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tv   MSNBC Live With Yasmin Vossoughian  MSNBC  January 17, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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erotrainer. go to to get yours now. good afternoon, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian coming to you live from washington, d.c. you can see the capitol dome over my shoulder as i speak. i was on the ground there on january 6th during the capitol hill riots. it is hard to overstate how much things changed since then. this is literally a city on lockdown right now. an arrest was made a short time ago not far from where i am standing, the second this weekend from a check point. we will get a live report on that in a couple of minutes. we also have this new look at the riot itself. >> guess what? america showed up!
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>> disturbing new images from inside the capitol as insurrectionists took every the heart of america's government. this video shot by luke mogulson shot as rioters reached the capitol building behind me. we want to show it to you raw and uninterrupted. >> to protect the constitution of the united states. >> u.s.a.! >> let's go. go, go, go. >> watch out. watch out. go! go! [ bleep ]. bleep.
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>> police. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> woo! >> [ bleep ]. go! go! go! go! [ bleep ]. go! >> there is a [ bleep ] million of us out there. [ indiscernible ] >> let the people in. >> go back out. >> we love you guys. take it easy.
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[ indiscernible ] [ bleep ] bleep. >> treason! treason! treason! treason! treason! treason! treason! >> defend your constitution! defense your liberty! defend your constitution! defend your liberty. >> 1776! >> guess what? america showed up! >> where is the -- [ indiscernible ] >> knock, knock, we're here!
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>> where the [ bleep ] are they? where are they? >> while we are here we might as well set up a government. >> let's take a seat, people. let's take a seat. >> nancy pelosi. >>. [ indiscernible ] . >> our house. we pay for it. >> grab that chair. >> no, this is our chair. >> i agree with you, brother. but it's not ours. it belongs to the vice president of the united states. it's not our chair. look, i love you guys. you are brothers. but we can't be disrespectful. >> no disrespect. >> their chairs? >> no. we are not putting up with that -- it is a -- it is an io
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war. we can't lose the io war. information operation. we can't do it. >> get a snap of that. >> yeah, take a picture. >> how did y'all get down there? >> go down the stairs. >> ted cruz's objection to the arizona -- >> objection. he was going to sell us out all along. >> what in. >> okc to counting of electoral voting. >> no, no, he's with us. >> there's got to be something in here that we can [ bleep ] use against these scum bags. >> america's republic -- no, this is good stuff. >> quit acting afool.
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>> yeah! >> -- the building. >> [ bleep ]. >> i think we are good. >> hey! [ bleep ]. >> glad to see you guys. you guys are [ bleep ] -- look at this guy, he's got -- covered in blood. god bless you. >> sir, do you need medical attention? >> i'm good. >> all right. >> i got shot in the fights with some kind of plastic bullet. >> any chance i could get you guys to do the same thing. >> we will. want to make sure they are not disrespecting the place. >> just want to let you know, this is the most sacredest
12:07 pm
place. >> we know. >> my chair. >> [ bleep ]. >> i am not one to usually take pictures of myself. but in this case i think i am going to make an exception. you in the red hat, can you take a picture of me. [ bleep ]. >> let me -- >> [ bleep ]. >> thank you. >> i kant -- ain't got a choice. half a million people here. >> one, two, three, four, five. >> he's doing the right thing. he is obeying his oath. >> i am making sure you don't do anything else. now that you have done that, can i get you guys to walk out of this room, please. >> yeah. >> i feel like you are pushing the limit. >> come on, man. >> this is our capitol. let's be respectful to him. >> there is 4 million people coming in. so there is a lot of patrol. we love you guys. we love the cops. >> it is only a matter of time. justice is coming. >> 4 million people are coming,
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everywhere, all the way back to the monument in d.c. >> jesus christ, we just spoke your name. >> let's all say a prayer. >> thank you heavenly father for embracing us with this opportunity. thank you, heavenly father. >> amen. >> for this opportunity to stand up for our god given inalienable rights. thank you for the inspiration given to these police officers allowing us to enter this building, allowing us to exercise our rights, allowing us to send a message that we will that this is our nation, not theirs, that we will not allow -- [ indiscernible ] for filling this chamber with your white light of love, your white light of harmony, thank you for filling this chamber with patriots that love you and
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that love christ. thank you for -- [ indiscernible ] for blessing every one of us here and now. >> amen. >> thank you, god, for surrounding us with the divide present wlooit white light of love, protection, and peace and harmony. thanks for allowing the united states of america to be reborn. thank you for allowing us to get rid of the communists the globalists and traitors within our government. we love you. in god's holy name we pray. >> amen! >> we appreciate what you are doing, you are doing your job. >> so the footage continues after, outside the trump supporters were finally repelled from the capitol. watch this.
