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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 22, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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"andrea mitchell reports". chuck todd and katie tur continue our report now. >> big thank you there to andrea. nice way to end your hour with that interview with governor cuomo. good afternoon, i'm chuck todd. the white house has just confirmed. president trump will, indeed, hold another coronavirus briefing this evening. we don't know a lot of details, including whether or not the president will appear alone again. the take a look at this. there's been nearly 15 million confirmed covid-19 cases worldwide. hit that number today and one half of the world's covid-19 cases are simply in the americas alone. that's right. the americas plural make up 12% of the world's population. plus the united states has ordered the closure of the historic chinese consulate in houston as tensions escalate.
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documents were being burned at the consulate early this morning. the country's emissary is yetting ready to evacuate. the senate is carcinogenic legislation that would end up banning the popular app tik tok on federal devices, citing security concerns. the house passed a ban on the app as part of its defense bill yesterday. joining me now is my co-anchor, katie tur. i'm not looking forward to the conversation of the tik tok ban with my two teenagers, though i keep telling them you're not allowed to put that app on my phone period. so we do have that ban in the house. but larger ban, teenage revolts every where, katie. >> there might be some revolts among some of our staffers as well. i wouldn't put that on my phone. chuck, there's a lot of stuff going on today.
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i know that briefing is something people are looking forward to, seeing whether the president has more to say. i mean that was the best verse of him, i guess, yesterday but he still managed to wish well a woman who has been charged with conspiring with jeffrey epstein to run a sex trafficking ring. that's one story. there's also this story. a former state department official with firsthand knowledge tells nbc news that u.s. ambassador to britain, robert wood johnson told colleagues president trump directed him to see if the british open could play at his resort in scotland and the department inspector general launched an investigation into the london embassy in october of last year. the inspector general was fired in may and the completed report is marked classified. trump went to turnberry shortly after taunching his campaign in 2016 for the opening of british women's open.
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the lives. back at the resort in 2016 the president spoke about his relationship with the organization that runs the open and what he calls the amazing wonders turnberry has done for the open championship. i was at that 2015 trip and on that 2016 trip, he was trying to bring attention to these scottish golf resorts he has over there. that's in part because they are not doing so well. they've been shunned since he's become president. according to the latest public financial record they've lost over $10 million. so the idea of hosting a british open financially speaking, you can understand why he might want to pursue that, ethically obviously extremely problematic. >> you know, katie, this is something that i've always been surprised that it's never sort of taken, gotten more attention and perhaps it's because of the other stuff that the president does that's even more controversial. the amount of time and energy
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that goes into helping support his businesses through his campaign, through his own, you know, whether it's ambassador reaching out like that, the amount of time and effort that different aspects whether it's the campaign or official business look for ways to improve the president's business bottom line is something that i think we've all thought would have a lot more, get a lot more attention in this case. as we mentioned president trump is expected to hold another coronavirus briefing this evening. this one will begin right now at 5:30 eastern. during yesterday's briefing the president spoke unaccompanied by the task force and said his white house was in the process of coming up with a national strategy. keep in mind it's been more than six months since the first confirmed case of covid-19 in the united states. >> we are in the process of developing a strategy that's going to be very, very powerful. we've developed as we go along. >> a reminder nearly 4 million
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americans have contracted the virus. the real numbers likely somewhere between six and 20 times higher, maybe as high as ten times higher. more than 143,000 people in this country have succumbed to this virus. joining me now is carol at the white house. there's a lot of sort of what i would say under focused on aspect of the president's remarks yesterday. but, yes, he acknowledged the issue was mask. he acknowledged the virus will get worse before it gets better. the bigger thing is promising a national strategy here. what is it going to be? >> reporter: that's one of the big questions that the president is going to face when he steps to the podium around 5:30 today. frankly another question that is defrifd that is why has it taken so long to come up with this strategy. the president also said yesterday that things were going to get worse before they get better. what does that mean?
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what is he preparing americans for? what does it mean for his effort and strong push to re-open schools in the fall and what's the plan to deal with this? i think that, your question kind of hits the nail on the head in terms of what the president is going to be forced to try to answer when he comes to the podium. we know from talking to white house officials this morning they feel good about his performance yesterday but it was one day and it was very -- they felt like he was on, you know he was focused, stayed on topic largely but can he sustain that? that's one of the big questions facing him. what happens when these questions are put to him, does he, you know, actually have something substantive to say. it's unclear. >> we all know you can't assume one performance means he has somehow pivoted. that's a lesson there. a little bit more on the decision overnight to escalate tensions with china here.
