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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  January 11, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington. the city and nation watch as newly released images sink in how close the country came to catastrophe. as rioters go from the white house to the speaker of the house. >> stop the steal! stop the steal! >> now democrats attempt to remove president trump, their
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attempted motion beginning the last hour, starting with an article of impeachment citing trump with violence against the government of the united states, which nancy pelosi said is likely to pass the democratic house with overwhelming support, making donald trump the first president to be impeached twice. >> sadly, the person running the executive branch is dangerous, unhinged president of the united states. there is strong support in the congress for imimpeaching the president a second time. this president is guilty of inciting insurrection. he has to pay a price for that. >> that, of course, on "60 minutes" with lesley stahl. while all of this activity plays out on capitol hill, there's silence from the president, silence stripped of his twitter bull horn as support deteriorates with republican lawmakers and the business community. i will be talking to top players, including intelligence
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committee chairman adam schiff later in the program, who led the impeachment charge last time but joining me now our historic team of reporters and correspondents, nbc chief white house correspondent and "weekend today" co-host kristen welker, and kasie hunt, host of "way too early" and white house bureau chief phil rucker and former republican national committee chairman, michael steele. kasie, first to you, you were on the hill throughout all of this as the drama was unfolding. as you have been pointing out today, it's really sinking in just how close we all came. >> it was such an incredibly close call, andrea. and that, of course, is not to do anything to minimize the terrifying things everyone knew they experienced on wednesday. the lives that were lost, injuries that were sustained but as we have seen more and more video come out of just exactly what happened, what this mob was looking for, the level of planning, perhaps we've been
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using the word mob to describe what happened, perhaps there was a mob, but we're learning more details about members who were in that crowd who perhaps had a level of planning, a level of sophistication and training that makes this all that much scarier. and, of course, we've seen the photos of the man in military garb with zip ties who was arrested in the last few days. there was one particular incident where a capitol hill police officer is seen basically single-handedly redirecting a mob away from the senate chamber doors. and we learned after the fact that those doors were not secured when he did this, that they weren't locked until after he did this, about a minute afterward, that's how close they came. now, of course, this all leads to impeachment and the questions about what happens next with house democrats. this is a single article. it is aimed strictly at this charge of insurrection.
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there is the big question whether they're going to get bipartisan support for this measure. and if there were to be republicans in the house to support this, that would, i think, put pressure on senate republicans who are so angry, so upset and as we're just outlining, the reason to underscore all of the danger and feelings here is that it will create or could create political pressure and change exactly how they deal with president trump. it is still a live and open question, whether there would be the kind of support needed to convict president trump in the senate, but you cannot overstate the level of fear, anger, fury really that there is among republicans at this president right now, andrea. >> kasie, just to follow up with one quick thing, they seem to know whether they're going, they seem to know where the parliame parliamentarian's office was where the sacred boxes of votes
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were kept, speaker pelosi's office. that's not an easy place to find your way around. that's not well marked. >> it's not well marked, andrea. i have covered the hill for over a decade, and i still get lost. there's still officers i have no idea what's behind the unmarked doors and that is the question. we don't have definitive reporting at this point one way or another but for them to have found some of these unmarked offices, ransacked them, had an understanding of the importance of what they found behind the doors tells you they were in some way informed on a level i certainly didn't have after having it for ten years be my office every single day, andrea. >> kristen, we have unprecedented silence, silence from the president with no social media, false conspiracy theories, basically shut down. >> we know president trump was enraged on friday when his
