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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  July 11, 2020 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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good evening and welcome to "politicsnation." tonight's lead, out of control. for the first time the united states saw 70,000 new coronavirus cases in a single day friday, with the death rate also on the rise. the biggest surges coming in the south and the west in states that are or certainly were firmly for president donald
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trump. governors and mayors in those states are now sounding the alarm, even as the white house pursues an aggressive new effort to reopen schools. the health and safety of students, teachers and faculty be damned. it's a racist approach that does not surprise me at all, which i'll explain later in the show. but in the midst of all of this american carnage, president donald trump chose to prioritize the well being of just one man, self-described political dirty trickster roger stone, the president commuting his sentence last night after stone claimed going for prison for three years during a pandemic would be a, quote, death sentence. you should expect that the president won't be extending such clemency to the thousands of nonviolent prisoners of color who haven't obstructed justice. such as those locked up in
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california's san quentin, currently experiencing one of the worst prison outbreaks in the country. having protected his political cronies from the consequences of his felfellonious, ak -- activities, and the state's own republican governor said he would not be in the crowd where face masks were going to be encouraged but not required. if you ask the president about the current disastrous state of his presidency and reelection campaign, insiders say he will tell you at length that he is
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the victim of a deadly pandemic, of a stalled economy and racial unrest and of bad polls and an unfair supreme court, all of which is out to get him. haters mad at him for winning, like how he aced the cognitive test he's been bragging about. all that is where we start today. we begin with the speaker of the house, congresswoman nancy pelosi. earlier i spoke with her about the president's erratic and illogical response to the coronavirus crisis. >> i'm pleased to be joined by speaker of the house of the house of representatives, nancy pelosi, who in my judgment has led a gallant fight in these very troubled times. madam speaker, first of all, thank you for being with us on "politicsnation." let me start by asking, i
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certainly want to get to the george floyd act and patriot act, i want to start by asking you how do you react to the president's handling of covid-19, talking about reopening the schools and other things that clearly seems to be in many ways contrary to what his own health experts are talking about and advising? >> reverend sharpton, always an honor to be with you. thank you for your question about our children . we don't want our children taking any risks. we want them to go to school, we all do, but we want them to do so safely. in order to do that, we want to have the criteria, the requirements of the center of disease control to be very clear. localities will make up their mind as to if they think it's safe for children to go to school.
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teachers overwhelmingly want to go back to teaching and to being in school but safely, but safely. so the statements made by the president had been reckless and have not been serious, but let us hope that each of the localities will make their own safe decisions. let me just say when the president says that he's going to hold back federal funds, there's very little federal funding that comes nationally, maybe 6%, much of it for children in economically disadvantaged area, title i. much of it for children with disabilities, children with special needs, some of it for children who are homeless. it's hitting right at those who need it the most and those why these specific initiatives were put into place anyway. it's cruel. >> it's cruel. i certainly agree with that. let me before i get into the other issues and i think i said
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patriot act, though i maeeant heros act, though i think the front line workers are patriots but the patriot bill was another issue. but let me ask you, the supreme court this week came back with a decision on the president's taxes. he has gone with every reaction you can think from saying it's a witch hunt to saying he won. what do you say? you clearly are in the middle of this and it clearly was a precedent-setting decision by the supreme court. what do these two decisions mean? >> as i go into that, i will say that the president also said that the action by the supreme court was based on a hoax. he says the coronavirus is a hoax. he says the charge that russia might be up to some bad stuff regarding our troops in afghanistan is a hoax. he's really the hoax in all of this. now, as far as the supreme court
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was concerned, it was a good day for the rule of law in our country. it was a good day for the constitution. it may put off receiving some of his financial records but the fact of what was larger at take was our system of checks and balances and the court clearly said the president does not have immunity, that no one, not even the president is above the law. now, actually the tax case, reverend sharpton, is in a lower district court now, the actual tax case, and that is waiting to be decided. it has taken too long but nonetheless, that's a different case. this case people described as being about taxes and it may be. we don't know what the financial documents will reveal, but there still is another tax case put forth by the ways and means committee waiting in the wings for a decision by the district court of the district of
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columbia. but i'm very pleased with the decision. again, we wish that it could have been -- from this court, this is as good a decision as we can possibly get and 7-2 was a real rebuke to donald trump. >> 7-2 was a surprise to many. the george employed act, you worked hard with the black caucus and leaders to put legislation to the demonstrations many of us have been engaged in and will continue throughout the summer to really have a legislative answer to this point in history, yet the senate leader, mitch mcconnell seems bent on not bringing any substantive, real legislation with any teeth. it's about creating
