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tv   The Sunday Show with Jonathan Capehart  MSNBC  January 3, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PST

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subvert democracy. good morning, i'm jonathan capehart. this is "the sunday show." ♪ >> this sunday, congress turns over a new leaf, as we speak the house is wrapping up the business of the 116th congress and in just two hours both the house and senate will convene the 117th congress for the first time. new members and senators will be sworn in and the house will elect its speaker. this year the pomp and circumstance will be especially wrought, members will be sworn in in groups in order to ensure social distancing while overnight the u.s. hit another terrible milestone, more than 350,000 americans have died since the pandemic began. meanwhile, a growing number of republicans say they will refuse to certify president-elect joe biden's electoral college victory including the 11
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republican senators who announced yesterday that they will join senator josh hawley in objecting to certification. now, although the chances of congress actually overturning the election are vanishingly small, even once biden is sworn in congress will be a tough crowd for his agenda. at best the senate will be tied 50/50 and that's only if georgia's voters on tuesday send not one, but two democrats to the senate. something they haven't done in 20 years. and in the house, even with another term as speaker for nancy pelosi, she will preside over one of the slimmest house majorities in decades. joining me now house majority leader steny hoyer of maryland and house majority whip jim clyburn of south carolina. this is a big day, we've got two-thirds of the house democratic leadership here. gentlemen, thank you very much for being here. leader hoyer, let me start with you and ask you we're looking
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at, what, 140 republican house members who are set to challenge the electoral college votes from certain states. how is it going to work on wednesday when these challenges pop up? >> we're going to prevail. this is a sad day for democracy. it's a sad day for the confidence of the american people that so many members of the congress of the united states and the house and now in the senate would do what they know is not right to do. they know president biden has been elected, they know that the majority of the american people voted significantly for joe biden and they keep writhing at the request of donald trump, and that is not what they ought to be doing. it's not good for democracy and, as a matter of fact, it undermines the transition of government. very frankly, when democrats were confronted with a situation where five members of the supreme court said the election was over, we didn't believe it
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was over, florida was still very close and votes had not been counted. notwithstanding that, al gore said the election is over. i will recognize our democracy and it works. all these folks are doing is denying reality as donald trump does on a regular basis and mund mining democracy. >> whip clyburn, you are the person who is charged with knowing where the votes are. is there any possibility that there are any democrats who would join in the effort with republicans to not certify the election? >> well, thank you very much for having me, jonathan. it's a zero. it's a zero possibility. >> just double-checking. >> well, i think that steny has it exactly right, these people are quite aware of what happened on november 3rd.
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every state that they are challenging has had a recount on top of recount and some of them in three different ways and results have all been the same. so they know what the outcome is, they're posturing and they are absolutely endangering the future of this country. this has been a beacon on the hill when we talk about democracy at work. and for them to be doing things that subvert that reputation, it is something that i never thought that i would see in this country. to hear them talking about 74,000 voters without regards to the 80,000 voters that voted the other way. so if we're supposed to give so much deference to 74,000, what about the -- 74 million, what about the 80 million that voted
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the other way? so this to me is just a mockery. >> leader hoyer, one member of the house of representatives, congressman louie gohmert, doesn't seem to be taking trump's loss lightly. have a listen to what he said on news max the other day. >> but the bottom line is the court is saying we're not going to touch this, you have no remedy, basically in effect the ruling would be that you've got to go to the streets and be as violent as antifa and blm. >> be as violent. leader hoyer, your reaction to a sitting member of congress calling for violence. >> totally irresponsible and very frankly bordering on sedition, bordering on undermining our democracy. a hateful and awful thing for a
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member of the congress to do or for frankly any american citizen to do. what a shame that louie gohmert or any other republican knowing full well as mitt romney from utah is saying, as pat toomey from pennsylvania is saying, as other -- as mcconnell said in congratulating biden for his election, the courts have ruled, contrary to what gohmert said, there have been some 60 cases all won, no evidence to show fraud that would have affected the election. it is just a tragedy that so many members of the house and the senate are undermining the confidence in our democracy. not in joe biden, but in -- not in democrats, but our democracy itself that relies on the peaceful resolution of differences through elections. it's just a sad, sad state of affairs that the republican party has come to a point where they have so many members who do
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not respect our democracy and our country. >> whip clyburn, i want to get your reaction to what congressman gohmert said, but i also want to read you something that he said -- congressman also said and i'm going to put this up on the screen as i read it here in this tweet. i have not encouraged and unequivocally do not advocate for violence. i have long advocated for following the teachings and example of dr. martin luther king jr. of peaceful protest. that does not keep me from recognizing -- yadda yadda, blah blah. congressman clyburn, your reaction to congressman gohmert, the wall to violence but also trying to link himself to martin luther king. >> well, you know, i would say to mr. gohmert that has been one who did quite a few events with dr. king, one of the things that we always believed in was that you just did not advocate, but
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you practice what you preach. so i would say to mr. gohmert if he is such an advocate of the teachings of martin luther king jr., practice what he has talked and that's not what he's doing. he is once again mouthing words, but not demonstrating in deeds that he does adhere to those teachings. >> congressman clyburn, real fast, yes or no answer. will nancy pelosi be reelected as speaker of the house today? >> yes. yes. >> and with that, congressman steny hoyer and congressman jim clyburn, thank you both very much for coming on sunday show. >> thank you very much, jonathan. >> thank you. meanwhile, donald trump has been calling for his supporters to come to washington, d.c. on wednesday to protest the electoral college vote, promising it, quote, will be wild. joining me now is the mayor of the district of columbia, mayor muriel bowser.