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twitter was shut down. now he's been blocked from other social media outlets. at this point today he has no events on his public schedule. that could change. there's potential behind the scenes about aing some event. but what we are strikingly seeing is a defiance from president trump after we've seen a cascade of resignations and discussions about possibly invoking the 25th amendment. where does that stand? the reality check there based on our understanding of sources familiar with the thinking of the vice president is he's not inclined to go in that direction right now. he doesn't see it as practical. it doesn't seem like there's a critical mass of cabinet members who would support such a move. but we do know there are mounting tensions between president trump and between the vice president for a whole range of reasons, andrea. it's our understanding the two have not spoken since wednesday. that president trump never called pence while he was sheltering at the capitol during the attack on the capitol and
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has not called to check in to see how his family is doing in the wake of that. we're told the vice president is really frustrated by that, frustrated by the fact the president didn't do more to tell those who were rioting to stand down in the moment they were behaving in that way. so tensions are mounting between those two pen. pence, of course, one of the president's closest allies, andrea. so it's really stunning and it underscores the fact you're seeing this president increasingly isolated, increasingly silenced and the chaos really just mounting here behind the scenes, andrea. >> mini mean, even if they were close allies, it's incredible he didn't call to see how the vice president and family were doing after being lockeddown in a bunker. i can imagine how karen pence is feeling about the president of the united states. phil rucker, you covered all of this. the republican divide growing. senator pat toomey on "meet the
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press," lisa murkowski making a statement the president has to go. leaders like roy blount trying to convince themselves that the president learned a lesson. all of this is -- is pretty striking. and also just trying to fathom how the president cannot be trying to explain himself or doing things like going ahead with doing a medal of freedom for someone like jim jordan, who was one of the leaders of the insurrection today. >> yes, andrea, the president is moving ahead as if nothing happened last week. he's planning to visit the border down in texas tomorrow to do what his aides are are describing as sort of a legacy tour to highlights his accomplishments in office as if he did not incite this mob, as if there's not this pressure environment. and it's really striking the extent to which he has betrayed his own vice president, who has
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been steadfastly loyal through all of the ups and downs of the last four years at the president's side, clearly a rupture in that relationship. but it's worth pointing out, andrea, there's a great deal of frustration, disappointment and really royal anger by some in this administration. some continue to work but feel like the president has went way too far and let them down and the work of the last four years in terms of policy achievement can be wiped away because the president's legacy is now going to be first and foremost that he incited this mob riot on the capitol. an extraordinary moment in our nation's history. >> and, michael steele, as a former republican chairman, you know full well the importance to the rnc tonight various campaign committees of the corporate pacts. now we are seeing corporations
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pulling fund-raising money, not only wall street but other major associations, marriott, a long republican-led, republican-founded company cutting off all money to the republican party. >> as well they should. otherwise they're funding insurrection. otherwise they're funding a party thhas now re-elected a chairwoman who stands in reliance with an insurrectionist president. so if i'm a corporate player and certainly a corporate donor to the party, candidates, i'm going to be concerned about that because, guess what, that means the users of my products, the customers and clients that i have now will associate me, my product and my brand with a party that has fomented and
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supported supported insurrection. the president is going on as business as usual, handing out medal of freedoms like like lollipops to insurrectionists like devin nunes. that pushes back on the corporate client. and to reinforce that point, you have individuals and institutions outside of corporate america who are now stoking up the pressure on them to, you know, be mindful of the associations that they have because we are. as citizens, as users of your products, as those who are customers and clients for you, we're watching as well. so that pressure point, that pennsylvania,er move is something they're concerned about and they will stand down for the time being. >> michael steele, donald trump
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was always about the brand. that's what he always was, a brander. now that brand is so damaged that the pga is withdrawing its invitation to its contract to be -- to play in 2022 at bedminster. that, of course, is getting at donald trump where it hurts. thank you very much to all of you, kasie hunt, phil rucker, michael steele, kasie hunt, thank you all. speaker pelosi opened up about the terrifying experience for her young staff hiding inside the offices as it was sieged. >> what happened was a terrible, terrible, violation of the capitol. this door they broke down. >> oh, my goodness. >> they broke that down. >> look at that. they broke the door. >> yeah, they smashed it in.
