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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  December 30, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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tomorrow night the world finally, finally gets to say good-bye, get gone and good riddance. no. no. no, don't look back, just keep going out the door to 2020. here in america we will be 20 days away from saying the same to donald trump. and before we can do that, we must take stock of the devastating heart break that this year has brought. more than 342,000 mothers, children, brothers, cousins and friends lost their lives to a virus that trump assured us
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would disappear. now ten months in and mostly absent presidential leadership we continue to confront an excruciating cost to coast covid catastrophe. in los angeles funeral homeowners have to turn desperate and bereaved family members away. one doctor called it a bathtub filling up with water and the drain is blokds. trump continues gofg with friends, seemingly more outraged by his wife's redecorating at mar-a-lago than the mounting death toll and sluggish vaccine rollout. it looks like he's trying to president presidentially sabotaged.
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there is no breaching in two weeks. now trump is not alone when it comes to caring more about his own self interests. in the senate, mitch mcconnell is refusing to hold a simple vote on $2,000 in desperately needed aid to the american people. >> democratic leaders want to call this survival. here's the deal. we are not going to split apart three issues because democrats are afraid to address two of them. >> to be clear, mcconnell's unquenchable progress -- standing in the way of the american people, progress and prosperity. in less than a week the people of georgia gets to decide if he gets to keep that power.
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some aren't waiting. today josh hall lee who doesn't even live there. he made a 2020 issue. joining me now is former congressman david jolly, natasha brown, co-founder of black founders club and dean abadala. >> i stole you from sirius xm radio. this is a nonstarter what josh hawley is doing, but politically it's a play to try to beat donald trump jr.
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there its the junior cult leader. that's my theory. what do you think? >> i agree, it's a muslim merry christmas for me. appreciate it. >> yes. >> look, josh hawley is a young person. he thinks it's fine to still honor people who killed in the name of slavery. josh hawley is called a woke mob and opposes to trump with the 9 19. will they suck up to trump? maybe. expect trump to go after john hawley which will be joyful for
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us and they're realizing this is not an attack on democracy and dissent. academically fashion schist. >> here the challenge. joe staline on the side who's his deputy and friend, ain't. most people are saying who the hell is josh hawley. nobody knows who he is. let's look at the senators up for re-election in 2022. they have a demonstration. they have to have a full participant. these are all the people who think that being with donald
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trump can help them in 2025. here's the list of people ro we think are probably being named for. no one knows who he look for. rand paul, i guess he got punched by his neighbor. marco rubio, again, who prays on twitter. mike lee and ken cruise. if they're trying to replace donald trump in your mind as somebody from that expolitics? yes, you always want to be the new person at the time. all the others have been beat by yorch holl way,' pa trish shan
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have had had their binges clipped, they've been punched in the hawley. you see him moving successfully and the irony and dehe lewded about that long. takes a remarkable hutzpa and make it about josh hawley. that's what he is doing. within republican politics he might be doing it very successfully. josh hawley knows there is going to be an angry crowd of republicans on january 6th and they are going to want to see some type of redemption for donald trump. josh hawley said, i'm going to give it to you. if you are marco rubio, ted krus or another contender in 2024,
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john hawley handed you your lunch. >> as somebody who tried to convince my way and republican genius. everyone was like, oh, he's absolutely -- nobody knows who you are, josh hawley. wait until the ads use you and you live in virginia. you ain't donald trump. baby, you just not. >> la tash 145, you really are a national hero, i can talk to you and those who discover understand saying con if he had der race yes.
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new are in. how does that work them out? >> the writing is on the wall. i think that part of what they've done is under estimate the power of bladness. while there is a substantial number of people that have followed donald trump, there is a coalition of people who literally want a different america. they don't like this racism, this structural racism, so what works, and this general election, you'll want to see the backlash. that's the way to organize it. >> by the way, stay with you for a second, la tasha, seeing with
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target smart 89,700. the african-american share of the surge voters is 32%. it's what's making it possible. how -- what do you think? is the black vote -- do you think it will be more decisive than it was either in november. >> obviously. the numbers, 40%, only 32% of the pom pew lags. black turn you've been going all around. people come out, early voters and folks are talking, their' bulge and test admiral.
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>> let me come back to this sort of nightmare scenario we're looking for on the 6th. i'm going to start with you on this, dean. you had an election scholar named edward foley who wrote a piece called sorry, donald trump, january 6th is not an election doover. the constitution requires congress to accept whatever it denies. jason johnson hosted this. it was likened to the oscars. it's not like the guy can't say i deserve the next. i'll ask all three of you actually result in in your view? it's not going to work, what happens after they force all of theisse senators.
