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tv   Deadline White House  MSNBC  January 8, 2021 1:00pm-3:00pm PST

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hi, every one. it's 4:00 in new york on friday. lawmakers are steaming ahead this hour with articles of impeachment for donald trump for his role in inciting the deadly insurrection oen capitol hill wednesday. three democratic congressmen planning to introduce articles of impeachment on monday. planning to impeach him for a second time by the middle of next week. that plan awaiting a formal blessing on the language of those articles from house speaker nancy pelosi. she's making clear the urgency of immediate action to protect our country from donald trump writing this morning i spoke to the chair of the joint chiefs of staff to discuss available precautions for preventing an unstable president from
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initiating military hostilities rr accessing the launch codes and ordering a nuclear strike. pelosi told democrats she was assured there's steps in place to prevent a nuclear launch. there's kpas pe ration inside trump world. top advisers are discussing the need to resist orders from the president that might be dangerous or unlawful. two trump cabinet secretaries have resigned since wednesday's deadly attack. education secretary betsy devos stepping down. devos blaming trump's rhetoric at the capitol. it puts trumps folks over the edge. there were no resignations or rumblings of any kind when he bullied and threatened the secretary of state to find 11,000 votes or called his supporters to washington to
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fight the electoral fights on wednesday. the wall street journal board that laundered many of trump ice policies is calling on trump to resign. one republican senator, ben sass, says he supports effort in the house to impeach trump. the swell of opposition to trump, who lied, cheated and debased the office of the presidency in plain sight for four years in the president's final days, comes as donald trump continues to show signs of defiance against calls to quell the unrest in any meaningful way and facilitate a peaceful and dignified transfer of power. he will no longer be president on january 12th. trump would not, could not congratulate joe biden. didn't even mention his name. today the washington post reports on his reluctance to take any steps to stem the carnage unfolding at his behest
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this week. quote, trump raged uncontrollable about perceived acts of betrayal. he tuned out advisers who pleaded with him to act responsibly. he was uninterested in trying to repair what he wrought and he continued to insist he won the election as his own vice president certified the fact he had not. only after darkness fell in washington on thursday after the capitol had been besieged by death and destruction and a growing for his immediate removal of office, did trump grudgingly accept his fate? already today trump's rage is continuing to bubble once again. he's back on twitter defending his coalition of supporters and adding he will not attend joe biden's inauguration. just in the last hour, biden responded to that announcement forcefully. >> i was told that on the way up, way over here, that he indicated he wasn't going to show up at the inauguration.
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one of the few things he and i ever have agreed on. it's a good thing him not showing up. >> earlier you said you hoped he would show up in the sense it was valuable to send a signal to the world about transfer of power. you clearly changed your perspective. >> he has exceedsed my worse notions about him. he's been an embarrassment to the country. embarrassed us around the world. not worthy, not worthy to hold that office. >> that, that right there, is where we start today with some of our favorite reporters and friends. washington post white house reporter and msnbc political analy analyst, ashley parker is here. also tim miller now political director of the group republican voters against trump and a contributor to the bull work and nbc news correspondent heidi. i'm going to hit all of you with breaking news.
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we got the first copy of the actual language. the language of the articles of impeachment for donald trump hasn'tpproved by nancy pelosi. she came out forcefully for impeaching him a second time. what do we make of the fact that the only thing that got the president to pretend to do anything inching toward responsible was it sounds like his white house counsel told him he could have been in legal trouble if he didn't. >> that's right. let's be clear it wasn't a concession. it's as close as he may come to a concession and he did agree to peaceful transition of power but it's not a concession. there were a couple of factors. we were told that pushed him there. he was stunned by the range of people coming out against him. he normally sort of feels he has a vice like grip on the republican party that he can intimidate anyone. secondly, he was told about the threat of impeachment.
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the fact the talk about the 25th amendment. at the end of the day, the key thing was being warned by his legal team that he and his family, especially his son were in real legal jeopardy for inciting the violence that we saw on wednesday and with trump, as anyone who has been reporting on him or following him knows, at the end of the day, everything always comes down to self-interest. it's not surprising that it wasn't the images from the capitol or the condemnation of lawmakers in his own party. it was the threat of legal cull pablt for him and his family that really pushed him to what he saw yesterday. >> it's never about the country but the country has an opportunity to impeach him. i'm going to read you from the one article of impeachment. resolve that donald trump, president of the united states, is impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors and the following article of impeachment be exhibited to the united states
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senate. in his conduct of the office of the president of the united states and in violation of his constitutional oath faithfully the execute the office of president of the united states and to the best of his ability, preserv preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the united states and in violation of his constitutional duty, donald trump engaged in high crimes and misdemeanors by willfully inciting violence against the government of the united states of america. goes onto detail how he incited that deadly mob. five people now lost their lives. he also willfully made statements that resulted in imminent lawless action at the capitol. a mob breached the capitol, injured law enforcement personnel, menaced be members of congress and the vice president. interfered with the joint session to certify the election
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results and engage in violent, deadly, destruct and seditious acts. hei heidi. >> nicole this is a pretty narrow article and it may not be the final product. we're told right now these are only democrats signing. i know there's a group of democrats trying to get republicans like adam who has come out against the president to sign on but they are dealing with a lot of republicans who supported this effort in first place in the house. that doesn't mean they don't have the votes there. it also comes at the same time that the department of justice is now saying they are not going to pursue charges based on the same type of charges that are being made here in this one article. it's still to be determined what this will look like on monday. if they will add additional examples in here like the phone call he had with the georgia secretary of state, whether they will get more republicans to sign on. i can tell you this based on my
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own reporting, no matter how this ends, even if they succeed in getting this article passed or some other article passed here in the house and it falls flat in the senate, which it may well do because we have already hard in senator romney saying he thinks it should play out. the president should just go and doesn't necessarily support this. no matter how it ends, again, democrats feel such pressure to at least go through this exercise given everything this nation has seen and then for people to see not just the instigators and the protagonists here this would be unpunished and left without even a slap on the wrist, they feel compelled, thai they've got to do this. it began as a threat to try to get the cab net to do something, to try the get mike pence to do something but it's become clear in the past 24 hours that's not going to happen with pence not even taking the speaker's call
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nish initiately when she called. this will play out on monday but they will go through the exercise and the steps here. >> if pence wants to hold office again, i think he should sign it. there's reference to the call to brad as heidi was mentioning. let me read more. drafted by three democratic members of the house. the language not completely signed off on by speaker the effort to impeach donald trump for incitement blessed by the speaker of the house. president trump's conduct on january 6th, 2021 was consistent with prior efforts to subvert and obstruct the certification of the result offense the 2020 presidential election. those prior efforts include but not limited to a phone call on january 2nd, 2021 in which president trump urged georgia secretary of state to find enough votes to overturn the
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georgia presidential election results and threaten him if he failed to do so. in all this, president trump gravely endangered the security of the united states and its institutions of government. he threatened the integrity of the democratic system, interfered with the peaceful transition of power and ill meryled a coordinate branch of government. he betrayed his trust of president to the manifest of the your of people of the united states. trump by sump conduct demonstrated he will remain a threat to national security, democracy and the constitution if allowed to remain in office. tim, your thought ons that language about a national security threat and it seems that the chairman of joint chiefs will extraordinarily length to reassure speaker of the house who is part of the continuity of government succession plan that donald trump is not functioning as this command command country's commander in chief. is that your understanding? >> ten former defense
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secretaries had to come out and pre preemt this show there were concerns about this already. h i really do not have patience to hear from people who are making political judgments on what the political ramifications of impeachment are and responding to political pressure or what that might mean in two years or four years. donald trump attempted a coup. this is -- he attempted a coup to overthrow democracy. we cannot mince words here. with his call, with his pressuring of mike pence and a mob that stormed the capitol resulting if five deaths. if he could have succeeded at coup and overthrown the duly elected president, joe biden, he would have taken it.
