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tv   Deadline White House  MSNBC  July 21, 2020 12:30pm-2:00pm PDT

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dialog dialogue you have to say who needs to be and all those facilities he's tried to address what i think most people feel in their lives, which is, i can't at the table contemplate going back to the we need the sheriffs, the office until i can contemplate police, the advocacy groups. having a place for my small child to be safely and if that school gets shut i'm happy to be there. down again for two months or two weeks or two days, i need a if the feds leave, that will backup plan. is there any public health happen and we will resolve this on our own scenario where the patchwork portland is great and we're a approach gets us to where other model for the rest of the countries have arrived on the country and i hope we're not the other side of the curve? test case. i hope the next city is not >> we don't know the answer to that we can hope that it could get us chicago or oakland we all have roots around the there, that this whack-a-mole. country and i hope and pray let's treat a problem in one we're the last and not the first state and hope it's not going to go to another and occur in of the cities that donald trump another place while another place is surging is choosing in his last gas we are looking at what happens effort to apparently try to win now. the new york region has done very well but there are surges an election. happening across the country >> the attorney general with the that many places are trying this patchwork approach, too, of, for state of oregon. a busy woman we feel like we have witnessed a example, in arizona, shutting down bars but not restaurants
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little bit of a breakthrough and other places, mandating today. will the princess phone of the masks in some counties but not others this is not working right now. attorney general start ringing in an hour or so we are seeing exponential spread thank you for being with us. across not only the south but >> my phone is ringing right many parts of the country with 40 states on the rise when it now. when we come back promising comes to number of infections. early results from research and i really fear that our window of opportunity here is teams looking to develop that closing. if we want schools to be open in the fall, we know that even if silver bullet. there is another problem we implemented a total lockdown scientists and public health today, that it would take three officials will need to address to four weeks for us to begin to the rising concept activism from see the curve go in the other the antivaxers saying they won't direction. and so our window is closing as take it when it exists more on that after this. we speak we need to be learning from these countries but having consistent messaging, a very clear directive from the federal government and a national strategy which unfortunately has been missing from the trump administration hopefully we'll hear that strategy toorkday, but i think ' believe to public health experts and local and state officials to
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cobble together the best we can do in the absence of national leadership >> all four of us are moms here. i wish our kids could contemplate safely back to school dr. leana wen, ashley parker you'll be glued to the tv so some of our viewers maybe don't have to be thank you for starting us off. claire is sticking around. the escalating situation in portland, oregon unmarked vans. can we call this fascism yet new warnings about another foreign disinformation plot. this time with a congressional twist. plus, they call her the trump whisperer. our interview with sarah cooper. the comedian behind interviews like this one. >> i aced it i aced the test, and he should take the same test the very standard test i took it at walter reed medical center in front of doctors and
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in a world of distractions every day, we are opportunitying for a coronavirus vaccine, and it may be just as hard to get a majority of delirium tremens to take it. this week we found out that two potential vaccines have promising trial resulting, some of the biggest scientific hurdles are ahead of us but commitment from americans seems to have it's own dangers half of americans plan to get vaccinated and 51% say they're
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unsure or will not joining us now is a professor of epidemiology doctor, i find this data so startling in the context of the deba debate my question is some of the despair that i think people feel about the damage to our economy and the academy economy and the questions about school, at some point this is of our making. what do we do about that the president's failure to >> you're absolutely right lead a national response to this global pandemic that the
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making the vaccine is just hurdle number one and it is one activities, the sending law of the hesitancy that we pace enforcement officials onto the streets of portland is a here in the united states even distraction from his failure to right now pre-covid for other lead there's absolutely no question that this was about scoring political points with his base vaccines we need to get on this right when the secretary came into portland, he brought a fox news team with him for a photo now. opportunity. they left the graffiti on the vaccine hesitancy is one of the building on the federal stop global threats. what we need to be doing right courthouse for weeks they could have cleaned it off several weeks ago. this sect is working to get the this is all about politics message out about vaccines, how they work, why they work, and it's about political theater start working with communities it's clearly not about public this is not a new problem for safety nor about problem public health. solving. and what this pandemic is >> that was the governor of oregon calling it like she sees it and calling out the politics showing us rights now is showing she sees at play as unidentified all of our weaknesses in terms federal agents continue to use of public health messaging force against mostly peaceful protesters on the streets of portland, oregon they've used tear gas against the demonstrators and have >> one of our on air colleagues, reportedly even grabbed some off the streets, driving away in