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i assume we expect china to retaliate if we're kicking them out of houston. is there a specific incident that is triggering this or is this part of the longer sort of, which i know ambassador o'brien and secretary pompeo their longer strategy to push back against china. >> reporter: it's something that's been building. nbc news and other organizations have reported for a while now that this houston consulate has been a concern for u.s. officials for some time over spying not just on medical intellectual property but oil and gas industry which is so prevalent in that area and there's wide expectation china is going retaliate. obviously a pretty big escalation in tensions, administration official told me that there's no plan, however, chuck, for the president to speak with president xi of china at this point. >> carol, do we know, you know,
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how there are some policy achievements that the administration does sort of around the president, and there are some that they do, you know, with him. is this something that sort of o'brien and pompeo were doing and the president said sure go ahead or is he as involved as they are? >> reporter: what i'm told from administration official the president this has been on his radar for some time and the president was briefed on this before it happened and on board. >> okay. carol lee the at the white house for us. carol, thank you. we're join now by senator mark warner, democrat of virginia and vice chair of the intelligence committee. thank you for joining us today. i want to get your reaction to what's happening at houston at this chinese consulate. what do you know about what's going on there and what is your reaction? >> well, i'm not going to speak to the specific intelligence that led the bureau to take
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these actions. but i can tell you for the last two years, i and other members of the intel committee have been holding classified briefings with business leaders and academic leaders about the concerted efforts of the chinese communist party to steal our intellectual property, to steal it from companies and universities, to be on better guard and greater guard. the fact that many of the chinese tech companies are in effect arms of the china state, and i think without getting into specifics i think the fbi action is appropriate and i think companies need to acknowledge that doing business with a lot of these chinese firms do it at your own risk and the idea they will sacrifice our values and principles to try to get access to the chinese market is going to come back and bite them. >> what sort of retaliation is congress preparing for? >> well, we will see what the communist party of china reaction is. let me be clear.
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my concern is not with china, not with chinese, obviously, one of the things this president always mistakes, you know, making inappropriate comments about chinese americans. my problem is with the communist party of china, president xi and their effort to turn their business entities into agents of the state. their ability to create a surveillance state with technology. what they've done the uyghurs in china, what they are trying to do to people in hong kong and the fact that they have -- they use students as agents. they use companies as agents. and i know there will be some reaction from china but this is in our national security interest and more american businesses and universities need to acknowledge, recognize and guard against this problem. >> senator, is there anything the tik tok can do to make you feel better about having that app on the phones of american
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citizens? >> chuck, my daughters are a little bit older than your kids but i wouldn't want tik tok on my, any of my devices and there s-you know, tik tok is a component of bite dance. there's evidence from some american investors to separate the enterprises. i'm open to see how they want to do that separation. but if the basic intellectual capital and basic programming is still potentially at the whim of communist party functionaries in china i would be pretty nervous about what you do. >> let me switch gears here to the virus and to what you guys are negotiating. i'll be honest, i've been covering washington a decent enough time. this looks like a total and complete mess right now as far as the state of negotiations. i don't even know, is this bill going to be a bill about economic recovery or is this a bill that's primarily about tackling and controlling this
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virus? i feel like we don't even know what the focus of this bill is supposed to be. >> chuck, it needs both. still putting in place a national plan for the virus, that this white house has refused to do. also means recognizing there are literally tens of millions of americans going through unprecedent hau unpresideu unprecedented hardship. i have legislation to preclude president trump or betsy devos to tell cools when and how they should open. we had new cases yesterday and will we turn that responsibility over to the boss who has not shown much caring about our particularly public education kids to somehow say they can withhold federal funds which they cannot, that we'll put extra legislation in to draw a bright line underneath that. that kind of distraction when so many americans need the expanded unemployment, they need