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>> maybe trump woonts him to play golf. you need the house and senate concurrently, they can do this. joy, you have a big thing. on democratic means by the republican party. it shouldn't surveys people when you see this playing out in front of us. he understands. trump had his and the promise of the judiciary. not for the senators to overturn the election and i want to purn in the election. it's part of the bigger portion. state after state after state
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impressing republican. >> well, the gale sman. he went to a populus, e-mail. in addition to being yale man, he's trying to pretend he's one of the little people. >> josh hawley is defying the oath that you take. >> yeah. >> he understands the election so i will also -- again, long term is the republican's party, is that, in your term, a long way? play for the party. >> ig forge and violation of the oath and it's something that goes much property. he yuntd stands the cops city
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tuesday, the electoral act of 1876 and i look at josh different than say some of the back builders. john hawley is a senator who knows and expants better and he knows it for sure. there's no interest in discussing it further. january 6th will come and go. there might be some testing of some barriers. we haven't seen the constitution. it's whether or not republicans really coalesce around him and they have an alternatives. there there is a trump rally to focus the energy on. great, what we don't want is us
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to seem intense on leading. >> let's not leave ted crews out. he's keeping the men. it's all about their onwn. it is not for anybody else. i definitely am worried. this year the ofth. i said that was my prediction. we're in for some instability. the end of trump i mean isn't going to be buddy. by black and brown and incontinuing gi news folks have tripled down on their belief in democracy. monoracial party.
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they believe in rule, not democracy or for more for good stability. >> the first is that they underestimat underestimated, for them to align themselves with trump. what they do is they under estimate the power of the world. they have latino brothers and sisters. asian mothers and americans come together. an america that we have. we talk about there.
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>> absolutely. tiffany cross wrote a book called "satisfy it lad der. if you don't like it, this is that you should be it. room rate, champion of the year. amazing rooms. stole you from sirius emt a.m. happy holidays. happy muslim christian to you. coming up, the strak seen rollout is slow or disorganized. biden wraps up his hand with
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cov covid. >> it's like a war zone. we're asking for help and now help is not coming. >> plus a criminal case this is when they have forensics. sorry, darn noild. the readout continues after this. this ♪ still warm. ♪ thanks, maggie. oh, alice says hi. for some of us, our daily journey is a short one. save 50% when you pay per mile with allstate. pay less when you drive less. you've never been in better hands. allstate. click or call for a quote today.
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measure your waist. females measuring more than 35 inches and males measuring more than 40 inches may have insulin resistance. to learn how to reverse insulin resistance and lose weight effectively, go online to once again, that's promises made by the trump administration. 20 millions americans should be vaccinated. today officials from operation warp spied acknowledged that 14 million doses have within distributed but the number administered, just over 2 million is, quote, lower than hoped and the process, quote, should be better. at the current rate it will take
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ten years. naturally donald trump has thrown his hands up again blaming states for the disjointed patch work tweeting that states should get moving. just like he did back in the spring when he blamed governors for shortages of medical equipment and ppe and then testing short falls across the country. trump's abdication for administering the vaccine he wanted to claim credit for means the process is now up to governors, like florida's ron desantis and his decision to ignore cdc recommendations and prioritize citizens over front line workers offering shots on a first come first serve basis has led to long lines and confusion. health care workers waited in line at a hospital in ft. lauderdale, florida. some reported driving up to 7 hours to be in line at midnight. for more i'm joined by dr. olivia choi and dr. tamara
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chambers, an icu physician at los angeles county's usc medical center. olivia, this is a mess. our first show meeting today, we were talking about the fact that america doesn't have a national health system. we rely on cvs, other private drug distributors, you get the vaccines out. we don't have a national system i feel like i can say that because i lived there for 24 years. he's the last person i would want in charge of anything, let alone its distribution of the messes. how much of a mess could this be before biden takes over? >> i think it's going to be a complete disaster. they have had months to plan this out. it's not just the billions of the operation warp speed and the
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problem is there should have been significant planning. you've had months to figure this out. reach out to the states. don't wait for the last minute and get the vaccine out there. people are still separating and imimpacted by the virus. i hadn't lived in florida forever. i'll be completely odd to you, the guy is completely ignorant. >> the fact that christy nome and the governor of georgia, these people are a mess. so you'll have states like new york where you have competent governors who will rool out very 11. i wouldn't trust christine nolan with my life and, dr. chambers,
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we are doing that. hospital causes are turning away and getting them going in the gift shop. business insider writing it's so overwhelm overwhelmed, they've been forced to treat patients again. it changes until the hospital might have to result care because they're so unreliable. they're out of oxygen. this as we now know that in california, in your state, we now have that covid variant has been detected in southern california. that super strain that actually is easier to catch. >> how worried that the vaccine is going to stay way behind the
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impact. >> we're struggling. we're struggling to have to make it. moving patients in one location, moving beds, staff every day to make sure we can meet the paid at the hospital. >> so on the ground, how does that work in sz had 2020. >> any time a bed becomes available, that's dr. martin savage. we are seeing any number of trauma cases, burn patients that are coming in, cardiac patients coming in, weekend of care.
