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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  January 8, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PST

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when it works for you, or you can wait and pay it off in one lump sum when you leave your home. find out more, call aag for your free information kit i'm proud to be a part of aag. i trust 'em. i think you can too. call now! welcome to friday. it is "meet the press daily" and i am chuck todd. the house is moving to impeach the president and more than 4,000 people were confirmed yesterday day of covid. that doesn't drive home another country in crisis, what would? the capitol police officer died last night due to the injuries
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he suffered as a riotous group of folks incited by the president. the calls continue to grow for the president's immediate removal. speaker pelosi and house leadership are on a phone call right now. we will speak with jim clyburn who is on the call right now in a moment. if you ask yourself, 230, yes, that's more than in the house but it's still just one of them is a republican. although the conservative "wall street journal" leaning page is asking the president to resign. the president for the first time acknowledged that he will not be president on january 20th, and
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that he would focus on ensuring a ordinarily transition of power. although let's face it, his words are all but meaningless to many americans right now, especially when you come in in a scripted videotape format. we are well aware when it becomes unscripted the tune can change. it appears to have given some republicans justification to argue the best thing for the country is to let trump serve out the reminder of his term, hopefully quietly. what will happen in the next couple of days is an urgent question facing us and central to that question is what happens to the president in this immediate aftermath of the riot? joining me now is nbc news chief white house correspondent who is now the co-chief with peter alexander, kristin welker, and leann caldwell. kristin, congratulations, number one, publicly? >> reporter: thank you, chuck. you left us big shoes to fill,
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chuck? >> no, you and peter and halle did a great job in the trump era, so congratulations to you. so where are we? how many people are talking to the president and how many more resignations should we expect? >> reporter: yeah, congrats all around to everyone. what we are seeing is a cascade of resignations here, and overnight betsy devos announcing her resignation and elaine chao, and our peter alexander reporting at this hour two sources familiar with the source tells us hope hicks plans to leave ahead of the inauguration, and that had been her plan since president trump's election defeat. you are seeing a number of top
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officials heading for the exits. what if any conversation has there been behind the scenes invoking the 25th amendment, and leann will have more about this, and the call to remove him from office, and they told us they don't see that as realistic as it's so close to the inauguration. we know there have been conversations starting at the staff levels and some cabinet levels did raise it, mike pompeo, for example, and they say it's not feasible and the vice president is not onboard with that either, and the pressure is shifting towards capitol hill. you reported at the top, it's to be a check on president trump to prevent him to taking any more actions that could be harmful to the country, chuck.
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>> we know that the white house council, who himself is contemplating resignation and trying to be one of the guardians there along with the national security adviser, has there been an attempt of resignation and dangling the idea of a rock solid pardons you can take to the bank? >> here's what we know about that, chuck. we know there have been an increasing number of conversations here, serious conversations about the president potentially pardoning himself and family members and top aides. i was told earlier today that he is essentially offering pardons to all of his top aides, not because i am told he fears there was wrong doing but just as a layer of protection as they head out the door. now the question becomes, is this something that he can do
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legally? i am told they are actually working on the paperwork for all of this. you point to pat cipollone and it's not clear what is going to happen in the wake of what we saw unfold at the capitol on wednesday, and with an increasing number of officials pointing the blame at president trump for not only inciting the violence but not speaking out forcefully enough while it was unfolding, so we don't have confirmation about what pat cipollone plans to do or how that might impact the president's plans to issue pardons for himself and those around him, but it underscores the fact this is a white house in chaos and is trying to determine what next steps it's going to take minute by minute here, chuck. >> kristin welker on the beat at the white house there. thank you. let me move over to leann caldwell to get the action from capitol hill. so we know this call is going on now. we know speaker pelosi said she still has not had her
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conversation with vice president on the 25th amendment. when would this impeachment happen if they did it in this lightning-quick fashion that many are talking about? >> reporter: chuck, this call is going on right now with democratic members. it has not wrapped yet. i am told at the beginning speaker pelosi brought up the idea of impeachment but she didn't say much and just wanted to hear from her members and let them speak and hear what they thought about it, and the real news here is what pelosi put in a dear colleague to her members that was just release add bd a ago. she said if the president does not leave office immediately, eminently congress will proceed with our action talking about impeachment. those are really strong words from speaker pelosi that she
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just said publicly, essentially saying that she's going to move forward. she knows she has the support of most of her members on these articles of impeachment that are being drafted. there's already more than 110 democratic co-sponsors. as far as the time is concerned, the house can move relatively quickly. we do know the last impeachment the first time president trump was impeached, it could take month but it could take a day or two, and they could expedite that and it needs a majority in the house and the question is what senate majority mitch mcconnell would be in the senate, assuming the process would begin next week if it happens, chuck. >> of course now there's the legal debate, okay, can you still go through with it after the 20th, and that will be why
