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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  July 29, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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to the men behind the digital curtain. that's our final thought tonight. thank you as always for watching "the beat with ari melber." "the reidout" with joy reid is up next. ♪ well, today was one of those days, just packed with absolute insanity. including two major stories that speak to the complete abdication of leadership in both the white house and the republican party. first is the dereliction of duty from president trump when it comes to one of our fiercest adversaries, russia. the second is an offshoot of the president's failed leadership on the coronavirus. one of president trump's biggest supporters and fellow doubter when it comes to the efficacy and the importance of wearing masks, texas senator louie
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golmert has tested positive for covid. we'll talk to something in the room with him yesterday. and i'll talk live with someone who can take us into the mind of president trump, his niece, mary trump, who will be here to discuss her best selling new book. but first, i want to start where president trump always seems to lead us, russia. in an interview with jonathan swan, president trump was pressed on whether he confronted vladamir putin about reports that russia paid the taliban bounties to kill u.s. troops in afghanistan. and here is what he said. >> it's been widely reported that the u.s. has intelligence indicating that russia paid bounties or offered to pay bounties to taliban fighters to kill american soldiers. you had a phone call with vladamir putin on july 23rd. did you bring up this issue? >> no, that was a phone call to discuss other things. and frankly, that's an issue that many people said was fake
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news, who -- >> who said it was fake news? >> a lot of people. >> you never discussed it with him? >> no. you know -- >> you don't believe the intelligence, that's why? >> you know, it's interesting. nobody ever brings up china. they always bring up russia, russia, russia. >> did you hear that? the president of the united states, who has a constitutional responsibility to protect and defend america's interest at home and abroad is shrugging it off when it comes to vladamir putin. it's been almost five months since the president was made aware of the allegations, and not once has he defended america or demanded answers from the kremlin. mind you, he's had cervicals with the russian leader, seven sense these reports emerged. and not one word about it. and it would be bad enough as some sort of one off, but this is part of a pattern with trump,
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a pattern of being grotesquely solicitous of putin. >> now all of a sudden putin's going wild with bombing i.c.e., and th -- isis, not a bad thing. >> putin is a killer. >> we've got a lot of killers. you think our country is so innocent. i would rather see russia in the g-8 opposed to the g7. they think it's russia. i have president putin, he just said it's not russia. i will say this, i don't see any reason why it would be. >> okay. now if all of that is not outrageous enough, today defense secretary mark esper announced the removal of 12,000 troops from germany, a long sought-out ambition of putin's, that undermines our nato alliance. for more, i'm joined by california congressman eric swalwell. he attended yesterday's judiciary committee hearing with
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congressman gomert. congressman, i'm going to have you go first. i want to let you listen to one more bit of this interview. this is if question he was asked. >> john nicholson, former head of forces in afghanistan said, this is when he was working for you, that russia is supplying weapons to the taliban. isn't that enough to challenge putin over the killings of -- >> we supplied weapons when they were fighting russia, too. when the taliban in afghanistan -- >> it was a different era. >> i'm just saying, yes. i'm just saying we did that, too. >> congressman, ruminate on that while you also think about the fact that the new york times is reporting since the disclosure of these boumtys, no new national security council interagency meetings on the topic have been scheduled, adding officials were alarmed about the bounty's intelligence and the lack of a response, that they have essentially given up, because the white house's narrative made it politically
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impossible to reverse course and treat the intelligence as a serious matter. your thoughts, congressman? >> it's see no evidence, hear no evidence, and speak of no evidence, that's the way the president works. he still can't accept that the north won the civil war. he won't accept that russia interfered in our election. and with overwhelming evidence, he won't accept credible evidence that russia is putting bounties on u.s. troops. there are blue star families across america right now who want the president to defend our troops, and he needs to stand up to them. he needs to stand up to the russians and tell vladamir putin we're not going to tolerate it and work with other countries, who are a part of the coalition in afghanistan to make sure that he pays a price for this. but he won't do it, joy. he's not going to do it. he's not going to change. we just need to change what is the commander in chief who oversees the troops that these blue star moms worry about every
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night. >> steve, this is a president who, when he was a civilian, disdained ronald reagan in 1987, put out op-eds saying he could be better at negotiating with the then soviet union, put out a coin with him and reagan having a hand shake and got rebuked by the reagan foundation, and now he seems to be saying, hey, reagan legacy, flush. can you make sense of what he's doing here, and pulling the troops out of germany? >> well, ronald reagan was famous for teaching the american people this russian phrase -- [ speaking foreign language ] which means trust by verify. we don't have a relationship with the russians, and we never have, where we take their word for it. vladamir putin is a hostile geopolitical foe of american interests all over the world. and the president of the united states is enthralled to him. first off, you saw the device that trump uses.
