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tv   American Voices With Alicia Menendez  MSNBC  January 10, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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that does it for me. thanks for watching. i'll see you back here next weekend at 5:00 p.m. eastern. my colleague alicia mendez picks up our news coverage now. thank you reverend sharpton. tonight breaking news. exclusive reporting about warning sent to capitol police ahead of wednesday's riot. fbi attempt to convince rioters to stay home.
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we get news that wednesday was just the beginning. time for another impeachment. the house plans to drop an article tomorrow. with ten days left, is there enough time. a new sign the party of trump is falling apart. this is american voices. we face a weak full of unknowns. there's the drum beat. congress has a time line for condemning the sitting president for the rhetoric that led to wednesday's deadly riot. by tomorrow the stage will be set for donald trump to become the only american president to face a second impeachment. at the same time, we exclusive reporting reveal what appears to be a major intelligence failure ahead of wednesday's insurrection. short time ago according to senior officials we learned the fbi and the new york city police department had warned capitol police that violence was
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imminent. went as far as trying to prevent the violence by appealing to trump supporters on their own turf. more on that in a moment with the reporter who broke the story. wednesday was just the beginning with right wing extremists planning more vie atlanta the inauguration. vowing to show up january 20th in numbers in quote that no standing army or police agency can match. keep that in mind as you see this. a reminder this is plrn flox. capitol police lining the nation issaluting their brother in blu who lost his life wednesday. just one of five lives lost triggered by the president's own words. manhunts continue coast to coast. as of this moment upwards of 70 people have been arrested and
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more than 40,000 tips have bee sent in. what about the long term. have the rads cicals finally grabbed the gop attention exposing the dangers of letting someone like donald trump hedge up the party. amanda golden was at this week's rnc meeting in florida to see what republicans are saying. she got a chance to ask supporters about the riot. >> reporter: only handful have blamed trump. no numerous supporters say they are starting to question their loyalty. whether or not they should continue to support this president and see this as a breaking point. listen to numerous trump supporters i spoke with here to hear about where they find the fault and where the gop should move forward. >> in my opinion you have to be able to take a loss and trump losted the election fair and
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square. i think he's hurting his own reputation with all the stuff he's been tweeting out. >> i believe we should change leader of the republican party. it should be more of a younger that can connect to more of the republicans my age rather than the older ones. i don't think trump should be the leader of the republican party anymore. >> am i disappointed? absolutely. he looked like an idiot. he lowered my level of respect that i had for him. >> if there wasn't enough to follow, we learned that donald trump plans to kick off a what i did for you tour to tout what he sees as a accomplishments. that kicks off tuesday at the border in texas. joining me now ken delanian and josh letterman, nbc national political reporter, kimberly atkins. boston globe senior opinion writer.
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thank you all so much for being here. ken, i'm going to start with you. if fbi washington field office says there was no indication anything was planned other than first amendment protected activity activity. there was no intel suggesting there would be breach of the u.s. capitol. where is the disconnect there? >> those statements are belied by the record, to put it mildly. we have seen now an nbc news has uncovered many social media postings where people were threatening violence in the days and weeks before this event. now what we're reporting is that the fbi knew that wasn't true. fbi gathered information, a senior fbi official tells us and so did the new york police department about potential violence and they passed it onto the capitol police. that's a good thing and it raises questions about why the capitol police were so unprepared. that was the first line of failure here. the capitol police whose job was to protect the facility did not
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have riot gear, a defensive perimeter and overrun by rioters. this new reporting raises the question of why didn't fbi do more. why wasn't there a reserve force if authorities knew there was potential for violence. after all, the fbi is the entity that's supposed to protect america from domestic terrorism and some people argue that's what happened here. that's part of what this was was domestic extremists who seized a symbol of american democracy and it's a collective failure. i hate to say this but it raises more questions than it answers because i want to know now what exactly did they know and who did they pass it on the and did they brief the white house and what did other agts encies gath? >> not only is it an embarrassment of having the
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capitol seized by riotics it's been obvious the fbi do not treat domestic terrorism the say way they do international jihadi inspired plots. there isn't a domestic terrorism law. that's the issue they say are hamstringing the fbi. these were president trump's supporters. that's a question was that part of the calculus in why they were not met with more force than they were. >> josh, over at the white house, we're learning the president hasn't spoken with vice president pence since wednesday's attack. what more can you tell us? >> for four years mike pence and donald trump have walked in lock step with the vice president defending president trump in some of his toughest moments and
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there's been a lot of them. you might think that the president would have reached out to the vice president perhaps on wednesday when mike pence was barricaded inside the capitol with protesters and rioters streaming in threatening to hang him. we're told from multiple sources there's been no contact between the two men. not on wednesday and not in the days since. we did see mike pence at the white house at the end of the week. he has been in the building but has not met with donald trump. we expect that given the fact they will be working in the same building for the next week and a half or so, it's likely they will have some type of run in but so far, there's no communication which just goes to show you how damaged this relationship is with mike pence on his own. president trump futilely trying to pressure him into overturning the election results as the u.s. capitol was under siege.
