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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  October 29, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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deadline ballots in a separate container. so you know, i don't know how you would come back now and say don't count the votes. there would have to be something different. and perhaps the scenario i just sketched out. you know how many of those there are and you think it would make a difference. >> all right, now i will thank you and now i will relief you from your duties. pete, thank you very much. katie katy tur picks up right here. another live handoff. >> two days. two in a row. i certainly enjoy it. melania is speaking about her husband right now. we're going to go to that in a moment when the president starts pe speaking, but let us first start with our 2:00 p.m. show.
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it is 11:00 a.m. out east. today both candidates are focusing on canada. donald trump are campaigning 240 miles apart from each other in california. policy wise they might as well be on opposite ends of the planet. you can see it on the left-hand side of your screen. the president has been brags that the pandemic is almost over and the economy is roaring back. while biden has consistently warned that the pandemic is still raging and our recovery under donald trump is uncertain. you would not be able to tell,
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but the coronavirus surge is here. cases are climbing in nearly every region of the country included in states that the president needs to win. perhaps that is why if polling is our guide the president's reelection message is not exactly sticking. according to a brand new poll, he is holding a late among voters. and any minute we're expecting new polls out of four swing states. we're going to get those in just a moment. let's get right to it right now. joining me now from florida is monica alba. also nbc news correspondent mike memoli. and new york sometimes chief white house correspondent.
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another day, another rally, another one of the scenes where people are not socially distanced. they're not wearing masks mostly. >> we're here in tampa just outside of an nfl state yum. -- stadium. i have never seen one with so few masks. this is a defiant crowd saying even if the campaign is encouraging you to wear the face coverings they simply didn't want to. melania trump was not wearing a mask when she arrived.
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their message is we battled it, survived it, we're fine, and you can, too. they also talk their their son testing positive. that's part of what she is discussing right now it is mu harder to dismiss it for people here. he will be speaking about the economy and gdp numbers. touting that right off of the top, and making a pitch to latino voters. we have seen more support here in some recent polling for the incumbent president.
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that is because the trump campaign and the republican national compete poured millions into that effort in the united states. all of that will be part of the message today as the president discusses a new american dream plan in battleground florida. >> they could be a potentially big deal while eating away at any republican support among seniors. it is also a big deal. i know the president says that he got the virus, the first lady got the virus. steve, we just got new polls including one out of the state
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of florida that has joe biden in the lead. i believe it is 45-43. again these are very we're talking about what monica just mentioned, peeling away any votes is going to be a big deal. there is a new poll, they should a three-point advantage for biden. so five, four, and three. the nbc one is right in the middle there. each showing very small, very narrow leading for joe biden in florida. what is behind that, what goes into the biden lead, you're talking about this, two groups of seniors.
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powering across the finish line in 2016. from the summer into the fall, joe biden leading by seven among seniors in florida. that is a major shift. the reason it is still a close race in florida despite sha shift away is there is another shift that appears to be afoot. this is a telemundo poll. that is a big shift. more specifically they break it down here. it is cuban american voters. you think of south florida, miami-dade, look at the advantage that trump built
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there. that is not an advantage that trump had in 2015. there is a long-standing advantage in florida. it goes back decades, trump did not really benefit from it in 2016. so he is growing his support there. you see around puerto rican voters. that adds up to what they always seem to find a couple points in favor of the poll getting here. i don't think either side really knows what will happen on election day. >> underscoring what monica alba said at the top. let's go through the numbers we just got in. it is 45-42 in florida. in pennsylvania biden 51-44%. in ohio, biden 48% to 43%.
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also in iowa, trump 47% to biden 46%. you have biden in three of the four states. a lot of, honestly a lot of room for joe biden to run away with it. if these polls are correct, and again i say if the polls are kreblgt. let's get to the president speaking in tampa. but you have to get out and vote. we are creating the greatest red wave in the history of our country. it has been amazing. i want to get some introductions
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and introductory things out. we have to talk about what is going on in our country with the big tech, the power of big tech, they're incredible. i heard about it for a long time, the power big tech, sir, big tech is against you, their tremendously powerful, you can't beat them then we had the election and we won. 94% of the stories about us is negative. think of it, think of it, 64% of the sorries about sleepy joe are positive. how do you have a positive story about this guy. this is between a choice -- this is historic prosperity.