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the staff went under the table, barricaded the door, turned out the lights and were silent in the dark under the table -- >> under the table? >> under the table for 2 1/2 hours. >> wow. >> policy was so strong. democratic congressman from ohio joining me now. i want to ask you about the capitol police, under fire and being praised for their heroic actions. but the leadership of the police and sergeants at arm and there's a lot of blame going back and forth, didn't plan for this. you have oversight over the police and law enforcement actions on the hill. what do you want to know? >> absolutely outrageous why all of the intelligence -- and it's not like you needed deep intelligence to figure out what was going on. you had the context of the last four years under president trump in which he consistently got raised over those four years came to a head during the
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election. after the election the president was saying precisely on january 6th, it's going to be wild. that was in early december. and then the rally that day. there's absolutely no excuse for us not being prepared with thousands and thousands of national guard people, with global fencing around the capitol, all of the things that needed to be done, it was -- as speaker pelosi i think adequately said, a complete violation of our nation's capitol. and we need to know what the problem was, who was putting the kibosh on the extra national guard units to be activated before this even happened. we need to know what the role of the capitol police is. want to understand the rules of engagement, why some people, quite frankly, didn't get shot while they were coming in to the capitol. and we're going to have to deal with all of this but the most immediate need is making sure we have the superior force and
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manpower needed for the inauguration to protect the next great ritual in our democracy and that's where we're focused now and will continue to try to understand what happened as we go. >> you're saying they should have used lethal force to stop them from getting in? >> look, i'm just a guy from youngstown, ohio, from northeast ohio. i just thought, you're coming to storm the capitol while we're executing the certification of the election. i just want to know, that was my nas initial instinct, why aren't guns drawn and all of that? and we need to review and understand this better. i'm not here to be a tough guy. i'm just saying these people are storming the capitol and law enforcement rank and file were put in grave danger. he lost one already. the trauma, the stress, the exhaustion of all of these other
9:16 am
groups that you're showing there getting smashed in a door, getting pepper sprayed. my question is why weren't we able to be a little more aggressive in preventing this happen. we could have backed a lot of people up. i'm not here to be some tough guy but there needs to be an understanding of the rules of engagement with a mob, with domestic terrorists who are storming the capitol to interrupt the democratic process. we need to understand that. we also need to understand, and i think i talked to the acting chief today, we really need to understand who from the capitol police was facilitating in some ways what was going on. i know the army is looking at maybe active duty members who are parning in domestic terrorist activities. these are all of the things we will have to understand, and then begin the prosecution phase. >> congressman tim ryan of ohio, thank you very much. and next, the fbi racing to
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make more arrests in the capitol riots. and later, the dreaded covid surge from the holiday season hitting now and pushing hospitals to the limits. you're watching andrea mitchell, of course, only on msnbc. of course, only on msnbc do we really need a sign to live, laugh, and love?
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d.c. mayor muriel bowser is calling on the federal government to ramp up skurlt ahead of joe biden's inauguration and asking them to stop issuing permits for
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gatherings and cancel any ones that have been issued. and there are more details about the colossal failure to secure the capitol. senior law enforcement officials are telling the news the fbi and nypd told the capitol police about advance of violence and the fbi urged more than a dozen extremists no the to travel to washington. but multiple officials including d.c. police chief, assistant secretary to homeland defense and field office insisted there was no indication there would be vng protests wednesday. now the fbi is scrambling to make as many arrests as possible before the inauguration. joining me now nbc news national correspondent ken dilanian. talk about what the fbi knew, nypd knew and who they warned before the attack? also, what do we know about the insurrectionists and the radical groups are planning to come in the days to come?
9:22 am
>> andrea, it was clear last week even when the senior officials were saying we had no indication there was any violence planned, it was clear that was wrong because nbc news and other news organizations were digging up social media posts from the days and weeks before where some of these extremists were saying exactly what they planned to do, occupy the capitol. some even stalking about bringing weapons. some told he officials the fbi did detect violent extremists on their radar were planning to travel to washington and some some cases they dissuaded them from doing that, doing a knock and talk basically saying you'll be arrested if you step on plain. basically my colleague jonathan winters and jonathan deets dug up they gathered a lot of violent behavior from social media and dug it up and sent it to the capitol police. but there's so much information, if the fbi knew there was a
9:23 am
threat, why didn't they do more to protect the capitol? why didn't the fbi or department of homeland security issue their own security intelligence bulletin? there's no indication they did. the capitol was left undefended and we saw what happened. obviously now, andrea, the whole pick changed and it appears the fbi is looking at everything and putting out bulletins warning of future violence and there is a fear this was only the beginning. we are seeing online extremist groups are promising to foment violence around potentially the inauguration of joe biden in washington. so there's concern here, but the federal government has woken up. the real question is whether the fbi going forward as a handle on domestic extremists and terrorism in the way they have in the past with al qaeda and international inspired terrorism. that's the debate we will be having in the month to come, andrea. >> ken, thank you very much for all of your reporting and our team there. joining us now, i'm pleased to have the washington, d.c.
