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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 21, 2020 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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good day, brian williams with you, nicole wallace will join us in just a minute fist we want to look at the facts as we know them at this hour the coronavirus killed over 142,000 americans. sickened nearly 3.9 million more there is new evidence that that number is beyond there and the cases is two to 13 times higher than reported this suggests a large number of people that did not see symptoms the total number of infections in california passed 400,000 that puts the state on pace to pass new york as the state with the highest coronavirus cases, and the top infectious disease expert responded to the
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president, a long time mask denier, tweeting a picture wearing a mask during that visit a couple weekends ago to walter reed fauci responded. >> i was pleads to see the president readingwearing a mask i think we have turned the road for a consistent message >> hours after that tweet the president showed up at his dc trump branded hotel mingled with prominent republican guests while not wearing a mask nor were many of them. about two hours from now trump goes to the white house briefing room for what he says will be a coronavirus briefing but we're not expecting anyone from the task force in attendance he says people like the briefings, the time slot was good, and they got good ratings.
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the president stopped back in april after suggesting that disinfectant and uv light could be inserted internally perhaps to treat the virus sometimes they would go more than two hours to grievances we will probably not hear from dr. fauci or the white house coronavirus response coordinator dr. burks. he told npr today that the briefings could be helpful if the administration sends one message. if we come f come out with consistent, clear, noncontradictory messmessages, will be helpful. worth noting here a recent washington post abc news poll
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found that 34% of americans trust what trump has to say. on the topic of the virus 64% do not. this comes as steve mnuchin sins down with congressional democrats this afternoon to talk about the next pandemic relief bill just days before expanded unemployment benefits are set to expire at this point at long last imhappy to be joined by my friend and colleague nicole wallace, host of deadline white house, and this is a little bit of the country we have on this tuesday. >> i am reaching for something constructive to say, but it is pathetic that here on month five we're stiefinally on the same pe about the masks.
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that's why the charts like like that when they get to america. and like this for every other country. i was listening to howard stern today and i was thinking that howard stern is for masks. yankees and mets put your masks on and play on yankee baseball only donald trump has turned masks into the idiotic politics of the motorcycle. and to hear a serious doctor on a serious network like nbr say yea, you know, awarding donald trump the paper plate award for finally getting on the same page i guess it counts as good news but it is really hard to see it that way >> and hours after that tweet, which again was a photo from a couple weekends ago, the
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president's staff was anxious to find a way for him to be photographed wearing a mask and that the walter reed visit was reverse engineered based on that thesis but the president tweeting out an old photo and then hours later showing up with jewgiulia meadows, and the like. giuliani is visible there in a mask so that needs to be points out let's focus our gaze to the south. there is a small bit of what might pass as good news from the state of florida still make no mistake the epicenter of the pandemic in our country. the state reported fewer than 10,000 new cases in a single
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day. but the fight against and over the virus is still far from finished let's bring sam brock into our conversation joining us from miami. does this pass as good news there? >> i guess so, as you said it is the first time they did not crack the 10,000 infections. miami will be recalculating how they report their positivity rates. it was 28% over two weeks. that was as of saturday. they stopped reporting that all together now today it is down to 20%, still a very high number, but very different from 28%. there is the headline you see it on your screen why the change i have been going back and forth with the county for the last half hour. if you test positive today, that would be counted in that days testing, but if i test positive
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four days after that it does not get counted, but if i'm negative today and in four days, all of the negatives would get counted. why does that make a big difference right now local leaders are looking at the possibility of locking things down. gyms, salons, schools, a hot debate right now whether or not to reopen the schools right now. they're suing the state to not do it with positivity rates where they are right now and we're seeing an adjustment in miami-dade over whether or not the dates were accurate to begin with and the county was reversing their position all of this as there are 600 more patients in miami-dade county than there were two weeks ago. that is irrefutable according to the county's reporting as you suggested is there good news i guess it is under 10,000 but 370,000 cases in florida inching towards california
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california has twice as many people as florida, and florida has only 30,000 cases behind this is a crisis point right now and local leaders are trying to grapple with that. nicole and brian >> our thanks to sam brock from miami. joining me now is phil rutger. he is co-author of "very stable genius." both are msnbc medical contributors let me start with you i had the mayor of miami on yesterday and there is a focus on politics that is undeniable an inability to describe the governor of florida as not constructi constructive i'm wondering what it sounds like to you.
