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tv   MSNBC Live with Yasmin Vossoughian  MSNBC  January 3, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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damaging audio in which the president of the united states asks the georgia secretary for a change of votes that would help him claim the state. >> the people of georgia are angry. the people of the country are angry, and there's nothing wrong with saying that, you know, um, that you've recalculated. so, look, all i want to do is this. i just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have, because we won the state. >> the revelation getting swift reaction from democrats. >> he's talking about our democracy like it's a real estate deal. give me 11,000 more dollars for this piece of property. this is not a negotiation. >> we'll have much more on that in a live report coming up. meanwhile in the house, new senators have been sworn in. house members will be sworn in later today. and i'll be talking to one of
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those new members, richie torres, in a few minutes. this is democracy as it's supposed to work. those, who the people elected, replacing those who were voted out n three days we'll see an exercise in how democracy is not supposed to work. a group of 12 republican senators will join 100 of their house colleagues to object to duly certified electors in several states that donald trump lost, losses that cost him the election. those republican voters of congress will sign on to the president's false claims of election fraud in a move that is once again shattering norms in this country. >> i think we, in congress, have an obligation to do something about that. we have an obligation to protect the integrity of the democratic system. >> what you're seeing is a bunch of senators vying to see who is going to be the biggest suck-up to the trump voters. >> this was started when the mainstream media stopped, dropped any pretense of being
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unbiased and chose sides during this election. this fight was started when you completely ignored, for example, our investigation of hunter biden. >> republicans are saying we should have six quarters in a football game or something. they want to change the rules as we go along in these proceedings, and i don't think americans' sense of fairness would tolerate that. >> this group of 15 is not deciding the election. they're gathering all the information and they're challenging every single thing that's out there. i mean, everything from sharpies on ballots in arizona to suitcases of ballots under tables in georgia. >> at noon, we'll be going in and our colleagues are going to be sworn in now for the next congress, and four of the folks on that list of 12 are new members, going to put their hand on the bible, lift up their hand and they're going to swear legi allegiance to the constitution of the united states and then on wednesday they're going to go in and violate the constitution to the united states of america.
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>> let's start with that call involving president trump and the georgia. n secretary of state. monica, what can you tell us about this phone call? >> reporter: still no reaction from the white house, lindsay, to this bombshell of a report first posted online by "the washington post" and confirmed by nbc news. we now have obtained the audio of that more than one-hour call, and it's extremely notable and remarkable that the president is making these claims. of course, publicly, he has called to overturn the results of the election, citing baseless instances of voter fraud for which he has been able to provide no evidence, but to hear him privately behind the scenes ask these georgia election officials to to do whatever they can to somehow try to change it takes it to a new and really remarkable and significant level, given where we are, and the fact that the president only has a couple of weeks left in office. but he's continuing to participate in these attempts to
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somehow overturn the results of a free and fair election. i want to play another notable excerpt from the call. take a listen and we'll talk about it on the other side. >> well, under the law you're not allowed to give faulty election results, okay? had you're not allowed to do that and that's what you've done this is a faulty election result. honestly, this should go very fast. you should meet tomorrow. you have a big election coming up, and because of what you've done to the president -- you know, the people of georgia know that this was a scam, and because of what you've done to the president, a lot of people aren't going out to vote. and a lot of republicans are going to vote negative, because they hate what you did to the president, okay? they hate it. and they're going to vote. >> reporter: lindsay, this call took place on saturday. of course, the president is expected to go to georgia tomorrow evening to rally for the republican candidates there ahead of those critical senate run-off races. we understand, though, that this is going to be quite a big topic
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of conversation in his remarks. now, we have to point out that the other person on this call, the republican secretary of state of georgia, brad wrathsenberger, has been pushing back on the president's erronious claims. it will be interesting to see how this plays out ahead of the election on tuesday, and then wednesday it takes on a whole new meaning when the joint session of congress begins to certified the election results for joe biden. one more point we should remind everybody, georgia has certified the results of their election not once, but twice. and that speaks to the president's continued desperation here for something that's not based in reality. lindsay? >> monica alba, thank you for getting us started here. i want to bring in david jolly, former member of congress and msnbc political contributor.
