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tv   VP Debate Analysis on MSNBC  MSNBC  October 7, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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and stuff about the troops. do you think those points resonate at this stage? >> absolutely. i thought particularly she was effective on pointing out the debt that he has and american people have a right to know. and i thought one of her most effective moments in the debate was saying you lost the trade war with china. you have a trade war and you lost it. then she went on to enumerate the facts, how they had lost this trade war. so i think all of those -- she was prepared. and didn't look like she was working at it. she had a command of it. and that's where that eej othos strength came from, all this knowledge to bring to the debate. all very well done. and think most people would agree, regardless, especially if they didn't -- just watching blind and didn't associate one with trump and one with biden.
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>> claire mccask ill from missouri. michael steele, former rnc chairman. thanks for being with us. fascinating night. "the fly" is in negotiation for a netflix deal, going to cover that on the business side. our coverage now with brian williams. >> to rachel maddow and joy reid and all. expanded debate night edition of "the 11th hour," day 1,5 -- of the trump election. only vice presidential debate of the cycle is in the books. mike pence and kamala harris faced off behind plexiglass shields 12 feet apart on a stage in salt lake city before a small, masked and distanced,
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audience. all reminders how the coronavirus continues to ravage our country uncontrolled, including at the white house where let's not forget the infected president, who had to be hospitalized, today returned to the oval office, posted a video calling his illness a blessing in disguise, talking about a cure. tonight's debate was much more civil than the one we saw last week, but this administration's response to this virus still came under heavy fire. >> the american people have witnessed what is the greatest failure of any presidential administration in the history of our country. >> from the very first day, president donald trump has put the health of america first. when you look at biden plan reads an awful lot like what president trump and i and the task force have been doing every step of the way. and frankly when i look at their plan talks about advancing
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testing, creating new ppe, developing a vaccine, looks a little bit like plagiarism, which is something joe biden knows a little bit about. >> keep in mind mike pence is the chair of the white house coronavirus task force. which in its public face exists really in title only these days. later kamala harris brought up president trump's reported nonpayment of taxes which brought a vigorous defense from the vice president. >> we now know because of great investigative journalism, that donald trump paid $750 in taxes. when i first heard about it, i literally said you mean $750,000? it was no, $750. we now know donald trump owes and is in debt for $400 million. and when we say in debt, it
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means you owe money to somebody and it would be really good to know who the president of the united states, the commander in chief, owes money to. >> the american people have a president who is a businessman, a job creator. who has paid tens of millions of dollars in taxes. payroll taxes, property taxes. he's created tens of thousands of american jobs. the president said those public reports are not accurate and the president has also released literally stacks of financial disclosures. >> then there was this exchange on the topic of race. >> this presumption that you hear consistently from joe biden and kamala harris that america is systemically racist and as joe biden said he believes that law enforcement has an implicit bias against minorities is a
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great insult to the men and women who serve in law enforcement. and i want everyone to know who puts on the uniform of law enforcement every day, president trump and i stand with you. we don't have to choose between supporting law enforcement, improving public safety and supporting our african-american neighbors and all our minorities. >> i will not sit here and be lectured by the vice president on what it means to enforce the laws of our country. i'm the only one on this stage who has personally prosecuted everything from child sexual assault to homicide. i'm the only one on the stage who has prosecuted the big banks for taking advantage of america's homeowners. only one on the stage who prosecuted taking advantage of the veterans. and reality of this is, we're talking about an election in 27 days where last week the president of the united states took a debate stage in front of 70 million americans and refused
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to condemn white supremacists. >> otherwise tense and meaningful exchange from tonight during which mike pence was joined by the aforementioned fly. for our leadoff discussion on this debate night, claire mccaskill, james carville, rose to fame with clinton campaign and cohost of the politics warroom podcast. lawrence o'donnell from this network and eugene robinson, pulitzer prize winning columnist for the "washington post." at the risk of going over already plowed ground, i found the personas stayed within our expectations. mike pence played mike pence, kamala harris played kamala harris. >> yeah. she was definitely kamala.
