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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  November 5, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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♪ i know you're waiting on the other side ♪ ♪ i'm like you on-demand glucose monitoring. because they're always on. another life-changing technology from abbott. so you don't wait for life. you live it. well, good evening, brian williams here with you from nbc news global headquarters in new york. let's try this one more time, night three of the on going election night coverage all eyes on the five battle ground states too close to call, at least some of these expected to report results in the next few hours indeed, results that could get
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one of these candidates, if not all the way to 270, then a heck of a lot closer. at the top of the list is the commonwealth of pennsylvania where we expect officials to release enough results tonight to give us a clearer picture where this race is headed. so far biden has been gaining votes there just about every time new vote totals have been announced. if biden wins pennsylvania, that's 270. he will be the president elect of the united states. as if on queue, the trump campaign just a short time ago announced yet another new lawsuit this time aimed at stopping the vote count in philadelphia and in georgia with 98% now of the vote in, trump leads biden by just 9500 votes with more vote totals expected to be announced today. we're also expecting new votes to be reported in the next few hours in the state of arizona. we will talk to arizona's secretary of state live just moments from now and thankfully
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and as always, i am joined by my friend and colleague rachel maddow who is a hell of a long distance away from here. hey, rachel. >> it does feel quite too far. thank you. with me here in my nook of the studio at the right distance is my friend the great joy reid, nicole wallace is joining us, as well. our very own man of the year steve kornacki is at the board. he has a lot of pairs of those pants. it's not the same pants every day. don't worry, we'll get to steve kornacki in a hot second. meanwhile, the biden team is saying they believe a victory is quote imminent, imminent, something we heard from former vice president biden today himself. >> democracy sometimes is messy. it's sometimes requires a little patience, as well, but that patience has been rewarded now for more than 240 years. the system of the governance and that's been the envy of the world. we continue to feel, senator and
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i continue to feel very good about where things stand. we have no doubt that when the count is finished, senator harris and i will be declared the winners. so i ask everyone to stay calm. all the people to stay calm. the process is working. the count is being completed, and we'll know very soon. >> i ask everyone to stay calm, the process is working. the count is being completed. we will know very soon. once again, no sign of president trump today. he has not been seen in the flesh since about 3:00 a.m. on election night. that said, he has just announced he will speak from the white house in roughly half an hour and we will carry that when it happens. until now, the president has been making his state of mind loud and clear over twitter saying today, stop the count and then stop the fraud. you see the warning label that twitter put on the stop the fraud tweet as is often the case with the president's twitter
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feed, in addition to that warning, nobody is quite sure exactly what he's talking about in these tweets or to whom these commands are directed but he means them emphatically if the all caps key he used to write them is any indication. that's where we stand tonight on everything but the numbers, the numbers. we go to steve cokornacki at th big board. what is important for us to understand tonight after 6:00 p.m. eastern? >> there are two things. my answer to your question is two things. i want to take you through both of them. we're getting vote updates in georgia and pennsylvania and let's just give some clarity to what we're looking at here. first of all, in georgia donald trump's lead fell in the last hour under 10,000 votes against biden. the big thing here that happened was fulton county where atlanta is we got pretty much the final votes reported out that brought that trump led under 10,000. still more votes to come. let me show you where in georgia right now.
