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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  August 28, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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these are people who are dedicated to providing service. i do think we need to keep pressing mr. dejoy, we need to see that mail delivery rate change. we need to see that chart go backup and show service is actually restored. >> congressman katie porter, thank you so much for joining the show tonight. >> thank you. >> that's all in on this friday night, the end of a very long week. "the rachel maddow show" starts right now. >> good evening chris, did you really get an electric bike? >> i did. >> you i think maybe like lovingly scolding me on twitter today, i could not tell your message. >> i didn't scold you. >> it is a delightful and fossil-free machine. it was a gift from my wife.
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>> oh, very nice. well, if kate does it then i can't tease you about it let alone scold you. why is it better to have an electric bike than just a bike? >> i have a regular bike and i love cycling and i would never use it instead of a normal bike. it does get you to runn errands and load it in the back half the time. it is good alternative than a car for those kinds of trips. >> it is a mini car, it is not a mega bike. >> i would never replace my beloved steve. >> okay. >> i was not scolding. i was shocked. all right, i am glad to hear. well-done, my friend, thanks chris, i appreciate it. >> thank you, rachel. all right, happy friday. as chris said this week as all
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of you know was 47 days long. so getting to friday at a 47-day long week is an accomplishment on its own. we are all here together and super happy to have you. today was sort of a remarkable day in its own even whatever that's happening over the course of this week. today was a remarkable day in our nation's capital in washington, d.c. >> arm's length, social distancing. keep your arms spread out. this is social distancing. >> this is a socially distance march on washington. amen. today on the anniversary of the 1963 march on washington, people wore masks. it was a requirement to attend that you had to have your nose
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and mouth covererd by masks. the chairs were set up at least six feet apart. that was a small area of the march inttendance. there were reminder throughout the day for people to say socially distance on the grass. everybody got hand sanitizers when they came on the site. everybody got their temperatures checked before they came in. i believe you got a wristband to show that your temperature had been checked. they were cautious as you can be. protocols like this led to long lines outside the perimeter of the march area where people waited in very long lines so they could get screened and get in. thousand of the people on-site today for this march in washington. they did a lot to make it as absolutely as safe as they could. this really was thousands of
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people. >> we are marching together, we are courageous but conscious of our health. we are socially distance but united. modern day of inclination of what my father called the coalition of conscious. as we move forward with purpose and passion, we'll complete the work so boldly began in the 1960s. >> black america, i hold you accountable. you must stand, you must fight but not with violence and chaos. with self-love, learn to love yourself, black people.
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unify. >> i want you dpguys to ask yourself right now. >> how abowill the history book remember you? what will be your legacy? will your future generations remember you for your complacency or will they remember you for your empathy and leadership and passion for weeding out the injustices and evil in our world. we have to be that voice. we have to be the change. >> i stand before you as a proud mother of ahmad arbubrey.
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>> i am carrying a broken heart. i am apart of this huge movement. i want to share every word with you that i know ahmad will want me to share as well. i love you all for standing with us. >> what america has to know about the tennacity of the people. if you take away the mailbox, we are still going to troll. if you take the polling station from our community, we'll still going to troll. >> early voting starts in two weeks. they want to suppress our vote. we got to have foot soldiers
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that'll protect the vote and that'll be outs there. >> mawe are challenged by the state of the nation and the crisis we face but the state of our movement is strong and another world is possible. yes, it is. yes, it is possible to legislate. freedom over fear. yes, it is possible to write budgets that actually values black lives. if it feels unfamiliar, that's because it has never been done in america. we'll meet the moment. we'll work for justice and collective liberations like our looi lives depend on it because they do. we'll march on and clearing our convictions and rooted in our
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faiths and grounded in our history as we build. let me make it plain, black lives matter. >> the last speaker was congressman pressley of massachusetts. you saw the sister of jacob blake, the man who was shot in the back seven times by police this week. we'll be checking in live this hour with the situation in kenosha tonight and the developments in that case. police are seeing outrage in the community there. new concerns and outrage of the policing of the protest there. . before we got on the air we got the news that the president will think is the most important thing to know about the political convention which finally wrapped up last night. we know enough about him now as president what he's going to think is the most important
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outcome of the competing democratic and republican convention is who got big tv ratings. the democrats turned out to got bigger rating. i didn't expect this. the democrats held the first every virtual convention. i thought the republicans would rate higher because they would be work out more of the kinks and let the democrats do a dry run. the democrats out rated the republicans on night one of their convention. night one is bigger than night one for the republicans. that held true for the whole week. the democrats convention had more eye balls on it. president trump's long, long speech last night, that was the highest rated thing in the whole
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convention. the president's speech last night rated lower than his own prooe previous convention in 2016. the thing that really bothered the president was the president's speech last night rated lower than joe biden did last week during the democratic convention. and you just know that is going to make him absolutely crazy. as is this. >> make america great again, again. >> great again, again. make america great again, again. i think it is a spectacular idea for the slogan of trump/pence campaign. it would not just be maga, but it would be magaa.