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tina amara, and joyce vance, former u.s. attorney and msnbc contributor. first i want to get everyone's reactions to this remarkable phone call between the president and the georgia secretary of state, obtained by msnbc news. david jolly, let's start with you. >> lindsay, i think it's very clear. the phone call confirms what many people believed about donald trump for a while, that he is a cheat, a fraud, a scoundrel, who considers himself above the law and above others. the reflection in this moment is that we have to realize the constitution, at least in the hands of the current custodians of it on capitol hill, finds it unable to hold this man accountable for what is likely not only criminal activity but impeachable activity. i think the nations, the critics, observers of donald trump in this moment wrestle with when justice might come.
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it may be the only redeeming justice for donald trump is that he goes through the rest of his life unable to reconcile that the greatest rejection in his life came with the eyes of the world upon him when the nation that he led rejected him and asked to go in a different direction under the leadership of a different team. >> all right, david. you mentioned the words "criminal" and "itch peachable." i have to bring in joyce next. what could be the legal implications here? >> i think it's early and we should be careful not to prejudge, because we haven't heard this entire tape yet, but the language that we have heard is the language of a mob boss, i need you to find me 11,000-plus votes, this demand that defies the fact. what we need at this point is something we've been unable to get during donald trump's tenure of president, because he has held the justice department in his hip pocket like it's a tool met for the presidency to use. we need a full and fair investigation. we need to have it conducted by
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career people who are objective at the justice department. we need to know what the facts are and what the truth are, and if there were crimes that were committed here, people need to be held accountable. but i would really encourage people not to rush to judgment. this looks terrible. it is likely conduct that is impeachable. criminal prosecuted decisions are all about the details. we need competent investigation to know exactly what those details are. >> and your paper was the first to obtain this. does it surprise you at all that the president maybe didn't think that this phone call would be disseminated? >> actually, that's a really interesting question, lindsay. the president should assume that every call is being recorded. certainly his own white house records his calls with foreign leaders and many of the other ones he participates in as well. so it's not surprising that it would be recorded on the other end or by someone else.
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i don't actually know who recorded it. my colleague, amy gardner, obtained it. the thing that really struck out to me is that the president keeps the secretary of state of georgia, not a high-ranking official that most people had heard of prior to this controversy, on the phone for about an hour, and goes in cycles of berating him, threatening him, pleading with him, flattering him, and then back to threatening him. and throughout, you know, brad wrathensberger in very polite, modulated tones, very politely tells the president he's wrong. too few people around the president have been willing to tell the president that his facts are wrong. and you see on this tape the perfect calculation of how he responds when confronted with facts that he doesn't believe. and he sounds like a person on this call who believes what he's
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saying, which is kind of shocking by itself. >> all right. let's listen to some more i want to play another portion of the president's phone call. let's listen. >> stacey abrams is laughing about -- she's going around, saying these guys are dumber than a rock. what she has done to this party is unbelievable. >> a team of stacey abrams, mostly credited with registered hoards of voters ahead of the presidential election. what's your reaction to the president's words? >> i mean, stacey abrams say lot of the georgia organizers who made an election and turned georgia blue for the first time in a generation. it's his worst nightmare, right? it's black and brown, people of color who long since have been fighters of democracy, doing what they do best here. i want to make a comment about this tape. everybody is saying that wrathsberger releasing this
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tape, somebody in his office releasing this tape makes him a he hero. i hear somebody who established an absentee task force in april when georgia wanted to do mail-in voting during a pandemic, doing the same suppression tactic that the republican party has done the last 40 years to undermine the democratic process, purgeing voters from the rolls, closing down polling sites. under wrathensberger's leadership in georgia. he's just disagreeing on the method of over turning the democracy and i have to add in that on january 6th, many members of his party are supporting. >> david, you were a member of congress.
