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tv   Deadline White House  MSNBC  July 2, 2020 12:30pm-2:00pm PDT

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12:31 pm right now and see how much you can save. every day i come to work hoping that i can help someone get better, that i can help someone go home. unfortunately that's not always the case. there's been a recent spike of covid-19 patients. we're seeing the surge come back. i want our community and everyone watching to know that covid-19 is real. covid-19 is here. covid-19 is probably here to stay for a long time. >> that was an intensive care unit nurse in california echoing what we've heard from health care professionals around the country for months. the coronavirus pandemic is real and far from over. here are the facts as we know them at this hour. at this time there are over
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2.7 million known cases of covid-19 across this country. more than 129,000 american lives have been lost as a result of the virus. the state of florida continues to see a record breaking surge in new cases. earlier the florida department of health reported that the state saw over 10,000 new cases of coronavirus over the last 24 hours. in texas houston hospitals are transferring covid-19 patients to other cities in the area. more evidence of the strain that the pandemic is putting on the health care system in the houston region. amid the spike in new cases in california, governor gavin newsom orders bars to shut down. restaurants will no longer be able to serve patrons indoors until further notice. there's no doubt the coronavirus pandemic has disproportionately affected minority communities. the situation in new york city
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is no exception. even as new york city is set to enter phase three of its re-opening plan next week and many city residents begin to feel a stronger sense of normalcy, the economic recovery won't look the same for everyone. half of new york city's immigrants are unemployed. many of them in eligible for public benefits. ron allen has done extensive reporting for us on this story. he joins us live from queens. ron? >> reporter: nicolle, yes, there is an economic disaster that is unfolding here. it's been unfolding for sometime. it's hard to see here, but if you look beneath the surface there's a huge number of people unemployed. there's a spike in the sickness it appears. some recent numbers say there were 36 people who died in this part of queens, one of the hardest hit areas, last week.
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that seems like a high number given that the rest of the city is re-opening. here you have a lot of leaders crying out for help for their community. every day before noon hundreds lineup outside corona. the queens law maker has set up her own foot pantry. the city is re-opening, but there's still this? >> yeah, because what happens in our community the majority of people didn't qualify for the financial help out there. >> reporter: these people are especially vulnerable to the virus due to their jobs and leading to the highest cases of coronavirus. this work is undocumented and in eligible for public health.
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cruise knows her plight very well. >> my mom was a nanny. she cleaned people's home. >> reporter: cruise is the first former dreamer ever elected to state office in new york. >> where's your husband? >> reporter: now crying out for help for her community. when you see this and what you've seen over the last few mont months, how does that make you feel? >> it's gut wrenching. there's only so much i can do. >> reporter: cruise's borough of queens only got about 15% of financial money and the bronx about 4%.
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deep systemic inequalities have made this worse. >> you can't tell people to be socially distant in a house where there's five or six people in a home. >> reporter: this bar and grill does what it can to survive like making meals for a nonprofit. will your business survive? >> if it wasn't because of the essential meals, no. >> reporter: without this you're in deep trouble? >> yeah. i'm trying to remain positive. >> reporter: restaurant meals go to cruise's office food pantry where here lines still stretch around the block. so a lot of people are struggling in the so-called outer borroughs. 70% of the restaurants in the
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bronx may not survive. in queens half of the small businesses may have to close as well. it's a struggle. it's happening in the shadows. that's why these communities are hoping to get some help. nicolle? >> ron allen, food insecurity in america is one of the most under reported stories. i'm grateful to you for bringing us your reporting. thank you for spending time with us today. we want to remind all our viewers if you have questions about coronavirus craig melvin will be answering them here on msnbc. tweet your questions with #msnbcanswers. joe biden was already leading in the polls. now he's leading donald trump where it hurts most. that's ahead. and more one of a kind finds.
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guys! guys! safe drivers save 40%!!! safe drivers save 40%! safe drivers save 40%!!! that's safe drivers save 40%. it is, that's safe drivers save 40%. - he's right there. - it's him! safe drivers do save 40%. click or call for a quote today. this is beginning to look so familiar it doesn't lead the news anymore. another 2020 poll, another double digit lead for joe biden. it's a monmouth poll that shows 53% of registered voters support biden. those numbers don't get much better for donald trump at the state level. recent polling from cnbc shows he's behind in six key battle ground states.