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accountability and it's best for all. where are we with the george floyd act, where should we go and what do you hope ultimately we can achieve as a society at this time where there's so much interest, even polls are saying that they support the movement that many of us have been in for decades and i might add, for the record, that you've been supportive of even when it was not as popular as it is now. >> i thank you, reverend sharpton for that. before i answer your question, thank you for the beautiful friendship and courtesy you extended to george floyd's family. i know from meeting them that it was a great comfort to them and it was a beautiful entree for the rest of us to see your interaction and your beautiful sermons. may i just say i'm very proud of the congressional black caucus, karen bassett is chair, for putting forth the george floyd justice and policing act. when george's brother came to
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the capitol to testify in his beautiful testimony, he said to me, is there a chance that you can name the bill for george floyd because i want it to be there for his daughter. and i said only if you think the legislation is worthy of george floyd. he said it was. we're very proud of it. it's very disciplined and to the point of justice and policing. we hope that the senate would pass a bill that we could then reconcile with or accept our bill because it does the job and it thoughtful. many of the provisions have been introduced by the black caucus over time, so this is a culmination of many years of dedicated knowledge on the subject that you so much are a part of. >> now, let me ask you before we run out of time about the heros
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act. i want to say very publicly on this show no one worked harder in trying to get some relief for our workers, our essential workers and our small businesses. i marveled at how late into the midnight hours we were on the phone with you and businessmen and republicans and democrats. you were calling me after hours i would go to sleep early in the morning because we were trying to get small businesses protected and essential workers. where are we now, madam speaker? because people have run out of funds and you've been the gallant fighter on their behalf. >> well, i accept your compliment on behalf of the house democrats as well as maxine waters and nidia velasqu velasquez, two of the committee chairs who are fighting for families and small businesses.
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our time is running out. by the end of this month, there will be no more unemployment insurance checks going out. in another couple of weeks, there will be no more eviction moratorium. so the many things that happened in the lives of the american people that are on a timetable that is running out. so in our bill, the heros bill, we want to have state and local government support it, our teachers, our transportation, or first responders, our health care workers who are risking their lives to save lives and now they may lose their jobs. secondly, testing, testing, testing, testing, tracing, treatment, separation. we want to address the disparity and the impact of the coronavirus on people of color and that is in this bill. and then, third, money in the pockets of the american people, unemployment insurance, direct
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payments. it's hard for some people here to understand people need these checks coming in. and so that's kind of the fight that we have right now, but i'm optimistic because at first they weren't going to do anything, now they're saying a trillion dollars, we need more. in addition to needing more, we need it sooner than they may have thought. so again, across the country, mayors, governors, county executive, select people, labor people, union people, pass the heros act, it's named for our heros and we lose all authority to praise our heros and to thank them unless we are willing to support them. so i know what will happen. i just hope it's soon and big. >> all right. the speaker of the house of
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representatives, nancy pelosi. this is the second term as speaker. as we would say in brooklyn, she did it so nice, we had to do it twice. thank you, madam speaker. >> thank you, reverend. thank you, al. >> joining me now is former republican strategist david o'malley. and let me go to you, tima. this push to open school has a disproportionate impact on blacks and browns and lower income people and has an impact on everyone health-wise when we're seeing numbers on the uptick, particularly in some of the southern and western states and this president is acting
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oblivious to that and pushing for school opening. how do you respond to this and how do you think those states that are every day breaking records, how they ought to respond in terms of the governors and the mayors in those states? >> there's no other way to describe this response than pretty frankly a catastrophe. that is the response. and the response is coming down to essentially a choice, and it's a false choice. it's go to schools and if you don't go to schools, then funding will be yanked from those schools. don't go into the offices when we know that coronavirus is now potentially airborne and in the form of droplets or, you know, not be able to afford to pay your rent. so this government's response has been under the trump administration has been absolutely abominable. what they should be doing is mandating mask requirements, they should be figuring out and
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actually looking to other parts of the world for examples on actually what should be done. europe has figured out how to get kids back to school safely, new zealand is showing itself as a world model. even the country that trump loved to mock as shit holes have figured out how to get this virus under control. quite simply the reason we are where we are right now is because of choice. >> david, the fact is the politics of this also may back fire on the president because we're talking on states that in many cases supported him, some by large margins, that now they're the ones that are seeing the uptick, their families being affected, some suffering deaths and many are seeing icu units being filled to capacity.