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some people say, people are saying, what people are saying? he lied about it, reaching his desk. in fact, it did reach his desk. we know from john bolton this issue was briefed to the president of the united states in the president's daily brief. over and over again, he has refused to confront russian aggression. he has allowed russia to become a primary power again in the middle east. and everywhere russia operates, it's contrary to america's interests and the interests of freedom loving people. we've never seen an american commander in chief who is so utterly faithless to their constitutional obligations and responsibilities. the american president is unique in all the leaders of the world. he's the leader of a political party. he's the head of government. the executive branch of three co-equal branches of government. he's the head of state, and he's the commander in chief. we have a faithless commander in chief.
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the commander is so amoral that he does not have the backs of the men and women that he sends into harm's way. this is a despicable and cowardly betrayal of the ethos of the united states military, and a common sense caical understanding of the obligations of the job. it proves that president trump is incapable of functioning and serving as president and fulfilling his responsibilities. that's what this is. whether it's covid, whether it's russian aggression, whether it's the shattered economy, he stood yesterday on a stage with a woman who was worried about alien dna. didn't stand on a stain, but retweeted a woman that is worried about alien dna and worried about demonic sexual interactions as an expert on coronavirus. he's just incompetent at a super
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natural level across the board and he's utterly faithless. >> one last question on this, congressman. there's incompetent and faithless, or he's doing what he wants to deliberately. are you concerned about president trump's loyalties to, you know, the u.s. versus whatever strange loyalty he seems to have to mr. puten? >> yes. when it matters, joy, whether it's defending the sfwegryty of our elections or the lives of our soldiers, he chooses vladamir putin over america. so vladamir putin has something personally, politically or financially on president trump. we don't know what it is. he was impeached for putting his own interests over the country's interests. and joy, if it wasn't clear when president trump was a candidate or when president trump became president and trashed the mueller report as to what the cost was for his relationship with russia, if these allegations are true, we know what the cost is now, and he will not stand up for american
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soldiers. so what we can do in congress, because we're not helpless any more, is to make sure we do stand up for them. whether it's sanctioning russia or making sure our troops are able to defend themselves on the battlefield. >> to stay with you just a moment, congressman, i want to play louie gomert. >> please don't. >> i just want you to hear what he had to say in his mind how he got coronavirus. >> i can't help but think if i hadn't been wearing a mask so much in the last ten days or so, i really wonder if i would have gotten it. but i know, you know, moving the mask around, getting it just right, i'm bound to have put some virus on the mask that i sucked in. that's most likely what happened. >> i already regret playing
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that. jake sherman is reporting that an email from a gohmert aide, and this is fun, reads louie requires full staff to be in the office. we can be an example to america on how to open up safely. you might want to ask how often were people berated for wearing masks, and he tweeted, i've gotten a flood of e-mails from republican staffers saying they are now forced to come to the hill without a mask. your thoughts, congressman? you were in the room with him. do you feel safe around him? >> i intentionally avoided louie gohmert yesterday, so i didn't come within 100 yards of him. it was a big room. because he and others wouldn't wear masks, we were all very uncomfortable. while i wish mr. gohmert well, and i hope his staff are not positive, just wear a damn mask and joy, i've been wearing my good trouble mask all week here in honor of john lewis. but this goes to the top. it's not louie gohmert who is