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>> josh, you have pence still reluctant to invoke the 25th amendment. why? >> the vice preponderasident, ag to people familiar, doesn't think that's the most productive course of action right now. in part because there's so few days left before president trump is set to lever office any way. instead, the vice president more inclined to sort of sit this one out and hope that nothing goes wrong between now and january 20th. >> kimberly, listen to republican senator pat toomey talking about the president. >> i think the best way for our country is for the president to resign and go away as soon as possible. i do believe that the president has disqualified himself. i don't think he's a viable candidate for office ever again. >> kimberly, your sense of where republicans are. is this something we'll be hearing more of in the coming days? >> the fact we have only heard a handful of republicans speak out
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forcefully at what the president did and the fact there should be accountability for that really speaks at how tightly president trump still has a hold on this republican party. he is still the leeader of it ad people who fear him. i was shocked at republican who is are urging nancy pelosi to pursue impeachment claiming that would be too divisive. this was after the president call and incited this insurrection and after he spent four years fomenting division. we're seeing a real slow walk of republicans willing to stand up and say, what is clear. what we saw on wednesday. one thing you're not hearing is a defense on the substance of what donald trump did. i have not heard republicans say what donald trump did was not impeachab impeachable. they are silent or you have a few like senator toomey who will
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say what he did was wrong and he needs to leave office. clearly, republicans are squished here but my question and the question of the board of the boston globe edtorial board, if this wasn't impeachable conduct, what is? it ceases to be a check on the presidency. >> i'm so happy to see you safe. thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us. you were reporting from the capitol on wednesday. keeping a lot of us apprised via twitter. thank you very much for that. i want you to take a listen to house majority whip talking this morning about impeachment. take a listen. >> we take the vote that we should take in the house and she will make the determination as when is the best time to get the vote, get the managers appointed
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and move the legislation over to the senate. it's just so happens that if it didn't go over there for 100 days, it could be. let's give president-elect biden the 100 days he needs to get his agenda off and running and maybe we'll send the articles sometimes after that. >> talk to us through the dynamics at play among democrats when it comes to impeachment. >> there's a growing push among democrats. we're just about a dozen or so house democrats away from a majority in the house of support of impeachment. i have no doubt they will cross this thresholds eventually and pick up some republican votes. i think the calculus in their mind is if they push forward with this now, are they going to handicap vi
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handicap president-elect biden. an impeachment trial would make some of those con ffirmations me difficult, more drawn out. you're taking up a lot of the calendar, the senate calendar with this trial. that's why you saw senate majority leader mcconnell this weekend e-mail his colleagues about the schedule and what it would look like if indeed speaker pelosi brought these articles to the senate and how much of a time sync it would take. >> josh, the conversation we were having before all of this transpired was about whether or not the president planned to pardon himself. how has this changed the contours of that conversation, josh? >> we know that the president has been having conversations with his lawyers about his advisers for quite some time. even predating what we saw this week at the capitol about par n pardoning himself. no charges have been braugts
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against the president but to make sure he's good in the future for anything, any conduct that took place as of now. the urgency of that has ramped up now that you have members of the president's own party suggesting that the president could be criminally liable for inciting the mob violence that we saw this week. those discussions from what we know from our sources remain ongoing. the president as of yet has not made a decision about that but many who are in the president's orbit are fully anticipating that he will be attempting to pardon, if not himself and his family members, many of those around him in the final days that he still has that pardon power left. >> kimberly, your sense of what the president and his administration is hoping to accomplish with this trip to the rio grande valley, this look what i've done tour. >> clearly those around him are trying to refocus his attention on suring up his legacy, if
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that's even possible at this point. one thing that has to be concerning, especially given the reporting that the president regrets the video that he taped promising a smooth transition of power is that each one of these appearances gives the president an opportunity and a podium to say something else that may be insind area. this is at a time when there's more planned -- i don't know what to call them. potential riots of people, of his supporters, of the kind of folks we saw at the capitol on wednesday to come back to washington. this is a time where the temperature needs to be cooled. twitter and other social media platforms have pulled his accounts based on these violations for fear there will be this further incitement. that's primarily what's on my mind. people who support him my want to see him talk about things like the wall but i'm concerned that he will use that podium for doing the very things he's been
