility the downfall here is only a symptom of a process that needs reform. >> very interesting. connecticut senator richard blumenthal. you have a busy 24 hours ahead. thanks for being on the show. we are still waiting for those results in iowa. the caucuses closed some 12 hours ago. still no democratic winners. zeros down the board. it's not first time the state's results have been delayed but what does this mean for the futures of iowa? we'll get to somebody who has covered the state's politics for decades. that's coming up. state's politir decades. that's coming up
7:25 am
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growing up in a family that struggled
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economically powerfully influenced my values. bernie sanders he's fighting to raise wages. and guarantee health care for all. now, our country is at a turning point. hard working people, betrayed by trump, struggling to survive. in this moment, we need a fighter. bernie sanders. we know he'll fight for us as president because he always has. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. this is third straight caucuses that we have had a dispute about the results. iowa will do the country a favor. they'll move to the primary. >> i think this will be the last iowa caucus because those of us that feel it did represent diversity now all of a sudden everybody is going to say move it out of iowa. >> this is a third straight cycle we have seen challenges in iowa. questions about iowa. >> yeah. that is pretty much where we are
7:29 am
this morning, right? no results from iowa. no clarity on when we'll get the results and no confidence, not a lot, at least, in the party's process which means a lot of questions about the status of the state that traditionally kicks off the campaign year. joining me now is editor-in-chief of the iowa capital dispatch. so great to see you. nobody knows the iowa state politics better than you. tell me what you're hearing from the sources this morning about when we might know more and what the heck happened. >> yeah. so the iowa democratic party did release a statement this morning updating with a little tiny bit more detail the statements that we were getting early in the morning last night. where they said that the app did in fact fail. even though they kept saying all night last night that the app did not fail. they said though it was not a problem with the data. it was a problem with the reporting. they are still going hand counting all of the results and
7:30 am
comparing all of the paper trail. they said it had integrity, but it was a problem with the reporting but we still don't know when we'll get the results, hallie. you know, we're as frustrated as everybody in the entire country is about this. >> i would imagine perhaps more so because there are people who as you know uprooted their lives to come work for campaigns or to cover these and live this for months. a lot riding on this moment. if this is in fact as some pundits are predicting the death of the iowa caucus, what does that mean for your state? >> well, so first of all, i think it's premature to say it's the death knell for the iowa caucuses, however, it's very, very clear that the caucuses can't continue the way they are. it has to change in some way. >> so what does that mean? more of a primary system? keeping it -- what's your sense? >> yeah, i think there's a lot of ways to discuss this. but i mean, even the republican
7:31 am
system is so much cleaner and simpler and easier to understand than the democrats have. there's a lot of talk about firehouse caucuses or firehouse primaries where you do cast paper ballots instead of this realignment business. i think there's a lot of room to talk about how you change the process of the iowa caucuses. i have to say, the caucuses were never intended to have the kind of importance that the candidates and the media give to the caucuses. i don't think it would be such a bad thing to have them go back to being kind of a small contest where everybody, you know, where people who aren't well known have a chance to get on the national stage. that's what this campaign does for campaigns. it helps them hone their messages. it helps them sort of learn how to be better candidates in a less expensive environments than a lot of places around the country.