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and record job growth and joe biden's plan is to deliver punishing lock downs. he is going to lock you down. you have a great governor. did he speak too long today or not? no? i watched him on the plane. i said look there is rod. they have the little thing in the box. i said oh, look, there is ron, he is speaking. he looked like he was up there a long time. he is a great governor and a great guy. they want to give you massive tax hikes. i have been with politics essentially all of my life, only this side of it for a few years. we have done well, haven't we?
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a senator came in and said sir, an older guy, nice guy, a pro. a total pro. he said i have been in nine races and i won seven of them and now i'm a senator and i said senator i have been in one race, i won one, now we want to win two. it was the presidency. we took them all by surprise, didn't we in we took them by surprise. they're still trying to recover. and you will have a crippling depression the likes of which you have never seen if sleepy joe becomes your president. and your 401ks, throw them out the window. you know what will happen? and you know our stock market as a big head wind. the head wind is if he wins and you're doing good. you see the number today? 33.1 gdp. the biggest in the history of our country by almost triple, right? almost triple.
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this is the greatest, up 33.1%. >> so the president talking about gdp, we're going to talk to austin goldsby bat llater in hour about the gdp. what we need to do to continue the trajectory that we're on. remember that congress has not passed another stimulus even though millions of americans are in dire need. again that is donald trump in tampa. usually the crowd behind him at these rallies, the campaign has been relatively successful at getting the crowd behind him to put on masks even though the rest of the crowds are generally not wearing them. it seems like here in tampa pay did not have any squesz that. almost no masks within that crowd and they are packed very closely together. joe bide listen n will be speak
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florida. we'll go to that, and in the meantime we have the next best thing. we have mike memoli covering it for us. you can see from the way that joe biden is campaigning. >> absolutely, katy. i'm hearing the cheering and you're pointing out a lot of folks not wearing masks at the trump rally. here it is a drive in rally for biden. you have been to a lot of campaign events, i have been to my fair share as well. i heard an announcement at this one which is please remain in your vehicles. if you can't touch your car you're too far from it. welcome to campaigning during a global pandemic. this is what the biden campaign is encouraging here. if even there is no mask mandate, even if they have not followed other blue states, the biden campaign is doing
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everything they can do be safe and have their supporters and the local community be safe. as far as the message we're seeing for joe biden as he makes his fourth trip to florida since the democratic convention, the second most of california, you come to south florida, miami-dade to the south here or broward where we are today. and you try to run up the score. you get as many votes as you can and you go up the corridor to where bide listen be later. you try to win the counties along that interstate in order to have a form will for victory. they're feeling as they see in our new polls like they're in a driver's seat at the moment, but they're very closely watching these early vote numbers as well. broward county today could surpass the 50% mark. they are encouraging as they did
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in the preprogram here if you have not already voted, don't put them into the mail. that is the concern on the biden team. they feel confident that if everyone can vote they can win, and that is a big question this year as well. will everyone be able to safely vote and have their vote counted, katy. >> he is saying there will be a giant red wave, but he is musing about him potentially losing and riding off into the sunset. he did this in 2016 saying if you don't vote for me i'm never coming back here. it looks like with the polling not on the president's side they're coming to rely on fighting this out in the courts if they need to or if they can.
