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tv   MSNBC Live with Yasmin Vossoughian  MSNBC  October 24, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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least, we're watching a lot of events, just ten days, can you believe it, before election day, and the next 60 minutes alone, we will expect to hear from all four candidates on the presidential ticket. joe biden appearing with john bon jovi in pennsylvania, and president trump in ohio and kamala harris also in ohio with vice president mike pence. in florida, and if that isn't enough, president barack obama expected to speak at any moments. running about 15 minutes or so behind in miami. we will have that for you live as well. you will want to stay tuned for that. the former president out on the campaign trail in force for his former vp, all part of the flurry of the campaign action, the final stretch and already 50 million people already voting still reeling from the pandemic, and still in the midst of the pandemic, the candidates holding ten events in five different states. we have the campaign reporters out on the trail, covering it all for us. we're happy to have them live with us now. we will start with ali vitali
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and allison barber, at the biden camp, hosting multiple campaign events nationwide this afternoon. and ali, i will start with you on this one, you are in pennsylvania, dallas, pennsylvania, to be specific, here, and not that far away from joe biden's hometown of scranton, pa, and give us the tiktok of events and what we're expecting to hear from the former vice president today. >> well, frankly in the days leading up to an election, the location tells the story. we've been talking about pennsylvania for weeks now. and how important it's going to be in this lead-up to election day. but the places that joe biden has been campaigning really tells the story of the last four years. places like lieu zern county that went for trump in 2016 but previously obama/biden counties, and this is a place that joe biden is working to earn back and frankly it is one of the key examples of the way that he's trying to campaign in these kinds of places that democrats
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made inroads in 2018 and now trying to bring that message nationally across the country. and i know we talk about this as a battleground state. we talk about the polls. we talk about how close it's been in the past. but frankly, there's a situation playing out just down the hill from where we are, where there's hundreds of cars waiting to get into this event, it is a drive-in style event for biden. and there's trump campaign supporters that are also down there. you can hear the cheering. you can hear the honking. that is one of the metrics that we're seeing just playing out on the ground here. but in terms of what is going to happen here today, i just want to show you quickly, our camera man will pan over to what it looks like in the lead-up to a drive-in rally here. you mentioned that biden will be campaigning with john bon jovi, i'll allow myself a pun that he will be here holding biden to hold on to what he's got here in pennsylvania. this is one of the key state, come election night, this is a place it could come down to. >> let's talk about that for a moment. as you just mentioned a couple
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of different times, pennsylvania is a really important state, both president trump and joe biden want to clinch pennsylvania if they have the opportunity to do so, that's why they're spending so much time there, specifically joe biden there today. you have spoken to a lot of voters throughout your time in pennsylvania and covering the biden camp as well. we know back from 2016 there were a lot of registered democrats that voted for donald trump and folks that voted for obama in elections prior to that. and some new polling we're seeing from cnn, in a general election matchup from pennsylvania, has joe biden leading by ten points in pennsylvania but nonetheless, they have got to remain dedicated to that state, especially the biden camp, if they want to win it. talk me through how folks are feeling, if they're feeling confident that joe biden will win pennsylvania, considering how things looked back in 2016. >> i'm pretty sure the biden campaign and frankly democrats at large would prefer not to talk about 10 point margins in
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battleground states such as this, so much so we were talking about the idea that the biden campaign is doing a lot of work to stave off complacency, seeing the race at a national level and battleground states, it has been pretty stable, despite the fact that we have seen a really chaotic news cycle that theoretically should have moved the needle one way or the other, it has been steadily biden with a led over trump and this is a state that trump wants to win back as well, and so as we're talking to voters here, i think the key for the biden campaign, it is trying to win back those voters, who flipped, and obama and trump voters that we spent so much talking about and keeping track of, over the course of the last four years, and i mean i remember, this is an area that i was in with president trump, in 2016, when i was following that campaign, and this is the part of the state that we spent a lot of time, and i met a lot of those obama to trump voters, in realtime, and who were telling me that what they saw in trump was somebody who wasn't a politician and an outsider. we saw on the debate stage, he
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was trying to revive that outsider persona, that served him so well in 2016 but the reality is, more washington, due get more insider than being president for four years. >> let's talk florida for a moment. both president trump and former president barack obama, is in florida right now, we also know that florida is an incredibly important state for this election. and right now the polls in florida are incredibly close. 1% differentiation in some of the polls that we've been looking at. talk us through what you're hearing from the biden camp right now in florida, and specifically what they expect to get from former president barack obama. >> yeah, i mean as you said, the polls, they are very close, but i talked to officials with the biden campaign, they will tell you they are confident, they think that they can win this state, but the polls are the polls, and when you talk to people in florida, you get a sense that the polls feel at least in miami-dade county, they feel right.
