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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  March 2, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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he he helm. >> thank you, rachel. we're going to stay with the live coverage which has been going on for a few minutes, and we will be back. >> embrace asylum seekers, not slam the door in the face of those fleeing persecution, violence, and asylum-seekers. 24 of the 100 students in school is latino. it's an overwhelming interest that makes us better if we invest. look, folks, i want to provide a path to citizenship for those that are enriching our populati population, every day. work is about more than a paycheck. it's about decency, respect, and able to look yourself in the meirer.
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being able to look your child in the eye and say everything is okay. american people are not asking for anything other than a chance. an even chance. they're being denied that. this is about your place in the community, he says. >> amy eni looked at everything. there goes trump. anyway. the prison, how it affects you. your family, your community. >> that's why i'm a democrat. that's why i got involved in the first place. there isn't a battle for soul of if democratic party. but it's a soul for america. not sowing more division and anger.
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and not only fighting as president, but a president that will heal the country. the country has to be healed. behave to beat donald trump in the republican party. but we can't become like them. >> we have to heal the divisions and repair our democracies. the republican voters know we have to he'll this country. and fight for the rproposition, that all men and women are created equality. there's person inalienable rights. that's the uniqueness of america. we're based on an idea. we've never lived up to it.
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but we never have walked away like this president has. i believe in every fiber in my being, is to further open the aperture of conclusion. making sure people have a shot. i want to recognize three people that have dedicated their careers. collin nauert. he flipped this district. and took the house in 2016. he dreid what i dreamed of doin playing in the nfl. we have to make sure he holds that seat in november. and marc veasey. good love him. he's led the fight offal the
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erosion of voting act. half of the stations have put up barriers. and johnson is a legend. she's a woman who knows how to get things done for the people of balance. and she leaves nobody behind. the days of donald trump will soon be over. the american people have seen the alternative. there's two ways that people get inspired. they get inspired by great leaders, like kennedy, and lincoln, and obama. and they are also inspirped by very bad leaders.
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this president has ripped the band-aid off. he has literally strangled the republican party. this is about restoring the character of america. not a joke. we've been damaged all over the world. we've been damaged badly. his race of thugs and dictators, the way he treats our military and talks about them. the way he demeans people. ladies and gentlemen, he's never done anything other than, other than seek division. folks, it's time to get back up. we're decent and brave and we can believe again. we're better than this moment
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and this president. get up, and take back this country. there's not a single thing we cannot do if we do it together. god bless you all and may god protect our troops. there's one more person i want to thank. a man who affected this state and nation. a man who had enormous compassion and courage. a man with unlimited future. a man who will be changing this nation for years to come, ladies and gentlemen, beto o'rourke, and his wife, amy.
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come on, beto and amy. amy, watch your step here. >> god love you. thank you. thank you. >> dallas. dallas. denton. collin. anybody from the rio grande valley. far west texas and el paso. lubbo
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lubbock, amarillo. on behalf of every 1 of the 254 counties of this great state, we welcome dr. jill biden and joe biden. [ speaking spanish ] ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow, march 3rd, 2020, i will be casting my ballot for joe biden. and let me tell you why. we need somebody who can beat donald trump.
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>> the man in the white house today, poses an existential threat to this country, to our democracy, to free and fair elections. we need somebody who can beat him. in joe biden, we have someone that can is the antithesis in donald trump. he is caring and everyompatheti. the vice president was at a town hall in south carolina. and dr. -- reverend anthony thompson, talked about losing his wife in 2015. and joe biden listened to him, with his eyes closed so he could concentrate on that every,
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single word that man said. he spoke back to him with compassion and the power to he'l heal. he wanted to heal that man. for someone that lives in el paso, texas, where 22 people were killed, solely based on their ethnicity on the color of their skin of country of national origin. at a time this country is so polarized, so deeply divided, we need somebody who can bring us together and heal us. we need somebody who will fight for democracy here and abroad because democracy is under attack here and aprbroaabroad. we need joe biden.
