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tv   American Voices With Alicia Menendez  MSNBC  January 17, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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i'll see you back here next weekend at 5:00 p.m. eastern. coming up, alicia menendez speaks with michigan's top three elected leaders in an exclusive interview. she'll be joined by michigan governor, the secretary of state and the attorney general to discuss how they let their state through a capitol siege last april. this is the last sunday and in just over 60 hour, the inauguration of joseph rchl biden. outside america's state houses. the fear, a copy cat of this
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month's riot. we have new video taking us deeper into the deadly insurrection. for the first time ever you'll see all three women elected to lead michigan in a joint interview to discuss the threats facing their own capitol again. this is "american voices." we begin tonight with the week ahead which is safe to say, uncertain capitol hill and state houses across the country bracing for the possibility of riots. anger over the transfer of power to president joe biden. anger over the departure of a
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president who can no longer tweet but still rages about the election he lost. a president impeached twice. the latest for inciting insurrection at capitol. we're still trying to get to the bottom of. we know fbi has charged 74 people in connection with the attack. 313 open cases stem from january 6th. you may remember this man arrested after hopping around the senate chamber with a bunch of zip ties. turns out it was a family affair. his mother charged this weekend with violent entry and disorderly conduct. a third person has been arrested for trying to breach a police check point at the capitol. the latest attempt, a woman claiming she was part of the presidential cab net. after the 64-year-old flashed a military police challenge and claimed to be part of law enforcement. you can understand the need for the national guards day and night presence across d.c. standing guard through
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wednesday's inauguration not just in d.c. but in 14 states in all. sadly, we have a new poll out tonight showing donald trump's disinformation, his lies have stuck. more than a third, a third overall voters including three quarters of republicans believe that joe biden did not win the 2020 election legitimately. beliefs are not facts. the facts are joe biden won but with a president who cannot accept that and followers who believe his every word, tensions are high about what we're going to see this week especially after new video today from the new yorker taking us deep inside capitol hill on january 6th. here is some of it uninterrupted. >> where are they? >> while we here we might as well set up. >> let's take a seat, people. let's take a seat. >> nancy pelosi.
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>> this is our house. >> get out of that chair. >> this is our chair. >> i agree with you. it belongs to the vice president of the united states. it's not our chair. look, i love you guys. your brothers but we can't be disrespectful. >> don't disrespect. >> they can steal an election, we can't sit in their chair? >> no. it's a pr war. >> we're better than that. >> information operation. >> ke can't do it. >> how did y'all get down there? >> go down the stairs. >> ted cruz objection.
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>> he was going to sell us out all along. >> objection to counting electoral votes on the state of arizona. >> all right. >> there's got to be something in here we can use against the [ bleep ]. >> this is good stuff. >> quit acting a fool. >> this is good. this is all good. >> yeah. >> i think cruz would want us to do this. i think we're good.
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>> glad to see you guys. this guy is covered in blood. you're patriots. god bless you. >> you need medical attention? >> i'm good. thank you. i got shot in the face. i got shot in face with some kind of plastic bullet. >> any chance i can get you guys to lever the senate wing? >> we will. i'm making sure they not disrespecting the place. >> okay. this is the sacredest place. >> i know. >> i'm not one to usually take pictures of myself but in this case i'll make an exception. >> you in the red hat, can you take a picture for me? thank you. >> they don't have a choice. it's half a million people here. >> you should be stopping us. >> he's doing the right thing.
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he's obeying his oath. >> i'm making sure you don't do anything else. now that you have done that, can i get you to walk out of this room please? >> yes. >> appreciate it. >> come on, man. come on, man. >> this is our capitol. let's be respectful to him. there's four million people coming in. there's a lot of control. we love the cops. it's only a matter of time. justice is coming. >> come on. >> four million people are coming. all the way back to the monument. >> jesus christ. we invoke your name. amen. >> amen. >> let's all say a prayer in this sacred space. >> thank you heaven father for blessing us with this opportunity. >> let me take off my hat. >> thank you hea heavenly fathe. >> amen. >> for this opportunity to stand
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up for our rights. thank you for giving me inspiration needed for these police officers to allow us this this building. to allow us to enter. to allow us to send a message to the tyrants, communists and globalists we will not allow the united states of america to go down. thank you for our creator god for filling this chamber with your white light of love. thank you for filling this chamber with patriots that bless you and that love christ. thank you for blessing each and every one of us here and now. thank you devine spirit of cod for surrounding us with devine pressure white light peace and harmony. thank you for allowing the united states of america to be reborn. thank you for allowing us to get rid of the communist, globalist and traitors within our nation. we love you and thank you. in christ holy name we pray.