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i think she was -- she connected and was warm but in command and strong. and i do think the moments that stood out in the whole debate, besides her really showing her command of a great bit of policy across a lot of different sectors of public policy was health care and mismanagement of the covid crisis. i think both of those issues are very important in four weeks and i think she handled them pitch perfectly. >> james, tim kaine, last foreign have debated mike pence before national audience said this about mike pence, remember the former radio talk show host, quote, he can look in a camera and deliver a line with utmost sincerity, even if he knows it to be absolutely untrue. what stood out to you tonight? >> i will not be lectured,
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senator harris said that multiple times. women hate to be lectured by men and she drove that point home. other thing that stood out to me, referred to vice president biden as joe. conscientious decision that was made. two things that struck me again and again. and pence was a radio guy. remember, they were being seen all the time, even when they're not speaking, and harris was much better trained. she didn't lose her cool, smiled, took notes. pence grimaced the whole time. you're on 100% of the time. radio debate she would have won 55/45. but it was television debate and i'm surprised that his people didn't train him better for that. but she really won the not speaking, visual part of that debate. >> lawrence, did you concur with
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nicole wallace i found interesting instant analysis about the vice president's low energy performance, called it flaccid. >> well, you know, i don't know. maybe only has a first gear and second gear anyway. never really seen him running much higher speeds than that. i can't tell much about that. i do think though, as overall note, my kind of biggest global note of this event is what does it mean for donald trump, by which i mean, we saw a debate tonight, three people speaking, two reasonable and polite and one was mike pence who was mostly polite but did interrupt and do the guy thing of demanding and getting more time to speak than the woman. but compared to donald trump, mike pence is a prince of gentility. and you know, people who went through that, endured that trump
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debate, watching this tonight, you have to wonder are they watching this and thinking oh, it could be like this instead of the insanity, the brawling and stumbling crazy insanity that they saw at the other debate. in that sense mike pence may have done a great disservice to donald trump just by the stark contrast between the two of them in the way they handled themselves on the stage. although without donald trump, mike pence would have been the rudest debater we've seen working this particular campaign so far. >> eugene, i don't know that we are allowed to ask a pulitzer prize recipient to go ahead and write his column on live television, but i just did. >> you've done it before, actually, brian. you're excused. look, i think what was in many
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ways notable about this debate is what didn't happen. neither really went after the other in the way that we certainly know senator harris can. we saw her do it during the democratic debates. and mike pence certainly could have at least tried to do. but it's interesting, i think there are different reasons for that too. if you're kamala harris, and the polls are showing your guy 9 1/2 points ahead or whatever the average is right now, and things are looking pretty good, you don't have to take that haymaker that might leave you exposed in some way. can you pick your punches, you don't have to swing for the fences. but if you're mike pence, and you're looking at -- you're
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behind by nine points or so, i kind of wondered why he didn't take more chances. he didn't take very many chances during the debate. maybe that's just not his style, but it also occurred to me that maybe he's thinking four years hence. maybe he's thinking a little bit or almost as much about 2024 as he's thinking about 2020. >> james, back to you, there's going to be a lot of talk about that. >> right. >> that would assume that a reformed republican party, in the event of a trump/pence loss, in event of a change in power in the senate, that would assume that a reformed republican party would fancy mike pence at the top of their ticket four years from now. >> well, i think made the point this is the first debate of the 2024 cycle.
