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tv   MSNBC Live With Ali Velshi  MSNBC  February 4, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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to as many of them as they could. they want a full picked before they can do it. we talk about planting the flag, that will do it for me here think back to 2012, mitt romney live from des moines iowa. i will see you tomorrow in new said he won the caucus, we found york. chris hayes picks things up out later it was rick santorum. right now. that's really what a lot of these campaigns are in this for at this point. >> thank you both very much. >> good afternoon, from msnbc joining us now to take a closer election headquarters in new look at this. york. about two hours from now, the iowa democratic party will release partial results from florida republican congressman yesterday's caucuses. david jolly. what that means, we only have an and washington post columnist eugene robinson. inkling of. we may get at least some actual and walid shahid, a former data that indicates who won. iowa democrats spent years planning and preparing for the first big event in the 2020 primary season, only to see it senior adviser to andrea end in chaos and confusion, ocasio-cortez. thanks in part to an app that was supposed to make the process more similar. there's never a single thing, including new rules meant to increase transparency. right? it's a disaster, it means a bunch of stuff failed. troy price, a person you don't one thing that struck me last want to be today, blamed the night, i've covered caucuses
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delay on a coding issue that has before, they're -- you know, the now been fixed. not all candidates are happy meat of them usually takes about 30 minutes or so. with today's plan to release as we're on air last night, we partial results. have live shots up in the >> i don't understand what that caucuses. means, to release half of the in is going longer than i data. so i think they ought to get it thought. what was your impression last night? together and release all of the >> it did go longer. part of it was, they were trying data. >> so they -- to make sure some of the >> they should wait until they have it all? problems they were criticized >> we're doing what we can to for in the past didn't happen help. again. they didn't want anybody to have and we're calling on other questions about the results. campaigns to do the same. >> there's evidence we have that all of this could have been they have these preference cards that one by one, the guy who was avoided. an email chain shows caucus running the operation, went around and literally handed them organizers knew of problems with that app yesterday morning. to them. that they could do their second one organizer wrote just after preference, if they were going to move around. 9:00 a.m. yesterday nobody the folks who were representing having trouble with the app the campaigns had the should feel dumb. opportunity to go around with a few minutes later, i give up them and make sure that that's what happened. on the app. so the whole thing took longer, i'm not using the app, i'm going to call in my results. and then people were asking for more time as they were going to despite the frustration, the presidential candidates are the second preference, there was a lot of horse trading going on. pushing forward. many of them campaigning in ham and then in the end people were happen, which holds its first in
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the nation primary, one week just leaving. from today. people with the candidate, who members of the party spoke with had already made it after three officials this afternoon, on an hours. you're like, okay. update on when we can expect >> i saw photos of caucus results. ali vitaly who was on the phone call this afternoon. seven-year-olds sleeping on also joining me, josh lieberman. clothing. the thing drags on for three hours. let me start with you, what at a certain point come on. >> you talk about the happened in that call? candidates, i'm not trying to diminish what they're trying to do right now, which is spin it >>. >> the campaigns learned, we as best they can, without knowing what the results are, know these partial results are but when you meet these folks and you go and spend time in coming. it was a longer call than what iowa, they care about the we had in the past, the last democratic process, and this ones overnight ended with the year in particular the democrats party hanging up on the combines. told me time and time again, who obviously had a lot of they feel democracy itself is at questions. that was one of the things we heard on this call. stake. they took time off from their a lot of con sister nation from jobs. these campaigns. they got people to take care of questions about what these their kids. the voters of iowa were badly partial results would mean. served here. troy price said it was at least people who really wanted to make 50% of all the results they have. they're able to follow a paper their voices heard. trail here, one of the things he said on this call, is that they
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democracy wasn't well served here. and maybe the worst part of it haven't yet collected all of that paper. is the democrats who feel this so that's the concern with getting these results, the campaigns know it's going to be visceral need to have someone a rush to plant the flag, and who can beat donald trump. they're impartial, not full it was a self-inflicted wound. results that could result in >> one thing i think that was important about last night is a potentially someone declaring victory and not being the stress test of election night, victor. one of the tense moments i heard on this call was when jeff right? because -- >> well, let's hope not. weaver called out basically >> here's my point about that. people who said, we're being we have an electoral college disingenuous about not wanting the results released because of system. if we had a natural popular how they may have fared last vote. you had 130 million americans night. casting their ballot, the odds a little sniping on this phone call. it's not surprising why. of it coming down to seven votes there were millions of dollars is pretty slim. poured into iowa by these wisconsin could come down to 1,000 votes, right? campaigns, into organizing, >> yeah. putting staff on the ground. >> what's important to me in candidates themselves, spent some ways institution ali, both over a year in some cases the candidates and everyone campaigning in the hawkeye state, to have it turn out this else, it's better to be slow and chaotically is disappointing to right than fast and wrong. see the least. that to me has to be the frustrating at best, and all of overriding message that's being sent from campaigns, from these campaigns waiting to see how this shakes out. everyone in the democratic party. they try to look ahead and move yes, this was bad, but get it into new hampshire, which really right, and take the time you is a state where they should need to do it.