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why are we worried about rates instead of trying to extinguish the virus? >> if is quite inex-politicbplie we have been as consistent as possible it is flagg flabbergasting to m that they're not -- it boggles my mind their not being held accountable. as a licensed physician in i conducted mize the way our president or the governor or florida is behaving, talking about medications that are not fda approved for some medications, promoting injection of household disinfectants, i
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would lose my medical license. i'm held to a certain standard that apparently our elected officials are not. it is harming and endangering lives from a disease that is preventable. cover your face and maintain physical distance, it's that simple, nicole >> you know the other data that is undeniable is if you made a graph and you tracked his i did klein in approval ratings and added the dates that he was pushipus pushing hydroxychloriquine the day he said where don't we inject bleach. but why if the briefings were
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the events that he said all of the things that damaged his credibility, that started to force the gop governors into an under ground groups late at night on the phone and avoiding their staff, why is he bringing them back today? >> you're right to point out that they contributed to the decline in disapproval he showed america every afternoon and on live television how hi we was handling the virus those were hallmarks of the briefings. that is one of the reasons there was an intervention to plead with him not to do them any more since then his standing and popularity has been damaged worse because there is a sense around the country that he has
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given up on the pandemic that he no longer has interest, that he is no longer taking charge and fixing the problem and that bears out in our reporting, that he is frankly board with managing the pandemic and he would rather focus on economic good news so there is an effort here to bring back the briefings, talking about the coronavirus, trying to answer questions because there is a thought among his advisors that that could help him recover in his approval ratings it is all dependent on what he says and if he is presenting credible and real information and what his temperament is like he has not shown much precedent. there is an anti-science move,
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yes, that causes a lot of folks to hear from from the cdc to ignore it. to acrypt it to deep state doctors and scientists a doctor has come out saying that if all of us wear masks for four to six weeks we can get the upper hand on this if you don't like that there is the university of washington projection that universal mask wearing will save 40,000 lives in this country. talk about the kind of negativity, denial, and straight up anihilism it takes to understand that and to ignore it >> i think i'm too rational for my own good. most medical professionals know
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that everything we do is for improvement. my decision making is based on many factors, their race, their gender, do they have kidney business a disease and then i pick the treatment best suited for them we have data to show that wearing a mask, i never leave the home wearing one of these, this is an n-95 because i work directly with covid infected patients, but to your point if you have them showing the vast majority in the country if they just covered their face around other people, and maintain a distance, you're absolutely right. it would lead to the thousands of lives being saved and at this point in the game,
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at this stage. let's just be really clear, it is impotent leadership, it is utterly frustrating. >> 535 members of the senate and house combined, if you look at it has 535 gopher holes and count the number of heads willing to people up, are to risk getting tweeted at, it is a handful of rums. is there any evidence coming off of our conversation, what it was ten hours ago. more republicans in addition to talking to reporters are willing to speak up publicly about the degree to witch the presidehicht and the administration need to at long last get their arms around this.
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>> there are other programs in this new round of federal stimulus that the white house did not want to have in that big. we have seen a number of senate republicans push for that funding. that is a break from the white house and we're seeing a few republican lawmakers on capitol hill advocate for mask usage but as you noted that the president himself has come around and started to add vvocae masks. so if you have had a break with the president, it is certainly not the sort of condemnation that we know from our reporting. a lot of them feel privately but they are afraid to say publicly because they fear they're going to bear the brunt of it with
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trump supporters in their state. >> our thanks to our guests, phil rutger and dr. lippy. militarized militarized anonymous federal agents traveling in unmarked vans on the streets of portland oregon last night as they fight back against what they call an authoritarian call of force, the president vows to send more to more cities across the country >> later the global race for a coronavirus vaccine as it inching forward, developing a vaccine may be the easy part convincing people to get vaccinated in today's times may prove to be the tougher challenge. find pants that aren't sweats.
