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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  October 22, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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welcome to "the beat." i'm ari melber 12 days out from election day and one of the most high stakes moments for president trump trailing in many polls, reeling from a health care gaffe and cash crunch and tonight, here we are. the final presidential debate. even more pivotal as donald trump bailed of course on the last one while he was contagious with coronavirus, tonight, the candidates square off in person at this very stage you see right here in nashville with some new rules like a temporary mute button to control trump's rule breaking interruptions from the first debate. and joe biden raised that very issue today.
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>> hopefully he's going g ting by the rules. hopefully everybody has been tested and hopefully it works out the way the rules are. i'm looking forward to this. >> he's looking forward and there may be reasons why he's excited to come on the stage one more time because in every way we can measure, joe biden is win thing air war on tv. his town hall out rated trump as the president's was aired on more channels. joe biden drew better reviews in the first debate, which was most watched. 73 million people tuned in. biden is on air more because his campaign is flushed with cash, trump is looking at taking out a loan ordeal l delaying bill pay in the home stretch. those metrics show preferences that can change. democrats are banking on the apparent need in the early vote that doesn't change, these votes are in and tops a record-breaking 40 million ballots in battle ground states that matter.
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democrats building on an edge now over a million votes. you see there. while biden is up in most polls in the key states all of that blue, although many of the leaves you see as blue, we should note are fairly tight at this point. here on "the beat" i can tell you tonight a big night in american politics, we have a very special show planned including the top ranking democrat in the united states senate, minority leader chuck schumer here tonight on "the beat." n new reporting on russian interference breaking the story late today. we just changed story order for that news. it's truly a big hour on the program but we begin with our top political experts, professor jason johnson, washington post libby casey and robert gibbs who helped lead media strategy for barack obama's first campaign, welcome all. jason, going right to you, the candidate who is behind tends to have more to prove in a debate. is that pressure on donald trump
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tonigh tonight? >> yeah, ari, it is. donald trump has to try to do something tonight that he's never been able to do, appeal to his base and expand the base. that will be challenging because tonight he's going to be muted. the crazy outlandish things he says that tend to be beneficial and excite his base, he's not going to be able to do it. he's going to be the clean version of a donald trump album. every time he tries to interrupt and say a lie, somebody will block him. this will be a very challenging night for him. i don't know if he has the skill set to do it but if he can't at least change the media narrative of tonight's debate performance, this is going to be a ground game and right now he's behind in cash and feet on the ground. >> robert, you've prepped these and you know whether you're going to admit it or not, barack obama and donald trump have one thing in common as president. maybe the only darn thing. but neither of them had their best first debate as an
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incumbe incumbent. we've seen obama in other debates do better than the first one and trump, who whether you like him or not has at times been wide ranging. quote unquote funny and different styles in the primary debates. none of that. he came off terribly last time. he was interrupting. he was negative. he was childish, you name it. do you see donald trump having advised people in these debates, these presidents as you've done turning any corner here or is that hard for incumbents to do? >> well, look, i think the question boils down to are we going to see more disciplined donald trump tonight? i think there is, you know, four plus years of evidence that makes that likely a pretty hard lift in a pretty big lift for him to do. look, i actually think the presidential debate commission is going to help him and i don't mean that in a thway, the mute
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button will help him he won't seem overly boarish and bullying in the answers like he did last time. i think that will help him. the question is tonight, can he press a case either against biden that's disciplined about whether it's on the economy or what he's running on or what have you and can he get people in this country, as was said earlier to think differently about him as president. he has to come off as somebody who is different than we've seen in the past. somebody who makes you feel better about who he is as a leader and that to me is the lift, again, that just seems somewhat unimaginable to see. it was a little easier to get barack obama back on track after admittedly a terrible first debate in 2012. >> yeah, and libby, you have robert gibbs here making the gentle shading of donald trump that anything that produces less trump like a mute button may be good for him.
