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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  November 5, 2020 8:00am-9:00am PST

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♪ good thursday morning to you. craig melvin here. it is another busy one as we watch for results in several key states right now. we're also learning close to 160 million americans voted in the 2020 presidential election. that's according to nbc news projections, and that is a 120-year high. we're also setting some records in this pandemic as well. our country hit a new high of
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100,000 daily coronavirus cases on wednesday. more on that a little later. let's get right to the latest on our election results. here is where the road to 270 stands right now. it hants changed much over the last few hours or so. election workers across the county counting ballots at this very minute in many states. let's start out west. here is a look at the state of play in arizona with 86% of the vote in there. still too close to call. the difference roughly 68,000 votes. vice president biden with a narrow lead in arizona. from arizona to georgia. we are expecting -- expecting being the operative word -- new votes to be dropped in just a few moments out of fulton county. georgia still too close to call with 96% of the precincts reporting. president trump with a slight lead there. the difference, though, about
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18,000 votes. to nevada we go. in nevada you can see vice president biden with a slight lead. still too close to call. the difference in nevada, just 7,647 votes. we expect an update on vote totals in nevada in just a few hours. we should get a better sense of what's happening there. and in this hour, intensifying focus on pennsylvania. some new numbers out of philadelphia. still too close to call, obviously, with 91% of the precincts reporting. the difference, about 135,000 votes between president trump and vice president biden. president trump has seen that lead of his in the keystone state dwindle by several hundred thousand votes over the past 24 hours. once again, our reporters are spread out from the big board to the battleground states getting literally minute by minute updates on the state of the race. we start with steve kornacki at the big board once again.
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steve, take us through where things stand at this hour. the aforementioned votes out of fulton county, have those votes dropped yet? >> no. i think we're still waiting. let's check in on georgia. 18,100. that's donald trump's lead statewide in georgia right now. that's been dropping because of counties like fulton county where atlanta is and where joe biden has been doing very well in the late reporting, absentee vote. it looks like we've got one new one in the last few minutes in georgia that competed its count. that's what brought trump's lead statewide, down about 500 votes in the last half hour or so. we got one smaller county that just reported its complete result. i think we have 13 left. i've got my checklist here. i can tell you fulton is one of them, the atlanta metro area, kind of disproportionately making up the list of counties that are left to report. there are some others, though. there are some counties in the
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state that still have absentee vote to report. where trump did well and we think might be doing well in the absentee vote. there are other counties around the state, like around savannah where the absentee vote is out standing and we're expecting biden to do well. on the whole, you can expect biden to cut into that trump lead. that's the suspense right now. can he's race all of that, or can he going to fall just short and will trump carry georgia? pennsylvania, similar suspense. at this point the trump lead much bigger. many more ballots to be counted in pennsylvania, particularly philadelphia. we're trying to get a sense of exactly how many ballots it is that are left in philadelphia and around pennsylvania. joe biden clearly winning them at a very heavy rate right now. these are absentee ballots, mail-in ballots, in pennsylvania in particular biden has been -- for whatever reason it was, democrats really did prefer to use mail-in voting compared to
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republicans. republicans much more likely on same day. so the mail-in vote coming in here is very heavy favoring biden again. is it enough to catch him all the way up. then we'll put this one up, arizona, the story is the opposite. joe biden leads the tally so far. it's donald trump trying to play catchup. it is trump who is relying on the late counted ballots. we have been seeing -- we saw this overnight in maricopa county, around phoenix, they began to release their final batch of votes, final pile of votes. there are hundreds of thousands of them. they began to release them overnight and donald trump was getting about 59% of them. that's right around the threshold of what he needs. if he gets about 59% of the remaining votes in arizona, that might be just enough for him to catch joe biden there. so again, it's trump relying on the late counting ballots. there may or may not be enough. there's suspense in arizona as