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the bubbles represent the outstanding vote. some of these areas here are heavily democratic. for instance, i can show you clayton county, look at this joe biden winning atlanta metro here. joe biden is winning it with 85% of the vote and we think there are still something on the order of 7500 mail ballots to come out of there. so there is opportunities here in a place like clayton county in a place like decab, gwinnett, there are -- here is the big one, too, by the way. chatham county where savannah is. there are opportunities for joe biden to gobble up major chunks of votes here and potentially over take trump there are republican trump friendly areas here that also have votes, you can see a circle here. you can see a circle here. and the one thing i would point out that we've been seeing in georgia that's a little different than in pennsylvania, which i'm going to talk about in a second, in georgia you do have the disparity there where the mail in votes are more friendly to biden than the same day so
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these mail in votes are more friendly to biden but not on the scale of what we're seeing. universes, worlds apart in pennsylvania. what i'm trying to say is trump may do well in counties without standing mail vote in georgia and so there could be an opportunity for him to offset potential biden gains and so when you start to look at that statewide picture here in terms of what is left in terms of what biden is trying to overcome, less than 10,000. that could be tight. that could land on a very tight place and also that could land well, well within that half a percentage recount. it's a recount that a candidate could request if it's within half a percent. so i think there is a little bit of a complicated picture in georgia. i want to show you pennsylvania now because what's happening here and you can see trump's lead now has fallen to 78,000. it was over 90,000 i think about 30 minutes ago. and what happened is we got a big, big report of absentee votes, of mail votes from
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cumberland county and i think cumberland county tells the story what is happening across pennsylvania right now. this is a trump county. trump leads joe bide enovn overn this county but reported are 30,000 absentee ballots and joe biden won them with 69% of the vote if you can read that. this is what's -- the scale of the difference in pennsylvania, i can't under score this enough between what we see in terms of the results of the mail votes and what we see in terms of the results of the election day. there is massive, massive difference between the two here. and that's what is now happening. on election night, you got those election day votes tallied upright away and it's why trump jumped to a huge lead seemingly in pennsylvania. meanwhile, in counties like cumberland, the absentee ballots, the mail ballots just sat there and only now are we finding out how they voted. and democrats, biden supporters were much, much, much more
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likely to use the absentee ballots, the mail ballot than republicans were and so this is the story in pennsylvania on sort of a normal election night, all right, i would be telling you like oh, cumberland county, outstanding votes. there is a chance for trump to make up ground. there is a chance for trump to gain votes. that's not happening here. everywhere there is outstanding mail vote in pennsylvania, biden is winning it. the only question is by how much? and he's not just winning it, he's winning it by a very wide margin. it ranges from, as i say, 69% of the mail in vote. he just won that in a republican county. take a look in philadelphia. let me see if i can move this over to philadelphia. i have to unselect that to do it. philadelphia biden is winning the mail in votes at a 90% rate. in a democratic area, he's getting 90% in a republican area and getting close to 70% but winning it overwhelming everywhere. what is left?
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as you can see what biden is trying to overcome is a 78,000 gap, 78,000 vote gap statewide. in philadelphia we think there is probably about 80,000 votes left just there. if biden is winning these at a 90% clip, you can see very quickly he could erase, get the statewide number there. he could erase just about all of that trump statewide lead from philadelphia. now philadelphia has been doing these in increments. we're getting 10,000 votes here and couple hours later 10,000 more votes. they say because their processing can only handle so many ballots per hour. that's why there is a projected delay but if you see the number that looks to be left, 80,000 or so that alone could pretty much close the gap and then, i haven't even gotten into, think about the dynamic i took you through. lee high county, i think we
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still have about 25,000 mail ballots left. joe biden won what was reported out there with 70% in lehigh county. the mail in ballots, however, 69% for joe biden. so you're just seeing this in county after county. everywhere you see a dot here of any kind of size is where we have outstanding mail vote. it's where we have outstanding absentee vote. and i haven't found one of these yet where that's meant more votes for donald trump. they just consistently mean more votes for joe biden. so you got the -- by the way, i don't know, take a close look here at philadelphia if i call that back up there, i'm trying to get this thing off the screen so you can see it. there are bubbles within bubbles
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here. there is philadelphia is the big bubble but then there is delaware county right outside philadelphia. it's already a biden county so if he's winning the overall vote with 62, you can imagine the mail in vote. you got votes in bucks county, you got vote pockets of vote all over the place and they are all going to biden it appears and so the opportunity for joe biden, i did this contrast with georgia and pennsylvania for a reason. in georgia i can see potential trade offs. trump gains votes here, biden gains votes here, who ends up ahead? let's see. in pennsylvania you see opportunity after opportunity for biden to gain and hundreds of thousands of votes still out and a trump lead sitting at 78,000 statewide. >> steve, i have what i think is an easy question for you about pennsylvania and georgia. in pennsylvania what i hear you saying is that unusually, even in the republican, what counties look like republican counties, the vote likely to still come
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in, may still benefit biden even in the most republican counties still to report. let me make sure that we understand that every one of those bubbles, every county in the state yet to report all of the votes, all of those remaining votes are mail ballots? that's true everywhere in the state? >> that's our understanding of it. i'll check the spread sheet right here. that is -- yeah, that is our understanding -- well, i want to be clear. there are provisional ballots. >> okay. >> there are military ballots. there are some other types of ballots here that could come into play but essentially, yes, it's mail ballots that are the overwhelming share of this. >> wow. okay. now on to georgia is a timing question. >> yeah. >> one of the things that's been frustrating i think in trying to anticipate what is going to happen in georgia is unlike in states like nevada or arizona, it seems like we never have much advanced notice or much credible advanced notice when reports are going to come.