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but that's a media strategy from someone who knows it well. libby, what do you see tonight? >> that's about listening, right? president obama was listening to his counselors and advisors and course correcting. we saw after the first debate, ari go on "fox and friends" with a white board with instructions for trump. interrupt less, let biden flail and sum it up. that was weeks ago, right? has president trump taken that advice into his mind and his technique? it's highly unlikely. we'll see if he can stay disciplined tonight. we're having the war between what president trump'sed adviso know what he can and should do and his routine. he's the challenging even though he's the income bent and hkucum defend his record as he tries to run as an outsider but his record is on the line tonight that the moderator and nation
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will be asking questions about. >> the record. it's tens of millions of people watching, jason and the record matters and if you're concerned or cynical about that, even donald trump and many republicans in the senate have been speaking to the health care record because it turns out they found that parts of obamacare, i wouldn't say all of it but planks of it are popular when people think about health care in a pandemic. they have spent weeks. we covered this on the program, trying to claim their four parts of obamacare. we've done fact checks. that's naturally true. they have obviously voted it down in the legislature and they went further and are trying to get a reverse literally next month, okay? so there is that. donald trump comes out and this is audio that is from his own interview in "60 minutes." he made a big thing about leaking it but trump admitting yes, he wants the supreme court to completely end obamacare. take a look.
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>> we'll see what happens. i think it will end -- i think -- i hope that they end it. it will be so good if they end it. >> if they end it -- >> we will come up with a plan -- >> will. >> yeah, we will. >> but you said it would already. >> we have large sections of it already done. and we've already come up with plans. >> jason, he's admitting it. >> yeah, this has been clear all along or we saw this in president obama's rally in pennsylvania where he said look, these guys want to destroy obamacare and they don't have a plan and they don't have a suggestion. here is again, going back to what i said at the beginning about this mute button. donald trump when he has to talk about policy fails. he only wins when he's loud and bombastic. his staff if they are smart, look, don't save him, he doesn't want to be saved. he wants to be able to be loud and rude. >> your second reference. >> he has to justify -- [ laughter ] thank you. if he has to justify his second
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term, he'll fail. that will be a real challenge tonight and health care is a major issue. medicaid expansion is one of the single greatest reasons why joe biden is as competitive as he is with white voters because a lot of working class white voters and black and latino voters like medicaid expansion and they don't want to see it taken away by a second trump administration. >> right. that's a plank for states to participate in obamacare. robert, my job is not to tell people how to vote but my job is to report the facts that may relate to their voting. so if you're wondering which candidate supports the current health care laws that provide the funding and the support at the state level for health care, for the insurance market, for the prekexisting condition protection, donald trump claims he's for. you read it on your screen right now. brand-new from president trump, robert, i hope they end obamacare and his doj is the one that brought it to the supreme court is pushing that plank,
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robert, if mitch mcconnell were in the interviewing room with "60 minutes" he would hope he had a debate moderator mute button because he would want to admit donald trump -- mute donald trump giving the game away. >> i think mitch mcconnell is co complicit in this. we've been waiting for the replace of repeal and place every two weeks for a decade. okay? it's become the new infrastructure week. all right? we're waiting. we're still waiting. you know, chris wallace was told it was going to be signed in two weeks. you know, apparently president trump and his staff handed leslie stall a giant binder of all of their plans. it's being written large sections are done. i mean, this is more top secret
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than anything that the trump administration has done over the past four years. we haven't seen it. there is reason why. it doesn't exist. it hasn't existed on the republican side for a decade. and i will tell you this, it's pretty remarkable to watch and i think people should pay attention to this. republicans have gone to great lengths over the past two weeks to tell people that this supreme court case about obamacare and preexisting conditions isn't going to overturn anything. it's not real. >> yeah. >> okay? you just heard it from donald trump. 18 attorneys general have brought this case. okay? this wasn't written by a bunch of first-year law students. this is 18 attorneys general who there is a strategy to overturn it. there is not a strategy to replace it. >> yeah. i think that's a fair point and you like infrastructure week to the missing replace plan, which is something they have in com n common. i'm turning to plays because
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i've run out of lyrics, robert. we're all waiting. libby, "60 minutes" does get big interviews going into the last week and as people make up their minds, people watch the debate. i want to show the biden part where leslie stall was pushing him for what she thought was him over selling the economy and other things. take a look. >> we'if elected, i'll put toger a national commission, bipartisan commission of scholars and i will ask them to over 180 days come back to me with recommendations as to how to reform the court system. >> so you're telling us you're going to study this issue about whether to pact the court? >> no, whether there is a number of alternatives that are going well beyond packing. the last thing we need to do is turn the supreme court into a political football, whoever has the most votes gets whatever they want. >> let me ask you what you think your -- the biggest domestic