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there are, it's not hard to walk down the street and find someone who supports biden and find someone else down the street who is leaning toward or voting for president trump. and both campaigns really want to and need to win. this is the largest swing state. it is a very big swing state. it's, you know, thousands of votes, small percentage, single digit percentage point separate winners from losers here, and there are 29 electoral votes up for grabs, tied with the same amount of electoral votes up for grabs in new york. president obama being here in south florida today indicates how important this state is and how much they want to turn out early voters here. early voting began in most counties, in florida, this week. and all across the state, early voting officially has started, this weekend, and we expect to hear president obama tell people at this drive-in rally to vote and to vote early. and the hope, in part, by having president obama here is that he can help energize some of the
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core democratic supporters and make sure that they turn out and they turn out in droves. people that we spoke to, have been coming to the drive-in rally say exactly that's what his presence here will do. listen in. >> he has a lot of power. a lot of people like him. the young people, so i think him speaking, he knows how though speak, he will definitely make a difference here in florida. >> this is about our future. the future of the united states of america is on the line in this 2020 election. >> we need to have a united country again. and trump has done an excellent job of dividing it. the only way we're going to get that is to go out and vote. >> so there were a fair amount of voters who came out and voted in 2008 and 2012, and then stayed home in 2016, and in florida, about 74,000 voters fall into that category. based on some of the early voting data, and absentee ballots data that our nbc news decision desk is getting. it looks like those people who
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sat out in 2016 are coming back at a fairly high rate, about 20% of the 74,000 plus voters who did not vote in 2016. but did in 2008 and 12012, they have already voted early, remember, florida, so, so close, we say it all the time, because every time you look at presidential races here, since 2000, i mean the margin has been between 2 and 5%. so 10,000 votes, 12,000 votes, it matters greatly and the hope today is that president obama who should be speaking any minute now, that he will help endisguise more people like that who maybe -- energize more people like that who voted for him in 2008 and 2012 who didn't vote in 2016, to make sure they go out and vote this time. >> and the margin was smaller in 2000. and let's talk quickly about the latino vote here, because i'm wondering what type of reaction you're hearing from folks, down in florida, when it comes to the vice president's answer on immigration, on the debate stage, on thursday night, and which he kind of stepped away
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from the obama administration surprisingly to a lot of folks who were watching, analysts who were watching it, and saying that he feels as if a mistake was made, when it came to immigration, and attaching himself more to the progressive left of the party, when it comes to immigration reform. what type of reaction are you hearing from, especially latino voters in florida, when it comes to biden's most recent stance on immigration? >> i've heard from quite a few voters that they felt there were a couple of points during the debate, immigration and the 1994 crime bill where they felt it was acknowledging some mistakes being made in the past. that being said, obviously, there's been a community in florida, in miami-dade, it is very, very large, and they're not homogeneous, you have a bunch of different groups, president trump did better with the hispanic community in 2016 in miami-dade than people might have expected because of cuban-american and venezuelan american voters.