9:24 am
attorney general carl racine. general general, thank you very much. first, did you get warnings from the nypd? do you know if anybody from the d.c. government or police had warnings from the nypd that were overlooked? >> it i can't real spliek to that issue as to what warnings, if any, nypd gave to d.c. officials. the i can tell you i was not privy to that. i can credit your reporter's other information though, and that is all throughout the internet, open source internet as well as the dark web, there were all manner of discussions around threats and weapons coming to washington, to include the capitol. >> i want to ask going forward about any plans to investigate and possibly prosecute president trump for inciting the mob last week or certainly rudy giuliani, don jr.? let me play some of what was said on the ellipse before the
9:25 am
rally or at the rally. >> let's have trial by combat! >> if you don't fight in the face of glaring irregularities -- >> we're going to have to fight much harder. you'll never take back our country with weakness. >> what about don jr. and rudy giuliani and others, mo brooks, members of congress, can they be prosecuted for inciting a riot? >> it let's just say first, those were outrageous comments that those individuals, including the president of the united states made. clearly the crowd was hyped up, juiced up, focused on the capitol and rather than calm then down or at lowest emphasize the peaceful nature of what protests need to be, they really did encourage these folks and
9:26 am
riled them up. whether that comes to a legal complaint, i think we've got to really dig in and get all of the facts. i know i'm looking at a charge under the d.c. code of inciting violence, and that would apply where there's a clear recognition that one's incitement could lead to foreseeable violence. we still have more investigation to do, and that's what we're going to do. we're going to work zealously and fully and where the facts lead to where they naturally go. >> are you looking at the president's role or is he immune because of the office of legal counsel guidance that has been followed that the president cannot be prosecuted? >> sure, andrea, as you know the olc opinion says the president can't be prosecuted while the president is in office. as it turns out, the president has about nine more days of office and, of course, the investigation is going to go on much beyond those nine days.
9:27 am
it will be another legal question as to whether the president can be prosecuted after his term of office. i think the better weight of authority answers that question affirmatively. and i'm not targeting the president or anyone else. i'm just saying the d.c. office of attorney general, and i'm heartened that the u.s. attorney also said the same thing, we're going to follow the facts and we're going to go exactly where the facts lead. >> so you're certain living that open for investigation. let me ask you about the importance of the national park service not granting any more permits, which i understand from the mayor, she didn't want all along because of covid restrictions i'm gatherings, but had no authority over the ellipse, south grounds for the rnc and venues controlled by the park service. >> that's exactly right. mayor bowser rejected a permit request around the d.c.-governed
9:28 am
areas, d.c. being our local government. of course, we don't have the authority around federal grounds. i think her call to no longer granting permits during this really intense period of time, where we've seen unprecedented violent attack on the capitol, is exactly right. now is the time to ensure safety and to ensure the american tradition of a peaceful transition of power. that's what americans rely on. that's true patriotism, us living up to our democratic ideas. >> attorney general karl racine from the district of columbia, thank you very much for being with us today. and what is the incoming biden administration planning to do about the slow covid vaccine rollout? a member of the president-elect's covid advisory board is joining me next. e nexts your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back.
