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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 17, 2020 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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another daily record for new coronavirus infections, over 73,000 new cases reported just yesterday, with the number of confirmed cases now above 3.6 million. ten states also set new daily record marks for deaths this week, as this virus has killed nearly 140,000 of our fellow citizens. today, dr. anthony fauci held yet another livestream interview, remember such events are the only opportunity we have to hear from him. this one was with the u.s. chamber of commerce, where today he talked about where we are in this fight. >> people keep talking about the possibility of a second wave in the fall, that's a historic terminology related to another outbreak. i think we have to concentrate of where we are right now, if we're talking about waves we're essentially in the first wave. >> the centers for disease
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control says it plans to publish additional guidance to reopening schools before august. mike pence had promised they'd be out this week. a day after the press secretary said science shouldn't stand in the way of our children returning to the school this fall. the president has criticized the cdc's guidelines as tough and expensive. more big retailers, lowe's and home depot said they'll join targ target, publix requiring them to wear masks. justice ruth bader ginsburg revealed that she's being treated for a recurrence of cancer. she's had several battles with cancer in recent years and prevailed said she's tolerating chemotherapy well and she'll remain on the court.
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at the top of the broadcast yesterday, i told nicolle wallace i would give just about anything to talk about good news and today i've been richly rewarded with this -- britain's 94-year-old queen elizabeth emerged today from lockdown to knight 100--year-old world war ii veteran tom moore in a ceremony at windsor castle. the man widely known as captain tom won the hearts of people around the world after he raised over $40 million for the british national health service by doing over 100 laps across his garden, a perfect time to bring in nicolle wallace, though i'm compelled to add it's fleeting. stop the broadcast here and play cartoons until 4:00. if we weren't in the middle of a pandemic with unmarked camouflage, troops on the streets of portland, oregon, a
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story we'll get to later and the just the continued drum beat of news that we have to discuss every day. >> i know we have to get all that stuff. but we should keep that image in mind, good leaders honoring great citizens at a time of immense tragedy. it's really, really, really nice to see that. i'm glad you included that in your headlines. >> thank you. and just look at the combined history, 194 years of life, two people alive and aware today who remember what it was like when that island nation was getting battered when every available soul signed up to serve, exhorted by winston churchill, queen elizabeth there, the traditional touching of each
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shoulder with the sword. a fantastic scene at windsor castle, which has survived hardship over the years. back to this country, and the story that continues to compel our immediate interest, we go to the south, georgia enters this weekend with a dual distinction not only one of our largest coronavirus hot spots it also happens to be the epicenter of the battle over wearing masks. one day after he sued the mayor of atlanta, over the city's requirement to wear face coverings, georgia governor brian kemp said while wearing a mask effective he said people don't need a mandate to do the right thing. the governor saying the mayor exceeding her authority. mayor bottoms who has
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coronavirus, whose husband who has been quite ill with coronavirus. >> i think it's very clear that he's putting politics over people. we've had over 3100 georgiians to die from covid-19. our infection rate is the fifth high nest the nation. it's an absolute waste of resources and it is really a distraction from what the real enemy is here, it's the virus that's killing people in this city. >> as she often does, correspondent blaine alexander with us from atlanta. >> brian, the state of coronavirus right now is that the numbers are going up. in fact we learned more grim numbers, an increase in
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hospitalizations over the past week, seven-day moving average of new cases we know that in the month of july that number has tripled from what we saw back in april, certainly the number's going in the wrong direction. as for the mask debate, you know it's certainly intensifying here in atlanta, for governor kemp it comes down to encouragement versus enforcement. i have spoken to you before about the fact that he's been encouraging people to wear masks, but when it comes to enforcement he stopped short of doing that. this morning, i pressed him on that. if you said masks are necessary why not take that extra step, mandating masks to underscore that encouragement you're saying, he responded in part by saying there are some mandates that are currently not being enforced. he talked about the fact that the government isn't going to be the answer to all people's problems, so that was the standpoint of the governor, i think it's also important to notice that businesses really have been at the center of all of this, that's what the governor talked about, that he's
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doing this for small businesses that are struggling to survive, we got perspective from two different businesses. we got one, a barber that i spoke with him at the beginning when he reopened he said he believes a mandate is necessary, he says that he's told people to wear masks and sometimes he gets dirty looks and angry comments. so he believes it's necessary. but on the flip side, nicolle, we're hearing from the georgia restaurant association they look after all of the restaurants statewide, she said that she believes a patchwork approach is confusing. not only the businesses but the people coming in to dine. nicolle. >> nbc's blayne alexander thank you for your reporting. joining our conversation is jonathan lemire and dr. warren
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redleter. doctor, you made headlines earlier in the week with your projections about where we are heading, take us through whether or not there's anything we can do to avoid that fate which is pretty dire. >> yeah, because, you know, a couple of weeks ago, a week and a half maybe, dr. fauci said we can start to see 100,000 cases of confirmed covid shortly. 10% of the total cases. if we see a 100,000 confirmed cases we're talking about 1 million cases of covid per day, we'll end up with at least 800,000 fatalities before we're done with this. which makes us actually of course very concerned. those numbers are huge, more than was predicted. much more than the white house was projecting or hoping for. now i think we have to incredibly more serious about the measures that we're taking
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including mandating masks everywhere in the u.s. basically and certainly in those sun belt and southern states where we're seeing these dramatic rises in cases, hospitalizations and fatalities, nicolle. >> you know, jonathan, i have stopped using this expression that i think accurately described everything in this point of the trump administration split screen reality to say that trump is not focused on the dire projection outlined by dr. redleter, would be an understatement. let me play what we should expect, they got a crane and color-coded pickup trucks out there, hard to explain how much effort that takes they have time on their hands.