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biden is beating trump in the fund-raising race bringing in $141 million last month, $10 million more than trump. it's all just real evidence of what we've been hearing for weeks. trump support is cratering as he fails to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. joining us now former florida republican congressman david jolly. david, i stumbled over republican. you're no longer a republican. you're not a political analyst at msnbc. donna everett, let me start with you. you work on campaigns and you say this in your team, the only poll that matters is the one on election day. if donald trump were to come back, it would an historic
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comeback at this point. >> that's true. joe biden is not saying i'm sitting pretty and i won't be doing anything. he'll be working hard for votes. we saw what could happen in 2016. leading in the polls and donald trump wins the election. i don't think that democrats and certainly not joe biden is going to do that now. this does look really good for him. you know, if you look below the top lines, what you see is the movement that's happening with white suburban women solidifying his support with african-americans, latinos and asians. peeling away some of the other support that donald trump has had. it's a direct relationship to the catastrophe of the trump campaign and presidency, handling the coronavirus pandemic and of course, you know, his more recent kind of
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failings as president. i think that everything that you see now from joe biden and his strength, not just this month, but last month as well, besting donald trump is a testament of how far the candidacy is and i think he's prepared to take this thing all the way to november. >> david jolly, we've talked how out of step donald trump is on two of the three crises gripping the country. 76 pr 76% of the country aligns itself with the goals of black lives matter. it's a massive shift in public opinion. you've also got donald trump with 64% of americans who think that restrictions around this country are being lifted too quickly. a lot of these polls were responded to before the new
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spikes were reported. you have him dealing himself out of being on the side of solving the two most vexing issues facing our country. >> he should have taken notice when the white suburban women supported democrats. even worse, he's creating a vulnerability for himself that joe biden is starting to really take to his advantage. that is donald trump, the man who ran as a populist, who understood the every man, who was going to fight for the every man, is appearing more and more out of touch. that's different than bad policy. he could get bad marks for how he administers over the pandemic. he could get bad marks for the economy, but a president out of
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touch, that's a fatal flaw for a candidate going into november. i think you highlighted a couple things right there that make perfect sense. this national conversation on race, with all the complexities of the dynamics, reasonable people, well-intentioned people know the goal is to move us forward, not backward. donald trump is suggesting through his tweets he wants to move us backwards. then when he addresses the pandemic, he's saying things where there's complete disconnect with the american people who are worried about their kids starting school in the fall, whether or not their job is going to be there, the fragility of our economy. this is a president who is now out of touch. joe biden sees that. that's why he did the press conference the way he did today. >> you know, donna, david makes a good point. he ran as this every man and it's ludicrous. he has a helicopter and a gold
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toilet, but that was his case that he took to the country. that jeb bush and hillary clinton were part of an elite political class and somehow he bamboozled enough people into thinking he was a common man who flew around in a he'll kolicopt lived on fifth avenue. most people want to believe that we can carefully re-open our economy and not kill the vulnerable people in our families. they want to go back to work, but they're open to doing so in a way that's safe. donald trump's aversion to wearing a mask, to recommending people wear masks, to holding events that people don't leave with covid is hurting him politically with his coalition. >> i think part of what he doesn't see is, look, donald trump ran as a common man, but he was a fraud. we all know that. you can only live as a fraud for
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so long until it's exposed. that's where we are now and what the american people are seeing is that disconnect that david talked about. i mean, many presidents haven't lived the lives that all of their constituents have, but they identify with their suffering and pain. they can at least begin to say words that are empathetic to understand people's vulnerabilities. donald trump doesn't have that capacity. that's being exposed right now. you really can't make up for that. so then with his own people, they begin to emulate his behavior and it turns out that they have vulnerabilities that the president doesn't because he's surrounded by -- they're the ones -- i think they're seeing that and they'll hold the president accountable. >> donna edwards, david jolly,
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president putin could be in power for 16 more years when he's 84 years old. the vote was fraught with irregulariti irregularities. joining us from london is kir simmons. kir, it's like he's taunting
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donald trump to follow in his model of something. how did this happen? what's the sense of how many people wanted this to happen? >> reporter: yeah, you can imagine president trump being jealous of 20 years in power, potentially 36 years in power if he wins the next two elections, president putin. it doesn't give him another 16 years defacto. russian has twice played with the idea of replaces president putin, once when his prime minister became president and then just this year they thought about what do we do? how do we replace president putin? the interesting thing is that russia has not been able to do that. we talk about the strength of president putin. i think it's also the weakness that is actually proving so
12:54 pm
difficult to replace him. there's a law maker in the uk that used to say the first thing i want to know about a politician is how do i get rid of him? russia is struggling to do that. listen to more of our conversation with president putin's right hand man. i asked him why is president putin the only man who can lead russia. are we saying russia, a country of 114 million people, that there is only one man who is capable of leading the country? >> russia is a country of 114 million. we're a very talented people. i have no doubt that we have thousands and thousands of very talented politicians that in the future would take this competition and will lead the country to the future.