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this isn't even -- not only is it not morally sane in my opinio opinion, it's not even politically prudent. >> donald trump is whistling past the graveyard and ignoring the fact he's going to be standing for reelection during a pandemic. i think donald trump thought this would be over, would have passed by november, but it's not going to. this issue of schools reopening is going to throw this in the lap of every american family, republicans and democrats, the anxiety they're going to feel. and what donald trump is doing by suggesting it doesn't matter, he's showing himself disconnected honestly from the populism that was part of his success. he ran in '16 and though it was a bit of a farce, he said i understand the common man and understand your challenges. the challenge is whether the
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kids are going to be safe when they go to school. donald trump is mocking this. florida is going to be a test case of whether or not donald trump can survive covid-19 on election day. >> now when david says that some republicans are breaking with him on the pandemic, others are concerned about what he has done in the midst of this, pardoning roger stone, what he's done with michael flynn and others, are saying that when we look at his list of pardons and commutations, all of whom are powers, he rewards those he sees at political allies, including joseph arpaio, rob --
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>> i think it's about deciding who gets power and who doesn't, right? and he by commuting his sentence, not by pardoning stone because stone is still considered a felon, he's ensuring that nobody writes any tell-all books, goes on television. he canity side whether or not he gets pardoned and maybe gets to have any additional life. i think in this particular play that's what's happening here and when we look at some of how he's pardoned folks already in
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prison, such as blagojevich, and it's to keep them on the hook and is very much a bullying play in my mind. >> you were a member of congress and usually when people run for office or reelection, they have a political strategy. we don't see a coherent strategy here. one day the president is talking one way, another the next day he goes in complete opposite. one day it's a which for him and another day on the same issue says the supreme court doesn't like him. he says he passed the test in terms of his abilities and his mentality and his ability to move in an alert and fair matter as he tries to suggest his opponent, mr. biden isn't what
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is the strategy here for this reelection? >> you dressed it up, rev al. i would say he's behaving like a petulant lying child. he cannot increase his numbers. he's got a ceiling in the mid 40s. his only strategy will be to drive up the negatives on joe biden, they'll question his fitness for office, try to tie in criminality like hunter biden. that is the only tool they have to drag him down. we see donald trump engage in stone cold corruption himself last night. we cannot let members of congress and the senate get off on the stone commutation without their own responsibility. it is their fault that they have enabled him and allowed him to be this corrupt. no house members voted to impeach the president.
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the senate republicans refused to convict him. this is on them and we have to call them out. in my home state of florida, that means marco rubio and rick scott. it might as well be their signature on the commutation of roger stone. donald trump is enabled by corrupt politicians on capitol hill. they should be held accountable in november just as donald trump should be as well. >> i think they also have a strategy of suppressing voters that may vote against them. thank you for being with us. coming up, president donald trump is putting forward his racism again, this time in his call to reopen all public schools. but first my colleague with all today's stories.
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>> we're taking a look at stories we're following. fay lost its tropical storm status today after making a move through the northeast. the post-tropical low system continues to drop rain from new york to new england. flooding and gusty winds hit some parts of the jersey shore especially hard. the system will move north toward canada tomorrow. the search continues for the body of naya rivera. dive teams are searching a lake where it's believed the actress might have round. she and her young son were out boughting ear boating earlier this week when she disappeared. >> "politicsnation" continues after the break. "politicsnatio after the break. aste of somethi. a taste we all could use right now. so let's make the most of it. and make every sandwich count. with oscar mayer deli fresh
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president donald trump stopped to speak to the press on his way to walter reed medical center. let's take a listen. >> some are badly wounded and they're incredibly brave people and we're going to see the warriors on the front line of covid, quite a few of them. we're going to spend some good time with them and i look forward to doing it and it will be my honor to be there. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> well, i'll probably have a mask, if you must know. i think when you're in a hospital, especially in that particular setting where you're talking to a lot of soldiers and people that in some cases just got off the operating table, i think it's a great thing to wear a mask. i've never been against masks, but i do believe they have a time and a place. >> reporter: roger stone, why
2:28 pm
did you not take the advice of the attorney general, who argued against clemency? >> he didn't say that. the attorney general about a week or two ago had made a statement but that was long before anybody knew what i was going to do. roger stone was treated horribly. roger stone was treated very unfairly. roger stone was brought into this witch hunt, this whole political witch hunt and the mueller scam. it's a scam. it's been proven false. he was treated very unfairly, just like general flynn is treated unfairly, just like p-- what i did, people are extremely happy because in this country they want justice and roger stone was not treated properly. so i'm very happy with what i did. i commuted his sentence and by commuting, he now has the right
2:29 pm
to go and -- hey, look, he had a forewoman -- quiet, quiet, quiet. he had a forewoman who was horrendous. she should have never been on the jury. the judge should have so ruled. the judge didn't do that. take a look at the record. the judge didn't do that. take a look at the forewoman. he should have had another trial. roger stone was treated very badly. now, take a look at comey, take a look at mccabe, take a look at the two lovers, and all the people who lied to congress. take a look at biden, sleepy joe. teak take a look at obama and they spied on donald trump's campaign. those are the people -- let me just tell you something. those are the people that should be in trouble. thank you, thank you.
