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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  February 4, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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covering it in the first go, you need to have democratic support if you're going to have any sort of additional tax cut. it's unlikely you'll have broad, bipartisan support for more tax cuts unless there's a downturn in the economy. >> hans you're not going to get support from republicans. look at our deficit. you're not going to get freedom caucus members to sign on to a tax cut when we've got a ballooning deficit. no way. >> reporter: i don't recall senate republicans, in particular, being overly concerned about the size of the deficit with the last tax cut. when you talk to republicans, at least on the economic side, they profess to be concerned about deficits. on the political side, talk of deficit spending no longer dominates the republican party. i don't think that's a controversial thing to say. >> thank you, hans. be sure to watch special coverage of state of the union tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. i hand you over to my colleague katy tur who picks up
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coverage in iowa. >> reporter: i'm katy tur. it's 2:00 p.m. out east and 1:00 p.m. here in iowa with where campaign voters and watchers are using words that we can't say on television to describe what happened in this state last night. here is the good news. there is a paper trail. iowa democratic party has been counting caucus cards and they expect to have some of the results by 5:00 p.m. eastern time. couple of hours from now. here is the bad news, though. the confusion allowed almost all of the candidates to declare some sort of victory, spinning whatever the results might be ahead of time, confusing donors and voters, if you're a campaign that needs money and allowing people to spread conspiracy theories on social media, including donald trump's own campaign manager, who called the system rigged.
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new emails provided to nbc news shows organizers flagged problems with the app as early as yesterday morning. it is currently unclear why the process went forward as planned. even though the department of homeland security offered to test it ahead of time, the democratic party never did it and never did a dry run with caucus chairs to make sure the app works. as one federal election source told me, the party is being saved by paper. nbc news white house reporter peter alexander and time magazine correspondent charlotte altherr. you've been all over the iowa democratic party, reporting what's been going on late last
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night, doing an incredible job. we'll get some results by 5:00 p.m. eastern today. why am i qualifying that with "some"? >> it's very much a some answer, katy, because iowa democrats said on this call with campaigns a little bit ago that they would be releasing, quote, a majority of the results and troy price, chairman of the iowa democrats clarified that, saying it will be more than 50%. what exactly that means, we don't exactly know. what we also don't know is how exactly they're going to be reporting those results, whether it will be posted online, just like they intended to last night, if it's going to be announced. we haven't seen any updates or seen the iowa stuff in person here today. we're still holding on to uncertainty as we lead up to after 24 hours since the iowa caucus began, katy. >> lot of frustration from voters here and across the country and campaigns as well.
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i think this is a good take on this. the country has been told by democrats the last few years that its elections were unsafe and the nominating process was unjust and tilted. people who want validation to back up those thoughts will have them here. iowa is charming and everything. let's all admit if we saw this sloppy, chaotic, slap dash voting system employed in another country we'd call for u.n. election monitoring. >> it's definitely confusing. one thing particularly challenging, there is a result they are counting, campaigns are watching them count. the results that are coming out of the precincts are valid. the problem is the way that
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they've been gathering and counting them up seems to be completely prone with errors and no one can get a sense of what's happening at other presungts 5r7bd the country -- around the state. basically it means people are coming out of this caucus saying what they want to say. the person who had the most to lose and to win in iowa was pete buttigieg, who really, really needed a win coming out of the state. that's why you saw him declare undeniable victory last night even though there was a lot to be deniable about it. other candidates have more leeway, more of a ramp in new hampshire, south carolina and nevad nevada. >> peter alexander, donald trump's campaign manager was on twitter last night. then use it to their advantage to claim this system is rigged. >> thank you.
