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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  November 30, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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to the most homes. it's good to be back. thanks for being with me time and now it's time for the last word. good. ing, lawrence. we will joined by jon ossoff later in the hour. because as you know, it's all the up to georgia and what will be reporting on in february, march, april, depends on what happens in january and who is in control of the senate.en so we are staying with that story. the campaign, because there is
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nothing more important happening out there right now. >> i was just talking with paul this hour about the economic challenges, and may be are worse than we have perceived and the economic team that was announced by biden and what they're going to have to do to try to turn it around, and he unprompted said it depends on what happens in georgia. everything depends on georgia. that is where policy -- that will be the reason we either get policy that works or we don't. it's all down to georgia. >> i saw that, and when economists, you ask them a question, the answer depends on the assumptions and that is what he needs to know. what kind of senate we need to talk about. in order to talk about what is going to happen next. thank you, rachel. >> thanks, lawrence. >> take care. like rats fleeing a sinking ship, scott atlas has resigned his position as chief adviser on the coronavirus, and america is safer for it.
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that means that the most ignorant president to face a crisis at least are not get his brain poisoned by scott at list, who has cost americans tens of thousands of lives that dr. atlas would have saved if he knew the truth and told the truth to donald trump about covid-19. scott atlas leaving the white house means he will not have to interact and share his thinkinge with the incoming biden administration transition officials. that may will wise that he has run out the door so he can avoid scrutiny of his ineptitude and dangerous advise to trump in the incoming biden/harris we are just 51 days away from the day that joe biden will be sworn in as president of the united states and kamala harris will be sworn in as vice
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president of the united states d right after donald trump pardons himself that will probably occu on the last day of his presidency so that he can create a headline, no matter how scandalous, to compete with the biden/harris inauguration headlines. today, they received their first full intelligence briefings that included the opportunity to read the president's daily brief. that means that the possible threats to america contained in the daily brief are actually now being read fory the first time in your years by someone who will actually deal with those threats. as joe biden continues to transition to assuming the ly responsibility of presidency while donald trump golfs and occasionally spouts unhinged madness about the elections, more americans
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approve of the incoming biden presidency, and fewer americas approve of the fading golfing trump presidency. a new gallop show shows 55% have a favorable view of president-elect joe biden now that is up six points and just 42% have a favorable view of trump that is down three points. today, arizona certified the election results, given biden the 11 electoral college votes. after certifying, the secretary of state katie hobbes said this. >> arizonans showed up for democracy. and every voter has my thanks and should know they can stand proud that this election was conducted with transparency, accuracy, and in accordance with the laws despite unfounded claims of the contrary. >> wisconsin election commission
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completed the recount of wisconsin votes that was paid for by the trump campaign, which requires a campaign requesting recount to pay for it if the margin in dispute is more than 2.5% -- .25%. the trump campaign spent $3 million on a partial state recount, recounting only the votes in heavily democratic areas. the recount produced 87 votes for joe biden in wisconsin, and that means that trump contributors paid $34,482.75 for each of the 87 votes for joe biden that were added to the biden total, thanks to the trump campaign's requested and paid for recount.
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in a press conference this morning, georgia's republican secretary of state voted for donald trump said this. >> there are those who exploit p the emotions of many trump supporters with fantastic flames, half truths, misinformation and frankly, they misleading the president as well, apparently. >> no one has made more fantastic claims about the election than trump himself, who is now being dubbed as a mad maa by his own white house staff. you knew it was going to come to this with the white house staff and trump. the second year of the trump presidency, i compared what we are seeing in the trump white house to the brilliant depiction of an insane head of state, and flow, now the trump white house admits that that is what we have been living through. the "washington post" reports
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after his election defeat, rageful and at times delirious, and in private conversations, trump one, in the words of one adviser, like mad king george muttering i won, i won, i won. there is not a single legal process any where in america monday that can change the outcome of an election in a single state. let alone the majority of the electoral challenge, and th everything they are following ch around trump are saying to trick naive people to respond to the emails trump sends every day begging them for money that he claims will be used to fight the election, and can be used for w other purposes.