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additional small business support, i got specific parts of legislation that would gear towards community development, financial institution and black owned banks because the meltdown in black and latino businesses in this country is unprecedented. >> senator, on the subject of foreign interference, foreign meddling, we just talked about china and the tik tok. is there anything you can tell us about what you're learning about our elections right now, whether or not they are secure. any foreign interference that we should be on the watch for as november approaches? >> well, we have asked the fbi to come in and give another full senate brief to all senators about the state of russia and other countries intervention in our athletics. i've been constant on this note since the 2016 election. we did better in 2018 and there are a lot of folks in the intelligence community working day in and day out to make sure
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our elections secure. i still feel this white house refuses to acknowledge the level of this threat and particularly refuses to acknowledge the threat when it deals with russia. and no one has ever been able to give that question why donald trump refuses to confront vladimir putin, but we can assure you the russians and others are back and they are trying to miss our elections and you add that with the covid crisis and you have a recipe for disaster. >> how are facebook and twitter going right now, senator warner, when it comes to dealing with election interference. we can talk about the original actors but then platforms used as the go-between. we talked about our concerns with tik tok. it looks like twitter more so than facebook is trying to clean up their act but, you know, they are all coming to d.c. at least virtually soon. what more do you want to see from both facebook and twitter? >> i think twitter has recognized the problem more seriously. now, of course, they the still have to guard against the kind
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of hacks and the ability to have individuals accounts taken over that we just saw a week ago. think of that, if you combine that with deep fake technology and not actually had the accounts taken over but faces, your face and mine spilling stuff that's not true. facebook has tried to improve their game. but the challenge with facebook and the facebook management, when they say that any politician, as long as you're a politician or a candidate for office, you can lie with impunity, that gives license to then have those lies amplified by foreign source. that does not help our country, it does not help our democracy and, you know, candidly i think the facebook management needs to change their position. we got to hold politicians the same level of liability that we hold political party and other organizations liable in term of the misuse of facebook. >> senator, i know you have to go but one quick final question.
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do you think michael cohen would be in jail today if he had lied on behalf of the president or stayed silent on behalf of the president instead of testifying in front of congress? >> i'm not going to speculate. i will say this. you saw roger stone who lied repeatedly to congress get rewarded for that kind of behavior. that does not bode well for the integrity of our criminal justice system. i got to go vote, guys. thanks so much. >> senator mark warner of virginia. go vote, sir. thank you so much for joining us. chuck, over to you. >> all right. i always like it when lawmakers care enough about voting that they are anxious to get off the air with us. it shows they are trying to walk and chew gum. we apologize for holding him back but i'm glad he's in a hurry to go vote. let's talk more about those negotiations happening on capitol hill to pass a new coronavirus relief bill. senate republicans spent tuesday
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arguing amongst themselves what to include in it. also looming over the negotiations, the upcoming august recess. the fallout of the pandemic continues to be felt in places like oklahoma. lining up by the hundred to pick up passes for an upcoming unemployment event in tulsa. joining us now with a little bit more on what is going on behind-the-scenes from capitol hill is our own leanne caldwell. it's interesting and sort of -- is the dividing line among senate republicans with like some of these folks that swear they are deficit hawks through thick and thin and those that have a growing suburban vote that may vote them out of the office. is that the divide over how this legislation is coming together. >> reporter: that's exactly the divide. these deficit hawks are coming in at a convenient time as well.