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and mr. vice president, i have traveled to each of the counties of texas. i know this state. and the fact that you take the time to listen to us, to be here, to understand our concerns, as well as our aspirations, means the world to us. >> this is a state that is dead-last. we have people dying of diabetes. the largest mental health county system in the state is the jail in the state. those being arrested are getting the fair they cannot find otherwise. we know you're going to lead us to make sure there's health care for each and every one of us.
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mr. vice president, you also know, inthat whether it was sutherland springs, or midland, odessa in the same year, we understand the devastating toll of gun violence. in a mass shooting at a walmart our a school, taking them of our communities of color, one or two at a time. who don't make the front page or the news. you're going to stand up for each one of us and end to the selling of weapons of war in our communities. keep that on the battlefield. don't bring it into our homes.
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and, mr. vice president," this energy-growth state, wants to be the state, with your leadership, leads the charge to confront climate change before it's too late. we're counting on you. in 2018, all of us, a lot of good people who are here on this stage, out there, throughout the state, ran the greatest grassroots campaign texas has ever seen. we won more votes than any democrat had in texas history. young voter turnout, up 500% in early voting. and he's were the gains. 12 new members of the
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statehouse, all democrats, replacing republicans. two new members of congress, including collin allred, right in this community. 17 african-american women, elected to positions in harris county. now is the time, to finish the job. make sure we have the nine seats we need. end the gerrymandering in texas. and move forward about the items we tear about. you can help us do that. i want to let you know. i love you, too. we all know joe and jill.
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we're going to take them to a world-class meal. there's a wahataburger half a mile from here. but first, make this one promise. i'm getting wa inting w intinh being shouted. are you with me? are you with joe? ladies and gentlemen -- joe biden. let's do it for joe. >> i want to make something clear. i'm going to guarantee you, this is not the last you're seeing this guy. you will take care of the gun problem with me. you will be the one that leads this effort. i'm counting on you. i'm counti ining on you. the state needs you, the country
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needs you. you're the best. thank you. thank you. thank you. come up here, guys. great to see you, man. >> that's the conclusion of joe biden's rally in dallas, texas, with some surprises, including beto o'rourke, as the last endorser of the day. a day filled with dramatic endorsements of the biden campaign. joining our discussion, david plouffe, the former campaign manager and senior adviser for president barack obama. he's the author of "a citizen's guide to beating donald trump," john is with us, the editor in chief on "the recount." and cecile richards. she interviewed joe biden and
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all of the candidates. cecile, we're starting with you. your mother, ann richards, was the last democratic governor of the state of texas. a lot has changed since she left office in 1990. i want to get your reaction for what happened there in dallas. >> a lot of the texans, are seeing it happen now. this isn't a fluke. this is ten years of long, hard work. the it's fueled by women and young people to think that texas is in place, is a's mazing. four polls are showing that the president is under 50%.