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priority is for you right now. >> well, ultimately, let me -- i'll tell you. it was happening. we created the greatest economy in the history of our country -- >> you know that's not true. >> it is totally true. >> no. i asked you what's the priority? i mean, those are all the good things. what do you want to solve. >> the priority is to get back to normal. get back to where we were. >> libby? >> well, i mean, everyone would like to get back to normal, right? the question is can joe biden talk about the economy that he and president obama were creating and if he can tell the narrative what they inherited and what they were able to do in eight years and can they get to something more than donald trump saying i created a great economy. let's get back to normal. the court issue is surprising. biden has to keep options open. he's a traditionalest, creature of the senate but he can't close
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the door to the idea of court backing and what comes next. he's come out with a plan now so he's got a response ready. we can predict what he's going to say if asked about by kristen welker. >> you can see it coming up tonight. it a partial punt. it's important and big on the table given what is going on in the senate. we have chuck schumer on tonight and that's a big issue, as well. thank you, libby, jason and robert for joining us. we're going into the shortest break of the hour. 30 seconds as this breaking news later in the program, russia hacking into u.s. commuputer systems. we have new reaction to barack obama's scathing attacks on donald trump. and as mentioned, coming up tonight, senate minority leader chuck schumer on "the beat." we'll be back in just 30 seconds. beat." we'll be back in just 30 seconds. 5g just got real.
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iphone 12 and iphone 12 pro are here on verizon 5g with the coverage of 5g nationwide, and, in more and more cities, the performance of 5g ultra wideband. get iphone 12 on us when you switch. only on verizon. we cannot leave any doubt in this election. because you know the president already said if it's even close, i'm going to just make stuff up. he's already started to do it. so we can't have any doubt. we can't be complacent. i don't care about the polls. there were a bunch of polls last time. didn't work out because a bunch of folks stayed at home and got lazy and complacent, not this
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time. not in this election. not this time. >> not this time. barack obama warning there against complacency as democrats do lead in some indicators but anything can happen in this race. be it on tonight's presidential debate stage or in the days ahead. that speech you saw a clip of is obama's first in person rally drawing rave reviews and headlines about the famously measured former president torching and hammering trump in the outing and obama pressing policy as the virus resurges in many parts of the u.s. and saying trump ignored his own plan, the obama white house's pandemic playbook and the president can't protect himself. >> we literally left this white house a pandemic playbook that would have shown them how to respond before the virus reached our shores. they probably used it to, i don't know, property up a wobbly
3:17 pm
table somewhere. we don't know where that playbook went. eight months into this pandemic, cases are rising again across this country. donald trump isn't suddenly going to protect all of us. he can't even take the basic steps to protect himself. >> obama's words echo the famous lines from "the dark night." you can't protect me, you can't even protect yourself. joining me juanita from super majority. obama hit a lot of notes there and seemed tougher on donald trump than he has been in the past when he's tried to be more magnanimous. >> obama just states facts. there was no hyperbole and exaggeration. obama laid a clear picture what the country is up against and who brought us here. trump did. the fact his administration laid
3:18 pm
out the playbook for handling a pandemic. his administration queued up with a great economy and his administration worked to expand health care to millions of people in this country but all three cases obama laid out, trump is absolutely knocking the part right now piece by piece bit by bit and what do we have to show? we have a failed economy. we have 8 million more people experiencing poverty. we have 220,000 people dead from this pandemic that was completely controllable and we just have failed leadership. >> yeah, you mentioned health care, which we were just discussing given the other reports and donald trump doing the cell phone. here is obama hitting that on health care in that rally last night. >> they keep on promising we'll have a great replacement. they said it's coming. it's have been coming in two weeks for the last four years. where is it?
3:19 pm
where is this great plan to replace obamacare? they've had ten years to do it. there is no plan. >> what do you think about obama who, of course, was initially associated with that law under the statute, it's not technically named obamacare and there was a time views were so split, there was a discussion about getting his name out of it. i'm curious what you think about politics has a long life. we're in a place now where even independents and conservative voters are literally saying wait, we don't want to lose health care in the middle of the pab d pandemic, which is why it a closing issue. >> no, we don't want to lose health care in the middle of the pandemic but trump and his administration are trying to take it away and it's up for debate in the courts in texas right now and obama communicated in this moment, that's millions of people who will be kicked off of their plans for preexisting
3:20 pm
conditions. millions of young people will be kicked off their parents' plans because of age caps raised for them under the affordable care act. there is a lot at stake right now. in addition to trump being on the ballot, health care is on the ballot, as well as plenty of issues that impact regular americans every single day. >> do you think that there is an ap -- appetite, being positive and confident and not going in like you're afraid of trump and he controls everything but using the sort of the fear side if you want to call it that because there's a lot of concerns at last cycle again, not the same thing, not the same fundamentals but when it comes to the idea democrats have gone into two cycles in a row with apparent leads and last time, didn't win the electorle electoral college relevant is that? >> i'll move you away from fear and call it reality.