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pence did say that in his speech this week, make america great again, again! what we have seen more often as the slogan is this idea. keep america great. you see that on the signs and on the flags and on the hats and masks and all the rest. it is interesting, the whole keep america great slogan for trump/pence is not on the website. the trump campaign forgot to by the domain name, keep america great even as they were putting america great on their hats and signs and all the rest of it. they did not buy the anybody go on will find it looks like a trump's campaign but it is -- they did it in this case.
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again, that has got to drive the president nuts. any time he looks out there people wearing keep america great, a little part of his brain is going to go joe biden has that website and has all the terrible stuff about me. trump using federal property to campaign during rnc. some of the high-profile stunts they pulled at the rnc are already unraveling. first there was the long scene like a ten-minute where they acted out a naturalization citizenship ceremony, they filmed it and showed it at the rnc including the president himself and the acting secretary
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homeland security. the people did not know it was going to be used for the republican convention. they were not asked or warned if that was happening. they did not know about it until after they were told it was done. that we learned over the course of this week. tonight there is more. "the new york times" reports one of the antidemocratic video attacking the mayor of new york city as if joe biden is the mayor of new york city. it turns out three of the four new yorkers, three of the four public housing residents appeared in that video has no idea that was for the rnc either. you may remember one early trump administration scandal about president trump appointing his son, eric trump's wedding planner to be the top official for the north eastern official. trump did that.
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she conducted these interviews herself and used them in this film that was broadcast at the rnc to make it appear that these public tenants were protrump and against democrats. it started with an unexpected poll last week from lynn patton, a long time associate of president trump's family. he w they were never told that their interviews would be edited into a two-minute clip that would air on tuesday night at the republican convention. one of the members said i am not a trump supporter, i am a first generation honduras. it was my people he was sending back. the episodes represent another
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dark example. miss patton said the department of housing and urban development under the hatch ak, she's upset. she was not told they're going to be use for an rnc video. more power to them but except to if the point where they did that by tricking regular people without getting their permission and would have been their objection had they known what you were using it for. but, you know, it is hard to know and i would say it is hard to know how to cover the election with everything that's going on in the country and hard to know on a day-to-day basis,
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what deserves election. nothing is normal. nothing is normal right now. we don't have a number line which we can calibrate the size of the electoral stories. literally thousands of americans die over the course of the past week. thousands of americans die while the republican convention talked about covid-19 in the past tense as if it was over and declared victory and talked about all the lives that were saved by the president's decisive action. which is an alternate reality, we would love to have a chance to visit. it is not the reality despite what they put on television. >> in the real world and in iowa, the state of iowa announced the positivity rate for tests and the state of iowa right now is 79%. just to put that in context. there has been nationwide
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freak-out over various states at 15% or 20% positivity rates over the course of the summer. according to the world's health organization what you are shooting for r to be able to open schools and stuff is a maximum of 5% positivity for your testing. iowa is at 79%. kim reynolds who spoke at the rnc, she never the less mandated that iowa schools must be reopened in person. e iowa has a high positivity rate and big cases. kim reynolds told them no, you must open in-person. she refused any iowa rules for r people to wear masks. don't need it. why would we need it? 79% rate in iowa. there she is speaking at the rnc which is written large devote
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todd the idea that president trump kicked that covid thing. boy, china did a terrible job there. >> today the fda fired two of their public relations people. one of the spokesperson from the fda, she works for the one american network and that's what qualified her to become a experience for the fda during the global pandemic. she was working as a main spokesperson for if fda when this debacle happened. just false information about