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you only bring us to the warmest places. this is terrific with the windchill at 15 degrees. you're exactly right. the truch campaign, the white house is delighting in this moment. it was striking caucus. >> 80 surrogates. >> bennow they're pouring salt wounds, delighting in the disruption and disorder they saw last night, the president himself doing it on twitter as he frequently does, declaring the democrats incompetent, that they really messed up. it's a good 72 hours, battle for democrats, good one for republicans. tonight the state of the union where the president gets to say look at our economy and the dead terrorists around the world and tomorrow will likely be formally acquitted by the senate. democrats are in a tough spot with nine months left in the election. >> i was talking to a trump campaign source the other day and they were debating with me who they would rather run
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against, bernie sanders or joe biden and they couldn't tell if it was easier to run against bernie sanders, although he has a loyal base because he's a socialist, in their words not mine, or joe biden, who felt like maybe he support wasn't as strong or as wide as was anticipated. we're hearing a lot from this campaign, from the president and fox news as well about how bernie sanders is being treated unfair unfairly why would he be saying that? >> the president wants to create chaos inside the democratic party. last time it was hillary clinton against bernie sanders saying it was rigged by the establishment against sanders. this time it's joe biden or whofr else. nbc news is now reporting based on conversations that i and some of my colleagues have had with strategists that today bloomberg confirmed with members of his own team, they said this muddle
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was good for him, he authorized additional spending to double up on the ads going forward. >> maria, back to you. you've been in this state many months leading up to this. they were reporting new election results. yet we haven't heard from anyone in the democratic party today. with all this confusion out there, can you give us a sense of why nobody has come out and put a face to this and told anyone, the country, iowa voters or anyone else, that they can trust these election results? >> sure. today's reality is actually the iowa democrats worst case scenario. the issue of the report iing wi the apps. first time for the iowa caucuses is just the latest hiccup, at least over the last eight months i've been here in iowa.
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they originally had plans to conduct a virtual caucus, the dnc scrapped that, because that wasn't secure. there's been endless criticisms about accessibility of iowa's caucuses. they're under heavy scrutiny here. it's going to be very paramount that what they report are the accurate results. and i also wanted to note, friday is the deadline for campaigns to submit a request for a formal recount. there's speculation over, you know, what the accuracy is going to be. so when we do finally hear from the iowa democrats, when they file these results later today, there still might be some hesitancy from campaigns to accept that. they've got till friday to say that out loud. ka katy? >> maria, thank you. peter alexander, if you're complaining about being cold look at maria out there with a scarf that is bigger than her entire body. you've got to bundle. she's been here long enough to know what to do.
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peter alexander, thank you very much. great to see you. charlotte altherr, thank you as well. >> thanks for having me. >> senator amy klobuchar took a victory lap of her own earlier this afternoon, touting what she says will be a surprising showing in the hawkeye state. >> what an amazing night we had last night. i'm someone that thrives in chaos. you want a steady hand in chaos, right? we are still awaiting the results from iowa, but i can tell you that we feel very good about where we are and we won so many precincts and delegates that people didn't give us a chance to win. it had a grass roots feeling that new hampshire would be proud about. >> campaign manager for amy klobuchar, doesn't feel the cold weather. >> i'm from minnesota. this is great. >> you're not wearing a coat.
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what did you learn? >> idp will release some results, 50% or 99% at 4:00 central today. it's the only campaign that went to all 99 counts. we want to make sure it's not just the precincts closest. amy did well everywhere. but particularly well in the suburbs and rural areas. >> can you trust the results? >> i think we can trust results. i'm glad that they're doing their due diligence to give us a proper vetting of the results. awish we had them last night because it was a great night for amy. >> does 24 hours matter for your campaign? >> everyone wants to have the victory speech on the campaign but at this point we feel like we had a tremendous night. we feel momentum.