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the post holiday surge of coronavirus cases is leading the country into some of the darkest days since the beginning of the pandemic, with a record number of new cases reported the last four days in a row and cases rising in near liver state. with the need to vaccine americans stalling, president-elect biden's team announced when they take over, they will not hold back second doses but started distributing nearly all of the available doses right away while using the defense production act to ramp up manufacturing of both pfizer and moderna to catch up with
9:33 am
those booster doses. joining me now, dr. michael osterholm, director for the centers of research at the university of minnesota and one of president-elect biden's covid advisers. doctor, it's always great to get a reality check from you. we know dr. fauci in recent days expressed concerns about using reserve doses when the uk started it. do you agree with the biden administration strategy? how do you know you will actually get that manufacturing ramped up in time? and if you lag beyond the 28 or 21 days respectively for these two vaccines, you're not going along with the scientific protocols of their testing. so how do you know for sure what the efficacy is going to be? >> well, first of all, thank you, andrea. it's good to see you again. happy new year to you. >> thank you. >> let me say at the outset i surely don't speak for the transition team as such. i shoushly have been advising them.
9:34 am
but this is a tempest tea pot issue. the position the transition team articulated, and i think a very wise one, is one based on science and that is no one is going to defer a second dose. that is not it at all. right now what we're doing is actually putting away one dose of vaccine for every dose that's given so that it will be here in two to three to four weeks. and what has been determined is based on manufacturing capacity and even allowing for should there be, for example, a lot of vaccine that doesn't pass through the stir rilty testing, whatever, that they can have a buffer of vaccine but they don't need to save all of them. i think what the issue now is has become confused either it's going to be don't worry about the second dose or hold all of the vaccine, and there's piegs right in the middle that i think is very, very wise continue will mean more people getting vaccinated and everyone will get their second dose of vaccine.
9:35 am
>> and get it in a timely fashion? >> yet getting it on schedule. meaning in fact what will be held back will not limit that whatsoever but it will be a buffer should there be a shortfall in any given week of any company's production. i think this is the very best of both worlds. >> now, is this because the models are projecting what we are seeing now in california could be what we're seeing elsewhere, where hospitals are just overloaded. these case numbers are horrific? >> andrea, right now we're confronted with two different issues that are both unfortunately a perfect storm set of issues. one is we're coming off the christmas holidays, new year's holiday. we've already seen case numbers rising in at least 44 states that we know have to be in part due to that christmas holiday contact. i personally am aware of some tragic situations of families getting together at christmas
9:36 am
who now one or more of the family members are in the hadn't and severely ill because a family member came home unbeknownst to them infected. and now what is happening we see the new variant, the sars-covid-19 virus that has undergone a major, major mutation. this is operating now in the united kingdom, which is causing great, great challenges there in terms of increased transmission. now we're seeing it here right in my home state. we just documented cases dating back to at least december. i think that variant and its transmission here in this country could enhance transmission substantially over the course of the next week to months. i think right now we're in a race between the virus and the vaccine, and unfortunately the virus has some real advantages to it right now. that's why we've got to do everything we can to get these vaccines out as quickly as
9:37 am
possible to as many people as possible and make sure you get your protection that way, not from having to actually get infected and potentially becoming seriously ill or dyeing. >> dr. osterholm, as always, you have clarified this so importantly for all of us. thank you very much. >> thank you very much, andrea. and we have new details today about the house's plans to impeach president trump for the second time. congressman adam schiff, who led the first impeachment effort, joins me next. stay with us right here on andrea mitchell. air force vetee of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa
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how democrats are acting in response to the deadly violence incited by the president and his allies. house intelligence chairman adam schiff saying the president lit the fuse, which exploded wednesday at the capitol and chairman schiff joins me now. first, thank you very much for being with us. you, of course, led the way through the first impeachment. people would ask, maybe some critics might ask, why now when
9:42 am
he's leaving office in nine days? >> well, because nine days is a long time for this president to do damage. he showed that on wednesday when we were going through what should have been an important, historic and ceremonial process of counting the electors. so i think every day he's in office he remains a clear and present danger to the country. the best thing for him would be to resign, the most immediate. the next best thing would be for the vice president to invoke the 25th but mike pence has seldom shown the courage to take an act like that, or if ever. that means we need to do what's within our power and impeachment is within our power. >> the speaker has just put out a note apparently to all democrats saying that they now have 218 votes for impeachment. would you like to get republican votes? this is the politico reporting it. >> absolutely. i think this would be stronger with republicans on board.
