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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  December 9, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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talking heads on the beat last night. if you are busy, you can dvr to record the beat. that does it for me. i will see you tomorrow night at 6:00 eastern. and up next, a special guest leslie jones. don't miss it. ♪ >> president elect joe biden will be confronted by not one but two viruses when he takes office in 42 days, the first the pandemic, but the second virus is the more long-term threat to our country. the disease of anti-democracy derangement affecting nearly the
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entire republican party. not just donald trump, to the point that republicans up and down the scale are joining in trump's increasingly absurd and last gasp and overturning the election. trump is now straight up screaming on twitter for the election to be overturned. and he followed through on a pledge to join in allu ludicrou texas lawsuit asking the supreme court to overturn the election in four battleground states. and paxton is under fbi investigation and is under indictment on felony charges of securities fraud.
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maybe he will be jumping in line for a pardon. they are asking by k-- and ted cruz has already been asked to argue the case if it reaches the high court. but this disease in the republicans is so virulent that even the two individuals that claim to represent or want to represent the people of georgia, perdue and loeffler say they support the lawsuit. the old conflict of states' rights have been thrown into the
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garbage. some have applauded saying go for it. now 17 states have joined texas in urging the supreme court to hear the case. let's be clear, this isn't about fraud. these republicans are saying in effect they do not and will not accept that black voters should be allowed to cast votes, however legal, to overrule white voters to tip an election. it was made clear. atlanta voters delivered the state to biden. if enacted, it would eliminate no absentee voting, add id
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requirement. let's make it hard for black voters and young democrats to do this again. thank you all for being here. ladies first. i want to go to jonathan first from a reporting point of view. this crackpot theory that the votes in particularly primarily african-american cities, in cities where lots of black folks live are by default invalid, must be made invalid, that sounds insane by most people, but it is seeped into the dna of the republican people. this is lou dobbs. he still has a show.
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and this is him yelling in the white house that they are not going hard enough. >> it's extraordinary. the president warned for months and months about mail-in ballots and the potential for fraud and they do nothing. what the hell is wrong with the republican party? where the hell are the republicans? >> ted cruz has stepped up to say he would argue before the supreme court. why wouldn't the white house jump on it? these people are either damn fools or liars. >> i think it's bizarre for a lot of people to watch mr. end all immigration scream at end immigration, especially brown and black. the white house has jumped on
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board. how many republicans when you talk to them off the record support this idea that the supreme court should invalidate black votes because they didn't do a good job of stopping them from voting. >> that was quite a piece of news. this is an effort the republican party has consistently in recent decades, made it harder to vote. they have tried to restrict the franchise particularly in communities of color they feel will vote for the democrats. that's disturbing. republicans though don't necessarily feel like, when speaking candidly off the record, that this election will change. they know joe biden has won and
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will raise his hand and take the oath. the supreme court decision yesterday 9-0, which means the three justices donald trump appointed, with him saying he hopes the supreme court would give him the election. they dealt a devastating blow in that decision to toss out quickly the lawsuit. yes, they have asked ted cruz to argue the case if it gets to the supreme court, in part because their current team is sidelined with covid. there isn't any change. this is the president continuing to thrash about and change the election. even though the election won't
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change, this is damaging, to undermine the legitimacy of the biden team before he comes into office by planting doubt in so many of the supporters of the president who now think that joe biden wasn't duly elected. >> thank you for being here and congratulations on being named the new head of the cdc. i have compared in the recent book i read about trump, and i will say it again, that this republican party is identical to the nagsitionalist party in sou africa, that the only votes that should count should go for republicans. if you don't vote for republicans, your vote should be
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negated. i don't see a single republican saying we don't agree with that because while donald trump is doing the thing on tv and twitter, they are going behind the scenes trying to create laws that make it impossible for black people to move an election. "the new york times" says it may inflame lawmakers for years. so the whether it is that they are afraid of a fundamentally white nationalist base. do you have a counter argument? >> i think you are absolutely right in your initial words that this is absurd. but trump is playing to his base.