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constitutional law professors are probably excited today to give a lecture or conversation about that. anyway, leann, thank you. joining me now is the number three democrat in the house of representatives that just jumped off that call to talk about us, so thank you for that, and it's congressman clyburn. good to see you. i want to begin with what happened on wednesday. my capitol hill team was on the press conference, the zoom press conference with you earlier this morning and you are not happy what you saw in the security parameter. talk about your first -- your first response to yourself when you walked into the capitol that morning and saw the security parameter? >> well, thank you very much for having me, chuck. as we drove on to the campus i took mental note of the fact that things looked about as
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usual, and that was a bit odd to me because my staff had been informing me about all the stuff happening on social media. we saw the president himself saying there was going to be -- he didn't use the word chaos, but he signaled -- >> wild is the world he used. >> yeah. so what was the whole thing here? why weren't we prepared for that? i also remember the day that black lives matter decided to have their peaceful demonstration, and that place was rung. there were police officers everywhere. nobody could get to that building. but when i drove on there on wednesday morning no such thing, the capitol steps were bare. there were people out there taking pictures of themselves, so it didn't look like anybody
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was prepared for anything least what we got. so to me there was a total failure of leadership. i saw a lot of capitol police doing their jobs. you saw the video of one running up the steps just by himself and people crashing through the door. look, whoever -- well, they won't be in charge anymore, and they have submitted their resignations and that's a good thing. >> well, now talk to -- the next part of this, which is what makes this even more troubling with what you were sharing with our folks this morning, part two of this of what you were reporting is talk about the damage to your offices. you have two different offices in the capitol. explain it to our viewers. >> well, i have an office in the capitol, which is in the so-called lincoln room, named
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after abraham lincoln, that office has my name on the door and it has majority whip above the door and it's just off of sta statuary hall can see that office. that's not where i do most of my work. up on the third floor is where i do most of my work, and there are members of the united states congress right now who could not tell you where that office is and could not find that office if they needed to. >> i have been there. it's hard to find, sir. i agree, it's not easy, yes. >> yeah, but they found it. nobody touched the door where my name is, but they were on the floor and my staff was inside my inner office with furniture barricading the door with people
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trying to get in, and my question is how did they know where that office was? that to me needs a thorough investigation. i do believe that there was sensitivities here. there were people taking selfies with these insurrectionists. something is wrong here. >> right. >> are you confident that your fellow members of congress who perhaps were supportive of the protests were helpful or unhelpful? is it the capitol police or are you concerned there was just somebody, you don't know who? >> look, the tone is set at the top. the president of the united states help set the tone, and there was some members of congress. i saw some of the speeches on the floor about the results of this election. these people know full well there was no widespread fraud in
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the election. nobody has reduced one sebit of evidence to the contrary, so why do they keep mouthing this stuff knowing full well people are taking this stuff in. i don't believe they believe it for one moment. they are using that to act upon. this to me is failure of leadership in the republican party, and this is not about policy for me, and i have admiration and respect for the senator from illinois because he was the one that went through the civil rights act showing what real republican leadership is all about, and it's not about protecting an unhinged president. even goldwater did his job and
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went to nixon and said it's time for you to leave town. he put the country ahead of p l politics. what we have now is a bunch of republicans putting politics ahead of the country, and what is so interesting about this, these are people that this country has been highly favorable to for its entire history, and those of us who had another experience was doing everything we can to preserve the integrity of the country because we believe this is the best thing going, and it has not always been best for us. >> right. let me ask you about impeachment. obviously it sounds like your preference would be that the president sees the light and resigns immediately and leaves town. i am guessing your second preference is the 25th amendment and your third preference is impeachment or the last resort here. are you concerned that impeachment could make him a
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martyr? >> no, i am not. i think impeachment will give him exactly what he wants, something that never has been done by any other president before, and that is the first president in the history of the country to be impeached twice. he seems to want to do things that never have done before, and so let's accommodate him to this extent. these things can go simultaneously. we don't have to wait on pence on what to do on the 25th amendment and move on to impeachment, and there's an exception to pardons, too, that involves impeachment. i want to ask everybody who are the experts here, if he is thinking about pardoning himself, if he were to impeach him on monday or tuesday or wednesday, if we impeach him before he leaves office, can he give himself a pardon if he has been impeached? i am not too sure about that.