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>> there's a lot of serious be -- someone should be pushing off the momentum from iowa. questions about, does american democracy function. people have seen the candy date you're with the buttigieg who doesn't win the popular vote campaign, josh. and they had the most una.m. big when the electoral college has u house victory speech last become the president. we've seen on the impeachment trial, the inability to hold the night. it was later than he would have president accountable. liked. there are several policy i think his campaign said, no blunders the elites have made. matter what happened, we made history last night, which is a iowa is at a different scale, little bit of a walk back from but ordinary people who don't we won. follow politics look at this and what's going on with the say, is our democracy delivering buttigieg campaign. >> he's been campaigning here in results? new hampshire today as if he had is there a way to decide what already emerged as the clear has happened instead of having a winner out of iowa, i just got war over meaning -- i think the off the phone withn official from his campaign who said they joe biden campaign and pete are confident in that memo they buttigieg have been undermining put out early this morning based the democratic process. especially from the former vptd, on their own math suggesting i don't think it helps make the case that this is a legitimate that he came in first place election to write this memo and there. which is a wrinkle. undermine. people said this is what the the initial results we see come personny sanders campaign would do. in, may not be quite that it's people who are most part of the democratic party favorable to pete buttigieg, we don't know what portion the establishment who because -- state party will release first, they may have gotten a poorer
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but we think that it may likely result in the election are seeking to question the results be results from places like des of what happened. i think that's disgraceful. moines, urban parts of the state where it's easier to tabulate >> well, to further the and bring those paper results democratic process, i do think in. pete buttigieg, according to his the iowa democratic party should have given a more democratic own internal math, reports in process -- >> yes, i think we're all in rural parts of iowa as well as agreement. >> they really wanted to counties that voted for alabama participate, they really wanted and flipped to trump in 2016. to -- really want to help figure those may take longer to get to the state party. out who the democratic nominee just another example of why will be. you know, they take the role nobody. not elizabeth warren, not pete buttigieg is happy with this seriously, they really try to vet the candidates and so -- at plan to pit out some undefined partial results at 5:00 p.m. this point the day after, to almost 24 hours after iowa ans have no idea really what started up to caucus. happened, i mean, this is >> the biden camp seems -- has anecdotal information we have. been the most aggressive so far may point one direction, may point another. in treating the results with we don't know the results yet. skepticism in so far as they it will look bad to have wrote a memo, an efficiently declared victory if you're not the victor this time. letter, and again, everyone has >> yes. their own interest here, >> unlike with romney and planting the flag, but the data santorum, this time, nobody
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that we have, and the reactions knows, and so to have declared victory will not look like a of the biden campaign is a smooth move. >> i want to play a little bit circumstantial picture, shows of bites of last night, there them thinking they did not do was -- you're in a weird situation if you're a candidate great last night. >> look, i mean, i don't want to or campaign. read too much into the mind-set it's a wired situation. of the candidates. you have a bunch of natural came cameras, you want to take i'll let him speak for himself. advantage of that. let him see what he's saying on klobuchar came out and said, we the ground in new hampshire. don't know, we're here, we're and let him talk about it on the kicking opinion hello cameras, back end. listen. that started a bunch of dominos, >> we had a good night last night in iowa. and i know you think that's take a listen to some of what got said last night. silly, but everything we can feel is good, here's the deal, >> i imagine -- have a strong we think we're going to come out feeling that at some point the of there doing well. results will be announced. let's give him time to work out those issues. and when those results are we don't know how many delegates announced, i have a good feeling we have, but i feel good about getting more than our fair we're going to be doing very share. well here in iowa. >> look, when josh talks about >> so we don't know all the where the places were that these campaigns were targeting, rural results, but we know by the time it's all said and done, iowa, versus urban areas, one of the things the biden staffers said you have shocked the nation.