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client watts, he made the point unmarked vans. senator merkley is frightened of to me that years ago before what he's seeing the warning signs of trump's anyone heard of coronavirus, the authoritarianism have always been there and what he's doing anti-vaxing movement in the united states was getting a big but subtle assist from the russians on social media in portland now should terrify every american we didn't allow him to normalize and he made the point to me that secret police in our streets as the russians view it in very not now, not ever. claire is back with us you were on the homeland old school terms, and an enmy security committee in the senate what can congress do i mean, frank figliuzzi sort of nation that is sick makes for an pointed me toward the authority easier adverse tear to get that bill barr and the president are using to even be there control of, a sick society makes but are there legal questions in it easier for them to turn the your mind? >> well, of course there are crews and accomplish social change and as you know it is a people need to -- most americans haven't spent a lot of time understanding the difference tinny investment for nations between federal and state jurisdiction when it comes to that wish us harm. criminal activity. just remember this we're a trusting, open, the fbi doesn't answer 911 calls. over 95% of the crime prosecuted democratic society here you are, your life's work, in this country are -- it's and your battling not just human prosecuted by state prosecutors, doubt and distrust, but a social not federal.
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federal has a very limited media campaign and an jurisdiction so what this lobbyist and former antiscience movement at the same hill staffer, who has no time >> we're -- this battle is on experience with the military or multiple fronts. with police or any training in and so we really need to be this, what this acting dhs doing our best to be taking a director is saying is, there's a federal building in portland page out of the antivaccination therefore, we have jurisdiction to go protect that federal and disinformation play books. building well, can you imagine? that gives them jurisdiction to come in, take over the streets it is a fair question about in every city in america where safety with vaccines so we there's any federal facility should be answers them and we it's nonsense. they're not going to prosecute should answer the questions that graffiti cases they're not going to prosecute a people have right now. we're rushing towards a vaccine small fire burning in a trash and this is very important to bin. and they're not helping, do all of the data has to be really nicolle. they are making it worse, which open and really transparent. is what i think the president wants to do because i think he this will be a huge problem and wants to try to find footage you're absolute lit right. that makes it look like lawlessness is the rule of the these are cracks in the armor day. i have family in portland.
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they say the vast majority of here it is all going to be filling in these protesters are peaceful. they've been peaceful for weeks. there are a few bad actors, but these voids so we need to work you take them out with surgical skill, not with a 2x4. on this right now. >> you take them out with local >> it is a very important authorities. my question about legal authority is, how are we just conversation, thank you for spending some time with us covering these live pictures >> i could not agree more about night after night after night? why isn't there an immediate the urgency of this and when he legal process for there to be a judge to say, until we're clear on the law and lines of invokes this disinformation authority and communicating, i imagine it's not safe for law enforcement at the federal or campaign it just sent shock state level, not to be communicating with one another how is this happening night waves. the idea that we're putting on an impeartive to create after night? >> well, i think there are lawsuits that have now been filed. i know the aclu has filed a therapies and then to navigate lawsuit about the way that they have grabbed up people off the the disinformation arena that is street i did see today that the really don a really -- really secretary of defense gave some indication that he was not happy with the idea that these folks are wearing camo
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done a doozie. think about that what are they doing in camo? >> when we talk to him live you that is military will see tacks of the book he we don't use our military against american citizens. wrote about his autistic doctor. we don't do that there should be only police uniforms every police uniform should have and he says that it did not a name tag on it, and they should be surgically removing the bad actors who come out at because his daughter's autism. night and talking to the peaceful protesters because, you it was a tuning interview that know what? those peaceful protesters will you conducted with him help them do their jobs in terms thank you for having me. of keeping it safe you have national treasure sarah but there's no need for -- and by the way, where are all these cooper on in the 4:00 hour and cpd officers coming from i'm nothing but jealous and envy these are custom and border patrol agents are supposed to be yourself >> some people are too good. on the border. where are they where are they coming from >> i guess now that -- i guess my brain is mush now that we're not allowed to go i just want to disappear for the anywhere, they had some free agents claire mccaskill, please come segment. she is personal. back can we stay on this? >> thank you we'll be watching tonight at this seems like one of these stories that you look at the pictures and you can't believe this is happening here
