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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  September 19, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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breaking news right now, democrats mobilizing from capitol hill in the next hour, this to talk strategy in the wake of justin ruth bader ginsburg's death. all this as the president also breaking news with a tweet a short time ago vowing to push through a nominee and either is being up an epic battle, this just 45 days before the election. and in her own word, some of the most memorable moments from ruth bader ginsburg's life and career ahead. florida and at the ballot box, early voting going on right now, how the battle might affect votvot voters in realtime. but first r, another unprecedend moment in what seemed unthinkable just a few months
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ago, its now a reality before the number of deaths from coronavirus surpasses 200,000. we'll have a live report on this for you in a few minutes. but of course the other breaking news. supreme court flags flying at half-staff to honor ruth bader ginsburg. and mourners bring cab dealndle. she died last night at the age of 87. she previously survived several battles with cancer, serves for 27 years and spending most of her years fighting for equality. justice rob bererts say that wel remember her as a champion of justice. and she obtained pop culture
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status at the notorious rbg. and a private service is being planned at arlington. and so we have a team 6 koerof s and an lists. and we'll begin at the white house and that tweet. >> the president saying that he wants to move forward and rms have an obligation to do so without delay. stressing that they will be coming forward with a nominee to potentially fill this say chance city in the coming days and weeks. the president can't get didn't special time line, how he plans
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to roll it out. if we look at the past, these are things that usually take? time to come together. the president would typically do interviews with a long list candidates. but we are not sure how it will work. and we praised kald lee ecaylee a mcenany. >> and we're in the there yet. the president put ford tforward two lists. and the american people know where the president stands. so we know where the president stands. can't say that for every party.
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wrrt a . >> reporter: and the president unveiled who his potential nominees would be. so the white house will be going back to that likely shortening it, we're told there could be a couple names who could become frontrunner now. but when you look to the question of the election, they did not issue their own statement on the pass of ruth bader ginsburg, instead letting the white house get in front of it first. but he ask havehe does have cam tonight. and so we can expect to hear a lot more from him. and the campaign and the
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president are always now urge you go former have not joe biden to put out a similar list of potential nominee, something that he has not done yet. but we know that the former vice president has appointed to appointing a blook woman to tbl court if elected. but tonight we expect to hear more from the president. he will be touching on this as he will be leaving the white house in that. >> and it would be surprising if he were not to comment on this. a tragic milestone that we've hit. more than 200,000 now dead as a result of the coronavirus. and let's go now for the stream court where mourners are paying their respects.
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rr9 a >> reporter: joe biden knows her percentage personally and did talk about the magnitude of her loss. and last night in will minlg ton, delaware, where he first was -- first time we have seen him since the news broke, he talked about that. 5e7d let t and he said let either voters vote and let the president elect be able to nominate to the spreec supreme court. take a listen. >> let me be clear. the voters should 3pick the
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president and the president should pick the justice for the senate to consider. this was the littis the preside. that is the position that the united states senate mulst take today. and the election is only 46 days off. >> reporter: so of course biden actually taking the advice that he proposed on the senate floor 27 years ago. and he posed a hypothetical, what should the president do if there was a supreme court say ca vacancy? we didn't see it that year, but in 93 ta'93, we saw president cn nominate to truth bader ginsbur
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the supreme court. and biden says that he will not put out a list of nominees. of course that could change. we don't expect to hear from him today. but he has said that he would am point a black woman to the supreme court. >> and now across town to capitol hill. this death is setting up a lo battle in the supreme court. in 2016 mitch mcconnell said that they would not hearold a hearing miles per hogar rand.
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and so a lot of reaction. >> reporter: it is quite a day. i'm talk topping a lot of sources on both sides. and regardless of the position that you had are having on this issue, there is a lot of trepidation and worry among republican sources and democratic sources about how this will impact the snenate. but battle lines are being drawn for a big battle this fall. mitch mcconnell said last night that he is going to hold a vote on a new nominee. and now the democratic leader chuck schumer said that the american people should have a voice in the selection of the next supreme court justice and so it shouldn't be 23i8ed until
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we have a new president. and so they will be discussing their strategy. and in a letter he writes over the coming days we'll all come under tremendous pressure from the press to announce how we will handle the coming knoof co nomination. so i. >> urge you all to keep your powder try. and this is before election of
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f control over the senate as well. and so there are some nervous republicans about this who know that this is going to make their re-election extremely difficult. but both sides are preparing for a fight that is coming very quickly. >> and it is hard to underestimate all of the consequences of significance ahead for us. thank you so much for that. and joining me now, pete williams. i'm sure you will agree that it is all-too easy to get swept up in all the d.c. political machinations that no one is stopping to take a breath to mourn a judiciyou gianted. >> reporter: yeah, we talk about the justice for about 12 hours and then we move on.
