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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  October 28, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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it here. we will of course monitor it for information if we think you definitely need brought to you. with that that does it for us. thank you for watching, katy tur takes over coverage. not sure if i'm handing you a live baton. >> this reminds me of the birtherism press conference that he held at his own hotel where he thought he could come out and say something but we got testimonials beforehand. good to see you. >> good afternoon, i'm katy tur, it is 11:00 a.m. in the west, 2:00 p.m. in the east. welcome to the last mienl of our two-year election marathon. in the last days one candidate is being accused of risking people's lives in order to campaign. trump is speaking in nevada right now and then he is going to arizona for two more rallies today which we can now assume, pretty safely, will not be
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socially distanced or masked. last night at his rally in nebraska hundreds of trump supporters, many elderly, were left abandoned in the cold. some walked as many as three miles in freezing temperatures to find transportation. seven left in ambulances. donald trump who won in 2016 with the help of seniors is now accused of endangering their live ss so he could hold a turn around rally at an airport hanger. the polls top to bottom don't look that good. joe biden is showing a lead over the president in georgia 50-45 among registered voters. nbc news just moved texas into the toss up category. texas a toss up. a lot of that has to do with the coronavirus. the president keeps saying we're rounding the corner and according to a list of his first-term establishments, that
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the white house put out today, the president ended the covid-19 pandemic. i don't need to tell you that it is not over. 227,000 americans are dead. at least 1032 people died in the last 24 hours alone. the midwest is on fire, counties are running out of hospital beds again, and it seems like according to the polls americans just are not buying what the president is selling. joining me now the white house correspondent carol lee, alley vitali. it is over 228,000. because of what the president is doing, how he is campaigning, what he is up against.
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i am struck every day that he is holding the rallies that are not socially distanced. he is putting lives in danger by not having transportation for people and these are the people that he needs to vote for him. it is quite a contrast. >> it is certainly quite a contrast from what the president's opponent joe biden is doing in terms of campaigning. but this is how the trump campaign thinks is his best chance of trying to win the election. they don't have the money that joe biden has and they can't be spending on the air waves and advertising in that same way. so their theory of the case, as they say it, is that they're going to put out their best asset. president trump, as much as possibly they possibly can in the next six days. we have seen him do roughly three events a day. that is expected to ratchet up. there is a mission for the president to do as many as 11 events in the closing 48 hours
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of the campaign. we'll see if that comes to be. the president himself told his advisors that he wants to do more. he wants bigger rallies, and he wants to be out there as much as he can. his advisors are saying they think and they have told him that could move the election as much as a percentage point in so the some of the battleground states. whether or not that is true remains to be scene. what you wind up with, setting what happened in omaha asaid, there aside, and they think that -- they see numbers rising in their state and think think it is a really bad idea. so it could have some backlash effect as well. from the president's perspective and his advisor's perspective this is the best that he can do from now until election day. >> a couple outlets are talking
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about the numbers rising. manage watching the local news and seeing that on your screen, rallies with people packed in tightly, and wondering if it is safe to go to your grocery store after that. joe biden on the contrast, alley, is not doing rallies like this. he criticized the president and hit him for what happened in nebraska, let's play that sound. >> just look at what happened last night in omaha after the trump rally ended. hundreds of people, including older americans and children
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stranged in sub zero temperatures for hours. it is an image that captured his whole approach to this crisis. he gets his photo-op and he gets out. leaving everyone else to suffer the consequence of his failure to make a responsible plan. >> ali, it seems like the motto of the biden campaign is do no harm. >> no harm and stay laser focused on the president's pandemic mishandling. he is not in a battleground state, and we have seen this be his message in the course of the last few weeks and months. one advisor said we should not expect this message to change. joe biden's message has been very consistent. it is battle for the soul of a nation. the need for leadership and unity and the need to get the pandemic under control. and the biden campaign is talking the talk in terms of