9:43 am
i don't know whether they will have the courage to do that. some, very few, have spoken out. more need to. but, andrea, after the insurrection, after that failed insurrection, over 100 republicans in the house went right back to where they left off continuing the big lie about the election, continuing to try to discredit the electors from various states and disenfranchise millions. so i don't have a lot of confidence that republicans who were willing to do that, including kevin mccarthy, the republican leader, will do the right thing on impeachment, but i would hope that some of them will. >> is there any legal action or procedural action that can be taken against those house members or from your knowledge in the senate against senators hawley and cruz and others who went right back in and didn't change course after the riot? >> you know, there are actions
9:44 am
that we can take, and i think there are discussions and formal discussions among the members of the democratic caucus. what should be the repercussion, what's the accountability for our colleagues? obviously, it will be up to their voters to provide ultimate accountability but there are steps we can take within the house to hold them to account. and we will be exploring those. i don't know at this point what the result of that will be. >> actions such as censure or stronger actions? >> i don't know that there's a stronger action than censure that's within our power as house members with respect to our colleagues. but things have been so quick moving, i think many of us are still trying to wrap our head around what the country has been through in the last week. so at this point i think it's very much a topic of discussion and analysis but i don't know that i'm prepared to make a
9:45 am
recommendation, or my colleagues are. >> are you going to have the one charge of incitement or are you considering adding the call to rap ens burger, secretary of state in georgia, to change the field count, the people actually working in the field on it? >> the proposal introduced contains one article. now it's theoretically possible there can be changes to what the house votes on, but i don't think anyone is really contemplating there being more than one article. i think it's best as we did in the last impeachment to keep it very simple, very straightforward, get to the gravment of the offense of the but we should recognize, and the article recognize in fact the incitement on the mall wednesday was part of a pattern with this
9:46 am
president, part of a long history since before the election to throw discredit on that election and peaceful transition of power. so the events of wednesday need to be seen in their context but i think all of that should be subsumed in a single article. >> we have new reporting the nypd and others had intelligence and shared it with capitol police, if not others, in washington in advance. wasn't this also a colossal intelligence failure? >> it certainly appears to be a major intelligence failure as well as law enforcement failure. we'll be looking at our committee and doing our oversight bhaxt did the intelligence say? was that intelligence shared with capitol police, with law enforcement, with d.c. police? was there a problem in gathering intelligence, that is so much of it was in plain view, did we fail to assimilate what was out there? we're going to be asking those questions in our committee. i know other committees will be
9:47 am
looking at why the capitol was so ill defended and ill prepared. and it's going to be, obviously, very important for us to get answers. >> there's also a new quinnipiac national poll saying 74% of those questioned believe our democracy is in danger and 52%, the majority, believe the president should be removed from office. that may not have an impact on the people who could actually do that, which is the vice president and the cabinet, but how concerned are you about the inaugural and about the ability of all of these agencies to work together, including the military >> >> look, i'm confident that the inauguration will take place, and that the vice president, soon to be president, will be protected as well as the members of congress and those cabinet officials who will be participating. i am worried about the near-term future of the country.
9:48 am
robert caro said power doesn't corrupt as much as it exposes and what this president's power has exposed is a deep underbelly in the country, a dangerous current of white nationalism that can be mobilized by people of low ethics and without morality like donald trump, and it has been. and it's been unleashed. and it has been whipped up and aggravated on social media. that problem is not going to go away overnight. it's not going to go away on inauguration day. it's not going to go away even completely when the president is impeached. we're going to be dealing with that for years to come. and i think we have to acknowledge that. we have to face this head on. but i am confident we will overcome this. we have a proud history. we have i think a proud future to look forward to but we have difficult days ahead. >> i want to ask you about other
9:49 am
more breaking news that legendary diplomat former deputy secretary of state william burns is going to be put up for the head of the cia. >> you know, i'm real excited about that choice. i know him i think reasonably well. i have great respect for him. he's a phenomenal diplomat, a great intellect, a person with unquestioned integrity. he will bring i think a nonpartisan ethos to the agency. he will make sure the analysts and officers understand they're to speak truth to power. he will be a very important palm to an agency who has gone through a lot, as the entire intelligence community has. >> chairman schiff, thank you so much for being with us. please take care. i know this has been a shattering experience for everyone who works up on the hill. thank you for being with us
9:50 am
today. >> thank you. and wednesday's attack on the capitol by a mob of the president's own supporters was unprecedented in modern american history but in a powerful video, arnold schwarzenegger, former governor of california, is warning how what he has an immigrant from austria austria is seeing in echoes about the rise of facism if europe. >> i was born in 1947 two years after the second world war. growing up, i was surrounded by broken man drinking away that are guilt over their participation in the most evil regime in history. president trump sought to overturn the results of an election and a fair election. you saw the coup by misleading people with lies. my father was mislead also with lies. i know where such lies lead. >> joining me is secretary william cohn.