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obviously justice ginsburg will be remembered primarily i think as a champion for women's rights. a dwefrnd defend aer of abortion rights. and i must say, you know, she really delighted, she was mystified by all the averag pra it was refreshing. and what happens in the coming term? it begins just two weeks from now. it could be a 4-4 tie. and it happened after scalia died. and will the court splunplunge
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with obamacare. they are trying to do away with it. if there were a tie in this case. >> let's said chief justice john roberts joined the liliberal, t would be a 4-4 tie and the lower court decision said that the law must be struck down including the requirement that 14u7insura countries rougher ty ies cover g conditions. is a lot to be unsheheard. and so what is going to be the person who will appoint the nominee. and how soon will it happen.
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>> do you think that it has hit the fellow justices the news of her passing? is the supreme court still different among them then this polarized nation? >> yes, i mean it is less polarized than the rest of the country. but i think it hit the justices very hard. it was quite said in a way, but in a way not. anybody who thought that the ruth bader ginsburg was dealing with pan tree pancreatic cancer knew how it was he would end. but was not to be doing knew how it was he would end. but was not to be doing okay. the news can be shocking in the
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short term, but rail this reall big que question which is not if but when. >> and do you think will john rob rob r robert sch rober roberts 234r0e6 brief pre-valt prevail? >>
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the court has moved in a more conservative direction and i think that was a real test for john roberts. >> and so pete, did you ra did the passing of a justice that as warranted heartfelt grown across this noti nation? >> well, i think that you have to remember that when justice ask a r ask lee scalia died, there was a huge outpouring from the nation with him. there was a lying of repose from people who lined up for days.ou
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him. there was a lying of repose from people who lined up for days. obviously it is different with justin ginsburg. perhaps she cuts across more generations. and it is a more polarized -- it is even a more polarized atmosphere than it was then. and this seems so much more fraught. >> and remember justice scalia and the after math, but do you think that justice ginsburg will be afford the same commurespect? >> i think that it would be unusual if that didn't happen, but the course has made for announcement about it.
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>> thank you so much, pete. and joining me know, jonathan lemire. the president says let's move forward. is there room for any other sbech ta interpretation and what is the fallout? >> i don't think so. last night we were treated with a bi-san bizarre seen scene with the president and he leaned heavily too who could win the supreme court vacancies. and afterwards he address the press pool and praised justice ginsburg.
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it is still early, but there is a report that the president could put forward hit nominee. and it is unclear when the hearings would be held. before november 3 or perhaps in the lame duck session would the president lose. but i think that this much is clear, this is an extra ordinary moment. as an haeks thelection that has
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handling of the coronavirus pandemic. >> and elyse, without being injustice because justice beg beginburg's death, scl part i faces -- >> i'll him bell and say i can't tell.
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hou how much does this really help president trump ahow much does t held mitch mcconnell. he didn't say that it would be before the laerkreaction, but i could be duone during dump's first teerm. and is it he havedoes he does h a
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. >> as to whso that what are the that he has to put the vote through? what does your get tell you? >> and senator murdkowski said she does not think that it should happen before the election. and susan coal continllincolliik that it helps her push a nominee. and then something like gardner, does it help tim to go with trump. you already have some sxhimt
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commitments. and lindsey graham using his past statement about how he would want to hold off on a tomorrow nation. and yes he has turned on that today. >> so what are the expectations given lindsey graham's comments, will he stick to his word? >> he tweeted out this morning that he had urge everyone too look at more recent statement. so i think that absolutely, into, there is no way that he is going to stay with his previous statement if it helps him even slightly.
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>> so is it better for the d democrats to push for the dame luck session? >> we know that the president will put out a nominee. that we can say for certain. and then this will go to mitch mcconnell. it will be his decision. certainly in-put from the white house, but streets not just about trying to keep donald trump in the when you saite hou trying to keep the senate majority. and i think that it will be -- remain to be seen whether or not they think that the bruising
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confirmation fight would be helpful prior to the election. or do we leave if open. and there is certainly an expect tanks in t tags in the white house. and there are almost 40 names of contend contend contender. and it should be noted that the democrats have urged the process to wait. urging republican knoll tfollow model in 2016 a that they set.
9:26 am
sdwrsh a and joe biden has in the put no his own pick. >> so there is search conversation thinking that there is time for judicial reform.