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has that changed at all. do you have any expectation when all of those desperate counties might turnover numbers? >> there is reporting the city of savannah, this is chatham county, savannah is the anchor city. this was the biggest single bubble that we had there and again, biden will get a big boost. savannah is indicating tomorrow so there could be -- and again, take also the thing i think we've learned this week or maybe relearned if you've been doing these for a few cycles, when they tell you two hours, double it, triple it in your head. there are a lot of delays. they report when they report is often what happens. >> my last question on georgia in addition of trying to figure out when the numbers come in from various counties, do you have a clear idea of exactly how many votes are outstanding in each of these counties or again, is that sort of a round numbers guess? >> so the state did put out a
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list here at the start of the day. we've kind of been working off that. at the start of today, there were 61,637 outstanding votes in georgia and again, fulton county comes off the list now. that takes about 10,000 off of there. you know, we're probably down here, let me see if we're -- i'll give you an example. chatham county, i got it called up. we're waiting on chatham county. it the biggest outstanding piece here. chatham county was looking at 17,000 at the start of today. they were outstanding. so that is expected to be, as we say, a biden one. 17,000 outstanding mail in votes from there and that was your biggest bubble on the map so far. >> with the trump lead under 10,000. >> right. >> just remarkable. thank you very much and thank you for indulging my questions there. >> thank you. to the animated and now we learn multiple pant owning steve kornacki, our thanks as always.
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pennsylvania continues to be the drama at this hour and i want to go to wilmington, just south of philadelphia that would be the headquarters. mike, we're hearing, i'm tempted to ask you what they know that perhaps we don't but we're hearing signs of shuffling and movement there. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, brian, greetings from the most heavily secured and closely scrutinized parking lot in america right now. just about 15-minute drive from joe biden's home outside of wilmington, delaware and really, the biden team has been on the edge of their seat all day knowing one state or a combination of state calls could make joe biden the president elect of the united states. now, we've seen, as you mentioned, some activity behind us throughout the day. we heard a sound check. we seen them doing some lighting checks, getting the podium ready. clearly, if there is a moment at
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which at least one network or all of the networks or news organizations call joe biden the president elect, they're preparing for the possibility of joe biden coming here to address the nation tonight. but that's a big if. it depends on timing, as well. i can tell you, i just spoke with an elected democrat in pennsylvania who has been regularly texting with the biden team and the latest guidance that this person got was get ready to celebrate but then get ready to work because there is a lot to do. clearly, the biden team is very closely anticipating potentially a big moment tonight. now we should mention we did see the former vice president earlier today. he was getting a briefing from his team on the economy and pandemic. it's possible we see him again. >> all right. mike, keep an eye on everything and we'll come back to you if you see any further signs of movement in wilmington. let go further west. harrisburg, p.a. our senior national co
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correspondent chris jansing. we're all trying to read the same tea leaves but we're also interpreting the incoming votes and data individually. >> reporter: yeah, i think the message from kathy is simply let's let that data speak for itself and ultimately, it will be those confirmed votes that will speak for themselves because trends do not have an outcome make you got people excited today when she said in an interview that she thought we might have a winner tonight. she seemed to back off on that a little bit. the trends are absolutely clear. this morning a couple of democrats said they had been in a briefing with what they call the top numbers cruncher and they told me exactly what steve is saying is born out, which is that they said it didn't matter which counties those mail in ballots were coming from, they were going to favor joe biden. that's exactly what we're ta s
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simultaneously, there was a press conference asked where their optimism came from. they said they think they would do well in red counties. they wanted to talk about what they put out as a marjor victor in a court case that turns out to be observers in polling places were allowed to stand closer to observe what was going on. none of these filings we've seen from them have been anything election officials said will move the needle in any significant way. i think what we're actually seeing here is yes, the trends are very obvious. steve laid them out for us. that's what we're hearing from inside the democratic party. having said that with so much at stake, they're saying take a breath, just what we heard from joe biden, let's let it all play out tonight. so will it happen tonight? we'll see. >> for the folks watching this, a jansing kornacki combination question. the secretary of state's job is to count, verify and issue