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ned foley last hour brought up the possibility of impeachment. >> yeah. >> do you think something like that is realistic here? >> it is not, based on the past performance of the current majority, but it should be, lindsay. i appreciate you bringing that up. i don't disagree at all with what joyce said, particularly with the criminal investigation. you do have to do your due diligence, your investigation and so forth. impeachment is purely a political process where the house of representatives can essentially indict based on their opinion as to whether or not the president's behavior violated the constitution, his use of his office, his behavior as a candidate for president. we have the tape. what i would urge incoming speaker pelosi to do, should she be confirmed again shortly as the speaker, convene the new house judiciary committee this week. play the audiotape, authenticate it, take an up or down vote or whether or not the president should be impeached. that's a political process on their jurisdiction. what stands on the line during this moment, lindsay, is not just donald trump but the
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integrity of the house of representatives as an institution to whether or not they'll allow this to go checked or unchecked. no susan collins statements from house republicans during this moment. we want house action. hold the president accountable. >> joyce, to david ease point the there, i know you said we need to listen to the entire tape and can't jump to conclusions but if the entire tape is as damning as some of the clips we've heard so far and the reporting of "the washington post" has turned out to be, outside of impeachment, are there any other r ramifications, avenues right now open to congress? >> well, i think there are avenues open to congress, but sort of going on along with what david is saying, i would want, as a prosecutor, to open an investigation now. listening to these snippets of tape, it's clear there's a possibility of extortion charges. there's a possibility of wire fraud charges. there's a possibility of some
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campaign, some electioneering charges. if i was a georgia state prosecutor, i might want to look at solicitation charges. there's not a federal solicitation crime here because that requires a threat of violence. georgia's state law is an entirely different matter. there's a possibility of an investigation in georgia at the same time there's a federal criminal investigation. the importance for that for congress is this, lindsay. as david says, this is about the integrity of our government, the integrity of the house. the integrity of the presidency. the integrity of the justice department and whether or not there's ultimately criminal prosecution. there needs to be truth. the american people need to understand what's happened during this presidency and, most importantly, it's clear, listening to this tape, we need to take strong steps to make sure it can never be repeated again. >> anne, we keep talking about congress. a new congress is being sworn in
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today. one of the first orders of business, as atima mentioned, should be a formality. instead we'll see showboating from republicans who refuse to accept the results of the election. what sort of tone does this set for the new session? >> on wednesday when 12 republican senators, with encouragement from vice president mike pence, who will preside over the proceeding, plan to object, what we'll see is a rather extraordinary display of, first of all, bucking their own leadership. mitch mcconnell expressly asked republicans not to do this. and more importantly, and more broadly, we're seeing a willingness to undermine pretty basic principles of constitutional democracy in the interest, quite apparently, of serving not only what donald trump wants to see come out here, but the individual political ends of the senators
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involved. some of them are fearing primary challenges. others are fearing the potential for retribution from trump supporters or trump himself down the line. and a moment ago when you were speaking with joyce, you were talking about what congress can do. i think one big question will be for these 12. the crux of their argument is untoward, various untoward things happened during the election. what do they think about the president's behavior on this call? is that something that should be part of the commission that they're calling for to investigate the election for ten days before the inauguration? >> atima, some republican senators have come out with pretty harsh rebukes against those 12. mitt romney calls it a threat to our democratic republican, toomey says it's an effort to disenfranchise millions of voters.