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well. the big picture for the president, where he is in the electoral college, he needs arizona, he needs georgia, he needs pennsylvania. he needs to win them all to have a shot to get to 270. >> really quickly, steve. nevada, also one of those states that still hasn't been called there. what's it look like there in nevada for the president and vice president biden? >> six electoral votes up for grabs. you see joe biden's lead here, very narrow at the moment. 7,600 votes. we're expecting i think in perhaps the next hour or so to get an update of votes that are remaining here. we're told that the ballots that are left are mail ballots, they're provisional ballots, ballots brought in on election day. so we'll see -- there's some expectation that the ballots that are outstanding are more going to favor biden, more going to favor the democrats just again because we've seen this trend of anything involving mail ballots, absentee ballots, in
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most states has favored biden. we will see. that's why we've been waiting on nevada. we're told there's going to be an update probably in the next hour. six electoral votes on the line. >> and again, president trump's re-election campaign expected to announce a lawsuit there in nevada at some point. really quickly, steve. the term you just used, provisional ballot, we'll be talking about that more this hour. what exactly does that mean? what's a provisional ballot? >> for example, if you show up at a polling place on election day and say i'm registered to vote and i want to cast my ballot. they say your name is not on the list there. it turns out you're registered in a different precinct, you can fill out a ballot often and the ballot is sort of put aside until after the election. if the election is close enough and the provisional ballots could affect the margin, they will then verify, was this actually a registered voter, check the rolls with another precinct, all that bureaucratic
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work has to take place to verify it's a legitimate vote, and it would be included at that point. >> all right. steve kornacki, thanks as always. we'll be checking with you throughout the -- throughout forever. let's get right to our reporters who are following the count in three states. we just heard about from steve, stephanie gosk is in philadelphia, vaughn hillyard is in phoenix, blayne alexander is in georgia. blayne, let's start with you here. there are two big questions there in georgia very simply. first, how many votes are left to be counted? second, when can we expect the results of the count? >> reporter: the billion dollar questions, craig. the simple answer for bgt of them is it's a moving target. let's start with the numbers. we just got a briefing from an official with the secretary of state's office. they're estimating about 60,000 ballots still left to be
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processed across the state of georgia. the reason i say that's a moving target and that's something they said in the briefing is we've seen that number slightly fluctuate throughout the day. earlier we were told about 50,000. so 60,000 or so, ballots, is what they're estimating. as to when they finish, it depends on the counties. they say there are some delays because some counties are doing it in different ways or slower or having more human error than others when it comes to getting it done expeditiously. let's talk about fulton county. you've seen me either in front of or inside state farm arena. this is the place where the absentee ballots are being scanned, being processed. i texted with a spokesperson with the county who has been watching this process go on. she says they're literally almost done. they expect to have this wrapped up any minute now. we're going to see those numbers come in from fulton county, a few more batches throughout the
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day. that's just one county here in the state of georgia. there are a number of others that are still processing. what this means, and this is certainly notable, is that where it's coming from, fulton county, metro atlanta. this is a heavily democratic area. i've been texting with a couple of my democratic sources. they're optimistic as they watch this lead chip away from donald trump to joe biden, watch that gap get closer, they're very optimistic as they see more votes come in that this will be good news for them at the end of the day, craig. >> really quickly, blayne, this fluctuation between 50,000, 60,000 outstanding ballots. how are election officials explaining that fluctuation? >> reporter: i think a couple of things. one, i think it's where the counties are. what is actually happening with the counties in terms of how many they've done, how many they have to adjudicate or are yet to be add jewett kated and how quickly they're processing that.