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there's not been a lot of deficit hawks on capitol hill lately. but here's an anecdote for you. senator jody ernst who was up for re-election, supposed to be relatively safe in 2020 she now has a tough race. she told me moments ago she's relatively comfortable with that parameter that mitch mcconnell is outlining in a bill. on the other hand, you have senator ron johnson of wisconsin not up for re-election very close with the president and he said he will absolutely not vote for another dollar in aid spending until he sees some sort of audit of the previous money. that's how things are playing out on capitol hill. also there is this deadline of unemployment insurance expiring at the end of the month. mitch mcconnell said that it is, he laughed when he was asked if they were going meet that deadline. now they are talking, we just got confirmation republicans are talking about a short term extension of unemployment
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insurance because they know they are so far apart from some sort of agreement. meanwhile democrats are just sitting on the sidelines watching republicans battle it out among themselves. here's what senator chuck schumer said on the senate floor earlier today talking about these issues they have to figure out. >> we met with chief of staff meadows and secretary mnuchkin, speaker pelosi and i told them to back off of these dangerous ideas. in addition, we'll be sending a letter to the administration to demand answers on how data is being reported to the white house as well as pushing for legislation in the upcoming bill to ensure that covid-19 data is fully transparent and accessible without any interference from the administration. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell has lowered expectations on this legislation as well. he's now calling it a starting point when he releases some sort
10:20 am
of a text of a bill at some point this week knowing it will be difficult to get republicans, the administration on board and understanding that he might need democrats in order to actually get anything through, chuck. >> leeann seems like a big piece of news. they are talking about a temporary extension of unemployment because that's how badly the rest of the negotiations are going. that alone tells you everything you need know about how long it will take to get a much bigger bill. i'm curious to see if democrats will allow mitch mcconnell to pull that off. because they can use that as leverage. we shall see. thank you. katie, that looks just as much of a mess as did it yesterday. >> it does indeed although a lot of people would welcome an extension if they got nothing else, an extension would be welcome. this goes to paying bills and a lot of economists say it's part
10:21 am
of the reason why the economy hasn't totally tanked. it's keeping them afloat but all of us afloat. coming up in a moment is oregon's attorney general. is he asking a judge to remove federal agents deployed by the white house to control portland protests? he's doing that saying the federal presence is actually making the situation on the ground worse. we're live in portland after the break with new developments on the ground as we await the judge's ruling. you're wcatching msnbc. wcatchi. s of psoriatic arthritis to help you look and feel better. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. watch me! learn more at
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right now a federal court in the state of earthquake is hearing argument from lawyers for oregon's attorney general who want as temporary restraining order to restrict federal law enforcement in the city of portland. this follows allegations that federal officers in unmarked vance were arresting protesters without probable cause. here's now is our own nbc news reporter who is on the ground in portland. i know there's a fence now around the courthouse. first question i have who put the fence up, the city or the feds? >> reporter: yeah, chuck. this fence is actually in place a couple of days ago. put up by those federal agencies and a couple of nights ago protesters took them down and moved them away. the past the two nights that we've been here the fence has not been put in place but they put it back up and we watched welders going around and reinforcing that fencing in preparation for potential protests continuing tonight.
10:26 am
>> what is it on this -- what do they hope to get from this ruling? how fast of a ruling do they expect? they are looking for a temporary restraining order. if they get it, then where do we go? >> reporter: right. so the temporary restraining order is looking for prevent any arrests that federal agents would be making on citizens of portland. the state ag actually arguing that basically they want the officers to identify themselves before the they make the arrest. they want them to physically say i'm with x federal agency and i'm arresting you. they want to know where they are coming from. they say that the badges the officers are wearing, identifying that they are with these federal agencies but the attorney general is arguing the people on the ground protesting don't know enough to recognize who exactly they are. so the lawyers for the u.s. government are saying that or emphasizing that they do wear these patches and the acting dhs
10:27 am
secretary pointed out again in a press conference last night, they say they have no problem with the peaceful protests going on during the day it's the violence that occurs each and every night and having been here the past couple of nights as federal agents continue to engage, we just see the protests get larger. that's what we saw tonight. we expect the same tonight. we're hoping for a ruling later today but it could take a couple of days before that could go into effect. so we'll stay tuned on that and keep abreast of the protest activity going on here tonight, chuck. >> thank you. katie, over to you. in chicago 15 people are wounded today after a shooting at a funeral in the stipulate's grisham neighborhood. somebody opened fire on people attending a funeral. six people were taken to hospitals in serious condition. a person of interest was taken
10:28 am