3:21 pm
we have explicitly heard these threats from trump. the reality is that biden is going to need to put up numbers and when thin this decisively t this move forward smoothly. i don't think he's tapping into theory. it's the reality must be real. ptsd a lot of others are experiencing poll after poll said hillary had it in the bag. take nothing for granted i think is absolutely true and i think it's something that's going to turn out voters as we know this election is going to tighten and be a game of turnouts across demographics across the country. that's what obama is appealing to and it's smart and something we've seen from the biden campaign, as well. we don't have anything in the bag. there are still two weeks left in this election. show up, show out and bring three friends with you to the polls. >> right. and obviously, it's human nature to say if you don't think it's close, then maybe your individual vote doesn't matter. it's a collective thing. yet, you can go into a debate tonight and have one moment,
3:22 pm
30-second moment that might change a view of either candidate in a key state and change everything. it fluid which makes it among other things high stakes. >> sorry, good to see you. >> we have more in tonight's program. now reporting from "the new york times", russia hacking, computer networks trying to disrupt the election and the report there broke the story i'm interested to hear about that amidst everything else going on and the reason we think it's a special show, the top democrat in the united states senate makes his first appear rance on "the beat tonight. ance on "the beat" tonight.
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we have breaking news on a report of new russian election interference. this is from "the new york times." russia in recent days is hacking into state and local computer networks that would set up to potentially have broader access to american voting infrastructure. the report documents russia's plans to interfere in the presidential election in these final days. that could be next week or immediately after if there are contested results. all of which they say reaches to the issue of potentially exacerbating any disbutputes ife race were to be too close to call. this is a brand-new story. we have julian barr for the new york times on the team who broke it. thanks for joining us on a busy night for you. >> thanks for having me.
3:27 pm
>> what does your new reporting tell us? >> well, look, it tells us that the biggest threat out there to the election is still russia. russia has the capability, they have the experience and now we know that actually have penetrated some state and local networks. now, they haven't done anything yet. they haven't changed any votes. they haven't altered anything, but the fact that they have been in there maybe have taken information, certainly have learned about these networks positions them to make trouble and intelligence officials tell us that they know of plans russia has to interfere, to influence. >> you said russia is the biggest threat based on your objective reporting and the evidence you have. that contradicts what some trump senior officials including bill barr said pointing to other countries. >> yeah, look, iran is doing influence operations, what the director of national
3:28 pm
intelligence said last night is true. like these spoofed emails sent from the proud boys seem to have come from iran. one official said the iran is the single league team and the major league team is russia. iran is a threat but there are bigger ones out there and that's russia. >> right. in the article you also sort of document why although any messing with our democracy and our internal communications is bad, there are levels and that emails or communication is at a lower level than this and you write russia could change, delete or freeze voter data making it harder for voters to cast ballots and validate mail in ballots, create enough uncertainty to undermine election results. when i read that, you know, it cuts both ways. it sounds more serious in the email for sure. but do you have evidence that they are in there in a way that can change the vote tally or
3:29 pm
not? >> that's very important. there is now evidence right now that russia is in there to change any vote tallies and voters, americans need to understand there. there is nothing that says they changed votes. we don't know precisely what the threat is. i've talked to a number of intelligence officials who see the biggest threat as a post election period if there's a lot of close states counting absentee ballots. you could mess with the results. >> this goes to something from the mueller probe, how foreign governments learned about our system, which even we struggle sometimes to explain and understand, let alone out there what they may know and we're in a situation if it were really close, we'd have multiple states
3:30 pm
like michigan, wisconsin who said they don't expect to have all mail votes counted that night. you have pa with an open legal case about how late you can count ballots that are cast on time. so if it were up to those few states, what you're educating us on is russia wants to get in and mess with the conversation about that, the confidence around t t that. >> right, the confidence. they want to undermine confidence in the democratic system. they want to create evidence that maybe many trump could justify a rigged election. the worst-case scenario is there is a lot of mail in ballots and they go in and delete the voter record behind that and all of a sudden, those mailed in ballots are challenged. no evidence that they have done that but that's the worst-case scenario people are talking about. >> julian, i have a lighter question for you before i let you go. >> okay. >> are you like the least popular person at your, like, election dinner parties if