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just another trump money fraud. the results of the election are locked in and the incoming biden/harris administration continues to add key players to the publicly announced team. jennifer psaki will be the whiti house press secretary. she was a deputy white house press second in the obama white house. kate bedingfield will become the white house communications gf director. neera tandan to the cabinet position to the director of office of management and budget. the chief executive of the center for american progress. the smoothness of the senate confirmation process will depend entirely on the outcome of the senate elections in georgia on january 5th and we are joined later in the hour by jon ossoffe democratic candidate for senate in georgia.
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members of the president's economic advisers do not have to be confirmed by the is not, so cecilia rouse will be the chair of the three member house. and heather boucher, serving as the other members of the president's economic advisers, leading our our discuss tonight is sam stein, from the daily beast, and aneesh, both msnbc analysts, and the biden presidency continues to come into view. we now know most of the key players who will be working in white house positions that do o not require senate confirmation and the cabinet is also shaking shape and we are seeing the -- what will be possibly a future senate confirmation battle, or not, depending on the outcome of the senate races in georgia. >> that's right. and democrats are really going
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to have to hammer that point home as they go to georgia to try to take both of those seats. democrats are going to have to convince more people to come out in -- now a special election to try to up their numbers to say, look, we really, really need these they are critical to a biden es administration. getting the work down. and trump is continuing to do his thing, making all kinds of things where wes had new evidence and one of the things i have been hearing from sources, part of mitch mcconnell's calculation to not completely turn on trump is that he is worried about the trump pace and turning on the republican party. a lot of people who believe the lies that president trump, and again, in georgia, you see thiso sort of politics they are believing much of the things that president trump is saying,
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even though they are not right, they are falsehoods. they are completely made out of thin air, with the president coming up with all sorts on ever things to say, but the senate race will be critical, and we are seeing vice president mike pence make a trip to georgia, and other big names not only on the republican side but the democratic side going down there. o >> and sam, donald trump has confused to some degree the t georgia republican electorate, telling them their votes don't count, that georgia just steals elections and it's in georgia, so we may be in a spot where trump is being helpful to jon ossoff in the senate campaign in georgia. >> to the degree that trump's utterances convince a portion of the georgia electorate there is
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no eutility because it's all rigged by hugohu chavez's late the question, can you make up the vote gaps that do exist in the republican favorer between now and when they take place. that is higher to overcome. and georgia did go for biden, i think it means generally republican, and just to emphasis, the stakes really are massive here. it's not -- you know, control of the senate may seem broad and - hard to define but you're controlling especially what comes to the floor. the stimulus bill with you vote on more relief, and dick durbin the minority whip made clear, he doesn't think
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will be be confirmation if they don't turn the seats around. while i do expect trump and pence to be down in georgia, the question i'm wondering, whether biden goes down to georgia. because he knows his whole agenda really rides on those two seats. >> we will ask jon ossoff if he wants biden helping out, and we are president open also, and the question of the up coming election is not in doubt. one of the remaining question, based on trump's so-called lawyers, is how many of them will be lawyers next week, and how many are getting disbarred, herbal especially the one that said an outgoing member of the trump administration should be shot because he told the truth about the election. let's listen to what he said onu
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"60 minutes" last night. >> there is no foreign power that is flipping votes. there is no domestic act flipping votes. i did it right. we did it right. this was a secure election. >> and so tonight, joe degenivas who used to be in the 1990s a reasonably respected19 washington lawyer, has collapsed into the point -- i mean mentally collapsed to the point where he said that chris krebs, we just saw there, should be taken out at dawn and shot. now, that is the kind of thing that is going to get you disbarred, possibly, in washington, d.c., and who knowsi what is going to will evidence of rudy giuliani's law license when this is over. >> well, obviously, calling for someone to be shot, calling for violence on someone is ref on reprehensible. but this is what happens when conspiracy theories get out of
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when you have a big powerful president who is a power voice, amplifying theories, and the president has not said that he can be shot. that is it clear at least for knew. but what we know is is that the people around trump, they have all been saying things that are just simply don't make sense. you think about rudy giuliani saying they are dead people voting, and sydney powell saying there is a venezuelan conspiracy theory, why the government wasn't able to have an election with integrity. all the things are false.ngle the idea that you are calling for him to be shot is really scary. b it's the tip of the iceberg. so many people understand there are real violent intents behind this. you think that the election workers that are just simply counting the vote, simply doingt their jobs that are getting death threats and have to hire
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security to protect themselves. they are scary times, and the buck stops with the president and his own language, and saying that he should be shot that is going farther than trump has h gone in so we have to watch that space and see what happens in he that case. >> when we look at the biden white house staff announcement today. jen psaki as white house press secretary. joe biden is going to people who have already proved they can do these jobs. and many have done the jobs in the past and some of the campaign and when you imagine a jen psaki-run white house press briefing room january 21st that is a return to normal that would have been forgotten if the trump presidency had continued.