9:51 am
what do you think about governor schwarzenegger's comments? >> i think we should look at him and his history and his father's history and take him at his word that he understands how the rise of fascism in his country, nazism came into power. we did see the rise of ant anti-semitism. we saw last week, there were wearing the shirts that said six million is not enough. we saw some of those marchers in charlottesville saying they will not replace us. we are seeing a continuation of racism in this country. adam schiff, whom i admire talked about the big lie the president has been spreading the
9:52 am
big lie about the fraudulent election that is taken place. there's been several big lies. the first big lie is that we have been told in this country that every one is created equally. all men and women are created equal. that's not true. we have been told that e quail justice under law, that's not true. there has never been equal justice under law in our country. now we're seeing the white backlash or white lash and it's called. it was an interesting book written by carol anderson who wrote a book called "white rage." what is the basis of all of the rage? it's because white people have come to the conclusion that the playing field that has been so uneven in the past is now being levelled. when the playing field is levelled, people have to be judged based upon their character and capabilities and not upon their skin color. that's part of the rage in which
9:53 am
they are seeing people of all color, religions, races are able to compete. when they are able to compete, they prevail. it's really about racism which goes back to the core of our country that continues, to this day that we saw 100 years ago with the tulsa massacres in tulsa, oklahoma. say thing. black wall street, burned bo ee. why? they were prospering. they were creating jobs. the white supremacists burned it down because they couldn't stand the compositietitiocompetition. >> let me you also with also this anti-semitism and racism, so much could have been done to protect the capitol. what went wrong? you have the defense department pointing fingers at d.c. officials and vice versa and the governor of maryland jumping in.
9:54 am
there was a huge delay. we didn't have federal forces, including people from homeland security who are riot control in play. do we have the same kind of siloing that we discovered on 9/11 on intelligence gathering now having all these agencies and no clear lines of authority. >> that's part of the problem. the other part of the problem is what would have happened had barack obama been giving that spee speech? what would have happened if that was a black lives matter coming to the capitol. do you think there wouldn't have been lack of coordination? look at the chain command. when you're talk about marching on washington and carrying out an insurrection. the commander in chief, his command goes down through the secretary of defense who then defers it to the secretary of the army. the chain of command is pretty clear. why didn't they exercise it?
9:55 am
that's what needs to be investigated. why did they not take the steps necessary to suppress an insurrection that put the lives of our elected official, our whole continuity of government, including the vice president and his family and the speaker of the house at risk. yet the president didn't call the vice president. he didn't issue the command through the secretary of defense, acting secretary of defense to the secretary of the army. why did that not take place? i think those issues have to be examined and i think the truth will come out. there was no attempt by the president to do so because he didn't want to. >> we got nine more days and now we have seen the actions -- >> can i offer one more comment on this?
9:56 am
>> we've got about 30 seconds left. >> the point i wanted to make is the secretary said do not use the military in order to overturn the election. stay out the political system. the military never delayed or deferred from using the military power to prevent an insurrection. even a dog knows when he's been tripped over or kicked. every one knew this insurrection was not something the ten secretaries were writing about before. they were writing about don't use our military to try to overturn elections. everybody should have understood that including the president of the united states, the secretary of defense and the secretary of the army. >> thank you very much. thanks for putting all of that context. form secretary of defense. thank you for coming on today. that does it for us. for us.
9:57 am
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