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amy is already in new hampshire on the stump speaking there. emerson poll has amy in second place in new hampshire, surging. we feel like the campaign is in a great position. >> you were in a bit of a disadvantage because senator klobuchar had to be back in washington for the senate trial. i kept meeting voters across the state who said they liked her and wonder what would have happened if she had been able to be here to make her pitch and now i wonder what would happen if she were able to tout her results last night. >> we can't complain and whine about the last couple week. we were also outspent by most of the campaigns. we don't have a super pac. it looks like we've got momentum. i would have loved to have amy on the ground. fortunately she will be on the ground in new hampshire and we've seen it resonate. >> do you want to see iowa have a caucus in the next four years? >> i'll leave that up to the dnc
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and iowa party to shake out. >> some of your competitors are questioning the results. joe biden's campaign saying that they aren't released in full they'll consider it a lawsuit. >> i haven't heard about that. i don't know about that in particular. we had a good night in new hampshire and are looking forward to the results. >> other candidates and campaigns talking about the election results and casting doubt on what might come out of here. in the world we live in today, with everything that the president said, with the fear that russia might interfere in our elections, what does it say to you that there are questions surrounding the very first decision in this 2020 race? >> oim glad that the idp has paper ballots and backups. it's something that amy has pushed across the country. for federal legislation it's incredibly important. we'll wait to get the right and proper result out of the idp. >> is caucusing the right way to
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start the decision-making process? it's a three-hour commitment you have to make at night, maybe less. people have child care, jobs. there's a lot of peer pressure involved. there may be people who go and not feel comfortable saying who they want to vote for in front of their neighbors. >> i don't know that anything is a perfect system. iowa and caucus voters have taken this role very seriously and have done a tremendous job over the years. the idp and people out doing the caucuses did the best they can. >> how are you in your fund-raising? do you have enough money to make it through new hampshire and nevada? >> absolutely. very best month in the entire cycle. in january, we had a good night again last night. we have debates where amy always does well. we've got a great organization in both the next two states. >> elizabeth warren herself said that it is a tight three-way race for the top.
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are you in that three-way? >> i don't know. guess we'll find out soon. >> three-way race i want to say. when you're campaigning, looking forward, when you talk to voters in this part of the country, are you going to be changing your message when you get to nevada, south carolina or super tuesday state? she's been campaigning to being the canned at a time in the upper midwest. what does she say to southern voters? >> people want someone who can beat donald trump. if you want to win we have to fire up the democratic base. amy has done that every time she has won in minnesota, 98% of democrats, winning huge numbers in the liberal districts but also in those blue collar and swing districts and states like michigan and ohio and wisconsin and here in iowa. amy will be the one. >> is she going to place ahead of joe biden tonight? >> we'll see. >> justin buoen, thank you so much. get warm, my friend. >> thank you. >> see you later. >> as candidates wait here on
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results in iowa, they're already campaigning in new hampshire, as you just heard justin say, at least about amy klobuchar. how could the trouble with the first caucus affect the primary? elizabeth warren's campaign manager will join me, coming up. first, can you hear me now? >> so this is the iowa democratic party you're trying to follow? >> i'm on hold to be part of the official count to be part of the caucus. >> if you don't get through, what happens? and then that's it? >> yeah. >> more on the confusion faced by caucus chairs and volunteers as they try to report results. the caucus chair of des moines 62, where i was last night, joins me next, when our live coverage continues right after this break. ht after this break how bout no? no. uh uh, no way. ♪ come on. no. no. n... ni ni, no no!
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jeff, jeff, what's happening right now? >> we completed the initial head count. we know there's 849 people in the room. viability is 127. now we're starting the second count or the first alignment. >> a moment ago you told everybody make sure you're in the right place. last-minute deciders, those who might be on the fence, go to your section now. >> that's just to be sure that we don't have any stragglers. believe me, i just had somebody come in at 7:42. he got my letter, was confused.
11:21 am
so i have to be prepared for all contingencies. >> that is jeff goetz, caucus chair at drake university, where i was last night. that was des moines 62 in particular. it did not use the app that is being blamed for the delayed results. instead, jeff hand-delivered those counts on paper to the iowa headquarters in person. joining me now is jeffrey goetz. we talked to you last night as it was all happening. could you have expected before last night that it was going to end in such a mess? >> well, at the precinct level i thought our caucus was run relatively well. as we understand it's a process. we have a weak link in the chain apparently. it was the reporting app.