into custody after the shooting. mayor lightfoot condemned the shooting calling the gunmen cowards and writing when a person picks up a gun we suffer as a city. this cannot be who we are. chuck, the president is considering sending troops to chicago next. >> he is. chicago has been something he's been sort of tweeting on and sort of absorbing, sort of from conservative media takes on that, going back to the obama administration. i think the president has one view of chicago that sort of i think was created by some primetime cable over the last decade. the number of coronavirus case in some parts of the united states is actually more than ten times higher than reported, this according to another study by the cdc. why the gaping discrepancy. what does this mean for hopes of a herd immunity and is this an indictment of our testing strategy. you're watching msnbc. atching m. when you shop with wayfair, you spend less
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here are the facts on the coronavirus pandemic as we know them at this hour. in anticipation of a break through united states has agreed to pay pfizer and biontech nearly near
10:33 am
nearly pay for 100 million cases of vaccine. way the city has ordered people to wear a face covering while in public. the governor said cities within the state of iowa cannot mandate facemasks. lowe's tells the charlotte observer it will not require its employees to enforce a mandate that all customers wear face coverings at their stores. the company does not want to put workers at risk by confronting customers over the policy. and there are multiple reports this morning that the nfl players association and the league owners are going to cancel this year's pre-season. they plan to reduce the size of training camp rosters. in an effort to reduce the risk of contracting the virus. so, katie, i'll be honest it looks like the nfl kicking the can down the road before they have to make the tougher decision about the season. this is an easier one to make
10:34 am
right now, but tougher decision is likely coming soon. >> yeah. that doesn't bode well. chuck, we're approaching 4 million confirmed case its of the coronavirus here in the u.s. now today a group of health professionals are calling on american leaders to shut down non-essential businesses again and start over to get the virus under control. they published an open letter that says in part quote the tell the american people the truth about the virus, even when it's hard. take bold action to save lives, even when it means shutting down again. joining us now is associate professor at oregon health and science university dr. chu. thank you for being here with us. do you agree with this letter? >> yeah. i haven't seen the letter yet, but i do agree with the principle. i think we are moving very rapidly to needing shutdowns because if you look at the number of hospitalizations, hospitals at full capacity, icus
10:35 am
at past full capacity, and the number of deaths ticking up, i mean we are back in march in many places worse than march when we first made the decision to shutdown. so, you know, logic prevails there are places where simply doing that upstream maneuver is going to be what is needed to improve some of these downstream outcomes. >> dr. chu, how can we convince the leaders to do what's necessary as far as public health officials are concerned, so we're all being asked to adjust to that. so what's our best way out of this if we're not going to get federal support in a way that many in public health would like to see or even state base support that many in public health would like to see. how do we manage our way throughout it? >> this is an amazing dilemma we
10:36 am
have because i think even in the best case scenario there would have been a lot of fixed barriers to do what we need to do in terms of ramping up test and contact tracing and all those things. i think that iowa city case is a fascinating one where a mayor decided to go ahead and do the right thing by his people. i think this may end up happening on the level of local municipalities and when that fails on the level of individual business owners and even individuals to decide that they need to do what's right for the community and make these decisions. honestly simple things wearing facemasks and avoiding social gatherings. otherwise we're choosing a really terrible outcome by the end of summer and fall. >> things that you would imagine we would be on the same page on much earlier during this crisis. the cdc issued a report earlier that said that there might be the ten times as many people infected with the virus or who
10:37 am
have been infected with the virus that are current estimates count. what does the that mean for herd immunity? >> yeah. truly fascinating data from the cdc. they are taking blood samples and they were obtained for ordinary reasons like check your cholesterol and looking for evidence of covid antibodies in there which is a wonderful way to figure out a disease we haven't been able to detect by regular testing. in these cities as you said, in the majority of those cities there was evidence of disease more than ten times higher than what's been confirmed by testing. in some cities as high as 24 times as what has been measured by testing. so, you know, even with that underestimation, even if we correct for that still in places like new york city there's only a zero prevalence of one in four. i think nobody wants to go
10:38 am
through the new york experience in order to get to just one in four when epidemiologists are estimating we need about, you know, as much as 60% or offer two-thirds of people to have the disease for herd immunity. i want to be clear too, herd immunity assumes that we have antibodies in response to the disease that persist and are affected against re-infection and we don't know that. the whole concept of herd immunity doesn't even work. so for those two reasons anybody who is out for herd immunity i hope this let it go. that's not our way to the other end of this. >> dr. chu, thank you so much for that. we appreciate your time. >> thank you both. chuck, back to you. from dorms to dining halls to classrooms to sports colleges
10:39 am
and universities face a lit any of challenges as they determine what the upcoming semester for the school year will look like. julio frank will join us after the break as he announced his plan for the nafall semester earlier this week. you're watching msnbc. week. you're watching msnbc. in providing significantly clearer skin. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya®. uncover clearer skin that can last. janssen can help you explore cost support options.