1:17 pm
what does it say to you that these republicans are coming out against their colleagues, and do you think more so will do so after this tape? >> it's great you've got like a total of three who want to comment, but it should be all of the house, all of the senate gop but they're not because. this is the logical conclusion of what happens when you engage in voter suppression tactics they have for decades, closing polling sites we saw happening in georgia, going into the 2020 november election and going into this run-off. you know, it's a shame that an election happens and we're recounting. georgia was certified twice and still the republicans are sitting quietly, no one calling or saying congratulations to joe
1:18 pm
biden and standing up for democracy because, quite frankly, they've long since given up those tenants. they no longer will be defenders of it. and to say that their people and their party are asking them to do this because they don't trust the result is because of their leader in the white house who has been undermining this democracy not only for the last couple of months, but the last four years, quite frankly. >> atima aomara, david jolly, joyce vance, anne gearen, thank you all. anne gearen, thank you all. instantly clear every day congestion
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they're going around, behind your back, laughing at you, brad. whether you know it or not, they're laughing at you. you've taken a republican state
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and made it almost impossible for a republican to win because of cheating. they've cheated like no one has ever cheated before. and i don't care how long it takes me. >> a little more of president trump's phone call with the georgia secretary of state. the release of that audio comes as the new congress is being sworn in on capitol hill. now i want to bring in one of the new members of that congress, democratic congressman from new york, reggie torres. first of all, congressman, congratulate you on your swearing in. i want to start with this tape from the president. is there anything you and your new colleagues can do about it? >> it's affront to the conscience. it confirms what we've all known, that donald trump and his enablers in congress are intent on sabotaging our democracy. the american people, by historic margins, voted overwhelmingly for joe biden as the next president of the united states.
1:24 pm
instead of certifying the election of joe biden as our democracy requires there's an act of contempt by the republican party to deny the certification of joe biden. i consider that to be the greatest assault on american democracy in the recent history of our country. >> one of the biggest events you'll face as a new congressman is this wednesday, the certification. a group of republicans will bel try to delay this with a ten-day audit. what do you say to those members? you call it, for example, a shock to the conscience and assault on democracy and yet these gop senators will try to overturn the results this week. >> i find it to be a betrayal of the oath of office. when presented with a choice between loyalty to donald trump and democracy, the republican party almost invariably chooses donald trump at the expense of democracy. there's no controversy here as far as i'm concerned. the votes have been counted and
1:25 pm
recounted, audited and certified and litigated nonnot once or twice, but on 60 occasions, there have been 60 attempts at overturning the results of the election. and those lawsuits have almost invariably been rejected by the courts, appointed by donald trump himself. even the republican supermajority on the supreme court refuses to indulge the dangerous fantasies of donald trump. so i think it's time for the republican party to do the responsible thing and accept the outcome of the election and certify joe biden as the next president of the united states. >> you have been appointed to serve as the freshman representative, and plan to join multiple caucuses. any idea on how democrats plan to approach wednesday? >> i'm confident that we have the votes to ensure a smooth certification of joe biden as the next president. my concern is not that the
1:26 pm
certification is going to be derailed. my concern is that the mere attempt by the republicans is going to undercut confidence in our elections and confidence in our democracy. i'm concerned about the lasting damage to the social fabric that the party has done. >> first openly gay african-latino elected to congress. what does it mean, getting sworn in today? >> surreal and emotional for me. i spent most of my life in poverty in the bronx, was raised by a single mother who had to raise three children on minimum wage. i never thought in my wildest dreams that i would embark on a journey that would take me from public housing in the bronx to the house of representatives in washington, d.c. so i hope i can stand as an example of what is possible in america. >> congressman ritchie torres,
1:27 pm
thank you. congratulations. you have your work cut out for you. >> take care. >> thank you. a final push for votes in the georgia senate run-offs. >> it's a stark contrast between the freedoms, our way of life here in georgia, or socialism, government control. >> republican kelly loeffler using fear and misinformation to get her supporters out to the polls. meanwhile, vice president-elect kamala harris will rally for osoff and wa warnock. and wa warnock. .. look, liberty mutual customizes home insurance so we only pay for what we need. it's pretty cool. that is cool! grandma! very cool. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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we're following major breaking news this hour, audio obtained by "the washington post" in which the president tries to pressure the secretary of state of georgia to find votes to flip the state for him. here is more of that call. >> you would be respected, really respected if this thing
1:32 pm
could be straightened out before the election. you have a big election coming up on tuesday. and, therefore, i think that it really is important if you meet tomorrow and work out all these numbers. well, under law you're not allowed to give faulty election results, okay? you're not allowed to do that and that's what you've done. this is a faulty election result and, honestly, this should go very fast. you should meet tomorrow. you have a big election coming up. and because of what you've done to the president -- you know, the people of georgia know that this was a scam. and because of what you've done to the president, a lot of people aren't going out to vote. and a lot of republicans are going to vote negative because they hate what you did to the president, okay? they hate it. and they're going to vote. i won this election by hundreds of thousands of votes. there's no way i lost georgia nochlt way. we won by hundreds of thousands of votes.