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>> david plouffe, you come to us from a success frl democratic campaign manager in this country. what do you see from this campaign? taken from the totality to the joe biden endorsements to the sande sanders campaign. >> super tuesday set up well for bernie sanders. if you're joe biden, you need to survive it. joe biden has good states later in march. georgia, florida, mississippi. i think sanders is obviously, huge crowds. they've been spending money. it's been an amazing 24 hours
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for joe biden. he has to survive tomorrow. his back is against the wall for super tuesday. this looks like a two-person race, on who has the ability to get the delegates you need, to have a majority or 1,500 or 1,600. you're in the conversation from a delegate standpoint. so, it comes up against the reality of tomorrow. a bunch of states where, you know, he's scrambling to get viability like minnesota, massachusetts and california. the other thing about texas and california, a lot of people have voted. joe biden is going to have to overperform on election day. >> are endorsements normally easy to shrug off when covering
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a campaign? they normally don't need much. but jim clyburn's endorsement meant a lot. this day of endorsements, has a similar feel. it took a bunch of them, to equal one jim clyburn endorsement. he got a bunch today. >> there's a couple questions. there's no doubt that these people are vdropping out, are o the material impact. one thing we have to focus on. the accumulation. people like amy koeb chlobuchar pete buttigieg, that wouldn't have been vie ibl on tuesday. this voters that are more likely in joe biden's column, those are
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more likely. i don't think so much. it doesn't purt. and certainly, the impression that the party, the nonsanders wing of the party, is rallying around biden and creates a powerful sense of moment. it has a downside. bernie sanders feeds off of the sense that the establishment is out to get him. the establishment is aligning forces to keep him from his fate. what he believes is his just dessert. and for a lot of the sanders voters, the sight of the establishment colluding will gin them up. and i think that bernie sanders gets some mileage out of this. sanders will point to this and
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say, they are trying to stop me. i won't let them. >> i'm sure you're getting calls from texas voters. i know a lot of california voters this week. what do i do now, as some of the candidates started to drop out? when i hear pete buttigieg, earlier tonight, as he did with joe biden, get up and say, this is why hee is voting for joe biden, i know that is specific guidance to some california voters that are going to vote tomorrow, that were going to pete buttigieg, until today. >> i'm sure there's a conversion of votes to biden. >> i'm sure what john says is true.
10:23 pm
a lot of votes have been banked. the late-breaking change is you can't overestimate. i want to continue to remind people of. the vast majority of voters are women at this point. what i'm hearing from women is, they want to win. they're very practical. and i think that joe biden has had a very good 48 hours. they're looking for somebody to go up against donald trump and win. >> we have video of pete buttigieg endorsing joe biden earlier tonight. his responsibility to that. as soon as we have that, we'll show that. it was a powerful moment.
10:24 pm
what do you make of the value and the transfer ability in leaving what is already gone? the transferability, saying i'm going to vote for joe. and the transferability for army klobuchar and others. >> the votes that were planning to vote for them, are not all going to joe biden. both of them, as far as endor endorsements go, gave strong reasons to vote joe biden. biden is something that is closest to me. it's something i have to do. i thought they were strong endorsements. i live in california. i've gotten texts from local
10:25 pm
vice presidents, from the sanders, the warren and from bloomberg. none from biden. he's living off of momentum. you're hoping you can get the support he needs. i think he's positioned well. i agree with you, lawrence. there's a lot of people, if they got their ballot in the mail, they held on to it. biden is closing as well as he could. it's not about winning the state, in all likelihood. it's getting over 15%, staid-wide, and enough to be viable. about a week ago, the sanders haul looks like it could be
10:26 pm
enormous. bernie sanders is going to do well tomorrow. biden may have the ability to keep that in his sights. >> isn't sand earp ers ready to down his delegate count? >> there's places. mike bloomberg, if he clears viability, he is -- he is taking questions away from biden, bloomberg may drive down the delegate accumulation of that state. the nightmare for biden, is where mike bloomberg is at 12%, 14%. not gaining any delegates.
10:27 pm
not hurting bernie sanders. but taking votes away that would have gone to joe biden. that's the worst-case scenario. and it's the one that mike bloomberg fear the most. they have been arguing with him over the last couple of days. he would do a party a favor. and if he wants to keep bernie sanders to be the idea, his thought is he would drop out yesterday. but the mayor's point of view, was for, i am running in a state. it's not the most strategic point of view. but some can understand at the human level. >> thank you all for starting us off on this very important night. possibly the most important night, prior to the most important day of the campaign
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yet. david plouffe's book, "a citizen's guide to beating donald trump." up next, my interview with joe biden. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ saving for ava's college. financial security. being able to retire. on our terms. no matter what your goals are, our trusted advisors can help you reach them. ameriprise financial.
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>> before all of those endorsements came rolling in for joe biden today, he sat for an interview with me, earlier in the day. i got to know joe biden very well, in the 1990s, when i was working on the senate staff of daniel patrick moynihan, who joe biden always mentions, when we have a chance to talk. almost ten years ago, joe biden was, the very first guest on the very first edition of this show. tonight is his second apeerps on this program and his first appearance as candidate for the president of the united states. we're joined by former vice president and current democratic candidate, joe biden.