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one thing i've heard consistently a lot of, from people, who support biden in miami-dade, and latinos, they want to hear him more aggressively speaking to issues that really matter to their community, albeit pushing back on the trump campaign. and this is such a unique group of voters here in the hispanic community. they care about immigration and foreign policy and they are listening to every single thing that is said about that. and they're taking notes. >> thank you to you both, appreciate it. so the president also has an event coming up shortly in ohio. we will be watching that as well. departing north carolina at any moment, heading to ohio, with that i want to go to nbc's josh sutterman in the small town of circleville, ohio, just south of columbus, awaiting the president's avifl and you can see vice president mike pence there departing marine one as he
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makes his way to his event in florida, i believe. so we will be watching that as well. as i said, guys, there are events happening across the country right now, as we are just ten days away from this election, so we are keeping our eyes and monitoring everything, and bringing it to you, as it develops. josh, going to come to you on this one. and as i opened, i will say the same thing to you, is that ohio is an incredibly crucial state, another swing state, that both the president and biden want to make sure that they can clinch during this election, some of the polling that we're seeing right now, has the president currently leading biden by 0.6 of a margin. again, within that margin of error, so an incredibly close race right now. what are you expecting to hear from the president today? >> well, statewide, the race here in ohio hay a may be neck and neck, but here in circleville, this is still deep territory for donald trump. you can see it from the number of trump signs, as you come toward the rally, there's not
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really a biden sign in site in this area and in fact, four years ago, donald trump won this county by 42 points over hillary clinton. compared to only winning ohio statewide by just over eight points. so why is donald trump coming to territories that he is very likely to win? there's a reason. it is because joe biden had started to make modest but important gains among the same kinds of voters that live here in pickaway county, largely white working class voters. here in pickaway county, it is about 85%, 95% white, and less than one in five people here actually have a college degree. so if joe biden can even make some small gain, peeling away some of those voters this time, that could potentially put him over the top, when it comes to the statewide competition for ohio, and its electoral votes. so that's why we expect to see donald trump, when he speaks here in just a few hours, really
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going after joe biden's comments from that debate about energy, and wanting to move away from the fossil fuel industry, as well as to continue to hammer his message on china. energy and manufacturing are both key issues here in ohio, and the president hoping he can use his approach to that, to try to hold as many of his voters here as possible as possible and as you can see, it is kind of a party tailgating feeling here, they put the football game on television so people can watch on the jumbotron as people are watching, the ohio state game, and chomping down on pizza as they wait for the president to speak here in an hour and a half. >> that should keep folks entertaining and i want to talk about the poll with the 0.6 margin. this is the real clear politics poll. 46.8 to 46.2, in the latest ohio poll, as we're seeing there. and then another poll that flashed on your screens as well.
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just to clarify, that was a fox news poll. that's 48 to 45% president trump leading by 3% in that poll as well. josh, i'm wondering as you're speaking to folks on the ground there, their reaction to the president's handling of the coronavirus on a day in which we have hit a 85,000 new cases in this country as of yesterday, surpassing the peak that we hit in july, 220,000-plus people have now died from covid over the last seven months or so since this thing landed in the united states. what is their reaction to the president's handling of the coronavirus, and former vice president biden's attacks on the president and his handling? >> it's worth noting that ohio is in a dire situation with covid-19. and over the last week, they have set consecutive multiple daily records for new cases, higher rates than they've seen at any time in the entire pandemic. now, here in pickaway county, in the deep red territories, of ohio, you don't hear a lot of
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criticism of the president's handling, people kind of shrug it off and here, even though they are saying masks are encouraged and giving them out and there is in fact a mask mandate in effect throughout ohio, you are really only seeing 30% of people actually wearing their masks here. so you go into the cities in ohio, to columbus, to cleveland, to cincinnati, you start to hear more people say they wish the president would have taken this more seriously. but here in the more rural areas, you're not hearing that. >> 2000 plus new cases in that state alone, josh. josh lederman in columbus, ohio, thank you, we will check in with you later. i warrant to go to cleveland, ohio -- i want to go to cleveland, ohio, now where senator kamala harris is addressing the folks there. let's take a listen. >> that you make the decisions, that you are part of the leadership that decides who will be in the white house, and let us remember the white house is the people's house. it is the people's house.
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it's not donald trump's house. it's the people's house. and we, the people, will make a decision about who has the microphone that makes the decisions that impact our lives every day. the people will make the decision. because the power is indeed with the people. and i want to thank you all for everything you are doing. we were out and visiting with folks who are engaged in early voting. people are standing in line. they have been in line for hours. because we know our power. we are not going to let anyone take our power from us. and we know there is so much at stake in this election, guys. there is so much at stake. look at where we are. we're right in the middle of dealing with a nation that is in the midst of four crises that are occurring simultaneously. we are in the midst of a public health crisis. have a seat.