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he has intimidated so many members of congress and house on the senate side that i think they actually believe that and those that don't are too fearful to come to the front. with the 50 lawsuits overturned by the three justices he appointed. but we are in a scary time when you look at the white supremacist and trump refusing to admit they are what they are and my colleagues are being silent on this. you had a great analogy when you compare what happened to apain africa. >> there is white nationalism
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where people say they are afraid they will get their house bombed. we are reminded daily we have all of the guns. they are projecting that potential violence is on the table if they don't get their way ele elect elector aily. black voters are only about four out of ten. so when democrats win, they win because they get a -- ten million votes in 2008! the leaders of the republican
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party -- this is from the huffi huffington post. as president obama was celebrating, top strategists were contemplating a way to submarine his presidency. newt gingrich said this you'll tler as the day the seeds of 2012 were sown. you worked with steve bannon. do you see anything wrong with my theory here? >> you are 100% spot on. it's important to point out this is not just about donald trump. if donald trump had never existed, we would still end up where we are now. i think donald trump was an
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accelerator putting racism front and center. but they have been orchestrating these policies to try to suppress -- demographics in this country have been changing. we have seen with every election cycle that black, brown, asian, every demographic that isn't white is overwhelmingly going for democrat. so knowing by 2035 we are going to be a majority minority country, they need to pick their voters and do everything they can to try stop black-brown people from showing up to vote. when it is a level playing field, they are going to lose.
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anyone who thought that after this election that somehow the republican party would wake up and see the light and stop being racist and stop propping up a thankless thug like donald trump. anyone who thinks like that hasn't been paying attention to what has been going on this decade. >> there is the john wayne wh e nagsalism. i don't see mitch mcconnell running from that. he is owning it. thank y'all very much. up next on the reid out. hospitals are overrun with covid
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cases, but donald trump is only interested in taking credit for the vaccines. there is a real concern about vaccine shortages, and the other thing. the anger and hatred from donald trump's defeat who are harassing people. and leslie jones is here. if you have not been following her twitter feed, you are missing out. >> joy, you always have it going on. the hair looks good. you always look so damn good. joy, you make me happy because you give me the ♪ joy joy joy down in my heart ♪ >> where? i cannot wait. back after this. i cannot wait. back after this.
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years before donald trump exposed and fermented the vial underfront of the republican belly under power, rand paul for his right to drink unpasturized milk. >> what the fda is doing, they will arrest you if you start drinking raw milk if you cross a choice border. what makes that so dangerous? i think we ought to vote for the right to drink raw milk. >> drinking raw milk that causes serious illnesses
4:21 pm
herd immunity supporting rand paul, personal freedom that eclipsed what would actually keep you healthy and alive, which brings us to today, where life-saving measures are again under attack this time by a republican president and his an tire party with anti-mask covid deniers sending death threats to local leaders who are trying to enforce safety measures, including a commissioner in idaho who had to abruptly leave a meeting because a mob was swarming her home with her 12 yeshld s -year-old son alone inside. >> my 12-year-old son is home alone right now and there are protesters banging out i'm goingsi to go home and make sure he's okay. >> madam chairman, i'm sorry to interrupt, but i got a call from the i mayor and it sounds like e police and she is requesting
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that we stop the meeting at this time because of the intense level of protesters in the parking lot and the concern for lee's safety and staff safety as well as the a protesters who ar at some of the board members' homes right now.te >> with me now, lori garrett, pulitzer prize winning science writer and natalie becker, intense case manager at the cleveland clinic. thank you both for being here. lori, that same commissioner, her name is dianna tweeted today, our state and federal officials consistently failed to provide the kind of leadership needed in this moment of crisis. those responsibilities have fallen on local leaders, health board members and public health employees. i'm calling on the governor, gol little, to act boldly and with conviction. weth cannot patch together heal employees and this city. our hospitals are on the brink.