2:30 pm
>> okay, time now for this week's memo to trump. i want to address the president's demand that all public schools we open. mr. president, i was very surprised to see your sudden dedication to education because of your previous remarks on the matter. >> i love the poorly educated. >> though you do have claimed to have just aced a test, despite being cagey about the details, so maybe you're turning over a new leaf? forgive me if i take the senate's view here, but i don't think you care about the education of america's children. you want to send them back to school at any cost in a misguided attempt to restore some sense of normalcy in this country. you want to shift the focus from your mishandling of the pandemic that has cost so far in the
2:31 pm
united states over 100,000 lives by sacrificing the health and safety of school children, faculty, staff and their families. you've threatened to pull funding from schools that don't reopen. once again, portraying your complete misunderstanding of how government works in this country. public schools are primarily funded by states and localities and what federal funding they must get must be approved by congress, not by decree from a despot wanna-be in the oval officeyo office. your insistence that public schools be forced today reopen is dangerous and racist. >> i think we have to continue to work with the schools to look between the six feet apart, wearing face coverings, social distancing the seating, looking at changes in schedule to have
2:32 pm
different crowding. >> even these very basic precautions will be out of reach for many students of color who disproportionately attend schools that are underfunded and overcrowded. how do you stay six feet apart when your school stuffs more than 30 students into a back room with outdated or broken ventilated systems? how do teachers find money for sanitizer and disinfectants when their budgets don't even leave room for papers and pencils? but you don't care about that. you think even these bare bone precautions to keep students and teachers safe are impractical and too tough, even as your own cdc reports that black and hispanic people are at the highest risk at any age. but obviously these are lives you're willing to sacrifice if it means you can have a
2:33 pm
temporary win with the optics. luckily for the american people, mr. president, you don't have the power to force any public schools open and if you still don't have a grasp of how governmental authority is split three and a half years into your term, it's time voters teach you a valuable lesson at the ballot box. we'll be right back. son at the box. we'll be right back. [ thunder rumbles ]
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sfwlrjs welc welcome back. the killers of breonna taylor have still not been arrested. meanwhile the number of coronavirus cases in kentucky are climbing, and that's concerning to my next guest, the city's mayor greg fisher, who says he will support a mask-wearing mandate for the city if his state and the federal government doesn't step up. joining me now is louisville
2:38 pm
mayor greg fisher. he's also the newly elected president of the u.s. conference of mayors. mayor fisher, thank you for being with us. as you know, and i want to get to the coronavirus and uptick but as you know, i've had a concern from the beginning on the breonna taylor case, his mother and attorney did probably the first interview on this network. why is this investigation taking so long when it seems to many americans that clearly there needs to be some kind of charges here? >> thanks for having me, reverend al. good to be with you. the big challenge in this case all along has been lack of body camera evidence. there were four search warrants being served contemporaneously. one was executed by undercover agents that don't wear body
2:39 pm
cameras. that has been changed with what is called breonna's law. this has been a real tragedy. obviously breonna should not be dead. there's been one police officer that's been terminated. this case now is before the criminal division of the commonwealth of kentucky. that's how this process works, so that we're all going to find out together when the attorney general daniel cameron decide whether or not there will be criminal charges brought on this case. we're all waiting by that and we're all frustrated by the length of time it's taking as well. >> one police officer has been fired and the others are still on the job. they were in the wrong place, they were looking for someone that was already in custody. >> yeah. so the actions that could be taken were taken at that time and that's now why it's so important that this case be with the attorney general. i referred the case to the attorney general, the fbi and
2:40 pm
the u.s. attorney so there could be no doubt that the truth came out in this case. if there's any civil violations, criminal violations, there's going to be accountability on that part and that's where the attorney general comes into play now. >> let me ask this. you just recently was at a public gathering. let me show you, there was an encounter you had with some of the citizens there. i believe that was around the issues of represearations and gentrification. what happened in this encounter? there's a concern around the country breonna. there's also local concerns. these issues must be dealt with. >> absolutely they should be. yesterday we were announcing the opening of affordable housing complex and how that was conflated with being gentrification. this project was asked for by members of our community that has typically had low