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mayor, thank you very much for coming on the show. >> thank you, jonathan. thanks for having me. and congratulations on the show. >> thank you very much, madam mayor. so there have been a few stories in the "washington post" about what could happen on the streets of washington on wednesday. what are you doing to prepare for what could happen? >> well, jonathan, we have had a year of demonstrations and protests in the district and this -- for this we are also preparing with the full force of our police department, standing up an emergency operation center that will help metropolitan police coordinate with the u.s. capitol police, the secret service, to ensure that we have peaceful demonstrations in our city. >> so i'm glad you brought up the coordination with the secret service and the capitol police because from the reporting in
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the post it says that on wednesday there are gatherings planned for four locations, the capitol, freedom plaza and the washington monument. the capitol and the washington monument are not -- they're federal jurisdiction so i'm just wondering what recourse does the district have if violence breaks out on federal land? >> well, as you know, our police department for the most part coordinates with the federal authorities. throughout our public health emergency washington, d.c. has not issued any special permits. the federal government, however, has. so freedom plaza, washington monument, the white house grounds and the like can be locations for demonstrations. our message to d.c. residents, residents of our region, is just to stay out of the downtown over those several days, let the police department do its work,
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let's not mix with people who came here for violence and destruction. let them have their demonstration and march. and on january 6th we know what's going to happen, the electoral college will be respected by the congress of the united states and joe biden will be the next president. >> and, madam mayor, one of the other disturbing things in that "washington post" story is on how encrypted messaging apps like parler far right groups like the proud boys are telling people how to smuggle guns into the district where that's illegal. do you have any way of thwarting plans like that? >> well, we want to send a very clear message that concealed carry in the demonstration areas, the permitted areas, you may not carry a concealed
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weapon. you may not carry a weapon at all. our police departments both d.c.'s police department and our federal partners will be working with us to make sure that that doesn't happen. listen, we are as the nation's capitol we're used to people coming to d.c. to air their grievances and that's their right as americans, but no one has a right to violate the law by bringing in a weapon, by destroying property or antagonizing other people. what we've seen with these groups, these groups that have come in to protest the election, is that they've kind of -- around the city looking for a fight and we want our police to focus on policing our neighborhoods, not people that come here to -- for a fight. what we've also seen from those groups is that they are intent on violating our mask orders and
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gathering orders and at a time when the coronavirus is rampant around the country, we are also concerned that they mind our rules so that d.c. residents aren't impacted by more virus spread. >> and with that we're going to have to leave it there. mayor muriel bowser of the district of columbia, thank you for coming to "the sunday show." >> shoe, jonathan. after this quick break we will continue the conversation with senator amy klobuchar. if you want to continue the conversation please use the hashtag #sundayshow. e hashtag #sundayshow. axes. that means... world domination! or just the west side. run payroll in less than five minutes with intuit quickbooks. >> man: what's my my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me...
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we're calling it a ten-day audit, give subpoena power to this group of 15. this group of 15 is not deciding the election, they're gathering all the information and they're challenging every single thing that's out there, i mean, everything from sharpies on ballots in arizona to suitcases
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of ballots under tables in georgia. we're doing our constitutional duty and laying this out and giving it back to the state and saying, states, if you want to reevaluate where you're sending and who you're sending. senator james lankford is one of the dozen republican senators threatening to object to the electoral college results on wednesday, unless a commission is formed to investigate donald trump's baseless, false and totally unproven claims of voter fraud. joining me now is minnesota senator amy klobuchar who is on the senate rules and administration committee and that's the ranking member, senator klobuchar, you are the one who is tasked with helping to shepherd this effort on wednesday. can you please tell us -- you told the "washington post" in a story that's in the paper today that you are ready for every contingency and have been planning since the november election. so what contingencies are you
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planning for? >> well, the number one is that democracy will prevail. so let me make that very clear, as scary as all of this is. we know we have a number of republican senators who have already come out strong on the other side. they have congratulated joe biden, they made it very clear in recent statements this week that they are going to uphold the votes of the american people and joe biden and kamala harris are going to be inaugurated as president and as vice president and no publicity stunt that these guys are pulling are going to change that. so that's the number one thing to know. secondly, yes, this could go on for a while. if they object to a number of these states we have to vote on each state, state by state by state, but, again, i know, jonathan, that democracy will prevail here. it's just very sad that our colleagues are doing that and we can talk about it more, but when i listen to my friend snared langford and i do have respect for him, say this, the states are already serd these
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elections. georgia had a hand recount. they had a recount after recount. these election results have been certified by republican governors, republican secretary of states across the country. if they think there should be an audit in every state, well, then, i don't understand how the number of them can get sworn in today as u.s. senators. these election results are valid and have been proven in court. >> actually, i'm glad you made that point because they're challenging election results for president-elect biden, vice president-elect kamala harris but they are not challenging that results for republican members who were elected potentially by the same voters. >> exactly. or members of congress in those same states that got elected. >> right. >> and that's just why i think this whole thing is just an embarrassing move, people are afraid of getting in the way of donald trump and all of his rhetoric that we've seen, but
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yet i will keep emphasizing here there are a number of republicans, john thune, mitt romney, susan collins, lisa murkowski, shelly caputo, ben sasse and the list actually goes on who have been very clear that they are going to uphold the votes of the people when we have this presentation of the votes to congress. and just so we get the rhetoric right here, these votes have already been certified. they were certified by each state. that is how this works in america. >> okay. so, again, i'm glad you made that point, but i want you to reiterate something because you've been unequivocal. you have said democracy will prevail. that what is going to happen on wednesday is a publicity stunt. in newspapers around the country, the "washington post," "the new york times," there's always that little line in there that says it is virtually certain that what will happen in
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the capitol on wednesday will go down in a ball of flames. there's no chance -- not even the chance of a possibility of success, but there's that wiggle room that makes me uncomfortable. that there is, you know -- something could be 99% certain but that 1% could actually happen. is there the possibility that that 1% chance that all hell could break loose, is there a possibility that that could happen? >> first of all, i can't control what donald trump is doing right now with bringing people to washington. i'm hopeful that we will have peaceful protesters that law enforcement will be there, and that part of it obviously worries everybody, but the second part of it is what's going on in that capitol. we know they're going to have boisterous objections, they've made that very clear, a number of house members, a number of republican senators, but in the end the rules were set back in the 1800s and that we go back to
7:23 am
our chambers, we have a maximum of two hours of debate and then we have a vote. and it's a majority vote and we know -- i heard congressman clyburn say that the democrats are united. of course we're united in the senate but we also have a number of leading republicans that are with us. so that's why we are so confident. under the rules we actually only would have to win in one house, but i believe we will win strongly in both houses and that, again, democracy will prevail. that's what gives me the confidence that while this may be a spectacle and it may be embarrassing, that in the end the will of the american people will be upheld, otherwise if it's not as you note, jonathan, then i don't understand how they can be sworn in without independent audits in all of their states. you just don't put a process in like this. they are simply trying to do what josh hawley wants to do, that is stop joe biden from being sworn in. >> senator, you used the word
7:24 am
spectacle and embarrassing, so let's take a listen to what peter navarro had to said to judge janine. >> i would not be surprised to see a special counsel on this and vice president pence he has the authority to give that ten-day window to do what needs to get done and i cannot imagine when he looks at the facts he won't vote the right way on that. >> senator klobuchar, real fast, what's he talking about? >> he's talking about vice president pence has a ceremonial role presiding but the law is what governs here. this law that was set back in the 1800s, it sets all the rules out, and vice president pence does not cast some deciding vote when it comes to what's going to happen with these electoral results. by the way, these guys can talk about this all that they want. right now there are two senate races going on in georgia, i know you're focusing on them on your show, and, by the way, they want to know why isn't mitch
7:25 am
mcconnell getting the $2,000 checks done. okay? they can do all they want to distract people with this spectacle that they are engaging in, but what really matters is that americans are struggling right now economically, there's been a slowdown in getting those vaccines out, joe and kamala are going to come in and we're going to have a much better process in place, but that's what's on their minds, not the spectacle that these 11 senators just created yesterday. >> democracy will prevail. so says senator amy klobuchar of minnesota. >> congratulations on your show, jonathan. >> thank you. thank you very much, senator. and thank you for coming on "the sunday show." on the other side of this break our all-star panel will give their reaction to everything you've seen so far today. you're watching "the sunday show." r today. you're watching "the sunday show." >> man: what's my safelite story?