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>> it's a very valid point in some respect. the hiring of john psaki and the other people on the communications team is so unremarkable because they are just sort of standard, albeit very accomplished and extremely capable professionals in d.c. on the other hand, the current administration, which has turned the briefing room into essentially a chance to spread donald trump propaganda that is not intended to reality. so what we have to do is adjustd our expectations. i don't want to lower the bar too much for jen. i know she can clear it. but we need to have a return of normalcy of facts of information. because -- in the briefing room. because that is not just a chance for the president to get his word out. it's a chance for the american public to understand what the o
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government is doing and what the taxpayer funded representatives are doing and i hope that jen un appreciations the mission and reinstates it. it shouldn't be a remarkable hire. but there is a huge task ahead of her. not just enhancing her client, in this case the president, but in restoring a very fiber of trust that i think is instrumental to the function ofe democracy. >> quickly before you go, you will be in the white house press briefing room before jen psaki. what do you anticipate in that room? >> one, i anticipate actual briefings that we have not seen regularly with the trump administration and i expect someone to be accurate and fair had. she will be offering defenses of president-elect biden and we will have tense exchange being you it will be a level of respect that has not been in years, her not treating reporters and screaming at them the way we have seen with the an
10:19 pm
trump administration. >> thank you very much for starting off the discussion tonight. we appreciate it. ou >> thank you very much. >> thank you both. and after the break we will be joined by a congressman who is warning everyone working in the executive branch of government, watch everything is during the final days of the trump administration. f save all the documents. stand up to the illegal actions. take notes, take names. save that information. congressman sean casten joining us next. you're clearly someone... ...who takes care of yourself. so why wait to screen for colon cancer? because when caught in early stages, it's more treatable. i'm cologuard. i'm noninvasive and detect altered dna in your stool to find 92% of colon cancers... ...even in early stages. tell me more. it's for people 45 plus at average risk for colon cancer, not high risk. false positive and negative results may occur. ask your prescriber or an online prescriber if cologuard is right for you. i'll get on it! that's a step in the right direction.
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for everyone alexander that is forced in the spotlight there are others that are behind him, and we also need your help. congress is still waiting to receive thousands of documents from the white house administration. and multiple channels and many are blocking the release of
10:23 pm
information that pertains to their work for the united states government and that is illegal. >> that is sean casten calling on government employees to protect documents and push back against illegal actions in the final days of the trump administration, and an op-ed, congressman casten thanked civil servants and urged them to remain vigilant. with the protections of immunity ending in a matter of weeks, some officials may will tempbted to cover the tracks of the administration and destroy evidence of wrong doing. we cannot allow that to happen. joining our discussion now is democratic congressman sean casten. thank you very much for joining us tonight. we really appreciate it. i want to get your basic outline of what you're worried about in the final days of the trump administration? >> so pleasure to be here,
10:24 pm
thanks for having me. we shouldn't have to be talking about this. right? but all of us, whether we're elected or serving on the federal government, we custodians of the public trust. we are nod individually very important people but the jobs we hold are very important. and that is not the case with trump or the people he surrounds himself with, and i think it's not unreasonable to be concerned they may be trying to hide evidence of criminality or things they are embarrassed about. and this is not about prosecution. not about right or wrongs. it's making sure that our government has a complete record of all information that happened in the trump administration so that we can walk in conversations with the allies and adversaries with eyes wide open. >> the federal records act tried to achieve what you talked about decades and decades ago, but we have information
10:25 pm
indicating that trump himself has violated the central records act by ripping up notes, translater notes with meetings he had with putin. every piece of paper like that is a federal record that is supposed to be protected by law. but we already have indicators that this administration doesn't pay attention to that law. >> well, it's quite right but i would be a little careful about generalizing the administration. there is at federal records act, and the presidential records act that is a little different. but in general, if you work for cia, the fbi, it is a matter of discipline that you save every record everywhere. now, it's true that folks in the trump white house have been moving things to servers.