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>> it is too close to call. was, didn't we all agree this was a to get i'm going to tell you what i do know. >> you won! >> bigger than any candidate, any party, and folks, i said from the outset, we're in a battle for the soul of the nation, and that's not hyperbole, we really believe that. >> i do think that the -- those can be very tangible in terms of fund-raising. that's how it cashes out. it does increase the states for new hampshire. >> every candidate running for any office tries to control the media narrative. perhaps at no greater moment than the night of the iowa caucus. i think mayor pete's speech was clearly written for history. he was reaching for that history in a moment. one is the former republican now, independent, not a
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democrat. my democratic friends, don't do this to yourself. don't eat your own. the only thing that happened last night, was not a challenge to the integrity of the vote, just the timing of the results as you said. so the people who are feeling the frustration are the candidates who wanted that moment. they wanted the momentum. >> all of us wanted it, right? they all wanted it in that moment. if anything happened we will see the results, the winner will get declared and 41 delegates out of 4,000 will actually get assigned, and for those who have said iowa does not represent the nation the way it should be in knocked down a guess what, beg. now the results will happen while the are in new hampshire. >> the hardest thing to do is to step back and take a deep breath, right? it's never a good sign when the secretary of state of iowa, puts out a statement the next day saying, i have nothing to do with it.
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>> part of this has to do with the strangeness of what a primary is. a primary is undertaken by a combination of the state election apparatus in the party. the caucuses are solely the party, secretary of state -- the secretary of state in new hampshire will have a role to play in the new hampshire primary, it will be run partly through his office. the primary is a thing of -- it's like a bunch of meetings. it's a bunch of bake sales organized by the party. and i think in terms of going-forward. i think there's a strong case for the democratic side. for every race. no one has to take a day off work, do it on a saturday. >> you have my vote. >> coming up just hours from now, president trump will deliver the state of the union, a president who is impeached but not yet acquitted. i'll be joined by bob casey for
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in just a few hours and for the first time in a generation, the president in the middle of an impeachment trial will address the nation in the state of the union speech. he's not expected to announce the impeachment, but gretchen whitmer will provide the response in english. after more than two weeks making the case for the removal of the president, what will tonight's state of the union look like? >> i want to get your -- take your temperature on where things stand right now? it's whiplash inducing -- statements from u.s. senators about whether they will or will not vote to convict and remove the president from office,ed
12:14 pm
formal beginning of the primary process to select a democratic nominee, the state of the union, where is -- what are you thinking about where we are at this moment? >> a lot happening at the same time, that might be difficult for people to keep up with back home. when i go back to pennsylvania, whether it's -- they hope the state of the union will be about, what they hope i work on, it's still mostly about economic security, health care being the primary focus for most americans. most americans, generally understand what republicans have been trying to do to health care, i try to remind them they're for a lawsuit that will destroy it, the sabotage that's undermining it, and the budget cuts to medicare and medicaid 2.3 trillion over 10 years. i think that's important for people to understand the challenge we have right now on health care because of republican policies, but i hope
12:15 pm
that tonight would be a night where the president would try to unify the country rather thandie viding it as he often does. >> there's a proposal for medicaid block grants. there's a vote in the house either it's been voted on or will be voted on as sort of a resolution of disapproval that may come over to you in the senate, that would get the senators on the record about the cuts to medicaid, do you think that's a good idea idea? >> it's a great idea. until 2017 a lot of americans probably undercounted or didn't fully appreciate the value of medicaid. how important it is to the country. it makes rural hospitals viable. it allows many of our seniors, many seniors from middle class families to get into a nursing home absent medicaid, they wouldn't be able to do that.