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if the house majority was all republicans right now, how do we know that they would not have all voted to overturn the votes of the people of pennsylvania. over half the republican caucus already did that. donald trump did everything in his power to overthrow our democracy, to instigate a coup. the results was five deaths including the death of an innocent police officer trying to protect our capitol. he must be impeached. he must be removed and all of this just beltway blather about whether we can just ride it out 13 days or what the implications are with his voters or bringing the country together. he needs to be held accountable for his actions, period. end of story. i don't expect the republican congress people that to listen to me but any democratic congressman or staffers who are waivering on this just need to understand there must be accountability. there is no option.
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put political considerations aside. >> the political considerations are unclear. everything in this article except for the result has happened on tuesday night before we all went to sleep even though of us waiting and watching as democrats took over control of the united states senate. the only thing that changed wednesday morning, wednesday around noon is five people are dead because of it. i want to press a little bit. the justice department will be under new management in 11 days. the decision about whether or not to charge incitement, which is a crime won't be up to anybody who works there today. >> the political imbplications are unclear. what is interesting and there are people in the democratic caucus and trump's own administration who when they put politics aside and discuss this, they really, truly believe and have a legitimate fear of what
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donald trump could do. what harm he could still do in his remaining less than two weeks in office. there are the political considerations. politicians will behave like politicians but there are people in all of d.c. grappling with the question of what do they think is the least harmful path to handle a president who behaves the way he does and after we saw the deadly consequences on wednesday. >> what's remarkable is to me, around, 1:00 wednesday stopping a political story and i wonder why we don't have our foreign war correspondents roaming the street of washington, d.c. this is a national security story. this is a story about a dangerous american president who tried not a coup against the
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democratically elected successor. he's a lame duck. when obama saw north korea and other foreign policy adversaries as a threat to this country, he worked hand in hand with people he didn't even trust. mike flynn was incoming national security adviser. the obama administration worked hand in hand with the incoming president. this is a president that is on another planet from any sort of transfer of power that's in the benefit or interest of american national security. there's that line in the american president where sydney says on election day people care about what i tell them to care about. where are the people who say in four years they will care about what is in the interest of this country's national security. why is ben sass the only one jumping on saying i'm for impeaching this clear and present danger to american national security? >> is ben sass on board?
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i don't feel like i got a clear answer. >> i'll play it. let me play what sass said this morning. >> the house, if they come together and have a process, i will definitely consider what ever articles they might move because as i've told you, i believe the president has disregarded his oath of office. he swore an oath to the american people to preserve, protect and defend the constitution. he acted against that. what he did was wicked. >> i'm going to go out on a limb and call him for pro-impeachment. >> i don't know the definitely consider. sure. definitely consider, how about yes. wicked is correct. there should be more people on board with mike pence, including if you take to a national conclusion what mitch mcconnell said on the senate floor. i don't know you cannot be for impeachment. mitch mcconnell said this was a clear election result. joe biden won.
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it wasn't particularly close and yet donald trump still tried to overturn the results of that election with violent force and pressure of elected officials. how could mitch mcconnell not support impeachment. you hear from these republicans. their defense is well, we don't want to divide the country more and this could be controversial and we just need to move forward. it's like, bs. we have tried that. we have tried their way for four years which is kodscoddling him containing him and having good people around here and making sure people's grievances are heard. they went so far to lie to these people to inflame their grievances. that strategy needs to be thrown aside. it's over. the coddling of him and containing of him didn't work. five people are dead. every one needs to be on board with ben sass and we can deal with their mistakes which were many before wednesday. for now i welcome all of them on board and god willing they will
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do what's right. >> it's exactly as tim drien described. the coddling of donald trump, if any americans suggested it was an american add ver sar, they wouldn't make it to iowa to participate in the republican primary. what is your day catake on flulf politics around appeasing donald trump. john swan said i spent 48 hours talking to senior white house administration officials but to speak to anybody willing to defend trump's action on january 6th. i'm sure this person exists but i haven't located them yet. i would like to talk to you if you're out there. >> for many of these republicans, nicole, this is blowing up fantastically in the final hours and days of president trump's presidency. based on our own reporting with a lot of the protesters out at the capital. the moment that really incited them is when they realized pence was not going to go along with donald trump's call for him to
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overturn this election or to attempt to overturn this election. they were really gunning for pence. they were gunning for lindsey graham. they are ready to have a civil war, at least, when it comes to within the party now. now we're not talking about your usual rhinos. people like mitt romney. you're talking about some of the president's most loyal supporters. lindsey graham. people who have been at his side throughout some of the most farfetched lies that have been told to the american people. people who were actually in on this suggesting there was a lot of fraud in this election. the politics are becoming clearer that in the end was actually a devil's bargain for a lot of the republicans who were willing to entertain the lie about voter frauds but weren't willing to consummate the deal that donald trump wanted them to make which is to go against our
1:21 pm
constitution and the votes of the american people. >> it brings up -- >> real quick. lindsey graham voted to impeach and remove bill clinton over the blow job. today, he said he is not in favor of impeaching donald trump for his taemtsed coup. lindsey graham changing his tone but he's not changing it nearly enough. all of these guys to take -- go to the logical conclusion of their statements about what donald trump's actions were. i'm sorry to interrupt. it's important to get that clear on what he said and done. sgl >> you can interrupt me to make a point like that. i want to add we're not going to pay a lot of attention to which way the wind blows lindsey graham these days. tom cotton wrote a very controversial piece about using the military to patrol protests when they were around police brutality and the racial reckoning and i think watching him and watching him break with
1:22 pm
trump on election frauds is an interesting calculation but to be clear, that's what they are all doing. making political calculations and will continue to hold hair feet to the fire. thank you all for starting us off. more on these brand newly released, this article of impeachment against donald trump. we'll look at the options on capitol hill for how to deal with donald trump's kwukconduct. we'll get to talk to a democratic member of congress hoping all this comes to pass sooner rather than later. we'll ask him about holding those who storm the capitol accountable as well. following the news of several arrests today including this brazen rioter. the events wednesday are a logical conclusion to the build up of the last four years of trump presidency. question of how joe biden can heal the country. democrats took control of the u.s. senate.