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we're closely following schools and colleges across the country as they plan for students to return to school this fall amid the pandemic. in just weeks classes are set to begin at the he university of miami. 17,000 students will have a choice to take classes fully online or a hybrid of virtual and in person learning. joining me is dr. julio frank who is also a public health expert and served as minute steve health of mexico from 2006. if i'm not mistaken i think you went through h1n1 while you were in mexico.
10:44 am
i hope memory serves me there. president frank, thank you for coming in. first, let me start with this decision. i read your full note and i got the impression that you would prefer students start online not come to campus and the reason i got that impression is because of the extensive protocol and responsibility and commitment you are asking of students if they chose to come on campus. it said to me this would be a lot easier if we started virtually. is that a fair takeaway? >> well, chuck, you know i call our strategy and adaptive and responsive strategy. simply because a lot of the drivers of this pandemic are beyond our control. it stems from public policy, behavior of people, and we need to be conassistastantly adaptin we're working around the clock, monitoring all the indicators to
10:45 am
adapt as this very fluid situation evolves and it is responsive because it acknowledges different people have different needs. we try to stay away from that thinking that you're either open or closed. we try to i've the needs and be responsive to that. so, yes, we're saying we're going to offer a very high quality and excellent fully new opening for students for who this makes sense. to begin with any student with a pre-existing chronic medical condition that's been identified by the cdc as a risk factor should not come to campus and we'll offer you a great educational experience until it's safe for you to come to campus in person. for those who are coming, our model is a hybrid protected model. it's hybrid because, yes, there will be in person activities but it will also be a lot of virtual activities. but the emphasis is on
10:46 am
protecting. we are instituting a number of rules, mandatory face coverings. you know, you need to have been tested before you arrive on campus if you're a residential student. you are required every morning to take about two minutes to fill a self-report of symptoms. and depending on whether you have symptoms, you may be then referred for testing. if you test positive or you are in contact with somebody who is positive you need to quarantine for 14 days. you need to be truthful. and we are implementing all of those different measures, a very different experience than before the pandemic through three mechanisms. one is we are trying to inspire our students through persuasive inspiration, i call it. it's a teaching moment in civic education. we do this for ourselves bust
10:47 am
also for our community. second positive peer pressure, we're appointing 50 students who will serve as public health ambassadors and go around to remind students and for all of those on campus, they will designate one person, same idea as a designated driver that's been so effective and that driver will watch they don't engaging risky behavior. >> dr. frank, i'm sorry. i didn't mean to interrupt. i was wondering about people who are going to be living on campus because some students that is their housing. how are you reconfiguring the dorms or on campus living to make sure that people have the space they need personally? i remember i shared a dorm, a tiny dorm room with four people when i was in college. we all shared a bathroom. socially distancing was not possible. how are you guys going to do it?
10:48 am
>> yes. we've been in the mid-of this very complex crisis. we've been fortunate that we have started, when i began as president five years ago a ten year renewal plan for our residential facilities and we had just made a beautiful new facility. so we find ourselves where we have actually about 1,000 more beds than we were calculating before the pandemic. so we have been able to space out in a much better way and, obviously, we also set some rooms aside for isolation. we've been able to do all of that. so we're in good shape in that respect. that's also what encourages me to move forward with our plans. >> you know, very quickly -- >> i was going to say. >> go ahead and finish, dr. frank. >> sure.
10:49 am
it means that there will be sanctions if you violate. so, yes, i did tell students if you don't feel you can live comfortably with these set of rules stay-at-home. you have an online option. we say if you come we expect you'll adhere to those rules. >> very quickly, dr. frank, what do you tell a student who says i'm spending a lot of money. i paid for an on campus experience, i have to do online. i want a discount. what do you say to that student? >> we say you have the option of an online or on campus. it is true. most of our students actually are really wanting to come to an on campus experience. it won't be the same. we'll have zero events until november at least and we'll be adapting as the situation evolves. we're offering that option to most of our students who really want that and for most of our
10:50 am
students actually the campus is the safest place they can be in. we shouldn't assume that campus is at risk and staying at home is no risk. there's risk for people who come on frisk for people who don't come to campus. you will have that option, but you need to comply with very, very strict measures to protect yourself and to protect your community. >> all right, dr. julio frenk, president of the university of miami, you guys have put a lot of thought into this. it's a tough place to be right now with this pandemic. hopefully things get better and campus can open up. thank you for coming on. much appreciated. katy, over to you. and still to come, president trump's warm wishes for ghislaine maxwell, who is charged with helping convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein exploit and sexually abuse underaged girls. you're watching msnbc. , i got me swiffer sweeper.