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efficacy of plasma as treatment for covid-19. the republican convention basically bragged over the course of four nights that trump had this thing cured. this plasma thing, we got a cure. they do not have this thing cured. the fda authorized emergency use of plasma but what they said about its efficacy publicly was false but not at all supported by the data included what was said at the white house by the head of the fda. they replaced the pr people instead. this is not a pr problem. meanwhile, the other public health agency that the world and our country ought to be depe depending on right now and find our way out of it, the cdc tried to ahate their recommendation
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that america should not get tested if they are expose to someone that's negative. unless you are trying to reduce the amount of testing we do in the country because you don't like the positive test results because it makes us recognize that we got a lot of cases. states and local health authorities have been announcing one after another all week long of guidance of the cdc is insane and they'll define it. leakers had been telling reporters that this recommendation did not come from scientists at the cdc, it came from the trump administration and they made the cdc put their name on it. director redfield is taking back that testing recommendation saying testing quote, "testing may be considered if a person has had contact with somebody
6:21 pm
that has covid-19." >> may be considered? that's the recommendation now? are we supposed to go with what you said in print. the cdc did not write that either. >> you are the cdc, you used to be the public health organization in the world. tonight over 180,000 americans were dead from covid. the university washington, expect 320,000 dead americans from covid by december. we have 4% of the world's population and we have the largest numb of cases, the largest number of cases. the worst national testing
6:22 pm
regime of any major country. we are rocketing towards the number of quadruple the number of americans killed in vietnam. reopening school is not working. there is no plan at the national level. meanwhile, here comes the election. >> this week was 47 days long. every week on here out is going to be longer than that. stay on there. let's get to all of it. >> eyes opened, a lot to cover tonight. steve schmitd is joining us next. schmitd is joining us next (brad) how does apartments-dot-com find new listings so quickly?
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make no mistake, no matter where you live your family will not be safe with the radical democrats. >> crime as and mobs. >> crimes ravaging our streets. >> trump was elected to protect
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our families. >> the mobs will try to destroy you. >> they want to enslave you. >> burn down the foundation of our country to the ground. >> you will not recognize this country or yourself. >> the american way of life is being dismantled. >> this election is shaping up to be church, work and school verses v verses rioting and looting and vandalism >> they want to steal your liberty and freedom. >> they'll disarm you and empty your prison and lock you in your home. >> they want to control you so they can control how you live. >> it is a horror film really. >> it is magnus.
6:28 pm
>> that was night one. we were all hoping it would get slightly less terrifying over the course of the week. but that was pretty much the theme song all week long. >> no one will be socialists. >> poisoning our schools and burning our cities. disrespecting our flag. >> the lawless destruction. >> over run by violent mobs. >> they close our churches but keep the liquor stores and abortion clinics opened. >> people being shot and killed and police officers routinely assaulted. >> good working americans are left to fend for themselves. >> their radical socialist agenda. >> you won't be safe. >> it has been an unnerving week with what the republicans
6:29 pm
presented this week. it has been a radical week including unthinkable i am mama the white house being used as a sound page for a televised citizenship seceremony. some of the members did not know the recording will b ue used th way. >> former republican strategist steve schmidt had this to say today. >> the question whether voters care about the hatch act is the law. it was around ex position of lawle lawlessness. it was profoundly abuse in the name of trump's narsism.
6:30 pm
>> joining us now is my friend, steve, i have been wanting to talk to you all week. >> nice to see you rachel, thanks for having me. >> i want to ask you about this phrase, an ex position of lawlessness. yeah, technically is illegal. anybody complaining about this. this is an elite belt way. we'll do it more and more because it bugs you. it is no a serious law. you are describing this as something it is showing off in ability to break the law. >> the president is bound to faithfully execute the laws that are passed by congress. it is the law. they are letting you bring in the law. we saw three things this week
6:31 pm
that caall come together. we have not seen any prior convention. we never seen such breathtaking dishonesty. we have never seen such lawlessness such as breaking traditions and norms. the abuse of the united states marine cor marine corp. the sacred event that was politicized and we see donald trump trying to coop these symbols of the state that belongs to all of us. the white house belongs to all of us. he's a temporary resident, a custodian. he resides there because it is the greatest.