10:26 pm
we know that they have been using encrypted whatsapp applications, and i want to make sure that we are clear there are thousands of vignettes you have never heard of. and they are protected news this moment and will continue to protect us, doing what the law requires. they recognize there are criminal penalties for violating that law. >> what is your view of the lookback investigations that might be investigated by the white house of representatives, and will be controlled by the democrats, and we will have chairman to order that, or the biden justice department looking back at what has happened in the trump administration? >> well, and of course the states as well. i think all of us who love this country f we're honest, are struggling with tension. right? because if you are a country that believes and supports the rule of law, you have to be committed to the principle that
10:27 pm
no one is above the law. on the other hand, we have never in our history prosecuted a former president. that includes jefferson davis, right? there are risks to a mature democracy that you have be careful about. we have to see how it plays out. what i hope is we need to have a record of what happens. right? what we do with that information that is a separate question but we need to have the records. >> have you seen elements of -- areas of federal law, i should say, that need to be strengthened? that need to have enforcement components to them that don't currently have enforcement components to them that have been eliminated by the trump administration's refusal to come ply with central law, including the hatch act. >> so without question there are numerous federal laws that don't have a lot of teeth.
10:28 pm
and i think congress is one of the worst offenders. we don't hold ourselves accountable. and i think when we are through this moment, we are going to have a you did, we need to come up with a knew acronym for it. and it will be a little from mature until we have the information to know where the most egregious violations are. >> what do you see as the legislative possibilities if there is a democratic senate versus a republican senate? >> well, let's start with what we can be really optimistic about. we have a white house that believes in science that will put the covid crisis first. we have a majority in the house that feels the same way, that understands economic principles and we are basically asking, are we going to have a cooperative senate? we understand that a mitch mcconnell senate will be not constructive. that is tragic. we have a senate, we will pass hr1. let's be aggressive in the defense of democracy, getting rid of gerrymandering, starting the process of undoing citizens united and doing all those
10:29 pm
things hmp we have to get rid of the filibuster. because 50 isn't going to be enough. because we have -- -- is there a question there? >> no, go ahead, congressman. >> i was going to say that the reason why i start with optimism is i think it's worth keep manage mind that the overwhelming majority of
10:30 pm
american people voted for joe biden, they voted to preserve the house, and the senate, but the senate doesn't represent the people. it represents the states, right? and i think we just need to reck needs that as long as we govern in a way that embraces democracy, and we are going to be okay. the hr 1, hr 4, the voting rights act, that is the commitment to double down on democracy. >> congressman sean casten, thank you so much for joining us tonight. >> thank you, my pleasure. well, i said, it's up to georgia on january 5th, if democrats jon ossoff, and rafael win their senate elections on that day, the democrats will
10:31 pm
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donald trump has turned on someone who used to be a close ally, no big surprise there, that is what he does. georgia's republican governor kemp, after kemp refused to question the legitimate results of the november election. senior republicans are alarmed of trump's accusations of widespread voter fraud, will have the unintended side effect discourage his voters from turning up in the runoffs.
10:36 pm
trump plans to be in georgia saturday, campaigning for kelly loeffler and david perdue. the second time in less than two months, his time was impeccable. he avoided a sharp loss and relationshiped a stunning game by selling and then buying the same stock in atlanta based financial technology company on whose board of directors he once served. here is the latest ad from his senator perdue's charger jon ossoff. >> since covid, we had to close our main dining room. we lost all of that business and we used to do a lot of catering. we can't do any of that anymore. david perdue knew what was about to happen. he was getting classified briefings about the pandemic. instead of him being concerned about us, he is off selling stock. we had no idea we had to close
10:37 pm
our businesses, i would lose catering and so many people died. when we needed help the most, he fought against the stimulus checks. perdue needs to come off, and ossoff in. >> joining us now is jon ossoff. from georgia, thank you very much for joining us again tonight. you heard earlier in the hour about the importance of georgia, and one of the questions i want to pull down, and something raised by sam stein, with donald trump planning to go to georgia, sam stein and others wondering if you're hoping joe biden will come to georgia to help your company? >> i would love for the president-elect to come down. and for vice president-elect harris. we welcome them with open arms. i want to encourage them. if they want to take the time,
10:38 pm
but with their busy schedules, i understand. but as for president trump, he he come to georgia empty handed. he is not bringing stimulus, or relief for maryland's restaurant, mom's kitchen here. he is going to come and spread covid at one of his rallies. i'm not sure what they hope to achieve. i might rile up some of my voters support. but not to democrats. >> won't trump bring the message that votes don't matter, is that what he is saying about the republican votes? >> you know what this really is? this is an attack on black voters in georgia. purdue, trump and loeffler, they expected the apparatus of -- the will of the people boiled over. the strength of black turnout in georgia was so overwhelming that trump lost the state. he didn't believe it and perdue is forced in a run off.