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>> so we have many exciting things that we'll be announcing over t eight weeks, i would say, things that nobody has even contemplated thought about, thought possible, and things that we're going to get done and we have gotten done, we started in most cases, we're talking on so many aspects of things but you'll see levels of detail and you'll see levels of thought that a lot of people believed very strongly that we didn't have in this country, we're going to get things done. we'll get things done they wanted to see done for a long, long time. i think we'll start some time on tuesday. >> i don't know what he was trying to say, i don't know if you do, but, again the point being, what people would like to see, tests that take fewer than
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8 to 13 days to come back to tell whether or not they have coronavirus. they'd like to see the virus beaten back, so businesses can open and schools can open, not even mapart of the lexicon of t president. >> nicolle, hardly the first time they've brought the big trucks on the white house, in terms of stagecraft. when it comes to the virus the white house has blinders on. the people around president, we know for a while now have tried to ses prettily to pivot back to the economy. they initially start the economy could open back by easter. since the mt. rushmore speech, july 3rd, they feel that marked a new chapter for this presidency and his president. he's ramped up his attacks on
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vice president joe biden. what he said yesterday outlining a series of events and executive actions that hope to unveil in the coming days some about, we don't have real details about, some about housing in suburbs and deregulation, as they pry to pivot to things they can talk about instead of talking about the virus and just becomes they feel so out of step with reality that americans are facing. cases are surging throughout the country right now, huge backlogs for testing, people are getting sick, hospitals are running out of states like florida, arizona and texas. that appears to be ton the back bunner. dr. fauci and others have to find ways to get their message out. the west wing, their message is the economy, they don't want to
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talk about the pandemic. >> doctor, we opened the broadcast with that lovely moment from the uk this morning and it strikes me it took a former nba head coach on twitter this week to remind us of something from our recent past, during the blitz in london, londoners were asked to black out their windows, to cover up their lights less they draw the eyesover german bombers for that matter all of the window shades in 30 rock, new york, was drawn in new york to black the building out. you didn't have londoners in group apartment buildings say, no, i have a right to keep my shades open and shine my light out into the night because they knew that would jeopardize their fellow citizens. this has a direct bearing on civic responsibility, the public and public health as you and i always talk about and the wearing of masks any time this
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cdc director comes out and says, you know if we just all wear them for four weeks to six weeks we might begin to get the upper hand on this. >> so, unfortunately, brian, as the president has totally undermined the ability or willingness of the citizens of the united states to understand the message and do what it's very basic and very simple, don't forget, we still don't have medication to treat this. so what public health officials are saying, wear a mask, keep social distancing, and basically that will be an excellent, at least first step to try and get this virus spread under control. but if you have confusion and really dishonesty and avoidance from the white house, from what the scientists are saying, compounded by crazy patchwork of recommendations and policies coming from the governor it's no wonder that the puck liblic has
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idea what to do and we're left with this confusion and chaos. which will lead us to some very dire consequences. really unnecessarily and far worse than it needs to be, brian. >> jonathan lemire, we tried to have this conversation last night but electric gremlins got in the way during our conversations, yet another ad came out last night, these ads have two things in common -- number one, the cash outlay to the biden campaign from most of them is zero, number two, most of the most devastating and effective new ads are coming from people who have spent their lives and professions in republican politics. this must be worrisome to a
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white house that knows exactly how much verbiage is out there, you name it, and there's a quote, there's video from donald trump either denying or it predicting its downfall if it's related to this coronavirus. >> yeah, brian, i think is the same folks that got twitter yesterday got the broadcast last night. i'm glad that it's working now. and i think what we're seeing here, brian and nicolle, you're right, the white house is nervous, some of these ad buys are very effective. from the lincoln project and other groups like that they're very powerful and very effective. some of them have been bought just for washington, d.c., palm beach, or northern new jersey. so the president can see it. but of course they're amplified on social media and so on. so they are proving very effective and there's no doubt
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the time line has been reinforced over and over, the president's remarks about how this virus was going to magically disappear, we had it under control, the dates from january, february, ma and april, none of that of course turned out to be true. donald trump has had a knack of asserting his own reality, using blatant falsehoods and lies. we know from our reporting he later denied that it was his voice on the access hollywood tape. he'll have to engage in that magical thinking again to deny what he said about the pandemic. as much as his campaign is trying to make this election about other things, we just saw a campaign shakeup this week, they sharpened 245ir attac enee joe biden. an election of choice. right now, that's not working, this election is simply being judged on what voters think, how
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voters think donald trump has handled this pandemic. right now the answer is not very well. >> our thanks to jonathan lemire. for starting off our live conversation on friday afternoon. a break for us. when we come back -- those accusations by the governments of the u.s., uk, canada, that the russian hackers are trying to steal our vaccine research. and most importantly what's being done about it. then later, protesters in a big u.s. city say they are being targeted and arrested by federal officers patrolling the streets in unmarked vans. it's a show of force by the trump administration, it also happens to be an echo of other foreign regimes that some people fear could be a sign of things
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to come for us. us
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we're following these new allegations about russian hackers targeting covid-19 vaccine trials. and then trying to get in and steal the life-saving research. american, canadian, british intel agencies all say the hacks was carried out the same group linked to attacks in recent years including our 2016 presidential election interference.