12:16 pm
it's a reminder of the value of medicaid for our kids, our seniors and people with disabilities. and a reminder about this big divide between the two parties, it's important we do that when it comes over from the house. >> we've been getting your statements about how your colleagues will vote. joe manchin voted for a formal move to censure the president separate from the counts on which he's being tried. what is your response to that? >> we're still in an impeachment trial. the gravity of these efences can't be understated. he solicited the interference from a foreign government in the next election, and to investigate a loopy theory from 2016, it has ramifications for the 2020 election. on interference, it is corrupt. it's corrupt conduct, it's an
12:17 pm
abuse of power. i'm going to be talking on the floor this afternoon about my wholeview of the trial. but we've got to finish this trial and make sure we maintain a focus on this trial. someone has another idea in a couple days or couple weeks, fine, we should all consider those. it's very important to keep people's focus on this trial until we're completed. >> i have a question for you. do you think it matters what republicans say about the president's conduct if they vote to acquit him. is there any meaning or important restraining messages sent by your colleagues if they at the very least condemn the behavior, call it inappropriate, say it's wrong or is that essentially meaningless, because all the president will look at is a vote tally? >> i think when we look at just the last three years of his presidency and really his conduct in particular. too often republicans have given him a green light to do more than abuse power. this is the same public official who said, as president, that article 2 lets him do whatever
12:18 pm
he wants under the constitution. it's the same person, and if that -- the power of that kind of executive is not checked by a constitutional process, then we're all in trouble. and i'm afraid republicans have done that -- maybe even as much by the vote on witnesses as the final vote on guilty or not guilty. >> bob casey in pennsylvania will be in attendance tonight for the state of the union, thanks for making some time. >> thanks, chris. chaos and confuse in iowa. we're about a half hour away from getting the majority of the caucus results. it's not the first time the state results have been delayed. could this be the end of iowa's caucus system as we know it? call newday usa. one call can save you $2000 a year. with the newday va streamline refi there's no income verification, no appraisal and no out of pocket costs. and my team can close your loan
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just a few hours we should finally be learning at least some of the results of the iowa caucuses, the question now becomes, how will monday night's events change the future of this institution. joining me now to discuss are katy tur from des moines iowa. katie let me start with you as someone who has covered multiple iowa caucuses. what is your -- in the cold light of day this morning, the sort of feeling there in iowa about what happened last night? >> in the cold light of day indeed, because it is freezing here. everyone i spoke to about this. that's from voters to campaign
12:23 pm
sources, they've all said that this was a word i can't say on television. they admit this was not the best possible outcome. this is making them not only look unorganized and exposing flaws in the caucus system, but it's also giving bad actors the room to go out on social media and say it on wherever they're going to say it, that the democrats are trying to rig the system, even if it's not true, they're worried about that narrative being out there. there's already a real problem with confidence in our election systems for americans across the board. that's particularly because of the way donald trump went after elections in 2016, partially because voter suppression and people don't think voting in elections means anything, washington stays the same in some people's minds. an example like this, only lends credence to those doubts, when you're looking at what happened
12:24 pm
here in iowa today you have to wonder if deciding to make it more transparent, release three different results. the popular vote from the first alignment, the second vote from the second alignment and the delegates, if whether in hindsight that was a good idea. >> there has been a longstanding relationship. covering democratic politics in the year 2020 that watching those rooms full of people, and god bless them they were there to do their work, they did not look like the broad coalition of the democratic party across the country. it is what it is. in terms of selecting a nominee for this increasingly diverse coalition what do you think that argument does combined with that
12:25 pm
argument last night? >> i think i have a perverse view of last night. long term it's going to be helpful. iowa didn't have a problem yesterday. iowa's had a problem for years and years and years. what last night did was expose it. and who knows what's going to happen from here, when they have their press conferences, it's not going to get better, it's probably going to get worse. what's important is what you said. katie touched on something, in that we keep reacting to previous elections by overreacting. if you look at the demographic issue, yes, iowa is lily white, new hampshire is lily white. part of the solution to that is nevada and south carolina forward the idea is, in the month of february, have you these four contests that hit the full spectrum of the democratic party. by the time you get to south
12:26 pm
carolina and nevada, sometimes it's over. it would be one thing if there were a super monday where all four went the same day or the same week. this is not the way it works, and iowa's been a money pit for years. if i were a candidate last night, i would be thankful, iowa is the grim repeater, usually it takes two, three candidates every three or four years, it took none last night. they got to pass the graveyard. >> usually history has 1 or 2 people dropping out that night. it's sort of part of the winnowing. there's also, the point that philippe just made, there's a tremendous amount of money spent there. investment, organizing, people advertising. mailers and organizers that have been hired. there has to be some real profound frustration to spend a
12:27 pm
year doing that in the state that does not deliver results. >> millions and millions and millions of dollars and people who uproot their lives, it takes a lot in iowa we mean volunteers knocking on doors. a day, face time, spending millions of dollars on ad buys, talking to local reporters, local radio, local tv stations. getting out here as much as possible, in the year that leads up to the iowa caucus. so there is frustration among the campaigns that they didn't cox out of here with a result. it depends which campaigns you're asking. there may be a result that has them coming in fourth place or fifth place. they're able to leave the state and still have some momentum and a case to make without the anchor around the neck that says you're not electable.