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amen. >> no matter how many times i see that video, watch that video, it is disturbing, as disturbing as first time that i watch it. we'll talk about it in a minute with some of our guests. as mentioned you'll hear from the women who lead michigan. here is a small sample of what they told me earlier about why january 6th, what you just saw, was predictable. >> why the you think that the storming of your capitol wasn't come? >> because this whole year has been so incredibly partisan and destructive. the partisanship around the act of wearing a mask has cost people lives. when the president tweets something like liberate michigan or an attack on our attorney general or our secretary of state or on me, it incites people. it legitimizes actions to hurt us. that is not acceptable. it should never have been dee ed acceptable.
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>> that will be at the top of the hour. carmen, i know that was first time you got to watch that video that i just played. your reaction to it. >> i'm disgusted by it. absolutely disgusted. the unabashed lunacy and unmitigated gal of those folks to go into the capitol and behave like that did and have the nerve to say that they love the cops. this is absolutely insanity. i never would have thought i would see something like there. the poor cop standing there by himself trying to con joel the folks into leaving is unacceptable. i'm disgusted. >> we learned three people have been arrested near d.c. check points including a woman impersonating a police officer.
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what are the main challenges facing law enforcement today and in the days leading up to this inauguration? >> it's never been a more challenging time than now for law enforcement both federal and local authorities to come together. the biggest threat, fbi is already notified us that the biggest threat is national extremists on either side. we're going to have to with law enforcement figure out better ways of getting intelligence, dealing with the social media, the dark web and the other levels of communication. it's a threat not only to capitol hill but in every capitol across the country. we can fully expect some are saying we're preparing for the worst but hoping for the best. we just need to repair for the worst because bad things are definitely going to happen here. there's no doubt in my mind we'll have problems. >> as you have underlined time and time again. it was a lot of chatter about all of this happening online. what are you hearing now?
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>> there's -- i'm sorry. >> ben go ahead. >> all right. really quickly. what we're hearing is from two different sides here. from the qanon people, a lot of those people in that video were straight up qanon people. make sure donald trump is still president. donald trump didn't personally take this over, take the country over by himself. he doesn't need help. hopefully that will sort of diffuse that situation by itself. that will be a problem down the line. that's how you get dead enders but it probably won't be a problem next week.
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more militant insurrectionist, people who are upset they didn't go further on wednesday, that's going to be a problem. they are really disillusioned with qanon people because they believe they have a chance to do something and qanon people went in there like it was a joke. really true insurrectionists here. those people saw a missed opportunity. that's the ror ri many in the next week. carmen take a listen to what jim clyburn said. >> i still have those concerns and i do believer there were some members of congress who were complicit in this. i watched things in the recent days. i've gone back and looked at speeches made by some members
3:14 pm
and i'm telling you, those speeches were designed to incite. >> is there any evidence, that you're aware of, that backseat up that assertion? >> i don't know of any solid evidence but you have to question how people were on the capitol grounds before january 6th. all of this will be investigated. what we are seeing, what we know now they are definitely appears to be some level of cooperation. >> posting only four times since the november election. none of qanon's prophesies are
3:15 pm
playing out. you reminds us but it seems like the goal post keeps moving. where do the followers go from here? >> a lot of them have drawn a hard line on the 20th. they have said that really we are living a different reality than other people if we don't accept that joe biden is president on the 20th. we assume there's some sort of plan to keep donald trump in office. that's what happened with that incitement. why did people -- why were there gallows outside of the capitol on january 6th. it's because qanon supporters believe that to be one of their doomsdays. they believe the storm or the gray awakening which is the mass execution of democrats, they believe that was happening on january 6th in part because the president kept saying it's going to be wild come january 6th. we'll have the goods. qanon supporters for the future, after the 20th they will have to realign and get into more
3:16 pm
mysticism. they will move the goal post again. their platforms have been cut off. they are not allowed on any mainstream platforms and how believerable is it. you think that donald trump is savoring the world from inside the government. he's not the president anymore. it's going to be hard to move the goal post one last time. >> carmen and ben, thank you for helping us get thinks kicked off. next the price of a pardon. new report about people in president's inner circle seeking to cash in on the president's sole power before he loses it. we will take the oath and then what? what team biden is telling us about their first day plan to help the nation and at 7:00 p.m. eastern, my exclusive conversation with michigan's governor, attorney general and secretary of state who all spent the past year battling the trump administration as ta try to protect the people of michigan from the coronavirus. "american voices" carries on after this quick break. voices" n after this quick break in a year of changes. don't take chances on your taxes. be 100% certain with jackson hewitt.