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let's take a look at that, and i am not a lawyer or constitutional expert but i know how to read. >> you have been on this call with the entire caucus. where are they at? are we headed to impeachment? >> well, i think that the sentiment of the caucus is moving in that direction. i think nancy pelosi is doing the right -- doing it the right way and getting the caucus' sentiment. you mentioned earlier how long it took us to do the first one, because if you remember, he kept saying irrespective of how i may feel we need for the american people, for the public to buy into this, so she did not move on calling that vote for impeachment until she felt that enough people in the public had bought into it. she was moving in a similar way today, except i think the american people have seen enough and they are ready for us to do the job of impeaching this man.
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>> congressman, jim clyburn, democrat from south carolina, the majority w.h.i.p., thank you for coming on, sir. appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. up ahead, a tragic new milestone in the coronavirus pandemic. more than 4,000 people reported dead in this country within 24 hours, our first $4,000 daily death toll day. plus, republicans are being torn apart by trump. can the party survive? our last republican governor here next. [ fizz ] joining meeting.
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switch and save hundreds. xfinity mobile. welcome back. a note just in from the white house team, vice president pence was spotted arriving at the white house. meanwhile after the president's supporters stormed the capitol on the outside as his elected allies inside, and the
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republican party is faced with what now? as a colleague reminds us, republicans were the ones that warned this day could come. trump's rivals became enthusiastic people anyway. one was rick perry, and the no nothings came up and attacked the capitol in the 1850s, and that was the famous cancer on conservativism speech given by rick perry and he became the energy secretary. i want to talk covid in a second but i have to get your reaction on what happened here on wednesday and whethre you think the republican party goes next? >> thank you, chuck. what we saw on wednesday in our nation's capitol was distressing
10:23 am
for every american that loves our institutions and it was embarrassing on the global stage. i have been in congress and it really hurt me to see that we lost a capitol police officer there, and other lives were lost and it's something that never should have happened. we have got to come together and we have got to be resilient as our democracy always is and get through to the next administration and have a successful transition. in terms of responding a little bit to representative clyburn who i have great respect for, we do have good republican leadership that have taken a strong stand. you have mitch mcconnell, the republican leader who stood against the president and made it clear we are going to proceed on the electoral votes. you have mitt romney as well as tom cotton and on and on down
10:24 am
the list. you can't paint republican leadership on all one side. they took great and courageous stands and we need to figure out the right way to get to the next administration. we have to remember the transition is so critical. >> governor -- yeah, go ahead and finish. sorry, i had a zoom interruption. >> go ahead. >> i find the word courageous an odd term, and the reason i ask that, should it be courageous to believe in the vote count and to believe that states did their jobs? there's a lot of people that wouldn't think that was courageous, they would think that was another day at the office? >> use a different adjective, but the fact is they did the right thing for our country regardless of what president trump believed should be done. there's not just simply trump followers, they are making
10:25 am
independent decisions for the good of our country and i respect it. call it what you want but that's what happened and i am grateful for their leadership. >> do you think the president should finish his term? >> i don't see a good practical alternative. i have looked at this and if you look at the impeachment process, which i have some familiarity with, the house might move quickly but there's due process that is required in the senate and that process would go right in the middle of the president biden's inaugurations, and to see that's not a good scene for the world either that we have two proceedings going on, an inauguration and impeachment. i don't see it accomplishes a great deal and i was pleased that president trump did give the right speech yesterday. it should have been given
10:26 am
earlier. i hope that the ship is steadied. there needs to be good checks and balances in there. the point i was going to make a second ago is that while i have great respect for some of those that are taking a stand and saying i am stepping aside now from the administration, i also am grateful for those that are staying in the game because when you are looking at vaccine distribution and you are looking at the national security, we need some stability through the next -- through the transition and to surround themselves around the president. so i am grateful for those public servants as well. >> on the future of the republican party, there are many who think that we're headed to a three-party world in the next three to five years, that the trump base and the nontrump base, if you want to think mcconnell and romney, it sounds like you may align yourself, if you look at mcconnell, romney,
10:27 am