11:22 am
i thought the pros went well at the precinct level. my understanding is that the precincts reported, got all their information correctly, reported, but there was a gap in the reporting. my understanding a coding error in the app. >> you didn't even download it, is that right? >> that's correct. >> why not? >> frank ly, we had been given access to it earlier. i was very, very bus he. i thought i could download it at the end. about 6:00 i asked my team members, let's get the app. we had a little problem trying to find the link to it. we said we're already here where the drop-off is. so we don't have to do the app or the phone in. and we literally walked our information over. >> are you surprised that the iowa democratic party didn't have, i don't know, a test run with everybody where they said put the app on your phone? let's go through it, make sure this all works so we don't get
11:23 am
into a snafu on caucus night? >> my interaction was not with the iowa democratic party it was with the polk county democrat. the chair and executive director, i believe, did a really good yob in training. there were trainings weeks in advance, five days a week on how to do things. the app was not from polk county but from the state party. again, i'm not part of the party. obviously i'm a supporter of the iowa democrats. but like a lot of things, prior planning prevents poor performance. i have no firsthand knowledge of what the actual problem was but i just -- it's upsetting me a little bit that there's a lot of talk today about literally throwing the baby out with the bath water. i think if we look at itveeen r
11:24 am
neighborhood there was a desire to get the results as fast and efficiently as possible. they had an app in 2008. i seem to remember there were some problems. not, apparently, as catastrophic as what we just experienced but again, they were reporting a lot more information. and i can understand the collective -- the problem. >> so do you think that the results, when they do come out, are you confident they can be trusted? can they trust what the democratic party announces in a couple of hours? >> my perspective is that this was not an election, this was not like ballots that go through the state.
11:25 am
it was all run by volunteers. it took us two hours to go through 849 people and we thought that was relatively well run. again, i don't want to speak for the iowa democrats and what their process was. it is unfortunate. i think it's being reported now that the democratic party is announcing at 4:00 p.m. central, 5:00 eastern and at the end of the day, if in less than 24 hours we get the result -- >> are you saying this is a little bit too much frustration that is warranted? >> i think yes, there's a lot of frustration because we're so used to getting instant results in a 24-hour news cycle and with all the instant information we receive, we wanted and we expect it. in this particular situation, i think it needs a special
11:26 am
consideration of what it was. sure, everybody would have wanted those results. if they come out less than 24 hours, i'm not so sure about all the hysteria. >> there are caucus cards being physically counted so there is a paper trail. >> absolutely. >> jeffrey goetz, thank you. thank you for having us last night. we had a fun time. >> it was my pleasure. what happens when 5:00 p.m. rolls around and they announce the results? what happens in new hampshire in particular? remember this state is all about momentum. i'm going to have elizabeth warren's campaign manager on with me in a moment when our coverage, live from des moines, iowa, continues next. from des iowa, continues next
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11:31 am
we're going to be doing very, very well here in iowa. >> by all indications, we are going on to new hampshire victorious. >> we know there's delays but we know one thing. we are punching above our weight. >> we don't know exactly what it is yet but we feel good about where we are. so it's on to new hampshire. >> joining me here in iowa, nbc news political reporter vaughn hilliard and from new hampshire, ali vitali. ali, elizabeth warren said it's a tight three-way race. how is she trying to take vac advantage of that in new hampshire today? >> she's not necessarily tlar g i declaring victory. she says she cease a clustering of success for her, buttigieg
11:32 am
and bernie sanders. of course, that leaves biden out to some consternation on twitter. you know how these things tend to go. actually, vaughn and i heard it when troy price, head of the iowa democratic party, said they would get partial results, at least more than 50%, he said. that's not a full result, by 5:00 p.m. eastern today. i asked elizabeth warren about that when she was campaigning just inside the building behind me. i want to show you what she said. >> i don't understand what that means, to release half of the data. i think they ought to get it together and release all of the data. that's what we need. they should get all of the data. we're doing what we can to help. we've called on other campaigns to do the same. >> and, katy, i know you're talking to her campaign manager, roger, right after this. when she says they're doing what they can to help the party they're giving a lot of the data
11:33 am
that the precinct captains have gathered to the iowa democratic party in hopes that other campaigns do the same and speed this process along to get a fuller sense of the results. even if you look back, back to 2012, planting the flag of victory is spin but it's important. in a case like this, it could make all the difference. in 2012 we thought mitt romney won that caucus and, in fact, rick santorum actually won. people don't remember that. romney got the buzz and momentum. with no clear results, it matters who can push ahead of the pack in terms of buzz. >> that is such an important point. part of it, if you're not a candidate like bernie sanders or elizabeth warren, a candidate that relies more heavily on big named donors or wallet donors you need that money to go forward.