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>> you are going run out of mays. that's the best you got? >> that's all you got? that's all you got? [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> that's all they got. that's all they got. let's go! [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. bleep.
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. >> there you go, you want -- [ indiscernible ] >> torch it. >> anybody got some like alcohol? >> cnn is -- their headquarters is over there. >> i don't know where that is, though, i'm not from here. >> start making a list. pull all those names down, and we start hunting them down one by one. >> yeah! >> traitors get gee teams. >> we are at war. no matter if it kills you, remain a free man. on your knees. >> and that is why, if you could
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see it up close the city looks the way it does, on complete and total lockdown because of what took place. i was a member of the media. they were talking about covering the riot. that video is chilling. i want to bring in -- welcome to you both, guys. thank you for joining us on this. i don't know about you but i watched that thing over and over again. and it is striking. it is tough to watch. it is terrifying imagining being inside that building, hearing those people barge into the building, those rioters there, calling for nancy pelosi, wanting to seek her out. mew sava, i want to getter reaction to some of the footage that we just played. >> when we use the word
12:13 pm
insurrection when we say there are terrorists that breached the capitol, we don't say that lightly. if you look at this footage, it clearly indicates that there was a command and control. it clearly indicates that they were thinking about information operation. they were looking through documents, taking pictures, wanting to use that against. the chants, the door banging -- all of the things that you saw, it's scary. and so not we have to go protect the capitol of the united states, where you see all of the military that we see, but there's 50 other capital across the united states that is also threatened on the same day. so this is a monumental effort by the united states government to protect the homeland against people that are terrorists and insurrectionists. >> you know, mustafa, you bring up information operation there as we were watching some of that footage. some of the people are in custody, the guy from arizona the gentleman who was sitting in
12:14 pm
the vice president's chair who had the honest on. we now know he's in ku custody. but you bring up that word, information operation. is that something that is particular to this group of rioters? is this part of their kind of conspiracy theory. >> uh-huh, well, look, these type of events, to you and i, and others watching just seem outside the mainstream and they frighten us. these people want us to be frightened, because some of them will use what happened at the capitol as inspiration. we saw that a lot in international terrorism, where acts like this were inspirational so they were able to recruit more people, they were able to expand their influence on line. that they were able to then use it to do other violent acts. and this is not the en. i think we are seeing a beginning of a movement that's been percolating for a long time that both intelligence and law enforcement have been aware of it.
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now we are seeing them operationalize it. we are not likely to see this decline unless we take some major steps in our country. >> mark they said it. they said justice is coming. this isn't the end. we heard it from their own mouths in that video. i want to play for you the moment that stood out for me, the officer inside the chamber who essentially said, it's me against all of you. let's listen to that. >> >> one, two, three, four, five. >> he's doing the right thing. he's obeying his oath. >> i'm making sure you guys don't do anything else. now that you have done that, can i get you to walk out of this room, please. >> yes. >> i foal like you are pushing the limit. >> come on, man into this is our capitol. >> let's be respectful to him. there is 4 million people coming in. so there is a lot of control. we love you guys. we love the cops. >> it's only a matter of time. justice is coming. >> 4 million people are coming,
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everywhere, all the way back to the monument of d.c. >> you know, mark we talked a lot about the behaviors of the officers on that day. and it strikes me, the decision that this officer made in that moment. do you think it was the right one? >> he made the right decision for the moment. and based on the circumstances that he was faced with at that moment. it is rare that we get an opportunity to see sedition for dummies live and acted out. that's what we witnessed. after watching the video and -- [ indiscernible ] -- i'm convinced more than ever that many of these insurrectionists are being grossly undercharged. it is obvious many of these terrorists individually and collectively engaged in a course of conduct and criminal offenses that contributed to the death of officer sicknick. and for that all should have their charges enhanced and some
12:17 pm