cotton, they are over here, and you look -- are these -- do you get to a point where you can't live in the same house? >> i think everybody is going to have to take a position if president trump wants to -- i think his role has diminished in the party dramatically. confidence has been lost. i think erratic behavior has been demonstrated. i see that diminishing. but everybody is going to have to take a position one way or the other, so it's a dividing point as to how that splits out. we will have to see, and i certainly don't believe that a third-party option is good and the republican party has great leadership. we had a good election, winning in governorships to state legislators to members of congress, so the american public identify with a philosophy. i think it's just a personality that caused problems particularly in the last few
10:28 am
weeks. >> let's talk covid here a minute. the president-elect joe biden announced he would basically get all the doses out at once, and don't hold anything back on the federal level and it sounds like he will leave it up to the states. what do you make of that decision, number one? second, how is vaccine distribution going right now? >> well, first of all i applaud president-elect biden for his team. yesterday i heard from many of the different southern governors and he has been listening to the governors and that's one of the things we advocated was flexibility for the state. i am pleased that they are going to accelerate the vaccine distribution and not hold anything back and give it to the states. obviously we will allocate it, and we want for the health care workers the second dose available, and what we have seen in the early days is let's get it out, let's get it out and accelerate that and we will
10:29 am
follow that pattern. as to how it's going in arkansas, we are working hard to get the vaccines out, and we are going through 1a methodically and we hope to have that finished by the end of the month, which is all of our health care workers, long term staff and we put 180,000 in that 1a category and then in february we will move to the big challenge and we are logistically gearing up that up. when you have a limited supply there's going to be challenges. we have to prioritize and allocate and the states are in the best position to do that. >> i am curious, are you getting compliance on taking the vaccine? what kind of hesitations are you seeing among the first round? >> the compliance is growing, but among health care workers it
10:30 am
was surprising that up to 30% in some hospitals said we'll wait. waiting is not a good idea because we are going to move to another priority. many others are waiting in line. a very high percent of compliance in our nursing homes of the elderly, they are taking it and lined up to take it, so the compliance is increasing day by day as the confidence builds. i don't expect that in the long term to be a problem. >> arkansas governor, hutchison, a long time republican and former member of congress, so i am sure watching that unfold on wednesday was personally more heartbreaking as it was for so many of us. thank you for coming on and sharing your perspective with us. >> thank you, chuck. >> you got it. as we said, america hitting another terrible milestone with
10:31 am
the pandemic. reporting more than 4,000 deaths in a 24-hour period, and that's a record for not only this country but for any country. stephanie gosk is in philadelphia where hundreds are getting their shots today. >> reporter: this is an ambitious effort going on today and tomorrow in philadelphia. it's one of the largest max vaccination efforts in the country to date. at this point, today they are vaccinating home health care workers, and these are people that aren't associated with clinics and hospitals. many of them are from minority groups here in the city. they qualify for this vaccine but they probably didn't know they needed it. everything is scheduled. it's all done paperless. it's not the kind of scene we have been seeing in florida where people have been told first come first serve in some
10:32 am
locations, it has been fluid and organized and people are remaining safe, keeping the distance they need to keep because we are still in the pandemic. chuck. >> stephanie gosk, thank you. some breaking news, by the way, the top house republican kevin mccarthy just put out a statement warning against efforts to impeachment the president before he leaves office. he said he reached out to president-elect biden about lowering the temperature, but we should note mccarthy supported efforts to block biden, and he was advising congress they were better off. the massive security fail on capitol hill, and a former official described it as the darkest day since 9/11, and what went wrong and what needs to
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welcome back. the rioter pictured with his feet up in house speaker pelosi's office has been officially arrested. the man is named richard barnett. he was arrested on unlawful entry and theft of federal property. the president promoted baseless claims of election fraud and told them to march to the cap to, quote, remember the hash tag, stop the steal. one reporter has been following the evolution of these groups for us for such a long time. brandy, i don't know to do this and you will help us out on what we are trying to put together on
10:37 am
sunday to show what america saw and what sort of the far right interpreted the events on wednesday. talk about this was a four-year build up. explain what you mean by that? >> yeah, well -- well, for four years and longer, arguably, but four years since donald trump's preside presidency we have had sort of an acceleration of misinformation in this country. donald trump is the -- he was the original birther and anti-vaccer, and all of those conspiracy theories he brought to the presidency, and those were bad and then covid struck and what you had was all the desperate groups that had grown under trump and energized by his president s presidency, they came together,
10:38 am