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and so they feel that this is the last grasp in anywhere view of minority power here with republicans. but it is unclear and i don't think that we'll have a firm commitments one way or the other. it is such a shot button issue. but stree it is a number of tfice topics we'll be locked in on. a . >> and so jonathan, i'm sure your bosses are very proud and elise jordan, always proud of everything that you say as well. thank you guys. so some people reacted to death of justice ginsburg by exercising a basic american right. that is next. ng a basic america right. that is next give you straightforward advice
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ruth bader ginsburg's death comes as there is early voting in some states. and amanda told mgoldman is in fairfax. what are you hearing? all right yeah, th >> reporter: yeah, this is the first weekend of early voting. and so we have a little over 40 days here for the early voting process. and 45 days until the election. and to your point with the news of justice ghiinsburg passing away, most people we talked to said that held come to vote early, that they would planning on it. and this is now in have a hain excuse needed. so with the new,
9:31 am
a number of voters caused them to want to come first thing this morning and make sure their vote counted. >> after the passing of rbg, i made sure that i was here at 730 this morning. i won't miss this vote in important for my kids' future. we need to vote like our lives 23e7 depends on it. >> reporter: anded so with 45 days to know in the election, the stakes are getting higher. we had hundreds of people waiting to come in. and early voting looks like on a regular election day despite the pandemic domestic. so a lot of mask wearing, social
9:32 am
distancing and folks being divided by plastic screens. now, the majority of people that we talked to coming out today were planning to vote early and this tends to could you mo s sk democratic side. but trump supporter either did come out and were really chooering fchooer i cheering for the president. and so we'll keep talk to followablfollow b followable tloit the day. >> and did any of the trump supporters get oat to vout to v were they just making noise? >> reporter: have not walked
9:33 am
into vote, but they are rallies up their surpporters. many are just looking for new leadership. and next the words that will haunt lindsey graham and a man who just mind end glraham's lon rein. ind end glraham's long rein ♪ a-hey, a-hey-hey [music playing] ♪ love like yours will surely come my way ♪
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fry to replace today? >> this is the last year of a lame duck president and if ted
9:36 am
cruz or donald trump get to be president, they have all asked us to not take up a selection by barack obama. so use my word against me. if there is a republican president in 2016, you can say lindsey graham said let's let the next president whoever it might be make that nomination. and you can use my words against me and you would be right sli right. >> and joining me now, jamie r harrison. do on yyou expect your poeroppo an apply these words or can you use it against him?
9:37 am
>> my grabbndfather taught my a man is only as good as his word. there is nothing worse in life than someone who will lie and nothing worse than a leader who will lie. and so lindsey graham, will he stick by his word. and no nominee should be considered in an lakes yeelecti. we need to allow the american people to allow what happens next. and not political folks like lindsey graham. >> and he reiterated that sxexa approach. and so do you envision mcconnell
9:38 am
to take this vote before the election? >> wh i don't know but but mel said that the american people should have a voice in this election. therefore this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president. that is what he said in march of 2016. again, this is thely poc ly poh it all. it is not just to take advantage whenever it is anxious opportune time. you need to keep your word. if you give him the license to lie to you again, you may not be
9:39 am
okay with it. and we need all of our leaders to live up to our standards. what do we teach our sons and daughters if the folks who are leading the nation can't keep their word. >> and so the latest quinn pipi poll, you tweeted that we will use every last september to fight for the people of south carolina. you can give me a since of your intern internal polls? >> one of the things that asked about by honestly. and i was plus 24.
9:40 am
so we see why we are run neck and neck. that is why this movement is being built and end of the day, we will make history here in south carolina. so if followablif folks want fo put somebody in there who is it honest. >> and what do you think you are saying that is accounting for this kind of volume of money? >> i'm talking to hair hopes th and aspirations. we had 400,000 folks who last their health care as a result of
9:41 am
being on unemploymeunemployment. we needed senators that will fight for us, not against you. you wonder how you are doing to pl pay your represent. and now you have to day wasn't of your health dare. as to that is why i'm gaining traction because people understand that i'm fighting for them, the average person.
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all right. the impact of ruth bader ginsburg's death. we'll see. f ruth bader ginsburg's death we'll see.
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and joining me now, is congresswoman spanberger. and a welcome. i want it get your reaction to the death of ruth bader ginsburg as we start. >> justin ruth bader ginsburg was an inspiration to so many of us. i can't even fbegin to imagines drive that she had of a woman who entered one male dominated field as another. she is an inspiration to me. she blazed a path to so many of
9:45 am
us. and i think that she will continue to be an example to generations of women like my three young daughters. i'll grateful for her service and the example that she set. >> and she graduated from law school tied for first complacency among a sea of fellow men that were studies there. pretty remarkable. and let's turn now to early voting. it is understand way in your state and you voted yesterday. some virginia voters say that justice death is proceed nospan to vote. >> and so there is early voting without an excuse.
9:46 am
and without the district, there were people going to the polls. at the time that i voted. >> there were about 100 people in line and reportedly they had been there, peopled a been -- i think that there is a level of enthusiasm. yesterday it was based on hope and the desire to continue change in our done. and i do think that the woman andcredible leader of the law like ruth bader ginsburg will remind people that their involvement is so important.