6:32 pm
what trump is saying this week, i am the law and i am the state. this is dangerous in a liberal democracy. he openly flaunting the law and it will only get worse. he'll not stop until someone stops him and the elected political class in the country and capable of doing it so it is up to the voters. >> stooeeve, as somebody who lo at things from a foreign policy perspective. i know that one of the things that's a hallmark electoral autocrats and a -- >> ensure the election goes their way. that's true all over the world.
6:33 pm
we have seen that with modern states. the rules always stays there. if the political classes that you described is incapable of stopping this and the hatch ak is not going to be enforced, for example. do do voters have the power to stop it? >> i can't believe i am saying this out loud but i am legitimately worried about this country's ability to conduct a free and fair election. donald trump will do everything he can to show as much chaos and confusion and to try to do everything nor his power to . the will of the american people is enough of this. every person in that clip rose
6:34 pm
and defend the most incompetent president of the united states. me would have no national strategy on covid because it was a problem they thought they c cap -- we have a direct economy that did not have to be. we have seen the end of the american life as we know it. we'll have no football. the things we took for wanted zz gone is trump. it is a d desisiv kre.
6:35 pm
>> out of that confusion, he pulls out that inside stray. this is a moment for joe biden to lever. the stake of this country, nobody wants to see the violence. he has to speak out for justice and lead in a moment where donald trump is fuelling hate and division. he has to lead with what? he has to talk about the country and unity. he has to offer the opposite vision. he should go to kenosha. and lead from the front. you should find where the kroubl is in this room that donald trump is stoking the -- the trouble is, he should go there and make it better. that's what this election is going to be about the next two
6:36 pm
months. what we saw over this past week was a dark, dark message of division and hate that's really very, dangerous for the future of this country. >> steve schmidt. you don't know this but behind uh- you, you had a good dog helping you making those points more effectively. i commend you and i don't know which one that was. >> i think that's brown. >> thank you steve, much appreciated i. >> we got much more to come tonight including a u.s. health official who set the alarm on what went very, very wrong with the nation's two major health
6:37 pm
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good morning, davenport, iowa today. on the right, governor reynolds shuts bars and clubs in six counties and virus cases spiking in younger adults. >> this is the morning after the president accepted the nomination for a second term in officer. that story is relegated. in iowa, the big newspaper has coronavirus on top. iowa is back to having one of the highest infection rate in the country.
6:42 pm
>> iowa reported a 79% paf raos rate which is insane. >> iowa appears to have a screw up testing system. in april, kim reynolds signed a $26 million with no bid contract. none of them knew anything about lab testing bhwhen they started that company. the governor gave the company. iowa can't track the number of positive or negative or inconclusive test performed by the state of iowa. many manufactures are giving a disproportionate of positives or negatives or inconclusive test results. they have no way of knowing whether testing is accurate. >> that does not help you a epidemic, especially schools are
6:43 pm
starting to reopen. since monday alone, the university of iowa, seen 500 new cases. but, if statewide testing is screw up and that screws up the epidemic. you can say the same thing for the country. the cdc has said any americans who's been close in kak with somebody effected buy covid should be tested. that's been their advise all along until monday when the cdc changed their guidelines. someone been exposed positive but quote "do not need a test." >> director redfield attempted to walk back to that comment. okay, maybe people who have been
6:44 pm
disposed could have been tested. already widespread and many states of health authorities of these changes. i will be back tonight with some of the people that used to run the rnc. >> he's now the president of ""save to see you." >> the cdc is a old garnd for much of his time owner. >> statement from people in washington make clear that this was something imposed on washington, headquarters.