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time is running out for
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president trump to dish out pardons. maybe even one for himself as we sit three days out from joe biden's inauguration and likely start date for trump's second impeachment trial. people are paying trump aides tens of thousands of dollars for pardons according to documents and interviews with more than three dozen lobbyists and lawyers. the times reporting a one time top adviser was paid $50,000 to help seek a pardon for a former cia officer and agreed to a $50,000 bonus if the president granted it according to a copy of an agreement. nbc news has not reviewed any of the documents connected to the story. there's no allegation of the president doing anything illegal and a white house spokesman declined to comment about the story.
3:22 pm
ken, tell us more about this lobbying. what do we know about the individuals profiting? >> well, there are a number of people as you pointed out who are sort of in the president's inner circle who have marketed that access to the president to people who were seeking pardons or commutations and have been able to raep significant fees from these people in order to press their case before the white house and the president himself and the reason why this is obviously, the reason it's coming to a head now is the president is about to lever office but the reason why we have this sort of dynamic is that president trump is taken a very unorthodox approach to his exercise of the clemency power and that is totally bypass the justice department that has a rigorous process for vetting and identifying worthy recipient.
3:23 pm
the president has brought it all in-house in the white house. it's being overseen if large part by jared kushner. if you want to get the attention of the president or of jared kushner or if you want to get pardon, you need to get the attention of the president and jared kushner and not go through this typical process. >> what is the legality of this? >> well, the pardon power is very broad. the pardon power is so broad there really is no con strants to what donald trump can do aside from the question of whether or not he can pardon himself. the power is so broad there hasn't been a president like donald trump who is trying to use it in the way he has.
3:24 pm
there was chance he would try to extra indicate lims. he ended up not doing that and not getting indicted by the department of justice. it didn't come to a head. i think the question is not that we should be thinking about constraining the pardon power but thinking about setting up rules by which future presidents won't be able to abuse it in the way that trump has. >> rudy giuliani denying an accusation that he was told he could get him a pardon for $2 million. what more can you tell us? >> this was a meeting that was the former cia employee who ended up paying someone else to try to get him a pardon and ended up paying a former campaign aide to trump's 2016 campaign but was frustrated in the lack of progress, lack of obvious progress on his push for a pardon and so in a meeting with rudy giuliani and a few other folks, he mentioned his plight and when rudy giuliani
3:25 pm
got up to go to bathroom, we are told one of his confidants told this guy, this former cia employee that rudy could get him pardon for $2 million and when this guy recounted this incident later to a group of friends, one of the friends reported it to fbi because it struck him as a potentially illegaling selling of pardons. there's no evidence the fbi looked into it. rudy giuliani deied his confidant made this offer and went a step further and said the reason why they wouldn't make the offer is because rudy has ruled out the possibility of doing any of this pardon work because he thinks it would be a conflict of interest for him pause he has this role as the president's lawyer in the mueller investigation, the first impeachment and maybe the second impeachment and trial and represent people who are petitioning the president. we did write in this story that
3:26 pm
john dowd, a former lawyer for president trump who defended himself against the mueller investigation has accepted tens of thousands of dollars from felons to push for pardons. why rudy thinks it might be a conflict of interest, john did not. >> here is one of the conversations. >> the rioters said the president told them to siege it. how damning is this for trump and could any be asked to testify against him? >> i think it depends on how far we want to stretch the language in a case called brandonberg v ohio. this is case a kkk member was charged under an ohio law for inciting a riot. the supreme court said we're not going to constrain the first amendment that way. we're not going to constrain people's speech that way unless
3:27 pm
that speech incites violence and unless that violence occurs. you have to look at what trump was saying. he said it's going to be wild. at the rally he said you have to fight. then immediately after that before he basically took off and went home, he said i know a will the you have will be marching to the capitol to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard. while there is a level of incitement in his comments about fighting like hell and showing strength, i don't know that's enough to rise to the level of incitement and enough to rise to the level of incitement that is likely to produce violence. if he had walked with them to the capitol and a bull horn and he was screaming, break the windows, hang mike pence. if he was directing the crowd that's one thing. he wasn't doing that. i think he has an out there.