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numbers. news organizations with decision desks like ours, though we've seen them publicly disagree our numbers are different from other news organizations do their job with the incoming raw vote and run it through a series of filters, if and when that determination is made that say pennsylvania has reached a threshold there is no going back after it that puts joe biden at 270. that's out of the hands of the secretary of state, correct. >> reporter: that's right after a decision has been made by organizations like ours having said that, obviously, they're the ones reporting out the votes. they're the ones keeping track of everything, and there are still hundreds of thousands of votes out there. she mentioned some of the other things, brian, that will still becoming in. we don't know how many mail in ballots will be, small number, how many provisional ballots,
3:20 pm
relatively small, military ballots, relatively small number. all of those will continue in the weeks to come. it will be up to us and to other organizations to make the call when they see those numbers coming in. that's right. >> chris jansing on what is thankfully a beautiful night in harrisbu harrisburg, p.a. we'll bring the lieutenant governor of pennsylvania. mr. lieutenant governor, i know that there is a lot going on in your state right now. you're the sun and the universe in a lot of ways. thanks for making time to talk to us. >> thanks for having me. >> you're the former mayor of braddi kr, braddick, pennsylvania, a down that's been through its share of the wars and i think in many ways, a town that embodies the struggle of pennsylvania economically and the way that affected partisan politics. i have to ask your opinion as a state official and coming from that background and knowing that
3:21 pm
town so well, how you feel your state is doing with all this scrutiny and all this anxiety. >> well, let me tell you, our state is doing fantastic. we just had the largest election in our state's history, and we did that in the middle of a pandemic, and we ruled out vote by mail for the first time in our state's history and we didn't have a single major issue, you know. the only irregularity we had was the president's campaign rolling up in a clown car in downtown philadelphia and having a press conference and saying ridiculous things and making up lies. that was really the only thing. so we are going to produce a number that you and america and the world can trust is going to be true, and is going to be absolutely reflective of the democratic will of this state and i can confirm exactly what steve said in his earlier segment, you know, i talked to a close source in philadelphia and they have around 80,000 more
3:22 pm
ballots and then there is also a modest cash of provisional ballots that were formed when people went to spoil their ballots. in other words, they had a mail in ballot and wanted to turn it in and vote in person, too. so i can also confirm those ballots break hard in biden's favor and in philadelphia, more so than anywhere else in the state. he mentioned a 90% rate, that's accurate. in fact, you will not find any segment in pennsylvania where they don't grade for biden at least the 70% threshold. >> are you anticipating any problems in any of the counties anywhere in the state, red leaning counties, blue leaning counties, any of them in terms of finalizing the count and getting the last ballots processed and reported? >> i'm not. steve also mentioned cumberland county. i mentioned cumberland county several times over the last several days because they were -- that was a red county that said we won't begin the
3:23 pm
touch of the mail in ballots until wednesday at 8:00 a.m. those counties, i think there were seven other ones, they were smaller but every vote matters. you're going to have the outstanding cash of mail order ballots if seven smaller pennsylvania counties. again, every mail in ballot no matter how red the county is going to be heavily towards biden. >> last question for you, sir, whatever happens as the last ballots come in and however it ends up getting called in the end, it's clear pennsylvania is a very evenly divided state in terms of preferences between joe biden and donald trump. and people who hold those preferences don't tend to be wish wash on what they represent. do you have advice for whoever the next president is, but particularly if it is joe biden in terms of trying to bring people together and trying to make the next presidency feel like it is a presidency that is
3:24 pm