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as calls grow for accounts blt of wednesday's insurrection, nbc news learned the fbi and washington, d.c. metropolitan police department are conducting a federal investigation into the tragic death overnight of capitol police officer bryan, one of 60 officers who suffered
1:27 pm
injuries amid the clash between the pro-trump mob and law enforce mgt. he's the fifth american to die. prosecutors also announcing charges from the riots pmp richard barnett is one seen here with his feet on a desk in nancy pelosi's office. he was arrested and charged this afternoon in arkansas with entering and remaining on restriktsed grounds, violent entry and theft of public property. he's one of only a few dozen arrested now 48 hours later. 13 have now been charged in federal court. obviously, for all of us watching it was thousands and thousands who stormed the capitol. joining our conversation, democrat congressman of new york. i wonder if i can get your reaction on this article of impeachment against donald trump and i'll read more from it. it says that donald trump engaged in high crimes and misdemeanors by willfully inkriei inciting violence and gravely endangered the security of the
1:28 pm
united states and its institutions of government. your thoughts. >> that's exactly right. it's not just donald trump. remember, this is about a lie that we stole the election. that lie is the blood liable. it's the fuse they lit that caused this violence. it is not just the president. it is the republicans on the hill who are perpetuating the lie that the election was stolen. who even after the riot and the murder of the officer and our hearts are broken and go out to his family, even after that, they attempted to set aside the results of the electoral college and it is all of those republicans who need to be held accountable and every one of those protesters needs to be held accountable and arrested and prosecuted. the president, however, is the originator of this lie. he's the most accountable
1:29 pm
person. he needs to be removed from office by the 25th amendment, by impeachment. he needs to be boxed in until then and until we have a new president so we need to box him to protect our people and our constitution. we need to remove him if not before the 20th, on the 20th and hold him and all of his enablers accountsable. >> you left me so much to unpack started with "blood liable." i want to deal with one of things in news. on thursday, multiple news organizations reported that donald trump wasn't functioning at the top of the military chain of command. that the call to have the national guard come to aid was approved by mike pence. owe also got reporting today that white house aides plan to ignore his orders. you have the dear colleague letter from speaker pelosi saying after a conversation with the chairman of the joint
1:30 pm
chiefs, she's been reassured that donald trump is not able to launch a nuclear strike. if he's not functioning as the country's commander in chief, what is he doing there? >> well, nothing good. that's why he needs to be removed immediately. we all take comfort in knowing that our professional military officers should and will refuse unlawful orders. one of the attractions of the 25th amendment is it carries with it the possible of immediately installing vice president pence as the acting president and the republicans in the cabinet and on the hill need to be answering why they continue to support president trump acting with the authorities of kmantcommander i chief. i don't want to find out there are other flaws in the system the way we found out on wednesday when we were watching innocent people run for their lives. this is too serious now in is a threat to our very constitutional system. we need to protect our country
1:31 pm
by boxing this president in until he is removed. it needs to happen immediately. >> former pentagon official said to me this week that because of the way the rioters were treated and i know therely be an investigation to understood they stoods around. nobody looked afraid like a normal burglar covered their face. no one was hiding from cameras. they were wavering flags for six, seven, eight, nine p, ten hours. because of the way they were treated they will take that act and move onto other targets, state capitols and otherwise. are we doing enough to protect other people who may be targeted by trump's mob? >> no. i was on call today with a half a dozen members of congress who were taking a bunch of grief from maga hat people on airlines who were not wearing masks, congratulating themselves on storming of the capitol.
1:32 pm
there are people who are going to be identified from social media, from those videos. they need to be arrested and held accountable. we need to puncture immediately any self-congratulatory notion that what happened was some sort of victory. i take some comfort in the fact that we gain controlled of the united states snats and counted out 306 electoral college votes for joe biden in the same 24-hour period that this insurrection occurred in. we're winning the larger war here. what we need to make clear there are consequences. every republican needs to stand up and be counted or held accountable. it's a choice. you are with that mob and with that violent crowd that killed a capitol police officer on wednesday or you are with our constitution. there's no middle ground. every republican needs to choose and one more point. if there's evidence that the president or his officials delayed the arrival of national guard back up at the capitol for
1:33 pm
the two hours when friends of mine were hiding in their officers, calling their husbands, telling them they may not see them again. one young woman has two little kids. she called her husband and said this might be it. he was evacuating the house floor with me. he said i don't know what to tell you. i'm telling you if the national guard was held back and it's not enough to remove these people. they need to go to jail. >> in that vain, a congresswoman said to me she called her husband tuesday night to tell, linda sanchez to tell her husband where her will was h case she died at work, the capitol where you work. did you know that wednesday could be dangerous? did you have any concerns for your safety? >> i was in the house chamber and i was 20 feet away from those windows they were breaking out in the center aisle. i felt good to be sitting next to colin allred who is 6'1" and
1:34 pm
a pretty big guy. it was unclear whether we were going to be in a physical confrontation with these protesters. there's a video right now on the washington post site that the fast action of the staff who barricaded one of the doors to the speaker's lobby, the proterss would have sur rouned the house floor and had 80 members of congress held hostage. think about that. that video right there that you're showing. look what's happening. it was about 70 members of congress getting out of the one exit left. that's my group right there. that's jim mcgovern. those are some of the house staffers who barricaded the door and delayed the entrance of the protesters who would have had dozens of u.s. members of congress and innocent staff people held hostage and they had zip ties and they had weapons. it's the actions of those police officers right there who were delaying their entry of the staff that barricaded the door that bought us time to escape.
1:35 pm
this was the only way out for us, for we on the house floor and those in the gallery. that was the remaining side of the house floor. that's how close we came to having violent people in the house chamber taking people hostage or physically assaulting them. i'm telling you right now there are serious questions about the response of the capitol police and we're going to ask them. they need to be accountable. there were individual officers and people like bryan who gave their life defending us. i benefitted from that. i want to hold up those officers for their bravery and staff members that were absolutely heroic and bought us time to escape that very dangerous situation. that's how close we came. for those who are pretending this wasn't an insind area event and violence and an insurrection, they need to watch the videos. there needs to be accountable by
1:36 pm
every republican who is spled g i spreading the same lie. >> there's some reporting that our network that doj don't plan to pursue charges against the incitement side of what happened wednesday. you're talking about the big lie. the incitement seems the only chance holding those who incited the violence, the president and the people around him, there's lots of videos circulating on social media of all of them as well. is your hope the new management who will be in place will reexam those who incited the deadly insurrection? >> i want to see when we vote on removal and we're going to vote on removal in the next few days. we'll see a roll call of who is standing with that violent mob and who is standing with our constitution. that will be the roll call of infamy. those will be the people who are spreading this lie there's a
1:37 pm
stolen election. that's what inflamed this violence. it's the same lie the president told to come to town. they will steal the election. the vice president pence doesn't do the right thing, we'll go down there. when pence didn't do what he wanted, they turned the mob loose. it's the republicans on the house floor and the snats who are trying to set aside the electoral college vote who are perpetuating the same lie. there is no difference between what they are doing and what the president did which is why they need to be held accountable by their voters. that's why we're going to see real clearly this week who is on the side of our constitutional system and who is on the side of that mob. >> i lope, as a former republican, that some republicans look at the fact that the coup plot plotters in georgia lost to the democratic candidates there. might be one step in the right direction. thank you so much for spending some time with us.