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talk to me about what you're hearing and what the expec expectations are. >> the president has very little time to change the dynamic if he can. it is more than 70 million people that have already voted. more than half of last year's turnout already voted. they are not open to persuasion at this point. they're not open to argumenting, rallies, news events, or october surprises. it's almost as if we're on election day around 2:00 p.m. where half or more have gone to the polls and you're only talking about a smaller audience of people into there is less time for the president so do anything to win over anybody. what he can do is find ways of counting, or not counting certain votes to facility the ods. they make the argument that some of the late counting, some of the rules are open to fraud. there is no real evidence of that. they will try to use the courts to limit the scope of the
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ballots that are tilted by biden. they're more likely to vote in absentee form in some fashion or another. this is clearly a matter of math. you want to limit the number of ballots counted in any way that you possibly can. >> your paper has done a lot of reporting about what trump campaign is doing in a number of states already to start contesting what is happening at the polls already. what is happening with mail in ballots, what is happening at drop boxes around the country. i find this interesting in in 2016 when i was on the road and trump was running head first into controversy, and instead of being gentle, running into the sexism of it, the allegations of sexual assault, running into the idea that gold star families were not patriots because they
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didn't support him. i understood that strategy because i was talking to people on the ground and i could get a sense of what they thought of it. right now i'm having a hard time understanding the strategy to continue holding these rallies in the middle of a pandemic with people not socially distanced. people not wearing masks, putting people's lives in danger the other day in nebraska. forcing them to walk three miles back to their car in the frigid cold. seven people hauled off in ambulances. the images of what is happening and the after-math of what is happening there with the spread of the coronavirus, it doesn't make sense to me for a campaign. it also doesn't make sense as the leader of a country to want to put american's lives at risk. >> the president tried repeatedly to change the subject of the campaign. he tried to make it about law and order. joe biden's incapacity. he tried to change the subject,
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and it keeps coming back to coronavirus. not just because of the media but because there are people getting sick and dieing. he says it's not a big deal, they're over stretching it, over exaggerating it. he is playing to the people that are existed from the virus and the pandemic. you can't browbeat a disease into going away. you can't humiliate it on twitter. it will still be there. he decided, i think, to run into the issue, as you say, by denying a big problem, condensing some of his voters that want to believe him because they're tired of it, too. >> we have polling that we can put on the screen about hour seriously people are taking the virus. maybe we will get that up before i have to say my goodbyes. mike memoli, peter baker, i guess we'll come back to that
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later. sticking with florida, seniors there handing donald trump a victory in 2016. this time around in the middle of a raging pandemic things are different. >> he turned around and said "don't let this dominate your life, this is nothing, bologna. i still have symptoms from this. >> could the president's response to the virus sink his changes in florida to win again? while he is on the campaign trail today, expect the president to tout news that the gdp grew at record pace in the third quarter. losing $100 and gaining back $60 is sort of good news but not as good at what the president says it is. what the economy needs now to continue that growth. first the u.s. just set a new record for confirmed covid-19 cases in a single day. we're going to go to debra burke
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so now we're entering the cooler months, we're in a very bad position when you think about where we're going. the trajectory is going up. and compound that with the holiday season coming and we have to did something different. we're clearly going in the wrong direction. >> white house coronavirus director warn thats that if the coronavirus doesn't change soon, the u.s. broke another record on wednesday. more than 80,000 new infections,
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a record high for daily cases for the third time, the third time, in just one week. the virus is now spreading at it's fastest rate since the start of the pandemic. some states are experiencing spikes so bad they're over whelming hospitals in the west, midwest, and the south. joining me now from illinois, cal perry. and also dr. ribeaux. we're also still waiting on joe biden and we're going to go to him when he starts speaking. >> a new daily record in the state of indiana. he will be deploying into elderly homes where the situation is out of control. we have had 30,000 plus cases.
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doctors and front line heros are trying to get people to take care of the social distancing iss measures. we have been trying to keep in touch with the doctors, they're filing video tie ris for us. here is a little bit of that. >> as much as we expected an increase in the winter months as people are coming inside and socializing in closer proximity to each other, it is hard to see it again this soon. >> things are definitely starting to pick up here. it feels like a riding tide, so to say. and with flu season here i can only help that with the lessons learned from covid can serve as a levee against what looks like a upcoming wave. >> i find myself being fear and an
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anxiety. it is fear that people are so over we overwhelmed by what we have done that we just give up. >> there is an obviously friction here. the major did not want to shut down restaurants. she said go aide go to restaurants. there are mayors in illinois that say they will not enforce these rules. chicago is a city where the schools are still in remote learning. kids are not going to schools, and bars and restaurants are not open and it is creating a lot of friction here in the city today. >> it makes me nervous to think about sitting inside. i want to talk to you about what you're sighing in your state in north dakota. when we talked to you when the show started, it's not just
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about hospital beds in your state. tell us what else is of concern. >> i think our positivity rate has become a concern for us. as you talk about a number of cases we have been very aggressive in our testing measures. we see the positivity rate begin to go up. as we look across our state we have had this discussion multiple times. we have been slow to the table for our personal responsibility. and the fact that covid was slow getting to us. and maybe i think people got comfortable and hopeful that it would miss us. i think we turned the corner in our states. all of the major cities have mask mandates in place. >> you have the highest number of daily covid cases per capita in the united states and this is
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according to the most recent white house task force. also as part of her tour of the entire country in an effort to see how things are going, she said that in north dakota, and i'm going to read her words. we were in your stores and your restaurants and in your hotels. this is the least use of masks that we have seen in retail establishments of any place that we have been. she had been to 40 states at this point. there is not only evidence that masks work, but evidence that mask utilized as a public health mitigation effort work. you know, there is not a state-wide mask mandate but you just mentioned there are a lot of cities in north dakota now requiring it. are people paying attention? are they listening? >> we're starting to.