something that represents people on both sides, even the side that's mad about how it came out? >> sure. yeah, pennsylvania is an intensely purple state without a doubt. that's something i've always said. one of the things i would hope and that the vice president would focus on is this idea, one of the great tragedies of the pandemic aside from the lives and economic toll is that we became each other's enemy during it instead of making the virus the enemy. what i believe the vice president can do when he's president is turn the focus where it belongs and the virus is the enemy and we could hopefully start arguing about things like masks and social distancing and come to an understanding that each other isn't the enemy. we have to eradicate this virus first and control it and only then we can begin to repair families, communities and our economy. that's what i believe will be one of the geniuses of joe biden is he recognizes that first and foremost we have to determine who the real enemy is and i
3:25 pm
think we can agree it's the coronavirus. >> pennsylvania lieutenant governor john fedderman, sir, thank you for being here. we know it will probably be a late night for you. >> any time. i hope that's news. we can't promise anything but things on the ground are favorable, i can say that. >> do you think that we're going to have a result tonight in p.a.? >> again, i'm not trying to be cute or anything. i'm not sure. but what i do know is that what steve indicated is absolutely accurate. anywhere there is a bubble, that's 70% at least for joe biden in terms of vote breakdown, mail in ballots skewed heavily, heavily, especially delco and southeastern counties, maybe margins 80 to 90% in the height of philadelphia for sure. >> mr. lieutenant governor of pennsylvania, thank you, sir. much appreciated. what he's talking about for context, you've heard this from
3:26 pm
steve. pennsylvania is about 93% in right now. we do not know when the vote is going to come in in pennsylvania. we heard the secretary of state earlier today say she thought we could have the vast majority of the vote in today. she held a press conference earlier tonight that suggested maybe it won't be today, maybe tomorrow. we don't know until it is done but right now with 93% of the vote in in pennsylvania, it is about a 78,000 vote margin in favor of president trump. the vast majority of the vote that remains to come in, however, is mail in vote and unlike almost anywhere else in the country, mail in vote favors joe biden in pennsylvania sta 'tis pitisti'tis -- statistical counties. a lot of legitimate drama and suspension and no, i cannot tell you when it will be over but we will be here with you when it happens. all right. also watching georgia like a hawk. we have a live report from atlanta coming up next and we'll
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we are joined by the mayor of atlanta, georgia. keasha lance bottoms, thanks for being patient with us. thanks for making time with us. as no one needs to tell you, your corner of the world is under a microscope from fulton to cobb to dekalb and on and on and on, gwinnett. what do you know about the pace of the vote? how close is georgia to reporting. what are you expecting? >> what we think throughout the day is things have gone a bit more smoothly. there was information from the
3:32 pm
secretary of state's office what we were getting on the ground with the number of votes that still needed to be counted. the gap has closed tremendously, the last i saw we were 98% reporting statewide. chatham county is reporting they should be finishing up soon. if that's the case, that should close the gap significantly because what we're seeing across the state is that many of these outstanding votes are in areas that have gone heavily for joe biden and we anticipate that's going to continue and as i said over a year ago, i believe that we could take georgia this year and i'm looking forward to having the nation see that we've done it. so hopefully, it will happen this evening, if not, i anticipate tomorrow. >> mayor keasha lance bottoms. how are you? great to talk to you. couple questions, the first one being there is this washington post story that talks about the
3:33 pm
fact that the u.s. postal service did fail to deliver ballots on election day to several states that are obviously very important that we're all paying a lot of attention to including georgia and normally, 853 ballots might not make a difference but we're talking about a race that could come down to something like what florida was in 2000. we know that was the famous 538 votes. are you concerned that something like that, something like the u.s. postal service can wind up being a difference maker in the outcome of this race? >> i am concerned, and i've heard stories of college students saying they requested ballots and didn't receive them in time. those who were able to return to the state to be able to cast their vote but of course, evening didn everyone didn't have the luxury of doing that. joy, i previously shared with you the election over some of the primary request of absentee ballot that i did not receive. i know that has been an on going
3:34 pm
challenge but it's my hope if we see the numbers come in and as we're able to cure some of the provisional ballot that hopefully are margin won't come down to just a few hundred vote but i think that if it does, it's really going to speak to the failure of the secretary of state's office in making sure that this was an election that was open and that was fair and that was run in a way that it should have been run. >> and a second question this is on the senate race, the two senate races that could potentially run off. we're talking about a january election. we've seen voters in particularly in atlanta and your city and fulton county really coming through for joe biden in a big way and could wind up being the thing that makes a difference in the result of that election, but for these two races, is the energy that we're seeing on the ground in georgia