10:33 pm
thank you for joining us. we real lly appreciate it. i want to get to the most important thing on voters' mind, which is secondary to the election. that's the coronavirus crisis sweeping the world. we can see, becoming an increasing problem every day in this country. now, including new york. new york to california. if you were in the white house today, what would you be doing? i know it's hard at this distance to assess what this white house is doing. what would president biden's work today be on the coronavirus? the question is how much creditability the president has. the president speaks for the nation. and gives concern to and/or
10:34 pm
brings some solace to the rest of the world. this is not a political comment. it's a literal comment. he has no credibility on this issue. after the ebola epidemic, we put an office in the white house. next to the president. we worked on a range of things. back in january, the president was told this could be moving forward. they did not do anything to get testing kits out. the greatest worry i have is, people look to a president. and they're looking to a voice of authority. they cannot trust this voice. this is a guy until a couple of days ago, said this was a democratic plot or however he phrased it. what i would be doing, i would not have done the things he did. right now, if i was droched in
10:35 pm
and president, i would be ramping up considerably, the states and the hospitals, to be prepared to have the intake of crisis patients that come along. i would ramp up, the number of testing kits that are available. for example, i would told by a friend, whose son was coming back from another country. we're getting off the plane. they had to know what seat he was in and that he had been tested. it's not a moment to panic. but let the scientists speak. the president and the vice president should coordinator if they can. but let the scientists speak. >> and "the new york times" is reporting today, that a florida
10:36 pm
man who returned from china, felt sick. and he got tested. he now has a bill for $3,200. doing the responsible thing. go get tested, when you come back from china. what could you do about that? the $3,270 ? >> we said all of this testing was free. this president wiped that out. we anticipated this because of our work on the ebola crisis. we said free. all testing is free. the idea that we will charge
10:37 pm
people to do the right thing is bizarre. and he's in court now, to wipe out obamacare. he's decimated it. that's being reported. how many people will go in and get tested? it's free. it should be free. f-r f-r-e-e. >> bernie sanders says this is the case for medicare for all. that anyone would know they could get off of an airplane, feel sick and get tested and not be hit by one of these bills. >> they know that under obamacare. they know that. you don't need medicare to be tested for this. you can dictate that you would
10:38 pm
have it for free. if you wait for bernie to be tested, that's four years, to get it passed. and then, taking time to phase in on top of it. this is about now. if i'm elected the president of the unite. i can get obamacare is not at another action. and i laid out how to pay for it and where to get it done. and he's talking about a trillion-dollar program. i respect the fact he wants to do it. but level with the american people. he didn't tell the other half of the tax is you.
10:39 pm
it will double on your social security tax. people need hope, lawrence. you know it better than i do. they need to know that their need can be done and is likely to happen quickly. i can get reducing drug prices, passed. and i can get it done immediately. >> obamacare, there is 28 million people that do not have health insurance at all. what could you do to close that gap? medicare for all closes it. that's a solution for 100% coverage. what is your way to get to 100% coverage? >> in many states, the
10:40 pm
republican graffers have not taken advantage of what obamacare called for. that's 100% for people that who have medicaid. >> i came out of a state where there's 200,000 people, because the governor would not let it happen. i add to obamacare, i add a public option of medicare for those who want it. they would be automatically enrolled in medicare. but they can't afford it. they can buy into the plan. they can buy into medicare for all. it's their choice. bernie wipes out 145,000 health care plans that labor unions
10:41 pm
have given up salaries more, that are robust. and they are gone. look, lawrence. i know you, i watched you. you know moynihan. what did pat always talk about? what can get done? tell me what you're going to do and how you can get it done. do you think there's a possibility of passing a $35 trillion plan, without telling anybody who is going to pay for it? ten-times the cost of what i'm talking about, 3$3.5 billion a year. i think people are looking for authenticity and honesty. i admire bernie's deseire here.