2:41 pm
investment. so it was a great announcement that was somehow was seen as gentrification. we are going to continue to invest in communities that have not been invested in. the reparations issue, the first act i took as president of the u.s. conference of mayors was to pass a unanimous resolution in support of congress's commission to study and develop proposals for reparations. it is way past time in america for people to look the other way when they see the average black family has one tenth, 10% of the wealth of the average white fami family. there's been too many executions too long. you can see we're sick answerd d of it, too. this we're we want to press congress and the president to make change, not just around reparations but also to make a living and not be in poverty. if our country moved the minimum wage to a living wage, that
2:42 pm
would eliminate a lot of problems, problems around social failings, education, health care, people's lack money which then incentivized people to get into the drug trade which leads to so many bad interactions we're seeing in front of our tvs right now. >> part of that has to be working and hearing the voices in the community. reverend malone is a member of the board of national action network. i talked with janelle of black lives matter. at the same time we're dealing with this pandemic. you said you're about to take a position or have taken a position of mandating the face masks. explain. what are you encouraging mayors around the country in your new position as head of the u.s. conference of mayors. >> well, mayors don't have any problems embracing science and common sense.
2:43 pm
you see many mayors fighting against governors where governors will not mandate mask wearing and mayors want to do that themselves but are often preempted. here in kentucky, that's not the case. yesterday the governor put in a statewide mandate on masks we're fortunate to have that. mayors all around the country are trying. what we should be doing is this should be a national mandate. it's left up to mayors but we're going to continue to fight to replace the revenue that has happened in state and local governments because of economic consequences of this virus. we have to maintain basic city services that we expect in economic recovery and that's up to the u.s. senate now. >> how do you feel about the push for reopening schools? >> it's going to have to be a
2:44 pm
gametime decision. i don't like the trend at allwhall. with you see this covid freight train coming at us from the south, somehow people think magically it's just going to go away. the virus doesn't care about when school opens, about when the nfl season is open. we have to have some adult-like behavior here and be humble to the virus. that is our main theme here about this virus. there are so many things we don't know about it but our future is up to us, if we social distance, if we wear masks, it will make things like opening school possible or going to football games. so people that reswreject this common sense public health notion, put on the mask. how much is that to ask? to show you love your family, love your society and you're willing to do just a small part to be part of this country we have right now. it really confounds and infuriates mayors, i can tell you. >> louisville mayor greg
2:45 pm
fischer, we're going to stay on this breonna case until we see justice. >> yes. >> and following the killing of george floyd, another black man named rashad brooks was gunned down by police outside an atlanta's wendy's. the wendy's was burned down. the police of chief resigned, the officer was fired and a district attorney filed murder charges. but the interim police chief and georgia republican congressman doug collins think the d.a. moved too quickly. joining me is atlanta district attorney paul howard. thank you for being on tonight, d.a. howard. i wanted you on because i watched when you announced the charges and you very meticulously went through a demonstration on how you were able to come to your conclusion,
2:46 pm
even though it was quicker than what happened with george floyd in minneapolis and we've seen no charges, as i just challenged the mayor on the case of breonna taylor. but you took pains with graphics and all to explain how i came to a conclusion. and my people that i trust and relate to in atlanta tell me they're targeting your reelection because you followed the evidence. explain to me what's going on in atlanta. are we now in a country where if a prosecutor says there's reason to make an indictment, a grand jury comes forward, that now they become the political target of fund-raising and all to try and unseat them from protecting the law? >> well, thank you for having me on, reverend al, because that is exactly what is happening in our jurisdiction. i am now fighting two folds.