should be charged with his murder. i am disappointed in the police organization, some of who are sympathetic to the beliefs of these surkists, i am disappointed they will not be -- [ indiscernible ] -- justice as one of the rioters was talking about is done for their fallen colleagues. in fact, they have been -- silently inexcusable. but that police officer, that officer, like many others, he did what he needed to do at that time to preserve and protect human lives, in large part their very own lives. >> mustafa, the days ahead, the inauguration, the security in place, the city is on lockdown essentially preparing for the inauguration on tuesday. you look at the footage and you wonder, is the city prepared, people prepared for what is to come, especially when you see the footage like that. and we see from all the
12:18 pm
reporting now on january 6th that in fact many of the threats were ignored. now many of these groups have gone underground because social media shut down their access to it. what is in store? >> after 9/11 we spent a great deal of time, we changed our laws, created the department of homeland security and the national counter-terrorism center to look at international terrorism. when it comes to domestic terrorism our laws are not in place. as mark was saying some of the charges filed against these people are fairly light. we need much stronger charges against them n. terms of what is happening on the 20th, i feel like washington, d.c. is secured. i am really more concerned about the capitals around the country. in many of the states, especially in the south, where, you know, you are allowed to carry a weapon, where you are allowed to carry a weapon on grounds near the capital
12:19 pm
buildings. are they prepared? because just like we see in international terrorism, these guys are going to go towards whatever the soft tarts are, what are perceived to be soft targets. that's really concerning because it doesn't stop on the 20th. it goes beyond that. and we will have to change your laws. we will have to have a significant focus on domestic terrorism like we never had before. >> yeah, i mean if you didn't believe a threat was in our future, just look at that video. when in fact they say we are going to go after the capitals in all of your cities. they say it outright. mustafa, mark, appreciate it. we will have more on the shocking video ahead. coming up in my 4:00 p.m. our the extremist threat, a closer look at the radicalization that led to the insurrection and its long term impacts. still ahead as well new reports of an arrest here in washington, d.c. we will get a live report on that. and pay to pardon. this was a major story breaking today. the prospect of pardons in final days fuels a market the buy access to trump.
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(. welcome back, everybody. we are getting new information on the security situation here in washington, d.c. i want to get to nbc's vaughn hillyard who is standing by with the latest. capitol police say they have made two arrests at capitol
12:24 pm
security checkpoints and one this the d.c. area as well since yesterday. talk us through what you know so far about this? >> exactly. we are at three arrests at this point, yasmin, the latest is a 22-year-old man arrested by metropolitan police department for an unlicensed firearm with ammunition. again, all of these are happening in the greater perimeter areas here essentially of washington, d.c. all but locked down except for some pedestrian areas. i want to show you where we are, we are about 500 yards away from the united states capitol. this is just one of those perimeters separating the general public from close to where joe biden will take the oath of office, about 68 hours from now. you know, this is a security apparatus that has been built up over the last 11 days to include not only local agencies and federal law enforcement agencies but also the national guard. there is now more than 15,000 guardsmen here in the d.c. area. i want to bring in lieutenant
12:25 pm
colonel timothy shubert. you are a squadron commander out of tennessee. >> yes, sir. >> some of your men and people are here with you. give us a sense, from tennessee and around the country what are you bringing to the table here in washington, d.c. >> we are here to provide safety and security for the american people. we are an apolitical organization. we are here to make sure there is a proper transition of power. we are working on the democratic side this cup. that's what we are here for, the american people. we are providing security, making sure people are safe, making sure we can assist with medical emergencies, anything like that, logistical support. those are the things we are providing. >> when people hear there are 15,000 guardsmen and women here what does ma mean? >> what that means is we are here to ensure that the american people are safe. it is really nothing different than what we have done in the past. a lot of people talk about the numbers but we have been involved in security with a
12:26 pm
inauguration since george washington. the national guard being here is nothing out of the ordinary. >> is it just security? is there medical? what other components to you offer up here? >> my organization can provide security. i have some med knick my organization. i have the ability to move equipment around as needed. basically, we can help with the flow of people, provide trafficic checkpoints, different things like that. what it boils down to is we keep the american people safe. >> to you thank you very much. best of luck in the days ahead. this is the scene here in washington, d.c. 60 hours out. >> astounding to see the city virtually on lockdown. vaughn hillyard thank. want to get to a big story that broke today from the "new york times." the paper reporting wealthy felons seeking pardons from the trump have given tens of thousands to trump allies. the "new york times" said it toekd to three dozen lobbyists