1:38 pm
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keeping you sharp for tomorrow. join us, the defenders, in our mission. cybereason. end cyber attacks. from endpoints to everywhere. fine jewelry for occasions. we say: forget occasions. (snap) fine jewelry for every day, minus the traditional markups. ♪ the assault on the capitol this week has a direct tie to trump's history of aligning himself with racism. even before his turn started he
1:42 pm
was fanning the flames of white grievance. no one should be surprised his supporters weaponized it. is it really to be considered a coincidence that the same week that the voters in georgia selected the decentusecentury da sharecropper a white mob ransacked the capitol and carried confederate flags inside that building. that should pretty easily answer those questions. all this was the latest episode in a century's old tug of war between progress and hate. that racism that donald trump has endorsed was also evident in the way rioters were treated on wednesday. here is what happened to him in 2017 when he took part in a peaceful protest over budget cuts at the capitol. >> large clergy group chanting and singing in the rotunda
1:43 pm
today. pastor of church, moments later officers moved in. warnock and several others were taken away in handcuffs. >> joini ining us now marketing branding expert and the reverend al sharpton. i don't have any words, rev. >> well, i mean, this has been the plight of many of us arrested for non-violent protests and when you see this, we're not talking about the '60s. i did 90 days in jail one time for protesting a navy bombing base just going through the wire. when you contrast that with how these people that were breaking windows, breaking doors and causing five deaths on just this
1:44 pm
day before yesterday, and how they were treated when our non-violent clergymen asking for health care or justice in certain cases are treated, it is the contrast is stark for anyone to see. let's not forget, it was just a couple of weeks ago that same crowd of trump supporters were in washington burning black lives matter flags off the front of black churches in washington. they had every reason to be prepared for what could happen the day before yesterday. >> let me read to you from the new york times reporting on this picking up on the rev's point. the seeds that led to the insurrection were hidden in plain sight at mr. trump's rallies where his supporters set up open air market of hate and conspiracy. selling con f ining confederate t-shirts that mock his opponents. the language of revolution and civil war is common place. mr. trump's twitter feed which has amplified white supreme kis
1:45 pm
assists anti-muslim extremists. >> this has always been about race. all of the trumpism is a simple, simple thing. it's that there are terrified, angry, fearful, ignorant people that understand by the year 2024, 2045, this country will no longer be predom nantsly white. they are terrified. they blame every ill will their own life. whatever misery they have on their life they blame on the other, the mexican, the black, jew. that's what donald trump tapped into. other than rich people looking for the tax break, that's what every trump vote was all about. that's what you saw bubbling over. there were some wonderful people the capitol were wearing shirts that said six million is not enough. it was the hate goes in many, many, many directions.
1:46 pm
the good news is, as painful as this is to see, sometimes we need this disgust in clarity for demarcation point for new direction and what's happening in the snats with joe biden, the wills will not be going away but there's a completely different wind at play to try and remedy some of these things. as a whiets perste person you c empathize so much. we we only go so deep. we can't feel it as much as much and you and i get repulsed by it. there's something different when it's your people. i do believe and i don't mean to be naive. i believe better times are leads of us. the one positive thing is it put a stake through trump's heart. we will not have to live through the next four years of trump with a megaphone. there's shame attached to trump
1:47 pm
and trumpers and his family and they will be gone and banished forever. sometimes you need to kill the head of the nauseating, dus g t disgusting smelly fish and that's the outcome. >> rev on wednesday congresswoman cori bush and joy reid made some of these points. i want to read you a couple of white racists making a similar point. let me read it. it will make sense in a second. quote, this is not america a woman said to a small group. her voice chaking. she was crying. quote, they are supposed to shoot black lives matter but they are shooting at the patriots. end quote. a man possible, her husband, comforted her. quote, don't worry, honey. we showed them today. we showed them what we're all about. it's reporting from the nation about the scene at capitol hill. the racists thought that the police were only supposed to shoot at black lives plaermatte
1:48 pm
protests. >> the assumption that they are only supposed to shoot at black lives matter protesters is what we are fighting. i think that when you look at it and i think donnie laid it out right, we have seen the rise in racism against blacks. we have seen the attacks on synagogues and jews. people shot in pittsburgh. don't forget when you referred to reverend warnock winning in georgia, we saw a jewish american win. a nightmare for them that a jew and a black would win in geor a georgia. the good news is they did win and the good news is kamala harris did win and we can win despite the hatred but we need to deal with the hatred, expose it and even question how they were treated differently than we would have been treated. there's no way if any of us were
1:49 pm
involved in that march or had spoke before that march we would not be prosecuted. some people would have been shot or killed. there's no way that could have happened. every black member of congress knows that and that's why you see people move as passionately as they are saying somebody has to pay for this because the worst thing to do is for them to be able to walk away from an open insurrection unpunished and walk away like it was a bad day. it was not bad day. they tried an insurrection on the floor of the capitol of the united states, and it caused death. people need to pay all the the way through to law enforcement if there was any collaboration between law enforcement and those that were responsible for what happened. >> this is a conversation that we need to continue and stay on top of as the investigation proceeds. thank you both, fmy friends. up next, a final concession
1:50 pm
in the twin senate runoff contest in georgia. we'll look back at the races that granted democrats court reporting school -- control of the united states senate. we'll have that when joe biden is inraug rated. stay with us. t hawhen joe biden is inraug rated. stay with us a silly mistake. i guess i look pretty... ridiculous. [ chuckles ] no one looks ridiculous, bob. progressive is always here for you with round-the-clock service. just so you know, next time, you can submit a claim with our mobile app. good. thanks again for -- for rushing over. are you kidding? this is what 24/7 protection looks like. okay. -you smell like fish. -sorry. i was talking to jamie. you know i'm not sure. who's peter samuel? daddy? yeah? who's peter?
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i want y'all to look at this. 919 votes, don't ever say your vote don't count. 919 votes, you guys. oh, my gosh.