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go on and have a seat. if you care like sitting, go on. and get up and stand up from time to time, too. we are in the midst of a public health epidemic that has taken the lives of over 220 million americans in just the last several months. many of whom in their last days on this erg, because of the nature of this virus, could not be with their family, could not be with their friends, who could not touch the hand or look in the gaze of someone they love. we are looking at a nation where over 8.5 million people have contracted this virus, and theres are telling us, scientists are telling us, with unknown long-term consequence, health consequences, because of this virus. a public health pandemic. the nature of which we have never seen. a mass casualty vane in the united states of america. unlike what we have seen since
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world war ii. and let's put it in context. thanks to bob woodward, back on january 28th, we know donald trump was informed about the nature of this virus. he was told, it will kill people. he was told it is airborne. he knew it could impact young people. he knew it was five times more deadly than the flu. and he sat on that information and did not tell the american people. can you imagine what you as a parent, as a grand parent, as a small business owner, how you could have prepared, if on january 28th, you knew what this was going to be? because remember, even before january 28th, folks weren't doing so well.
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even before then, we knew most american families had less than $1,000 in life savings. even before then, we knew folks who were working two and three jobs to try to pay the rent and put food on the table. and by the way, in joe biden and my america, we believe no one should have to work more than one job to put food on the table and pay their rent. can you imagine what folks would have been able to do if they knew what donald trump knew, but he didn't tell anybody, and instead, he lied. he lied to the american people. he mocked the seriousness of it. he called it a hoax. he suggested that he keeps an agenda that determines which side of the ledger you're on, based on whether you wear a mask or not. if you don't wear a mask, you're with him. if you wear a mask, you're not. can you imagine the president of the united states who is also the commander in chief, who has,
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as his highest and most important responsibility to concern himself with keeping the american people safe, but yet, we had a person who looks in the mirror and that is where he informs his priority, instead of looking in the faces of the american people. >> senator kamala harris there in cleveland, ohio, addressing what is at stake in this election, as she puts it, a public health crisis, the lost lives of 220,000 americans, reiterating the president lied to the american people, full well knowing they could die of the coronavirus and instead comparing it to the flu. we will keep our eyes on that event. we also have a lot of other events happening today, everybody. we will keep our eyes on miami, florida, where former president barack obama will be addressing the crowd there, a drive-in crowd to say the least. we will bring that to you as soon as he comes to the microphone and dallas, pennsylvania, you can see right there, with the microphone up, we are awaiting joe biden, to
12:21 pm
address the crowd, in dallas, pa, so we will bring that to you as well. all of that and much more, coming up, stick with me, everybody. we'll be right back. ever ybody. we'll be right back. want to brain better? unlike ordinary memory supplements- neuriva has clinically proven ingredients that fuel 5 indicators of brain performance. memory, focus, accuracy, learning, and concentration. try our new gummies for 30 days and see the difference. here? nah. introducing the all new chevy trailblazer. here? nope. ♪ here. ♪ when the middle of nowhere, is somewhere. the all new chevy trailblazer. making life's journey, just better.
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welcome back, everybody. we had a split screen that you see right now, we're watch going major events developing as we speak. we are awaiting the two-minute warning on former president barack obama. and there he is. coming to the stage there. let's take a listen in. >> hello. it's good to be back in florida. can everybody please give it up for george. what an outstanding young man. he is the number one senior at miami northwestern, with a
12:26 pm
perfect gpa. let me just say that when i was george's age, i did not have a perfect gpa. what a remarkable young man. we're so proud of him. that's the future. give it up for your representative, frederica wilson. we've also got debbie powell. debbie wasserman schultz. and your state agricultural commissioner nicky freed, they're in the house. you got that horn honking good. so ten day, miami. ten days. until the most important election in our lifetime.
12:27 pm
but the good news is you don't have to wait for november 3rd to cast your ballot. you've got two ways to vote, right now. number one, you can vote early in person right now through next sunday. number two, you can vote from home with a mail-in ballot. do not wait. put it in the mail today. or drop it off at a drop box location in miami-dade county. and if you need more information, just go to "i will," to find out where the early vote in person or to drop off your ballot. and if you have already voted, what do you need to do? you've' got to go help your friends and family make a plan to vote. because this election requires every single one of us. what we do in these next ten days will matter for decades to
12:28 pm
come. now, i've sat in the oval office, with both of the men who are running for president, and they're very different people. you know, donald trump, i knew he would not embrace my vision. i knew he wasn't going to continue my policies. but i did hope that for the country's sake, he'd show at least a little bit of interest in taking the job seriously. that's not how it worked out. he hasn't shown any interest in doing the work, or helping any accept himself and his friends, or treating the presidency like a reality show, to give himself more attention. and as we noted the other day, his tv ratings are down.