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this being their message, but they're also trying to walk the walk on this by showing that clear contrast with how they're campaigning. biden made a point today and the last time that he dressed the coronavirus to talk to public health experts and highlight the science behind the way that he wants to combat this pandemic. that's not the way the trump administration handled this. so whether or not it is the way they're talking about it or the way they're going out campaigning, i have been to multiple biden-harris events. many are drive in events. people are in markets, in their cars. limited people showing up. the candidate wearing a mask, reporters that are tested consistently. so they're trying to put their words into practice out here and that is frankly not going to change until the last six days of the election. this is the message, as he is
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going around to these states, too, katy, it's not that he has to remind people about it. a lot of the battleground states are in the beginning stages of seeing another wave of surging cases. so the reminder is there. it is palpable, and that is the message that joe biden wants to take through the finish line. >> let me ask you this. there is concern among some democrats about where joe biden is spending the final moments of his campaign. they were worried about him being in georgia and not spending time in pennsylvania. i know he has spend quite a bit of time in pennsylvania, but talk to me about the decisions to go to a red state like georgia instead of going to the formally fire wall blue wall states like wisconsin, michigan, minnesota, and just focusing on them on repeat, pennsylvania as
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well. >> in terms of the pitch that he delivered yesterday in georgia, it was also tieing it to past presidents who did exceptional things with their presidencies. the president connected to warm springs georgia. the message of unity and healing was there. that was certainly part of it it, but at the same time you're seeing the ticket at large take an aggressive stance in terms of where they're going and also hitting the more conventional states we expect them to spend time in. kamala harris spending time in arizona. biden making that stop in georgia, a state that has not gone blue since 1992. we'll see him in places like florida tomorrow. iowa, wisconsin, and to there is the conventional place that's we
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assumed that he would be going at this part in the race. i have talked to the same democratic strategists that are ringing their ha wringing their hands a little bit. they said we're going to look back at this, we told you so, you should have been campaigning in other states or we're going to look back and say this is brilliant, this is how they sealed the map in his favor. >> let's go back to donald trump and the way he was conducting himself. there was a moment between one of the white house communication officers and alison camarata of cnn that i would like to play. >> let's talk about acting responsibly. with wisconsin, are you concerned given that there has been a outbreak in vice president pence's orbit,
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hospitals in wisconsin are near capacity. does that give you any fauz act going there to hold a big rally? >> no, the vice president has the best doctors in the world around him. the american people have the right under the first amendment to assemble too. >> the vice president has the best doctors around him. let's also read what the white house said, the trump campaign, said about an omaha rally. he said that president trump loves his supporters and he was thrilled to visit omaha next week. because of the sheer size of the cloud we deployed 40 shuttle buses. at the guest departure location we have generators, hot cocoa, and generators available for guests. we care about their safety.
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what i find striking about both of those things is what is at the top of mind here seems to be that the vice president and the president are fine. they're tested, they have the best doctors around them, that everyone else at the rallies is on their own. they signed waivers saying i'm not going to hold the campaign liable if i catch covid at their rally. their people were left in the cold last night, ashley. you tweeted this. you tweeted that trump bragged that he could shoot someone on 5th avenue, and now whether or not he can send people to the hospital because of fridggid temperatures. >> let's take the second window,
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leaving supporters in these sub-zero temperatures to basically fend for themselves is nothing something that should happen in any political campa n campaign. i have covered others where sometimes something would go awry, they could leave the press behind, right? no one likes the press and there was always repercussions for something like that. imagine leaving thousands of supporters stranded on a dark wintery night and the fact that rather than punishing anyone as it seems or getting to the bottom of it the campaign released a statement saying they had hot cocoa for their supporters and passing the blame to someone else. it was revealing because the question, it seems, was clearly a question about are there any concerns about the supporters that are governmentering that might be at risk from the vice president that might have been exposed. is there concern about gathering
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so many supporters together? not wearing masks, not with social distancing, and a case where infections are spiking. the way he answered it was as if the only person that mattered was the vice president. the only person that matters is the president and everyone else as you said is left to fend for themselves. as you said, of those hospitalized people, will they still vote for trump? will they vote for trump? quite possibly n. >> it's like saying we're going to hold a pool party in the al alligator swamp. you can swim and it's up to you to take the risk. >> i appreciate it, ladies. i also appreciate your dodger blue ali vitali.