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you know if you go back two weeks our utilization of masks have gone up dramatically. probably not where we want them to be. we encourage every to wear their masks. i think people didn't take it serious enough as we ramped -- we're at a spot now where i think it as become real for us. >> and not just about hospital beds but the staff. it is important to keep everyone safe if you want the hospitals to function at the level they need to function. dr., thank you so much. coming up, both president trump and joe biden are going after seniors today. more on the pivotal role for
11:31 am
that voting block playing into this year's election. the president is calling the gdp growth the biggest and the best in the country. they talk about where it is we're going to have an expert explain it and talk about what we need to continue on the path toward recovery. we need to continue on the path toward recovery.
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also promised joe biden is speaking? coconut cove, florida. >> a lot of these families didn't have to lose anybody. and as long as friends, i appreciate it. we have to send them both back to the house of representatives. we're going to increase the numbers in the house of representatives. five days left, folks. millions of more are voting, millions will vote by the end of this week. i believe when you use your power to vote they will change the course of the country for generations to come at home. this election is the most important one you have ever voted in.
11:35 am
first or tenth. ladies and gentlemen, the heart and soul of the country is at stake here in florida. you hold the key. if florida goes blue, it's over, it's over. you have heard me say this a long time. wall street and ceos did not build this country, you in your automobiles, your the ones that built the country. the middle class built the country. you're the one that's will save the country now that you built it. and in the final days keep that sense of empowerment with you. the sense of optimism. what we can do, what we will overcome. and on november the3rd we will unite this country and show the
11:36 am
world who we really are. i know it is hard in the past few months over 220 more than 16,000 here in florida alone. as i said in april, carl anthony lost his mom. millions of people out there. they said, can and i don't, we're not going to control this pandemic. with donald trump he said we're rounding the corner, it's going away, we're learning how to live with it. that's what i told him, he is
11:37 am
doing nothing. we're learning to die. the families surrendering to the virus. but the americans don't cower, and neither will i. president trump's super spreader events are spreading more virus around the country. division and discord. we need a president that will bring us together and not pull us apart. i will put in place a deal to deal with this pandemic and bring this around for testing, tracing, and masking. it is estimated by the leading doctors and the cdc, dr. fauci, they called for a mask mandate.
11:38 am
we could save 100,000 projected deaths. 100,000 lives. we're expected to lose another 200,000 people between now and the end of the year if we do nothing. we should not listen to the science, and we should not be politicizing a race for a vaccine either. we should be planning a safe and equitable free distribution. setting a national standard for schools and businesses once again. to reopen. bringing together economic relief. working families, the unemployed, schools, businesses, allowing you to stay in your home when you don't have money for rent. allowing you to stay in your moment. $20 million people on the grif
11:39 am
of losing next month's mortgage payment. i said it before i'm not going to shut down the economy. i'm not going to shut down the country, but i'm going to shut down the virus. when barack and i left office, we left a strong economy. stronger than the one he handled and just like everything else he inherited, he blew it. >> joe biden talking in coconut creek, florida. saying he will revive the economy, not shut it down. you hear the horns, erin at the joe biden rally is told to stay in their cars. mike memoli said the campaign made an announcement that if you can't touch your car you're too
11:40 am
far away. come that to what we're seeing at trump's rallies. we rarely get to see the live side by side. most people are not wearing masks. thousands of people packed together. there has been a lot of concern about what these rallies that donald trump is holding leave in their wake. the sort of spread that comes from these rallies. peter alexander reports this from north carolina, let me read it to you, two people in tramp's campaign rally on wednesday, oblgt october 21 have tests positive. because of the large number of potential contacts from that rally and the inability to alert them directly the community is
11:41 am
being identified so they can assess their own risk and take appropriate actions. we think about the person watching on their television screens and wonder ifs it is safe to go to the store tomorrow if there is a spread in their community after these rallieral here it is happening in gastonia, north carolina. let's talk about the economy new gdp five days before the election he is saying the economy is great but the devil is in the details. the numbers sound great on the surface, but this record recovery follows a record collapse. the worst quarterly drop in u.s. history so the starting point was pretty low.