1:54 pm
oh, my gosh, my heart, lord. don't nobody ever say your vote don't count. don't ever say it don't count. >> that was three days ago. that was leslie jones watching her favorite human on tv steve kornacki and here to pick up where he left off is steve kornacki back at the big board. what happened? >> so it was interesting, all of the other events this week overwhelmed the sort of finale in georgia, but just to update folks as everything else was happening on wednesday and thursday these things kind of finalized. raphael warnock is going to win by 83,000 votes. in the other race, jon ossoff that margin is nearly 45,000 votes. joe biden won this state in november by about 12,000. so both jon ossoff and raphael warnock winning by significantly larger margins and biden's win
1:55 pm
in november is the first time a democrat carried georgia since 1992. so progress for democrats since the november election. why does it happen? here is one way to look at it. energy of each party's base. just a tale of two parts of the state. there is a congressional district that roughly speaking is right here as you could see. it is an overwhelmingly republican district. trump got like 80% of the vote. this is the part of the state where republicans sent donald trump on the night before the election because they were worried about turnout for the runoff. so it was heavily republican but what was the turnout, in this congressional district it was about 85% of what it had been on election day in november. now, by comparison, there is a congressional direct kind of down in the southwest corner of the state. it is actually represented by a democrat. it is about 50% black. and one thing that you heard from democrats in the run up to the runoff was they felt they were getting better turnout from
1:56 pm
black voters and that is the definition of this part of the state. the southwest corner of the state. and how was turnout here in turnout in this part of the state and this congressional district was 90% of what it had been in november. so it was higher turnout. and we saw this when we were here tuesday and wednesday looking at individual counties. you saw jon ossoff and warnock doing three, four, five points better than biden. higher turn out and better support for democrats, democrats got more votes and republicans got fewer out of their core area. one of the big reasons, democrats did better than joe biden in winning both of the races. >> when i went to bed around 4:00 a.m. after tuesday night, what was the hold-up? and should we stop expecting results on election nights? >> this one was faster. georgia in november was five
1:57 pm
days. so the war knock case was called at 3:00 or 4:00 and the jon ossoff about 4:00 in the afternoon on wednesday. it was faster, the hold up will vary by state, in georgia it is this. the bigger counties get overwhelmed with the mail-in ballots, the vote by mail ballots. so what we ended up waiting on was they counted up and reported all of the early votes but a lot of the counties had a certain share of mail-in ballots and they couldn't get to the last share of them until after they processed everything else. and processing the mail-in ballots is not a quick thing. you have to verify the voters's identity and there is a process and it is a couple ber some thing and you could see where this was going. but it took another 12 hours to get >> you told us around 10:30 how
1:58 pm
it would end based on your knowledge and how they have performed in november and previous years. and i thank you for that. and we were hoping before the mob turned into an insurrection to call that race during our hours but my what a difference a couple of days make. steve kornacki, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> the next hour of "deadline: white house" starts after a quick break. don't go anywhere. we really are just getting started. started.
1:59 pm
2:00 pm
hawley was doing something that was really dumb ass and i've been clear about that in public and private since long before he announced that he was going to do this. this was a stunt, it was a terrible, terrible idea. and you don't lie to the american people and that is what has been going on. the american people have been lied to chiefly by donald trump and lies have consequences.
2:01 pm
>> hi, again, everyone, it is 5:00 new york. lies have consequences. the insurrection was the result of months of trump supporters being fed lies that the election was stolen by donald trump. senator josh hawley became the embodiment of the lies when he announced his intention to challenge the electoral college vote count and when he followed through even as rioters stormed the capitol in a devastating critique john danforth said he puts the blame for what happened on the missouri senator shoulders. but for him the approval of the electoral college votes would have simply be a formality. he made it into something to express the view that the election was stolen and he was responsible. and he didn't stop there. he concluded supporting josh and
2:02 pm
trying so hard to get him elected to the senate was the worst mistake i ever made in my life. yesterday was the physical culmination for the lack of public confidence in our democratic system. it is very dangerous to america to continue push this idea that government doesn't work and that voting was fraudulent. while many are finally now recognizing the danger the trump and his enablers like hawley have wrought on the democracy i, there are still plenty of republicans willing to back the president. on thursday less than 24 hours after the riot, trump called into the rnc winter meeting in florida where he was greeted with cheers. at an all members breakfast when placed on speaker phone. did he not mention the rioting and only spoke for about a minute. he complained about the media. and we love you when he spoke. but from the gop, an apparent willingness to hand over the keys to the party to trump.
2:03 pm
in the new yorker, they voted to impeachment and acceded to his request not to bother with a republican party platform, the ideology would be whatever trump wanted it to be. when jared kushner bragged about the successful hostile takeover of the republican party he was in a toxically untruthful administration for once telling the truth. although graham and pence and mcconnell abandoned trump, many others have not. 140 house republicans supported objections to the results from pennsylvania. five republican senators join cruz and hawley even after the capitol was taken by force for the first time the britishin individualed in 1814. on the way out of the door trump is leaving destruction. what wreckage will tomorrow bring. and breaking just a few moments ago, lisa murk owski of alaska
2:04 pm
said that trump should resign. i think he should leave. he said he's not going to show up or appear at the inauguration. he hasn't been focused on what is going on with covid. he's either been golfing or inside of the oval office fuming and throwing every single person who has been loyal and faithful to him under the bus starting with the vice president. he doesn't want to stay there. he only wants to stay there for the title. he only wants to stay there for his ego. he needs to get out. he needs to do the good thing but i don't think he's capable of doing a good thing. then she added, quote, the republican party has become nothing more than the party of trump. i sincerely question whether this is the party for me. the republican enablers of autocracy is where we start this hour. peter baker and msnbc political analyst is back and joining us, stoddard and eugene
2:05 pm
robinson from "the washington post." a.b., i'm going to put it to you. susan's point is so right. the republican party abandoned all policies when the platform became just for trump and now trump is for an illegal coup. so what -- is it fair to say that you're not for trump and his illegal coup and now a deadly insurrection that results in the death of five people, you should get the hell out, lisa murkowski, it is not clear why you were there in the first place. >> i wrote about this weeks ago in the bulwark. that trump was going to have to break the republican party. he simply with his psychological needs has no choice. he's always on offense. he always has enemies and somebody always must pay a price and be blamed for usually the mistakes he's making. he doesn't lead or unite. he has no organizing principals in terms of apolicy or agenda. it is about him being in the spotlight and people submitting to him and punishing people who
2:06 pm
don't. the idea that he could go after last night's hostage video without punishing former senator bob corker or lisa murkowski on twitter in the next 12 days is lunacy because he wanted retribution and his followers want retribution, which is why they were attacking mitt romney and lindsey graham at the airport today. no one gets away with not being loyal to president trump. and so, the choice now is for josh hawley, you continue as a seditionist trumpster in maga world and looking for nose voters as you seek to win the primary nomination in 2024 or do you -- or do you become mitch mcconnell and lisa murkowski where you have screwed over president trump and you are a traitor and an enemy of the state and you deserve all of the
2:07 pm