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even if vice president one term and harris -- she's not going to run unopposed, going to be vigorous on the democratic side also. i thought she helped herself more for 2024 than pence helped himself. but i did view this as first debate of the 2024 primary cycle. two of them and their two staffs probably viewed it the same way. other thing is, how many times did susan page say thank you mr. vice president? i think it was over 100, trying to count. just ring in my face. they have to be conscious of 2024 because they're sizing people up already. hate to say it, but that's politics, always looking to the next one. >> let's get more reaction from the man who is standing by to talk to us who actually played the part of mike pence during debate prep with senator harris because hes h has debated both e
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pence and senator harris in the past, former democratic presidential candidate pete buttigieg who joins from salt lake city. dual question, number one, how do you think your client and friend did tonight? number two, did you throw it all in, get it all right, leave it all on the field portraying mike pence? with are there any surprises not on your list? >> first of all, i'm so proud of kamala harris. she made such a powerful and direct case. got right past the trump twitter noise machine to speak to the american people about what we know to be true. vp kept trying to create this picture everything is going along fine in america and she poked right through that, explaining how the failures of this presidency led us to where we are, and doing a great job
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reminding us not only what we're against but what this ticket is for, what joe biden and she and democratic administration could do to invest in infrastructure and give us a fairer economy and make sure we're expanding health care. it was a command performance. as far as vice president mike pence, i viewed it as my job to do everything i could to throw every curveball and make sure she was prepared for everything he could say. it's difficult to prepare to debate someone who is perfectly happy to say something that's not true in smooth, reassuring tone like it's god's honest truth. only surprise was disrespect he showed for moderator and rules. generally he tries to be gentleman will. i don't know if that's factor of being spooked by the polls or trying to impress his boss.
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there's audience of one you have to be thinking about if you're part of the trump machine. that happened more than i would have guessed. although he does have a knack for interrupting without looking like he's interrupting. but what we saw was same effort to make it sound like everything is going great in pandemic and economic calamity. he was not able to do what he wanted to tonight, change the dynamic of the race or have a huge win. he gave a defense of the president that was loyal but i also thought a little bit lifeless. >> let's go back to the point you just made and call it pencesplaining. using certitude and piety to control his pace of speaking and manner of speaking and you're
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not alone. good many people noticed that dynamic tonight. first the math, times he went over allotted times that were never seemingly paid back to kamala harris. but i guess i'm asking was it painfully obvious to you in her camp backstage watching in realtime? >> it was very obvious, although i should say i was in the hall. didn't find out about this famous fly until after it was all over. but it was certainly something you couldn't escape just because he kept repeatedly running over her. and you know, it was hard not to think about the gender dynamics on the stage, and conscious that i'm a -- i found debates very challenging and i know i'm debating as a man and white candidate. i think it's also worth mentioning that she was carrying the weight of history in a lot of ways on that stage tonight, and did it so well and so
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effectively. >> also wanted to ask you, it appeared that trump during the debate tweeted something about our service men and women remaining in afghanistan being home by christmas. that is a meaningful thing, as no one needs to remind you, that's a big deal to loved ones of our men and women in a far-flung and dangerous place like afghanistan, do you think matters military got the airing tonight they should have? >> i'm glad there was at least a little discussion of the importance of the regard and respect that a commander in chief ought to have for those who serve. and there needed to be a moment of accountability for this president referring to our war heroes and war dead as suckers and losers for the way he's talked about prisoners of war like john mccain. she was able to deliver that and
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call him to account. nothing would be better than for us to have a stable, peaceful end to the afghanistan conflict and bring folks home. i'm messaging today with friends, some of whom are gearing up for another tour in the middle east and there's been coverage of kids picking up patrols that their parents served or going into conflict that their parents served. it's been 19 years, old enough to enlist and have been born after it started. of course whenever the president says a certain thing is going to happen by a certain date, most of the time it turns out not to be true. this is one case where i hope and pray what we heard is accurate. >> pete buttigieg, knowing the schedule you've been on and day you've had, thank you very much for reserving time for us at the end of your day after this event tonight. we're going to take first break. more of the special extended
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edition of the broadcast tonight following this vice presidential debate with those four friends of our broadcast right after this. >> american people have witnessed what is the greatest failure of any presidential administration in the history of our country. and here are the facts -- 210,000 dead people in our country in just the last several months, over 7 million people who have contracted this disease. tracted this disease. see all those words. put them all together and you have a story. story. captain, why are you doing this? little girl is lost. i'm returning her to her surviving family. well you can certainly handle a horse. horse. that's right. captain. make no mistake. captain.