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and what we heard was just the processes they're going through. he said in some places counties may or may not be uploading something correctly to say how many ballots they have left. they dhek again and say, okay, there are actually more here. that's the best explanation we can get. all this underscored by the fact that they say now and have said all along that this is a moving target. they're optimistic that they can get this concernly by the end of the day. but again, we're continuing to watch and see how realistic that is. craig. >> okay. all eyes on the metro atlanta area. blayne alexander, don't go far. stephanie gosk, all eyes are also on the metro philadelphia area. we heard steve kornacki break down the latest tally with new numbers coming in this morning. more votes are being counted. what are you hearing there on the ground in philly? >> reporter: much like atlanta, eyes are on philadelphia, but
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unlike georgia, pennsylvania still has hundreds of thousands of votes to go through. i want to just talk about philadelphia itself. they've got about 100,000 votes that they need to go through. they're likely to get through that over the course of today. biden has been winning at about a percentage point of 80% at this point. if he were to continue at that pace, then i think he would gain 80,000 votes. he is 140,000 votes behind president trump. so president trump still has the advantage there, but with all of these votes out there and the way they've been breaking up until this point, because they are these mail-in ballots that have been heavily, heavily democratic at this point, if it continues to go in that direction, there's room for that 140,000-vote difference to be made up. >> all right, stephanie gosk for us there in philly. stand by. i want to go out west for a moment to arizona. vaughn, there was this tense
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scene that played out there in the last 12 hours, protesters, some of them armed gathering outside the counting center in maricopa county. what's it like there this morning? how soon could we get an update from arizona, specifically maricopa county? >> reporter: gathered protests, our colleague gadi schwartz was out there for part of it. about 100 protesters chanting "where are the votes." for anybody that has covered arizona elections here, this is part of the process. the votes are coming. maricopa county, exactly where those protesters were yesterday, they released about another 150,000 ballots. they're methodically going through this process. i've been in the county recorder's office time and time again to watch the process unfold, where folks from both political parties are inside, verifying every signature on every mail-in ballot and ultimately tabulating the votes. they go in the hard drive and that's when you see the votes
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posted online. that's what we saw last night. the question, where does this race go from here? there's about 400,000 outstanding ballots here in the state of arizona. you see joe biden's lead now down to just 69,000 votes. steve just laid it out there, the number we have been looking at is 60%. before last night there was about 550,000 outstanding votes. the number donald trump was going to have to win among them was about 60% in order to catch up to joe biden. in the first 150,000 batch, he did just that. now, what does that last 400,000 look like? this is where democrats believe that in the back half, these are going to be ballots that are ultimately turned in on actual election day. mail-in ballots that were hand delivered at the polling location, will trend more to them. they believe more traditional democratic and independent voters showed up and did just that this day. essentially what you've seen over the last 36 hours, when joe biden came out to an initial
8:15 am
double-digit lead, all of a sudden the votes over the last week started being calculated. those numbers overwhelmingly were in donald trump's favor. republicans were waiting until the end to turn in their ballots. if i could use the metaphor that the trump campaign would like to use, the trump train over the last 36 hours has cruised full speed ahead, getting this close to joe biden. what the democrats believe has happened, it's going to turn more into a trolley, essentially. donald trump is still going to win these last batch of ballots, but not going to win them at the rate it's going to take to overcome joe biden. instead of 60%, it may be just winning them 54, 53, 50%. that's what the democrats hope. whether that's reality, that's the question. we don't expect to get the next batch of results out of maricopa county, craig, until 9:00 p.m. eastern tonight. it appears we have another day ahead of us here. >> yes, it would seem that way.