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everybody gets sick. >> you know, olivia, you've got a health sis em vfsystem. you have republicans participating in maskless events who are getting covid. luke letlow just got elected, hadn't been sworn in. 41 years old. he dies of covid 11 days after announcing he had it. towards the end of his life he was saying things like -- these are chilling almost last words. we have to make sure our economy gets back open. other nations have refused to do that. he is now gone leaving his wife and two toddlers without him. two people from the white house
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left celebrating haun. >> or won't. >> i think this is something that's driven from the very top. unfortunately, this has been a divisive issue from day one starting from the official on day one. we're trying to comply and support this president in everything that he does. no matter what caused it, and it's devastating. it's awful to see this happening to any human being. they put them sell fs and done this to their families. i hate to say this. having lost a loved one but when you have leaders and perfect spet two waiting theisen nats.
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every population continues to push this. this is what's going to happen. it's not just one or two people out there, this is hundreds of people out there. >> every day they walk around without a mask, don't believe in six feet mayor distancing. there's no reason to think you did, they claim the pto. now his wife told him, his daughter in law, mother said. what do you think we can same where they ideologically wants
4:31 pm
it snabd. vague the public. we are really the safety net. we are really the last resort. we can only respond to what the public health does. wear juan during out there. we want to continue to have capacity for all the needs. >> i mean, i love politics. that's why i do the show, right? politics is not worth dying for. for god's sake, wear a mask. you wear a seat belt because you don't want to die. olivia, troy, thank you. dr. tamara chambers, thank you for all you do. still ahead on "the reid out," the manhattan district attorney is helping you dig through
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clearly, nothing melts like velveeta. ♪ the seconds until donald trump is removed from the white house. 20 days and you do the math. we are seeing trump flailing around making every attempt to remain in office.
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it's not only that he wants to remain president but he also knows what's waiting for him on the other side and it ain't good. without the presidency he can no longer invoke absolute immunity from lawsuits and investigations that he leaned so heavily on these past four years. the investigations, well, they're piling up. there's the investigation into hush money payments he made to a porn star and a play boy bunny who claim to have had affairs with him. there are tax and fraud investigations against him over improperly dialing assets to secure loans and get tax benefits. there are defamation lawsuits from two women who accused trump of assaulting them. mary trump is suing him over an inheritance dispute and there's a decade long fraud of manipulating apartments to raise rents. those are some things facing trump when he's no longer
4:37 pm
president. glen, as i watched these pardons come through, trump pardoning these awful people, paul man na ford, alexander george poppo done poe louse. on and on and on and the war criminals. i'm thinking on some of them did he set himself up for the stones, manaforts, pop pa done pa louse and others in new york? >> it's not so easy to answer, joy. if you get a pardon your fifth amendment right against self-incrimination is extinguished.