11:42 am
it is as far below it's peek as in the darkest days of the recession. 33% needed to be closer to 46%. so get to where they prodetected it to be now we would have needed to double this quarter's growth. as more shutdowns are threatened, especially with no stimlouse coming. there is chairman of the council of economic advisors. he is consistently a professor at the university of chicago booth school of business, it is always good to see you, break down the numbers for us. >> it is a outstanding in your opinion. it's not like a number that we have seen before. but as you said, you score five ryder cu runs in one inning, that is a
11:43 am
good inning, but if you allowed ten runs in the inning before that you're still way down. i think the numbers look very much like what happened in the job market over the summer. where we started with a 21 million job loss, and we made back a little over half of that. and then we kind of stalled out. we're still adding jobs, but you also saw this morning another epically bad new unemployment claims, number. you still have well over 700,000 people filing for unemployment insurance newly this week. now we're seeing this on the gdp side. certainly this is a positive. you would not want a smaller number, but it has to be bigger and more sustained than what we saw today before we can say that we're back to normal. >> so this is for the third
11:44 am
quarter. this is for the prk pe when small businesses kicked in. without the two things renewed, without more stimulus being added to the economy in the form of checks and also in the form of money and block grants where are we going to be? >> i think as perceptive, if the third quarter was not including the massive relief and rescue efforts, it would have been worse and that we cannot get a second relief package through because of opposition. it is really threatening the recovery. it threatens that we stall out in the same way that we have stalled out in the job market. i think it would be quite disturbing and that is why you see the head of the fed appointed by trump saying "the fed cannot solve this problem we
11:45 am
need the federal government to invoke some stimulus rescue relief, whatever you want to call it. if you don't do that, and if millions of small businesses close down because they can't pay their rent and millions of people get evicted because they cannot make their house payments, we will face a major speed bump to the recovery. it might be years before we could overcome it. >> larry kudlow was on with chuck todd a moment ago. he says if booid season elected it will be terrible, we'll have a depression. kudlow was saying if you raise taxes on everybody it will slow
11:46 am
down the economic recovery and bring it to a halt. is that true if you tax the welty in this country more? will everything fall apart? >> of course not. we can look at all of the previous times that the republicans have cut taxes for low income people or we can look specifically at this time when donald trump cut taxes by two trillion dollars for the highest income people and the biggest corporations and we didn't get any magic beanstock beans. that never happened. i'm friendly with larry kudlow and i have known him for a long time. i think they are dangerously out of touch if we think that what we need right now in the middle of a pandemic is $30 billion more tax cuts for billionaires and big corporations. that is absolutely not what we need. we need relief to ordinary
11:47 am
people. >> the big corporations kept saying they would use that money to reinvest. a lot of their promises did not come true, a lot of it went to stock buy backs. the top of the corporation rather than everybody else. thank you for joining us today. still ahead, the most reliable voting block. and for that reason whoever wins florida, seniors could twhan state very likely. were going to go live to florida to hear directly from those voters. what are they concerned about? e voters what are they concerned about? this week on "the upper hands"...
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special guest flo challenges the hand models to show off the ease of comparing rates with progressive's home quote explorer. international hand model jon-jon gets personal. your wayward pinky is grotesque. then a high stakes patty-cake battle royale ends in triumph. you have the upper hands! it's a race to the lowest rate, and so much more. only on "the upper hands."
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president trump and joe biden are offering two radically different closing arguments in the state this afternoon. according to polls one closing argument might be a little more convincing. right now with five days left new numbers show biden pulling ahead in florida, but -- and this is a big but -- biden's lead is within the margin of error. both candidates chasing votes in two electorates that could make all the difference. biden is edging out trump among seniors, while trump is beginning to peel away latinos. maybe. joining me now from florida is chris jansing and daniel smith.