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the only problem here. the president won't wear a mask. and my colleagues on the floor moments ago are not wearing masks who are on the republican side. so the speaker of the house had to just announce that she's going to require masks on the floor, or she will remove people. we elect presidents and leaders for not what they do in the good times, but for how they handle the tough times and whether it's president trump or louie gohmert, they are fumbling every handoff and dropping every pass when it comes to the coronavirus, and it is costing us lives. >> and steve, i have to go to you on this. gohmert has been at this for a long time. he's got headlines that go back from the dallas observer saying he's leading america's dumb revolution, years before donald trump was president. he said things like al qaeda is pretending -- they're sending people over the american boarder who are just pretending to be migrants but they're really al qaeda. he said he wants to put gay people on an island to see if
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they die out. he's been doing this for a while. and the problem is, the kind of thinking that he represents is broad, but it's also dangerous when it also bleeds over into mask denial and pretending covid isn't real. are you concerned in the republican party this sort of cultural of no-nothingism that is setting in that will outlive donald trump? >> of course it will. the republican party is an empty and principleless organization. i'm remiss, joy, not congratulating you on the show, but as you were introducing the segment about gohmert, i could only think about you playing the david attenobro role in a wildlife -- with gohmert representing america's craziest
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and dumbest congressman. i'm serious about that. he's not competing in an era with a lot of competition. in the era of crazy, this is like ali, frazier, norman, the big heavyweights fighting each other. he's got a lot of competition in this space. this is just a person who, when you think about louie gohmert, you think about america's crazy people. and we have a fair amount, and we have a fair amount of dumb people too in this country. looking at the coronavirus pandemic. but they're well represented in the congress by louie go herhme. >> well, unfortunately he's also in the state of texas, which is running rampant with the coronavirus right now. so god bless his constituents. >> wish him well. >> just wear a mask. >> it would help.
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congressman, steve, thank you guys both. coming up next on "the reidout," my special guest, very excited about this. mary trump, her book "too much and they have enougnever enough seller. why she thinks that her uncle donald seems to love dictators. and is obsessed with putin. plus, florida man gets millions in coronavirus money and spends it on a lamborghini and goes to jail. and that is not the craziest damn thing in the world today. the clue to what is the craziest thing, think monopoly. hotels, hotels, hotels. back with more of "the reidout" after this. , hotels back with more of "the reidout" after this and though you may have lost sight of your own well-being, aetna never did. by setting up virtual monitoring for chronic patients, 24-hour
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you say the customer's maklet's talk data.s. only xfinity mobile lets you switch up your wireless data whenever. i accept. 5g, everybody is talking about it. how do i get it? everyone gets 5g with our new data options at no extra cost. that's good. next item, corner offices for everyone. we just have to make more corners in this building. chad? -your wireless, your rules. only with xfinity mobile. now that's simple, easy, awesome. switch to xfinity mobile and save up to four hundred dollars a year on your wireless bill. plus, get two hundred dollars off when you buy an eligible phone. president trump's niece, mary trump, has become almost as famous as her uncle, thanks to her book "too much and never
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enough, how my family created the world's most dangerous man." it's a terrifying portrait of degradation and neglect at the hand of the family's patriarch, fred trump, who mary describes as a sociopath. it's telling while his siblings were met with scorn and indifference, donald proved so like minded with his father, that his many character flaws were rewarded. as we have seen, that dynamic continues to this day, among trump's new enablers in the white house and among republicans in the congress and in state governments. it's so dangerous that mary trump warns if he's afforded a second term, it would be the end of american democracy. she was also a crucial source to "the new york times," for their expose in 2018, revealing how deeply trump's finances have always been dependant on his father's wealth. and the length that his family went to avoid paying taxes. the book goes further.