12:27 pm
and lawyers before printing this. joined by one of the journalists who broke the story. ken vogel. thank you for joining us. i want to be clear. you are not necessarily saying the president or his allies actually committed a crime here but you write this, i quote, pardons and come mutations are for deserving recipients. what do you know about who was paying and who was actually receiving this money? >> we don't know the full scope of who was involved in this burnlonning pardon market. but because there is no disclosure around it, there is no mandatory requirement for those who go to the white house and put in a good word or accept money to put in a good word for somebody seeking a pardon. disclose it. there are some lobbying regulations that transparency advocates argue should capture some of that. we know a lot of it is not being
12:28 pm
captured. that said we did get ahold of some documents showing a former florida senior campaign staffer on the 2016 trump campaign karen jordano was seeking pardon on behalf of a guy who was convicted of releasing classified information from the cia. john dowd, took tens of thousands of dollars to seek a pardon on behalf of a professional gambler who was convicted of insider trading. and another by the name of brett tollman is lobbying for a number of folks to receive pardons here in the final days of the trump administration including the son of a former u.s. senator, tim hutchison. >> what's the looklihood we will see some of these pardons and commutations over the next 48 hours? >> that's the $64,000 -- or
12:29 pm
potentially $1 million question depending how much some of these folks are paying. we do hear there will be additional rounds of pardon and commutations before the president steps down on january 20th. we are all waiting on pins and needles. at different points there was suggestions a round of pardons would be issued late last week. that didn't happen. we expect to so some eitheran monday or tuesday and obviously some of these folks accepting big sums of money the lobby for pardons are also on pins and needles as are the felons seeking the pardon. to be clear there are a number of folks seeking pardons, thousands seeking pardons and going through the normal process applying through the justice department who by all accounts are quite deserving either low level drug offenders or folks who felt they were treated unfairly by the justice system.
12:30 pm
but not all of those folks have the money or the connections to be able to get their case before the president. and that's why we thought it was interesting to take a look at some of the folks who are taking money or folks around the president, to advocate for some of these clemensy cases. >> nbc news reached out to the white house. i understand we have not necessarily heard back. i also know the white house didn't speak to you on this piece. any news from them at this point since this story broke earlier today? >> in. there is a lot of interest, as i said in sort of trying to figure out what's going to happen with these pardons. you know, the folks who are involved in this say there is nothing illegal about it. you know, whether they are lobbyists or lawyers representing people seeking pardons, it is within their right to advocate for pardons. there is an argument whether there should be disclosure about what is going on and also
12:31 pm
knowledge whether something is being offed to the president in he can kmapg for a president. that should trigger bribery laws. we have no evidence of that but we know that's something the justice department has looked into in the past. >> there was a point in this piece where a cia officer was having a meeting with rudy giuliani and rudy giuliani went to the bathroom and the man with rudy giuliani said if you want help on seeking a pardon here you have got offer giuliani $2 million. can you expand on that? >> rudy giuliani denies there. this. he denied even attending the meeting but we have determined the meet asking take place. he said he doesn't engage in party lobbying because he thinks it would be a conflict of interest for him. he thinks that bringing a case from another client before the president would be a conflict of interest because he represents the president. that said, we do see john dowd former lawyer for the president
12:32 pm
engaging in that very type of business. so the president has -- one of the reasons why there is so much of a scramble going on here and so many questions being raised about the folks taking the money, there are very few rules. the president has almost complete authorities over pardons and commutations. >> ken vogel, thank you. we will be watching over the next 48 hours to see what actually happens here. coming up, we will continue our live reporting from here in washington, d.c. but it is not the only city on edge. unprecedented security at state capitals across this country in anticipation of inauguration day unrest. how residents everywhere are reacting. i think it's just the energy of like -- like you can feel the energy of the hate. times your family touches the surfaces in your home in 24 hours. try microban 24. spray on hard surfaces to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria initially, including the virus that causes covid-19.