3:28 pm
i don't think it matters is much that the people think they were told by donald trump to be there. it's hard to take seriously wa they said to him when he just said come down the capitol. it's going be a blast. i think trump will be able to escape any incitement charge. ink the people who participated in this insurrection, i find it incredible, they went to the capitol, live streamed themselves committing crime and going on tv and saying, donald trump invited us here. we should be pardoned. it's unfathomable to me. i think it speaks to the amount of white privilege that's going on here that the people thought they could break into federal
3:29 pm
property, destroy federal property and get away with it. what makes it even more amusing, to the extent you can find any level of amusement in this is that donald trump signed an executive order back in june in order to address what he called the black lives matter riots which were peaceful protests by black people and by people on the left, by allies of black people to protest police violence. in connection with some of those protests, some confederate statues were toppled. it may be that executive order that some of the people who protested at the capitol, rioted at the capitol. i think the insurrectionists are in trouble. i think trump is not so much in trouble. >> thank you both. next, what will biden do the moment he enters the oval as president? his team providing a preview of
3:30 pm
day one. the women who lead michigan. catch my exclusive conversation tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern with michigan's governor, secretary of state and attorney general and their plans to protect their state capitol to how they saw insurrection in d.c. coming in advance. you do not want to miss that american voices exclusive. we're back after a quick break. . we're back after a quick break ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo-hoo! great tasting ensure with 9 grams of protein, 27 vitamins and minerals,
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president-elect biden plans to sign a dozen executive orders on inauguration day kicking off a policy sprints. among those actions extending the nation wide moratorium, reversing the muslim ban and mandating masks on public profit. despite a divided response to the impeachment proceedings, biden's tame says america can expect a message of unity at the inauguration. joining me now msnbc political reporter.
3:35 pm
aly, all we hear is on day one. on day one. day one is almost here. what policies can we expect to see in the next few weeks? >> thankfully almost here. we have been hearing these promises and now it's time to see if they are able to put them into action. we know incoming chief of staff ron klein has laid out these policies. what the memo lays out is the policy priority for the first ten days. it's going to be a flurry ov executive action to get these things done. they include getting america back in the paris climate accord, reversing the muslim ban. promising to find a way to reunite the children straited from participants at the border. all of those things that biden spoke about on the campaign trail and hoping to put into action. they all harken back to the four crisis we have talked about for so many months.