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schultz pulitzer prize winning journalist and professional in residence at kent state university school of journalism and donna edwards "washington post" contributing columnist and former congresswoman from maryland. both of you saw what took place in the first half hour of our show. what are your thoughts? connie, you go first. >> i think a number of people on that list are planning to run for president, period. >> yes, that is true. congresswoman edwards? >> well, i mean, i think that what you saw and i think particularly from democrats is that there's going to be a united front, joined with republicans who still believe in democracy and in our constitution, who are going to make sure that joe biden is the next president of the united states, and i think there's no doubt about it despite the almost seditious acts of these members of the house and the senate. >> connie, are you as certain as
7:31 am
donna is that, as senator klobuchar was saying, democracy will prevail? >> oh, sure. there is no question. this will drag it out, depending on how many of them want to challenge the vote. the outcome is going to be the same, on january 20th joe biden will be president of the united states and kamala harris will be vice president of the united states. we are using a lot of diplomatic dang badge and i understand why we are, but if the democrats were even attempting to do this they would all be called traitors by the republicans and i think we need to at least put that out there that we understand what's going on, but we're going to be bigger than this because our country deserves to be better than this. >> donna, as a former member of congress you've -- i don't know, did you participate in this ceremony that used to get no notice at all in terms of certifying -- recertifying the electoral college vote? >> yeah, but i was trying to think about, i barely rear it.
7:32 am
you know, twice. i barely remember it because it is ceremonial, it is just, you know, validating what the states have already certified and it's a nothing. so the fact that these republicans are doing this right now, one, it just proves that, you know, they are really anti-constitutional and i think that this really is a death nell for the republican party. you have part of the republican party who believes in the constitution and the other part that simply does not. >> what do you make -- what do both of you make of congressman louie gohmert actually calling for violence if he and the followers of the president don't get their way? >> i think he and a lot of his colleagues -- oh, i'm sorry. >> go ahead, connie. connie, you go first. sorry. >> i'm so sorry, i'm delayed here. i think he like many of his
7:33 am
colleagues have a bottomless pit of need for attention and that's what this is about. of course this is inflammatory, of course this is irresponsible language, it's nothing new, it's just a new collection of words. it's reprehensible. let us hope -- look, those of us who are married to members of congress, that would include me, are aware of the additional security measures being taken for something that should be pro forma. we know what the threats can result in and that to me is more than concerning. >> and that gets to the question i was trying to get to, but couldn't because my mind is a little scrambled, congresswoman edwards, as someone who has been in that chamber during this type of ceremonial situation, the threat of violence that is already on the streets of washington, how concerned are you that the violence that's threatened could actually take place and disrupt the proceedings? >> well, i'm actually very concerned and, number one,
7:34 am
because i was there when the tea party was outside of the congress. >> oh, right. >> and they were spitting, they even spat on john lewis. >> i remember that. >> of all things. you know, that was raising the temperature. here what you have in addition to louie gohmert -- and i had to look up the word sedition and i'm going to tell you something, i think that what louie gohmert is saying is not the first amendment, he is inciting people to violence. if that violence occurs, he should be held account. but the president of the united states needs to be held account, too. he tweeted out something, i think it was yesterday, you know, come to d.c., it's going to be wild. and what does that mean? and i think that, you know, sort of ramping up the rhetoric is so irresponsible and i think that as a member of congress i would be, you know, very careful. i definitely would stay in the tunnels, go over to the chamber. they are going to be voting in a different kind of way anyway and
7:35 am
being sworn in differently because of the pandemic in small groups and i think that that is good. the capitol police and d.c. police, as you heard from mayor bowser, are going to be coordinating their efforts for the protection both of citizens and also of members of congress. you know, i think this is a really difficult time, but we're going to get through it because as amy klobuchar said, democracy will prevail. >> connie and donna, y'all are great, which is why you're going to be back in our next hour. thanks for doing this. with just hours left until the all important georgia runoffs, jon ossoff joins "the sunday show" next. runoffs, jon ossoff joins "the sunday show" next. age is just a number.
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♪ look, i'm angry about the abuse of power that we've seen, voter fraud is a real power, it's a persistent problem, it's a problem in georgia and across the country, but the answer isn't to stay home and hand control of the government over to the radical left and over to the extreme socialists. the answer is to stand up and defend the state of georgia and defend our rights. it's a different strategy tying an election campaign to false claims of voter fraud, but that's what republicans seem to be doing ahead of the two georgia senate runoff races on tuesday. donald trump is throwing a wrench into the high stakes georgia runoffs, questioning
7:40 am
their legality one day before he's set to campaign there. he will be campaigning the same day that president-elect joe biden is in georgia, rallying support for democratic candidates jon ossoff and rafael warnock. vice president-elect kamala harris will be in georgia later today. and just so you know, republican senator david perdue did not respond to our invitation to come on the show and senator kelly loeffler flat out said no. returning to "the sunday show" is georgia senatorial candidate jon ossoff. jon, thank you for coming back to "the sunday show." >> thank you. >> when it was announced that president trump was going down to georgia the day before the runoff, you know, we've seen this happen before where the president zooms in the day before an election and it ends up goosing in some cases, goosing turn out the next day. how concerned are you that this last -- that this eve of vote visit by the president is going
7:41 am
to be helpful to senator perdue? >> i'm not concerned. but what i can't figure out is why president trump is sticking his neck out to help mitch mcconnell when mitch mcconnell is treating president trump like an irrelevant lame duck president. mcconnell is blocking the $2,000 stimulus checks that trump and biden and the american people support, mcconnell is overriding trump's veto on the ndaa totally ignoring and disrespecting him, and yet trump is still traveling to help mitch. i'm not sure what the strategy is there. >> you're running against senator david perdue, but you have not been shy about going after the other georgia senator, senator kelly loeffler, in an epic interview on fox which has been tweeted all over twitter and i've retweeted it myself, you looked directly at the camera and you said, kelly loeffler is campaigning with a klansman.