10:39 pm
and they are so outraged they have to earn the support of the people that they are attacking their own just like lindsay gram was attacking the secretary of state to throw out legal ballots to throw the state for georgia. this represents attacks on voting rights in georgia that cannot stand. >> the issue of insider trading with senator perdue has come up and again and again and again. when i said the beginning of the segment, a new charge. it's a new one in a series of the way it has happened. what is your position on united states senators being able to actively trade stocks as many of them do? based on information that they are hearing in hearings and briefings and other
10:40 pm
opportunities they uniquely have. >> i will introduce a bill on day one to ban members of congress from trading individual stocks. let's look at the pattern of senator perdue's misconduct. he is sitting on the banking committee trading financial services stocks. then as he taking the chairmanship of the committee that oversees and funds the navy, he oversees contractors and the committee is directing taxpayer dollars to him. >> he is getting classified briefings on covid-19, dumping casino shares, buying stocks in makers of masks and gloves and vaccines and telling the public this thing is no deadlier than the flu, and his excuse all year is that he didn't control his own portfolio.
10:41 pm
nonsense, federal criminal investigators found that he directed his own stock trades. >> the support for that in the senate will be an interesting challenge since so many senators have done what david perdue has done. they haven't been exposed. your position is it's okay if they own investments in giants funds that are investing in hundreds of thousands or stocks because no individual stocks matter. you are just understanding they are cannot buy and trade individual stocks why they are in the senate. >> they shouldn't have be able to trade their stocks. they should put their assets in a blind trust. this wheeling and dealing, this corruption, that is what people
10:42 pm
are so disgusted by. we need a government that works for the people. we can deliver a victory for the people. i'm grateful for you having me, lawrence. >> jon ossoff, really appreciate it. >> thank you very much. coming up, a young man who now has the title president who has inspired by georgia's heroic congressman john lewis. you can really save. save for being a new customer. save more for adding drivewise. save even more for driving safely. take another look at allstate - and start saving. ♪ finding the right words can be tough.n it comes to autism, finding understanding doesn't have to be. we can create a kinder,
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10:47 pm
that we could become one people, one family, one house. we are still not there there yet. do what you can to help redeem our country and make our world a better place. i am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is the young leaders who will get us there. the nervous 18-year-old who asked that question was only nervous because he was in the same room with his idol, the honorable john lewis. that 18-year-old two years ago has done some public speaking of his own. and next week at age 20, he will have the word president attached to his name. harvard university has delivered many of its own to presidents, supreme court, scientists, artists, writers and musicians and scholars but many fewer people have made history of harvard, like barack obama when he became the first black president of the harvard law
10:48 pm
review and now 20-year-old noah harris will make harvard history when he is sworn in as the first black man elected by his fellow students as president of the student body, and joining us now is president-elect noah harris. the author of the children's book "successville." how do you like that name, president-elect? i thought i would try it out for you tonight. >> it sounds great. i'm honored to have it. thank you for having me. >> i want to -- i know for har individual historians, we need to put in footnotes here. the student body did have a black man serve as president before, but that is when they were voted on only by the student council themselves, not but the student body, and black woman was elected in 2001. with all the footnotes, you are
10:49 pm
the first elected by the student body, black man, to serve as president. how much of your desire to go in this direction was inspired by listening to john lewis that day? >> i was inspired by congressman lewis to so much for a while now. and it was just so sad when he passed because the type of influence he had. and just the amazing person he was, was just so evident. you really saw how much of a uniter he was, and they called him the conscience of the congress. he was loved on both sides of the aisle. he did a deep love for all people and i hope that is something i bring to the position and i really just hope
10:50 pm