3:36 pm
climate change, recession, coronavirus crisis and racial injustice. all of these things packaged up during the campaign. now biden hoping to make good on them during his first days in office. many memoo like this you're looking at the list of priorities. what wasn't mentioned is the insurrection on capitol hill and the buzz around impeachment in washington, d.c. clearly this is an administration in waiting that knows they will have a lot to juggle. at the same time if you look at what we're hearing about biden's remarks he's going to be hitting themes ofunity. it will be a moment we're hearing democratic operatives and sources saying the moment is needing biden where he's always been. >> part of that is about the country itself and part of it is about the congress. he's going need in order to get some of these things that are not executive actions done. where do they factor into these plans? >> he's going to need the
3:37 pm
support of at least ten senators to pass the 1.9 trillion dollar covid package that aims to address some of thoeds lingering inequities in the 15 there are minimum wage where black plerns and latino americans make up low wage workers and tip workers who do not receive that minimum wage. beyond that you'll have to get them on board for the administration for the long haul. that means making certain concessions. we can expect a biden administration will reach out across the aisle. >> the administration's need for the senate republicans is clear as kenya just laid out there. what are you hearing from the
3:38 pm
biden team about they are planning to do, the likelihood of bringing ten of those republicans to the table? >> i think this something we heard the president-elect talking about and his team would echo which is he is someone who thinks he can build these relationships that will bridge partisan divides. it was the pitch during the campaign that a lot of his rivals in the primary thought he was being a little bit naive about and since he became the nominee and was elected president-elect of the united states, he's doubled down on this and said he still thinks he can find concessions to be made and compromises to be made. he's said people know what his word means at the negotiating table. i think the larger point is you can't let the democratic majorities fool you. we just laid out why that is even on the top priority which is that 1.9 trillion covid deal. at the same time, i think it will be interesting for those of us who want to see the role that
3:39 pm
vice president-elect kamala harris will play. she is the one who is breaking those ties in the senate and a will the of people are looking at what her policy portfolio might be. they really shown a partnership here. it's something i hear from my sources in kamala world all the time they want to be partnership. kamala harris will be center stage for a will the of these policy fights on the hill. >> we know we will hear a lot from biden about this unity theme but can there be unity without accountability? >> we'll see what will happen. will we see an impeachment trial in the midst of a new administration. we're seeing the president-elect is remaining quite hands off. as we're hearing even from democratic counterparts in congress that no unity, no reconciliation can come without
3:40 pm
accountability in the ways in which republicans have incited this violence and vitriol in our country. >> thank you. next, america's vaccine distribution debacle. how do we rev up the roll out? e how do we rev up the roll out? [♪♪] when you have diabetes, managing your blood sugar is crucial. try boost glucose control. the patented blend is clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels. boost glucose control products contain high quality protein and key nutrients to support immune health. try boost.
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a must in your medicine cabinet! less sick days! cold coming on? zicam® is clinically proven to shorten colds! highly recommend it! zifans love zicam's unique zinc formula. it shortens colds! zicam zinc that cold! to the covid crisis which has taken lives of nearly 4,000 americans each day. the death toll is approaching 400,000 and the distribution of the vaccine can't keep up with the overwhelming demand. new mass vaccination sites are coming online to help get the shots out. >> reporter: from dodger stadium to disney land to gillette stadium in boston, mass vaccination sites are ramping
3:44 pm
up. now a solution for esperanza. >> 12 family members got covid-19. two were hospital iedsed for three weeks. it was very real for me to be about to lose my sisters. >> reporter: this site at disney land in orange county, california set up in just one week hoping to inoculate 8,000 people a day by monday. the issue, supply. >> do you have enough? >> we have enough to go through this week and we expect to be able to have enough to do all of next week. >> reporter: california setting up more mass vaccination sets after the bulk of the state's 2.8 million doses sat unused. the governor pledging to complete a million additional vaccinations by the end of the weekend. >> if you don't want it going to waste, it becomes much more challenging operation than a traditional flu shot. that's the burden we have now with the ultra and cold storage. >> reporter: this week 30 million americans become
3:45 pm
eligible for the shot as 18 states offer vaccinations to seniors 65 and older putting pressure on a system already pushed to the brink. >> it's mind boggling that it wasn't better planned. >> reporter: after another blow when the country learned the federal government never had the stockpile of vaccines states were counting on. many governors angry saying planned vaccinations are now in jeopardy. >> demanding answers from the trump administration. their empty promises are literally playing with people's lives. >> reporter: people like anu whose elderly parents live with ear, eager for their shot of hope. >> always fearful of bringing home something and giving it to them. i feel safer now. >> our thanks to megan for that report. next the draw of the far right. why are current and former members of the military and law enforcement finding a home in extremist groups? securing what democracy demands.
3:46 pm
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at least 22 current and former members of law enforcement are accused in taking part in the capitol hill riot. including a retired navy seal, an off duty police officers everywhere from texas to washington state. capitol police are investigating several of their own for potentially enabling the insurrection. the pentagon also examining its
3:50 pm
role in the riot. looking into possible extremist recruitment within america's military. two veteran leading the fight against the far right are with me now. david smith and hans palmer han volunteer coordinator for continue to serve. good to see you both. david, how did you feel hearing that some of your fellow veterans were part of that insurrection? >> yeah. it was definitely a gut wrenching experience to watch that occur. especially to hear them say that they served. it is emblematic of an issue that white supremacy still exists in this country and you know, it exists in all forms and it can affect anyone in this country, not just veterans but obviously across the board. >> we'll talk a little about that. an extremist group called the oath keepers targets members of law enforcement for recruitment.