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doing over the past several weeks. >> indeed, i think we all share that fear. ken, josh, kimberly, thank you so much. next, the realities of using the 25th amendment for the first time and something only trump's cabinet could do. talk to a member of president obama's cabinet about it. a segment teller made for every one with a trump supporter in their lives. advice for getting loved ones back in touch with the truth. america's plounmounting cri. covid-19 cases spiking. deaths are spiking. as you'll see from the front lines, latino communities being hit hard. american voices carries on right after this break. iceran voices t after this break to get here today, you're in the right place. my seminars are a great tool to help young homeowners who are turning into their parents. now, remember, they're not programs. they're tv shows. you woke up early. no one cares. yes. so, i was using something called homequote explorer from progressive to easily compare home insurance rates. was i hashtagging? progressive can't help you from becoming your parents, but we can help you compare rates
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just days after a violent mob descend on the capitol, trump's allies are back to spreading lies about voter fraud. this morning rudy giuliani used his radio show to rail against crooked dominion voting machines
3:21 pm
and to propagate the lie that antifa led the pry yacriots. mr. trump supporters disconnected. wave at the camera as they burn an effigy of the governor. ben, what did you see online from these pro-trump groups leading up to the riot? what plans are they making now and where are they making them? >> we saw them say exactly what they were going to do and they did it. rudy giuliani said this. he is blaming antifa now and said trial by combat at that rally before the march to the capitol that was desecrated by the trump supporters. they said over and over they were going to storm the capitol. they were going to occupy the capitol. they were debating who they
3:22 pm
should round up at the capitol. they weren't debating if they were going to do it. now i guess the good news for future here, these same online spaces are the ones being used now for these future things. they are saying they are going to quote shed more blood. that's kiempbnd of good news is know we can track them and they are serious. i would hope the fbi, the doj, law enforcement and capitol police are taking it more seriously now. they are saying the 17th, 19th and 20th they are going to do something. they are being a lot less specific but hopefully they will take it more seriously. >> dr. young, i want you to listen to this chant from the o crowd at trump's rally on wednesday. take a listen. >> white li-- help us understan why are trump followers so ready to act as his army? >> there is something very powerful about being part of a
3:23 pm
group that taps into core elements of your identity and especially elements you feel have been maligned. one of the things we're wrestling with in space of disinformation and conspiracy theories is the information is almost besides the point. trying to present factual information will not move many of these people because of the core identity elements tapped in to by being members of the group. trump, a very long time ago, figured out there were people in our society who felt that they were being maligned because of racial an mouse, cultural animous and he's very effectively given them a home and made them feel respected and made them feel loved. those of us in journalism, basic deem ya look at this and recognize that much of this is turning them into pawns but that
3:24 pm
is not the experience of the individuals who have placed themselves in these groups. for them, it's comforting. it is become part of who they are. >> how then do you -- if people who are believing this disinformation, if shows them proper information and facts is not the antedote then what is? >> it's so frustrating and crazy making to have to do this and let's be frank, you don't have to do this. you can decide some of these relationships are so toxic that you want to let them go. i don't know that it's the right thing to do, to turn our backs on some of these people. many of us have loved ones who have become conspiracy curious. they're not fully on board yet but moving in that direction. because these beliefs are not rooted in facts.
3:25 pm
they cannot be approached with facts. they have to be approached with emotion. they have to be approached lovingly and i talk about the need to create emotional welcome mats for these people to remind them of emotional, trusting relationships that you either have had in the past or that you want to cultivate in the present so they feel herd and respected and, yes, we do not want to have to do this but if emotions are what are driving these beliefs then emotions and connection is what we need to use in order to reach back out to bring these people back into the reality based community where we want them to live. >> ben, i want you to feel free to add to that but this disinformation about voter fraud, specifically, that spurred wednesday's attack, it didn't just come from trump. it didn't just come from rudy giuliani. it was endorsed by u.s. senators like josh hawley and ted cruz.