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need to be aware of it and ultimately, the country needs to be aware of it we have to take steps to deter that because we can't count on president trump, someone who apparently begged the president of china to help his campaign, who invited russia to do so in for all of his bluster, he 2016, and who will not safeguard can't explain how it will help our vote >> congressman adam schiff working families that are warning that we saw it in 2016 working the hardest. he quit on you and the country and we'll see it again and that but this election is not just trump will do anything to stop it but this time around, our own about you or him it is about us, elected lawmakers might be used and you. as part of that interference >> that was former vice schiff and other top democrats president joe biden touting his economic recovery plan for on the hill warn in a letter to working families hit hardest by fbi director chris wray, they write this the coronavirus pandemic we are gravely concerned in joining our conversation is particular that congress appears to be the target of a concerted elise jordan now a contributor to time foreign interference campaign which seeks to launder and magazine and an msnbc political amplify disinformation in order to influence congressional analyst. activity, public debate and the also the chair of the department presidential election in
12:47 pm
november of african-american studies at "the new york times" adds that princeton university, a best those same democrats, quote, telling author, also an msnbc contend that the russian-linked information is being funneled to contributor. two of my favorite people to a committee headed by senator talk about all things political. it strikes me reading the speech ron johnson, the wisconsin republican, who is investigating and seeing the snippets that joe mr. biden and his son. let's bring in "new york times" national security reporter biden is filling the vacuum that julian barnes. donald trump has created i read this star in my nightly read through everything on the one just by being awol on the website, and i read it a second time and read it a third time crisis affecting every american. and i had to have you on and ask they are decimated by the you. are the democrats alleging that economic blows that are coming ron johnson is this cycle's in waves now useful idiot, peddling an with the threat of double shut downs. operationalizing russian biden also taken the opportunity disinformation as a u.s. to look like what donald trump senator? >> the democrats are really is concerned about that committee's investigation. >> that is right, in the middest they believe that there is, at of this pandemic there is the root of some of the information they are getting, at economic devastation some of the information they're people are losing their loved weighing is a russian
12:48 pm
ones and they lost their jobs. disinformation campaign. by the end of this week many look, in some ways, this is not new. like the schiff letter, the will lose rent relief, and they pelosi letter was dramatic, but are wondering what to do next. these concerns have come up and i think it is important that before they derailed a subpoena to a they focus on two things at once two laying out a plan to how they're going to get the country ukrainian man named teleschenko back on track and not just simply by returning to what was, out of concerns he was a partner of russian intelligence. but managing a more fair and now as the ron johnson committee just america digs into some other issues what we heard today, the snep involving these alleged tapes ets that i heard so far, is a between biden and the former good first step, a good step in president of ukraine, porchenko, that direction, nicole once again, the hand of russia is seen by some intelligence as you say he is filling a leadership gab, a vacuum officials. >> fiona hill, a witness in the we know it is rutter less right impeachment trial into donald now. he is trying to steer us to trump said this. some of you on this committee calmer waters. appear -- this was the, i think the house intel committee. appear to believe that russia >> trump is giving him the she and its security services did not conduct a campaign against our country and that perhaps somehow for some reason ukraine
12:49 pm
did. this is a fictional narrative that has been perpetrated and blacking about bragging about propagated by the russian security services themselves it would seem that her analysis his screens, and joe biden is as a russia expert has either informed or been co-signed by trying to solve the economic the democrats that worry this stream of disinformation has despair. >> he is talking about living an infected this committee. elephant correct i will be they what are their -- what are their aside you're completely right in a joe biden is showing a remedies chris wray seems to be the complete contrast to donald embodiment of keeping one's head trump and it is so refreshing. down and, as far as we know, it is just a throw back really trying to do one's job without it brings me back to our days in drawing the president's attention or ire the white house when there was a policy process and the policy what access to any information or briefings do democrats really makers would come up with the plan and then the speech writers have >> i am so glad you brought up the fiona hill testimony because that really crystallized this would come up with a plan issue. this issue about how russia uses because they want to deliver that message to the american public and you see this with that these different disinformation speech that joe biden gave today that dressed the current day campaigns to deflect from what they did in 2016
12:50 pm