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president trump is facing intense backlash and a whole lot of questions for his response to a question from a new york post reporter about ghislaine maxwell, the longtime associate of jeffrey epstein who is facing sex abuse charges. >> ghislaine maxwell is in prison. a lot of people want to know if she's going to turn in powerful people. you talked in the past about prince andrew and criticized bill clinton's behavior. do you feel he's going to turn in powerful men? how do you see that working out? >> i don't know. i haven't been following it much. i just wish her well, frankly. i met her numerous times over the year, especially since i lived in palm beach and i guess they lived in palm beach, but i wish her well, whatever it is. >> he's met her numerous times. he's got a lot of photos with her as well. nbc news investigative correspondent tom winter joins us now. he's been following this case.
10:55 am
bring us up to speed and make it clear, what exactly is maxwell accused of doing? why is she facing all these charges? >> of course, maxwell was arrested in new hampshire on july 2nd. we have a couple graphics to go through just to lay out those charges, specifically and clearly, for everyone to understand what it is she's been accused of. four counts ties to enticing minors to travel. there's two counts she lied about it in a civil case deposition in new york city. and really, this behavior, katy, spans a significant period of time and goes back much further than we were previously aware of. this involved all three of epstein's properties in the united states, new york, florida, and out at his ranch in new mexico. on top of that, his property in london. they include conduct that goes back to 1994, and the charges involved allegedly conduct with girls as young as age 14, so it's significant conduct. you know, in the indictment, it
10:56 am
was pretty clear that they said that, look, maxwell's purpose in all of this was to try and get these underaged girls and facilitated these underaged girls for jeffrey epstein's access to these minor victims. knowing that he intended to engage in sexual activity with them throughout. so they're very serious allegations, katy. i wonder if anybody today at the pred's briefing some time after 5:00 will ask him the question that as a father of two daughters, if it wasn't himself that was the president but somebody else and they said to somebody who was involved in this who is an alleged victim of jeffrey epstein and somebody who may have been the victim of ghislaine maxwell, what he would say if the president said that he wished that person well. it was just a stunning comment against a very strong indictment and a significant period of conduct as i just laid out. >> you know, he's been asked a version of that question regarding a number of other controversies, i believe, including the child separations and he's always skirted that answer.
10:57 am
tom, really quickly, the allegation or what the reporter brought up there is she might rat out powerful men that might have been involved in this. what more can you tell us about that? >> it remains to be seen. it's been difficult for her own attorneys to speak with her, let alone prosecutors. it's not clear it's something she may want to do. we're looking at a trial that's not going to get started until almost literally a year from now. what we don't know is what she could offer up and we don't know even if she offered up potentially other individuals that were involved with underaged girls for the purposes of sex, whether or not it would be additional evidence that prosecutors could bring forward to be able to solidify those allegations that she would make, katy, so it's something we're going to have to carefully watch over the next coming weeks and months. >> tom winter, thank you so much. and chuck, what an uncomfortable answer. i guess that's the most diplomatic way of putting it. >> hey, he defended michael
10:58 am
jackson during the heat of those allegations because michael jackson had a place in trump tower. coming up in our next hour, tony clark, executive director of the mlb players association, joins us with a look at what to expect for tomorrow's start to the baseball season. you're watching msnbc. isn't working at its best? taking metamucil every day can help. metamucil supports your daily digestive health using a special plant-based fiber called psyllium. psyllium works by forming a gel in your digestive system to trap and remove the waste that weighs you down. metamucil's gelling action also helps to lower cholesterol and slows sugar absorption to promote healthy blood sugar levels. so, start feeling lighter and more energetic... by taking metamucil every day. essential for sewing, but maybe not needles. for people with certain inflammatory conditions. because there are options. like an "unjection™". xeljanz. the first and only pill of its kind that treats moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, or moderate to severe ulcerative colitis
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