4:38 pm
you've been pardoned. here's the thing. accomplished well defense attorney and i don't want to go. for example, we know manafort was charged by new york with state crimes because of new york's unique and now rescinded double jeopardy law, that got thrown out because he had already been prosecuted federally. but, most will say a federal pardon is all well and good but my client remains silent regarding any crimes he may have committed. >> on that point just really quickly. i hear your point. andrew cuomo, the guy trump would have to beg for a pardon. andrew cuomo signed a law back in 2019 aimed at weakening
4:39 pm
trump's pardon power, the ability to send it over to the state. it closed the legal loophole that projects pim speaking positive. does that weaken his point? >> oh, it absolutely does. that's why the new york state charges got thrown out the first time. that no longer exists as you just mentioned, joy. if i were the prosecutors in new york, i would rebring that case and i would say for paul screen manafort for crimes he participated in in new york state. >> he's up for re-election. that will be the most interesting election in america other than after georgia. anywho, he's still in charge. he's hired a forensic counting
4:40 pm
club. he opened the investigation in 2018. the probe expanded and now it includes the trump organization activities potential for bank, tax and insurance fraud. how crucial do you think that is to donald trump's freedom? >> it's a sure sign when prosecutors begin to hire forensics experts, it is a sure sign they are moving towards charging somebody and going to trial. you don't begin to spend the limited resources, i know everyone thinks just the same with peach. when i saw him hire forensic accounting firms to unravel expose and explain the financial fraud schemes, that is an indication they are moving to the next stage and this is almost certainly going to be indictment on criminal charges
4:41 pm
and trial. >> any lastly, i know you put them there. he's now had the gee naef va connection. they obliged states to hold war criminals responsible. they said these pardons violate u.s. obligations under international law and under my new humanitarian law and global rights whatsoever. is there anything that can be done, particularly slaughtered ma many. >> it's not likely we're going to see donald trump hauled off to an international court, tried for his crimes, but i do think that this should impress upon the incoming administration a need to hold an accountable,
4:42 pm
both far and undomestic. these pardons violate international law. in a very real sense, joy, this feels like donald trump acting as an accessory to work crimes. the law says if you know somebody committed a crime against the united states and you assist them in join the federal or after we charge. people say his pardon power is so strong. he violated the spirit of the accessory after the fact law when he pardoned work curtains. >> greg kirkton, i wish that was all what we came up. if they call you, you have to
4:43 pm
call his first. appreciate you man. i appreciate that. up next, as we get ready to particular the dump ster. go away. a look back at 2020 and a hopeful look ahead to healthier united 25021. 25021. ♪
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remember trump's impeachment, and we wouldn't blame you if you didn't. yes, about a year ago trump was impeached for abuse of power and obstruction of congress. a precursor perhaps to what was to come. america convulsed with change this year, a lot of it wasn't good. we saw firsthand how fragile our democracy is, how slippery our first amendment rights are under a president who ordered the tear gassing of peaceful protestors
4:48 pm
for this photo op. coronavirus was ripping through the country impacting virtually every aspect of life. businesses shuttered, hospitals ran out of icu beds and ventilators. black people continued to die not just disproportionately of covid but at the hands of police. breonna taylor, daniel prooud and rayshard brooks. to this day, to this very minute we have a president who refuses to acknowledge the winner of a fair election who staged and is still seeking to stage a coup taking 340,000 lives in america and counting. 2020 was a dumpster fire, really, really horrifically bad. some of it was good. a long overdue reckoning of racism and antiblackness. also within our workplaces, dinner tables happened leaning
4:49 pm
up to the hard fought, hard won decision to seal this putting an ent to our four-year national nightmare. >> so everything there is a season, a time to build, a time to reap and a time to sew and this is a time to heal in america. >> which brings us to 2021, the year joe biden enters a hopefully fully fumigated oval office to preside over this nation, take over the vaccine rollout and offer a little something we haven't felt in a while, hope, and that's next. and you have thinkorswim mobile- -so i can finish analyzing the risk on this position. you two are all set. choose the app that fits your investing style. ♪ keeping your oysters busihas you swamped. you need to hire. i need indeed indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed
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it's easy and affordable to get started. get self protection for $10 a month. you may have noticed from your zoom calls and social media feeds that plenty of folks are ready to kick 2020 to the curb. tuck it away and never look back. will things instantly get better tomorrow night when you break out the champagne and count down to midnight? probably not. but 2021 could be the year when things eventually get better, when a new and competent president will work with scientists and experts to fight the pandemic, who will lead rather than golf, unify rather than tweet. meaning next year may offer some light after a terrible year filled with far too much devastation and loss. and after what we just went through, hope is sounding pretty damn good. joining me now host of
4:54 pm