incriminations at every level possible from voters to donors. so this is an all-out war. but it has been brewing for a long time. they were aware and just hoping it would end and he would sort of slink off. from brad raffensperger to doug ducey to brian kemp, everybody needs to pay in trump's eyes if you're not with him. that is why he tweeted out a punitive message about the vice president after that rally when the vice president refused to break the constitutional order for the president. and those people as heidi przybyla noted were coming for the vice president. and he was anywhere near them, his life was really in danger. and so the idea that anyone could pick up the pieces now and say we're going to go back to being for free market capitalize and free government and debt reduction and law and order and
2:08 pm
the moral high ground and hope that this -- the voters calm down, it is crazy. this is a cult. and donald trump is going to work very hard to keep it that way. >> donald trump has help in josh hawley. let me play what former u.s. senator bob corker said today on this network earlier, eugene. >> people thought something might happen. and so there is no question that because some senators offered an objection it raised the hopes of those people who were out on the mall that ended up coming in and being a part of this seizure or insurrection or whatever you want to call it. so it was irresponsible. terribly irresponsible. and you never want to question people's motivation, but what it appears, in a way to launch them
2:09 pm
in the event that president trump didn't try to run again to run for president. >> absolutely what it was, eugene. your thoughts about bob corker. >> let's question the motivation. we don't have to question it. we could see it. it was the most cynical opportunism on the part of senator hawley and senator cruz and by the way other senators and the representatives who joined in this unconstitutional, illegal effort to try to over turn a free and fair election. i mean, congratulations to you and peter and a.b. and all of us for this week, which we had an attempted coup d'etat when they stormed the capitol and
2:10 pm
attempted to prevent the legal constitutional transfer of power from a president who lost a free and fair election to the president-elect who had won it. and if that is not an tempted coup day tau and saw this in countries, that is what this was. and it was unprecedented and as a.b. said, the republican party or the trump party is indeed a dangerous autocratic cult. and republicans like lisa murkowski and ben sasse and others saying out loud what they've been saying if private for years about donald trump, they're shocked to learn something they've known all along. they're going to have to decide whether they -- whether this is who they are, too. because it certainly is what
2:11 pm
trump and his followers are. >> and it is what josh hawley and ted cruz are. and peter baker, you know a lot about the most important and influential figures in the republican party and danforth is one of them. and his rebuke on personal, moral and character questions about hawley, i think it is unsurvivable. i'm not sure if he'll be able to hang on to a senate seat in his home state. >> well, that is pretty tough. jack danforth is well respected in missouri in particular and across the country. he was known in his time in the senate as saint jack. sometimes that was used divisively because they thought he was a little righteous but they did respect his sort of moral high ground that he took and he was so prominent in the republican party at one point he nearly became vice president under your former boss, george w. bush. he was the runner-up to dick cheney in 2000. so he has a great deal of
2:12 pm
gafityas in missouri. what i'm reminded of is what donald trump jr. said before the mob stormed the capitol. he said this is not republican's party any more, it is donald trump's republican party. >> an that is the way they look at it. you are with the press or not. if donald trump owns this party or he doesn't. jared kushner once used the phrase hostile takeover and i think that is the way they look at it. they don't look at a collection of people who have similar views and hash them out and they look at it as a fully operated enterprise like the trump organization and that is going to be tested. is it donald trump's party or not and what you'll see in the days and weeks to come is a fiery debate about that very point. >> it is a remarkable video with gloria playing in the background and they look like the crime
2:13 pm
family and they planned a hit and they're watching it play out. a.b., in the last hour, tim miller used the words appeasement. republicans have a long time ago but i'm old enough to remember the time stood for non-appeasement, nonplacating of nonadversaries, but everyone from chris christie to ted cruz and hawley at the top of the spectrum to rudy giuliani, to mitch mcconnell, to betsy devos and elaine chao who quit, i don't know, 40 hours before the bleep show ends. they appeased him. he committed what would be a hate speech. you can't shout fire in a movie theater. he shouted -- i mean the speech and the crimes and being considered a unin indicted and
2:14 pm
they appeased incitement to an insurrection that could have resulted in according to congressman maloney a hostage situation. one capitol police officer is dead. if a foreign adversary had acted this way in any democratic politician had appeased that foreign actor, they would never let them hear the end of it. so what do you think in sort of the body politic, the look back will be on the republican strategy of appeasement of donald trump? >> right, you see in these recent hours the statements that are coming out and the late resignations that you noted. people trying to resurrect their reputations and say things like, you know, like mick mulvaney a proud conservative in the house who completely sold his soul and is now an envoy to ireland after
2:15 pm
being shamed out of his job at chief of staff. he has the nerve to quit yesterday and say he's just not the donald trump that he was eight months ago. donald trump in 2015 made very clear to all of us, he had authoritarian impulses and he's a pathological liar and he stokes violence and at no time or no respect for the constitution and the courts and the congress. that is been clear from day one. so the idea that people are finding jesus right now is unforgivable. five people are dead. it could have been hundreds of people dead. mike pence could be dead. and this idea that, again, that they hoped they would just run out of the clock and that he would be able to leave. rick perry ran in 2016 and so did lindsey graham and so did rand paul and scott walker. in 2016 also kevin mccarthy, one of the biggest appeasers said to his colleagues that he believed
2:16 pm
that donald trump is on putin's payroll. donald trump went on to become one of his biggest defenders. all of the candidates i just mentioned basically said he was a cancer on the country that we were in a state of emergency, we had stop him and they all folded at the knee to try to be a best friend and ultimately an enabler of donald trump. rick perry working in the cabinet. it is just outrageous for them to pretend now that they didn't know and this is some kind of new trump. everybody has known this for more than five years. >> peter, what is the latest resignation news at the white house? i mean, not a single profile in courage among them because nobody left after sunday. the raffensperger call, these are people that were fine with the call that offended by the inciting and insurrection. >> well there were a few more
2:17 pm
resignations in the last 24 hours. the nsc staff, africa and other experts who worked for the president but are not necessarily tight political aids. i think the most important officials left in the white house, the national security adviser, and the white house council and the chief of staff have been persuaded to stay. there is a lot of concern among republicans and some democrats about the house emptying in the last 12 days. somebody has to run the country and there is a concern as erratic as the president has been, there is better people there for those 12 days just to stop whatever could be stopped before january 20th when president-elect biden takes over. so there is this tension there in the white house about whether to leave or not. as you say, nobody is getting a medal out to people who have left now but a lot of people who were there they feel like this is the final break that they've put up with a lot and they did a lot and agreed to a lot because they were trying to accomplish
2:18 pm
something for the country and all of that has been wiped away. that is overwhelmed by the past 48 hours. >> they are now -- it is on resume forever and they work for a president that incited a deadly insurrection. thank you for starting us off this hour. when we return, with 12 days left in trump's presidency, fears are growing over the risk he poses to our country's national security. that is central to the new article of impeachment. house speaker nancy pelosi asked the top military leader to take steps to ensure that trump doesn't launch a nuclear strike and she's been reassured. plus president-elect joe biden's job got easier with democrats winning control of the senate. we'll look at what he plans to do on day one to help heal the country. and the new plan to get ahold of the coronavirus pandemic which is more deadly than ever before. "deadline: white house" continues after a quick break.