12:29 pm
but listen, listen, miami, the rest of us have to live with the consequences of what he's done. at least 220,000 americans are dead. more than 100,000 small businesses have closed. half a million jobs are gone right here in florida. half a million jobs. and i understand the president's coming to florida today. you think he's hard at work coming up with a plan to get us out of this mess? well, i don't know. because i know he's had a tough week. everybody's been very unfair to donald trump this week. in his debate with joe on thursday night, and by the way, i thought joe biden was unbelievable this week, he was
12:30 pm
fantastic this week, but during the debate, trump was asked, what is your plan for the new phase of covid? which is a pretty good question. considering that we just saw the highest number of cases spike up yesterday. so you think he would be ready for a response. instead, he just said, it wasn't his fault, and he didn't have one. he said it's now gone in a bunch of states. just as states are reaching new record highs nationwide. he doesn't have a plan. he doesn't even acknowledge the reality of what's taking place all across the country. and it gets better because he also sat down with "60 minutes," he was asked, what's your
12:31 pm
priority in your second term, and let me say, i've run for president, miami, so i just want you to know, it's a good idea to have an answer to this question, it's a good idea if you're running for re-election to say here's what i want to accomplish. what did trump say? he got mad and walked out of the interview. he thought the questions were too tough. too tough. miami, listen, if he can't answer a tough question like, what would you like to do in your second term, then it's our job to make sure he doesn't get a second term. and that's why over the next ten days, we got to work hard to elect joe biden and kamala harris, the next president and vice president of the united states. [ horns honking ]. >> i love, i love the creative honking.
12:32 pm
it's fantastic. now listen, you delivered twice for me, florida. and now, i'm asking to you deliver for joe, and to deliver for kamala. [ horns honking ]. >> tefl years ago, 12 years ago, when i chose the vice president, i didn't know joe that well, we served in the senate together but we come from different places, we're part of different generations, but i quickly came to admire and love joe, as a man, who early on learned to treat everybody with dignity and respect. somebody who lives by the word his parents taught him. nobody is better than you, joe. but you're better than nobody. and that sense of empathy, that sense of decency, the belief that every single person counts. that's who joe is. that's who he'll be. and i can tell you, the
12:33 pm
presidency doesn't change who you are. it just reveals who you are. it. fys w fy -- it amplifies who you are. and for eight years, i saw joe up close. he was the last one in the room, whenever i faced a big decision. he made me a better president. he's got the character and experience to make us a better country. and he and kamala are going to be in the fight not for themselves, but for every single one of us. and that's what you need right now, somebody who cares about you, and is thinking about you. listen. i understand that the president, he wants full credit for the economy he inherited. and zero blame for the pandemic that he ignored. as a general rule, this is not a person who likes to take responsibility for anything. but you know, the job doesn't
12:34 pm
work that way. just like george said, tweeting on television doesn't fix things. inventing conspiracies don't make people's lives better. you've got to have a plan. you've got to do the work. and along with the experience of getting things done, joe biden has concrete plans and policies that are going to turn our vision of a better, fairer, stronger country, into reality. we literally left this white house a pandemic playbook that showed them how to respond before a virus reached our shores. it must be lost, along with the republican health care plan. we can't find it. [ horns honking ]. >> eight months into this pandemic, eight months into this
12:35 pm
pandemic, new cases are breaking records. donald trump isn't going to suddenly protect all of us. he can't even take the basic steps to protect himself. there's no sense that he's coming up with a new approach with a new plan. he doesn't even acknowledge that there's a problem. just this week, he complained that the pandemic was making him go back to work. if he had been working in the first place, we would never have seen the situation get this bad. [ horns honking ]. >> listen, i have said this before. i have known failure. this pandemic would have been tough for any president. because we haven't seen something like this in 100
12:36 pm
years. but the idea that somehow this white house has done anything but completely screw this thing up is nonsense. we can compare what happened in other countries to what happened in this one. so south korea identified its first case at the same time as the u.s. got its first case. their per capita death toll, what that means is the number of people that die let's say out of 100 people, how many people die, their death toll is 1.3% of what ours is. nowhere near the number of people have died in south korea, because their government took care of business. closer to home, canada, their per capita death rate is just 39% of what ours is.