12:55 pm
currently every time we have presidential elections, every time, people vote for putin. every time he gets the overwhelming popularity, overwhelming support of his fellow citizens. this is the case. it is as simple as that. >> reporter: fascinating, isn't it? it's interesting when you think about relations with america. in one sense you can say one president after another has tried to reset the relationship, including you could argue president trump. but president putin has become more nationalistic and more pessimistic. that sets the tone for relations with america. >> if he meddles in our election, what's to say he didn't meddle in his own? >> reporter: exactly.
12:56 pm
what they're saying is almost 78% of russians voted for him. he's popular, but his approval ratings have been going down. they say there was a -- just up to almost 68% of people voted. that's a pretty stunning number for a constitutional vote. it would be amazing and yet many people are questioning it. opposition calling this vote illegal. >> count me skeptical. kir, thank you for spending time with us. coming up, donald trump facing a world of political hurt. "deadline white house" is next.
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hi, everyone. donald trump feeling the most acute political pain of his presidency as the price of opting for a strategy that aye mounts to being awol. on covid which is surging across the south and west, trump claiming it will miraculously disappear. on race and police brutality, trump is ensconced in the lane of preserver of confederate heritage. on threats posed by russia to american soldiers, trump reached
1:01 pm
into his 2016 back of tricks and shouted hoax. there isn't a battle ground state where trump is ahead of joe biden. biden up by 7 in arizona, by 5 in florida, in michigan 5, north carolina, 7, pennsylvania, 6. tim alberto tweeted this in the six key battle grounds trump trails biden in every poll, in every state. there is no precedent, at least in modern times, for the comeback the president must mount. trump's political weakness and biden's strength reflected in the latest fund-raising totals. biden out raising the president with a haul of $141 million in june. maggie haberman points out biden
1:02 pm
didn't have any in person fundraisers last month. the president had two. from the "washington post" phil rucker, "new york times" reporter nick and senior adviser to the biden campaign. nothing moves donald trump -- a former military personal member says if putin grabs anything here it's trump's political pain. >> he's privately furious about it and hands complaining to his advisers and campaign team about why he's losing to joe biden. he likes nothing less than to be labeled a loser. that's his fear here and that's his reality as well four months
1:03 pm
ahead of the november election. nicolle, talking to republican strategists, there's a growing fear in the party that trump is going to cost the party their senate majority and could endanger other elections up and down the ballot. there's a real anxiety about that right now and an urgency to get the president back on track. >> nick, it's hard not to tie the fate of senate republicans to their refusal to even hear witnesses in donald trump's impeachment or their sort of trepidation to step away from a president who so obviously is unfit for the commander in chief part of the job by using the military to clear protesters, but not reading his pdb. what do you make of these events
1:04 pm
that now envelope the entire republican party? >> president trump has built a ship and dragged his entire party on to it and they have no choice but to go down with him or succeed with him. he polarizing the electorate so much that there are no real swing voters in the same way. it's really all about how do you feel about trump. he punishes members of his party who distance from him. so they can't really get away from him if they wanted to. that's really unprecedented. past presidents would have allowed people in their own party to quietly go away from them. trump demands loyally. that's unprecedented. there was a certain point in the 2016 where the democrats were talking about a landslide for hillary clinton and expanding the map. it did not work out that way. president trump could find a way to rescue himself from political
1:05 pm
bankruptcy in a way he's escaped financial bankruptcy in the past. >> phil rucker, that's a good admonishment from nick. these times are uncertain. russian meddling a known in 2016. we know this white house has done nothing to hold russia accountable. i wonder if the president is focussed on sort of tacking on any of these three issues or if he's simply focussed on hardening his base and bringing them out for him? >> it's unclear because his focus changes hour to hour. he's not someone who tends to adopt these grand strategies. >> fair enough. >> however, his focus of late seems to have been in invoking these cultural wars. we've seen that on his twitter feed day in and day out. it looked like a crime blotter.