4:20 pm
in debunking the self-made myth of the donald. she writes -- >> joining me now is mary l. trump, the niece of president donald trump, and the author of "too much and never enough, how my family created the world's most dangerous man." mary trump, thank you so much for being here. i read this book, i am a slow reader. i got through this book in 24 hours. and it is, i have to tell you, you are an excellent writer and storyteller. so congratulations on the success of the book. >> thank you, joy. it's an honor to be here on your primetime show. very excited for you. >> thank you very much. appreciate that. i want to start on something that we talked about a little bit in our previous block. this fascination that president trump seems to have with vladamir putin. you write about donald trump sort of attachment to and being
4:21 pm
drawn to people that are like, i guess like his father. you write this -- >> in your mind, is president trump's fixation with putin about some material gain he thinks he can get with him, or does he see him as a new fred trump? >> you know, i can only speculate about the former. i think there are plenty of reasons to believe that's the case. but, you know, i can speak to the resemblance that putin may have to my grandfather. one of the things my grandfather did was, you know, through neglect, abuse, and pressure,
4:22 pm
was turn donald into somebody who was emmentally useful to smarter, more powerful men. and i think part of the charm, although, again, i am not -- i imagine putin understands exactly how to manipulate donald, you know, whether or not there are financial incentives. >> yeah. and your book, i have to say, the producer who worked with me on this segment, we agreed it reads like a horror story. it's a blend between "a christmas carol" and a horror story. it's a story about your dad, your father, your wing of the family being excised for not fulfilling any dream fred trump
4:23 pm
had for his namesake's son. here is an excerpt. you wrote -- >> the thing that struck me about the book is the way your family, despite your father's wealth, there was almost ebenezer scrooge like determination that no one would get to enjoy it. that when you were young, you lived in these cold apartments with the heat didn't work and you couldn't get out of the apartment. the apartments were cheap, so you were living in a way in privilege, but just the neglect. can you describe that just a little bit of how you grew up? >> sure. well, you know, as a kid you don't really know that that's the case. it was normal. everything was normal, just like the casual racism, misogyny and
4:24 pm
anti-semitism in my grand parent's house was normal. you know? like that's why i can't point to one instance of it, because it was just sort of in the background. so it wasn't until much later that i realized just how much of a double standard there was between the way my grandfather treated donald and the way he treated everybody else. but it fits in entirely with my grandfather's philosophy that life is a zero sum game. you know, only one person can win, and everybody else needs to lose. unfortunately, he just didn't treat his business like that, he treated his family like that. and donald quote unquote won, and the rest of us lost. >> i'm going to come back to that in a second. there is obviously the infamous settlement with the u.s. government over refusing to rent
4:25 pm
to black people, in which your grandfather, roy cohn got involved in trying to countersue the government, and they considered it a success because there was a lot of publicity. in your mind, was donald trump raised -- we know there's the story of fred trump showing up at a klan rally. that was documented in "the new york times." was your family, were they raised to be racist, to say there's something wrong with black people and they should be shunned? >> well, i mean, we need look no further than donald's tweets today. his despicable and blatantly racist tweets about saving suburbs or whatever from low income housing. i saw somebody refer to that as coded language. there's nothing coded about it. so i find it really quite frustrating that, you know, as with lying, his racism isn't called out for what it is.
4:26 pm
and i think, you know, that's part of the problem. keeps getting away with these things. you know, yeah, i think donald and my grandfather considered the lawsuit a victory because of the publicity, but also because they weren't really held to account for it. you know, and the same thing is happening now. as long as americans respect educated properly -- aren't educated properly about history, i'm afraid that's going to keep happening. >> one of the most chilling parts of your book is saying that donald trump in his mind would love to be derek chauvin with his knee on the neck of george floyd. it's absolutely chilling. mary trump is going to stay with me. up next, donald trump's insecurities were on full display last night when he complained that dr. anthony fauci has good approval ratings and he does not. tings and he does not. >> so it sort of is curious, a man works for us, with us, very
4:27 pm
closely, dr. fauci, and dr. birx also highly thought of. and yet, they're highly thought of, but nobody likes me. it can only be my personality. that's all. >> it's the kind of public humiliation trump fears most. that fear apparently dates back to his childhood. a literal food fight when trump was 7 years old. i'll ask mary trump about the mashed potato story when we come back. e come back liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ little things can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream.
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he's got a very good approval rating, and i like that. it's good. because remember, he's working for this administration. and he's got this high approval rating, so why don't i have a high approval rating with respect and the administration with respect to the virus? >> president trump made clear yesterday that he could hardly bear the humiliation of knowing that dr. anthony fauci has a higher approval rating than him. according to his niece, his fear of humiliation is rooted in his fear at the dinner table when he was 9 years old. tell the story of this mashed potato incident. >> i want to clarify something i said earlier when i said americans aren't educated about the history, i meant white americans. it's important we be specific about these things. >> thank you. >> but -- sure.