concerns about the pandemic and giving a path forward. and the -- a lot of intelligence so it was really just such a throw back and working with what officials believe the burisma joe biden does best. he is a traditional politician accusations being revived are he doesn't need to over perform once again trying to obscure what russia is up to donald trump, he is. and i think part of the reason >> i have so many more questions the democrats have put this letter out, even without a lot for elise and eddie. of details, is that the only we're going to ask both of you to stay through this break when we come back, joe biden's remedy that really works is the latest thinking as he shared thwi my colleague joy reid about resilience of a population and a a running mate we'll be right back. population can only be resilient if they know what's going on so much of this stuff is secret. [szasz] we take care of ourselves constantly; it's important. we walk three to five times a week, it falls into bitter partisan a couple miles at a time. divisions. - we've both been taking prevagen for a little but if it's important for voters not to be affected by the more than 11 years now. disinformation campaign, then after about 30 days of taking it, that requires talking about it we noticed clarity that we didn't notice before. putting some of this stuff out in the open. realizing when it is being done - it's still helping me. i still notice a difference. to the american public prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> okay. julian barnes, you just earned
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yourself the punishment, depending on how you look at it, of having to come back and have that conversation. because i think that what we are seeing in everything we're talking about is just how infected with disinformation our public is. we're 100 days out, and in some ways, i think a lot of people on both sides of the aisle worry the infection has done more damage four years later than even four years ago. promise me you'll come back and we can pick this up. >> absolutely. we'll continue the conversation. >> thank you and congrats on the reporting today. very interesting development after the break -- our conversation with comedienne sarah cooper who gives me life she exploded to national acclaim after she released this video. >> we hit the body with a tremendous -- whether it's ultra violet or just very powerful light. and i think you said that hasn't been checked but you're going to check it supposing you brought thelight inside the body which you can do
12:52 pm
either through the skin or in some other way and i think you said you're going to test that, too? sounds interesting and then i see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in a minute, one minute and is there a way we can do something like that? by injection inside or almost a cleaning because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs. it would be interesting to check that you'd veha to use medical doctors, but it sounds interesting to me.
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back last night on the debut of joy reid's new show "the reidout" joe biden had this to say. >> i am not committed to naming anyone but i've named and among them are four black women. so that decision is under way right now. it's important that my administration, and i promise you, will look like america both from vice president to supreme court to cabinet positions to every major position in the white house. >> eddie, there are lots of reason yes that's a sound approach the other is when you look at exit poll data, black women are the only group that did not fall for donald trump they voted for him in the lowest numbers in all of the land do you have any other thoughts
12:55 pm
about the wisdom of joe biden's thinking there on a running mate >> well, my only thinking is this don't make the tim kaine mistake, and that is, you know, you have to make a decision at the vp level that will bring the party together, that will not alienate the progressive wing and that will not alienate the most loyal constituency of the party. i think it's important and not only do we understand the significance of four black women under consideration. we also need to understand the significance of policy considerations joe biden can't take certain wings of the party for granted a lot hangs on this decision, nicolle, beyond simply region, geography. it has something to do with those fissures we've been talking about within the party for a couple of years now. he has to be very careful as he makes this decision. >> elise, i, from being inside
12:56 pm
three presidential campaigns, i have a different sort of take on the priority you need a running mate who can prosecute the case against your opponent in the general election the second piece, i think, takes i tested positively toward care of itself, but joe biden negative, right? no, i tested perfectly this has to win first who, with that frame, do you morning. >> mr. president -- think serves him best? >> meaning i tested negative >> we've never had an empty seat, and we certainly won't in >> i am excited about the oklahoma >> which is your favorite trump child, and why is it ivanka? prospect of congresswoman val >> wise guy over here. demings. her florida background so i'm going to take a pass on a great charismatic public speaker and has a police honest abe as we call him. background that i think crosses by the way, they love african-american people. boundaries within the party. they love black people but there are so many women who maga loves the black people. can do somuch to add value to >> she has racked up tens of this ticket. and i think that it's going to really come down to a personal millions of views on youtube and choice by joe biden about his on tiktok thanks to her genius chemistry with the candidate production of donald j. trump in who does he connect with his very own words who does he think he's going to best campaign with joining us now, comedienne and and how are they going to best best-selling author of 100 lead together? you see, sometimes you see vice tricks to appear smart in meetings and how to be presidential picks like john successful without hurting men's
12:57 pm