8:16 am
vaughn, thank you. stephanie keep us updated on the situation in philly. blayne, we may come back to you as the vote totals continue to change. i want to bring in nbc election law analyst, director of election law at the ohio state university, ned foley. i want to make sure i get that "the" in. i know how big the buckeyes are on that. ned will be with us to answer legal questions today, tomorrow, into the foreseeable future surrounding looming court battles. lawsuits have been filed in three different states, another one expected to be announced in nevada soon. ned, let's start with pennsylvania. in the last hour the pennsylvania commonwealth court ordered election officials there in philly to do more to allow observers to watch the canvas. it's being seen as a legal victory for the trump campaign. from a practical standpoint,
8:17 am
ned, what does that mean? >> it just means more eyes on the process, and that's a good thing. we want transparency of the voting process. both campaigns, both parties, all voters, want to be able to know that the vote counting is fair, is accurate and being done properly. philadelphia has been allowing for that camera view which is good. there's rules about transparency, and the court was just making sure the rules are being followed. the ballots will still be counted. it's not going to stop the counting of votes. ballot votes will still be counted. >> ned, we should note for our viewers and our listeners on sirius satellite radio that you were one of the election law specialists who months ago flagged that pennsylvania from a legal standpoint could pose some problems. what did you see in pennsylvania
8:18 am
months ago? >> it's this thing called the blue shift. we're watching it happen as things unfold the last couple of days. that is, that the vote tallies on election night were likely to be in favor of president trump, team red versus team blue, if you will. that was because more people voted in person on election day in favor of president trump and they could be counted quickly. the absentee ballots, the vote-by-mail ballots, they have to take longer to be counted. that's what's happening now. we had reasons to expect that they would be more favorable to team blue, to the democrats. so that's why they're coming in now, and it's shifting the count in the blue direction. that's the blue shift. and the concern was that the president might be upset at the shifting numbers and want to stick with the election night numbers, but that can't be the case because all the ballots are
8:19 am
valid ballots and they all must be counted. >> ned, quickly here, you're going to come back in a moment. but just one final question. from where i sit, it would seem as if the president's legal strategy right now is something akin to stop the vote here, but keep voting here. is that an accurate assessment of the strategy or is that an oversimplification? >> i think that's what we're observing because he's ahead in one place and behind in the other. in the context of fighting for ballots after the polls have closed, what's more important is whether you're ahead or behind. usually that's just one state, one race. but the electoral college, the presidential election is a multistate effort. we're seeing it played out on multiple fronts leading to this inconsistent strategy. >> all right, ned. don't go far. i want to come back to you in just a moment. we have a lot more on the legal
8:20 am
challenges coming from the trump campaign across the country. pushing for a recount in wisconsin. one prominent trump supporter admits in wisconsin it would be an uphill climb. just next door in michigan, the trump team trying to stop the vote count. i'll talk to the attorney general of that state about the fight there. it's all part of our special election week coverage here on msnbc. ♪ ♪ less oral steroids. taking my treatment at home. nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems.
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all right. in the last few moments we can tell you that there's been a briefing with reporters conducted by the biden campaign. his campaign manager, and this is the scene in atlanta right now as votes are being counted. you're watching the counting of the handful of votes still left to be conducted there in atlanta. the biden campaign saying now that they are increasingly focused on georgia. it would seem as if the biden campaign thinks that there may be enough outstanding votes in georgia that would tip the scale in their favor. that's what's happening in
8:25 am
georgia. votes being counted there. meanwhile, in wisconsin, a recount. that is what the trump campaign says it wants to see in wisconsin. joe biden is the declared apparent winner in that state, and we should let you know that in terms of language, according to nbc news standards, when we say apparent, that means biden has won the race, but the outcome is close enough that the results could depend on a recount or confirmation of the reported vote results. cal perry is in wisconsin following the next steps cal, what do we know about the plans to file for a recount? >> reporter: we know the trump campaign has said that they will. we'll see how it shakes out on these other states, but the way this would work is the state certifies the vote next tuesday. at that point the trump campaign can actually file for the recount and within 13 days that recount has to be carried out by the 72 counties here in the state.