10:42 pm
do you think there's a chance of passing through a democratic house of representatives? you get a democratic senate, this time around. you think it passes? come on. be honest with the american people. pete buttigieg has dropped out. >> this is a guy who is brillia brilliant. he is vote vated by the right purposes. we have very much in common. i called him to urge him and plead with him. he has to stay involved. we talk about passing the torch. we have to. we have to build um the branch. there's really qualified people. i warned him, i would ask him to
10:43 pm
join me. he must stay engaged. he has great capacity. he doesn't have enough of a national profile to demonstrate to people, who they are and the depth of who they are. it goes from him to mitch landrieu and other people of significant capability. they have to stay in the game and get in the game. i don't want the presumption of saying, i am going to be the nominee. but if i am the nominee, i will ask him to participate. >> are you asking him to join you on the ticket as the presidential nominee? >> no. i'm saying to join me. there's a change of things and positions he can fill if he wants to help. this is a confident, capable man. >> we'll have more of my
10:44 pm
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10:48 pm
or create a world at peace, remember that america is best when we strive to do big things, even when it's hard. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. here's more of my interview with joe biden, conducted earlier today. when you won south carolina, president obama called. you had a conversation with the president. that same question, was there a discussion of endorsement? did you ask for one? did he offer one? did you discuss it as something that would happen later down the line? >> the reason why the two closest president and vice president have ever been, is joe biden and barack obama because i never discuss our conversations. and i'm not going to start now. >> was that the first call during the campaign? or has he been calling?
10:49 pm
>> look, i have spoken to the president, not infrequently. i asked him not to endorsement because the first thing that happened, lawrence, and you'll know this better. is when i announced, biden feels entitled. he is running on obama's coat tails. i did not think it would be helpful to me if the president came out and endorsed me on the front end of this. it would have gotten to the notion of entitlement. i real ly thought and i still believe, i have to do this on my own. if i am the conominee, the form president, are -- have you noticed? all of the ads, everybody is loving barack obama. bernie sanders should be primaried in 2016.
10:50 pm
mike is a good guy, mroom berg. but saying that health care was a disaster. it's a matter of me winning it on the merits. i think we need a democrat as the nominee. literally. i'm an obama/biden democrat. we've been progressive. we saved this economy. we grew it in a way that's larger than trump has grown it in three years. and we were working on building up the middle class and things fell apart. we lost. it's about building on -- not going back to. building on and moving the next step to bring everybody along. so, that's what i mean. we need a democrat. who is able to put together the coalitions that we put together.
10:51 pm
suburban women. across the board. i think that we got that off the ground. for example, we talk about how, you know, bernie's turning out all of the vote. bernie's a great guy. if you look at south carolina, there were, i think, 158,000, or something like that. 100,000 more votes than when barack ran in 2008. they turned out. and they turned out. i got those votes, the vast majority of them. what is starting to happen is we're beginning to focus on the choices here. a guy wants a revolution. we're going to have results. >> he entered the race on the assumption he could grab your
10:52 pm
support, as he entered the race. his numbers went up. yours went down. it was almost a direct transfer from biden to bloomberg support. what would you say to super tuesday voters, voters trying to decide between joe biden and mike bloomberg? >> elect a democrat. elect a democrat. mike is a good guy. but mike is not a democrat. >> that was my interview with presidential candidate, joe biden. we recorded that earlier today. we are awaiting a rally in monterey park, california. the elizabeth warren rally. it was skezed to start about 20 minutes ago. they're behind schedule, which is normal, for campaign rallies like this. that's where the elizabeth warren rally is tonight, in california. bernie sanders was in minnesota. and you saw joe biden earlier, in texas.