edwards in 2004, and he just feelings sarah cooper is here with us you have to know this by now seemed completely out of sync i'm one of those giant fans that with john kerry. if you ever saw me at costco you want to avoid a situation you'd take that heavy cart down like that. the opposite aisle >> having spent time on the back i have to ask you, though, how of a bus with john mccain and is it to have trump in your sarah palin, i co-sign everything elise jordan just head >> well, first of all, thank you said elise and eddie, thanks for for mentioning me. every time you mention me, i get spending time with us. a text for an aunt or cousin "deadline: white house" with sarah cooper is coming up. astat, saying, nicolle wallace mentioned you. which is breast cancer that has spread it's been great. to other parts of the body, i have to say that it's been are living in the moment and taking ibrance. kind of inspiring. and i think everyone should be a little inspired by donald trump. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor you know, if there's something is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+/her2- metastatic breast cancer, you think you can't do, just remember, donald trump is the president of the united states as the first hormonal based therapy. and that should just make you realize anything is possible ibrance plus letrozole significantly delayed i have kind of been inspired by disease progression versus letrozole, his confidence because i have and shrank tumors in over half of patients. this thing called imposter syndrome where it's where you patients taking ibrance can develop low white blood cell counts, are a woman and you basically which may cause serious infections just second-guess everything that you say that can lead to death. ibrance may cause severe inflammation of the lungs i have this little voice in my head that's like, you're not
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hey, buddy. what's the damage? brilliant. and they are -- you are as them i bought it! exactly as i would imagine the waterfall? nope! a new volkswagen. reporter sitting there as he's a volkswagen? giving his idiotic i think we're having a breakthrough here! pronouncements what do you think of after playing both sides of those? welcome to caesar's palace. thank you. >> well, it's interesting because it's playing the subtext of donald trump and it's showing how confused he is or how he really doesn't want to say he tested negative because that would mean that's something bad about him or maybe he doesn't understand that negative is good in that instance but it's also this subtext of the people in the room and so, you know, when he says you're going to test that, right, and i'm like, me you know, i'm thinking that's what dr. birx might have been feeling. she was just kind of trying to hide her head but maybe inside that's what she was feeling. and i think a lot of the reporters, that's what they're experiencing is this need to be like, what did you just say? 49i found you! good job. now i'm gonna stay here and you go hide. that made no sense at all. but they're not allowed to say
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watch your favorites from anywhere that and it's very much like the corporate world in that we're in the house with the xfinity stream app. free with your xfinity service. very -- we are taught to be very now any room can be a tv room. polite and say, that's a really good idea. stream live tv, on demand shows and movies let's put a pin in that which means that's a terrible idea even your dvr recordings. so we have all of these cues download the xfinity stream app today that we use, and i'm just to stream the entertainment you love. ripping those things away. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> how do you -- i love, too, that you have standards. i read this in vanity fair that there are some of his things that are too cruel for you you have higher standards for what you won't do than he does how do you -- when do you hear something and think, oh, i have to go kind of stick my hands in that and see what i can do with that >> well, i think -- he just -- he is such a prolific writer he's such a prolific content creator. it's very frustrating. it's almost like if you were an actress and just got handed a new script every hour and you weren't even done with the hi, everyone script from before but now you
1:01 pm
have a new one it's 4:00 in the east. today at a critical juncture in i'm still stuck on what he said, i think it was last thursday, the country's coronavirus crisis with 1.2 million new infections about how there are many just in the month of july so far exciting things he's going to be announcing in the next eight added, with some of the most weeks. important questions still open things no one has ever contempla contemplated, thought about, when it comes to recovery, like thought possible he's going to have a what to do about school in the fall and how about economic relief for the millions of americans out of work by the of detailed thoughts i love the useless words necessary shutdowns, perhaps most importantly how to correct i love pointing out that all of the mistakes of the past to these words are so meaningless prepare for a potential second and he's pulling them out of the wave of infections in the fall air and it's my ability to take his improv, which is just making things up on the fly and turning joe biden stepping into the void it into a sketch which is a giving a speech today. story that tells a story about i think we have a little bit of the fact that he really has no that let's listen idea what he's talking about >> each day the pandemic death >> so i worked for another toll grows politician that sometimes wasn't sure exactly what she was each day, in some states, more talking about and tina fey people test positive than the created iconic comedy using day before and each day, too many american sarah palin's own words. workers are still out of work i wonder if you have any sense and losing hope. of your import it's been reported by the you have become this iconic figure of this political moment.