8:26 am
look, the question is what is the political price you pay? historically these recounts have not made a big difference. four years ago a recount by jill stein, the difference in votes became 131. jid's margin right now is 20,000 votes. this is a state that is grappling with the coronavirus. new daily highs each day. it is a hot spot in the country. it is a hot spot in the world. there's going to be a lot of questions about how exactly these counties want to carry it out. i would suspect a lot of it, for obvious reasons, craig, the recount if it happens will be live streamed. >> okay. cal perry on the ground in milwaukee. thanks. let's turn to nbc news election law analyst ned foley back with us. wisconsin's election law, ned, as you know, says only an aggrieved candidate, defined as a candidate for an office whose total votes were within 1% of
8:27 am
the total vote total may request a recount. that's the quote from election law in wisconsin. as of now, less than 1% separates the two candidates, but the final official results, as cal pointed out, have not been announced. is it too early to call for this recount, ned? if there is a recount historically, have those recounts changed the outcome of a presidential election? >> so first, the recount can't happen in wisconsin until after certification which was just said, is tuesday. you can announce you're going to seek a recount. but officially it won't start until you get that first certification of the results. now, in terms of will it make a difference seems very, very unlike unlikely. the rule of thumb in the world of recounts is anything above 1,000 votes margin in a statewide race is very difficult to overturn. if it's 100-vote margin or 200-vote margin, that's where a
8:28 am
recount could flip the result. but 20,000 votes, ex-traemly unlikely to change the outcome. >> ned foley, an expert on all of this, making us all aware that there are rules of thumb in recount law. ned, don't go far. we'll likely be checking in with you again tomorrow around this time. thank you, sir. the protests and the legal action to stop the vote in michigan. michigan's attorney general will join me on the other side of this break and we'll dig into the court battle that may lie ahead there. first, a chaplain shared his thoughts on the "stop the vote" protests as they were happening at a vote counting center in detroit, michigan. >> things are secure on the inside. but, of course, we have intimidating efforts on the outside. we're not destroyed. as goes detroit will go michigan. they've been saying all along they're going to suggest it's rilgd, it's flawed or fake,
8:29 am
they've been saying that before now. we just need to be persistent to make sure our voice gets coun d because as goes detroit will be done so. the black vote in detroit is as high as it's ever been. we've gone from picking cotton to picking presidents. businesses run. and most important is the ability to transform the smallest of businesses right in our neighborhoods. we created the 5g business impact challenge to give them the tools for them to come back stronger. the things that folks are doing today to survive during the pandemic will help them become more resilient into the future and technology like 5g is whats really going to enable that.
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in the last few moments out of pennsylvania. this coming from our own andrea mitchell who is on the ground in philadelphia. just a reminder, here is a look at where things stand right now in the keystone state as those votes are being counted. there's a look. the difference about 135,000 votes in pennsylvania, still too close to call, obviously. but according to andrea mitchell from two philadelphia democratic officials, democrats have now gone to the supreme court in pennsylvania to try and reverse that commonwealth court ruling that would have allowed trump observers inside watching the count which is also live streamed we should note. they want those poll watchers outside. all of this means that the counting of mail-in ballots in philadelphia has been halted temporarily. no mail-in ballots are being
8:34 am
counted in philadelphia right now until this is resolved. that's what's happening there in pennsylvania which means, of course, this is going to drag on even longer. right now both campaigns are sounding off on the state of the race. the biden campaign holding what it's calling an election protection briefing. they say that they are breaking the glass, if you will. they're confident key states are trending their way -- not breaking the glass just yet, but if need be, they would. the trump campaign holding a press conference in las vegas ahead of a vote count announcement by nevada. they've been speaking out all morning amid a legal push. we'll be watching and reporting anything noteworthy out of nevada. kristen welker on the ground in philadelphia, again, an epicenter for the biden campaign right now. just getting that breaking news out of philadelphia. carol lee covering the white house and the trump campaign. kristen, let me start with you.