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rise to the moment and lead, governor. and that's written to brad little. i don't know how we get out of this nightmare, lori, of a pandemic if there are people -- and we don't know what percentage of this country are invested in the idea they have a right to get sick, they have a right to then go to the icu and take of a bed and they have a right to make you sick and me sick and maybe kill us, that they have a right to do that and they have a right to be violent to defend this so-called right. amo- i too hopeless here? this to me looks like a nightmare we can't get out of. >> joy, right now the united states not only has the largest pandemic, we're now the only significant pandemic of any size in the world in the world that is still growing. so europe is going back down again, india, brazil, they're all doing better than we are. everybody is doing better than we are. we just had a new landmark
4:24 pm
achieved, 3,000-plus deaths in a single day just reported with 288,000 new cases in a single day. so we are beyond the pale 15.3 million total cases so far in this pandemic. when we compare us to the rest of the world, it's a sorry sight and there's just one reason for it, leadership. there's no magical aspect of the virus that's different between the united states and canada or the united states and mexico. there's no special biological reason. this is all 100% politics, and we can't solve this political crisis, we will just see the death toll keep climbing. we'll going into christmas hitting 4,000 deaths a day. we will reach new year's with over 400,000 dead americans and we will go to valentine's day
4:25 pm
approaching 500,000, half a million deaths in america. >> and i personally, those numbers, it's very hard to sleep, you know, whenever i hear those numbers. let me -- you talked about leadership, here's the american conservative union chairman. his name is matt schlapp, he's in a leadership position. insisted he will be going to church on christmas, nobody's going to stop him and here's what he had to say about the idea much mask orders. >> this is fascism. we have o the right to travel. we have our bill of rights. we have the right to do wrong things too, harris. we have the right to do unsafe things. it's part of being an american and i love every aspect of it. >> matt, you do not have a right to kill other people by coughing out a virus on them, and i don't know how you get to i had matt schlapp on tv shows before. i do not understand that logic. but i want to go to natalie, not to get into the politics of it,
4:26 pm
but i'm wondering if you, somebody on the frontlines dealing with patients, are you confronting what weie heard fro other doctors w and nurses, patients who actually resist the idea they even have covid, resist thed, idea to do anythin to stop themselves or stop others from getting sick, are you seeing that resistance actually takeha place inside of the hospital? >> yes,de you know, we are seei that and those patients are still coming in the hospital. they're still sick, and they think once they're in the hospital they're kind of acknowledging and realizing this is not fake. it's really going on. they're very sick fromy it and people are evenk dyeing. i would say, yes, once they're in the hospital, they're acknowledging this is real. once they see the things that are going on inside of our hospital walls. >> yeah, and they're also probably not getting $100,000 special treatment rudy giuliani let's play a little bit of rudy giuliani, about his own
4:27 pm
treatment for covid. and he's left the hospital, by the way. >> youit can overdo the masks a overdo almost anything. everything done in moderation makes sense. my advice is get early treatment. the earlier you get treated for this, number one, you totally eliminate the chance of dyeing. number two, you probably eliminate the chance of getting a more complicated illness. >> just get early treatment, lori. he got the special one trump got that cost like $100,000. your average person isn't going to get that. are we now in a position where it will be rich man/poor man? the regular person will get the regular treatment and take their chances and people like rudy can buy their way towards the trump treatment. that to me does not sound like a normal democracy. it sounds like, i don't know, fascism, let's use matt schlapp's term. what do you t think? >> it's absolutely true he received a level of treatment probably not available to the
4:28 pm
average american or even a average wealth kblirn. it involves a term of connection to o obtain the experimental treatments not yet fully approved by the fda that he was able to get. joy, what really worries me is because they have completely screwed up the orders on vaccines so that now from once promised we would have 200 million doses, enough for 100 million americans, we're now down to about 2.5 million doses, enough for 1.25 million americans before the new year. so the hospital -- i mean, the vaccine orders have been so screwed up and they keep coming down and down and down that now we're hearing from the world's largest vaccine generic maker, the serum institute in india, that they will start producing vaccines and they will sell to the highest bidders. so we could reach a situation
4:29 pm
here in the united states where very wealthy americans are able to get vaccinated by buying their special versions of pfizer's product or moderna's proch fr product from india and getting their special doctor to handle it t for them and thereby getti vaccinated. it is terrible, how in america we're fighting this pandemic, is just falling apart. >> it's absolutely terrible. i will give the last word to you, natalie. what would you tell somebody who is resisting wearing a mask, resisting doing the basics and social distancing and saying i don't care, i'm going to do my christmas and new year's, i'm going to gather? >> as a frontline health care worker i would beg and plead you, please stay home and wear the mask, social distance as much as, you can, so we can al see ouro families next year fo the holidays. because the things we are seeing in the hospital are terrible. people are tvery, very sick. our beds areer full.