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keeping you sharp for tomorrow. join us, the defenders, in our mission. cybereason. end cyber attacks. from endpoints to everywhere. welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian coming to you live from washington, d.c. >> security is historically tight here in the capitol with
12:37 pm
just three days to go before the inauguration. but this is not the only place in this country preparing for potential violence from trump supporters. let's go to harrisburg pennsylvania. mora, what are you seeing? >> this afternoon it has been incredibly quiet, law enforcement saying preparing for today they were going to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. we did see that show of force from law enforcement state police, local police, and the pennsylvania national guard working in tandem. in total over the day we have seen maybe five total protesters here. just before we came on the air with you there was a line of capital police behind this pair indicated. we also saw officers on horseback, maybe a dozen park trolling the downtown neighborhood. roads were blocked off and thereof even a drone surveilling the overhead area. so they definitely were prepared for anything to happen. but frankly, the 50-plus members of the media outnumbered any of
12:38 pm
the activity of any of the protesters we saw here. i want to note, law enforcement were nervous leading into today because they didn't know exactly what was going on. they didn't have access to social media where they typically can watch where these types of conservative protesters might be gathering. pennsylvania was a target considering the contested election results and the far right groups here in this state. that was a big factor going into today was the unknown. i spoke with a republican local organizer here, she organized a bus trip down to the capitol last week on january 6th, went to that rally and said that today she hadn't heard of anything going on at the state capital. again, law enforcement just really focusing in on now even though nothing happened looking ahead to inauguration. security will remain tight in the area. the capital will maim closed and lawmakers have been told the continue working from home sfo from pennsylvania let's go to
12:39 pm
michigan, where we find dasha bernstein. >> there has been enormous security presence. behind me you have got the national guard here. you have the lansing police department and the michigan state police have had a very heavy visible presence closer to the capitol building there that combined with a terrible weather day has contributed to peaceful demonstrations. we did see armed groups in front of the capital earlier. those disbursed. but they had long guns, handguns, magazines, some whom we believe were with the boogaloo boys, with the hawaiian shirts. i ran into congresswoman slotkin on the streets here just a moment ago. she says it seems that the lessons learned in d.c. were certainly implemented here. i also spoke with the chief of
12:40 pm
the lansing police department who told me he is happy to see how the agencies all work together and he remains vigilant. an interesting note. it is not uncommon the see armed protesters at the michigan capital as we all know. what is different today some of the typical groups, the michigan militias did not show up. my contacts said they are not coming anywhere near here in the next week or so. they are concerned what they might see. they are not certain where the origins to the calls to action came from. >> that's quite a run-in, with congresswoman slotkin. good to see you here. >> she's out and about. >> out and about. tonight by the way with the nation on high alert leading up to inauguration day we will speak with the nation's top three elected leaders about how they led their state through
12:41 pm
that siege last spring. i want to go to arizona where challenges to the election results is raising fears as well. antonia is standing by there. yesterday you talked us through some of the security measures there. what are you seeing today? >> that's right. security here at the capital in phoenix remains tight around the entire perimeter although law enforcement has allowed a group of protesters to come up close to the building here. judging by their clothing they are associated with a right wing extremist group here in arizona. i web out into the city last night to get a sense of how the city is doing, what people are feeling as we bet closer to inauguration. take a look at some of these conversations that i had. >> quite honestly, i don't feel dave. not necessarily in the sense
12:42 pm
that i don't feel physically safe, but just concerned about the future and what the future holds in terms of democracy. feel like in the moment i feel safe because i know wherever i am at is not where the crowd is going to be. but i have a feeling of it overspilling into our streets and having it be a daily thing, and that shouldn't be. i mean that's crazy. >> billboards are popping up around the city as well calling on residents who live here to report toft fbi or d.o.j. if they happen to know someone here in arizona who took part in the january 6th insurrection. >> an emotional moment for the last woman you were speaking to. i think a lot of americans are feeling emotional over the events taking place this this country in the last two weeks and even more, the last four years. still ahead, inside the second impeachment. the legal argument at the center of the senate trial. and what kind of time line we can expect. we'll be right back. ight back.
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welcome back, everybody. as president-elect biden prepares for inauguration day, president donald trump is preparing for his second impeachment. with me now to discuss are ginger gibson and michael gerhart. welcome. ginger, i want you to give us the tick tock of what we know so far especially with senator mcconnell saying the impeachment trial is likely not going to be starting until joe biden is sworn in. how do you see this time line shaping up from there? >> that's right. because the trial won't start until joe biden is sworn in that means it is not mitch mcconnell's problem. at least he's thinking that it is not in the short-term. that means that the senate will be controlled by democrats. they will come back on tuesday. joe biden will be sworn in on wednesday. then we could see this trial get started in the days after. pelosi still hasn't said when she's going to send these articles of impeachment to the
12:47 pm
senate. that might be to give the senate a little bit of time to do some of the business they need to do that comes with a new administration, including some of biden's cabinet appointments that have to be approved. >> what do you think is the best way forward when it comes to the senate impeachment trial? do you think a prolonged senate impeachment trial is the best way forward? or do you think it is better to get it done quickly while there is still momentum? >> there may be a delay with the impeachment trial, and that's fine as a matter of strategy. that said, i don't think mitch mcconnell wants to touch this. shuck schumer, when he becomes majority leader will be determined to hold a trial. i don't think it will be a long trial. and it may be allowed to allow the president to get settled into office. once it gets started i think chuck schumer will make sure it is a real trial, witnesses and
12:48 pm
evidence. >> you testified in the first impeachment trial in 2019. what should we expect this trial to look like this time around? >> i think it is going to be much more of a trial than we saw last time. last time we obviously saw mitch mcconnell and the republicans sort of hold together in try to push the trial to a fast conclusion. they took votes not to take witnesses. and they clearly i think were not interested in protracting the length of the trial. they wanted it over fast. and that was politically advantageous for them because they made it look as if the trial was just not worthwhile. i think schumer is going to take a different approach, there is going to be a real trial, there will be witnesses, there is going to be evidence that will be investigated by a committee or trial committee within the senate. eventually there will be questions, maybe experts brought in as well. senator schumer is going to want to have a real trial to test the president for his misconduct.