4:32 pm
the mashed potato story. yes, donald was about 7, and one of his favorite things to do was torment my uncle robert, who was about a year and a half older. my grandfather was getting dinner ready and putting dinner on the table and she came out with a large bowl of mashed potatoes for the seven of them eating dinner. and donald wouldfor me forment -- tormenting rob. so his two older siblings could not get him off of robert. my grand father couldn't get him to stop. so fa finally, my dad picked up the bowl of mashed potatoes and dumped it on donald's head. everybody except donald laughed about it, and he's actually never gotten over it. that story has been told repeatedly through the years. and i think sometimes it's told on purpose to get under his skin. but if you were to see him react to it, he crosses his arms and
4:33 pm
he gets a very -- he gets a scowl on his face, and he just stopss talking and engaging. it's as if he still feels the humiliation in that moment. >> yeah. i want to play a sound bite for you, because one of the sort of nefarious things president trump has done is to try to get the central park five, kids at the time, executed for a crime they didn't commit. here he is justifying that. >> there's not a thing in the world wrong with hating in certain instances, and you have an instance here where you have killers roaming the street, preying on all of us. and i'll be damn straight that i'm going to hate those people, and i'm going to hate them enough that we do something about it. >> what was donald taught by your grandfather, that your father was not able to execute that made him the chosen one of the family? because that looks like just pure cruelty is what he is sort of about.
4:34 pm
>> yeah, it is pure cruelty. and what's even worse is he would have said exactly the same thing even after they had been exonerated by dna and a confession. so what he learned was that you win at all costs, but even more than that, be nothing like freddie. and my dad, at least, you know, when he was growing up and was a young adult, was kind, was genero generous, was funny and beloved by his friends. that's the message donald got. he also watched my dad be humiliated and treated horribly by their father. and if that's what donald needed to do to become my grandfather's chosen son, then that's what he was going to do. >> yeah. you also write in the book that donald trump, you know, you write that he was a complete failure. that essentially until he got to
4:35 pm
atlantic city, your grandfather could prop him up, but your grandfather's empire was built up, donald trump squandered it. but once he got to atlantic city he started to fail, that he was never good at business, but that he was able to cover it up with bravado and getting the bres to go along with him. you write this -- >> is donald trump's main problem now that he doesn't have somebody like your father that can make him look successful, it's just him and he's not capable? >> my grandfather, yes. that's one of his main problems. although he does seem to have found his roy cohn in bill barr. so, you know, that's something that should concern us greatly. more than that, though, i think
4:36 pm
one of donald's biggest problems is that for the very first time in his life, he is receiving scrutiny, although not enough. and he's getting pushback, although not enough. and it's putting him under such enormous amounts of stress that we see him lashing out in ways he may not have otherwise if he had just stayed out of the oval office. >> are you worried that he will refuse to leave office if he loses? >> again, you know, it's something we can only speculate about at this point. what i do believe is that there are two crucial factors that will determine that. the first one is joe biden's margin of victory. if joe biden has a very large margin of victory, you know, a landslide, then i think donald would be so narcissistically injured, he would do anything to
4:37 pm
spin himself away from that pain, and he'll figure out something that's even better than leading america. because we don't deserve him. but the other unknown factor -- i'm sorry? >> no, go on. >> the other unknown factor is how people around him, who are benefiting enormously by the position and power he holds, will counsel him after the election, whether it's close or not. >> yeah. very quickly before i let you go, you have written clearly that you believe your grandfather was a sociopath. do you think your uncle donald trump is a sociopath, and are you worried about yourself? are you worried because his followers are quite fanatical, have you taken measures to protect yourself in speaking out? >> yeah, of course i've taken precautions. i'm not worried. but just being safe, because i
4:38 pm
know my family, they've pretty vindictive, but as you say, i understand that he has a quite passionate following. but as for whether he's a sociopath to the degree my grandfather was, i think it's sort of irrelevant, because he certainly behaves like one. >> yeah. it is a searing book. it is indeed a horror story. thank you for telling it. i think it's important information to have, and thank you very much. i should point out that your father was, i believe, the only trump to have done military service. so you tell a story that i think is very important about your dad, as well. mary trump, thank you so much for being here. really appreciate your time. >> thank you, joy. >> thank you. the craziest damn thing in the world is next. the craziest damn thing in the world is next.