1:33 pm
you should want to have an accurate election. and you're a republican. >> just on the small numbers you're off on these numbers. it's more illegal for you than it is for them because you know what they did and you're not reporting it. that's a criminal offense. you can't let that happen. that's a big risk to you and to ryan. they're shredding votes and removing machineria fast as they can, both of which are criminal finds and you can't let it happen. you are letting it happen. i'm notifying you that you're letting it happen. so look, all i want to do is this. i just want to find 11,780.
1:34 pm
>> the phone call comes a day before he and joe biden will be campaigning in georgia. an hour from now vice president-elect kamala harris is to be at a campaign there. the secretary of state responded saying respectfully, president trump, what you're saying is not true. the truth will come out. were you expecting this? >> i was, because i got a heads up on it. all the things president trump saying about shredded ballots, voter irregularities and voter fraud have all been debunked by state election officials, federal officials, bipartisan consensus here in georgia.
1:35 pm
it's all false. it shows you to the extraordinary extent that the president is going to, to try to overturn georgia's free and fair election. >> greg, since you got the tip, can you tell us who made the recording and who released it? >> no, i cannot. but it was obtained by "the washington post" and several other outlets. and we verified it with several other sources that it was accurate. and just listening to the hour-long tape just shows you, again, how single-minded the president is over reversing georgia's election outcome even when it wouldn't affect the overall race. joe biden would still have won enough electoral votes to win the presidency even if georgia's electoral votes do flip, and they're not going to flip. >> the reporter who broke the story said it was shocking how the president waivered from angry to pleading to flattering.
1:36 pm
>> he was ka joeling, trying to butter up secretary raffensperger. the biggest moment was when secretary raffensperger suggested you don't have any evidence and you're not looking at accurate data. you're listening to things on social media and the president says it's trump media. that, to me, shows you a window into the universe he's looking at right now. >> he will warn off his issue to the statement in this trump call? >> raphael warnock has called on kelly loeffler to defend georgia's election and hasn't done that because she's in it for herself and in his view reflects the broader state of her campaign. this does put loeffler in a difficult position. she's trying to mobilize the trump voter, who demands loyalty to him. she sees that as essential to her path to victory.