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the news of the federal police force in portland, oregon which could be the case in other cities very soon federal officers dressed in c combat camouflage without markingings or insignia have been patrolling the streets making arrests despite push back
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from local officials portland officials say they deployed tear gas again overnight after clashing with protests near the courthouse it comes after the president threatened to tend federal agents to other cities as well to preserve "heritage. in portland the mayor labelled it an abuse of power and they are sues federal agencies and requesting a restraining order saying the agents are detaining citizens and forcing them into unmarked vehicles without arresting them or telling them why they're being arrested
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indeed joining us now live is t the oregon attorney general. first things first, the president keeps using the word anarchists is he right on that count? what did portland and oregon do to deserve the destruction. >> words are just words, and brian, thank you for having me every american needs to be concerned about what is happening here it's coming to your city, it's like a road show on the part of our president. he is using portland as his test case portland is known for peaceful
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protests being common and valued last light we had a wall of moms wearing yellow protecting their sons and daughters from the police that's how valued the role of protesting and particularly now with the police brutality and the racial injustice that we're experiencing, the systemic in s injustices over the century. portland didn't do anything special, but he says that weir lead we're led by a lot of democrats so we're a good target the governor politely requested, the mayor requested that the
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uninvited federal agents leave our city so we can attend to the protests and do a better job as we were doing. we had a few hundred out and now we have thousands. it is because of the presence of the federal agents our local law enforcement is not allowed to you tear gas until there is a riot. they're spewing gas, throwing projectiles. we have a young man in the hospital and a criminal investigation in addition to our civil case he was severely injured and is now recovering from facial reconstruction surgery it has to stop >> one authority are they using to visit your city and engage
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with these protestors? and hearing you use the word polite, i have to at least try this, is there a role for all of you elected officials to be a public advocate on the streets, for the protestors, light up the feds use bright lights and blow horns to call attention on the unwanted visitors in your city and call them out on the authority they're using, their lack of insignias, and the rental cars they're using. >> i will be doing it in court i have known to take a blow horn to rallies and that sort of thing. the authority you ask about, that is easier
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there is an executive order from the president it gives authority for them to assist in protecting the federal buildings and monuments. we have some federal buildings here there has been some graffiti some others had damage, but for the most part they're boarded up because of covid and our city had to shut down so look there are people out of the streets. have you ever heard people say don't make a federal case out of
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it don't bring in the federal agents your mom says if you go to someone's house uninvited, clean up, don't make a mess, and leave before you're told or asked to we asked them to leave and they have not left and here are the moms and the dads protecting their young and that is what i do i'm the mama bear attorney general. i look out for the young aerofor everyone injured or damaged in my state and it is important for everybody. >> madame attorney general, i wonder i read your lawsuit that likens it to the crime of kidnapping with the frap ageedel agents are doing i have seen their acting cabinet defending their conduct. is there any conversations at the state and federal level
12:29 pm
conversations? >> we would love to have the conversations, we would like them to leave first. the first thing for mediation, and these agents have no training in deescalation and that is proven by a memo that came along with them >> have you called attorney general barr or -- have you called the attorney general? >> no. that is a very good idea i'm not sure he would take my call, but i will do that as soon as we hang up. >> come back tomorrow to let us know how it goes >> i don't think at this point he will take my call, but i think it is a great challenge. mediation is important, die lod --
12:30 pm
dialog dialogue you have to say who needs to be at the table we need the sheriffs, the police, the advocacy groups. i'm happy to be there. if the feds leave, that will happen and we will resolve this on our own portland is great and we're a model for the rest of the country and i hope we're not the test case. i hope the next city is not chicago or oakland we all have roots around the country and i hope and pray we're the last and not the first of the cities that donald trump is choosing in his last gas effort to apparently try to win an election. >> the attorney general with the state of oregon. a busy woman we feel like we have wne