1:06 pm
my colleague had a great piece about that earlier this week. he's been taking up the cause of confederate heritage and history, preserving confederate memorials, retaining the names of confederate generals at military bases around the country. that's not what a lot of political strategists would say is the right side of history when you consider the state of mississippi voted to remove the confederate battle emblem from their flag. trump sees this as a way to galvanize his white supporters and a strategy to resuscitate his campaign. >> phil, i say this with no due respect. if that's your jam, you should be locked into the trump operation already. that's not how trump repairs his standing in the six battle ground states where he's five to seven points behind joe biden. he didn't win wisconsin or
1:07 pm
michigan or pennsylvania for restoring the confederacy. >> well, no, but he's looking for his political crutch that worked for him in 2016. in that republican primary he ran against governors, senators, jeb bush, one of the ways he beat them was by talking about race, culture and finding these wedge issues to pull white supporters towards him. that's his crutch. the problem is it doesn't work well when you're working to build a majority coalition. there are a lot of republican strategists are who alarmed by this saying it won't help in michig michigan and pennsylvania. the confederacy also doesn't win you a lot of votes in colorado. >> it does not. nick, i want to ask you about
1:08 pm
the other big crisis bearing down on the white house. it's the president's lack of interest for intelligence that was included in his pdb in late february. your paper reported it was there on february 27th. the white house is now, based on news reports, planning to do nothing. you spent a lot of the last three years reporting on how russia operates, particularly inside our democracy. what will that decision to do nothing about a program briefed to trump that his intelligence agency took seriously enough, what will it say to vladimir putin that donald trump's plan is to do nothing? >> nicolle, it's hard to imagine a signal as open and direct as telling putin that you can offer bounties on our soldiers and try to have them killed and we will not do anything about it. if you wanted to wave a flag to
1:09 pm
the russian government to say come on in here and do whatever you want to do however you want to do it, you can meddle, hack, disinform, this is a good way to do it. we're going to see on what was the briefer's fault, was the type big enough, it doesn't matter. the president watches the news. it's his decision. the buck does stop with him. he can now make a decision if he'll offer any response or not. >> nick, that's a great point. i want to follow up. he's pardoned people. he's yanked people out of the military justice system and pardoned them instead of letting them stand before their peers because of segments he's seen on "fox and friends." this has been on the news since your paper broke the story. he's almost hardened his
1:10 pm
resistance and denied. >> i'm sure for the white house the easier conversation is whose fault is it that the president wouldn't read his briefing, or didn't hear it, or it wasn't phrased the right way, or was the briefer afraid to bring it up. it does not matter because at this point he had a second bite at the apple. if he wants the information, he can have it and make a judgment. nothing is stopping him. what happens next is his decision and no one else's. >> careen, let me bring you into this conversation and ask you to pick up on these threads. the president seeming to ab di indicate the role of commander in chief about a program, the russians paying bounties for the
1:11 pm
killing of american soldiers. >> one thing we learned about donald trump these last couple years, when it comes to vladimir putin, there are no consequences. that's a shame. that's how he has run his administration when it comes to putin. here's the thing about this story, nicolle. if this is indeed true and he knew about it and he did nothing, it is a dereliction of his duty. not only that, it's a betrayal of commander in chief to protect the troops he puts in harm's way and the military families as well. so this is just one of the historical failures that we see with donald trump, not just with covid-19 and the mismanagement of it and how american voters are reacting and we see that in the polls that he won the last time around, but also in foreign policy how he has just ignored our allies. that's what he would have done. there are a couple things i
1:12 pm
believe joe biden would have done. reach out to the allies. read the riot act to vladimir putin. ask your intelligence community to see what's going on. figure out the inconsistency. talk to your military commanders and he did none of that. none of that. i feel -- my heart goes out to those military families who are trying to figure out, okay, how was their son, daughter, grandson, grand daughter doing under this commander in chief. >> what would joe biden do if he were given this intelligence that there was a program by russia to place bounties on the heads of american soldiers? >> i can't speak for him directly. i assume he would say stop it and look into it and say this is not okay, you cannot be doing
1:13 pm
this. that's what i would assume. he would call him out. he would read him the riot act. that's something that you don't see from donald trump. look at the interference that we know russia did through the mueller report of our elections. donald trump doesn't seem to care. so that's what needs to change. that's why we need to get out and vote in november because we can't continue to see this anymore. the foreign policy, the domestic policy that's the lack of governing from this president. >> phil rucker, what does the white house plan to do for the next 140 days around questions of russia? surely they don't think they can handle on top of the public disapproving of most of the president's performance around covid and the president dealing himself out of the conversation about race in america where 76%
1:14 pm
of americans align themselves with the black lives matter moveme movement, does he think he can do nothing about russia? >> he appears to think he can get away with doing nothing. we've not heard the president address what happened or indicate in any way that he's going to be tough or retaliate or punish russia. his advisers say when he wants to take decisive action, he's not afraid to do so. there have been zero evidence to date that he is taking this action seriously or planning any sort of sanction or retaliation against russia. the pressure is going to increase for him to do so, especially and including from some republican leaders on capitol hill who are more traditionally russia hawks and are going to be calling hearings about this and trying to apply the pressure on the white house.