11:34 am
joe biden was' campaign people were looking at and say boy, they need some money. >> get to the root of the concern around the biden campaign right now. it's not so much whether they can amass the delegates they need. they still have some belief they can do that on paper. it's whether they can support and finance the campaign that's necessary to do so. we have three of these four on tests remaining, kicking off his new hampshire campaign here this afternoon. he's going to be here all week, he said, fighting for every vote. he feels good about iowa and his firewall as he calls it. i think the campaign is hard at work to try to reassure some of its top donors that he can still be viable. we also see them reaching out for grass roots support, mobilizing text supporters to donate $20.
11:35 am
they say their results validate their no malarky position. and with michael bloomberg looming out there, perhaps attorneys will want to sit on their hands and see how things settle with another candidate other than joe biden. >> spending even more of his money on new ad buys, our reporting at nbc shows. pete buttigieg needed iowa. he needed to show voters across the country, especially going forward in new hampshire, nevada and south carolina that he's somebody who cannot only talk a big game but actually show that he can win. what is the campaign doing today now that they still do not have those results? >> the katy, ali said it. so much of iowa is that moment, that moment to be able to go up on that stage and declare yourself the winner of the iowa caucus. that is what pete buttigieg was looking to do last night. you heard the framing of his speech there, essentially laying
11:36 am
out an undeniable reality. the reality, though, is that he gave that speech at 11:30 p.m. he flew overnight to new hampshire where he has been in the middle of holding campaign events. we are, to put in perspective where we are, katy, it's eight blocks to the west of you, and one flight up an escalator this is the location where the iowa democratic party was supposed to announce the results yesterday. well, we're here. in 2 1/2 hours, they're slated d to do just that. whether anyone from the iowa democratic party actually decides to show up and take part and engage in conversation, so far they've not taken any questions from the press. there was pushback from the campaigns. this was a call between the iowa democratic party and these campaigns. push back from the biden
11:37 am
campaign because they said they would release a majority of the results. saying that's not adequate. we've long touted this is a 99 county race and 50% is not evidence to really be able to say who wins the iowa caucus. 2 1/2 hours now, we'll start to get through some results. we'll get a chance to ask about the 50% results. >> let's hope they put somebody in front of reporter to answer some of the tough questions. vaughn hilliard, you'll be there. thank you very much. ali vitali, thank you as well. a three-way race at the top. which three? her campaign manager joins me next as we continue live coverage from des moines, iowa, after the break. from des moine after the break. i don't add up the years.