12:49 pm
>> who do you expect to be some of the key witnesses this the senate impeachment trial? what evidence do you expect to see as we see so much evidence before us with so much this video being released? also, how does this change the game with donald trump no longer in the white house after january 20th? >> first of all, i think that some of the witnesses we might see will be of course perhaps members of the house. keep in mind during the attack on congress most of those people that are going to be sitting or deciding on this impeachment trial were in the building. but there may be eyewitnesses to what happened when people were hurt, injured or killed. there is the tape as you mentioned, that may get played as well. what we are probably going to want to do is broaden the contesting, not just look at january 6th but lengthen to the president's persistent attempts to undermine the legitimacy of the election so the secretary of
12:50 pm
state may come in, others may come in to verify that the president was putting forth a big lie. as far as impeachment trials of former presidents are concern this will be the first attempt to do so. the senate has consistently held impeachment trials for every official that has been impeached but has been no longer in practice at the time of the trial. there is nothing in the rules that just allow kbeechlts or convictions, impeachment trials from being brought after somebody leaves office. lastly, i think the dangers of allowing the president not to be held accountable through the impeachment trial are just much greater as far as the senator are concerned than simply allowing him to get off. it is one thing to prosecute the people who broke into the building. it is important as well to hold the man accountable who set them in motion. coming up, congressman adam smith will join me live with
12:51 pm
insight on the senate trial and the implications of a second acquittal. we'll be right back. (grandmother) did you get his number? (young woman) no, grandma! grandma!! (grandmother) excuse me! (young woman vo) some relationships get better with time. that's why i got a crosstrek. (avo) 97 percent of subaru vehicles sold in the last ten years are still on the road. love. it's what makes subaru, subaru. get 0% for 63 months on select new 2021 models now through february 1st. >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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12:55 pm
first dr. fauci says president-elect biden's goal of 100 million doses in 100 days is achievable. second he said two new vaccines from j&j and straz right now are weeks away, not months. >> the issue of getting 100 million doses in the first 100 days is absolutely a doable thing. what the president-elect is going to do is where need be, to invoke the dpa to get the things we need. >> how close are we on the j&j and astrazeneca vaccines? >> soon, chuck. we are going to be meeting with the authorities on that. they have a lot of events, events meaning infections within the context of the trial. so their data i think very soon, i would imagine within a period of a week or so or at the most a couple of weeks. >> let's hope dr. fauci is right
12:56 pm
there. before we go, i want to pass this along, phil spectacularer the convicted murderer and famed music producer died. since 2009 he had been serving time for the shooting death of actor lana clarkson. according to the california department of corrections specter died of natural cause. he was 81 years old. coming up in our next hour, we are going to take a look at the capitol. as the country is cautiously counting down to inauguration day. the latest on secure measures there as they are everywhere. >> also as we learn move about the movement that fueled these shocking insurrections. stay with us. insurrections stay with us through the scores e who lead to me. bring your family history to life like never before. get started for free at i'm not hungry! bring your family history to life like never before. you're having one more bite! no! one more bite! ♪
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i'm yasmin vossoughian coming to you live from washington, d.c. which today looks more like an ouped city than our nation's capitol. there are at least 15,000 national guard troops on the ground right now with 25,000 expected by wednesday, inauguration day. with good reason. tensions are high everywhere. there are reports of at least three arrests so far related to security issues in the city alone. the capitol dome behind me has always been a dim boll of america's democracy. it is now a symbol of division. 11 days ago i was on ground covering the riot by trump supporters. now worry getting a disturbing new will be at what was going on inside that building on january 6th. watch this.


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