undistracted and nbc historian michael beschloss. i've been looking forward to this panel all evening. not just to look at your beautiful room, but also to talk to you and brittany as well. so let's talk about the first thing. joe biden, joe biden has done a thing that i think presidents used to do, right? big things, go to the moon, build an intercontinental highway system. dream big. barack obama said we're going have universal health care. he is doing that with the vaccine roll-out. do you think it is too risky for him given how divided the country is, we're going to do this 100 million in 100 days, or is that a big thing people can rally around? >> joy, i don't think he has any other choice because this is like 1933 when franklin roosevelt came in and the banks were closed and people were suffering and there were all sorts of problems. a lot of division. here we've got one of the worst pandemics in our history. people are starving. people are broke. people are suffering. we have been waking up for four years every morning, at least i
4:55 pm
have, wondering if we still had a democracy that day. and the other thing is that racial justice is just as bad as it's been for years. 400 years we've had this crisis, but who's counting? all that is in the lap of the new president. he has not got any choice but to do those things. >> well, and brittany, you're right. michael is absolutely right. he mentioned all of the things that are going on. biden is going to take over sort of ongoing crises, and the pandemic is a huge one, including getting people of color, who are very dubious about taking this vaccine to be in the 100 million, that's one. but the ongoing issues. the andre hill issue just happened. this is andre hill, shot last tuesday within seconds of encountering a police officer. you have the soho hotel accusing a black teenager whose father is a jazz musician of stealing her cell phone. you have that potential case. you the breonna taylor still going, the officers fired. how much leeway should biden get to start tackling things like that? or does he need to hit the
4:56 pm
ground running on things like black lives matter, just like he does with the pandemic? >> there should be no leeway because racism doesn't give us any leeway. systemic racism is killing us everywhere, as you've already said, joy, the police continue to kill us at disproportionate rates. the fact that police are killing anybody should be a national emergency. racist vigilantes are continuing to kill us. dr. susan moore, a black woman who died of coronavirus in indiana is now being blamed for her own death by doctors who called her intimidating, which is nothing more than a dog whistle for a black woman who has the audacity to speak up for herself. children are still drinking lead water all around this country as environmental racism continues to rear its ugly head. systemic racism is killing us everywhere. there is no time for pauses or breaks or to catch our breath. black people, brown people, indigenous people, we never get to catch our breath. the fact that somebody like cori bush who wore a breonna taylor
4:57 pm
mask in the halls of congress had her congressional colleagues mistake her for breonna taylor because they don't even know breonna's name. meanwhile, her name has been on the lips and on the prayers and magazine covers in black america it is a reminder that a, there are not enough people who are sick and tired of the cycle. it is the apathy, joy. the other thing it reminds me is we cannot continue to afford to live in two different americas on the same soil, not when the black one is deadly. it will continue to tear us apart from the inside out. we have to get serious and we have to do it now. >> absolutely. i wonder if mitch mcconnell and rand paul have mentioned breonna taylor name. i haven't heard if they did. i missed it. my producer is going to let me know. the two different worlds piece is real. we live in a country where mitch mcconnell, who is worth between 20 and $30 million because he married a very wealthy woman. he is very wealthy. i'm sure he has never missed a meal in his life is saying huh-uh, i'm not giving the $2,000.
4:58 pm
meanwhile, we have the world's billionaires have made $1.9 trillion. they are $1.9 trillion with a t richer in just 2020. we live in a country where the racial divide is stark, but the economic divide is also stark. we are basically kind of an oligarchy at this point. so that also has to get tackled. >> and then our system, joy, this is a situation -- you know, donald trump appointed 1/3 of the supreme court. so i'm not waiting on them for justice. i'm not waiting on mitch mcconnell for justice. look what he has done, just as you have said. you need a president of the united states who says it's my job to do everything i can to make up for what the other branches of government are not doing and have not done. >> well, and, you know, brittany, i wonder that after eight years of watching barack obama, president obama be
4:59 pm
treated like an intruder in the white house by a lot of white politician, including mitch mcconnell, principally mitch mcconnell, but others, with blatant racism toward the president, how hopeful can people be that biden, you know -- does biden end up being able to be more effective at getting done the things that need to get done because he is coming in there as a white guy dealing with other white guys. does that help him do better? >> i think the question for me is how we as americans can do better, right? how we are holding the folks in charge as accountable as possible to the things that we deserve. this has to be a time where we're not fighting to preserve our own comfort, but where we're actually fighting to see justice so everyone is comfortable. if it takes someone who has the power and privilege of a white man, who happens to be the leader of what folks call the free world, then we should be reliant on that person to spend their privilege in such a way that they work to get as much of it done as possible.
5:00 pm
this isn't somebody who has to go and try to seek higher office and therefore apiece a lot of people. this is the time to get it done. america americans absolutely can't wait. and he has the power and privilege to make that happen. >> yes, absolutely indeed. he is having to do fdr, woodrow wilson, all of it with the pandemic. brittany cunningham and michael beschloss who is the room of the year winner, thank you both. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. happy new year, friends. that's tonight's "the reidout." "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. tonight on "all in," a republican senate officially cosigns the anti-democratic fantasies of a defeated president. tonight what senator josh hawley's endorsement of a coup means for january 6 and beyond. then -- >> here is what the leader of the republican party


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