3:35 pm
replicate for january. stacey abrams and keasha lance bottoms and all of you that worked hard to build up momentum of african american voters in the state, can that be reproduced do you believe in january for those two very, very important senate races? >> it better be. and when we -- when we look at run off elections in georgia, we know historically republicans out vote us in elections. we've never had the opportunity to elect two senators and to flip the senate. we got to make sure we do everything we can to make sure people continue to turn out. i will continue to use my voice and i know everyone across this state will to stress to people that it matters. we had air will the of first-time voters this election and a lot of people show up to vote and they don't come back but this year is so different
3:36 pm
and it's so important to us. i know i'll be using my voice and stacey will and everyone whose a voice across this state will do the same. >> mayor keasha lance bottoms of the great city of atlanta. thank you for your time tonight. thank you for joining us tonight. a break in our coverage when we come back, among the things we're monitoring first glimpse of the president of the united states since way late tuesday, early wednesday morning. he's going to walk into the briefing room. no idea what he might say but i guess some clues. that and more when we come back. we're looking at a 253-214 race with reason to believe that the numbers may change tonight. tha numbers may change tonight don't worry, they're going to love you. oh my gosh you made it! oh shoes! i thought y'all got lost or something. did you put some ah, kale in the greens?
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it is just after 6:40 on the east coast. that's relevant because we were told we would hear from the president at 6:30 east coast time. no sign of him. in the meantime, steve has his eyes on pennsylvania and ariz a arizona. >> pennsylvania because we got vote in the last several minutes. small amount but out of the city of philadelphia here and you can see it brought down donald trump's margin sitting at 75,427. this was an update from philadelphia of under about 10,000 votes, a little inside of the 10,000 votes. they seem to be doing them incrementally. they seem to be doing it incrementally, their capacity to process these ballots through the machine, they can do a
3:42 pm
little better than 12,000, about 13,000 an hour when they are processing these. when they get them ready, the processing takes time. it comes down to 75,000, still a lot more to come from philly and more to come from other counties in the state and we showed you the basic dynamic that seems to be at work there. also looking at arizona because mainly of what is coming tonight we expect around 9:oc00 eastern we'll get a big report from maricopa county, the phoenix metro area. the state population just in this county. the drama in maricopa county and drama in arizona is this last remaining set of votes that morocco pa and othmer ra -- maricopa is counting seems to be a trump favorable set of votes and what trump needs to be doing is getting, we said this last night if you were watching, probably about 59% of the votes. about 59% when all is said and done of the remaining vote in arizona if he's going to erase
3:43 pm
joe biden's lead of 65,000. now, we did have in the last few minutes one of the other much smaller counties, a republican county. i'm here outside mer aricopa an donald trump got 68% of them there. so again, last night in maricopa. he got 69%. in a republican friendly, 68%. basically, when everything gets added up from different counties, he probably needs to be above 59% if he's going to over take biden and win the state. so i note that the republican county given a good number there but i note maricopa dwarves every county in arizona. it's that big and massive. 9:00 p.m. eastern, we'll see what happens elsewhere maybe before then but 9:00 p.m. eastern in arizona that could be
3:44 pm
a very big moment because we'll get a lot of ballots released from the big one there in arizona. >> there is 400 to 450,000 votes outstanding statewide and 300,000 in maricopa. do you have a guess how many from maricopa we'll get at 9:00? >> last night we got two installments, each one 75,000. a little less in the second. we got about 140,000 reported out from ma maricopa. they are indicating there will be one installment. the hopeful said said we'll get the same number of reports last night but all at once, 120, 130, 140,000 but it's possible maybe they will do one installment of 6 0 to 75,000. we'll see. >> we'll see when it arrives. patience. steve, thank you very much. >> you got it. >> steve, one more number the amount of outstanding vote in pennsylvania. >> we're looking still at, you know, i think right around 300,000 and about 80,000 of it
3:45 pm