1:02 pm
president's staff that the president is, quote, not really working this anymore with would assert and i know he doesn't want to be distracted that you know some trump by it. doesn't want to be distracted by supporters are greatly amused and entertain by what you do it his own staff admits that donald trump failed the most important i think it also underscores a test of being an american really political point we try to hard in politics president. the duty to care for you, for we try to come up with a fancy ad trump is the best weapon against all of us. trump. >> yeah. he is the punch line >> joe biden today out with an we have been trying hard to economic plan designed to match the moment a $775 billion investment in heighten his antics but there's no heighteni ining what he's doe caregivers a plan to support some of the workers most essential to our for me, over the past three and recovery for donald trump's part, any a half years, i've checked in plans we're hearing from him these days remain laser focused and out of politics as it's on reversing his woeful gotten frustrating and angering. i've gone in and out and not political fortunes which have taken a swift nosedive as the been able to deal with it and pandemic has worsened. put it aside i'm hoping people who have today the fruits of his scramble checked out maybe check back in to turn things around will come because we have an election in his return to the podium for coming up. many important elections what he's calling a coronavirus i'm hoping that people we need briefing yes, he's reviving that
1:03 pm
spectacle with little apparent intention of guidesing or to try to get this guy out of office he's doing a will the of damage. informing an anxious nation on how to stay safe instead, based on reporting in "the washington post," the return of the briefing is merely an attempt to revive his election campaign. >> he will continue to create they add reporting about signs the briefings will, quote, content. any spoiler alerts about what continue to be a platform for you're working on next the president to put a positive >> i can't give anything away spin on the pandemic even as it but there's some big huge, huge worsens. in other words, to continue to things coming up mislead and lie. if you read the comments you'll the associated press paints see people predicting and some trump's upcoming official white of them are right. house appearances as little more that's a bit of hint than wannabe maga rallies writing this the view in trump's circle is that the president needs an >> all right alternate means to reach his voters with his trademark i love it. rallies largely on hold because i think we all see ourselves a of the coronavirus bit in some of the reactions to the president voiced frustration things he says because of their in recent days about his inability to hold a rally, just incredibleness. blaming democratic governors in thank you so much. thanks for joining us. battleground states for not waviwave >> thank you i waiving covid restrictions on after the break,ur o program large gatherings
1:04 pm
today. the celebration of lives well and the political stunting at the heart of it all, the white lived. step onto the blue line, sir. house today won't confirm that any members of the actual this device is giving us an accurate temperature check. coronavirus task force, you're good to go. including the medical experts, i have to take care of my coworkers. people like drs. birx and fauci that's how i am. will be at the briefing which i have a son, and he said, "one day i'm gonna be like you, will live thecountry in the i'm gonna help people." you're good to go, ma'am. hands of president sunlight and i hope so. this is my passion. clorox that's where we start today with if i can take of everyone who is sick out there, some of our most favorite reporters and friends. i would do it in a heartbeat. dr. leana wen, a former baltimore health commissioner is here, plus white house reporter, star white house reporter for "the washington post," ashley parker and former democratic senator claire mccaskill ashley parker, take me through what the thinking is i think everyone at this white house, if given truth serum or a stiff drink could acknowledge it was that briefing where the president suggested injecting disinfectant into the lungs for a good old cleaning certainly put emotion or accelerated his
1:05 pm
tumble in the polls. why bring that forum, why bring that behavior back they all know by now that the president is incapable of driving any message. >> it's a great question, and it's first worth noting there still is a divide within the white house. not everyone thinks it's the best idea to bring that back to the white house briefing room with the president himself leading those briefings. so some people are on board. not everyone my reporting tells me that if you recall a couple of weeks ago, vice president pence began holding a handful of task force briefings over at hhs. and that was part of a recognition that as the white house, and as the president tried to pivot to reopening and talking about how we get out of this, which is an important thing to do, there needed to be an acknowledgment that we're still in the middle of this and someone needed to talk about
1:06 pm
what it means when, as they call, embers or fires are increasing but what that really means is the death toll the number of pieces and they needed to grapple with and acknowledge for the public this on-the-ground reality because this isn't something that can be tweeted away or wished away or messaged away that's why they trotted vice president pence first. that didn't exactly work and there is a belief that the american public is incredibly forgiving, even in moments of crisis and that this could be positive for the president if he could actually go out there and be honest with the american people and be empathetic and carrying a caring and show his focus is on the virus, helping with testing so that you don't wait for seven, eight, nine days to get your results rendering them effectively useless. if he could even try to seem severe, that could go a long way. so far, the president has
1:07 pm
demonstrated himself unable to do any of those things so they are cautiously hoping that he will show up and be a totally different man and a totally different leader than he has been over the course of this crisis >> claire mccaskill, if the president in his own words is a window into his ability to maybe be able to do what ashley parker just said, then the answer is a resounding, no bleeping way. he's a testing denidenier, a mortality rate liar and he is still convinced that the entire thing is some conspiracy about him and with him at the center of it. he cannot -- i think we all can race ahead to 8:00 p.m. and say, before we sign off, you might recall anthony mission so not accomplished. he was the beloved sports can't do any of those things photographer at the new york ashley just described. post who died of the coronavirus >> yeah, i think this may just be kellyanne conway convincing at the young, young age of 48 leaving behind a wife and two him, why not try it? nothing else seems to be young children today we got this image.