7:42 am
now, senator loeffler has responded, she issued this reaction in this interview to that, loeffler who said she didn't know who the former klansman was when she snapped the photo with him and that he was later removed from her event. here is her quote, every georgian knows that jon ossoff is a pathological liar and he is a trust fund socialist who has never had a job other than through the chinese communist party. there is a lot in there, so your -- your reaction to senator loeffler. >> well, my reaction to senator loeffler is i guess it's not surprising that claklansmen and white supremacists keep turning up at her campaign events, campaigning for her, appearing in photos with her, because she has run a racist campaign that's principally been about attacking the black lives matter movement and disrespecting the black
7:43 am
church. so, you know, birds of a feather flock together and you can judge someone by the company they keep and look who keeps showing up at kelly loeffler's rallies. but, look, it's also not surprising when you consider that kelly loeffler and david perdue have been leading the charge to disenfranchise black voters during this runoff. they've been backing a lawsuit after lawsuit to purge the rolls, to make it harder for people to vote in georgia, and the contrast couldn't be clearer. what my campaign is doing is empowering people to participate. we have hired thousands of young people, predominantly people of color, to get involved, organize their own networks, communities, church groups and families. we are running right now in georgia, jonathan, the largest turnout effort in u.s. history. we made almost a million phone calls to voters yesterday alone. we are knocking on tens of thousands of doors. and the movement energy that you
7:44 am
and i have discussed before that has been brewing in georgia for the last several months will overcome the forces of bigotry and racism and division. >> so, jon, this movement energy you are talking about, yes, we have talked about it before on my "washington post" podcast, but on election day, yes, joe biden did win georgia, he won it by just under 12,000 votes. our own steve kornacki through his own analysis has made the point -- and we're going to put this graphic up -- that in the race between you and senator david perdue, senator perdue got 88,098 more votes than you did. so is that movement energy going to be enough for you to overcome that big a margin between you and senator perdue on runoff day? >> yep, it will. this was one of if not the
7:45 am
closest u.s. senate races in the country. and if you look at how many young people are participating right now, if you look at the rates of participation by communities who have historically been marginalized and ignored in georgia politics, if you look at the way black voters are standing up to defy these efforts, to disenfranchise the black community, it is truly inspiring. what's happening in georgia right now is historic. we are on the cusp of a victory that will be a watershed for my state and for the country. and reverend warnock and i are running on a positive message, a vision about what can be achieved when we win, getting people the financial relief that's currently being blocked, putting georgia's own cdc in charge of the public health response, passing landmark civil rights and voting rights bills, investing in clean energy and infrastructure to rebuild our economy and save our environment. i want everybody out there to
7:46 am
feel excited about what we are about to get done when we win these two senate races in georgia, to recommit to helping us win and defending voting rights here. >> i'm going to put up another statistic and that is the early vote for the runoffs and that number you're seeing there, 115,601, this is significant because those are voters who did not vote on november 3rd, but voted early in the runoff election. we also have -- and i didn't tell this to the control room, element 4, that the georgia early vote, one of the concerns has been that voters would not show up for the runoffs the way they did in the general election and as you're seeing here, more than 3 million ballots have been cast early, which is -- which has broken a record that i think was set in 2008. jon ossoff, do you think it is -- it's no guarantee that a
7:47 am
lot of that -- that a majority of those votes have been cast for you and or for reverend rafael warnock, but how confident are you that a big chunk of that early vote will be for you and for reverend warnock and will be enough to make you the next senators from georgia? >> look, this is why we've been so focused on bringing new voters into the process. and inspiring people to participate for the first time. each as y even as you point out if they didn't vote in november. zooming out, this is what we've been doing in georgia for the last decade. this is a culmination of a decade's work, so much of this work led by stacey abrams to register voters, to envision and manifest over time what expanding the electorate and empowering the people here looks like. the race that i ran back in 2017 which changed the nature of politics in the northern suburbs of atlanta, stacey's historic
7:48 am
2018 gubernatorial, lucy mcbath's vigt ri in georgia 6, the victory in georgia 7, all of this powered by an organization of tens of thousands of volunteers that we have built over the last several years in georgia. and it all comes to a head with these vital senate runoffs which we will win on tuesday. >> and with that we're going to have to leave it there. jon ossoff, thank you very much for coming back to "the sunday show." >> thank you. >> good luck in the final days of the campaign. >> i appreciate you. and i want to remind you to tune into msnbc's coverage of the georgia senate runoffs beginning tuesday at 7:00 p.m. eastern. after this break, i will tell you about the heroic measures some health care workers are taking to help americans get vaccinated. keep it right here on msnbc. t vd keep it right here on msnbc. ♪
7:49 am
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the president just tweeted that the number of deaths is foor far exaggerated, calling it a ridiculous method of determination compared to other countries. your response to that. >> well, the deaths are real deaths. i mean, all you need to do is go out into the trenches, go to the hospitals, see what the health care workers are dealing with. they are under very stressed situations in many areas of the country, hospital beds are
7:53 am
stretched. people are running out of beds, running out of trained person them who are exhausted right now. that is real. that is not fake. that is real. >> welcome back to the sunday show. roughly nine months ago 100,000 coronavirus deaths was the low end of a staggeri inin inin ini estimation and mismanagement has led to more than 300,000 succumbing to covid-19, december the most deadly month of 2020. the trump administration assured us 20 million americans would be vaccinated by january 1. and, well -- >> if authorized, tens of millions of vaccine doses will be available this month. >> we sgeblgts too haexpect to vaccinate 20 million americans. >> the number of doses ended up being lower.
7:54 am
>> we are not numbers that we wanted to be. >> instead, more than 20 million americans have been infected with coronavirus as vaccination efforts continue to be stymied by mismanagement like ooelg senior citizens lining unovernight to receive their first come first serve vaccinations in florida. or 500 vaccine dose bratly ledeg left out to spil byoil inis wit wisconsin. at this rate, it would take the country ten years, a decade, to reach herd immunity. can you imagine ten years of mask wearing, social distancing, virtual learning and isolation? and that is only if enough people get both shots. donald trump sits in the white house fulgtsly fighting to overturn an election he lost while blaming the states for
7:55 am
bh bungling the vaccine rollout just as he blamed states for taking life saving quarantine measures last year as he refused to show any true leadership. >> no, i don't take responsibility at all because we were given a set of circumstances and we were given rules, regulations and specifications from a different time. >> joining me now is dr. jah, dean of the brown university school of public health. doctor, thank you very much for coming to the sunday show oig. i need to get your reaction to the sound that we bumped in with and that was reaction to president trump questioning the data about the number of people who have died of coronavirus. >> good morning, jonathan. thanks for having me on. it is an insult to the memory of people who passed away.
7:56 am
the idea that 330,000 americans have died is horrible enough. the idea that we would question their deaths suggests that somehow it is made up. it is insulting. it is also deeply insulting to the health care workers. this has been a strategy out of the white house, the president, his former adviser scott atlas constantly suggesting that somehow all of this is because of the greed of doctors and nurses who have been nothing short of heroic in this pandemic. >> and you have been very vocal about the vaccine rollout or lack thereof. how enraging is it for you as a medical professional but also as an american to see the federal government bunghchle so importa for american health and overall for the economy? >> yeah, you know, i'm enraged
7:57 am
for all sorts of reasons. one of them is i really thought, and call me naive, i thought that we would get the vaccine stuff right. yes, but bungled the testing and protective equipment. but i thought "operation warp speed" would get the vaccines right and it looked like they were on a great track. but they did not think through the last mile of getting vaccines into people's arms and now we're at 4 million people vaccinated literally two weeks after the president promise that had 20 million would be vaccinated by last week. we have tens of millions of doses sitting in freezers that need to get into people's arms and they are not getting there. >> i can't help but wonder and asking myself this question, do they care, do the people running the federal government right now truly care that vaccine that was produced in remarkable time with remarkable data is just sitting not getting out there to the people who need it?