3:31 pm
you're always bringing all this bad news? >> i am the real downer at all election dinner parties when they happen in the pandemic. >> zoom. wherever you're talking to people because everyone has different worries. this is a big one, although, you're giving us real information about it and it's helping everyone understand and take a breath if we're in this scenario is vital regardless who is up or winning. julian barns, very busy person. thank you for being here. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> appreciate the reporting. we have so much in tonight's show. it's, of course, debate night with chuck schumer and a lot more election news. it's his first time on "the beat." that's next. first time on "the beat." that's next. at visionworks, we want you to feel safe
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the members of the committee have taken lightly but a republican majority has left us no choice. we are boycotting this illegitimate hearing. the nomination of amy coney barrett is the most illegitimate process i have ever witnessed in the senate. >> joining me now is the top democrat in the united states senate, chuck schumer. senate minority leader. busy times. thanks for coming on "the beat". >> my pleasure, ari. >> republicans closing by basically opposing obamacare and oc opposing coloradvid relief. what's your party's response? >> we want a big, strong covid deal. this is the biggest economic crisis since the depression 75 years ago and the greatest
3:36 pm
health care crisis since the flu 100 years ago and the only instrument to get us out of this is a big, bold federal package. the problem as you indicated, there are 20 republican senators in the senate that want no money. one of them said not one time. they don't have any solution how to get out of this, but they have this ideological idea that government shouldn't do anything except tax cuts. they don't care when that decreases the deficit. they are stuck. mcconnell has senators that say help us and got close to the majority of this caucus saying zero money and nancy pelosi and me like to come to a good, strong covid deal as quickly as possible. we're not going to do the thing that mcconnell did, which leaves almost everything out, you know, no state and local money and no mass transit money and not close to enough money for testing and tracing and dealing with that but to get a descent bill, a good bill when we came down a
3:37 pm
trillion dollars and willing to meet them in the middle but strong enough to help america. once we get there, it could happen. now mnuchin is negotiating but sometimes doesn't even have the ability. >> right. so you're dealing with people sometimes that can't deliver on the compromises it might be. the other big news senator, today you led a boycott of the committee's vote on judge barrett. the president's nominee. why? >> the process is the most rushed, most partisan, least fair process on the supreme court nomination in the history of america. they are rushing this nominee through. this nominee's views are so far to the right that even republican main stream wouldn't vote for these kinds of positions like get rid of aca. some of them would and the process is so unfair. with e don't wa we don't want to participate in such an elicit process. so the rules of the judiciary committee are you need two dem
3:38 pm
kra -- democrats to send the nomination to the floor. we want to participate and if they obey the rules, things would stop. they steam rolled over them as if the rules don't exist and this is typical of lindsey graham and mitch mcconnell. mitch mcconnell made the senate into a nasty, hypocritical body. the hypocrisy of mcconnell will go down in history calling for merritt garland not to be appointed eight months before the election so we should wait and eight days before the election, he's willing to put a nomination forward. it's total rank hypocrisy. why are they doing it? the hard right. >> let me ask you -- >> the right hard master run the right wing of the republican party and run mcconnell don't want to bill so they aren't for a bill. they want to put on the supreme court. someone who is so far over they
3:39 pm
know they could never accomplish those goals but one unelected body so they are rushing her through. >> let me ask you about that. you came out in front congress, joined by the ranking member feinstein. you're criticizing lindsey graham. you've been clear and people hear you and understand the evidence for that. she, of course, ended those hearings by saying she thought that graham led some of the best supreme court confirmation hearings ever. do you agree with her on that and do you think she will definitely be the chair should democrats win back the senate? >> just let me say one thing, i had a long and very serious discussion with senator feinstein after she uttered those remarks. that's all i'm going to say about that. today she was very strong in her statement we should boycott the hearing. >> you don't want to go further than that, although it sounds like you two disagree based on what you've said -- >> i'll leave it at that for now. >> let me ask about the other piece of this, which is the
3:40 pm