7:32 am
but this media glare, you know, the process just can't stand up to that need for instant information. so i really do think there has to be changes in how the caucuses are conducted. >> editor-in-chief of the iowa capital dispatch, great to have you on and thank you so much for being with us on what a very busy morning for you. i want to bring in now brian fallen, former national secretary for hillary clinton and demand justice. and donna edwards from "the washington post." i just got handed this tweet. this is something from elizabeth warren's campaign. saying it collected photos and other raw documents at hundreds of caucus locations as part of the internal reporting that they're going to share with the iowa democratic party to help get their sort of results in order or ensure the integrity of the process. is this where we are at this point? campaigns sharing the results so they can get the results they need to know? >> it's an unfortunate reality
7:33 am
in where the process sits right now, but you have spent a year organizing. you spent millions of dollars contesting this state and a lot of them are confident and proud of the operations they had in place last night. a lot of them feel that the data is pretty legit in terms of the data their precinct captains were able to collect. screen shots that were relayed to the phone via the state party. in 2016 we didn't have an ordeal like this, but the results weren't resulted until after midnight when hillary clinton was a tight contest with bernie sanders. the state party put out the results because we were confident in numbers we were seeing. that's why you saw certain campaigns like bernie sanders and pete buttigieg and that's why the warren campaign is saying we want to make sure it matches. >> so it's the app, obviously as the democratic party is blaming the app. it's also the idea thathetransp. there was a new process because
7:34 am
they wanted it to be more transparent as to how this was going down. the more transparent the process became, the televised realigning, the coin flips to determine the delegates the worse the caucuses looked. >> i think there were problems with the iowa caucus anyway as being the first in the nation. i don't think it's a representative state. i think we could find a state that's more representative. take virginia it's a swing state -- it's a swingy state. it's representative. i think what this process demonstrated is that there were probably problems all along. now we got to see them up close, it's not a good look, it's not a good look for iowa or the democrats or democracy. >> it's something that president trump is seizing on, he said look at the unmitigated
7:35 am
disasters, some of his top campaign officials, brad parscale said is it rigged? there's a paper trail but it will take some time. which was a technological failure. no question there was not a hack, there was not anything of the nature here. >> that's right. we'll get the results hopefully today. none of the campaigns so far seem on the disputing or believing that there was some kind of undermining of the integrity of the results. so we'll get them in due course. >> some tiptoed close to the line. >> some who were bound to be disappointed anyway and now they're questioning the legitimacy of how the process was conducted. i think the more enduring story line is not going to be the snafu. i think iowa's position will be looked at after that. i think the lasting and significant story line may be turnout. if we were not talking about the snafus with the reporting, when would have been talking about the turnout. a lot of the campaigns including
7:36 am
bernie sanders had a theory that the turnout would eclipse the record level that we saw in 2008. >> instead it was close to 2016. >> it was a pedestrian turnout. there was a lack of media coverage, you had impeachment for instance going on concurrently. i think it might have been a window into the sort of the uncertainty of the field. a lot of tentativeness in terms of voters and their preferences right now. you have not seen them expand the tent beyond the niche base right now. so i think that's something to watch as the contest goes forward. as certain candidates gain momentum what we see -- will we see higher turnout across the board? that's what people were expecting coming in to 2020 after the midterms where we saw people very motivated to oust trump. >> congresswoman, one of the reactions to blumenthal, the iowa caucuses have outlived their usefulness. he's not running for president, he has no dog in the fight or
7:37 am
whatever you want to call it. but do you think there was going to be a ground swell of democrats saying to the point that brian is making, yes, we should question the status of this state as first out of the gate? >> well, we should. the process in place right now is viewed to be kind of the reform. and it turns out it wasn't a reform at all. i kind of wonder whether, you know, something to do with the turnout had to the with one, the number of candidates. but also, that you know if you went in undecided if you were undecided yesterday i want to look at who they are and main they didn't show up. i mean, a lot of things that could have impacted turnout. i think it's time for us to revisit the question of iowa as the first in the nation -- it shouldn't be a caucus. but even a primary. we need a state more representative of the democratic party. >> donna edwards, thank you for being on. not the conversation we expected to be having this morning but the one we're here having regardless. thanks to both of you.
7:38 am
we're keeping our eyes on the results in iowa, will they come in, we'll be transparent here, we don't know. but first, we'll head to the white house because mark short the vice president's chief of staff is joining me next to talk about a whole lot more. staff isk about a whole lot more along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting so when the day arrives, you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. stop chantix and get help right away if you have changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking, or life-threatening allergic and skin reactions. decrease alcohol use. use caution driving or operating machinery. tell your doctor if you've had mental health problems. the most common side effect is nausea. talk to your doctor about chantix. (v...especially when your easily distracted teenager has the car. the worst... the most common side effect is nausea.