1:37 pm
georgia just voted democrat for president for a couple of decades. that's left loeffler in a difficult position. she doesn't go out of her way in these campaign stops to call this election illegal acres sham. how do you inspire voters to show up for you when you say the whole process is illegitimate mate? what is president trump going to say when he comes here? that's what makes me wonder partly what the call was about. was it about saving face before he has to show up before georgia voters and address a rally? did he want some assurances? did he want to lay the groundwork to say i demanded this of your elections official, this, that or the other? it's not going to affect the result because joe biden won enough states even if georgia is overturned, which it won't be. the president will come here tomorrow and does want loeffler and purdue to win. we'll see what he says. >> on that note, in the call the
1:38 pm
president says a lot of people are angry with these election state leaders. they say they hate what you did to the president. how might this call impact the race? >> yeah. he is right about that part. i've talked to many, many georgian republican voters who have expressed doubts about the integrity of the election, who have listen ed to his false claims of widespread voter fraud and some who at least expressed willingness to boycot the election over their anger at republican officials, who they feel like haven't done enough to support trump. how many voters that turns out to be remains to be seen. i know there will be thousands of trump supporters at the rally in northwest georgia tomorrow, but how many of those voters are actually going to -- have already cast ballots who are plan to cast ballots tuesday is an open question. that's why it's such an important moment. they have a big disadvantage in
1:39 pm
terms of early voting to narrow that gap. >> greg, sahil said that the president will be coming to georgia to campaign for loeffler and purdue. that he wants loeffler and pr due to win. from this call did you get that sense that he wants them to win? >> he pretty much spoke only of himself except in the context of if you don't fix this for me, the senate republicans running on tuesday could also be hurt by these -- what he calls voter irregularities. so, he has to kind of -- still pushing himself first and foremost. look, that's what he did during his december 5th rally in valdosta near the florida border when he came the first time. he spoke mostly about his own election grievances and spoke very little time about the election candidates. >> kelly loeffler has not gotten on board with some of her fellow
1:40 pm
republicans saying they will reject the election results. >> purdue's term expires -- he has a gap between now and at least after the electoral votes, certification process will be taking place. he won't be participating in that. kelly loeffler is in this difficult position. she doesn't want to emphatically break with trump. neither does she want to fully endorse his view that the election in georgia was illegitimate mate. that implicates her own election. she's trying to get voters excited to show up to the polls. as i mentioned it's difficult to do that when you tell them that their ballots are not being counted properly, that there's funny business going on, that georgia's own republican officials are not taking seriously. i've reached out to both campaigns to see if they had a reaction to the leaked call of the president with raffensperger. i'll be sure to get back with you if i get a response from
1:41 pm
them. >> good to see both of you. thank you. votes are being counted in the election for the next speaker. nancy pelosi is expected to be re-elected but by a slim margin because of the democrats' small majority. an update from capitol hill after the break. an update from after the break. [phone rings] "hello, how can i"
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as we continue to follow the president's explosive phone call with the georgia secretary of state, we're also keeping an eye on capitol hill where the house is voteing on election of speaker before members are sworn in to the 117th congress. where are we in this vote? how secure is it for pelosi? >> reporter: hey, lindsay. it looks like the voting has all been completed. what they are doing right now is they are counting the voting. there's a republican and a democrat who are watching the official vote counting process. but it appears that speaker pelosi has just won her fourth term to be speaker of the house of representatives. there were just a few democrats
1:45 pm
defections. she got a majority of support from the entire members of the house of representatives. so, this is a pretty historic day for speaker pelosi. and it was -- it came when she is facing a house with the slimmest democratic margin majority that she has seen. and that was expected to give her a very uphill battle, a difficult battle in being re-elected speaker, but she was able to do it. there were members who defected and didn't vote for her last time who voted for her this time. once again, she will be speaker of the house, what is likely to be her last term in that position. lindsay? >> nbc's leigh ann caldwell, good to see you. thank you. president trump is calling for protests in washington wednesday, the day congress is set to certify his election loss for good. violence erupted last time he called for protests around
1:46 pm
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they removed the inner parts of the machines and replaced them with other parts. >> no. >> are you sure, brian? >> i'm sure. >> have they been shredded ballots? >> the only investigation we have into that, they've not been shredding ballots.