12:37 pm
their government, faced with a difficult situation, same pandemic, they said let's take the steps to minimize the damage and the harm to ordinary people, and they saved lives. so we can compare directly what happened in the united states and what happened somewhere else. what happens when a government is paying attention and what happens when a government is not. and then earlier this week, when he, when the president was asked, would you do anything different? anything? he said not much. not much? i mean he couldn't even acknowledge that maybe we should have taken some steps earlier to start testing people. maybe we should have taken it more seriously and not pretended like it didn't exist. maybe we shouldn't have had the president get on television and say that if you put some bleach
12:38 pm
in you, that might clean things out. just maybe that might have made a difference [ horns honking ] ]. >> and the mismanagement would be comical and ridiculous if it didn't mean people losing lives. if it didn't mean the economy not recovering. and the pandemic has hit african-americans and latinos harder than anybody in florida. i bet you can think of some things you would have liked to see the government done differently. so just a baseline is the joe and kamala take this seriously. joe understands how much it hurts for grandparents to not be able to see their grandkids or hug each other. they understand that you can't effectively get the economy
12:39 pm
moving again, as long as people are afraid of getting a disease. he's not going to screw up testing. he's not going to call scientists idiots. he's not going to hope a super spreader event at the white house, the way this current president did. . >> so joe is going to get this pandemic under control with a plan that makes testing free and widely available, which we should have been doing months ago. he is going to get a vaccine it every american cost-free and he's going to make sure that our front line heroes never have to ask our countries for equipment that they need to keep themselves safe while they're taking care of us. [ horns honking ]. >> his plan will guarantee paid sick leave for workers an parents affected by the pand and he's going to make sure that the
12:40 pm
small businesses that hold our communities together and employ millions of americans can reopen safely. now, donald trump likes to claim he built this economy. some people actually give him credit for it. listen, america created 1.5 million more jobs in the last year of the obama/biden administration than in the first three years of the trump/pence administration. so unemployment was steadily going down buduring the obama/biden presidency and it keeps on going and he gets elected and he says look what we did. their first three years fell short of our last three and that was before he could blame the pandemic. he did, he did inherit the longest streak of job growths in
12:41 pm
american history, that we got started but just like everything else he inherited, he fumbled it. the economic damage he inflicted by botching the pandemic response means that donald trump will be the first president since herbert hoover to actually lose jobs. and you know, he loves talking about black unemployment, says he is the best president for black voters since abe lincoln. what? listen. listen. black unemployment almost hit 17% during the great recession ten years ago, and through a lot of hard work, joe and i helped get it down to 7.8 by the time we left office, and it just kept on going down like all of the other unemployment rates were
12:42 pm
going down, not because donald trump did anything, this year it went way up, back to 17% right here in florida. and he hasn't had an answer for it. the only people truly better off than they were four years ago are the billionaires who got trump tax cuts. [ horns honking ]. >> and meanwhile, and meanwhile, he won't even extend relief to the millions of families who can't pay the rent or put food on the table in this pandemic. and the fact that he can't make that happen, that he won't make that happen, it's hard to understand, because it's not like it's his money, he barely pays income taxes. [ horns honking ]. >> he had no problem paying a ton of money in patches taxes to
12:43 pm
china from the secret chinese bank account. let me, hold on for a second. let me just see a show of hands. how many people here have secret chinese bank accounts? who's got a secret chinese bank account? his first year in the white house, he only paid $750 in federal income tax. you got secretaries, you've got construction workers, you've got your health care workers, nurses, who pay a lot more in income taxes than that. [ horns honking ]. >> listen, i'm not saying that, i'm not saying that on tax day, i'm so happy about all of taxes
12:44 pm
that i'm paying but i pay more than 40 cents on every dollar i earn, so does michelle, and we do it proudly, because what i know is that, this country has blessed me, and that, and that i want to make sure that folks like george can get a scholarship to go to college. i want to make sure that a senior, if properly taken care of, is properly taken care of. i want to make sure that we're repairing roads and bridges, and helping folks who need help, and that our veterans are getting the disability that they have earned. i'm proud to contribute, and to give back, because i believe we're all in this together, as americans, and as one american family. [ horns honking ]. >> but apparently, that's not
12:45 pm
how this man thinks. he thinks that's for suckers, i guess. but you know what? that's not how we built this country. we built this country by looking out for one another. and believing in one another. and that's what joe biden believes. joe biden's got a plan to create ten million good jobs in the energy sector, in the clean energy sector, right here in america, and it's part of his plan to protect florida, from climate change. and secure environmental justice. and he'll pay for it by rolling back trump tax cuts for billionaires. and joe sees this as a moment, not as a chance to get back it where we were, but to finally make some of the long overdue changes, so that our economy actually makes life a little easier for everybody. for the waitress trying to raise her kid on her own.