we saw militia groups, and qanon people that believe trump is waging a secret war against democrats and the holiday -- hollywood elite. he once said about them that they seemed fine, he didn't know about them but they dislike pedestri pedestri pedophilia but liked him. >> brandy, if the head of the capitol police came to you on monday or tuesday and said what should i be nervous about, is there any evidence online that
10:39 am
this could get hairy, do i need to worry about anything, what could you have shown him? >> mounds and mounds of evidence to be very nervous about. i report on this with my colleague, ben collins, and we had several conversations about how nervous we were for this day and we knew it was going to happen, not because somebody was discussing it on the deep dark website, because people were talking about it on twitter and facebook, and they had t-shirts made, and people on these forums were -- they had hash tags -- >> tiktok videos, those were not being hidden, right? >> not hidden at all. these people don't need to hide at all, because this is borderline mainstream and that's what is so concerning about this. >> all of this a through line to the kid tphanapping plot to the
10:40 am
governor, and -- all of these groups are sort of, if there was a family tree they would all be connected? >> yeah, i mean, we saw this -- we saw how people were emboldened by the lies that the election was going to be stolen and covid was not real and people were coming for your guns and all this nonsense, and it's people occupied their state house and came out heavily armed into the street and terrorized private families riding in a bus, and black lives matter protesters, and then somebody in michigan plotted to kidnap and murder the governor of michigan, and trump still kept tweeting at her and told the followers to liberate michigan. i mean, this is time and time again what we have seen at the state level and now it's come home to roost nationally. >> again, this is something that i know you are helping our folks
10:41 am
out. we want to showcase this on sunday. how are these alternative media outlets that indicator to this right wing cage stuff, how are they interpreting today's events? >> it's not a surprise but it's still shocking to me every single time. immediately, there's a pattern. these people are not creative. president trump has spent time talking about antifa, and please give me money on facebook because antifa is the enemy. while the capitol was still burning effectively, what you had was people heading to fox news and social media and claiming that antifa and the house floor with senator matt gates claiming that antifa was hiding among the maga ranks and
10:42 am
somehow they were really responsible for the violence. it's just insane misinformation. >> clearly on some parts, knowingly -- knowingly, obviously, intentional. you guys have to live in the dark, dark corners of the internet but many of us are grateful that you do it. thank you. as we said earlier in the show, sadly, the death of a capitol police officer brings the number of deaths linked to the federal government to five. that will be just one of the investigations in the effort to answer why the security response was so under prepared and overwhelmed. nbc news correspondent joins me now.
10:43 am
julia, you know, there doesn't seem to be any good answers. you know, call up ben collins and brandy and the capitol police would have had an idea of what was coming? >> absolutely. yeah. that's true. also, ben and brandy are more entrenched than most of this, and it's hard to wrap your head around the intelligence failure, and there's three levels of failure, one is before the event. how were they not better prepared? as we understand the defense officials said the justice department officials did not fully understand the threat and prepare for it. then you have the day of, you have the justice department saying, look, we had federal agents ready to go and be deployed immediately, and the capitol police said no, this is
10:44 am
our jurisdiction and did not call them in in time and they should have been ready to go on standby, so you have the justice department blaming the capitol police for that, and then you have what is happening now, it's difficult to track down these people, using social media, matching faces on footages we have seen, like the man sitting at the speaker's desk, and that is going to be difficult. the acting u.s. attorney for washington d.c. said that could take a year and he doesn't understand people were allowed to freely walk out of the building and not in zip ties and arrested there on the spot. we are getting a lot of finger-pointing. we are seeing that between the city and pentagon when it comes to using national guard. we are seeing that between the justice department and capitol police as to why there was not a
10:45 am
bigger police presence. what it comes down to in the end, how did we not see it coming and how were we not better prepared. even if you did not have officers ready to go on the morning of, we saw there were hundreds of officers uniformed and standing in the reagan building to be deployed in a moment's notice if they were needed and in this case that did not happen. >> i worry the finger-pointing will be easy to happen. let's talk about the alphabet of agencies you just machine shunned, dhs, an acting secretary, department of justice, an acting attorney general and the pentagon, an acting defense secretary and you get my point here, and essentially nobody was in charge, that is what it sounds like. you have the capitol police chief that did not bother to call the speaker. >> yeah, that's right, chuck. many of these people just say it looks like they are on their way out in a couple weeks, and what this is going to take is a number of congressional hearings
10:46 am