right there from philadelphia and then immediately in those philadelphia suburbs. >> okay. thank you, steve. this hour is normally of course occupied by our friend ari melber who happens to be our chief legal correspondent in addition to the normal host of this hour, he's standing by for us. >> hey, brian, great to see you and rachel and steve and everyone. i'm joined by the top elections official in arizona, katy hobbs. i know it's a busy time, secretary. thank you for joining us. >> yeah, thanks for having me. >> absolutely. i'll mention to you and viewers, we are awaiting something potentially from the white house. if that comes, we'll go to it. i want to begin with arizona. as you know, multiple news outlets called the state. nbc has not. what is your response at this hour to outlets that determined they believe there is enough votes to make a call? >> well, i'll tell you two years ago, i was sitting in the position 44,000 votes down and the ap called my race for my
3:46 pm
opponent and ten days later, i was declared the victor. i'm not in the business of calling races, thank goodness and i don't know what goes into those calculations but i would always advice caution and i think when those calls were made, we didn't have the whole picture of how many outstanding ballots there were here in arizona, and so, you know, we are where we are right now. i'm on the side of the advising caution. >> understood. we've all gotten used to listening to our expert steve kornacki walk us through the numbers on the board. of course, we remind viewers his numbers come from people like you. is there anything you can add for us tonight about these numbers, the ballots left in your state -- i think we're going right to the president. good evening. i'd like to provide the american people with an update on our efforts to protect the integrity of our very important 2020 election. if you count the legal votes, i
3:47 pm
easily win. if you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the election from us. if you count the votes that came in late, we're looking to them very strongly but a lot of votes came in late. i've already decisively won many critical states including massive victories in florida, iowa, indiana, ohio. >> okay. here we are again in the unusual position of not only interrupting the president of the united states but correcting the president of the united states and arri melber don't go far given you're the chief legal correspondent. there are no illegal votes that we know of. there has been no trump victory that we know of. >> that's right. brian, we just heard the president come out pretty remarkable as you said. he said quote according to the legal votes he believes he wins.
3:48 pm
that's false. the legal votes if you want to use that term or the votes that are lawful aapportioned, meaning what we've been following in each of the states do not show that. they actually show what we found, which is some states going in both directions, no one to 270. i'm told we want to resume with the secretary of state of arizona, is that right? >> i believe so. yeah. >> let's bring in the secretary of state from arizona as mentioned. we are following a lot of different stories tonight. i'm curious, your reaction because you are the person in one of the 50 states who can speak to how this works. so your reaction to the president who we have broken away from making that claim. are you aware of any illegal votes being counted in your state? how would you give viewers and citizens the facts? >> absolutely not. there are not illegal votes being counted in the state of arizona and probably not anywhere. i don't know any of my
3:49 pm
colleagues across the country who would allow illegal votes to be counted in their states. this disinformation makes our jobs harder. a big part is working to ensure the integrity of the election and maintaining the public's trust in that and when people like the president undermine that it undermines this entire democratic institution. it is extremely frustrating but we are continuing to count the legal ballots and we'll do that until we're done. >> secretary hobbs, again, for the purposes of education to walk us through if there is an incident or situation where a court intervenes, what is the process where by votes may be altered or excluded because in your state for example, we don't believe that's happened. i know you know the most about arizona but as the secretary of state, can you walk us through
3:50 pm
that so we understand the difference between someone saying that and the actual times when that can occur and how it works? >> right, so there are party observers allowed in the tabulation centers for the purpose of, you for the purpos know, making sure everything's going the way it should and it's all on the up and up. and they can call ballots into question. there is the process of -- of reconciling the provisional ballots, to make sure that they're eligible to be counted. those are ballots that could be challenged. but, so far, we haven't seen anything that would cause a challenge to be -- to be brought. and there are observers in the tabulation centers. and everything, right now, is going the way that it's supposed to be going. >> and walk us through, while we have you, what happens when a state, then, gets to its final count and goes towards certification and the submission of those electors?