8:35 am
again, we or watching today for updates in pennsylvania, georgia, nevada, arizona. what are you hearing from the biden campaign? they were just conducting a briefing. not sure if it's over. >> reporter: the briefing is on going, craig. i was just on that virtual briefing. let me give you the headline. the biden campaign saying at this hour victory is imminent for its campaign. why are they saying that? let me walk you through a couple of key states that continue to watch quite closely. pennsylvania, of course, a big one. i'll drill down on that in a minute. let's go through other states, craig, and other big calls they were focused on. first of all, wisconsin, they say they won that. nevada, very close there. they expect there are going to be ups and downs throughout the day, but ultimately they think that the votes will show that they have won. michigan, they're touting their win there. and arizona, of course also
8:36 am
another very close state, craig -- i'm looking at my notes. we just scribbled these down as we were on the briefing so i could come out and read this out to you, they believe ultimately they will win and carry that state. they acknowledge the margin there quite close. georgia they're calling a true toss-up state. one official said it's going to be very, very, very close in georgia. you can count the verys to get an understanding of how close it's going to be. north carolina they acknowledge probably will go to president trump. what about pennsylvania, the keystone state, all eyes are there. they believe they're going to win by a sizable margin, in part because of the reported turnout from the suburbs around philadelphia, that all-important area. i can tell you, craig, i've been working my sources throughout the day and overnight. democratic sources in philadelphia and in pennsylvania believe that ultimately biden will carry the state. they believe by as much as
8:37 am
80,000 votes. why is that significant? donald trump won the state back in 2016 by 44,000 votes. so that gives you the sense of the potential margin. but again, with the vote being halted in philadelphia, everyone waiting for that final vote count to come in, craig. >> clarification here, kristen. you moved so quickly, at last check you were in philadelphia, and apparently you've made your way to wilmington, delaware. kristen welker is in wilmington, not philadelphia. kristen, a quick followup. it sounds as if the biden folks are fairly confident he is going to be the 46th president of these united states. is mr. biden prepared to claim victory before the president has acknowledged defeat? >> it's a really good question, craig. what i can tell you is this.
8:38 am
we heard from a vice president who was very bullish yesterday. he clearly wants to get ahead on this narrative. remember, on election night, the actual election night we heard from biden before we heard from president trump in attempt to claim the narrative on that evening. we heard from him again yesterday. i'm being told we're going to hear from him again today. will he declare victory before he gets a concession call from president trump? that remains to be seen. what is clear here biden is seizing the mantle at every chance as it relates to this narrative and trying to aim to strike a note of expressing that he feels confident that ultimately he will prevail. >> carol, president trump has no public events on the schedule today. the only thing we seem to be hearing from his campaign are these news conferences about their legal fights. wurn of those fights asking to stop the vote in michigan. why do they want to stop the vote, carol, if the president is behind right now?
8:39 am
>> reporter: that was the lawsuit that they filed before nbc news and others projected that former vice president biden would win the state of michigan. but their argument was that they wanted, quote, meaningful access to the ballots that have been counted. craig, it's just one of several lawsuits they have filed. they have the lawsuit in pennsylvania where they feel like they had a little bit of a victory. as andrea mitchell is reporting, the democrats are coming back and countering that in court. they filed a lawsuit in georgia and they are expected to file today a lawsuit in nevada which is where some trump campaign officials are having a news conference soon. although they said they were having a news conference in philadelphia and didn't take questions. it was more of a statement. they did hold a conference call with reporters, the campaign, and the broad strokes out of that was in their view the president is, quote, alive and well. they said don't count donald trump out. he's been counted out before, and in their view he will ultimately win this. they went through the various
8:40 am
states. arizona they said they believe is closer than it looks and when the votes are counted, that it will turn in the president's favor. they feel good about georgia, although it's very close and north carolina and now they're zeroing in with their legal strategy on nevada. >> carol lee, kristen welker, big thanks to both of you. appreciate your time. >> stop the count! >> those chants of stop the vote from a crowd of trump supporters on wednesday, they tried to force their way into a vote counting center in detroit. right now joe biden is the projected winner in michigan. the trump campaign says it is suing michigan to stop vote counting there. it's also demanding its campaign staffers be given closer access to observe the vote counting process.