11:51 am
chris, you've been talking to women about how they view this election and how they view the pandemic. what did you learn? >> reporter: couldn't be more different. i talked to two biden supporters, two trump supporters. they're fired up. they know how important they are, the senior voting block to florida. donald trump won florida largely fueled by a 7% advantage with seniors four years ago. now in our new nbc poll today biden is up 7 points. that 14-point swing largely attributed to covid. again, they have very different views on how donald trump has handled the pandemic. take a listen. >> he has done everything that anyone could have done. >> i had covid. so i do feel very strongly and have very strong feelings about covid. i feel had he done something
11:52 am
earlier, i might not have got it. >> i've been having people at my house without masks from the beginning and i feel fine. i'm 78 years old. >> when he said don't let this dominate your life, this is nothing. baloney. i still have symptoms from this. >> i don't need my president to understand my feelings. i need my president to be able to do exactly what he did. mobilize the national resources. i can take care of my own feelings. >> you talk about feelings, he's putting feelings into public health policy. black people, hispanic people, brown people are being severely impacted by covid-19. >> now, you know, we can all hide and we can all wail or we can realize this is going to be with us for a while. >> oh, yes, it will. >> we have to learn how to live with it. >> we can agree to disagree. >> nobody is leaving the country
11:53 am
if the other guy wins. >> no. >> i've been thinking about it. >> reporter: they're not leaving the country, but they're going to spend a lot of time between now and election day trying to convince whoever is left that hasn't voted to get out and vote. the reason why i'm here is because donald trump won here by 26,000 votes. barack obama when he was here and he won florida, he kept it within about 200 votes. that's a coalition of a lot of the seniors who live here. moderate republicans and independents. those are the people joe biden need in places like this if he's going to take florida. our poll says 4 points. there's recent polls that say 2 points. nobody i've talked to on the ground doesn't think this isn't a toss up and are sitting on pins and needles here in florida. when have we been here before,
11:54 am
katy? >> basically every election we talk about florida. at least dating back to the famous tim russert white board. dan, let's talk about what we're seeing among early turn out. more than 7 million floridians voted. break down the numbers for us. how do you view who has voted and what it means for turn-outcome november 3rd? >> chris' report is spot on in terms of divisions, the importance of covid and health and looking at seniors. about 50% of the registered voters in florida turned out to vote. seniors turned out at very high rates. 66% of those 65 and older have already voted. that's about 2.8 million votes already in the bank for either biden of trump. what is really interesting is
11:55 am
looking at how no party affiliates who have by far the lowest turn-out so far, well under 50%, for those who don't belong to a party and how older no-party affiliates will probably break in this election. survey data i've done shows that those who have concerns about covid are 1-5 likely to be voting for donald trump, 65 and older. if you're concerned about getting ill and also similar to those who wear masks all the time. very few seniors who are no-party affiliates will probably be turning out on election day, they're less likely to be supporting donald trump if they have concerns over covid. >> let's talk about another voting block that we talk about nationally a lot, but not so much in the state of florida. that's the black voting block. what have you seen in terms of black voters turn-out so far?
11:56 am
>> there are about 2 million registered black voters in florida. turn-out is 44% so far, that's people who turned in their mail-in ballots or voted early in person. that's actually a higher rate than we saw in 2016. in 2016 when barack obama was not on the ballot we saw a major drop-off of black support, especially in south florida where joe biden is right now. >> one other quick question on mask wearing, how does that break down people wearing masks and support for the president versus joe biden? >> so democrats, whether you're wearing a mask or not, doesn't matter. you're supporting joe biden. republicans largely supporting donald trump. the survey we did in late july
11:57 am
showed some remarkable movement, especially older voters. among republicans those who said they wore a mask all the time, only 33% of republicans over the age of 65 said they were going to vote for trump. that number goes down to about 30% for those who are concerned about getting sick. that's a sizeable chunk of otherwise reliable support for donald trump because of the concerns over covid. >> dan smith, thanks for joining us. we appreciate you breaking down the early vote numbers. so interesting in the state of florida. chris, thank you so much. you've been having some interesting conversations. that is going to do it for me today. if you're going outside, if you're in public or around anybody, wear a mask. if you're staying inside ayman mohyeldin picks up our coverage
11:58 am
after a quick break. up at 2:00am again? tonight, try pure zzzs all night. unlike other sleep aids, our extended release melatonin helps you sleep longer. and longer. zzzquil pure zzzs all night. fall asleep. stay asleep. ♪ i feel good ♪ i knew that i would, now ♪ i feel good ♪ get a dozen double crunch shrimp for one dollar with any steak entrée. only at applebee's.
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