4:30 pm
people are dyeing and they're dyeing alone. so i urge you to even think of a situation where, you know, you get tono see grandma in the hospital with covid and you have to say good-bye to her over facetime because that's the reality of what's going on right now. i don't think it's a hard ask to ask the public to continue doing what they've been doing and stay home, when you can wear your mask if you have to go out in public, social distance. the frontline health care workers are begging you. we are tired. we've been here sincere the beginning ofen this, and, quite frankly, we're, just really si of seeing these people die from covid. so do what you can, do your part, please, wear the mask and stay home. >> it onlyd requires you to gi a damn about other people, about someone else, please, even if just your own family. lori garrett, natalie becker, thank you both a lot, and stay healthy, stay well. >> still ahead -- comedian leslie jones will be here.
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but first, donald trump refused to tone down his gaslighting rhetoric despite threats to election officials across the u.s. the target of some of those vile threats joins us straight ahead with her thoughts. stay with us. use a single hr software? nope. we use 11. eleven.
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donald trump has spent the past five weeks living in an alternate reality, one where he actually won the election, while congressional republicans give trump his safe space to clutch his blankie and make unsubstantiated claims the election was ripe with fraud, which it wasn't, they're not only undermining democracy but winding up trump's followers in the most dangerous ways. they're asking followers if they're willing to give their lives for trump, and, quote, die for something. the chair of the wisconsin elections commission tells "the new york times" of the threats she received, including people on twitter posting photographs of her house. she said another message mentioned her kids and said, i've heard you'll have quite a crowd of patriots showing up at your door. and that's exactly what happened this weekend to michigan secretary of state joycelyn benson, who dozens of protesters, some openly carrying guns, showing up outside her
4:36 pm
home while she was inside with her 4-year-old son. and the threats are coming in states that are not even being contested like vermont, where the secretary of state's office said its election team has received threats she should be, quote, executed by firing squad. and the violent messages are not just against democrats but republicans as well, as trump attacks members of his open party who tell to tell the truth about the election. and this is why we heard election officials like georgia's gabe sterling making this plea to the president -- >> mr. president, you have not condemned these actions or this language. senators, you have not condemned this language or these actions. this has to stop. we need you to step up and if you're going to take a position of leadership, show some. this is a backbone of democracy and all of you who have not said a damn word are complicit in this. >> of course, the president is
4:37 pm
not toning down his rhetoric at all so why should we expect his reporters to do so? it's likely to get worse. listen to this voicemail left for cynthia johnson, a black woman, after she participated in a voter fraud hearing last week. first, a warning, it is not for children's ears. >> i hope you like burning crosses in your front yard because i am sure by the time this is all said and done, there will be several, maybe even a noose or two hanging from the tree in your card your [ bleep ] commey [ bleep ]. rot in hell. >> representative johnson, who got that threat, that disgusting threat, joins me next. (burke) deep-sea driving, i see... (customer) something like that... (burke) well, here's something else: with your farmer's policy perk, new car replacement, you can get a new one. (customer) that is something else. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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enough is enough, and for those of you who are soldiers, you know how to do it. do it right. be in order, make them pay. >> michigan state representative cynthia jackson said enough is enough after receiving threatening voicemails like this one because she spoke out against donald trump's claims of election fraud. >> i hope you like burning crosses in your front yard because i am sure by the time this is all said and done, there will be several and maybe even a noose or two hanging from the tree in your yard. >> today the republican leaders of the michigan house of representatives took action, not on the threats against her but against her comments. they removed johnson from her committee assignments and are looking into further disciplinary action. i'm joined now by state representative cynthia johnson of michigan.