1:15 pm
it's unclear if the president is going to respond. >> careen, on this topic of donald trump's abdication of his responsibility to the men and women in the military, it's fair to say the most powerful political message has been conjured up by a group of former republicans, the project lincoln ad with a former s.e.a.l. who speaks right to camera about it. what is the inside view from the biden team about this group of former republicans and their ad making? do you think they're helpful? do you intend to emulate their ad making? is it something you welcome? is it something you wish was coming from the left? >> i think what we see is a broad stroke of support. yesterday, 11 million
1:16 pm
members, you have just like you mentioned republicans speaking up and the lincoln project an others putting out ads. i think it shows where we are as a country. you were talking about the six swing states where joe biden is beating donald trump in each of them. i said this to you before, donald trump has the power of even c incumbent and he's not leading in these polls. he's not leading the con constituency. that's what joe biden is doing. in 2016 we saw polls go up and down. we have to be mindful in the campaign and ask for every vote. i think what we're seeing right now to answer your question, nicolle, is this broad base of coalition for joe biden.
1:17 pm
>> nick, let me give you the last word and let's end on this. donald trump seemed to understand the threat that joe biden represented to him when he -- there's that scene in the new bolton book where he describes being asked by donald trump to call zelensky and get rudy in front of him and whatnot. donald trump was spending his hours and his days in the oval with his national security adviser, his secretary of state, whatever rudy was to him, his personal fixer, trying to take out joe biden back in march or april, more than a year ago now. donald trump i would guess isn't totally unsurprised by these poll numbers. >> he must not be, except i think there's a little contradiction with the president. he can't decide if he wants to win or be a culture warrior. i suspect part of it has to do
1:18 pm
when you win the presidency against the odds, when everyone says you'll lose because you're devisive, it's hard to adapt and change and confront the fact that what worked the last time was a person being himself, won't work this time. i feel like i'm watching the president playing the same old tunes over and over, creating a scandal to hobble his opponent, to stoking racism. he's trying to do these things and the country is not having it or at least not enough voters -- >> our friend eddie glod calls him fat elvis to your point of rolling out the old chestnuts. thank you all for starting us off. when we come back, the scandal regarding donald trump's
1:19 pm
disregard for intelligence in his pdb with brand new reporting in the "new york times" about a middleman and his riches. tulsa is being crushed under a surge of new covid cases there. another day another trump tell-all. this one deep inside the trump family circle. all that coming up. all that comp for small prices, you can build big dreams. spend less, get way more. shop everything home at wayfair today.
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a clearer picture is emerging around the purported intelligence that russia offered bounties to taliban linked militants to kill u.s. troops. "the new york times" is
1:23 pm
reporting that afghan officials set prizes of as much as $100,000 per killed soldier. that reporting goes on to identify a man in afghanistan who the times writes stands as a central piece of a puzzle, confirmed by afghan officials as a key middleman who handed out money from a russian military intelligence unit to reward taliban linked fighters to kill american troops in afghanistan. as the out cry over the story intensifies, the president claims it's a hoax. the white house saying it doesn't plan to provide any immediate response. two senior administration officials tell the "washington post" that's because president trump does not believe the reports are true or actionable. the president seemingly on an island there. top national security officials acknowledged the intel.