8:41 am
i'm joint by michigan attorney general dana nessel. how is the state planning to respond to the trump campaign's lawsuit? >> well, there is a hearing expected to take place at our court of claims any minute now. honestly, the request was to stop the counting. the counting continued, unimpaired, and our unofficial results are in. it looks to be that joe biden has won the state by approximately 150,000 votes. so i don't know how you unring that bell. we believe that lawsuit is totally lacking in merit and it's not supported by the facts at all. i assume that we'll win. but also there's no relief that can be granted unless you uncount all of those votes. so it's frivolous, and we are going to proceed with the certification process. everything has moved on to the county board of canvassers, and
8:42 am
we will certify this election the way all elections have been certified in our state since michigan became a state many years ago. >> you tweeted on wednesday, quote, every legally cast ballot will be counted in accordance with the law. the outcome will be reflective of the will of the people of michigan. talk to me a little bit really quickly about what your office is doing to ensure the security of michigan's vote. >> so we're working with the secretary of state who i think has done a phenomenal job of administering these elections, as have the 1,600 clerks around the state of michigan. we will vigorously defend the law and defend the vote, defend the will of the people to ensure, as i stated, that whoever wins michigan, that that's an accurate reflection of whoever got the most votes from michigan voters. >> michigan attorney general
8:43 am
dana nessel, i wish we had more time. we may be checking in with you again soon nonetheless. thank you, madam attorney general. >> thanks for having me. we're expecting new vote counts from clark county, nevada. new counts in a little more than an hour. we'll go to clark county and go to las vegas next. meanwhile, this is a live look at the vote count that is under way in fulton county. this is the atlanta metropolitan area. we've been told in just the last few moments that we are expecting a big update from officials there very soon. what that means right after this. but we didn't stop there. we made a cloud flexible enough to adapt to any size business. no matter what it does, or how it changes. and we kept going. so you only pay for what you use. because at dell technologies, we nothing.
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because at dell technologies, we nothing. vicks vapopatch. easy to wear with soothing vicks vapors for her, for you, for the whole family. trusted soothing vapors, from vicks right now in nevada, joe biden holding on to a slim lead there. jacob soboroff has made his way to las vegas. he's following the vote count there in clark county. what are you hearing from officials? >> you're looking behind me --
8:48 am
come with me. this is the trump campaign press conference. sorry, kids. come this way. rick renel, we're live on msnbc right now. can you talk about the evidence, you're claiming thousands of illegitimate votes. >> you should go and ask the clerk of the county which you haven't done yet. >> you just made the claim. you also said there's no election observers, there's democratic and republican election observers inside. former dna grenell. where is the fraud? you haven't presented any evidence of fraud. you've presented no evidence of fraud. we're live on msnbc. you said thousands of illegitimate ballots. [ shouting ]. >> where are the illegitimate ballots. >> fox news sucks. cnn sucks. >> presented literally no evidence of that and they're saying go to the county here to ask them.
8:49 am
we know for a fact there are democratic and republican election observers inside. and the reality is, craig, what they have said here is supported by virtually no facts. from what we have seen on the ground here inside this facility, there is observation happening. i spoke to an election rober this morning. they have now said they're filing in federal court a lawsuit to stop counting of ballots. they didn't say all ballots. they said stop the counting of improper ballots. at the end of the day we'll need to see what the language in the lawsuit says. they have the former attorney general of this state out here as well. you saw former acting dni matt grenell, very familiar names in nevada and across the county. presented without evidence, allegations of fraud on the ground in nevada as the count continues inside as the vote margin is 8,000. we expect a new dump of votes in just a little bit. >> well, that was interesting,
8:50 am
to say the least. richard grenell, as you pointed out, the one-time head of the department of national intelligence, in charge of all the intelligence gathering agencies. now he's there in nevada working on behalf of the trump reelection campaign, i gather, jacob soboroff, is that right? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. if i can just say, craig, this is one of many election lawsuits that have been filed. we saw the president say this morning to stop counting the ballots. he posted that on twitter. legally, here in nevada, that's just not the way it works. they have until the 10th of this month to count mail-in ballots postmarked by the 3rd. ironically the president saying he wants to stop the counting could negatively effect him. calling for the stopping, the ending of a democratic process that is legally laid out and is supposed to play out in a way that the government and the