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elizabeth warren has said it was a tight three-way race at the top here in iowa. so, we're wondering which three did she mean and in what order? joining me now is elizabeth warren's campaign manager, roger lao. these are not our numbers. they're not the iowa democratic party numbers, to be clear off the top, they're your numbers. i want to make that clear with
11:42 am
our audience. you say a tight three-way race. does that mean you believe that elizabeth warren came in third in the caucus last night? >> it's great to be here, katy. thank you for having us. no, we are incredibly excited, incredibly grateful for the time that elizabeth was able to spend in iowa, meeting and talking with iowa voters and we're excited about the outcome. as you mentioned it's a tight three-way race and we're proud to be able to move on with delegates. >> so if bernie sanders and buttigieg are ahead of her, if, if, if, because we haven't gotten the official results yet, what are you going to do to make sure that voters in new hampshire, not only your state of massachusetts or elizabeth warren's state of massachusetts but bernie sanders's state of vermont, how are you going to convince voters there that warren is the one to choose if you can't show that she was the clear winner above sanders over sanders in iowa? >> as you said, not all the results are out yet, katy.
11:43 am
based on information and data we collected from our organizers, fantastic volunteers, we know it's close, we're in the top three. results aren't out yet. we feel very, very confident that we're walking into new hampshire with energy and momentum and obviously delegates that help us get the nomination. >> what is the argument between warren and sanders? >> elizabeth warren has started with bankruptcy reform for families, creation of the protection bureau, an agency she would come to lead on her own. when she first ran for senate against scott brown in 2012 it was a continuation of that mission, fearlessly fighting for working families every single day to make sure they have a fighting chance. that's why she's running for presiden president. >> in a couple of hours we'll get some of the results from the
11:44 am
iowa democratic party, approximately 50%. are you comfortable with getting 50%? >> we've worked our hearts out for over a year in iowa. elizabeth bannerstormed iowa from town to town, meeting with iowans. it was frustrating not having a final result last night. i'm glad that some of the results will be coming out later toda today. >> but are you comfortable with just 50%? that's the question i asked. >> i would hope that the results come out soon and if the voters and volunteers who worked hard for this, you know, they want to see the outcome. >> no, no, i understand that, but are you comfortable with 50% of the results being released? >> no. they should release more than that. they should release all the results. >> okay. and when will you decide whether you can declare victory or whatever place you have been? if it's just 50% of the results
11:45 am
coming through, will you be comfortable relying on wherever you place in that? and how will you use it going forward? >> well, like i said, we had fun in iowa. we worked hard. we learned a lot. iowa made elizabeth warren a much stronger candidate and, you know, we believe we're in the top three. we believe it's still a top r e race, as results are coming out. now our focus is on new hampshire. elizabeth was in a town hall with several hundred people and continue the town halls, continuing to meet with voters and our team out there is as good as our iowa operation and grass roots and volunteers are just as strong and i'm excited to get them engaged as well. >> roger, do you want to see iowa hold a caucus in four years again for the democratic nomination? >> oh, man. i have a lot of things i have to worry about right now. it certainly is a question that needs to be looked into. i'll let others decide that. >> roger lau, i'll let you off
11:46 am
on that one. thank you so much for joining us. >> all right. thank you, katy. >> and up next, the democratic party's love the president's approval rating, his trial vote and state of the union. it is a crazy week. stay with us. a crazy week stay with us you've tried so many moisturizers... but one blows them all out of the water. hydro boost with hyaluronic acid to plump skin cells so it bounces back... neutrogena® and for body... hydro boost body gel cream.
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tonight, president trump will there's one thing that sets this speech apart from all the others. this time, the president will be on trial in the middle of it. trump will use his speech to set the terms for the remainder of the year as he heads toward the november election, in search of a second term. when the president takes the stage tonight. he'll do so with an approval rating at its highest since he took office. 49%. joining me now jake sherman and chief white house correspondent for the new york times and msnbc political analyst. peter baker. we just quoted you from the times. i'd like to take it to you. the president, even though he is on trial must be feeling
11:51 am
relatively bulletproof, he's going to be acquitted it seems on wednesday. his approval rating is high, how will that be reflected in the speech tonight? >> i think you're going to see a confident president trump tonight. it will be a moment where he will seem triumphant. he seems likely, almost certainly to be acquitted tomorrow. he looks at this disarray in iowa as a good thing. he's chortling about it on twitter. not only that to kind of encourage conspiracy theory about reading the process against bernie sanders. >> he's been mired in the mid-40s. he has a 49% approval rating.