12:46 pm
for the student, figuring out how to pay for next semester's classes. for the ship worker who's worried about getting laid off. for the cancer survivor, who's worried that her pre-existing condition protections will be taken away. let's talk about health care for a second. because i know that george and i share something, we lost our mothers, in a way too early age. republicans love to say, right before an election, that they'll protect your pre-existing conditions. now, listen. joe and i actually protected them. ten years ago. with the affordable care act. which made sure that anybody with a pre-existing condition could get health insurance.
12:47 pm
it protected everybody. it protected folks who already had health insurance, it protected folks who might have to buy health insurance in the future. hispanics saw the biggest gains in coverage of anybody, almost 93% of hispanic kids got covered, an all-time high, and yet, under this administration, hispanic kids have lost coverage. and throughout this process, when we were getting folks health care, republicans fought us every step of the way. they tried to repeal or undermine the affordable care act, obama care, more than 60 times. and when they're asked about it, they say well, look, we're going to have a great replacement. it's coming. it's going to be here in two weeks. it's been ten years now, and every two weeks they say they've got a replacement, and they haven't come up with nothing.
12:48 pm
they've never had a replacement. i promise you, i've asked. i asked back when i was president. i said, show me your replacement. and we can talk. nothing. notta. zero. zilch. goose egg. the reason they don't show you their plan to actually provide people protection when it comes to pre-existing conditions, because they don't have one, and they never have. and that's just a fact. and, instead of just fessing up that they don't want people to have health insurance, they've attacked the affordable care act at every turn. they drove up costs. they're driving up the uninsured. and now they're trying to get the supreme court to take away your health care, as we speak.
12:49 pm
in the middle of a pandemic. with nothing but empty promises to take its place. why would you want to take people's health insurance just at the very moment when people need health insurance the most? what's the rationale of that. and think about what that would do to families right here. miami-dade has the highest enrollment of any county in florida. florida has the highest enrollment of any state in america. nobody has a bigger stake in making sure those protections stay in place than folks right here in florida. just this week, trump flat out said he hopes the supreme court takes your health insurance away. said it out loud. miami, joe and kamala will protect your health care. they will expand medicare. they will sign up more folks on
12:50 pm
medicaid, and make insurance more affordable for everybody. that's what they stand for, and that's why you got to get out there and vote. joe understands that the first job of a president is to keep us safe from all threats, domestic, f foreign, and microscopic. when the daily intelligence briefings are flashing warning signs about a virus, the president can't be awol. when russians put bounties on the heads of our brave soldiers in afghanistan, the commander in chief can't be m.i.a. he can't be somebody who doesn't read the briefings. joe biden would never call the men and women of our military suckers and losers. he knows those troops are somebody's husbands, somebody's wife, somebody's kids, somebody's spouse, somebody's
12:51 pm
father. and when a hurricane devastates puerto rico, a president is supposed to help it rebuild, notes to paper towels with billions of dollars in aid until just before an election. we've got a president who actually suggested selling puerto rico. believe it or not, could have been worse. he once asked national security officials if he could nuke hurricanes. i mean at least he didn't do that. a nuclear hurricane seems like it would have been bad. i mean it would be funny if it wasn't. look, some of the rhetoric you're hearing down here in south florida, it's just made up.