3:51 pm
because, as we have emphasized to viewers, that's a process by law, not incumbent or a challenger. >> yeah. in arizona, i certify the official results, which is happening here on november 30th. and then, my office will convene the electors for the presidential candidate who is the winner of the election in arizona. and those electors will meet, and cast their ballots for the president. the president. the winner of the presidential contest. >> understood. and secretary hobbs, while we have you, there was some controversy on the ground in arizona, regarding protests and other gatherings outside of some of the counting facilities. of course, individuals have free-speech rights to speak or protest. we are looking at some of this, earlier today. you can see, as long as they're in safe places, at the proper distance. can you tell us what's happened on the ground? and whether, in your view, most of these have been lawful
3:52 pm
protest? or has anything gotten to the degree of attempted interference? >> well, i think these protestors were trying to get inside the building. they were not allowed inside of the building. obviously, that many people in the tabulation center would cause massive disruption, and keep the people from doing their jobs, which is counting the ballots, which is actually what these protestors are asking for. i mean, i think their time would be better spent [ inaudible ] i know that maricopa county sheriff's department was involved in making sure that the -- the -- all of the workers were safe. you can see where they're gathered here. and this is the parking lot of the facility. and so, i think there were concerns about people getting safely to their vehicles, and that was all managed and handled by maricopa county sheriff's office. and my biggest concern is the safety of these -- of these workers. >> understood. secretary katy hobbs, thank you very much for joining us in a busy time for your state and around the nation. i want to toss it back to brian
3:53 pm
and rachel. i will be on hand for the legal parts of this but back to you, brian. >> thank you, both. ari melber, thank you to you. a and, rachel, a number of the networks stayed with the president's -- stayed with the president's comments that he's been cheated out of a victory. that there were phony polls designed to keep people at home. we'll get a readout, a summation, of the points he is still making from the briefing room. but, steve kornacki, we are eager to get any new, no-matter-how-small, tranches of number you are seeing. >> perfect. that's a great setup for what we got. erie, pennsylvania. we got a couple thousand more votes released. it is, again, favored biden. trump's gap, again, ticks down statewide. suddenly, erie county is painted blue with that update of early
3:54 pm
votes. it's joe biden who now, by the narrowest of margins, leads in erie county, pennsylvania. this is interesting because erie county was one of those, it was a big swing in 2016. this had been obama, by 16 points. it's went far trump's way in 2016. but biden moving to the lead in erie county and again, given where this vote is going, seems like he will stay in the lead in erie county and flip it blue. so again, pennsylvania moves to 73,000. but the big piece of news, right now, and i want to update something we talked about earlier. in georgia, where donald trump's margin statewide is now just votes. the biggest piece of outstanding real estate here is chatham county, which is where savannah is. now, the city of savannah had been indicating, earlier today, no release. no vote release, until tomorrow. now, we've got some reporters on the ground there, local
3:55 pm
reporters, who say they are being told by chatham officials that the vote counting is all done, being uploaded, and set to come out imminently. so let me set the stage for this because if this does come out, this could be highly significant. we believe that, in the state of georgia, right now, there are 36,000 outstanding votes. there are about 36,000 outstanding votes in the state of georgia, right now. almost half of them are from this county. are from chatham county. and you can see, in the overall vote, joe biden's winning this heavily. you can expect, it's likely he's going to be winning the mail vote, by an even wider margin. the indication is that they're going to be reporting out, probably, about 15,000 votes here. so, if biden is winning this by a very hefty margin, that -- that's the wrong -- if biden is winning this by a very hefty margin -- by a very hefty margin -- boy, i stole my own
3:56 pm
thunder there -- you could really see that shrink here if we get this chatham county result. >> steve kornacki, to our viewers. as soon as those numbers come in, we will obviously go to steve and the board and the numbers. we're continuing to monitor the president, who is still speaking. a break in our coverage. we're back, at the top of the hour. it's an important time to save. with priceline, you can get up to 60% off amazing hotels. and when you get a big deal... feel like a big deal.
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