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but despite the rising pain and anguish made worse during the pandemic, insurance companies still refused to cover mental health and addiction treatment. until now.
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senator scott wiener went to work - taking them on. passing a law requiring the insurance industry to cover mental health and addiction treatment. now more than ever, californians need mental health coverage. i won't let up until the stigma of mental health and addiction is finally over. trump is going to be reelected for four more years. >> it's not every debate you hear incumbent candidate talk about fighting a rule change in pandemic to allow universal mail-in voting. still with us, claire mccaskill, eugene robinson, james carville, lawrence o'donnell. he has to be wearing ppe, the white house is its own coronavirus hot spot, all
8:25 pm
hyperbole aside, it's a clinical matter. >> and one of the things fascinating to me, pence will sit there and lie about covid and the response to covid and their respect of science, and he -- it's like he doesn't think any of us have been watching. like he doesn't realize the american people have had a front v row seat to this massive mismanagement, that's the real disconnect and the problem he has. he may have been super soft and syrupy and sweet, but it was not true. and the american people know it. >> next question to james carville and his united states marine corps breast cancer awareness hoodie. just saw a tweet from a friend of yours, fellow warrior in the democrat party, joe lockhart.
8:26 pm
i disagree no votes were changed tonight, women hittated pence tonight. james, that goes to your previous point. >> it does. and senator claire will tell you that, i think that they came in, knew that was going to happen. pence does come across like he's being kind of condescending and she jerked back every time they had to. rolling up big numbers here. as joy said earlier, going to get all the african-american women, but just got a lot more now because one thing i know a lot of women don't like pence's tone towards senator harris. but good point. think right, give more votes and solidify particularly female voters tonight. i think the point is well taken, i do. >> lawrence o'donnell, there is a serious matter contained in
8:27 pm
the video the president did from the rose garden. apparently this afternoon. these kind of things are often shiny objects, often distractions to be passed off. but this falls into the news category for what he said and his demeanor while saying it. we'll run this clip, i'll get your reaction on the other side. >> i want everybody to be given the same treatment as your president. because i feel great. i feel like perfect. so i think this was a blessing from god that i caught it. this was a blessing in disguise. >> so lawrence, the president said he chose his treatment regimen. the president said he knows it's a therapeutic technically but he called it a cure. if he did it once, be prepared to hear that word over and over again. this is a man who is still just
8:28 pm
back from the hospital, still just days into a positive diagnosis, and who is medicated. >> yeah, and he said something that everyone in america knows is impossible. we all know no matter how great our health care might be, even the richest people in the country, they know that they cannot ever buy health care that is the equivalent of the president of the united states no matter who the president of the united states is, that's just the way it is. there is a top of the mountain in american health care treatment and that is the president of the united states. for him to go out and say you're going to have the same treatment i had, every single person hearing that, including every single trump voter knows that's an absolute lie. and for him to do it looking like he has escaped from some kind of medical institution, not like he was released -- his face is two different colors there,
8:29 pm
never seen those particular different colors. bottom half of the face is one color, top half another color. he does look like he's escaped from somewhere to run out into that yard and do that. let's remember, someone is holding that camera, someone is holding that camera feet away from that highly infectious man who is capable right now of killing people. he has a disease that can kill people if he transmits it to other people. and he's forcing someone to stand out there with a camera, another person out there with sound. you know what's out there brian, to collect that video, there's a few people out there to do that. they have to stand in close proximity to him as he barking that out looking like as i say he's just escaped from somewhere to bark that stuff out. he is threatening the lives of the people standing right there recording that video. whole country is watching him threaten people's lives right