3:26 pm
how much responsibility do they take and how significant their disavowal when reconnecting the trump followers with reality? >> look, it's going to be complicated either way because people will discard various different public figures to meet their narrative. at the this point it's sort out even out of donald trump's hands. a lot of these -- donald trump after this one event from last week where he said that he gave confession speech. that's sort of the issue here. it's in the hospital about the specific messenger. it's about message. that message is that identity based message that dr. young was talking about. a couple of months ago now, i talked to a bunch of people and it was because the pandemic happened. they lost their job, their friends. one of them lost their entire social circle because they
3:27 pm
couldn't reach them. they were very social people. the woman you probably know her because she trashed a target. she was like target karen or something. she was a qanon supporter. she realized she had this thing in her life that was wide open. she had a space in her life that was filled by qanon. it gave her a identity and a reason to get up the next day. completely day. >> ben and dr. young, thank you both. in just hours the first steps of a second impeachment of donald trump. is it the only way to hold him accountable for his rhetoric in the attack. rhetoric many have warned about, including my next guest and later how we heal. what the next administration can do to bring the deep divides created for the past four years. created for the past four years. . because our way works great for us!
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president-elect joe biden will be president of the united states in just ten days but there are growing calls for donald trump to be out of the white house even sooner. following wednesday's deadly attacks on capitol hill. today senator pat toomey became the second republican sdmaenatoo call on donald trump to resign. since we know trump will not, there's invoking the 25th amendment which only his cabinet could do. that likely won't happen either. leaving democrats with their only option which begins tomorrow. introducing one article of impeachment against donald trump for incitement of insurrection. we don't know how many republicans will support impeachment, we do know there's anger in party including from republicans who spent the past four years enabling trump at every turn but not every one is buying their 11th hour outrage. people like president obama's hud secretary who warned of donald trump's dangerous rhetoric when he ran for
3:33 pm
president. >> president trump, you referred to countries as bleep holes. you urged american congresswomen to go back where they came from. you saw immigrants rapists. as we saw in el paso americans were killed because you stoked the fire of racists. innocent people were shot down because they look different from you. because they look like me. they looked like my family. words have consequences. >> secretary castro joins me now. secretary, good to see you. i want you to take a listen to what mick mulvaney, donald trump's former chief of staff said just this morning on "meet the press." ta take a listen. >> the rhetoric was high and fiery. you and i know that american politicians do this on a regular basis. i could pull you similar clips of maxine waters telling you to take to the streets. it's different as you said in your entry that people took him literally. i never thought i'd see that. i never thought i'd see a day where people from any side of
3:34 pm
the political spectrum would storm the capitol in order to intentionally stop the constitutional transfer of power. >> secretary, why are republican legislatures and cabinet members unwilling to admit that trump's own words directly led to horrific events and are they culpable? >> well, i think they have different reasons. for some of them they are still trying to curry favor with trump's base. i put folks like josh hawley and ted cruz and the other senators who continue to object to the certification of the election in that camp. some of them know that it would indict them. people like mick mulvaney who stood by while donald trump was inciting hate and in some cases violence against immigrants, against other groups. they don't want to face that themselves. others truly hold the beliefs that donald trump holds which are bigoted and racist.
3:35 pm
either way, as you noted, this has been clear what this man is for a very long time. even before he ran for president whether it was calling for the death penalty for five young men who did not commit a crime in central park in 1989 or any number of other things. this is just the latest in a string, pats earn of behavior of inkrietsing oth in inciting others to violence or stirring up the passions of people and essentially sanctioning views that lead to violence and it's something else as well to see that for some of these politicians they had the feel personally in danger, personally in danger themselves before they could see clearly. you expect more from people in a position of public trust then
3:36 pm
that. i guess at the end of the day it's better late than never. it's also still clear that a lot of those republicans both elected officials and the republican base still will not hold donald trump to account for everything that he's done. to me, what that means is that the republican party, as we know it, should not exist as a party. it need a fundamental transformation or a different party. >> trump is planning to visit the rio grande valley in your home state this week. what is the direct effect of donald trump's actions and words on that. we know he will tell one story. what is the story you want people to know? >> what i want people to know is that so many of those communities down there on the border are safe communities. they are communities where people of different backgrounds are worked together, lived well together for generations. they are bilingual, bicultural
3:37 pm
communities. this is his old stand by. any time he's in political hot water. any time he's losing some of his base, he's losing some support among republicans which clearly in the last few days he has lost some support, he goes right back to that red meat and that is stirring up hate especially against brown immigrants. he started his campaign off like that in 2015 when he came down that es ka lacalator and called mexican immigrants criminals an passion and hate toward brown immigrants. that's as plain as day. people can try to sugar coat it any way they want. at the end of the day that's what this mamn has been about. it's defined who he is as president. >> we know that house democrats are moving to impeach the president this week. do you believe he should be charged with sedition? >> yes, i do.