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2:22 pm
stability was never his strength even on a good day. so there is an -- there. there is no way that the president on his own accord to launch a nuclear weapon. there is someone else on the other end of that and i think it is near impossible that something like that could occur. >> the 12 days left in the trump presidency, this is where we are. wondering and making sure the nukes are safe from donald trump. that note of reassurance from former republican senator bob corker after speaker pelosi said
2:23 pm
she had spoken to the country's top military leader mark milley about pretrenting trump from accessing the nuclear codes. and some top remaining officials are preparing to resist any unlawful or dangerous orders in the closing days. two senior security officials told axios that they and their colleagues at the top level of government have decided to defy any request they believe would put the nation at risk or break the law. they plan to force trump to fire them. joining our conversation is a reporter who broke that story, jonathan swan. also joining us, frank figliuzzi from the fbi and an msnbc national security analyst. john, i want to start with you on that reporting. it donald trump still functioning as the country's commander in chief if his staff are going to defy the orders and
2:24 pm
mark milley has assured nancy pelosi that trump can't have access to the nuclear codes? >> well, it is a really interesting and actually troubling question. it raises really uncomfortable questions about the chain of command and where we're at right now with the government. but the reality is, based on my reporting over the last 48 hours, the idea of a 25th amendment, while it was raised in the heat of wednesday, it was never seen as a serious possibility by members of cabinet. for many reasons. but also because it is seen as unworkable in the short time period. but what has happened instead is kind of a de facto 25th amendment which is they are operating as if he is not the president, many of these senior officials, ignoring him and staying away from the west wing, staying away from him hoping that he doesn't call. and just continuing to run their
2:25 pm
agencies and run the government without his involvement. and with a steely and much more steely now resolve that should he issue any orders that they deem dangerous or unlawful, they will flatly refuse those orders. that is where we're at. >> jonathan swan, is pat cipollony sticking around to keep trump out of legal trouble. it looks like he delivered a hostage tape yesterday because he could be warned that he could be in more trouble than he already is. >> well part of the reason that the president has got himself into the trouble that he's gotten into because he hasn't been listening to his white house council. he's been inviting in other lawyers, i use that word in a very loose sense, to give him advice about things that -- that
2:26 pm
are unhinged and untethered to the law and the constitution. so even before the election, but he was treated like garbage since the election according to friends and people who have observed this firsthand. he doesn't have any sway over the president. i'm told by a source familiar with the conversation that he has discussed with the president his potential legal exposure over some of his rhetoric in the wake -- these conversations have happened after the riots on the capitol. i don't know whether that was part of the reason you saw that video yesterday which the president clearly didn't want to deliver. i know many of his other staff strongly urged him to do this. it took a long time and it was pretty much universal across the staff that he had to do this. but you saw someone yesterday who looked kind of spooked, actually, by where things have headed and how quickly the situation has fallen out of his control. >> he is, jonathan swan,
2:27 pm
enthusiastic about violence. he's on the record cheering for his supporters to beat up protesters at his rallies. he has called for all sorts of people to be locked up. he glorifies violence. is he upset that this insurrection was violent? >> i don't sort of know is the truthful answer. i haven't spoken to him since this happened. and certainly while it was happening in realtime, according to people, he was not upset. in fact, he seemed to -- when they were storming the capitol, almost be quite satisfied that people were so angry that he -- all of the supporters had come out for him. and of course he encouraged them to go down to the capitol and said they had to show strength. i understand in the last 24 hours as he's watched some of his top officials resign, as
2:28 pm
he's watched congressional republicans denounce him including allies of his like senator tom cotton, i think he's seen the situation fall out of hand and that is been -- that has caused him to change his mind rather than a realtime reaction to what happened on capitol hill. >> frank, i asked the question because i think that if you watch the videos with gloria playing in the background, violence was very much what they seem to be hoping for. and violence is the threat whether trump leaves or not on the 20th. violence is the ongoing threat for all three of us and for what mostly these days are republicans who trump has turned on. i wonder what, in your view, we do about it, frank? >> violence is the last refuge of the desperate. and we have perhaps the most desperate president in u.s. history and i cannot over
2:29 pm
emphasize how filled with peril the two weeks are going to be. you know, nancy pelosi said the quiet part out loud today when she started talking about whether trump has command of the nuclear codes. look, ordinary, as a security professional i want want the speaker of house to express that clearly but here is the truth, in cities around the world, the capitals of pomoscow and beijin that is where classified discussions of world leaders occur and they're wondering the same thing. they're wondering who is in charge. so while we're focused on the domestic, and we should be, we should be, please understand that i'm even more concerned that our adversaries are talking right now about whether it is time to move. now what does that mean? i'm not implying that we're going to see an invasion of u.s. territory. but what i'm saying is that we
2:30 pm
just witnessed the largest cyber hack and intrusion and that is nothing compared to what russia or china could do if they really wanted to hurt us. and if we think that russia and china are going to stay quiet and not affect incursions into targeted territories that they've had their eyes on, that they are not going to test our defense systems, we would be foolish to think that this isn't the moment in time that every adversary has been waiting for. so we've got to know who is in charge and the senate and the house need to understand that our adversaries are looking at these next two weeks as the time where they either move or lose their opportunity for a long time. >> frank, president-elect biden described the event as domestic terrorism. obviously when you are addressing terrorism, you go to
2:31 pm
incitement, you go to the root, to the cause, to the reward system. nbc news has clarified that investigation has not been ruled off the table. the justice department will be under new management in 11 days. do you think that an investigation and following the facts around incitement is necessary? >> so, look, this is kind of a layered response here. first, i want to talk about the leaders that led the incursion and insurrection into the capitol building. i want to see those people and i believe that some of the delays that we're seeing and some of the leaders being arrested is because i think the fbi is looking at very serious charges of inciting riot and even worse than that. and of course we've lost the capitol police officer so there will be a murder charge on somebody but i think grand jury are being convened and i think indictment will come down and we couldn't rule out the
2:32 pm
possibility that a group approach to a prosecution to take down a group or organization might be in the works as well. so there is that. let's go inside of the white house and the senate and house and talk about the trump family and who incited what. i want to be realistic about this. it is really hard to prove in a criminal proceeding that the president knew exactly what would happen and knew it would be violent and knew that he would be inciting a riot. now, you and i know that you can't light on fire a kerosene soaked rack and put it in a jar and throw it and not thinking it is going to explode. but the legal challenge is very difficult. would you rather see the people around the president and that would be very political but the people who enable the president and egged him on and encouraged him, they absolutely should be investigated and prosecuted if the evidence is there. >> just real quick, if i were a defense attorney, i would quote mike flynn at an event on tuesday night, and rudy giuliani
2:33 pm
at the event on wednesday and kimberly guilfoyle and donald trump jr. and donald trump himself at the event before moments before the insurrection. >> rudy giuliani used the word "combat." we failed in the courts and now we need trial by combat. that kind of language to an incensed crowd is fuel on fire and i think there need to be consequences to that. >> extraordinary days and times. thank you both for spending some time with us today to talk about them. when we come back, president-elect joe biden outlines his top priorities when he takes office in less than two weeks. his agenda, machine mouch more e after democrats sweep both races in georgia. that story is next. aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah!n- only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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i was told that on the way up here, on the way over here, that he indicated that he wasn't going to show up at the -- at the inauguration. one of the few things he and i have ever agreed on. it is a good thing, him not showing up. >> president-elect biden is happy that president trump will not show up at the inauguration given the events of the week. lost in all of the chaos that was the news that jon ossoff defeated david perdue for the final seat in the georgia senate runoff. with jon ossoff's win the democrats will control the house and the senate and the
2:38 pm
presidency when joe biden is inaugurated 12 days from today. this is the first time they've have a full majority since 2009. joining our conversation is john pluf and alicia mendez. david, your tlouts. >> it does seem like the senate flipping happened three years ago. >> i know. >> as opposed to three days ago. but it is incredibly meaningful. so i think on issues like the minimum wage, more covid relief, the john lewis voting rights act, it i think it makes more things more doable. his appointments now almost all of them will get confirmed much more easily. there are issues where you need compromise and i think joe biden is the best president in the last century to try to get that done. i also like his comments today though about josh hawley and ted cruz. because i do think that the only thing worse than a seditionist
2:39 pm
is a whiney unlikeable seditionist and that is what josh hawley is here. but you see all of the politicians, lindsey graham, cruz, mark meadows, they want to say, hold the insurrection and terrorists accountable, let's look into the capitol police failures but don't hold us accountable but the challenge for this country, today, tomorrow, next month and next year is to make sure the politicians who almost brought our democracy to their knees are held to account. and so joe biden's task by the way was already one of the most challenge any incoming president has ever had before wednesday. this rivals what abraham lincoln had to deal with in 1861 and what franklin roosevelt had to deal with in 1933. >> i could not agree more with the profound challenges that president-elect biden will face, david plouffe, but i think that the fact that pre-insurrection two democrats won the state of
2:40 pm
georgia. no republican has been on the ballot after the party became decidedly an out in their support of autocracy, deciding an out now in support of a coup after a deadly insurrection. i think that the decision by -- and i was just thumbing through my mess of names, we'll put them up on the screen. the seven republican senators who voted to overturn the results of the most secure election in our country's history after five people would lose their lives in a deadly insurrection incited by donald trump, i think could be as big of a shake-up to electoral politics as we've seen in a long time. >> it should be, nicolle. and don't forget 130 house members. more than half of the house caucus said let's throw out the election and conduct a coup. after there was a raid on the capitol. it is remarkable. so first of all, georgia, the fact that both senators are now
2:41 pm
democrats from georgia, joe biden and kamala harris won those votes, and in arizona, the political map is not static. >> right. >> so that is something that the democratic party needs to build on. but, yes, i think this is the challenge, nicolle. we have covid from a health standpoint, we have the economy, the climate change, so many issues. but what happened this week, and it wasn't just this week and it is donald trump's entire four years but certainly post election to try to undermine the constitution, destroy our democracy, leading to the deaths of five people and the capitol being basically torn apart and taken over. this has to be something that we don't move away from. and ted cruz and hawley and the trump family, they're all going to want to say, you know what, let's just move on. we need to be unified. and to hell with that. these people need to burn in hell for what they've done to our country. sorry. i'm worried that we are going to move on and we can't.