looking at the way the way capitol police is run and looking how the boundaries may or may not make sense anymore and how they share intelligence with each other. i think the pendulum might start swinging the other direction now. >> yeah, that's for sure. this is a massive fail. as bad as it was at the capitol, we all know -- i mean, that's what has everybody so rattled, it could have been a million times more deadly. anyway, julia, thank you. let's take a moment now to honor the capitol police officer that died after that riotous group stormed capitol hill. officer brian sicknick, and he collapsed after a fight with the rioters. he was from new jersey and served in operation enduring freedom and operation desert shield. in a statement the officer's
10:47 am
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♪ got my head ♪ got my hair ♪ got my brains ♪ got my ears ♪ got my heart ♪ got my soul ♪ got my mouth ♪ i got life >> welcome back, we're awaiting president-elect biden to speak in delaware. the president-elect has arrived and we'll be keeping an ye on that and we have a pbevy of new
10:51 am
questions coming in. and former number one congresswoman donna edwards. it will be the same adequate for both of you. i imagine you would like to see the president leave office in some form or another before the 20th. where is the best way to do it and where are you on impeach thement? >> i think the best way to do it is for the president to resign. i don't foresee that happening. it seems increasingly unlikely that vice president pence will take the mantle of leadership and get the fab net together. i think that democrats are really left with only one choice and that is to impeach the president and to seek his removal from congress.
10:52 am
every minute in my view that the president of the united states stays in office is a danger to americans. we saw that. we don't know possibly what could happen in the next several days. i think that dcs and republicans that believe in the republic can take either of those three path ways. >> what is in the best interest of the republican party? >> i think the best interest of the republican party include being able to have a visual that's more than an attachment to one man. i think this process in the next 12 days is just conversation. the only way it is more than that is if you get 2024 candidates to agree that they want to put together language
10:53 am
that would bar trump from running it again. that is the way it ends with any kind of outcome that would change the status quote. in all likelihood he will be in office for the next 12 days. several leaders in the party said they have to think about what the vision for the party is. we lost a hot of elections that we maybe should have won because we were more attached to one person than to a vision of governance. >> i think after he leaves office, quite frankly. whatever the next administration decides to do. it will be tore generals taking on leadership trying to hold him
10:54 am
accountable. but i don't see the current political process, i don't think that is going to be it. the time line is so compressioned, and the politics are still too complicated. so you're not going to get people to behavior in a way and i think that is the challenge right now. >> you know, there is going to be a lot of talking points from the right when biden attacks over to say hey, let's turn the page, let's continue on. this is difference, where are you on that? >>. >> i think part of the reason that democrats right now are interested in pursuing impea
10:55 am
impeachment and removal. it speaks something about this president's specific behavior in inciting a group of people to go to the capital and to take it over. i don't we can account for that. you can't just turn the page on sidition. you can't turn the page on lawlessness. i think it is a mistake for any of us to say that january 20th and noon we just move forward without looking back to make sure that we hold those who are accountable accountable. you know, loni, i had people, sources close to the white house, say that there is concern
10:56 am
that the president, rudy julian giuliani, and donald trump junior could be held criminally liable for what they said. >> that is something about looking back that, the authorities, after the president leaves office, it will be in their hands to look and see if there are investigations to be had. i understand there are some attorneys generals that indicated they're going to look into that. some districts are talking about making those that held the press conference accountable. but i think we're talking about the here and now in the next 12 days. i don't know if they there is a process that can be put in place that will change anything. they can go on the record, that's fine, but i don't think it changes the reality that on
10:57 am
the 20th that is when the transition of power will take place. >> thank you both, thank you all for being with us this hour. we'll be back on on monday, but don't forget to check us out on sunday. of coverage will continue to katy tur after this break. will o katy tur after this break. em isn't working at its best. taking metamucil everyday can help. metamucil psyllium fiber gels to trap and remove the waste that weighs you down. it also helps lower cholesterol and slow sugar absorption to promote healthy blood sugar levels. so you can feel lighter and more energetic. metamucil. support your daily digestive health. take the metamucil two week challenge and feel lighter and more energetic. sign up today at ♪ oh, oh, (announcer)®! ♪ once-weekly ozempic® is helping many people with type 2 diabetes like emily
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good afternoon, it is 22 a.m. out west and 2:00 p.m. in the east. there is bipartisan agreement this time that president trump went too far. there is disagreement on what to do. there is not enough cabinet support to invoke the 25th amendment.


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