democrats say that mcconnell helped lead the hijacking of the obama supreme court vacancy and they changed at least for about a year the number of justices on the court. are you open to changing the size of the court through legislative measures in the future or is that to you a non-starter? >> okay. what i'd say is this. first, we have to win the majority and i'm doing everything we can to win the majority because if we don't, it's all moot. we won't be able to do a thing and mcconnell will run the senate in the same auto cnasty style he does now. if we win back the senate, we'll sit down and discuss things and i'll say this to you, ari, everything, everything is on the table. not taking anything off. >> interesting. because you are running to get control and issues i know you care a lot and work on policy, i'd like to go through a couple of policy i temperatures and find out if as senate majority leader if you win, would you
3:41 pm
bring these to a floor vote or not, the first being a big one, medicare for all. >> we have to do much more to make health care more affordable and better for the vast majority of americans there are different ways, different proposals in our caucus to do it but you'll see strong health care legislation on the floor of the senate. >> would you commit to that as a floor vote and camilkamala harr the ticket is for it or you're not ready to commit that would get a vote. >> our caucus, i have a leadership team. we meet every monday night. it has bernie sanders and elizabeth warren on it and mark warner and joe mansion on it and we come together. what we've come together here to agree on is that we need big, strong change in health care. different people have different paths to do it, should we get the majority will come together and find the strongest thing that gets the most votes. >> you mentioned elizabeth warren on the team. you were out with her earlier this week at a press conference.
3:42 pm
i saw you guys giving each other tips on the best way to wear the masks and your yankees mask and she has a plan as you know has a lot of support, aoc and other progressives very interested in this. it goes beyond the normal tax approach in the united states given the explosion of the super 1% and she would, i'm simplying but as you know, she'd make new brackets for people in house holds over 50 million and over a billion. do you support having a vote in a schumer senate on that kind of package -- >> i'm not going to vote on a specific piece of legislation. i can tell you the tax code particularly after trump favors the wealthy, not the middle class and not the poor and we have to reverse that and change it in a serious way. >> okay. the lawyer, i see you're not making hard commitments. i'll do one more on this list -- >> ari, if you were sitting in my chair, you wouldn't either, at this point. >> i'm a long way from your
3:43 pm
chair, senator. the last one actually weirdly to many came up in mcconnell's senate when he was pushing for a green new deal vote. you said at the time it was basically a diversion, it was in bad faith. a lot of viewers would agree because mitch mcconnell wasn't supporting the green new deal so it seemed like policy. >> it was vintage mcconnell, all political trickery, no substance, no belief. >> given everything going on from global warming to the fires to problems to, you know, the racial and economic injustice and environment, do you see a schumer senate going towards a green new deal vote or is the reason that was vintagecisely b he argued and thought it would pit democrats like you against the greens. >> there is a thrive agenda, eddie markey and i are two lead sponsors. it takes the basic principles of the green new deal and makes
3:44 pm
them -- puts them more specifically. i am for big, bold climate legislation early on. one of the things that i've introduced already that biden put into his platform is called clean cars for america, which would take all internal combustion engines off the road by 2040 and guess what? we worked this legislation. i like to take big, bold ideas and make them possible for the votes. guess who is for this for the first time? all the unions, ibw, auaw because the new electric cars will be made in america with strong union labor, and the ford and gm because they want to become the center of electric car manufacturing and don't want to let china do it in addition to the environmental groups. we put the bill on the floor, it will pass. we want to do the same thing for electricity, buildings and agriculture and manufacturing so it's a big bold strong bill along the concepts and principles of the green new
3:45 pm
deal. >> really interesting. >> the green new deal is not legislation. it's goals. >> a plan. yeah, a prism to view some of the issues. these are a bunch of important policies so i appreciate you going back and forth with me on them. the other thing i want to show for you, you may or not like as much but definitely a criticism out there and i want to give you the chance to respond to it, for years there is a view among some progressives on certain big issues, senate democrats, they don't fight hard enough. a lot of people as you know are concerned that donald trump is openly attacking election integrity, there is reporting that republicans might actually try to somehow steal states that go to biden by over riding them with faithless electors or fraudulent electoral college votes. i want to show you from someone you may or may not agree with and senate democrats in 2000, let's take a look. >> mr. president, the objection is in writing signed by a number
3:46 pm