1:08 pm
working. i don't think that this is going the one the new york mets made of a tribute of him of sorts to work, particularly if he they felt the empty seats at doesn't have the experts there if he does have the experts city field with cut out fans during the pan dmic and guess there, and if he would let them dominate the briefing, he whose likeness that is in photo doesn't realize how much that would do for him pick we'll be thinking of him and his but it's not in his constitution family on major league to let anybody else take the baseball's opening day this thursday thank you so much for watching spotlight. if the experts are there, just and for letting us into your standing near him, and they homes during these truly don't challenge him when he does extraordinary times. our coverage continues with this nonsense, then the american chuck todd after a quick break people are going to start losing faith in them as they have already lost faith in the president. and nobody is going to believe what the president says about this virus and how much you want to bet he doesn't come out with a mask on? >> dr. fauci has just said that he has not been invited as of yet. i suppose donald trump, who is an avid tv watcher could hear this and change his mind, but a briefing without dr. fauci and
1:09 pm
with a dr. birx, whose reputation was decimated by whoever attends the white house chief of staff's internal task force briefings as detailed in "the new york times," the staff has turned on dr. birx in a way that made clear they blame her for greenlighting all the plans to get the president behind the rushed reopenings. what, claire, just to put a finer point on it, what is this without any medical experts? >> yeah, i mean, i affectionately call her the scarf lady i used to call her dr. birx, but now it's clear she's a pleaser and that's a dangerous person to have during a crisis directing the ship, steering the ship, so to speak so she has proven ineffective at guiding the president through this crisis. and if she is there, then it's just -- it really doesn't make any difference he may have a uniform there. he loves to have uniforms around
1:10 pm
but i think this will be his show, and he will show himself to be what he has consistently been self of absorbed, out of touch, not empathetic and absolutely not capable of showing that he cares about the fear and anger that is sweeping the country over the fact that americans can't even go to canada at this point. >> or the bahamas or the eu. dr. wen, you have a list of guidelines from back in april about what would make these briefings useful in terms of informing the public about the public health crisis you suggest -- actually, this looks a lot like what g cuomo ended up doing he reads you explain the latest scientific research into coronavirus. provide information to help keep people safe and talk about major challenges in the federal government's response. other than a couple of days when they started with projections, i
1:11 pm
don't think they've done this ever what do you expect or what will you be looking at or grading on this afternoon >> well, i don't know what to expect, but i'll tell you what i wish i could see i would love to see the cdc there and present the data this is what we all need we need to see what's happening across the country what are the new hot spots, the problem areas we should be watching out for then i want to see the research that's currently being done. there are dozens, if not hundreds of studies being put out on a weekly basis and there are experts who are the best in the world at working for the federal government i want them to talk about the clinical trials around vaccines. what do we know about transmission of this disease and how is that going to impact the guidelines coming out? i want to hear experts talk about schools and much more as we are all, as parents and teachers and administrators, wrestling with this question i want them to guide us through their thinking about school
1:12 pm
reopening and how we should process it and then finally, and i think because of all we've done, most importantly, i want to hear an acknowledgment from the federal government they have heard and understood the the disk to trising to the amern problems we are seeing the testing issues as ashley people remain low. the cdc is requiring the use of mentioned, and the lack of ppe, the overwhelmed health care non-face cloth covering. workers across the country i want them to acknowledge the i don't take responsibility at problems and then say, here's all. >> it's not racist at all. our strategy here's what we're going to be doing to support local and state it comes from china. >> we had a broken system and officials, hospital administrators now we have great system here's the plan because we we did all of this work. recognize that hope is no longer when you read phony story, an appropriate strategy moving nobody acknowledges this everything we did was right. forward. >> ashley, it just dawns on me >> what do you say to american who is are watching now who are if the president today, i think scared >> i say that you're a terrible we're in month five of the reporter that's what i say. pandemic, has finally come down firmly on the side of people >> h wearing masks by tweeting a photo of him from two weeks ago wearing one at walter reed and going out to his own hotel and not wearing one, being around other people who are not wearing one, it would seem that all of the projections we've put on