7:58 am
>> i think the people who run "operation warp speed" do care. these are people who are hon honorab honorable, trying hard to get it right. the problem is that the mission that they have been given is get vaccines to states. they have not been given the mission of get vaccines in to people's arms. so they are doing their part of the mission renbly well, basonat the mentality that it is up to the states to figure it out. states have a critical role to play, but it should be a partnership between the federal government and states and right now it is mostly blaming the states. >> and one more question for you. how concerned are you that the trump administration has been less than cooperative with the biden transition team on a whole host of matters, but especially when it comes to preparing the incoming administration for what it is about to face when the reins of government are handed over to them on january 20th?
7:59 am
>> yeah, this is critically important. january 20th, we'll have a different team in the federal government. and they have got to pick up the ball wherever it is on vaccinations and testing and run where it. this is not a time when we can have a fumble and i'm deeply worried that the trump administration is not doing its part in making sure that handoff is smooth. the konsience is not to the biden team, it will be to the american people and that is matters. >> all right, we'll bring someone this to join the conversation, stephanie cutter executive producer for the biden inaugural committee. stephanie, thank you for coming to the sunday. show. as a result of the coronavirus and social distancing, the inauguration you are planning is going to be completely different than what we've seen, well, ever.he planning going and how has the pandemic changed
8:00 am
what the american people will see on january 20th? >> the planning is going great. there is enormous energy and excitement being a crosses country about this inauguration. and you know, i can tell you what is different and what is the same. what is the same is we're swearing in a new president. there will be a swearing in ceremony at the capitol. what is different, there won't be thousand of people standing on the mall witnessing it. we will bring to them in their homes where it is safe, and find ways for them to participate from there. you know, so a lot. same traditions will still be there, but we're doing it differently to make sure that we can be safe and secure and ultimately like we did with the democratic convention include more americans than ever before in this inauguration. and there is enormous interest and energy. >> the inaugural platform on the
8:01 am
west front of the capitol is still there, the ceremony is going to take place still there, correct? >> yes. >> and so then what precautions are being put in place to ensure that everyone is safe? are you limiting the number of people who can actually physically be there? temperatures taken? what are the things that are being planned to keep people safe? >> well, we're working very closely with members of congress who oversee the inauguration and work closely to ensure that protections are put in place for anybody on that platform. as i said, there aren't tens of thousand, hundreds of thousands of people coming to the national mall to witness this. it is a smaller footprint and largely pulling people in from wherever they are. so, you know, we didn't have
8:02 am
every detail available yet, we're still working through things, but we've got some interesting things in store for people to witness this and to be part of it. but by any measure, anybody on that platform or live in person at that inauguration will be protected by the protocols put in place in partnership with the members of congress who are helping us with this. >> and doctor, given what you have heard stephanie just say about the plans being put in place to keep everyone safe, will those plans as has been explained, is that enough, is there more that should be done do you think? >> well, obviously i don't know the details of the plarngn, bute of the things i'm struck by is how different this is. how different it feels compared to the rallies that we saw under the trump team.
8:03 am
this is not meant to be a partisan comment, this is meant to be about a leadership moment. we want to see our president and our vice president practicing good public health not just for the people around them, but also as a symbol for the country. and so what i'm hearing is really in line with public health principles and that is what we need, not just to keep the inauguration safe, but to keep the american people safe. >> stephanie, one more thing on the inauguration. maybe you can clear this up. the inaugural parade, is that happening or not happening? >> it is happening. it is not going to look like what you imagine. but there will be a live component in washington, d.c. to honor the time honored tradition of bringing in a new president to the white house. but then there will be a parade across america where like i said, more americans than ever before, you don't have to buy a plane ticket, you don't have to be invited, yyou don't have to
8:04 am
get a participate to participate in this. so stay tuned. we're a little more than two weeks out. so more to come, but i promise you that it will be a moment in our nation eye histo's history the new leadership, the new american journey we're about to undertake. good and i re . >> and i realize i'm putting you on the spot to reveal plans that you don't want to reveal, but i got to try. but i want to close out by asking you both, i'll start with you, stephanie, that is, i know that you said that there will be no one on the mall, you don't want people to come to washington. but what about those people who do just decide, you know, what i want to be there, i want to witness this with my own eyes? what do you say to people who are actually planning to come to washington for inauguration, should they?
8:05 am
>> you know, we would say it is really not safe for you to do so. safety is our number one priority over these several days of the inaugural echblvents. there are ways to participate by staying at home in a safe environment. so that is what we're saying to people. again, i said this earlier, stay tuned for some of those details, but i promise you we are building and con evening a southwest ceremonies that will pull in more americans than ever before. it is important to be safe. and listening about the hospitals being overloaded, the vaccine rollout being full bhful belled like everything else, this is not the time to take a risk like that. we have to be careful.
8:06 am
>> and i would say safety is a key issue right now. there are a lot of ways of being engaged in this important civic moment. the coming in of a new president. there are ways to do it safely and let's do it safe slow we can all be around and enjoy the fruits of civic participation for years to come. >> doctor, thank you for your voice in all of this. stephanie, thank you for coming to the sunday show. and i look forwardative things in store for us. after this break, jimmy harris gives usis prognostication of the all-important senate runoff election. off election of c e you've seen underwear that fits like this... but never for bladder leaks. the all-important senate runoff election. his prognostication of the all-important senate runoff election. the all-important senate runoff
8:07 am
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georgia hasn't elected a democratic senator in more than
8:11 am
20 years. and, yes, it went blue if bidfo biden, but can georgia break that streak? joining me now, jimmy harrison and stewart stevens. thank you both for coming on "the sunday show." i've been looking forward to this conversation about the quote/unquote new south with two sons of the south, one south carolina, one stewart, you are mississippi? >> correct, mississippi. >> and so each of you -- and jamie, i'll start with request y you. when you ran for senate against lindsey graham, your campaign, and we talked about this, was about there is a new south. there is a new south carolina, and that you thought that it would be enough for you to prevail. and yet you didn't. and so i'm wondering is the new
8:12 am
south that lots of people talk about, is it really there, or are other things making it impossible for that new south that is there to assert itself politically? >> i thinks new south is emerging and i think you see it at a much quicker pace in georgia because the old shoudt is still trying to hold on and hold on with the last grasp and grip that they can. but what you see in georgia is a changing of the demographics that are taking place all across the south. but georgia is just happening at a much faster pace. you know, they have had over a million new voters this georgia since 2016. and of that million new voters, two-thirds are people of color and many are younger. and they are having a huge impact in terms of the demographics and political landscape in that state of
8:13 am
georgia. and i think that you will see in this runoff election on tuesday. >> and to your point, there is a -- we have a graphic about the dem graphics of georgia, how they changed between 2000 and 2019. as you see there, the white population has decreased minus 11, but the black population, hispanic and asian american populations have increased. so stewart, your reaction. do you agree with jamie that the new south is truly emerging in georgia? >> i think jamie, whose campaign i supported and i wish you'd won, and i expect there will come a day when you will win, i think it is like a lot of change. it happens more slowly than a lot of people would like, than i would like.