1:24 pm
the directors of the cia, national intelligence, nsa held a classified briefing with the gang of eight. here is nancy pelosi describing that meeting. >> what is important is the president's relationship with russia. this is -- at the same time as the white house was aware of this threat to the security of our men and women in uniform, the president was still flirting with the idea of having russia be part of the g-8. >> joining us now former cia director john brennan and former director of the national counterterrorism center michael lighter. director brennan, i want to start with you. doing nothing is actually doing a lot of something. it's doing a lot of something for vladimir putin. i'm open to the possibility that things are being done we don't know about. as an american standing in the
1:25 pm
world, our standing in the world today, donald trump was told february 27th that the russians were paid to kill american soldiers and the public statement is that he'll do nothing. how does that land? >> it's telling of donald trump's failure to live up to the responsibilities of commander in chief. it's clear from reporting he does not read the pdb. the pdb is the president's daily brief for a reason. it's the intelligence community's best intelligence that's brought to the person who sits in the oval office and is supposed to keep the country safe. it sounds like he was aware of this information somehow, but has not been focussed on it. while he's flirting with vladimir putin, while bounties are being offered on the heads of american soldiers, i find it reprehensible that he's ignoring that and continues to focus on his political interests and
1:26 pm
advancing his own personal interests as opposed to protects the lives of american soldiers. so it's not surprising. i'm sure it's not surprising to vladimir putin that donald trump is not paying attention to these very important matters. >> director brennan, could i push back respectfully, how does it not catch the attention of an american president when there's an object in his pdb that says lethal threats to american soldiers? what does that say about the person who is our country's commander in chief? >> it shows as many of us has said he's unfit for this esteemed office. it's something that brought to any of the attention of the presidents i worked for -- i know the presidents i worked for would have seized upon this and addressed it as soon as the
1:27 pm
information was credible. i was president clinton's pdb briefer for a year. i know president obama and president bush, all three, would have acted swiftly upon this. it shows the lack of focus, lack of interest and the lack of determination on the part of donald trump to do what a president needs to do to protect our soldiers who are in harm's way. >> michael, i'm glad that you are here today. i have tried every day to sort of have people like yourself explain that intelligence is the most secret kind of tip sheet in the world. in the months and weeks and years after 9/11, i went in -- the press folks went in after the pdb was briefed to george w. bush. i know what that threat sheet
1:28 pm
must have looked like. i didn't see it, but i know what it must have done to a president who views protecting the country as his most sacred duty. i'm sure president obama and president clinton had the same reaction. can you explain in the case of a terror attack everything is uncorroborated until the attack happened? what is that product, the pdb? >> nicolle, you're exactly right. this excuse of it wasn't yet corroborated so we didn't focus on it, i used to come in every tuesday. it was terrorism tuesday with president bush and president obama. john was there for many of these. we did these weekly to a great level of detail. if we only waited for corroborated on confirmed intelligence that we knew was right, we could have done that once every two or three years. the fact is the flow of intelligence to protect the nation is a constant source of
1:29 pm
attention for the president, or at least it should be. we start with enormous amounts of threats and something like this, the idea that it would not be briefed early and often, it would not be discussed and that options would not be generated and brought to the president about how the u.s. could protect its troops, how it could protect its allies and what policy steps might be taken, because that's the purpose of the intelligence. the intelligence is there to drive action. i can guarantee you one thing. one action that wouldn't be recommended to the president after this report, as speaker pelosi said, give vladimir putin a benefit and invite him back into the g-7. that's proof positive that in this case the president didn't spend time on this threat to u.s. troops. >> let me ask you to deepen that explanation a little bit,
1:30 pm
michael. it would appear based on the first "new york times" report that a meeting, an nsc meeting, was to do just that. if you convened this meeting, doing nothing probably isn't on the list of things you'll take to the president. you'll probably break it to him gently that putin is killing american soldiers in afghanistan. "the new york times" is reporting that three are believed to be killed in connection to this program. we don't know they were going to take that to the president. would doing nothing except trying to squeeze him into the g-8 be on that list? >> doing nothing would be on that list. inviting him to the g-8 would not be on that list. calling the reports on this a hoax would not be on that list. all of those things contribute to, i think, a sense of
1:31 pm
superiority in putin's case over the president, an ability to manipulate this president in a way that fundamentally, whether it's meddling in elections or targeting u.s. troops, that putin has the upper hand. that's a tragedy for the country. >> it is a tragedy for the country, director brennan. to see him use the same smear for a russian program that, based on the "new york times" reporting, may be connected to the deaths of three marines, to use the same smear into the investigation by robert mueller into him, to call it a hoax, where are we? is that what he would look into the eyes of those parents and say? >> i think we've seen that donald trump relies on disinformation, dishonesty and mischaracterizations of what reality is. to do it in this instance when u.s. lives may have been lost as
1:32 pm
a result of this program run by the russians that he ignored, it's ludicrous. there was a meeting held at the nsc which meant that the national security advise r woul have chaired that. it's up to the national security adviser tpresident of the unite states is focussed on this. they really needed to look at the different options to mitigate the threat, take actions against the russians, tell the russians they'll lose diplomats, work with our partners with us fighting in afghanistan. their troops are on the line as well. doing nothing? that's the exact opposite of what should have been done. >> here we are again, and that
1:33 pm
is what seems to have been done. director brennan, michael lighter, it's a privilege to speak to both of you. we will call on your early or often. important new questions in the aftermath of donald trump's tulsa rally. new reporting indicates he fumed when news of positive cases among his staffers leaked to the media. that's next. lactaid is 100% real milk, just without the lactose.