9:47 am
i hope that people will take on the responsibility of voting. >> and the fact is that president trump as you well know has run a mornmonths long campa depends mail-in voting. do you have any concerns against mail-in voting? >> i have concerns what about that dejoy has done, clearly trying to slow the process of the mail. but i lumped into a letter carrier and we said that weserv. and he got eemoefgs emotional that somebody would imply that
9:48 am
he would got his duty. i think that we have to recognize that the post master and his efforts to undermine the postal service could potentially still have residual effect of delays. so i would urge you to return your ballot in plenty of time, and make sure it is counted. and we can also return our ballots directly to a registrar if we want to make sure we are the ones handed delivering it. >> and i want to talk about the coronavirus wrrelief bill. you are stressing the sur fweur
9:49 am
need to help. in and when i spoke with the hope agreed. >> the number one question that people brought to me as i was talking to people, the number one policy related question was are very going to get another deal. and i heard stories from constituents talking about the fact that they are not sure how they will make rent and their roommate has been laid off and takes hard time. and food bank lines continue to get longer. and there was a group of us with a framework of programs that we could agree on that we recognize are necessary to delivering aid to the american people. extended up employment. ppe for our small businesses. direct payments to individuals. and we're facing layoffs across
9:50 am
the country. and we agreed on a flame work of a plan that has bootsters recognizing that the full amoun that we may have to invest immediately might decrease. in fact, if we continue on this trajectory where this virus is ravaging our communities and for public health purposes we cannot return to a normal community, our people, our communities will continue to need more help. we've garnered the support so far. we're at 25 democrats and 25 republicans who initially led this issue. there's a coalition within the house of representatives that have already begun endorsing us. we've seen support coming out of the senate. there's been a number of senators who have been quoted positively speaking about the
9:51 am
frameworks that we've spintrodu including virginia's senator. we're going to keep pushing. at this point in time we need white house leadership, house leadership to come back to the negotiating table. we brought a framework. we hope it will be enough to get people back to the table and we'll move forward on a vote for the relief that the american people need, that our economy needs sooner than later. tomorrow would be great. >> there are a lot of people weighing in and very much hoping for the same. thank you so much for your time. this morning marks another cruel benchmark for u.s. covid-19 deaths. the impact of the 200,000 lives we've lost. protein... protein... -with 20 grams of protein for muscle health- -versus only 16 grams in ensure® high protein. and now enjoy boost® high protein in new café mocha flavor. ♪ here? nah. ♪
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virus. dr. natalie, sobering numbers for us here. can you put this into perspective for us. this number. where are we in this battle against covid? >> we're not trending in the right direction. let's talk about the flu season last year, 2019 to 2020. millions of cases of flu. hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations and tens of thousands of deaths for a virus we have a vaccine for, albeit only 50% of americans take it, and we have therapeutics. in comparison with coronavirus, the only prevention we have right now is behavioral. we have no approved vaccine and we have therapeutics that have been advanced but nothing like our experience with the flu. i can't say that i'm surprised given where we've come from and where we are. and we're all looking with eyes wide open into the fall and winter now. >> you bring up the flu. many of us are concerned about this approaching flu season coupled with the ongoing pandemic.
9:55 am
if you look at the southern hemisphere, there has been record low flu cases amid coronavirus lockdowns. is there any indication that could happen here? is there a cause/effect to that or should we brace for a typical flu season? >> it's appropriate to look at the southern hemisphere. we do that every year. some experts have weighed in on this and said we can't really compare one to one with what happened in australia. they had stricter lockdown measures and things like that. sure. the flu, you know, comes to us. it gets hijacked and travels here from the southern hemispheres which is why, of course, we're concerned and have been speaking about this. on the other hand, the same principles for mitigation strategies that we have been using successfully for coronavirus, such as hand washing and mask wearing and social distancing, that applies to influenza too. there are many other respiratory viruses that will be circulating again in the fall and winter.
9:56 am
i think it's important to note that in spite of the fact that with coronavirus in children we've been pleasantly surprised that the vast majority of kids do well, it's not the same story for influenza. we need to be vigilant and encourage folks to get their flu shots just to, you know, not only prevent flu illness in individuals for their own health but also not to squander our resources in the hospitals, which could very well be in short supply if we have surges of both in the coming weeks and months. >> always appreciate your insight. thank you for sharing them. what president trump tweeted about the vacancy on the supreme suggests he's not going to wait long to fill it. the very latest coming up. because when caught early, it's more treatable. i'm cologuard. i'm noninvasive and detect altered dna in your stool to find 92% of colon cancers even in early stages. tell me more. it's for people 45 plus at average risk for colon cancer,
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good day, everyone. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." at this hour there are fast moving developments on a battle over the supreme court. this in the wake of ruth bader ginsburg's death. but first this hour, a few moments to pause and refleblct hundreds are doing streaming in at this makeshift memorial at the u.s. supreme court bringing