3:51 pm
what draws veterans? what draws members of law enforcement to this kind of militia? >> i don't honestly, i don't have an answer for that. the fact that they call themselves oath keepers is laughable, to be perfectly frank. honestly, i don't get it. i really don't. we all took an oath to uphold the constitution. these people participated in an armed insurrection, clearly going against that oath. >> david, here you can see, take a look at this. the oath keepers moving in formation through the capitol mob. how dangerous are the extreme. is with real military training? >> i mean, we obviously are trained for combat, some of us. not all of us. so i think simply being in the military doesn't necessarily put you in that position.
3:52 pm
but obviously, if you have any training, more so than someone who is less trained, you're going to be more effective. but that's not to say that they can't still have civilians or training camps or any of these things where they can spin people up and teach them to be effective. >> let me ask you a version of the question that i ask hans. why the actual recruitment of these folks? why are they seen as an appealing target? and is there a cultural reason? is there a reason this would be appealing? >> i mean, again, you're probably right on some degree that there is the idea that they already have training, right? so therefore they'll be more effective, more combat effective or whatever the case might be. at the end of the day, this is still the issue that needs to be actually addressed here is not
3:53 pm
whether, or any military trained or not. it is why are we allowing white supremacy to continue in this country? why is it that we are not re-forming systems within our law enforcement to better protect those people of color and minorities that are constantly affected? we watched this literally happen at the steps of the capitol building when they allow people, the white people, majority white people, storm the capitol building which never would have occurred at any blm event. we can both tell you. we've been at event after event after event for six months. you name it. and that just did not occur to the level at the capitol building. and there has to be a reason for that and it seems pretty obvious what that is. >> you do volunteer recruitment. what is your pitch to folks about why they should be a part of what you are doing? >> i guess my pitch would be,
3:54 pm
you know, especially with the veteran community is remember your oath, man. remember that oath you swore to uphold and defend the constitution. it really means something. and when you observe what happened on january 6th, you have, now is the time to stand up, really. we have a faction in this country that is open and armed rebellion. it is time to not at a up, especially as a veteran, to all of us who swore an oath. it is time to remember it. it really is. >> when you talk about white supremacy being a part, right? some of these systems, some of these structures, how do you rout that out? >> unfortunately, some of the congress members, ladies and men
3:55 pm
and even the president-elect were saying things like this is not who we are. this is not america. i think we need to take steps back and realize, this is unfortunately where we come from. if we don't want to semithat, if we don't want to move in that direction and take responsibility for that past and where we came from, we won't find healing west won't find a way to solve these issues. and so i think it is just important that we recognize where we started and tie those things together as to why we are where we are right now. >> david and hans, thank you for your time of a new hour of american voices ahead with america on high alert. a look at the beefed up security in washington and beyond. plus, my exclusive conversation with the women who lead michigan. the governor, secretary of state and attorney general tell me what they're doing to keep their state safe. and later, a new president and
3:56 pm
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it's your wireless. your rules. only with xfinity mobile. welcome back. tonight washington on lockdown. thousands of national guard troops staying in place to protect the peaceful transfer of power. just three days to go until joe biden's inauguration. the new president wants to hit the ground running and tonight his team is revealing their
4:00 pm
first day plans and the aggressive agenda with the back drop of an impending impeachment trial. a sitting senator joins me with how they'll get it double. as promised, my exclusive interview with michigan's governor, secretary of state and attorney general who all faced relentless attacks from donald trump and his supporters and are now working to protect their capitol building for a second time. this is american voices. the dawn of a new era across america tonight. president trump prepares to leave office, it is clear joe biden will inherent an america divided. an extraordinary display across d.c. at least 15,000 national guard troops from protecting the nation's capitol. 25,000 will be fanned out by inauguration day. a third person has now been arrested for retaliating to get through an inauguration check point. a 63-year-old woman was charged with impersonatio


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