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don't miss the nbc special election coverage. brian williams, rachael maddow, and joy williams will put it into context. late into the night enearly in the morning you will see us, including me, breaking down what happens overnight. stay up with us, that will be tuesday. two jurors come forward about stunning actions about the police actions. their attorney joins me next. and with just six days left, candidates are barn storming oklahoma. it is a state that could prove crucial to donald trump'
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we have new polling in the potentially senate tipping race. first time political candidate expending his lead between him and the other 20 candidates between his and the georgia jungle primary. he will need to avoid what was considered an all but certain run off to be held in january. joining me now is rev ren warnock. thank you. 41 pekt is where you're at in
11:21 am
the polls. you need another 10%, a little over nine, to make it so you don't have to have a run off. what are you doing to put you over the edge so you can avoid them in january. >> i'm literally on the bus right now. i left forth valley, georgia. i'm moving all across the state of georgia making my case to the people of georgia who need support, who need a senator who will be standing up for them. there is a narrative often that folks that run in the senate, by churches churches in atlanta. i want to be the senator for all georgia. >> where are you right now? >> i'm on a bus, i just left ft.
11:22 am
valley, georgia. we're going to stop by camilla, georgia going to albany. a few weeks ago we were in a small place recently where the folks were very concerned because the neighboring county has a hospital that just closed, the southwest georgia regional medical center. the eighth hospital in our state to close in the last ten years. much of this is because georgia has yet to expand medicaid. we're one of just 12 states they have places that have a high covid-19 death rate. so we need a senator who understands that health care is a human right and will help georgia to do the right thing. make it even easier to expand
11:23 am
medica medicaid. >> do you think that is the differencemak maker for this election? usually senators from georgia are republicans. you're coming pretty close as of now. john ossoff is in a close race as well. is health care the difference maker for georgians on whether or not they will take a chance and vote for a democrat? >> when you look at the issues around health care this has to do with people's wellness and with their material prosperity. as these hospitals are closing and small places like ran dodol county. it is a drag on the economy, all of the jobs connected to these hospitals. we have kelly lefler who, when
11:24 am
she heard about covid-19 seemed more focused on her own portfolio than the people that she was sent there to represent. she profited. she is being challenged by a career politician that voted to prevent uts from being able to negotiate the cost of prescription drugs for seniors and others that need medicare. the choice could not be clearer. there is a united states senator that spent her time making money. a sitle u.s. congressman that used his time making deal, and a mass t pastor that tried to make a difference in the lives of ordinary people. >> let me ask you -- >> i'm sorry to interrupt you there, the delays are killing us. let me ask you this, if you have to have a run off, if you can't avoid it, who would you rather face off against?
11:25 am
laughler or collins. >> they're both saying they would be the best representative of donald trump in new york. i think the u.s. people need someone that will stand up to them. >> thank you so much for joining us. and gacongratulations to you fo having the healthe esies iesies bus i have seen in awhile. we should note that we invited both senator laughler and senator collins to join us as well and neither was available. they're welcome any time. two jurors in the breonna taylor case say they were planting seeds of doubt. and kamala harris and trump
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are both in arizona today. n ari.
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our campaign is focused on earning the vote of every american. we're traveling to michigan, pennsylvania, i was just in ohio, wisconsin. but we're also traveling to arizona. i was in nevada yesterday. there is poeople all over our country that want to know we're being seen and heard. particularly because of the devastation because of the vi s virus. >> that was senator kamala harris. arizona has 11 elector yol voia. and with the polls showing a dead heat, they're making a play for that state. kamala history is meeting with business owners in tucson.