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okay. so there is a lot of crazy out there today. but when it comes to your tax money, this story gets right to the top. republicans are trying to cram some interesting things into the
4:42 pm
latest coronavirus relief bill. hidden within the $1 trillion senate republican package is $8 billion for military weapons built by military contractors. some of that spending replaces money that republicans allowed to be diverted in the first place from the pentagon to pay for trump's now toppling border wall. that's crazy. but even crazier is what the white house is trying to include in the bill. nearly $2 billion to build a new fbi headquarters on the site of the current j. edgar hoover building in washington. if you think an fbi hgtv moment in a coronavirus bill sounds crazy, you're right. here's what's fun, even republicans appear to be dumb founded by it. >> that makes no sense to me. >> i don't think it should be there. sense to me >> i don't think it should be there. >> oopse. mitch mcconnell claims he didn't even know it was in the bill.
4:43 pm
>> i'm not sure that it is, is it? >> and this morning, president trump defended the request. >> you need a new building. it's a bad building. you have a site way out in virginia, way out in maryland. i said the best place is where it is right now. i'm very good at real estate. >> trump is right it is one of the best pieces of real estate in washington. see, the fbi building is right in the heart of downtown washington on pennsylvania avenue. just down the street is trump's own d.c. hotel. if the fbi moved to the suburbs, that property would likely become a commercial development. "the new york times" reports that before trump became president, and executive expressed concern that the redevelopment project could create competition for president trump's hotel. in fact, when president trump came into office, he blocked an
4:44 pm
existing plan to move the fbi to the suburbs, triggering an inquiry by the justice department's inspector general. and how is the white house justifying spending nearly $2 billion toward an fbi building instead of adding it to help millions of americans that are unemployed or vasifacing evicti? f? >> what? and that is today's "craziest damn thing" in the world! guys! guys! safe drivers save 40%!!! safe drivers save 40%! safe drivers save 40%!!! that's safe drivers save 40%. it is, that's safe drivers save 40%. - he's right there. - it's him! safe drivers do save 40%. click or call for a quote today. ubrelvy it's the 11:05 endless-orders migraine medicine for anytime, anywhere migraine strikes without worrying if it's too late
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we're always here to help you focus on your health. because it's always, time for care. today, the justice department took another step in continuing president trump's authoritarian creep in america's cities. the doj announced it would send nearly 100 federal agents to detroit, cleveland, and milwaukee. of course, all of those cities have democratic mayors and are in battle ground states. some of the tactics used by agents in portland have raised alarms about the use of similar tactics by local police. video captured yesterday in new york showed officers in plain clothes, carrying off a woman into an unmarked minivan as they made an arrest. the nypd claims that the woman taken into custody in an unmarked van was wanted for damaging police cameras.