12:28 pm
and then there were some others they are electable needed to prove they can win a state. when you consider pete buttigieg, iowa was a perfect place for him to get voters on his side. he did not come out of this state showing that he can place one or two he did not come out of the state with the momentum he would have needed to continue on in new hampshire and south carolina. instead, he's got to make his pitch to new hampshire and overcome what could be the high hurdle of bernie sanders, who's the senator from the neighboring vermont. >> there's another senator running there as well. >> massachusetts and elizabeth warren as well about. >> i've seen a lot of people speculate on how that may have helped buttigieg.
12:29 pm
a win in iowa and a close second in a big prime time speech to say i did it the version buttigieg did last night doesn't carry the same weight with people when you don't know how you did. >> it doesn't have the excitement, it doesn't have the people behind you. there's no way to go back in time. the only person thatforward. this is 2016 again where we live in this topsy-turvy world. there's no way to go back, and no matter what the party says no matter what the results are, we're in new hampshire, it's too late. the buttigieg campaign was smart for going out last night, and they all were smart for going out.
12:30 pm
it was disappointing. >> we're going to get actual votes. another one in the caucus in nevada, and essentially a sort of national primary on super tuesday. counting the results and reporting them? who knows. coming up, iowa's democratic party has an app to get the results out to us more quickly. ♪ ♪ ♪ applebee's new irresist-a-bowls now starting at $7.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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ameriprise financial. there is still no winner in the first of the nation iowa caucuses after precinct captains were unable to report the results last night. there was no evidence, the failure was tied to hacking or foreign interference. the democratic party is blaming the debacle on a smart phone app, there were coding issues in the reporting system. the party added, this issue was identifies and fixed. joining me now, someone with plenty of experience alex stamos. former chief security officer at facebook. i guess my first question for you, alex, do you need an app to do this, when i saw people talking about the app, my first thought was, that seems a little over engineered. people have been doing this from
12:35 pm
long before we had smart phones, do you even need an app? >> that seems to have been the first mistake here. iowa has been running caucuses since 1962. the voting process is public. it's very difficult to cheat or have a major mistake in the voting, they seem to have added technology to a party that wasn't necessary. if they wanted to have electronic reporting, they could do something similar. i think the desire to over engineer this was their first mistake. >> it also seems to me, we have some reporting about what happened last night. people had a hard time using the app, or it didn't work, and there wasn't enough calls to take the capacity. >> generally, what is your feeling about what this may reveal about the sort of role of
12:36 pm
technology in vote counting, vote reporting? >> yeah, it's a question. they took on an extremely hard problem here. a consumer technology product needs to be used by a wide variety of volunteers. to walk them through a process that they're only going to do once, and use an app that's only going to be used once, that's a little different than the voting we will see in other states. which is being run by professional teams, generally state and local election officials. it demonstrates a very important point. we spend all this time talking about voting machines electronic records, are there paper ballots. we don't think enough about the fact that voting is a process that starts with preregistration after the votes, the votes need to be transmitted and tallied and reported out.
12:37 pm
there are lots of computer systems involved with this, and very few of them have been tested for security. what we saw last night, even if you can't mess with the vote, some of those other systems could create chaos that american partisans are happy to take advantage of. >> the key thing here is, this is a public vote. all this has been publicly recorded, there are people who have been crowd sourcing data, there is a paper trail here, that seems like an important takeaway as well, some sort of paper trail fail safe. >> there's a bunch of lessons here. this is the first of 57 contests. hopefully this teaches a lesson for us in the general vote in november. there is a paper trail and we can create it. nobody should believe the final
12:38 pm
results should be tainted. it's irresponsible for people to apply that. third, we can't have this kind of mistake in november, because we still do have aan of state that is do not have paper trails, that have direct recorded entry machines without paperbackups. and we don't have the fact that we'll have multiple contests to have make-ups. if this happens on election night, it's going to be much more impactful. >> thank you so much. let's go back to my panel. chris jansen. >> i feel the need to rise the defense of the nonspring chic ings, right? it's not their fault. the point is, software is for people to use, people are not there for the software, if none of this worked for the people who are giving up their time and valuable labor to do this, like that's on whatever was designed around them, not the people there. >> if you go back to 2012 and
12:39 pm
everybody knows the system that was put together by the barack obama campaign, it's been described about the excruciating detail to know what could happen. maybe we're over complicating things, this is not whatsapp with a billion users this is less than 1700 caucus sites. >> it's hard to field test that. >> i talked to the guy who was in charge in clinton, iowa, he just got up because he was up so late last night, trying to get this information in. he sid the app worked, he got everything in, put it -- and then went to hit send, and hit send, and it went haywire. it froze, and it didn't do anything, then he had to leave the community college because he promised them he would vacate the premises, drive over to headquarters, make a phone call, get put on hold for 45 to 50
12:40 pm
minutes. he did get his stuff reported. i having been there watching very closely, and the reps from the various campaigns watching closely, don't have any questions about the results and the way they were tabulated. >> i see people sitting ten feet apa apart. one could go over and talk to the other. this is directly annal goss, they had a process that worked. it worked. >> it reminds me of a consumer electronics show. here's a toaster connected to a phone app. 24 seems like a legitimate technology. >> iowa and new hampshire, they only carry the weight that we give it.