8:14 am
but it is definitely happening. i worked for senator isaac sdlt s son for 15 years and you could see it happening. it was not a request of if, but when it would happen. and i think that that will be true in this election. you have to say the republicans are favored. i mean, these runoff elections were invented in the south to stop african-americans from winning statewide election and you have to say that they worked pretty much to perfection. the idea of being that an african-american would run and then the white candidates would get in a runoff with one african-american and all the whites would vote for the whites. that is changing. i think the democrats have a good shot here. but we shouldn't be shocked if republicans win. that is what is supposed to happen. but this is going to change. it is changing across the south, it is changing in my home state of mississippi that finally took down the state flag which i think is a very powerful and meaningful symbol and accept
8:15 am
stantsz of what is happening in the state. >> jamie, you answered my question about the new south, but pick up where stewart just left off. he was talking about what the runoffs were supposed to do and the runoffs were basically speesspees speesed supposed '20 keep blacks from winning the election. but do you think that jon ossoff and reverend warnock given the amount of money they have raced, given the demographic shifts in georgia, given the fact that there is a record turnout in terms of early vote for this runoff, do you think that the stars will align and the way things are supposed to work as stewart described will get upended and they will actually win? >> well, i hope so. but this is a warning i give to
8:16 am
my friend raphael warnock and jon ossoff. you can't let up. in my election, i went into election day with 150,000 vote lead over lindsey graham. we had record turnout in terms of early vote. 2 million early voters here in south carolina. but election day, we just got swamped. and what rafael oig athey have are doing it in a way because they always have the amazing stacey abrams and so many others helping, they are making sure that they will pushing those follow,s to the polls early, but they won't let up on election day. and i think that that will be the difference maker for them. they will need to make sure that all of the energy that they had in this early vote is the same type of energy that they bring to the polls in 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. january 5th. they bring that same type of energy to get their people to the polls. >> so let's shift the focus from
8:17 am
georgia to hear in washington and what we've been talking about pretty much all morning. and that is the insanity, sedition that is being waged here. 12 republican senators who say that they won't vote to certify the electoral college votes. 148 republican members of the house who are saying that they will do the same thing. stewart, you've written a whole book, it was all a lie, about what has happened to your party, the republican party. did you think that it would come to this, that members of the republican party would actually be a part of a brazen effort to overturn the will of the people? >> well, look, i finished this book over a year ago and in reflection, it was pretty bleak view of the republican party but i was way too optimistic. i didn't think that this would
8:18 am
happen. but i did say in the book that the original sin of the republican party is race. and what is happening in these attempts to disqualify these voters, it is all about race. it is a new jim crow caucus a that is being formed inside the republican party and we shouldn't kid ourselves about this. when they talk about illegitimate votes, all legal votes, this is just the language of the jim crow south that african-american voters are not legitimate and you have a bunch of white republicans who overwhelmingly are not supported by african-americans in their own state who are attempting to disqualify african-americans in other states. and i think it is shameful. and i think the corporate donors should ask themselves is this really what you want to support. do you really want to disqualify your african-american customers and employees. because that is what this is about. it is just about race.
8:19 am
>> jamie. >> it is treacherous. to see what is going on right now, stewart is right, i mean, a lot of it is about race, a lot of it is just about political power. and people trying to hold on to that political power. and dr. king said in a letter we will repin this generation for the appalling silence of the good people. there are good people in the republican party. and those people need to stand up and they need to stop emboldening these folks who are flouting their constitutional oath to protect and defend the constitution of the united states. so i hope fool beings like mitt romney, not that he joins the democratic party, but become an independent, don't give these folks the power to continue doing what they are doing. >> and i can't have you here without asking you a question that i'm pretty sure you're going to evade. and that is this, there are rum
8:20 am
linki blinks that you could be coming to washington and be the next head of the democratic party. one, is that something that you are interested? answer that question. >> well, if the president-elect and vice president-elect call and ask me to everybody is, i will everybody. >> and, two, so let's just assume that call is going to come in ask. if you do become the chair of the democratic party, what did you -- what is your vision for the party, what do you want to do as leader of the democratic party? >> well, our leader would be president biden and it is to promote his agenda. and his agenda to build better better. and i think he also wants to invest in all of the parties across the states, red states and blue states, because we have go that. we have to see these people who
8:21 am
are hurting, we have to fight for those people who are hurting and we have to be in their corners. and i know the president-elect wants to do that and that is what i want to do as well. >> jamie harrison, perhaps maybe the next head of the democratic line flts dof the day when you this is a new jim crow caucus. thank you both for coming to "the sunday show." >> thank you. >> thank you. and coming up, the newest senator from the great state of new mexico stops by "the sunday show," ben ray and in an emergency, they need a network that puts them first. that connects them to technology, to each other, and to other agencies. that's why at&t built firstnet with and for first responders
8:22 am
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in just a few minutes, the house and senate will convene to open 91the 117th congress and i will be the most diverse group
8:26 am
we've ever seen. the senate will seat six latinos in the upper chamber including alex padilla who will fill kamala harris' seat and also my next guest. joining me now is new mexico senator elect ben ray lujan who will be sworn in shortly. you are actually in the 116th congress, a member of the house. so are you still congressman ben way lieu than or a ben ray lujan or senator? >> no, i'm still a united states representative ben ray lujan and the swearing in for the 117th congress will begin at noon today. upon taking that oath, i'll be sworn in as the next senator for the state of new mexico. >> and so are you being sworn in as probably the most tumultuous time in our nation's history or one of them, but certainly
8:27 am
tumultuous time there on capitol hill in the senate. what are your expectations especially for what is about to happen on january 6? >> well, jonathan, at noon members of the u.s. house of representatives and the united states senate, we'll take an oath to defend and uphold the constitution of the united states of america. and sadly what we're hearing more and more of with at least 12 republican senators now that have said that they are going to try to wreak havoc, this is a direct attack on the constitution. the idea that we built this democracy in the united states of america that has become an example to the world, and now we're seeing another attack on a peaceful transition of power. it is so wrong. but i am encouraged by a number of republican senators that will be joining democratic senators to accept the certification of the results from democratic and
8:28 am
republican senators, governors, house members from -- and senate members from across america. and that is the action that we'll be taking on wednesday as well. >> congressman/senator elect, one of your former colleagues soon to be louie gohmert was on news max and i don't know if the control room can pull up this sound. do we have it or not? okay, we don't have it. but we've played it before of and it is with congressman gohmert basically saying that if they don't get their way, that violence in the streets actually would be justified. your reaction to a sitting member of congress basically inciting violence. >> look, what mr. louie gohmert said about encouraging and inciting violence on the streets is absolutely disgusting. it has no place not in america, not anywhere in the world.