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7:42 am
with a little throwback tuesday action from our archives. watch. >> tim, tonight the republican has to be a limitation because no one gives a political speech better than bill clinton. >> this is bill clinton's best defense, tom, that he is doing the people's work. >> the problem for president clinton even if he survives an impeachment trial his presidency can be crippled. >> some nbc legends there. president clinton never directly mentioned impeachment and joining me is mark short, chief of staff to vice president pence. thank you for being on the show. >> thanks. >> i want to talk about the president's speech tonight. my sources have said he's likely not going to make impeachment a big focus and he's tweeted 170 times about impeachment since he was impeached. he won't really bring it up tonight? >> well, i think the president is having an opportunity to talk to the american people and while the democrats are focused on the
7:43 am
partisan, petty impeachment the president himself for the last couple of months has led the united states to significant trade deals with china, signed a trade deal and took out the two leading terrorists in soleimani and baghdadi, he is looking forward to talking to the american people that while the distraction continues to going on, i think it's a frustration of a lot of american people you have seen yourself. the polling numbers continue to indicate the american people are frustrated with this. and they're rallying around behind the president. so he's going to talk directly to the american people and talk about what we have achieved economically, what we have achieved from the national security perspective. also talk about the things that we want to do moving forward. and highlight issues like school choice. also highlight what he's done to make sure we protect the sanctity of life. >> you mentioned a lot of issues here. no impeachment, is that word not even in the draft script at this point? >> i won't get into specifics of what's in the draft. you'll get your chance to hear that within 12 hours but i think that the president's going to be
7:44 am
talking to the american people about issues they care about. less so than what inside the beltway is focused on. >> he'll be delivering the speech -- i don't have to remind you, in front of the chamber that will vote tomorrow on whether to convict or acquit him. what outreach is the white house making if any to some of the key democrats like joe manchin, to get him over to your side effectively? >> i don't know there's that much outreach going over to the democratic side. there was a bipartisan vote in the house for impeachment and we expect there's to be to a bipartisan vote to impeach the president. >> so you think at least one democrat? >> i think so. i think it's been proven to be a hoax and i think that democrats would be wise to vote against impeachment. but that's up to them. i don't think this white house is putting pressure on because i
7:45 am
think that they'll face the political consequences of their vote if vote otherwise. >> what about the idea of a potential censure? i was on the hill yesterday talking to senator manchin, for example. is that something that the white house is prepared for, is mitch mcconnell prepared for? >> hallie, who knows if speaker pelosi will want to bring that up in the house after this. as i said, i think the american people are tired of this. they can look the transcript at themselves thanks recognize that the aid was released within the time within the year. i think they're frustrated, what is congress focused on? instead of doing things that benefit the american people. so if they wanted to take up the censure measure, have at it but american people have their voice in november of 2020. >> on wednesday, what about the president's voice? which is after this vote, which is likely to be an acquittal here. will we hear from the president, will he deliver a speech, make remarks? >> i think you'll hear from the president tonight about the
7:46 am
issues concerning the american people. after the acquittal that the president will probably be thanking those that stood by him. but i'm not anticipating another national address or anything of that nature, hallie. i think tonight he wants to focus on what we have accomplished economically. look at the 7 million new jobs when forecasts were so much let than that. look at what the number -- the record low unemployment, look at the markets are doing. looking at keeping the americans safe that's what the president will be focused on. >> i get that you say that the president wants to talk about the issues that are important to americans. he talks about impeachment a lot. and that frustrates him that's the facts on the ground. but i want to ask you about two other things making news this morning because as you know i'm sure you've been following the president won the republican iowa caucus. we don't know who won on the democratic side. four years ago your boss' boss
7:47 am
had an issue with how the iowa caucuses went down and now he is says he supports them. would you like to see the process change? >> well, i think that democrats fumbled the football. that's not iowa's fault. that's the fault of the democrat party. i think the president continues to -- >> well, wait a second. because the iowa democratic party, but there are questions about the process and how -- so do you think iowa should hold caucuses? >> i don't think it's the fault of the iowa voters and i think the president is comfortable with the process. i think that our campaign did a good job in bringing voters out in the caucuses last night on the republican side. >> so if the shoe is on the other foot, you're okay with it? >> i heard about how the other states that need to be first in the nation, yet the democratic party has pushed off all the other minority candidates, so they're basically white men over
7:48 am
75 years old. the democrats are saying -- >> not bringing into play, klobuchar or harris. i want to let you go, as we talk about this, i haven't heard you commit to. i'm curious if the vice president is. will he commit to a debate in the general election? >> i'm going -- i think that the president looks forward to debate. i think the vice president looks forward to debating. i think the campaign will work out that process with the debate commission. >> thanks for joining us ahead of a busy night for you. chaos, confusion, meltdown. pick your adjective to describe iowa caucuses. we're headed back to the state after the quick break. much more of our new reporting in a second. orting in s aecond. i've always been fascinated by what's next.