12:41 pm
we learned this is a delegate race. just for context, iowa has 41, new hampshire 24, nevada 36, south carolina 54 and next week there's 1400 delegates, okay? >> there's a distinction between two types of campaigns. a campaign that is going to be catapulted through momentum. and the sanders campaign, i think the warren campaign. the bloomberg campaign. very different campaigns i'd yo logical logically. because of the way their funding works. which is big crowd source fund-raising, and in the case of michael bloomberg, i have billions of dollars. they're in a position to gain out ahead of time. >> they're going to eat off the land. >> eugene robinson, thank you all very much. coming up, we don't yet have the results of iowa's democratic caucus, and candidates have
12:42 pm
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in just about an hour we're expecting partial result from the iowa party. many have focused to new hampshire for one week from today. but michael bloomberg did announce he's doubling the ad
12:46 pm
spending nationwide. he's on the way to michigan, a state that won't have the primary for more than a month. it is a strategy, one that shows some signs of bearing fruit in polling numbers do in no small part to the enormous amounts of money, over $100 million in tv advertising with more to come. with me white house constituent anita combar and flfrpts and there hasn't been something like this and the reason is michael bloomberg is one of the richest person in the country and the amount he spent is more than anyone else has spent and comes out to $50 for an average family of four. >> that is right. in the few shorts weeks that he's been running, a thousand people on the ground. so he's throwing out the normal way of doing things, hiring people, opening offices and most importantly doing a lot of ads. we don't know what that will turn out to be, after the first
12:47 pm
four states. >> there is a question, jennifer, i've seen this happen a lot, i remember the wesley clark boom of 2004, right. a candidate just enters and there is buzz around them and in this case a tremendous amount of paid media and op-ed comes out and you have to face scrutiny but bloomberg has been able to stay outside of the fray of the campaign while dropping hundreds of million dollars in paid advertising but that can't last forever. >> absolutely. so some of the contestants were objecting to the change in the rules for qualifying for the february 19 debate. i think it is an effort to respond to that. don't they get a chance to vet this guy. don't they get a chance to get on the stage with this guy. this is a very real concern. i will say he's sitting pretty today with the mess in iowa. does he look quite so silly or so farfetched in his planning to
12:48 pm
skip all of this and hop right to super-tuesday. i think he's pleased with a mess and is thinking, hey, no one will come out of this with a lot of momentum. i have as good a shot as anybody. >> there is something to that, anita. all of this outside the box thinking is fasity tated by the outside the box fortunement the reason other candidates can't do that is because they have to raise money. if you say i'm not running in nevada, north carolina, send me an money. that doesn't work. so it is not like the strategy has been rejected by other people, anita, it is the fact that he doesn't have to raise money transforms everything about how he can run. >> you're exactly right. one of the reasons that iowa situation is so bad is because this person whoever wins is supposed to come out of the iowa caucus and go into new hampshire with that momentum. but the momentum is also to raise money. it is supposed to give them a
12:49 pm
boost as they go into the next few states. he doesn't need that as you said. he could not do what he's doing unless he had his own personal fortune. >> jennifer, where do you see this going next? do you think he could sustain the increase in natural polling based on paid advertising alone? >> i think for now he can and until the other candidates start taking him seriously they'll watch him lap the field. so remember 2016, vet the guy with the moneyment. >> yes, friday night, the debate is going to be important in that regard. thank you both. that wraps up the hour for me. i'll see you tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. for all in. "deadline: white house" with nicolle wallace starts after this. nicolle wallace starts after this with va mortgage rates near record lows,
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hi, everyone. it is 4:00 in new york. one hour from now the iowa democratic party set to release partial results from last flight's first in the nation vote. the iowa caucuses of course, after an epic failure of the systems that were supposed to tally and report the results from caucus locations across the state of iowa. today's 5:00 announcement will be the first look at any results from iowa and it will not represent the complete
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