8:29 am
and that is where louie is standing alone on this. no one will listen to those words. and it is just an absolute disgrace. and i hope that louie understands the magnitude of his words because we should not have anybody encouraging and inciting violence anywhere. and especially here in the united states of america. just absolutely wrong. >> are you surprised that 140 republican members of the house and 12 republican members of the senate are actually signing on to an effort to overturn the will of the american people? >> jonathan, i'm not surprised, but i'm disappointed. this is wrong. there was an election. president-elect biden and vice president-elect harris won by the same number of electoral votes as president trump and vice president pence did foufou ago. there was a clear voice heard from across america.
8:30 am
president-elect biden is going to be inaugurated on the 20th of january. he will be the next president of the united states of america. >> so senator elect, you will soon be sworn into the united states senate. what are your goals, what committees do you want to join, be a part of? >> well, any committee will be an important committee on behalf of the people of new mexico, but i'm hopeful that the priority of being able to respond to help people across new mexico and across america rebuild and recover from covid is going to be at the top of the list. we're still seeing a very bad rollout coming out from the trump administration when it comes to vaccine distribution. people need help. schools need help. they need to be reopened. small businesses. families across rirl new mexico need our support and it will be important for congress to come together in the early days of the congress that we're about to begin at 12 noon today to deliver for the american people.
8:31 am
>> you were elected to the house in 2009. just elected to the senate. did you ever think that you would be a united states senator in. >> growing up on a small farm in northern new mexico, cleaning these ditches, you know, whether it was feeding the animals or working the fields, i never imagined that i would have the honor to walk the halls of the united states house of representatives or the united states senate on behalf of the people of new mexico. it is an extraordinary responsibility, but i thank my family and my parents and all the good people 6 new mexico for entrusting me with this responsibility and i want to encourage everyone out there, i know it has been a tough year, but we need to come together. let's make sure that we unite to make sure that we'll bring about a stronger united states and we'll deliver for every member of the country. i see you and hear you.
8:32 am
>> you want people to unite. we've been through a lot in the last ten months from covid to criminal justice, "black lives matter" protests, marches for criminal justice reform brut alo racial justice. are we capable as a nation and as americans to unite? >> i know we're not just kaichable, i know we will. look, i see the aspirations of the hope and inspiration coming from folks that i see every day. whether it is at the grocery are store, the people putting those groceries on the shelves or checking you out at the checkout counter, look, we can come together and we will. we're the united states of america. and just as we come together and there is still differences that we'll see even on questions of 24 week, there will be a peaceful transition of power. we will see the swearing in of the next president with joe
8:33 am
biden and the first woman of color to be the vice president of the united states with kachl. anything is possible in the united states. and i learned that from growing up on that little farm from my mom who is watching today, from my late father who was a union ironworker and served in the statehouse, one of the few blue collar speakers in america, they taught me if you rolling up your sleeves, you can get the job done. and that is the spirit that is built in new mexico and across the united states. i know that we will come together. let's find the better voices and look after our neighbors and treat them with all the dignity and respect that they deserve. >> senator elect ben ray lujan, i like your optimism and share it. thank you for being come to "the sunday show." >> thank you and congratulations on the new show. >> thank you. and next up, brand new details of the republican attempt to overturn the will of the american people. you will see it right here next.
8:34 am
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8:37 am
you made an allegation that there was widespread fraud. you have not offered evidence. but you are demanding an investigation on the grounds that there are allegations of wide spread fraud. so essentially you are the arsonist here. >> this was started when the mainstream media stopped any
8:38 am
pre-sense of being unbiased and actually chose sides during this election. this fight was started when you completely ignored for example our investigation of hunter biden. >> senator ron johnson of wisconsin maintains that he didn't start the fire, if his part chuck todd made some valid historical an analogies to illustrate just how baseless and damaging these allegations are. >> why didn't you hold hearings about the 9/11 truthers? there is plenty of people who thought 9/11 was an inside job. how about the -- >> obviously there are all kinds of things that i would like to hold hearings on. you have to pick and choose based on priority. >> back with me, connie schultn. and joining me is zerlena maxwell. thank you all for being here. zerlena, your reaction to senator johnson. >> well, i just think that the
8:39 am
republicans who find themselves in a position they cornered themselves into a position where they have to go along with the president's baseless claims of fraud. they are proving to us every single time they tout conspiracy theories that they are not bought into the democratic experiment that the rest of us are participating in. i think that it is important to name them and shame them and demonstrate that the voters decided. they are the ones who showed bias in the election more than decided that donald trump should not be the president any longer. and in the middle of a pandemic, it doesn't seem like in a decision is something hard to demystify. president trump told the americans to inject bleach. 80 million americans decided that was not a good idea. and so i think that the american people should pay attention to the democrats -- to the democratic process and the republicans who are going against really america's founding and all we say we represent.