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in a joint statement, the western governments say the group responsible is apt29, also known as the dukes or cozy bear, almost certainly part of russian intelligence services. head of britain's cybersecurity center, the attacks were first detected in february, no evidence that any data was stolen. russia denies any involve zblmt we welcome back to our broadcast a longtime observer of vladimir putin, former ambassador michael mcfaul. he's also the author of the book from cold war to hot peace. i have a million questions for you but i want to start with this one, can you connect the dots between this president's
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posture to russia, put bounties on american somd years this president in a public manner has done zip, zi will, ch and the emboldened conduct of russian ha hackers. >> of course, nicolle, there are two patterns. a pattern over years now of vladimir putin becoming an increasingly aggressive in the cyberdomain but not only and also a pattern of president trump never responding, now sometimes, let's give him credit, sometimes the trump administration does respond, but when the president of the united states never responds, never has an ill word to say about vladimir putin, to my mind i can't remember in five years, even going back to the campaign a single time when president trump or candidate trump criticized putin directly.
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>> i guess my follow-up is, what do we do? if we don't have a president who picks up the phone and reprimands if this then that, there are never consequences for russia. i know sometimes the national security apparatus go behind trump's back, but never reinforced by the president in his bilateral interactions with putin. >> one thing we should talk about it, we should bring attention to it, and second, just as you rightly did, nicolle, we should connect the dots to see that there's a pattern here, and that this is just not a one-time activity. >> ambassador -- i'm sorry. >> no, go ahead. better than the question i had.
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to nicolle's question, what are they looking for? >> sorry, there. do you guys hear what i hear? do we have technical difficulties? okay, brian, of course, remember, this is the equivalent of the cia. they're all looking to gather intelligence including anything they can to make russia better off, what's curious to me also, though, we caught them so readily and so many different groups have caught them single handedly, that's surprising to me, a sloppiness that i wouldn't have expected from the sbr. >> let me ask this, the good news in all of this if any, i was heartened to see that britain and canada are still talking to us, that's good. to nicolle's point earlier, if the president wanted an e., a
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backdrop, a topic to look presidential, yesterday on the south lawn or in the rose garden, here it is. fulfill that traditional role say something akin to there will be consequences and further warn russia that you're aware we're in the middle of a pandemic, but we'll be watching very closely for any funny business with our upcoming presidential election, the three of us could write those remarks on a three by five card blindfolded. >> yeah, brian, it's such great point, it would be so easy for president trump say that. he could say, we'll investigate further, and if this is true there will be consequences, end of story. but yet, for some reason he's not capable of doing that.
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and of course we don't really know what that reason is, politically it's detrimental to his own standing, it suggests there's something else going on. the second point you may, i want to underscore, remember when vladimir putin and the russians and his agents intervened in 2016, yes, they wanted trump to win because they wanted trump to do certain foreign policy favors for russia. and to an extent he's delivered on that to a large extent he hasn't. they also wanted to exacerbate particularization. they wanted the chaos we want in now. that second option is available for them on november. i'm really, really worried about the russians and other external actors that will want to undermine our confidence in a free and fair vote in november and that's another reason while president today should be saying, what you just outlined,
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in fact, you should get a job at the white house working on communications, my friend, a great three by five card to hand him today. >> no, thank you. i'm good right here. our thanks to the man who made the journey from montana to moscow once upon a time in his career. mike mcfaul and as the folks listening in on our laptop say, when we return -- reports of federal law enforcements in camouflage gear riding in unmarked vehicles, arrest protesters off the street. it's happening in portland, oregon. you can't predict the future.
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