i am able to embody the love of country that he had. that is what i want to do and i was able to meet him as a member of the united states senate in 2018. and so he really did have a profound impact on me. >> you went to a big high school in hattiesburg, mississippi. and you said when you were going to high school you weren't even thinking of going to a place like harvard. is that because you hadn't seen that trip made by anyone in your high school before yourself? >> i don't think so. i just always thought that harvard was for the famous kids or the kids who were going to invent facebook or geniuses or something like that. not that i'm not smart, but i just really felt that that wasn't something that was on my radar. i've always been really focused
10:51 pm
on academics. my parents really instilled that from a young age, work hard in school and be ready for your future at that point. but i was really kind of focused on not necessarily the ivy league but some great schools, though. >> what would you say to other kids out there watching tonight in states like mississippi and in big high schools like yours where they aren't thinking of a school like harvard? they aren't thinking about aiming in that direction? what would you say about your college and other colleges like it? >> i would say don't be afraid to go after your dreams, to go after those goals of yours and to really -- to make your mark and just use your talents that you have to your greatest ability. that's kind of why i wrote the children's book successville, and i rote it to show young
10:52 pm
people they can be anything if they're willing to work and focus on education. that's kind of what my message would be to them is to focus on school and realize if you work hard, set goals and develop talents you can achieve those dreams of yours. >> noah harris, thank you very much for joining us tonight. congratulations, and i look forward to calling you mr. president starting next week. >> yes, thank you so much for having me. thank you. and when we come back we're going to have a special last word about thanksgiving including -- you ready for this -- photographic evidence of the best thanksgiving meal that i ever had. th vitamin c, d and . season, after season. ace your immune support, with centrum. d'shea: i live in south jamaica, born and raised. i'm a doordasher, i'm a momma with a special needs child,
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i didn't know you were listening. needless to say i like food just like everyone else but i don't care about it enough to remember what i had for lunch. but i'll never forget this lunch. that was my thanksgiving dinner
10:57 pm
the last time i was in malawi delivering desks to schools and i've never had a better thanksgiving than that. that's what i'm usually doing on thanksgiving week, but with travel restrictions this year i couldn't go to malawi. this is the tenth year of the kids in need of desks. the partnership i created with msnbc to deliver schools to kids in africa where the kids have never seen desks. viewers of this program have been very generous in supporting kids in need of desks, but i know this year many of you won't be able to contribute at all. many of you have lost jobs, lost income. this country has suffered the worst unemployment rates of our lifetimes this year, and so there is more need here at home than ever before, and that's why i for one will be increasing my charitable support this year here in the united states including for a public school in
10:58 pm
my old neighborhood in boston where all of the students had to be given laptops this year so they could participate in remote learning. but the needs of students in malawi has increased this year. in addition to the delivery of desks that you have funded, unicef is also delivering masks to schools in malawi and the desks themselves have become an important part of the public health strategy in the schools. here's the head teacher at the zumaze primary school who told us about the importance of desks in fighting the spread of covid-19. >> because of the size of the desks we can have a good distance on the covid-19 preventive measures. we can have enough space for
10:59 pm
them to be 1 meter apart. to be 1 meter apart. it allowed us a lot just because we were able to have those preventive measures with covid-19. >> this is what most of the classrooms looked like before covid-19 and before we delivered desks to some of those classrooms. and so the work of the kind fund continues and includes a scholarship for girls to attend high school in malawi. where public school is not free and the girls graduation vat half the boys' rate. you can make a contradiction at and unicef will send a desk. no contribution is too small.
11:00 pm
tomorrow is giving tuesday, a day when instead of taking advantage of the post-thanksgiving sales we shift our focus to consider giving to a good cause if we can. msnbc is proud to be the signature media partner of giving tuesday for the seventh giving tuesday for the seventh year in a row. and once again this year we hope that you might be able to consider helping kids in need of desks on this giving tuesday. that is tonight's "last word." "the 11th hour" with brian williams starts now. well, good evening once again. day 1,411 of the trump administration leaving 51 days until inauguration day. it's been 23 days since the election was called for joe biden. the 46th president of the united states will indeed be sworn in during a dark and challenging time. as