1:13 pm
what these could be are ridiculous at this point he is not going to go out and talk about addressing the eight days that it takes to get a test, even though it's circulating on social media that he gets multiple tests a day those instant tests. the very kind of tests that could let school openings or office openings happen a lot more easily. your paper, your colleagues, you've all reported on the political undertones of all of this can you just pull that thread a little more sharply for me is this a replacement for the rallies he'd much rather be standing in the middle of? >> partially, yes. again, i think we're all going to be wrapped, glued to our tv screens or in the briefing room at 5:00 p.m. to see what the president does and he is someone who has proven himself in moments capable of sticking to a script capable of reading something off the teleprompter or a sheet of paper. but there's a sense if these briefings do go on, that part of
1:14 pm
the goal is the president to replace that energy he gets from the rallies and be able to bring a message to the american people the way he did with his rallies and a more traditional world where there's not a deadly pandemic and you can travel and go places and you can see that in hints of what we might see tonight or going forward and just the way the president talked about it. he talked about it in terms of a great time slot. in terms of ratings. in terms of bringing back a show that's not the language you typically use of what you'll go out there and do as the doctor suggested, as a rundown of which hospitals have ppe, which hospitals don't. what the plan is to get it there. how you'll grapple with supply chain questions. not just say that you want to reopen schools but explain exactly how schools can do that safely so that teachers know they are safe, so the parents feel safe sending their children so there's enough social distancing and space between them explaining what happens if
1:15 pm
despite everyone's best intentions you go back to school and there's an outbreak. how long does that school shut down how disruptive or not disruptive is it? when you talk about it as a primetime show, that's generally at a harbinger of a serious, rigorous, scientific discussion you're going to be bringing to the american people. but again, we'll know for sure at 5:00 p.m. >> and the only person actually trying to answer any questions like that, claire mccaskill, is donald trump's opponent joe biden who is rushing into the vacuum created both by donald trump waving around the results of a test meant to screen alzheimer's and dementia instead of answering the questions ashley just detailed not just let's go back to school but if there's an outbreak then x, if x then y and if y then z some of those require the federal government to do the same things for public schools that professional sports are doing for their leagues. i mean, the white house hasn't
1:16 pm
indicated that it cares about schools and public school children as much as baseball leagues and football leagues and soccer leagues have indicated they care about getting their athletes safely back onto their fields it is a joke to think for a moment or to think there's any suspense about whether or not the president can address the crisis with any granularity. but the person who is doing that and who did it today in a speech is his opponent, joe biden >> yeah, it's quite a contrast if somebody would have told me there would be a major pandemic in america and the leading authority that brought about more mask wearing in our country to save lives was walmart, i would say, well, no, that's not going to happen. we wouldn't rely on walmart and cvs and costco and target to be the leading edge of what you
1:17 pm
must do to bring down the level of coronavirus in this country the difference between joe biden and donald trump, donald trump doesn't read he doesn't listen carefully. he only hears what he wants to hear that is a good reflection of him so basically he filters out everything that would be helpful to him to lead in this moment. joe biden is the opposite. he is listening. he is learning he understands that empathy is a huge part of this job, especially in a crisis so this is really -- it is tailor made for this election in terms of the voters being able to see the stark differences between these two men and how they lead this country >> dr. wen, just from a purely public health standpoint or science standpoint, do you see any scenario where sort of
1:18 pm
the -- i think ashley is speaking to these different pots that the white house has dabbled in that we could expect to stick their toe backecomy open again,g
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