2:47 pm
one is the republican party. the republicans have openly invited participation by republicans in the this is a democratic election. and also, they are pouring thousands of dollars into my opponent's campaign chest and they're doing this because they have the same goals as the atlanta police union. and as you know, police unions all over the country, what they want to do is to make sure that officers are not held responsible when they commit crimes upon the community. one of the really disgraceful things that happened in our state is while the funeral of rayshard brooks was going on in ebenezer, the state legislators passed a bill which gave policemen more rights, another police rights bill, and that bill is sitting on the desk of the governor.
2:48 pm
so what we have in fulton county is a clear decision for people. if you want to go back to the days that 20 or 15 citizens were killed by the police, then you would support the person who is openly courting the endorsement of the police union. and i believe that what citizens want is an independent district attorney so that when something happens like the rayshard brooks case, they want a district attorney who is willing and who has the courage to move forward. >> now let me be clear. in a democratic primary you're saying republicans are pouring money into your opponent. the reason i'm concerned about it and wanted to raise it nationally is they want to try to make you a poster boy that if you dare follow the evidence and go after policemen that the evidence says is guilty of a crime in your opinion, and you want to put in front of a jury, they'll make you the poster boy
2:49 pm
of we'll punish you, which will have a chilling effect on the whole police reform movement across the country? >> that's correct. in fact, what we are doing in georgia is going in opposite direction. we're going in the wrong direction. and what they're saying to me and what they're saying to the other prosecutors, if you're going to stand up and make a decision based upon the facts in many of these place cases, then we are going to make sure that we kick you out of office. you know, reverend sharpton, if you look around the country, you'll see that in almost every jurisdiction where the police union is supporting the d.a., that d.a. is not prosecuting any police officers. i made it clear over my career that when a policeman commit as crime, that the policeman has the same right as every other citizen. we ought to have one system of justice, not two systems with a separate system for the police
2:50 pm
officers. >> i think they call that equal protection under the law for the citizens. thank you, paul howard, for being with us. by the way, you're looking at pictures from moments ago of president donald trump visiting health care workers and patients at walter reed medical medical . and he promised he is wearing a mask. we are monitoring his visit, and we'll bring you any comments or news as it happens. coming up, i'll tell you what i did outside his old office, the trump towers in manhattan earlier this week. but first, my colleague lindsey rice wer with a short n update. >> i'm lindsey riser with an update on the coronavirus pandemic. at this hour more than 3.2 million cases have been confirmed nationwide. so far more than 135,000 people have died, and the presumed epicenter of the virus is now considered florida. meanwhile, people receiving an extra $600 a week of unemployment benefits under the
2:51 pm
current pandemic stimulus will likely lose that money. treasury secretary steve mnuchin said thursday the trump administration wants to cap the benefits in the next coronavirus package. the house has passed legislation that would extend the money through december, but it's unlikely to make the president's desk for signature. a rollback in atlanta as city mayor keisha lance bottoms goes against the state's governor by reinstating phase 1 of reopening. this week the mayor made it mandatory for residents to wear a mask when outside. now under the new order, restaurants should close dining rooms, nonessential city facilities should close, and individuals are encouraged to leave home only for essential trips. i'm lindsey riser. "politicsnation" continues after the break. the break. ♪
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this week i joined new york city mayor bill de blasio and first lady charmaine mccray and local community activists and youth in painting "black lives matter" on fifth avenue in front of trump towers. i remember in 2016, the police killing of shawn bell led to harry belafonte and patrick gaspar who later became an ambassador and i led 50,000 people down fifth avenue, trying to say in this, the famous shopping street where people from all over the world come,
2:56 pm
you need to know about police brutality and deal with it in this city. fifth avenue. we came back years later, marching down fifth avenue by the tens of thousands around stop and frisk. but now the street that is now in front of trump towers, on fifth avenue, where tiffany's, stop and look, black lives matter. oh, it's many other places in the city and the country, but it's particularly symbolic on fifth avenue, where they have all of the great shops and where trump towers is. as we stood there and painted, i thought about i wonder if some of the blacks that work at the trump organization are going to come out and join, but then i remembered when i visited there, i didn't see many blacks working in the trump organization. that does it for me. thanks for watching. i'll sow you back here tomorrow 5:00 p.m. eastern. up next, my colleague chris jansing picks up our news
2:57 pm
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hello, everyone, i'm chris jansing. thank you so much for joining us on what is already a very busy saturday evening. an unusual sight we just saw a short time ago, president trump wearing a mask. it happened as he visits walter reed medical center where masks, by the way, are required. he is expected to meet with wounded soldiers as well as the health staff there that is dealing with the coronavirus
3:01 pm
pandemic. before