3:38 pm
i believe he should be removed from office in any way they can legally do that. the 25th amendment or through impeachment. i don't believe it matters that he only has less than two weeks left in office because there needs to be accountability for him inciting insurrection. if you don't hold this president accountable right now, you're sending a plemessage the future leaders that it's okay to commit crimes to try to incite violence and try to overthrow a legitimately elected government and that's the message you cannot afford to send if you expect to preserve a democracy. my hope is that the house will act quickly. that when it makes sense either immediately or a few weeks they will send those articles of impeachment or that one article of impeachment over to the senate and my hope is the senate will act at that time.
3:39 pm
we need to stamp into history the crime that donald trump is committed and he was unfit for office and set an example with him for future leaders in our country. >> all right fp secretary castro, thank you so much for your time. tonight our country is reaching deadly records in the fight against covid-19 and the virus is hitting the latino community especially hard. we'll take you to the front lines where american heroes facing the unimaginable. >> the absolute worse is when they verbalize it. when they say, i'm not going make it, am i? what do you say to that? my hair has immunity. strengthening lipids and antioxidants, in pantene's nutrient-rich formulas, are like superfood for your hair. ♪ building it's immunity, preventing up to 90% of future damage. damage, do your worst!
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tonight coronavirus across this country is getting worse due in part to infections from holiday travel. as of this moment 370,000 americans have died. 22 million cases confirmed. 278,000 reported in the last day. a new single day record. in california, cases are surging so fast that hospital beds are becoming a need l in hay stack. in los angeles, death rates in lat lat latinos are twice as high as the rest of the population. >> you okay? >> reporter: it's the start of the night shift in one of the areas in lc.a. hardest hit by covid-19. christian is just beginning his
3:44 pm
rounds. christian grew up in this predom nantsly latino neighborhood and what he sees happening to his community overnight is overwhelming. >> that's a code blue. that means a patient is in cardio pulmonary arrest. this patient has its heart stop a total of five to six times. >> reporter: he says there are two types of conversations that happen in the hospital halls that rock him to his core. some among nurse themselves. >> sometimes it's like, hey, you know before we go into this room, his wife was on another floor and she didn't make it a couple of days ago. she just passed away. remember don't say anything about that. >> reporter: there are those when patients turn to him and ask this. >> the absolute worst is when they verbalize it. when they say, hey, i'm not going to make it, am i? what do you say to that? >> reporter: across los angeles, death rates among latinos are twice as high.
3:45 pm
latinos hospitaled three times more often than white communities. dr. edgar works at a community clinic and seen ten of his patients die from covid. they bring the virus home and spread it within their family. >> it's hard for us to see our population doing the work that nobody else wants to do. front facing, exposing themselves to covid and dying from covid and then not getting the health care that they need, not getting the vaccine fast enough. >> reporter: some funeral homes like this one are averaging up to 30 body removals day. those are the ones they can get to. having to tell families they don't have the capacity. this right here, this is a refrigerated truck brought in to deal with some of the overflow. families wait for funerals to bury loved ones like ramon. >> he was great dad. he did anything for us. >> reporter: he was a single father and essential worker at a grocery store who said good-bye to his daughters through a glass
3:46 pm
window. >> he would nod his head and put thumbs up. the sorry. he would try to little hearts with his hands. >> reporter: a community considered essential but suffering the most. >> still ahead, the first big test facing the next add mvr administratiad administration and how the georgia play book led democrats to victory and opened the door to biden's agenda. could it help unlock the gop's grip on the south. nda. could it help unlock the gop's grip on the south. ah, honey! isn't that the dog's towel? hey, me towel su towel. there's more gain scent plus oxi boost and febreze odor remover in every fling. gain. seriously good scent. love the scent of gain flings? then you'll swoon for long lasting gain scent beads.