of members of the house of representatives but not by a member of the senate. >> is the objection signed by a member of the senate? >> not signed. >> is the objection signed by a senator? >> unfortunately, mr. president, it is not signed by one single senator. >> it's a sad day in america, mr. president, when we can't find a senator to sign objections -- >> gentleman -- >> the connections to president -- >> gentleman will suspend. >> he dramatized that factual moment where many cbc members were looking and as they put it, they couldn't find quote a single senator or democratic senator to join in the challenges -- >> look, i can't tell you what happened -- >> the senate democrats not always fighting to the end. >> i can't tell you what happened in 2000 there but i can tell you what is happening now. we're fighting really hard to make sure they don't steal the election. the senate campaign committee has the best election lawyer
3:47 pm
that won victory after victory. he's relentlessly fighting court cases. won two big ones in pennsylvania and north carolina. there is a task force of senators with amy klobuchar, bernie sanders, chris murphy, tammy duckworth and martin that is reaching out in a variety of different ways to prevent them from stealing the election. we'll fight tooth and nail. i don't know if you want to blame senators or somebody else, the gore campaign or whatever but we'll fight, fight, fight and not let donald trump steal the election and we'll do everything that it takes. >> would you say -- >> we're working on it now. >> would you say you're linked with the biden campaign to be more aggressive perhaps than in the past. >> much more. >> my last question is straightforward. there's a lot of focus on trump v. biden, a lot of votes out. record-breaking early vote. what do you think is important people keep in mind down ballot
3:48 pm
in the senate race? how would their lives change if mcconnell is out and you and democrats are in? >> their lives would change in a lot of ways. health care would be better. there would be greater, many more jobs. we'd try to put broad band in every home whether worrural hom or inner city homes, which matters to those folks. we'd have immigration reform and say immigration that immigrants are going to have a path to citizen ship and can live in freedom and spur on the economy in different ways. we would make sure that the -- that lgbtq rights were protected. go up and down the line. we have a big, bold agenda that will make lives of average american families better. they will have more money in their pockets and more opportunity, elizabeth warren and i are asking the biden administration on day one. we think they have the power to do it, to go for -- every student has $50,000 of their loans forgiven.
3:49 pm
we are looking up and down the line at what ails average middle class people the most and trying to make it a lot better. it will be a strong, bold agenda and we'll fight very hard to get it provided of course we get the majority. don't forget to vote, everybody. >> minority leader chuck schumer in a very busy time. thank you for coming on "the beat." i hope you come back, sir. >> nice to talk to you. >> thank you. and as encourages everyone to vote, you can learn more at the debate in nashville. the final one hours away. we have updates and special coverage and one more thing when we come back. ial coverage and one more thing when we come back and other money managers don't understand why. because our way works great for us! but not for your clients. that's why we're a fiduciary, obligated to put clients first. so, what do you provide? cookie cutter portfolios? nope. we tailor portfolios to our client's needs. but you do sell investments that earn you high commissions, right? we don't have those. so, what's in it for you?
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welcome back to the beat. we are tracking what everyone in politics is tracking. two hours from now. biden and trump final debate. and they will be going at everything including some of the issues raised by the person who put joe biden in the position to be running for president at this level. his former running mate barack obama. >> look, i get that this president wants full credit for the economy he inherited. and zero blame for the pandemic that he ignored. the job doesn't work that way. tweeting at the television doesn't fix things. >> obama the former president addressing the current president as he faces off tonight with
3:55 pm
someone else who is a would be president. full coverage begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern. we have expert an lasts after wards. if you're up late join us. we do the post debate coverage a late night show. live. we think it's fun. 12:00 a.m. eastern tonight. first right now the "the reidout" with joy reid is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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donald trump spent the entirefy of the first debate with joe biden interrupting, deflecting and clowning around. this hen bayed on the second one after the debate commission insisted on a virtual formatt since he contracted covid-19. we are two hours from the final presidential debate. 42 million americans have already voted. donald trump frankly is desperate. blind in the polls and strapped for cash. he would take this last to try and save his presidency. yet, he's reportedly approaching this debate like he approached most things in life. unfocussed and ill prepared. having infected most of the people who helped him prepare for the last debate. with the coronavirus. trump has done less work for tonight. he spent the past week complaining ability the commission. on


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