8:30 pm
there, so he can tell a lie. the lie that you can get the same treatment he gets. i guess complete with helicopter rides to and from the hospital. >> eugene, as i said, the president's presiding over a freestanding hot spot that just happens to be the people's house. this becomes our business in several ways. we only have one president at a time. it is the center, the head of our government. article in your newspaper talks about what a dicey, uneasy and vulnerable time this is for us in the national security space. and this really becomes our business if this guy adheres to what he's saying he's going to do, not only going to a debate with joe biden but going back out on the road in some form or fashion. >> right. i mean he's -- you know, typhoid
8:31 pm
donald really, threatening to spread this disease. he's already likely -- we don't know if he's patient zero in the white house cluster of infection, but he's a very low number it seems in this cluster. that is growing. that has measurably boosted the number of weekly infections in the district of columbia just because of the white house cluster. now there's a pentagon cluster as well affecting the high command of our military. and so if nothing else could drive home the failure of this administration to control the covid epidemic is it's the fact that it has invaded the centers of power of this country, the most protected man on the face
8:32 pm
of the planet is a covid-19 patient and a vector of disease. and as lawrence poetically said, looks as if he just escaped from somewhere as he gave that speech today. it is just astounding. and that's the landscape for this election, and that's why in the end i think the vice presidential debate, every debate changes some minds i think. but i don't think this one changed many because of the reality that's right outside that debate hall, and the reality is that this is an utter disaster that donald trump has presided over. utter disaster that has affected him, that has felled even him. >> indeed, tonight when pence was asked why on earth, and i'm
8:33 pm
paraphrasing, the white house had not just the rose garden event largely unmasked but receptions we're only finding out late in the game, answer seemed to be looking at notes because donald trump and mike pence respect the freedom of the american people. great thanks to claire, lawrence, eugene and james, united states marine corps. coming up, two more campaign veterans gave us their take on what they saw tonight when our special post debate coverage continues. continues.
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giving rise to hate, and he's selling out america to big corporations. i'm working to protect immigrants, women, communities of color, and lgbtq people. and i'm making corporations like pg&e and insurance companies play by our rules. we need experienced leadership to wipe away trump's stain on america for good.
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if you have a preexisting condition, heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer -- they're coming for you. if you love someone with preexisting condition, they're coming for you, under the age of 26 on your parents' coverage, they're coming for you. >> doesn't happen often but realize in a while happening in debate, a quote you'll hear over and over again. david plouf, latest work is citizen's guide to beating donald trump, and mike murphy, codirector for center of political future at university of southern california. welcome to you both. david, like to begin with you. what was that in your view tonight we just witnessed for 90
8:38 pm
minutes? >> well it was a return to some sense of normalcy in terms of how a debate unfolds. we've talked a lot about the numbers, and reality of this race, when i've prepared for debates before, question is are voters going to behave differently before than after? and joe biden having a stable lead, voters who said going to vote for joe biden, now switched? i don't think that's the case. both had strong moments. kamala harris had strong moments around the coronavirus. last question in both debates was about donald trump saying he might not abide by the election results and i don't think either kamala harris or joe biden have made him pay the full price for that decision. at town hall assuming the debate happens in florida, that's something i want donald trump to pay the price for. i think people believe person who wins most votes should win the election.