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now to the road ahead for the next administration. following wednesday's storming of the capitol. a second impeachment starts tomorrow. mainly focused on ensuring donald trump is banned from seeking federal office in the future. but impeachment aside, january 20th marks the first big test for joe biden, deciding where resources go immediately to save
3:51 pm
as many lives as possible from covid-19. joining me now, vp of strategic communications for blue state and zaifd a former speech writer under president obama. he is also the author of the book democracy in one book or less. aoc laid out two things they're looking to do with impeachment. make sure he never holds office again and prevent him from pardoning himself. how do you see the importance of this in the context of the challenge that's are facing this new administration? >> thanks. the fish rots from the head. the person most responsible, the person who has done the most harm is donald trump himself. if we don't impeach him and by doing so isolate his movement, we validate the actions and leave room for history to be rewritten in the voice of his champions. if we don't strip him of this executive power now, he will have the power over the people he's inspired even after he's left the white house. >> david, you argue with the
3:52 pm
democratic takeover of congress, they have a small, narrow window to accomplish their goals. why? >> well, thank you for having me. the way that change can work, and the way changes have to work because of how broken our government has become is like luke skywalker at the end of the first "star wars." things seem daunting. but if you make that shot, take advantage of that small window you have when you have it, everything can change in an instant. so what should democrats do with their sky walker window? i argue they need to focus repairing democracy first. give every american a voice. make sure americans have an equal voice so some don't matter more than others. get rid of the system that makes it harder to have a real representative democracy. once you do that, everything else becomes easier. if you don't do that, nothing else will last. >> i do wonder if there is an appetite for that type of
3:53 pm
systems reform in light of fact there are so many pressing day to day issues like covid, like an economy. we saw the jobs report on friday. the economy absolutely bleeding jobs. the fact that you can't stimulate that economy until you stabilize this virus. do you think there's an appetite for the time of reforms that david is talking about? >> certainly. i think most of the country understands the kind of crisis that we're facing right now was one preventible, and if we had done the hard work to look at inequity and inequality in this country, we may not have ended up on this side of the crisis. >> david, i mean, i think about the process of reconciliation. which the win in georgia unlocked. we know the things we keep hearing about that are supposed to be top of mind when it comes to reconciliation. they will use it for climate change, infrastructure. what else do you think rises to the occasion of being worthy of trying to fast track through
3:54 pm
senate? >> so, you're talking about the budget reconciliation process that gives you a chance to pass a limited number of things with just 50 votes. and i'm not a congressional procedure expert so i would just say the most important thing you can do is go big. push the limits of what you can accomplish with your 50 votes and think about how to make the case to centrist democratic senators like joe manchin that the time has come to get rid of the foibl these big essential democracy issues. you heard joe manchin say he's open to d.c. statehood and think about it in a way he wasn't before. we all saw what happened when d.c. is not a state this week. this is about being treated like equal americans. that may be an issue where we can make the case it is time for the fbi to go. a new voting rights act, the john lewis voting rights act. that may be another case if democrats block after everything we've seen, it is time for the
3:55 pm
filibuster to go. >> how do you make sure that you maintain enough momentum some there's spoech has to be undone before they can get to the things have to be done. how did democrats ensure that they have the energy and support they need to get through the next several months? >> yeah, restoring confidence in government and governance means producing change the people can feel. like making good on it. when people feel like their government is working for them, there is competence in the white house, they'll continue to pay attention. they'll continue to focus. and there is a great african-american saying that comes to mind. get in where you fit in. which really means that every individual has a job to play in history and i think what the people are looking for is for president biden to use his role to truly investigate his systems and identify the inequality that led to us such a disruption of our ideals. it won't be enough to get us to normal.
3:56 pm
joe biden needs to be the one who plugs the holes and stop the momentum altogether. >> thank you both so much. nbc news exclusive about warning signs sent ahead of wednesday's riot. were flags raised by the fbi and nypd ignored? plus, accountability for the president. what and how to ensure wednesday's attack isn't just a footnote of donald trump's legacy. a new hour of american voices, after this. f american voices, after this than rheumatoid arthritis. when considering another treatment, ask about xeljanz... a pill for adults with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis when methotrexate has not helped enough. xeljanz can help relieve joint pain and swelling, stiffness, and helps stop further joint damage, even without methotrexate. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections. before and during treatment, your doctor should check for infections, like tb and do blood tests.
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welcome back. as we come on the air, new reporting on the warning signs sents to capitol hill police. from the fbi to the nypd, it was clear the mob was coming. were the warning signs missed or were they ignored? plus pelosi makes it official, seconding a letter to house democrats a short time ago, laying out an ultramatum for mike pence. what will happen if he refuses to instroke 25th amendment? with that, where does america go from here? the challenges facing the biden administration. the door opened in georgia that could help democrats retake the south. this is american voices.


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