8:51 am
state legislature here has prescribed, and they're trying to stop that. we'll see what they say in federal court. >> again, the former acting director of national intelligence, richard grenell. jacob, always appreciate your aggressive search for the truth, sir, be safe there. from nevada to philadelphia. the outcome there has the potential to change everything. what we can expect. we're going to dig into the votes we're waiting for with that city's former mayor right after this. [ thunder rumbles ] [ engine rumbling ] ♪ [ beeping ] [ engine revs ] ♪ uh, you know there's a 30-minute limit, right? tell that to the rain. [ beeping ] for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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let's go find your medicare plan. call us today and speak with one of our helpful licensed hellomedicare agents. hellomedicare. say hello to an easier way to do medicare. in pennsylvania, joe biden closing in on president trump's lead there. to put that in perspective, around this time, 24 hours ago, president trump up by more than 540,000 votes. as you can see, let's put the board back up if we can for just a moment to provide that perspective, if you take a look at where things stand right now in pennsylvania, the difference, about 122,000 votes. let's turn now to former philadelphia mayor michael nutter, a democrat. mayor, before we get to the vote there, there seems to be some confusion over what's happening in philadelphia right now. do you know if mail-in ballot
8:55 am
votes are being counted or have those votes been halted? >> craig, i'm not aware of any halting of any activity here. and there's no reason to have any halting, that i'm aware of. you know, this is, as your previous -- as your correspondent talked about just a second ago, this is a normal part of the process. i mean, we obviously have, you know, a huge amount of mail-in ballots because we're in a pandemic. but other than that, all of this lawsuit activity, all these filings, this is nothing but what i've called flailing by donald trump. suddenly, you know, he's been talking about we have an election, we have an election. i've never heard of a candidate all across the country now trying to stop the counting of ballots. people voted. their vote deserves to be counted. this is how america operates. this is not, as one said, you know, belarus or russia.
8:56 am
this is america. this is what we do. >> one of the things that's striking, and again, votes are still being counted, mayor, but the turnout among black voters specifically for joe biden in places like philadelphia, in places like detroit, in plays like milwaukee, atlanta, it really connects to a through line that we saw in the primaries, starting with congressman jim clyburn in south carolina essentially putting the biden campaign on his back and carrying them over the finish line in the palmetto state. what do you make of that, the fact that voters that look like us could very well be responsible for joe biden becombecome ing the 46th president? >> craig, to be brutally honest, from time to time black people have been saving america from itself for a long period of time. we are consistent in our commitment to freedom, to democracy. when i went to vote on tuesday, i voted for joe biden and
8:57 am
senator harris but i also voted against racism and misogyny and sgre xenophobia and all the other craziness and incompetence of donald trump, current occupant of the white house. when you have 225,000 americans who have died from coronavirus, disproportionately affecting black and brown people. so there are a lot of things to vote for on tuesday. african-americans get it. we understand the significant role that we play. and quite honestly, black women in particular. that is the story of south carolina. and in many, many cases across the country. so, you know, we believe in freedom as black people. we want it. we want more of it. and we want to participate. and we show up time and time and time again. and it is only my hope that white america would understand and be more supportive of what black people are trying to do, which is to live.
8:58 am
>> former mayor of a city that will very well likely determine the outcome of the state of pennsylvania, mayor of philadelphia, former mayor -- >> we're still counting. >> -- michael nutter. yes, we see that, literally still counting right now. thank you, mayor nutter. we're going to have much more on the closely-watched race there in pennsylvania, in fact my friend and colleague andrea mitchell has made her way to the city of brotherly love, she's on the ground in philadelphia, right after a short break. your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... ...with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill... ...can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some... rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints. rinvoq regulates it to help stop the attack.
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and good day, i'm andrea mitchell in philadelphia for a special edition of "andrea mitchell reports" as pennsylvania could be the state that puts joe biden over the


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