4:49 pm
and there were news developments on the situation in portland today. conflicts ones. oregon's governor kate brown tweeted -- >> attorney general william barr claimed yesterday that people have hijacked the protests around george floyd's murder in minneapolis. but we all know it's not the protesters. and new reporting on this infamous minneapolis window smasher proves it. congressman james clyburn joins me on that, next. that, next
4:50 pm
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there are no term contracts, no activation fees, and no credit check on the first two lines. get a $50 prepaid card when you switch. 5g is now included with all new data options. switch and save hundreds. xfinity mobile. before donald trump was calling for federal agents in cities across the country, he was demanding a crackdown in min yap poe sis, calling protesters there rioters and looters. do you remember this video? a man dressed in all black destroying the windows of a store in minneapolis while carrying an umbrella and ignoring the pleas of residents. apparently he wasn't a black lives matter protesters. minneapolis police say umbrella man was a white supremacist trying to incite rioting. i'm joined by james clybourn of
4:54 pm
south carolina. really appreciate the opportunity to talk with you. what do you make of the fact that in yesterday's hearings where william barr no one brought up the right wing protesters who have been documented, like this person in min yneapolis as getting into t protest and finding ways to set fires and incite violence. that didn't come up from william barr. are you surprised about that? >> first of all, let me thank you very much for having me on this show, and congratulations. i'm very, very proud of you. i hope things continue to go well. >> thank you. >> you know, i kept listening yesterday wondering what the attorney general was going to say about stuff like that. it is kind of interesting to me that while we were in the week of celebrating the life and legacy of john lewis we saw a replay of what he and 600 others went through on so-called bloody
4:55 pm
sunday when law enforcement officers rioted. we have seen that over and over again. that's what went on in minneapolis. that's what's going on in portland. these are law enforcement officers sent there by this president to incite riots. that's why the governor has asked them to leave, the mayor did not want them to be there, simply because local law enforcement, when they find things getting out of hand, they will request assistance when they need it. this president feels that he is running a strong man operation rather than a democratic or elected office. and, so, that bothered me a whole lot. but i'm not surprised at it at all. >> let's talk about, you know, in the wake of john lewis' passing, i think a lot of people
4:56 pm
are thinking about what kind of a country we are gifting to his country. this is donald trump today blowing a pretty loud dog whistle that seems like it could have been from 40 years ago when john lewis was marching. here is donald trump today talking about the suburbs. >> they don't mind if low income housing is built in a neighborhood in a beautiful suburb of iowa, but a beautiful suburb anywhere in the country. they went lower -- this has been going on for years. obama made it much worse, and now they want corey booker to run that program. corey booker of new jersey to run that program and make it many times worse than it is right now. >> yeah, scarey corey booker. you know, he followed that up with a tweet today saying, you know, he's happy to inform the people living the suburban lifestyle dream you will no longer be bothered or financially hurt by having
4:57 pm
low-income housing built in your neighborhood. what do you think of a president of the united states saying that, saying democrats hate the country, all the stuff that he's spilling out today? >> you know, to me, that was more than a whistle. that was a pretty loud bark. he is a barking dog that will always go out here and refer, as he once did, to an african-american woman as a dog. that bothered me to no end. i will never get over that. so this president, ever since that statement, i did not expect anymore from him. this is tame compared to that. i would like to say that i sincerely believe, i live in south carolina, born and raised there. most white people i know did not subscribe to that. they would love to see the john lewis' of the world living in their communities. and there are many others that
4:58 pm
they are glad to share their communities with. so this president is appealing to something that i don't think exists any longer in this country. i'm not going to say there aren't some who feel that way. >> yeah. >> but the vast majority of american people do not feel that way. and that's why i think this country will reject him at the polls come november. >> you know, and it spreads, right? you know, the fish rots from the head. you know, you have had senator sonny purdue have to take down an ad that showed ossoff with his nose elongated to hit on the fact that he is jewish. your own chief of staff darkened in a lindsey graham ad where they very clearly darkened his skin. what is happening in the republican party, do you think? >> i think that that's what is
4:59 pm
being demonstrated in all of the surveys being taken today. most people are beginning to see how sinister the republican party has become. and it is a shame. my parents were republicans. they were members of the party of lincoln. this party has decided to be something else. and i think that's why jaime harrison, i saw a poll today within two points of lindsey graham in south carolina. that's why he's out racing him this quarter, this immediate past quarter over $5 million more than lindsey, simply because people do not wish to go back to where we once were. that's what john lewis gave his whole life for. people are celebrating john lewis' life simply because they see him as a symbol of what this country can be and what our region of the country, the south, looks to be in the not
5:00 pm
too distant future. so people are going to reject that. i'm convinced of that. i don't know why this president is insistent upon going there. >> yeah. congressman, thank you so much for being here. and we recognize your friend john lewis will be buried this week. thanks so much. please be sure to tune in tomorrow. actress kerry washington who was just nominated for four emmy awards will be here. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. tonight on "all in," nancy pelosi orders mandatory masks in the u.s. house of representatives as an infamous anti-masking congressman announces he is covid positive. why the attorney general got tested, too. then, why bill barr is suddenly sending federal forces into swing states. now evidence that trump is


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