10:53 pm
we're joined by david plouffe. he's the successful campaign manager for barack obama's campaign for the white house in 2008. david, there are so few of you, democratic successful campaign managers. you can fit together in a car. not a big one. i want to get your reaction to where the elizabeth warren campaign stands tonight. it's viable in california and viability in massachusetts and other places. she has a real new surge of funding, about $29 million. where does she go from here? >> first of all, lawrence, i'm pretty confident we'll have another prominent democratic campaign partner. elizabeth warren, i think the question for her is, the campaign put out a memo. they were clear, suggesting
10:54 pm
their route wasn't to win the most delegates, but to win enough at the contention. i think she will get some delegates tomorrow. she's been a strong performer. say you have sanders and biden having the same number of delega delegates. you're going to decide that the person who came in third or fourth is going to get the nomination. i don't see that. if she performs well, maybe she gets into the delegate conversation. but i think convention strategies, generally, are not destined to succeed. she will have to see where she is, coming out of it tomorrow. but to roll out with a couple hundred delegates, and be the nominee, it will be people that roll into milwaukee, if we don't
10:55 pm
have a nominee prior to the conventi convention. >> we've been hearing from joe biden, in this hour. i had that prerecorded interview with him. and his event went over into this hour. i want to hear from elizabeth warren also. we have this from an interview that cecile richards did. this exchange is one of the more personal elements. the personal reason the candidates got in. listen to this. >> i thought i would do this as a teacher. and then, the fight comes to your door. you can back away or jump all the way in. and that happened to me. sometimes it's more funding for child care. sometimes the fight is to fry a ceo of wells fargo so badly that the guy had to resign. but sometimes the fight is to meet a little girl and say, hello.
10:56 pm
my name is elizabeth and i'm running for president because that's what girls do. >> in that message, if that's what girls do, this is the last woman standing. in the major candidates. tulsi gabbert is still in the polling. >> she is a powerful communicator and has a powerful story. she's been in the teens, basically. and to get in the 30s, she would have to grow her coalition. that's where she has struggled. if elizabeth warren is not our nominee, i hope political scientists study why. i don't know if there's too many that think a woman can't run.
10:57 pm
her performance in her debates and the organization she's built. a very strong candidate. there's a chance she's viable in california and other states. it ee's puzzling she has not do better. she has the attributes that you see in presidential candidates. >> let's listen to bernie sanders, tonight, at his rally, in minnesota. >> tonight, i want to open the door to amy's supporters, to pete's supporters. [ cheers and applause ] i know there are political differences. i also know, that virtually all of amy's support and pete's support understand. that we have to move towards a government, which believes in
10:58 pm
justice, not greed. [ cheers and applause ] >> david, he can pick up some of that support. you might know where bomost of is going, but not all of it. >> he'll pick up some. that was a welcoming message. i sent out a tweet a little while ago. there's so much conversation, that says, what happens to his young supporters. it's a very important question. bernie sanders has been careful. but some have said, this is the establishment now. i don't think they're part of the establishment. there's nobody in washington pulling the strings. african-american voters don't consider themselves part of the establishment. we need to beat donald trump. we'll need the entire party to
10:59 pm
uni unify. it will be a tough primary. it will probably go on for a while. we need people to come together, if it's sanders or biden and it comes down to a two-person race, they need support from people that are not with them right now. that's a strong message from bern bernie sanders, a welcoming message. good to hear. >> david plouffe, always invaluable to have your insight. thank you for joining us on this important night. really appreciate it. david plouffe gets tonight's last word. "the 11th hour with brian williams," starts now. tonight, the biden campaign has the kind of unity night they've been dreaming of. former rivals come out to support joe biden. then, the bernie crowds. massive rallies prior to what he is expecting to be a giant super
11:00 pm
tuesday result in that chase for delegates. and the president travels to one of the primary states, north carolina, to, quote, troll the democrats before he ballooned. all of it as "the 11th hour" gets under way on this monday night. and good evening once again from our nbc news headquarters here in new york. day 1,138 of this trump administration. that leaves exactly 246 days to go until our 2020 presidential election. and really in just a matter of hours, voters in 14 states begin the process of heading to the polls for super tuesday while at the same time, the joe biden campaign has been more or less reformed. tonight something the former vice president has craved, the support of his rivals. buttigieg, klobuchar, o'rourke