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so you can enjoy it even if you're sensitive. yet some say it isn't real milk. i guess those cows must actually be big dogs. sit! i said sit!
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1:36 pm
coronavirus are sky rocketing. 50,000 new cases here just yesterday, a single day record in the u.s. officials are warning people to stay home this weekend. donald trump and his campaign have done everything to make it seem like it's fine. a report from the "washington post" shedding new light on the chaos from that tulsa rally. trump was livid when news went
1:37 pm
public that six staffers had tested positive for the virus. some staff were discouraged from getting tested. health care workers were initially given a list of 200 people to test. two people with knowledge of the event said. some people began testing positive. after news six people tested positive, health care workers were questioned about whether they shared the information and given a different list of employees to test according to the two people with direct knowledge. it is unclear how the list was changed. joining us former baltimore health commissioner dr. lena wen. doctor, donald trump is against testing because testing shows up positive cases including inside his staff and inner circle. it appeared what they brought to tulsa was a traveling petri dish of cases. where are we when the president
1:38 pm
doesn't see the facts, the truth about the pandemic, but is bringing it wherever he goes? >> this is very concerning, nicolle. we keep talking about the importance of testing. testing does not create cases, but it does detect cases and prevents the infection from spreading further. i can't believe we're still talking about it. this is the truth. now we're seeing what's going on around the country when we don't have enough testing. there are lienes in arizona and texas that stretch for eight hours, ten hours waiting for people to get a test. the president should be acknowledging the importance of testing and wearing masks at this time when there's explosive spread happening all across the u.s. >> dr. wen, we've been having a different version of the same conversation now for more than
1:39 pm
three months, that this country is facing an unprecedented in modern history threat and we're not doing the things we need to do to protect ourselves. can you tell us what we need to do to protect ourselves? >> well, we're coming into the fourth of july weekend. what i really do not want is a repeat of memorial day when people let down their guards. i understand that quarantine fatigue is real and people have made a lot of sacrifices to get us where they are. we need to honor these sacrifices and do our parts. for states undergoing rapid surges right now, it's really important to stay home. i don't mean just stay inside. you can go to the park. go to your backyard. do not gather in crowds. definitely don't get together with people indoors. don't go to restaurants, bars or theaters. don't get together with your
1:40 pm
extended family indoors. we know the virus transmission happens that way. go to a backyard for a get together, but ideally stay at least six feet apart. don't share drinks or food. don't hug, but wave. if you're living in states not experiencing a surge yet, be warned the surge could still come your way and that this is the time for policy makers to be thinking about their priorities. maybe they need to be keeping bars closed for the summer to allow schools to be open come the fall. >> doctor, dr. fauci predicted we could be seeing twice the number of new cases. we're at 50,000 now. he predicted we could see 100,000 a day. what does that look like? >> it looks like a lot of pain and suffering and unfortunately death. when we look at what's happening with the surge right now, we're in the very beginning of it. we're seeing the rise in infections. we're seeing the rise in
1:41 pm
hospitalizations. we haven't seen death which is a lagging indicator to catch up with that. we'll see that in the weeks to come. dr. fauci is emphasizing that and emphasizing that none of it was inevitable. it was preventable. there are things we can be doing. we can wear a mask, wash our hands, be away from grounds, be outdoors, not indoors. but we need a national strategy. we're past the time to be having this strategy, but there's still time for it now and we must take urgent action. >> dr. wen, thank you. sadly because of what it says about the pandemic, i think we'll be calling on you for a long time to come. thank you so much for spending time with us. after the break we're one step closer to a trove of trump family secrets. the latest fight over a new
1:42 pm
tell-all book next.