1:50 pm
in cobb county they were doing regular office shredding. >> it doesn't pass the smell test. we hear they've been shredding thousands and thousands of ballots. >> the president has been busy in his to that hour-long phone call to the georgia secretary of state that happened yesterday but became public this afternoon, the president has been urging his supporters to come to washington on january 6. he sent out half a dozen tweets, including what looks like a movie trailer, calling on his supporters to washington, even telling them, quote, be there. will be wild. the "washington post" reports threats of violence and smuggling guns in and an armed encampment in the mall. last month when the proud boys protested in washington, peaceful demonstrations led to a
1:51 pm
chaotic night of violence, including the stabbings of four people. let's bring in phil mendelson, the chairman of the d.c. council, and clint watts, msnbc national security analyst. phil, what are you expecting to happen next week, and what are you calling on your constituents to do this week? >> while there was violence at the last demonstration, i'm hopeful we won't see anything worse. i prefer if it was actually less violent than the last demonstration, but there is concern that the people who are coming to town have been amped up and that there is more talk about, on their side, about being more violent, and that just makes it difficult for our police to maintain order and safety. >> what are you and your fellow councilmembers and the mayor and the police force doing to keep things safe? >> well, we're going to get a full briefing tomorrow morning by our public safety officials,
1:52 pm
including the chief of police, so that we better understand. and when i say "we," i'm talking about the members as a council, we better understand what the challenges are and the expectations for thursday. the district is not a stranger to -- i said thursday, maybe it's wednesday -- the district is not a stranger to first amendment demonstrations, and, unfortunately, some of notices have had some violence around them in the past, but, yes, it is concerning. it's always a concern when people are deliberately talking about violent behavior. >> i think you froze there. clint, while we work to get phil back, are you concerned that the proud boys are expected to be there? >> yes, and what concerns me the most about this round is the discussion of weapons. in the past, we've seen the proud boys show up, we've seen counterprotesters to the proud boys which create this complex,
1:53 pm
and there is y're as much of a o draw media attention as some of the other media groups. my concern with this one is mobilization of multiple groups who are trying to arrange this with the entire intention -- when you're talking about a mass encampment in d.c. potentially with weapons, i don't know how that doesn't end with some sort of violent outbreak or violent situation where you now have law enforcement really overwhelmed and the military caught in a weird spot about how to help out in terms of that situation. >> clint, what do you think federal investigators are looking for right now in some of these chat groups to really figure out how big the threat is? >> well, everyone has a right to peaceably assemble and everyone has a right to free speech, but they'll be looking specifically for violence in terms of
1:54 pm
targeting and specifically in terms of weaponry and bomb-making issues. we just saw this in nashville, right? they'll be looking at those on the fringe of this movement who are committed to violence for this cause. so some of the things they'll be trying find out are who are the real instigators behind it, and is there any sort of foreign influence or foreign impetus trying to incite this violence and bringing these two war polls together on that january date? i think it's being pushed by politicians. if they say, we're just discussing it at this point, what happens whenever we do have a violent incident? we'll need to turn to them, because much of their language right now is highly emblematic and resembling what we might have seen on the global war on terror. >> clint, phil, i have more
1:55 pm
questions for you, but i need to go back to capitol hill. leanne caldwell joins us. leanne, is it official? >> reporter: it is official. nancy pelosi has just won her fourth term as speaker of the house. this is expected to be, perhaps, her last term. this is a term she is facing with a very slim democratic majority where democrats performed far worse than expected in the midterm elections. now, a little background about speaker pelosi. she has been in the top position as far as democratic leadership is concerned since 2003, so she has led this caucus for almost 20 years, for about 17 years now, and she's going to do it for another two years. she had the support of a wide swath of her caucus, including representative alexandria oca o ocasio-cortez and other members
1:56 pm
of the squad who were able to push her over that threshold to receive a majority of support. they could have easily thwarted her entire speakership bid, but they decided to get back behind her. this is just the beginning of a challenge as speaker of the house in a democratic caucus that is very diverse and will be jockeying for every last vote and every last issue and priority, lindsay. >> that wraps tit up. i'm lindsay riser. yasmin vossoughian will be back next week. week.uggle, we cannot just stand by. which is why we plan to donate over twenty four million dollars, again this year. the subaru share the love event, going on now.
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good evening and welcome to "politics nation." tonight's lead? reckoning. it was unsuspected that 2021 would be so contentious before its first week even began. but even with the trump era down to its final days, our democracy remains hostage. and the president is still expecting ransoms. the bombshell news today that he tried to get georgia's republican secretary of state to literally find enough votes to flip the state in his favor. >> the people of georgia are range, the people of the country are angry,


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