11:52 am
it's higher than president obama was at this point going into his election year. and higher than bill clinton was in 1996 going into his re-election year. so he can take some solace for that. it's a good day for president trump. he has a way of making new issues for himself that step on good days, and we shouldn't assume that the good news for him will last all that long. for today at least, i think you're going to see a confident and happy president trump. >> on the other side of the table jake sherman, he will be in house democrat's house. all congress. all representatives house. the democrats control the house chamber. how is nancy pelosi feeling. >> nancy said she didn't think much of the state of the union. the big question for me is, that i agree with peter. the president enters tonight in
11:53 am
an extraordinary confidence position with poll numbers. obviously, this is his biggest audience he's going to have before election day. the real question i have, he's going to look out and see adam schiff and hakeem jeffries, the people that have been pros dating against them. i wonder whether he's going to be able to contain himself. he creates issues for himself all the time. the question is, can he stick to that script? i don't know the answer to that. he would be smart to stick to that script, if the president talked about the good economy and not gotten involved in all of these ancillary issues, he would be above 50%. instead, he's being impeached.
11:54 am
he's not able to stick to the issues and he gets himself in trouble all the time. >> i wonder what this means going-forward when he is acquitted. not to say he had very many people con strange him in the white house to begin with. as it goes forward. as he gets acquitted for something that even senate republicans say he did do, which is try to influence the election by getting a foreign country to investigate one of his political rivals, what are those in the white house saying about their desire to restrain him or pull him away from his worst instincts? >> well, i think people who are in the white house now certainly the ones who are left have given up a long time ago to restrain him. they may make suggestions or give him advice, they may tell him, as jake said, that you're better off tonight sticking to the script, and not going off on a riff about impeachment. and sometimes he'll listen, for the most part, he's surrounded these days with people who are
11:55 am
enablers rather than obstacles. how does he come out of this impeachment trial? he'll go on to the campaign trail and talk about his grieve ens and resentment at the unfair trial he feels he's gotten. will he have learned a lesson from it? is it well, gosh, i almost got in trouble there, i should be more careful. or the lesson will be, i can do anything alan dershowitz gave me an expansive interpretation of presidential power. i have a certain degree of liberty. that's the question i think a lot of republicans have too. they're nervous about how he goes forward. they would like him to be more presidential, a word he has mocked, he does not seem to embrace. and they've got nine months between now and the election, most of them are on the ballot themselves. they would like to see him take responsibility as the head of the ticket and the party going into that election year. >> the question i would ask a
11:56 am
republican if they would show up on the show is, if you are nervous about it, why did you not vote to impeach him, not vote to convict him? or not vote to at very least censure him. i wonder how that matches up with actions. >> peter baker, thank you for joining us. >> we will be right back, live from des moines iowa, after a quick break. don't go anywhere. this is my body of proof. proof i can fight moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. proof i can fight psoriatic arthritis... ...with humira. proof of less joint pain... ...and clearer skin in psa. humira targets and blocks a source of inflammation that contributes to joint pain and irreversible damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions,
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that will do it for me here live from des moines iowa. i will see you tomorrow in new york. chris hayes picks things up right now. >> good afternoon, from msnbc election headquarters in new york. about two hours from now, the iowa democratic party will release partial results from yesterday's caucuses. what that means, we only have an inkling of. we may get at least some actual data that indicates who won. iowa democrats spent years planning and preparing for the first big event in the 2020 primary season, only to see it end in chaos and confusion, thanks in part to an app that was supposed to make the process more similar. including new rules meant to increase transparency. troy price, a


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