8:40 am
>> donna. >> well, look, i think, you know, on sunday today this afternoon republicans in the house and senate will take an oath to support and defend the constitution of the united states. and then wednesday, they are going to stand up and undermine the very oath that they swore to the constitution. i don't think that democrats can let this pass. i don't think that moving on means that you forget what has led up to this point. there has to be accountability, whether that is accountability in an ethics proceeding, accountability in the court of law in a criminal proceeding, or accountability otherwise by voters. ron johnson is up for re-election in 2022. and he has to be held to account by the voters of wisconsin. because if we let this pass, it will become the norm and that is
8:41 am
simply not acceptable for those of us who believe as zerlena said in this democratic experiment, this experiment with the constitution. this cannot stand. >> connie. >> well, jonathan, i wish these men, mostly men, not all, but these republican elected officials who keep bringing this nonsense would find a new mob when i because undermining democracy is not working for them. it certainly has concern and stress with a lot of people who don't know and certainly revved up a base too many of whom are already prepared to be violent, to disrupt in any way they can, but they have treated something that is so serious and at the core of our democracy, it is just a game. what i do appreciate is this gallery of fools that they have been so obvious about it. they are easy to spot. they will be very easy to
8:42 am
remember. >> and among the people we just showed, there are between women there and let's all have a listen to another barack obama, senator kelly loeffler, and what she had to say on fox.obama, senator kelly loeffler, and what she had to say on fox. >> joonanuarien 6, you have to e that decision. so can you say whether you will certify the electoral college votes or not specifically from georgia? >> well, i'm looking very closely at it. and i've been wochbts firaeeen to say everything is on the table. i'll fighting for this president because he fought for us. we'll keep making sure that it is a fair election and i'm looking veclosely at it. >> zerlena, what is she talking about? >> i don't know. it is a xwufrng bunch of word s. but what republicans are not saying that is at the root of all of this. you were talking about this earlier. that is that in 2045, white
8:43 am
voters will be a minority. republicans understand this. that is why they sound like they, you know -- they make very little sense in terms of trying to explain why they are going along with donald trump. while many of us are sworn this today, they have didn't complain about the rigged election in those contests that they won, just the one with donald trump. so i think that none of that makes any sense and she is in a difficult position. she needs republicans to show up. and i think what she is probably worried about is the fact that they might not because donald trump has called the election in georgia on tuesday invalid and illegal. and so democrats are trying to organize and show up and they will continue with their word salad unfortunately. >> connie, i heard you chuckling there. your reaction. >> well, first of all, that is the -- to translate as she speaks, i'm terrified that
8:44 am
donald trump will come after me before the election. when you are not who you are, which has been the case with both republicans in the georgia race, they don't know who they are anymore, you know, when you run as who you are, which we're seeing with both the democrats, you never have to worry about how to answer any question or how you will vote because you already know who you are. and boy, is that a glaring example. yes, you're right, two of those people are women. but if anything that sarah palin showed us, we're not a monolith. i had to keep explaining that to people back then. people will say things no matter their gender. >> donna, let me get you in on this before i switch gears. >> well, look, i served with two of those women in the house and that is just one bowl of crazy. and so i'm not surprised that they are on the list with the other 34e7b who are aar men whot the constitution. but this will fail like donald trump failed if n. the election
8:45 am
and in the courts and he will fail in congress on january 6 and joe biden will be sworn this january 20th. be. i want to switch gears to the coronavirus pandemic. dr. fauci was on abc earlier responding to really a shameful tweet from the president of the united states. let's have a listen. >> dr. fauci, the president just tweeted that the number of deaths is far exaggerated blaming the cdc's what he called ridiculous method of determination compared to other countries. your response to that. >> well, the deaths are real deaths. mine, a i mean, just go to the hospitals, see what the health care workers are dealing with. they are under very stressed situations in many areas of the country, the hospital beds are stretched, people are running out of beds, running out of trained personnel who are exhausted right now.
8:46 am
that is real. that is not fake. that is real. >> connie, the deaths are real deaths. i'm just sort of mystified that we're still having this -- or that we have to have this conversation, that more than 350,000 people have perished because of coronavirus and if you listen to the experts, that is probably an underestimate. >> this man in the white house has killed tens of thousands of americans because of his policies and his willful ignorance. it is not that he didn't know the numbers. he didn't want us to know the numbers. he didn't want us to know the dangers. i'm not at all surprised that he is willing to have more people die as a result of his words. he is the most dangerous person we have ever had in the owe value offi oval i have on and we're all counting the days for good reasons as i've said before, you can't undie people. they are dead. and we know why.
8:47 am
>> zerlena. >> it is horrifying that we still have to deal with this president for the next couple weeks, but as connie said, terrific news for the american people who have lost family members. i've lost several cousin s. i have friends who lost family members. so it doesn't really matter anymore what the president says. that is a really liberating feeling to say. i don't actually have to pay attention to donald trump today so i'm going to choose to focus on the country moving forward and hopefully biden and harris being able to implement the necessary policies and get the funding to the states so that we can get out of this disaster that donald trump has largely exacerbated, a virus ravaged through the country like others, but we had no federal leadership from the beginning to prevent this mass loss of american lives. >> and my condolences to you and your family to so manies wills
8:48 am
in your family. and donna, i'll give you the last word on this. >> well, look, the president of the united states has failed the american people and he failed as a human being when he just dismisses the lives lost of 350,000 americans and so many families who are affected by this virus. there is almost not one of us by the time this is over who will not be touched in some way by the coronavirus. and the president of the united states, donald trump, has utterly failed the american people. and i just think that, you know, like connie said, we can't wait soon enough for noon on january 20th so that we can get a handling on the virus, get a handle on our economy and move forward without donald trump holding us back and his policies killing more americans. >> connie, donna, zerlena, thank you very much for a terrific
8:49 am
conversation and for coming on this sunday show. byline is next. show byline is next
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on this first sunday of 2021, my mind is on the voters of georgia. tuesday they will vote in a runoff election that not only will determine who will represent them in the senate, but also who controls 9 balanth balance of power in the senate. if the democrats do indeed get the republicans, it would be a powerfulshock to the political earthquake caused by joe biden winning georgia. the first democrat to win it since 1992. now, runoffs are tricky. in the past black voting power diminished greatly from that of the general election. chalk it up to lower enthusiasm
8:54 am
assisted by high levels of voter suppression. but early voting ended last week with a record 3 billion ballots cast breaking the previous record set in 2008. and according to and an analysis of state election data, quote, more ballots have been cast so far by groups and in areas that tend to favor democrats. ten the newspaper noted this. black voters who generally support democrats made up a higher portion of voters so far than in the presidential election. that is great. until you realize that that advantage could be wiped out by republican voters who show up in person to vote on tuesday. so let me talk specifically to black voters in georgia. drop that absentee ballot off by tuesday. if you are opting to vote in person, please do so safely but you must show up at the polls on tuesday. and if you are wondering if you should vote at all, i want you to think of three people.
8:55 am
think of the late congressman john lewis. he literally bled for your right to vote long before his 33 years in congress. think of stacey abrams, she channelled her 2018 loss for georgia governor into her effort to turn georgia blue in the presidential race. which leads me to the third person. think of joe biden. black voters saved his candidacy in south carolina after super tuesday, they put him on the path to becoming the democratic nominee. and you helped him win georgia and therefore the presidency. now, imagine what biden could do if democrats had control of the senate with vice president kamala harris cast being the tie-breaking vote. you don't have to imagine it. you have the power to make it happen. so make it happen. i'm jonathan capehart. this is "the sunday show."
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. very good day to all of us from right here in new york. high school high noon in the east, 9:00 a.m. out west. welcome to weekends with alex witt. you might not feel it, but today begins a week of great consequence on a number of fronts for this country and we begin with the breaking news on that front, historic moment unfolding as the 117th congress is brought into session. but the swearing in of both chambers comes against the back
9:00 am
drop 6 a growing battle over the election results. mo brooks says the effort to object to counting electoral votes is gaining momentum. he says a call was held with other than 50 congressmen and the president to discuss you it. it comes as at least a dozen republican senators say that they will object to counting the results. ron johnson defending his stance, he is among the lawmakers calling for an audit of the election before they vote to certify. >> we are not acting to thwart the democratic process, we're acting to protect it. the fact of the matter is that we have an unsustainable state of favors where we have tense of millions of people who do not view this election result as legitimate. we've just come off of four years where the other side refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of president trump and here we are again and what we're saying is we need tran transparenc


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