8:39 pm
my sense is race doesn't change much, when you're ahead and race doesn't change much, that's a good night for you. >> mike, in addition to the differences of gender, policy on that stage tonight, there was this -- something about bearing where it also concerns gender. could have been her dad. was there a generational difference between these two people who are not all that far apart in age? >> yeah, i think so because when pence got the predictable question on global warming and climate change and he didn't really give a direct answer, said the planet is giving warm and then went trotting off into his shtick. in vibe she reps younger america
8:40 pm
as he really doesn't. but i have to agree with david overall. nothingburger magazine has good cover story. vice presidential debates don't matter all that much. this race is about donald trump getting clobbered because female voters don't like him by huge margins. did anything happen to move college-educated women back to donald trump? and i would say from the tone and everything, no. it's good night for joe biden because nothing changed and he's in commanding position. occasionally she wobbled. he blitzed her at the beginning but she rallied and got the biggest sound bite which we heard on the bump in. they're coming for you, right down the alley on the issue of health care and preexisting conditions which the democrats would love to debate every day for the rest of the campaign. >> as opening quotes go, first sentence, the coronavirus response was the greatest --
8:41 pm
continues to be the greatest failure of any presidential administration. if you're the incumbent vp, that's a tough one to come back from, but then again, to all the souls we've lost, so is a death toll of 210,000 and rising. >> right, brian. i think the american people have rendered their verdict on what they think of trump and pence's handling of this. i think it's a disaster. trump has talking point -- pence had talking points tonight. trump had his story last week. far more important to this election has been the last week. i don't think there's been a presidential candidate with a worse seven days than donald trump. disastrous debate last tuesday which showed already alarming poll numbers getting worse. diagnosed with coronavirus holding superspreading event at the white house. a coronavirus he's downplayed.
8:42 pm
like in 1938 if neville chamberlain in addition to appeasing the germans also got held captive. the big thing is the big thing. that's going to be the big issue all the way in. trump not wearing a mask when he came back, the videos he's putting out, basically going to cause people to die, i assume those will be big part of the debate in florida and joe biden really needs to prosecute that case against trump. >> mike, do you agree with me that trump says very little by accident and we can usually tell when he rolls out what will later become the tough of repetition? his talking points. when he got back from hospital, looked at camera, said maybe i'm immune, maybe not today. knowing it was therapeutic, he claimed his medicine regimen was chosen by him and he called it a cure. something tells me we're going
8:43 pm
to hear that a lot. >> oh, totally. i mean his dream for this election, has been for weeks, that he can declare the covid-19 pandemic over, dr. trump is now prescribed a miracle cure for everyone, and rotate to the economy. economy tonight is where pence scored a little bit on harris. they would like the whole campaign to be about that. but i don't think the virus takes orders from the president despite whatever superman fantasy he was working on the balcony the other night. it's definitely the intent and what they're trying to do. one oddity of the debate, somebody who might need a cure tomorrow is mike pence and not for covid-19. friends over at fox tonight were declaring why can't trump debate as well as pence? no scarier words ever been spoken if you're the vice president. one thing donald trump can't stand is anybody to upstage him.
8:44 pm
i think it could be a long week for donald trump in the inside game now at the white house. >> david pluf, has a leading democrat, what worries you about impediments to the vote? are you watching individual states, watching individuals? obviously i think the number is about 5 million of us have voted early. >> well, brian, a good campaign worries about everything. we shouldn't be dishonest about the race. joe biden's lead is significant, stable, he's got leads in probably eight to ten battleground states. depending on the combination may only need to win two of them but the question is can you get people all the way through the final. people who say they're going to register where there are deadlines open. people who get the absentee ballot, going to make a mistake? and voting early, long lines.