12:52 pm
it's just nonsense. listening to the republicans, you think j you'd think joe was more communist than the castros. don't follow for that baloney. don't fall for that. joe biden was a senator from delaware, he was my vice president. i think people would know if hecht was a socialist by now. what is true is he'll stand up for ordinary people, worker, minimum wage, what is true is he'll stand up for affordable housing. what is true is he'll go pro moat human rights in cuba and around the world and he won't coddle dictators the way our current president does. and let me tell you something
12:53 pm
else about joe biden. joe biden's tough. you know, something that you can't really say about this president, he likes to act tough and talk tough. he thinks scowling and being mean is tough and being rude is tough. but when "60 minutes" and lesley stahl are too tough for you, you ain't all that tough. if you've got to walk out of a "60 minutes" interview, then you're never going to stand up to a dictator. if you're spending all your time complaining about how mean reporters are to you, you're not going to stand up to putin. joe biden will restore our standing in the world because he knows our true strength comes from setting an example that the world wants to follow, a nation that stands with democracy, not
12:54 pm
dictators. a nation that can inspire and mobilize others from threats and power and disease. and here's another thing. with joe and kamala at the helm, you won't have to think about them every single day. there might be a whole day where they don't be on tv. there might be a whole day where they don't tweet some craziness. you won't have to argue about them every day. it won't be so exhausting. just having a normal president. you'll be able to go about your lives knowing that the president is not going to suggest injelktiinjelkt i jelkting bleach or tweeting about secret kabbalahs around the world or retweeting claims that navy s.e.a.l.s didn't actually kill bin laden. we're not going to have a president who goes out of his
12:55 pm
way to insult anybody who he doesn't think is nice enough to him. we won't have a president who threatens people with jail for just criticizing him. that's not normal behavior, florida. you wouldn't tolerate it from a co-worker. you wouldn't tolerate it from a high school principal. you wouldn't tolerate it from a coach. you wouldn't tolerate it from a family member. florida man wouldn't even do this stuff. why are we accepting it from the president of the united states? it's not -- it's not normal behavior. and, you know, you shake your head and you think, well, you know what? that's just him, but there are consequences to this. there are consequences when a
12:56 pm
president behaves that way. it emboldens others to be mean and cruel and divisive and racist. when you have a president who cannot -- cannot call out or even criticize white supremacists, that's a problem. that sends a bad message. it frays the fabric of all of our lives. it affects the way our children see things. it affects the way that our families get along. it affects the way the world looks at america. and in the meantime it distracts us from the truly destruction active actions that the cronies he's placed all across the government are taking, affecting
12:57 pm
your lives every single day, even when it's not reported on, even when you're not paying attention to it. the environmental protection agency that's supposed to protect our air and water, these ooh run right now by a lobbyist giving free rein to dump poison into our air and water. the labor department that's supposed to protect workers right now is run by a lobbyist who declares war on workers, guts protections that would keep people safe during the pandemic and shortchanges people on their wages. the interior department that's supposed to protect our public lands and wild spaces for future generations right now is run by an oil lobbyist who's fine selling that american treasure off to the highest bidder. the education department that's supposed to give every kid a
12:58 pm
chance, young -- amazing young people like georgia. right now that's run by a billionaire who's gutted the rules designed to protect students from getting ripped off by for-profit colleges and stiff-arm students looking for relief during the middle of an economic collapse. the person who's running medicaid right now is not trying to sign up for more people for medicaid to help them out. they're trying to kick them off of medicaid so that they've got to fend for themselves at the very moment that they need protection the most. so here's the thing. with joe and kamala in charge, they're not going to surround themselves with hacks and lobbyists. they're going to surround themselves with qualified public servants who are actually going to care about you, who are going to work hard to make sure that you've got a job that pay as living wage and that your family
12:59 pm
is protected and your health is protected and you've got some security and that we're prote protecting our planet. and that more than anything is what separates them from their opponents. they actually care about every american. even the ones who aren't going to be vote for. and they're going to be in the fight on your behalf every single day. they care about you, and they care about our democracy deeply. they believe that in a democracy, the right to vote is sacred. we shouldn't be making it harder for people to vote. we shouldn't ask people to wait ten hours to vote standing in line. we should be making it easier for everybody to cast their ballot. joe and kamala believe that no one, especially the president, is above the law. they understand the protest isn't un-american. our country was founded on
1:00 pm
protests against injustice. and they understand we don't threaten to throw our political opponents in jail just because we disagree with them. we don't call them un-american just because they're of another political party. joe and kamala understand that our ability to work together to solve big problems like pandemic depends on more than just photo ops. it depends on more than just spin or making stuff up. it depends on a fidelity to science and logic and facts. and these are not republican or democratic values, florida. niece are american values. this is what we learned from our parents and our grandparents. they're not black or white or hispanic or asian or native american values. they're american values. and we


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