4:43 pm
representative, when did the threats begin approximately? >> thank you, joy, for inviting us to your show. the threats began on the night of december 2nd. at our committee hearing. >> at the committee hearing. and to this date, have any of your house colleagues, including the speaker, lee chatfield and representative jason went worth, who will be the next speaker, have they commented to you personally or to your team about those threats? because we reached out to them to try to get their comments, and we got no response. have they commented to you about the threats you received? >> not one time. they have not reached out to me to say, how is your family? even though i received death threats on my life and on the
4:44 pm
lives of those who i love, including my staff, and members of our community and not one time will lee chatfield or any other leader, did any other leader, reach out to me, no, they did not. >> and yet they're now looking to strip you of your committee assignments. they want to punish you for the facebook posts that you put up, and it's not as if all of the democrats are actually backing you up, because you have the attorney general of michigan, dana nessel, saying well she condemns the threats against you but also condemning your comments on facebook. are you getting support from your caucus? >> you know, i'm gonna say
4:45 pm
straight up no, not like i should. i'm simply doing my job. i'm doing my job for the constituents who live in my district. and i am being punished. i'm here today with you -- >> let me ask you quickly before i let you go, because we've played a lynching threat against you. are you concerned for your safety at this point? >> i am not. i have a job to do, and my job is to protect democracy. and my job is also to question people when they come to our
4:46 pm
hearings, and that's what i was doing. >> michigan state representative cynthia johnson, stay safe. protect yourself. and we appreciate you being here to let us in on this horror we're going through. and do stay safe, ma'am. thank you. up next -- leslie jones is here to tell us more about her entirely appropriate, potentially unrequited online love affair with our very own steve kornacki. >> i don't feel like you're concerned so you got your hand in your pocket. what's your hand in your pocket for? that means you're relaxed. why are you relaxed? it's a [ bleep ] election! steve, steve, where are you! where are you and your calculator! this man does not have a calculator! >> that's a turn, hell of a turn. leslie is here next!
4:47 pm
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the pandemic has up ended all of our lives. the past ten months have been a stream of unrelenting pain and agony quite frankly. trump's abysmal performance in the face of the pandemic has only added insult to injury. but rest assured, all is not lost. there are glimmers of hope. take comedian leslie jones, formally of saturday night live
4:51 pm
and super market sweep who has made her cable news commentary a favorite spectator sport. >> i came just so i could see you again, katie. fire is what i think when i see you. he is a trump impersonator. how disgustingly sad. what part of georgia is this? mitch mcconnell crying is like the devil weeping or not being able to kill 50 more people. is that geraldo rivera. he is a trumper? >> you are up there with a chart you can't even read. this is exactly what we supposed to be doing. just like he said, the government is supposed to look like what america looks like. i am loving it. >> miss jones is putting her talents to good use. she just wrapped up an instagram live event.
4:52 pm
leslie jones joins me now. okay. miss leslie jones. this is proof that god changes things. i was please can we book leslie jones. your commentary about politics is my favorite thing in the entire world. i pretty much only want to listen to you talk about politics. how did this begin? how did you start on this journey that happens on everything that happens in politics on msnbc? >> i let them know i was not go to do any interview first but yours. that is right. i lovejoy. joy to the world. joy to the fishes and the deep blue sea. i love joy. >> i love you too. i got a chance to see -- >> it started when i saw you one day. i was like oh, my god. i started watching. i think at the time steve was at the board. i am like who is this guy. he is thorough and awesome.