2:42 pm
>> and we can't. and you see republican former elected like bob corker and others who mentored josh hawley, expressing the kind of remorse after someone commits a crime. there is some horror that frankenstein, the sort of republican party and the image of donald trump turned out to be monstrous. >> it makes the autopsy of 2013 seem quaint, doesn't it. i think sometimes we talk about the republican party finding itself and that could sound like we're talking about an eat pray and love for political parties when really there are just an incredible reckoning that needs to go on within this party. what this party is, what it stands for, and who going to lead it and whether or not they're going to hold themselves accountable for the role they have played up until that point. and to get back to your initial question, this all happens set against the back drop of joe biden needs to actually lead
2:43 pm
america into the future and the trump hangover that he's inheriting. so whether that is covid, he has a raging pandemic that still needs to get under control, whether that is the economy, that we now know is absolutely hemorrhaging jobs. he is going to have to face each of those challenges. in addition to the things that he's promised like immigration reform in his first 100 days so the task before him is immense. >> the republican party is somewhere between mall cop and apocalypse now, nowhere near eat, play, love. to continued. thank you my friends. when we return, the coronavirus outbreak is worse than its ever been but the death toll breaking new records every single day. that story next. story next....? with the new freestyle libre 2 system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose with a painless, one-second scan. and now with optional alarms, you can choose to be notified if you go too high or too low.
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it may been hard to tell from these pictures, the maskless mob seizing our capitol building has consumed much of our coverage this week but this
2:47 pm
is still a time with a raining pandemic. yesterday was the deadliest day so far. por than 4,000 americans died in this country yesterday from covid. another record, more than 268,000 americans tested positive. on wednesday, the numbers were almost as high. so far more than 367,000 americans have lost their lives. more than 19,000 this week. the latest white house coronavirus task force report obtained by nbc news said a startling jump in infection suggested there is a new u.s. covid variant in addition to the u.k. and south africa already spreading in our community and may be 50% more transmiss able. joining our conversation, dr. asheesh jaw. it feels now like herd immunity
2:48 pm
may be where were heading. everybody is going to get it. >> let's hope not. because of the miss management of the pandemic is awful, the herd immunity by like scott atlas and others would be even more horrendous toll. so i think we've got to get through the next couple of months. they are very, very hard. a lot of people will be infected and die. our federal government has completely taken their eye on the the ball. but we have to get through this time and protect each other and i think help is coming from vaccines and a more kpentsent federal government. >> when we heard about the u.k. variant being 70% more transmissible, we didn't get any new advice. there are things that people have been doing in masks that we shouldn't do any more in masks, like going to school or walking outside? >> yeah. so, more transmissible, true, it doesn't actually change the public health message.
2:49 pm
in fact it just makes it that much more urgent that we do it. the virus still transmits in the same way. it still transmits when people gather largely indoors and not wear masks. that is where things really get us into trouble. and so high quality masks are really important and we've not done much to make mask wearing and mask high quality. that is something that we still need to work on. but obviously indoor gatherings of any kind outside of your family bubble is risky. and the new variant makes it that much more so. >> i want to ask you about what joe biden can do to put us on a different course in ten days. so much of this feels like, and i don't mean this in a manufacturing sense, but pipeline issues and one of his ideas is to go ahead and have all of the vaccine available stuck in people's arms so at least there is one dose loaded. do you agree with that and you could explain what that would mean for people? >> i do. i think there is a lot there is
2:50 pm
a lot president-elect biden could do even before he showed up on the 20th. i think signaling as he's deemed it today that they want to get vaccines out of the door. right now we have 40 plus million doses made and about 6 . that is way too slow. i think what his team announced today was really good, and it's also a statement they have faith in the manufacturing process and make second doses to get out to people. we all agree everybody needs two doses, no doubt about it but let's get the first doses out and make sure the second dos follow soon thereafter. that's what mr. biden was essentially saying. >> what's the explanation between the gap of what's available and put in people's arms? >> yeah, i have to tell you i got this one completely wrong. the federal government botched testing for doctors and nurses but i thought operation warp speed would ensure people got
2:51 pm
vaccinated. what i have come to learn and we're all learning, there was no plan for getting vaccine's into people's arms beyond getting the vaccines to states. states were stretched. there is no money for states to do this. there is magical thinking how a vaccine that lands in a state will eventually pa jmagically ep in people's arms. it was poor planning. states are starting to gear up. money is starting to flow. this will get better a more competent federal government is going to help. >> do you want to make a prediction when vaccines will be readily available like the flu shot is? [ laughter ] >> i've got so much wrong on this. >> welcome to political commentary. we get things wrong all the time. [ laughter ] >> i think wide spread vaccine availability by may, june. i had thought it would be a month or so earlier because i believed operation warp speed
2:52 pm
targets. >> i thought it was important. i hate being asked for political questions, keep doing the right stuff wearing masks and staying outside if you need to talk to another human being, don't bring anything into your house until may or june so appreciate putting yourself out there. thank you for spending time with us. when we return, as we do every day, remembering lives well lived. every day, remembering lives well lived i am robert strickler. i've been involved in communications in the media for 45 years. i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis for at least eight years. for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more clearly. and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen.
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it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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