11:31 am
. the polling may be showing a dead let, but are the polls right? who is really in the lead if they're not right. joining me now is vaughn hilliard. and dave wasserman. you're going to answer that question for us in a moment, but first i want the state of praise in arizona from vaughn, what do you have? >> in 2016 joe arpiyo lost his reelection race. martha mcsally lost maricopa county as well. it has been long believed whatever way maracopa county goes the presidency goes. they have continued to see polling did i have sits in the
11:32 am
suburbs around town. not only are they topping here but they're making a second stop in rural arizona. i went upt around that part of the state yesterday and i was talking with voters. this is a place that donald trump won by 52 percentage points. they say we know we're facing deficits. so are they doing that? take a listen to a couple voters i met? >> why now? why come out in 2020? >> the democrats had not lost their mind in 2016. i don't want to become a socialist country or a third world country. >> how likely are you to vote? >> i will vote. >> i will vote for trump. >> why didn't you vote in 2016? >> i knew that no one would vote hillary in. i didn't have to. >> you knew trump would win? >> yes.
11:33 am
>> this time you think is closer? >> yes, so i'm worried. >> katy, so how many voters like those three wick are out there in the rural parts of the state. this trump campaign is wanting to turn out those very new voters to try to make up for some potential deficits here in the greater phoenix area. >> is it possible to make up for the deposition sits he might face in maricopa county? >> no, they're so urban, and now 81% of the vote is cast in ma c maricopa county. and that is the question as to why biden is still a favorite there. >> when you do your rough rankings of the states of play,
11:34 am
of the states in play, for this election, accounting for the errors of 2016 and 2018, you a list of state that's joe biden is most likely to philflip. it is michigan, pennsylvania, arizona. note thaable that you put arizo ahead of wisconsin. >> i did a direction of error polling. and i found a pretty clear and crucial pattern. polls underrated democrats final margin in the midwest by -- sorry, they underrated the republicans final margin in the midwest by four points in 2016 and two points in 2018. but it was the reverse in the southwest in nevada and arizona. it was democrats that were the ones that were undersampled and it could have to deal with the nature of harder to reach
11:35 am
voters. voters harder to poll in arizona and nevada tend to be younger, hispan hispanic, and more likely to be part of the democratic coalition. >> there was a tweet that you posted the other day that talked about where all of the polling stands in this race. and you said you have almost seen enough i guess implying that you have almost seen enough to say that joe biden is going to win this. you're more comfortable than a lot of people out there, especially people that feel the 2016 hangover. explain your thinking? >> i wasn't confident in 2016. the marties involved are polling
11:36 am
these districts to make spending and resource allocations. in 2016 they were flashing red warning signs for places like the southern tier of new york and the upper peninsula of michigan. and that signalled big problems. this time around we're seeing warning signs for donald trump in pennsylvania, michigan, and wisconsin. he is under performing his margins from eight to ten points, and there is not much of a path for him to make that up in the rest of the state given these patterns. >> one other quick question. trump was in omaha, and nebraska is a red state but you points out that a congress than in district, bun of the two, is likely to flip for one vote for joe biden instead of trump.
11:37 am
do you have a sense that they think that maybe it could come down to that one electoral vote? >> the trump campaign is trying to plot out a route to 270. and they know in some of the further fetched scenarios that mai maine and nebraska could come into play. the most college educated battleground of any of these targets that we're talking about, biden has close to a nine or ten point leaded in that one district. we don't see it currently as all that competitive. and that is a big flip from 2016. >> really interesting. dave, you have one of my favorite twitter feeds on all of that hellscape of a site.
11:38 am
if you don't follow dave wasserman on twitter, go do that. thank you for joining us today. as the election draws nearer, a closer look at the militia groups that are arming thmss and vowing to show up to the polls. but two anonymous jurors have talked about the details of the prosecution of the person involved in her death.