4:53 pm
who is he. he looks concerned. that is how we started. >> so let me play a quick montage. >> they are brother and sister, seriously. because they have both the sarcasticness and the passive aggressiveness that we need when we are getting some [ bleep ] off of our chest. >> is this lawrence? i like that guy. he is very common. brian is petty. i love him. >> i bow at the altar of the magnificence of the geometrical. she is not even moving. >> when nicky puts her glasses on. i am only -- maybe he has a whole bunch of these pants. i don't know but he is my hero.
4:54 pm
he is my hero right now. >> joy. joy do you see him joy? joy do you see that purple suit. you know you are talking to morris day? >> i fell on the floor. i watched that about 400 times. he really put that purple suit on. he meant it. >> it is blue. it is blue leslie, i promise. >> he really truly did it with authority. when you look at politics today, i had the blessing of seeing you do comedy live. you are hysterically funny. how do you find your ability to laugh at the way things have gone over the last four years, how have you preserved it for yourself? >> i am 53 years old. i have been through a lot of
4:55 pm
presidencies. i have been around since reagan and i have been around a long time. you have to have a great sense of humor in life. you are go to cry all night or you are go to laugh. i would rather laugh. you know my favorite thing to do is to do crowd work and the person that i am talking about, make them laugh the most. i find joy in doing it. it is so fun. people that did not know each other before now know each other. all of these people, i don't know them. madalyn albright. i am like i did not know she was somebody. james carville. my god. i couldn't believe it. i love they love it. >> you are making people love
4:56 pm
politics. you were just in georgia. you did an event. i don't know if you had a chance to watch the debate that took place the last week. let me play a bit of it for those that didn't see it. >> our senator has been absent. is absent. does not think he needs to be here answering questions. does not think he needs to be in washington passing relief for the people. >> when you receive the private briefing regarding the coronavirus pandemic you dumped millions of dollars of stock in order to protect your own investments and weeks later, when their cayman opportunity to gifford nary georgiians $600 of relief you said you saw no need and saw it counter productive. why do you think it is counter productive to help ordinary
4:57 pm
georgiians during the pandemic? >> what do you make of the race and think the stakes are for the country? >> i think that everybody needs to know the people that now need their place taken, are not taking care of the country. that is what we need to look at. we have people that are unemployed. we have people that are hungry and losing their jobs and businesses. all of these people were paying taxes. second of all at stake is our democracy. you know, how can you not look at the two candidates and not want them to represent your state. jon ossoff. what a man what a man. we want our senate to look like
4:58 pm
that. >> yeah. let me ask you, because i have seen you in comedy clubs. there are so many performers who are hurting right now who depended on live performances, nightclubs, the places where you have done so much work to get to where you are today. does it frustrate you and enrage you? it is so hard to get our representatives to just pass a bill that could help folks like that. the people that are suffering that way. >> i am not as mad as them as i am mad at us for not making them do it. do you understand? how are we divided right now? that makes no sense, how we made the pandemic a political thing. it makes me absolutely enraged. and it makes me go, okay, our country is selfish. are y'all selfish. are you not really taking it seriously. you have seen 300,000 people in
4:59 pm
just the sight of seeing bodies in a freezer truck, joy. how does that not break whatever it is. even if you don't believe it and i am not going to wear a mask just because i don't want to be a part of the bad stuff going on. come on. when are you going to start thinking about each other instead of our own agendas. >> amen to that. i have to ask you a question about super market sweep. you need to give advice. say i was on super market sweep. it would make more sense logically to go for the big megapack of diapers or go for the ham. >> i think the hams are priced at $65. diapers are something like 47. always good to go for the meat first. the meat.
5:00 pm
plus we have a lot of items that are marked with the gold sticker so you know that it is over $100. always good to go for the meat. they have $300 meat over there. all of the steaks are 65. always good to go for the meat first. >> i love you. there is nothing you can do about it. i adore you. you made my year. i am retiring now. thank you so much. super market sweep airs sunday nights. i want to thank you. she will be on with nicole tomorrow. i want to thank my pal for filling in with me this week. chris hayes is on now. tonight on "all in,"


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