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alright let's roll. c'mon pizza's here. whoa! is that shaq? this is my new pizza the shaq-a-roni and it's bigger than pizza because for every shaq-a-roni sold, $1 is donated to the papa john's foundation for building community. fred trump's tax return is in the building right now. it's incredible we have it. that opened a door and gave us so much more information to be able to understand the tax games that were played and then once you pull the string, the whole thing unravelled.
1:46 pm
>> that was the show time doc based on an october 2018 new york opus into donald trump's taxes. the work of "the times" exposed that there were instances of out right fraud. the publisher of a tell-all written by mary trump, says she was the primary source of the investigation that won the reporters a pulitzer. it's no wonder donald trump has gone to great lengths stopping the publishing of the book. joining us now is someone who knows a lot about the trump family and trump finances, our
1:47 pm
friend tim o'brien. what should we expect from this book? >> well, i think we're going to see at a minimum a lot of important details about everything this family went through to cheat on their taxes, to fight over money with one another and i think to do the kinds of things that have been laid out about donald trump for decades now with increasing degrees of specificity. nicolle, one of the interesting things here is all the trump -- fred trump's children, they're all gathering the wagons. they're circling the wagons on this. historically there was a lot of animosity between the siblings. donald and robert didn't get
1:48 pm
along. mary ann hired an attorney to make sure donald trump didn't steal from his siblings. on this book they're all coming together to try to block it. i think it's because it will be embarrassing for all of it, not just the president. >> we know a lot now three years in about donald trump's triggers. it's the size of things like his wealth that gets him almost like any -- unlike anything else. what do you think she's likely to reveal that we didn't learn from that extraordinary "new york times" report about his taxes? >> well, i think the cordis ke discoveries in the "new york times" reporting was the family had been cheating on their tax returns for decades and created a shell company that allowed fred trump's company to send
1:49 pm
millions of dollars to all the children that they otherwise would have had to pay taxes on. the clock has run out in terms of a statute of limitations. donald trump spends the most time talking about the things he's the most insecure about, his intelligence, his business success, his wealth. donald trump is not worth $10 billion. he has never been worth $10 billion. when the facts come out, i believe that mary trump turned those tax returns over to "the times" having done none of her own forensic work. i think a lot of the reporting surprised her as well. i think you'll see in court that it's possible that the nda that she entered into was drafted without giving her all the details about these things.
1:50 pm
it's probably not going to be enforceable if those were the circumstances. >> tim, real quickly, you worked on mayor bloomberg's effort to be the democratic nominee. to d donald trump as the republican nominee. what do you think about joe biden having a sizable double digit lead? >> i think to be in early july as far back as donald trump is sending chills behind the gop and everyone in the white house. i was wrong in 2016. i did not think he would be the nominee. i didn't think he would win. he has fumbled horribly managing the coronavirus and the economy
1:51 pm
is in the ditch no matter how they try to spin jobs numbers. i think that will come home to roost in the fall. at this point voters will rescue us from donald trump because no one else has been able to. >> truer words, my friend. thanks for spending time with us. when this book comes out, we would love you to help us understand how this came to pass. another break for us. afterwards lives well lived. something great from mr. clean.
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i have children who have grown up to be good people. and i think that's what i'm most proud of. >> what can you say about a father's pride?
1:55 pm
that's a small snippet of an hour-long interview conducted by that man's daughter. she is an emmy winning reporter in sacramento, california. the title is "i love you, dad" in loving memory. what we just watched was the last time they ever saw each other and talked like that. we will get back to that story in a second. today makes three months since we promised you we would put a face to the numbers during the coronavirus pandemic. the numbers are dramatic. 100 lives well lived we have celebrated. if coronavirus magically disappeared as donald trump suggests, it would take 300 years to tell you about the rest of the victims taken from us. but sadly, the pandemic won't
1:56 pm
disappear. according to dr. fauci and other experts it will get worse. these are so tragically similar. let's go back to the washingtons. washingtons. then it wasn't long before before he got sick. three weeks ago today he died. the casino has implemented stricter policies. at the very least, no matter
1:57 pm
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covid-19 is probably here to stay for a long time. >> it is constantly an uphill battle for care for these patients. >> some patients have been with this for 30 or 40 days. we have also seen heart attacks and strokes and affec


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