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they didn't give us the charges up front when they gave us all of that testimony over 20-something hours and they said these are the only charges they're coming up with. it is like what did we just sit through? and then to be told we're not charging them with anything else, to me it was a betrayal. >> when you were one and two and ewe old all you have to consider right now is wanton endangerment, did anyone say are there other options? >> almost the entire room? >> what was the answer that you were given? >> basically they said there was other possible charges, but nothing that we could make stick. >> they didn't. >> give us the opportunity to
11:43 am
deliver rate on anything else. when they said that was the only charges, there was a uproar in the room. >> two grand juries in the tay were never given a choice for homicide charges. daniel cameron's repaeded claims that the jury agreed that the officers that shot taylor were justified in shooting her. joining me now is the attorney for two of the grand juries. thank you for joining us. these two grand juries are alleging something very serious. that essentially the attorney general of kentucky has covered up the evidence so as not to allow them to bring what they
11:44 am
believe is the deserved charges against the officers that carried the shot that's killed pr breonna taylor. >> what they did was block them from reviewing any additional charges. i think that is what is appropriate to talk about here. i think it only allowed them to consider the three charges and blocked them from looking at any other charges against any other law enforcement officials. >> so they're saying they were not allowed to this do, they believe it was a miscarriage of justice. breonna taylor's family also feel there was a miscarriage of justice. what is next? >> from our position it is about
11:45 am
transparency, and that lends a hand two breonna taylor's family, but we will have to see where that goes. >> let me play another moment from gayle king this morning and the two jurors. >> it was a mess. it didn't seem to me there was any organization or almost any leadership in the whole operation. >> this thing started out downhill to begin with. you don't need seven cops to go up to someone's door and to say we're here to do an information. it was one mistake right after another after another. they covered it up. that is what the evidence that i saw. and i felt like there should have been lots more charges on
11:46 am
that. >> negligent, criminal, not credible. do they have an opinion what daniel cameron's motivation was to with hold the options of the more serious charges? >> unfortunately they don't billion have an opinion on the why. what i think is important is for everyone to realize that mr. cameron never met the jurors, never spoke to the jurors, but there was control of the jurors in dictating that outcome. the original grand jury i represented came to me after they went on live tv in kentucky and laid all of that on the grand juries. and they made definitive
11:47 am
statements. and they wanted to make sure the record was clear. and i wassed to show how that grand jury was controlled. >> will we hear more from the grand juries. >> we heard there may be more interest. we're certainly receptive to that. the original motion filed on behalf of the first grand jury was designed to let others know there was a outlet and that there was a group of people in support of anything they may want to say. we ended up with a second grand jury who interviewed on that cbs this morning clip as well. but we have yet to hear from any additional jurors out of the 12. >> such a good interview and we're so glad that they came out to tell us what they thought went wrong.
11:48 am
thank you for joining us, kevin, appreciate your time, sir. >> we reached out to daniel cameron's office for his response and we have yet to receive a response. last month he said if the jurors wanted to make an assessment on different charges, they could have done so. clearly though in that interview they don't believe they had that ability. the president has been telling his supporters to watch the polled. some armed militia members have heard that call and they are making a lot of people nervous. e making a lot of people nervous '. everything we want to be when helping people find a medicare plan. so if you're looking for yours, say hello to hellomedicare... ...a one stop shop for medicare plans, ...including a range of unitedhealthcare medicare advantage plans. plans that could give you $0 co-pays on all primary care, doctor visits,
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11:51 am
our people that helped her out. and then she blamed me for it. she blamed me. and it was our people that helped her. i don't get it. >> president trump continued his attack on democratic governor gretchen whitmer on the road yesterday in battleground, michigan, this time by doubted whether the right wing militia plot to kidnap and murder her is real. the president's incorrect comments came as a judge in michigan struck down the state's plan to ban open carry at polling places on election day. it has a lot of folks in michigan on edge, especially with the rise of anti-government militia groups nationwide. nbc correspondent cal perry got rare access to one of these groups. he joins us from lancing, michigan. cal, what did you learn? >> it's that nationwide spread
11:52 am