8:45 pm
are people making a plan to stay in line and for election day. joe biden is in good position, has enough support to win the presidency, can it materialize in votes? election day is five days earlier than 2016. simple mathematics when you're losing a race by anywhere from six to ten points and people are voting, you have to overperform on the back end, makes the degree of difficulty harder. if i'm biden campaign, biggest concern is not losing votes through mistakes or people not turning out. i do think trump will get his turnout. i don't think it's enough to win particularly given his performance, repelled swing and undecided voters particularly women. but that's the biggest concern right now. you can't rest easy if you're the biden campaign. >> mike, i'm old enough to
8:46 pm
remember days before russia played active role in domestic presidential elections. it was bracing tonight to here nicole wallace forthrightly say some names are preparing for trump's loss and almost added as aside unless putin pulls rabbit out of a hat or russia gives him an assist. on the broadcast last night, realized that biden's lead is exactly what hillary's was in 2016. >> i think biden is in better position than hillary because donald trump is the incumbent, a known quantity. people know what they've got, they've had enough, why the polling lead is so strong. i think the russians will try to
8:47 pm
interfere with the election and it's amazing to me that we as country haven't responded stronger. but that's donald trump with the bromance with dictator putin. i think we can resist it. i'm worried about late count in states that don't start counting absentee ballots until election day and having period of confusion that russians with social media and destabilizing techniques and the president with roid rampage malice could interfere with. but nicole is right, i hear it too, republican party has dawned on them that the ship is going down. people are focused on the where the life preservers are right no. >> it's been said by smarter people than me that months of november, december, january may be most consequential for democracy since we've been a
8:48 pm
democracy. david plouffe, mike murphy, thank you both for staying up tonight. after another break, kamala harris, chief of staff joins us when our special coverage continues. coverage continues. ♪ ♪ ♪ (clapping) ♪ hey, you alright? ♪
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together. proposition 16 provides equal opportunities, levelling the playing field for all of us. vote yes on prop 16. last week, the president of the united states took a debate stage and refused to condemn white supremacists. >> not true. not true. >> and it wasn't like he didn't have a chance. he didn't do it, and then he doubled down.
8:52 pm
and said, when pressed, stand back. stand by. >> before tonight's debate, joe biden's team said they expected lies and distortions from the vice president. that's true of candidates before any debate, but it takes on new meaning during this particular election. so how do democrats think kamala harris did tonight? here to talk about it, corrine jeanpierre, what's the talk b k backstage? >> good to see you, brian. we couldn't be prouder of senator harris. on this historic night, let's not forget that, she gave a really clear and just precise, powerful case to why we need change in presidential
8:53 pm
leadership, when the stakes couldn't be higher for the american people. she came forth, laid the case, and give the american people a plan, a vision, a different direction. we're currently going through a pandemic, one of the worst in a generation. we have people who are clearly dying, more than 210,000 people have lost their lives, we have an economic downturn. she laid out what a biden/harris administration would do to fight covid-19. and she was able to do that by cutting through the noise, brian. cutting through the lies, cutting through the distortions, and just being very clear and precise.
8:54 pm
as your last panel mentioned, millions of voters, people have voted already. and people are early voting. to be able to do that, to put fourth a message, she didn't make it about herself or joe biden. she made it about the american people. >> it did seem to a lot of people watching that almost a generational difference in age and outlook, and certainly the gender difference were striking. and i presume you're going to say that was not the home team on the part of the democrats doing that. that was the visitors' team, as you view it, of mike pence, et al. >> mike pence did what he normally does, he distorted and
8:55 pm
lied. he didn't answer questions, by interrupting and not respecting the two women on the debate stage tonight. that's not surprising. look what we saw from donald trump last week. this administration, the last four years, when it comes to women, when it comes to people of color, there's been just such a disrespect, a lack of respect. but you know what, that is not what we're, you know, what we're pushing here. the point of tonight is, she made the case to the american people, she laid out the vision for what a biden/harris administration would look like. it was clear, it was precise, and powerful. and also, clearly, you know, she made history. we just could not be prouder, brian. >> corinne, keeping with the rules tonight, wearing a mask.
8:56 pm
great to see you. thanks for spending time with us. there's much more ahead of our special coverage. the post-debate coverage between the two candidates, their first and only debate. stay with us at the top of the hour. >> i'm just extremely grateful. and was more than a little moved by the broad and bipartisan support. and senator, i want to thank you and joe biden for your expressions of genuine concern. i want to congratulate you, as i did on that phone call, of the historic nature of your nomination. >> thank you. . >> thank you ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ we're not done. good evening to you once again. 9:00 p.m. out west, as we across the top of the hour here on the east coast. with midnight, so begins day 1,358 of the trump administration. leaving just 26 days now until election day. tonight, kamala harris and mike pence came face-to-face, though through plexiglass for the first and only vice presidential debate. 12


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