6:45 pm
it is not based on science. >> it is porpt to test the contact with people with covid. not only because they may have covid themselves because if they have the infection, you have to find their contact to make sure that they get worm so they can be quarantine and not spread the disease cooler. >> if you don't do that, you allow it to spread more. >> if this was improperly delivered device. it was generated in washington. with all the authority that is rented. the backlash that we have seen from people who are running health departments and states and cities throughout the country have been loud and getting louder everyday. >> can the cdc fix this? >> dr. redfield -- it seems to
6:46 pm
me just muddy the water to make the guidelines less useful overall. how should they fix this, it feels dames point bridge yonger. it is not hard. >> i am sure the cdc would like to do that b. we need to follow the signs. this is not following politics. this is about controlling a pandemic. rachel, over the past couple of weeks, we got some good news that it does appear that people cancer develop immunity against the virus that causes covid-19. this past week we gotten bad news, does not look like the fda or cdc have immunity from the vir virus of politics infecting science. we have tough decisions coming up and not just on plasma or
6:47 pm
testing but put on the backseat unless science rules. we are not going to be able to maintain and strengthen the trust that people have and any measure we have mr. it is a vaccine or a treatment or a lek men nation and not being done as it shou . >> that's exactly right. >> we can believe them and turn to them for science based direct or no b.s. guidance on these things or we cannot. they have the repair themselves in their representation. >> now the president. thank you for your time. >> great to speak with you again, all right, more ahead, stay with us. again, all right, more ahead,
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we're continuing to follow up with a developing story out of kenosha, wisconsin after the police shooting of jacob blake. he is reportedly paralyzed after being shot in the back seven times. nev his family said he was handcuffed to his hospital bed. that apparently changed this afternoon after widespread outcry. mr. blake is not no longer shackled to his hospital bed. also today the teenager accused of killing two protesters and wounding a third had a hearing in illinois where he was arrested the day after the shooting. the judge there delayed the decision on whether the 17-year-old should be sent to wisconsin. his extradition hearing will now be set for september 25th. the protests are continuing for a sixth night tonight. that meant peaceful
6:53 pm
demonstrations with protesters marching and singing as they call for justice. tonight we go to wisconsin. an attorney in private practice in milwaukee. thank you so much for making time to be here. i appreciate your time. >> thank you for having me. >> from your up close view of this matter in wisconsin, i wonder if i could ask you if there are things the media is getting wrong, this apparent vigilante murder that happened, double murder that happened at one of the protests, are there things we're getting wrong that you can see better from close up? >> well, you know, riachel, my grandfather is from wisconsin. unfortunately what we're seeing
6:54 pm
happen is endemic to what we're seeing in wisconsin. >> i know that the wisconsin aclu has called for the police chief's immediate resignation in kenosha. there has been a lot of outrage and observation and discussion about whether or not kenosha police have condoned and encouraged the kind of vigilanteism that appears to have led to the killing of two protesters and the serious injury to another this week. >> that is correct, rachel. the aclu in wisconsin is calling for the resignation of the police chief as well as the sheriff, both of whom have responded to what has occurred. it is clear from the evidence that we have thus far that they have coddled the vigilantes that were responsible for the killing of anthony huber and joseph
6:55 pm
rosenbaum and seriously injuring another person. >> in terms of the ongoing protests, does the aclu and do you and other observers in the area have concerns about the way that the ongoing protests have been policed especially in the wake of those shootings? >> yes, rachel. it is just unbelievable that peaceful protesters who are protesting police violence are being met with police violence. on monday we saw protesters shot with rubber bullets. once seriously injured and take ton the hospital. we're seeing protesters getting tear gassed, protesters getting hit with impact ammunitions. this type of affront to the first amendment right to these
6:56 pm
protesters is just horrible and it must stop. >> the president of the board of directors for wisconsin's american civil liberty's union. i really appreciate your time tonight. obviously the eyes of the nation are still upon wisconsin and will be for a long time as this resolves and continues to develop. thanks for helping us understand tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> all right. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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something to keep an eye on over the weekend. amid fears the white house may have organized a super spreader event with over a thousand people closely packed together with no masks in sight, today we learned the actual republican convention, the carolina event that preceded the stuff in d.c. where they formally dominated the president, today we learned that four people that showed up for that rnc event tested positive for covid. amid lots of concern about how the rnc handled covid at their events, one official told cnn that one of it really matters because, quote, everybody is going to catch this thing eventually. while that's true if we keep going to events organized by the republican party in the white house if they keep doing it like this. watch this space. that will be a


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