that has authorities so worry. the southern poverty law center is tracking some 180 groups. we spoke to some in kentucky who are out on the streets, as we see the social justice movements take place. be aware, what you're going to hear from them is not only they condemn the plot in michigan. they're not poll watchers. they're trying to separate politics from the activities of what they call a militia, which is just an armed group. take a look. self-described militias are becoming a regular sight on the streets of many american cities. often dressed head to toe in military fatigues, often with firearms strapped to their chest. >> we are security, and we do uphold constitutional rights for people, whether that's, i tell people this a lot of times, whether that's our constitutional rights or others'. >> nick leads the group b.a.r.e. brothers of equal amendment rights. >> you think that's inciting? >> no, because you have the
11:53 am
right to hold a weapon no matter what. i thing it's people making an assumption based on what they believe. >> we tried that earlier today, and they separated us. >> we have seen you out. and in frankfurt, in louisville. why does your group come out on the streets? >> to make sure everything remains peaceful when they're protesting. >> tara is the leader of another militia that she says has over 80 member wheres. we vene them outside kentucky's capitol and on the edge of demonstrations for breonna taylor. >> we won't want the towns burned down. we don't want anyone shooting each other. >> but law enforce says a militia presence makes their job more difficult. >> it does not help the situation. it only exacerbates the situation. >> the police are doing all they can, but they have their hands tied, and a lot of people are against them. >> guys, guys. we've got to keep our composure. we cannot put our hands on somebody like that. >> in the increased presence of
11:54 am
these militias has led many in it city to take precautions. >> we want the revolutionary black panther party who is doing our security. >> are you worried about the presence of militias in kentucky? >> i am, especially since the legislative body i served in voted to allow people to open carry without a permit. our legislative body has been clear it supports institutional systemic racism. it's sending a message to these white militias you're welcome in kentucky. >> do you think some of these militia groups are racist? >> some are, and some of the black groups are racist too. i don't vouch for either one of them. >> southern law positive aers center has photos of you carrying these flag. >> people in my group are puerto ric rican, blacks, cubans. i've got a mixture. >> these groups so visible 93 that this became a defining
11:55 am
moment of the first debate. >> proud boys, stand back and stand by. >> so you thought it did kind of speak to your group? >> i think it did. i think it did. i think the reason why he said to stand back and stand by was, you know, he sees it the same way. >> and like many, he fears the election could bring unrest. >> are we talking civil war? because people say civil war in these groups all the time. >> i think that's a possibility. i think it's probably a real close possibility. though most people will try to make it a black and white thing, i don't think it's a black and white thing. it's a right and left thing. >> the coronavirus, katy, has supercharged the recruiting for these militias. but specifically, what the president talks about with your liberties being violated by the state shutdowns it adds fuel to the fire. as you heard in the piece, as we say to exhaust ourselves, it matters very much the language the president uses when he's addressing these groups and it will matter on election day and it days that follow, katy.
11:56 am
>> uknow, i find it interesting that two things. one, that they say that they believe the president is speaking to them in code, while the president says no, no, no, or his white house means he didn't actually mean that. the other thing, them saying that law enforcement has their hands tied. there's a real distinction made in michigan when i was talking to the attorney general up there about the charges against the men believed to be plotting to kidnap and murder gretchen whitmer, is that there's a difference between the michigan police and sheriffs. and where they stand on the line between whether they're comfortable with militias open carrying around the state. did you get a sense of that line in your reporting? >> absolutely, and i think the sheriffs work more on a local level where they feel like politically, they can bend certain ways on these gun laws. in kentucky, you don't need a
11:57 am
permit to conceal carry, and in michigan, we have seen legislators scared, frightened by people well armed in the capitol. you're absolutely right, and the state and federal officials would like to better control these guns. but it's obviously a massive issue, katy. >> cal perry, cal, thanks so much for bringing us that very important story. stay warm out there. that's going to do it for me today. if you're going outside, wear a mask. if you're staying inside, ayman mohyeldin picks umour coverage. a moment of personal privilege. congratulations, dodgers. that's it for me. bye. ember♪ philadelphia cream cheese, made with fresh milk and real cream. makes your recipes their holiday favorites. the holidays are made with philly. all otc pain relievers including volthave one thing in common none are proven stronger
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good wednesday afternoon, everyone. i'm ayman mohyeldin in new york. just a moment from now, i will speak with house speaker nancy pelosi about how covid-19 infections are spreading across the united states at the fastest rate since the start of the pandemic with the seven-day average at over 76,000 new cases per day. 36 states, 36 states are seeing a rise in hospitalizations, while overseas, france and germany are facing new lockdowns. the markets are suffering today. the dow dropped to its lowest point in more than a month. over new covid fears. joe biden is in delaware getting briefed by his pandemic experts. a short time ago, he voted early, joining a record


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