7:49 am
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practically living in iowa for the last eight months as an embed. we're hearing more about what we might hear from the democratic sources. what are you hearing from your sources? >> reporter: we have some campaign sources reporting that there will be an updated conference call with the iowa democrats and campaigns here in iowa at 12 p.m. eastern, 11 a.m. central here in iowa this
7:53 am
morning. there are two conference calls overnight with the iowa democrats and the campaigns. our sources told us that these calls got very heated and were very brief and campaigns were not happy with the lack of questions and answers that they were getting. so we're hoping to get some updates from our sources after the conference call early this afternoon, hallie. >> so that's at noon eastern you said, maura, right? >> reporter: correct, yes. >> a little bit of damage control it sounds like perhaps for the democratic party? is that your sense of what's to come or just an update or what? >> reporter: it looked like it will be an update on timing of results possibly and a little more clarification just on exactly how everything went down yesterday. so the iowa democrats, the executive chair troy price released a new statement this morning essentially saying that what happened with the reporting app, there was a coding issue with the app that precinct chairs were able to use to send in their results here and so it didn't affect the results necessarily but they had to go in and fibs the app and then
7:54 am
people were calling ininstead. troy price said they're opening to release the results later today ideally but of course they're trying to protect the integrity of the process. we're hope fog get an updated timeline from our sources on that call early this afternoon. >> noon conference call. the candidates are frustrated but you know who else is probably frustrated, the people who went and showed up and who invested their time and their efforts and their energy volunteering, coming, be a part of the democratic process there. our colleagues talked to some of the caucus goers and i want to play a little bit of that. it's upon to hear from the folks on the ground. watch. >> i was just very surprised. >> reporter: why were you so surprised? >> i was totally expecting to see who won the caucus and the information wasn't available. when does that ever happen? >> reporter: you lived in iowa all your life? >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: so this is not
7:55 am
normal? >> no! >> reporter: what i'm upset about are the people who are upset that it happened. it happens. we need to be a lot more patient and stop playing the blame game that we just -- so many people today, our society is just really into blaming. >> what do you hear, maura, from your sort of caucus-going sources? >> reporter: sure. so, like you said, hallie, there's been a ton of investment here on the ground, whether it's organizing or caucus chairs chooting to volunteer. it's a really complicated process that people have to learn that they're doing well. people in campaigns have been volunteering and invested here for about a cheer now and devoted a lot of energy and money and to have this delay is incredibly frustrating. on top of that, some are telling me they're incredibly concerned about losing their status as first in the nation. this chatter kind of pops up every four years but over the past eight months, we saw the virtual caucus knocked down and criticism over accessibility and
7:56 am
diversity issues here in iowa. voters are telling me they're more frustrated and more anxious they might lose their start us as first in the nation. >> good luck on your next step. we'll hear back from you this afternoon after your conference call. coming up, craig melvin is picking up our coverage joined by house manager sylvia garcia. . come on in. you're turning 65 soon? yep. and you're retiring at 67? that's the plan! well, you've come to the right place. it's also a great time to learn about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. here's why... medicare part b doesn't pay for everything. only about 80% of your medical costs. this part is up to you... yeah, everyone's a little surprised
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it is great to be back with you. thank you for watching this hour of msnbc live. i'll see you tonight for our special coverage of the state of the union. right now more coverage with my colleague craig melvin in new york. i'm handing it off to you on what is probably a tuesday you didn't think you would see today. >> no, no. and even by our standards, this one's a wild one, right? craig melvin here. it's been a bit of a crazy night and now morning around here. right now senators are laying out how they plan to vote in the impeachment trial. it of course is the backdrop to trump's third state of the union speech tonight. either of those could be lead stories on any day of the year. but also right now it's these zeros that are the political shocker of the


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