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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  April 11, 2021 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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i know she's happy. i know she is. >> that's all for this edition of "dateline." i'm craig melvin. thank you for watching. ♪ ♪ first up on msnbc, former president donald trump lashing out at members of hits own party at a donor retreat in south florida, reportedly slamming senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and repeating his election lies. >> you received an order. obey it. >> i'm honestly afraid to get out. >> you should be. get out. get out! >> get out of the car! >> i didn't do anything. >> whoa.
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hold on, what's going on -- >> shocking, difficult to watch body camera footage out of virginia. two police officers drawing their guns and pepper spraying a u.s. army lieutenant during a traffic stop. he's now suing for excessive force. new data reveals that nearly half of new covid-19 infections in the united states are in just five states, that increasing the pressure on the federal government to act now. new details on funeral arrangements for prince philip. now that we know prince harry will attend, what that means for the royal rift. we say good morning. it is sunday, april 11th. i'm lindsey reiser. >> i'm kendis gibson. we have a team of correspondents joining us and analysts from all across the world. you see them there. so glad you're here with us. we want to start in south florida, the site of a private republican donor retreat, but the place now known for an airing of grievances by former
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president donald trump. nbc news correspondent ali vitali is there. ali, i know there are about five signs of a breakup or stages. it sounds like trump skipped past the denial part and is straight up at anger. >> reporter: kendis, there are some reports right now that this speech he gave behind closed doors to donors sounds a little bit more colorful, but kind of on trend with the speech we saw him give publicly at cpac last month when he was also down here in florida gathering with friendly conservatives who hadn't seen him speak since before he left office. what we're hearing from overnight is he took aim at senator mitch mcconnell. this is not new. when mitch mcconnell voted against impeaching trump but basically said there was blame at his feet for the january 6th insurrection, the former president took aim at him immediately. back in february you'll remember he called him a dour, sullen
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political hack. it sounds like that was the tone and tenor of the remarks last night which advisers said they hoped would focus on unit and the role trump was going to play going forward in the republican party. this is the role he's going to play going forward in the republican party. this is the role he played even when he was president. republicans, regardless of party, who did not march in lockstep with him, were regularly railed against, whether it was from the white house, rally podiums or around the country. it sounds like that's the role trump is going to continue to play as an active former president in his political life. that was really the question, too, for donors and strategists and even other lawmakers who all flocked here to florida this weekend, was what trump was going to say and how he wants to present himself to the party going forward. you'll remember there are midterms coming up. there's a presidential election after that. the midterms, though, are the focus. if you are house minority leader
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kevin mcconnell or even florida senator rick scott, their goal right now is singular, take back majorities in the house and senate. they would like trump to help in that effort, but if he's going with vendettas in all these political calculation, which has long been the case with trump, that's not necessarily working with them towards that goal. where those interests align, i think you'll see a happy republican party. where they don't, that's where things start to get a little interesting. this retreat is another reminder of that. >> ali, another reminder, it was just a month ago that trump sent a cease and desist letter to the rnc saying stop using my image, donate to my pac. are things all right between trump and the rnc? >> he's always had a good relationship with the rnc chair mcdaniel. at the same time this is a party
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that has had to tiptoe around the former president. that was true when he was president. his political brand has subsumed the larger republican brand here. for republicans who are, as you say,unquote, rhinos, they would disagree. they represent one faction of the republican party that is the forgone conservative party, at least what the party looked like before donald trump. they're having to have this tug of war right now between what the future of the party looks like. trump clearly staking out his brand here and in the months and weeks after he has left the white house, that this is his version of the party that he's looking to lean into. >> all right. ali vitali, thank you for starting us off today. it will be 100 days since the capitol hill riot. lawmakers are returning to the hill. we'll hear from the capitol police inspector general who is investigating the incident. we're getting new details in the meantime that are emerging about the timeline of events from that day including a report that then
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vice president mike pence tried to take control of the situation as former president trump did nothing. amanda golden is in washington with the new information we're learning. when you think you've learned all that there was about this riot and the date, january 6th, there's still some absolutely explosive details that have come out. >> reporter: that's exactly right, kendis. we're getting some of the details from the associated report. some are details around the timeline of the january 6th capitol riots and who was in charge and making those calls to manage the chaos we saw. in this report, they were detailing how former vice president mike pence was trying to take control by calling the acting defense secretary and telling him to, quote, clear the capitol, trying to step in there. additionally while house speaker nancy pelosi and senate majority leader chuck schumer were trying to plead with the army to bring in the national guard to mitigate some of the attacks and violence that were taking place.
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this all comes as who is actually making those decisions, and this is very notable, because former president trump, according to this report, was not engaged. it fell on to former vice president pence, congressional leaders, key officials within the pentagon as well as senior white house aides to be making these decisions and mitd gaiting what was taking place just beyond this secure bunker where they were all gathered according to this report. as you noted, kendis, there's going to be a hearing later this week from a house subcommittee trying to make them make the report they've been working around january 6th, to be made available to the public. that's coming from lawmakers on the republican site and the democratic side so people can understand what took place, who was in charge and how it got to be so bad. i want to read part of a letter sent from a house administration subcommittee ahead of this hearing that we're going to see take place, the ranking member
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and the chairman from the house legislative branch saying there's frustration with unwillingness to release information to the public or answer media questions. the current security posture of the u.s. capitol police and plans to secure the capitol complex in the mid and long-term future. they added, we urge you to make the final ig reports and any interim reports completed prior to the final report, available to the public. >> amanda golden, thank you. the state is expected to rest its case in the derek chauvin murder trial as early as next week when week three of testimony gets under way. the spotlight will turn to the defense amid big questions over whether chauvin himself will take the witness stand. meagan fitzgerald joins us now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. when the defense presents its case, we're expecting them to call several witnesses, including a longtime medical examiner from maryland. the ze fence will likely use this expert to prove the case
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that george floyd died from an overdose and pre-existing conditions. last week the prosecution knocked that down with expert medical witness after expert medical witness, including the hennepin county medical examiner who conducted the autopsy on george floyd. these experts testified that he died because of the actions of law enforcement. take a listen to these exchanges. >> there's no evidence to suggest he would have died that night except for the interactions with law enforcement. >> mr. floyd died from a low level of oxygen, and this caused damage to his brain. >> reporter: now, before the prosecution rests its case early next week, we are expecting to hear from a few more witnesses including another medical expert. keep in mind, lindsey, the prosecution at this point has called 35 witnesses to try to prove their case. >> we'll be keeping a close eye on this.
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meagan fitzgerald, thank you. now to the troubling surge in covid-19 infections putting increased pressure on the federal government to provide more vaccines to prevent a fourth wave. there are five states. new york, michigan, florida, pennsylvania and new jersey. you see them there. the concentration in the east. they are now accounting for nearly half of all infections, new infections in the united states alone. msnbc's cory coffman is joining us from teaneck, new jersey. that city reported nearly 4,000 new cases in the last 24 hours, the state of new jersey. >> reporter: hey, kendis. good morning to you. the hospital at teaneck has about 50 hospitalized patients. they tell us this is the highest number since the peak of the second wave which was around summer. several months since we saw these numbers. in addition, all five of these states -- four of the five except for new york have seen
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all three of the variants, and all five of the states have seen the uk variant which the epidemiologists are saying is partly to blame for the latest numbers. they believe it's causing the latest surge, especially in these five states which account for 44% of the cases, but only 22% of the population. new jersey's governor phil murphy sat down with lester holt this week, and he has a different theory on what's causing the surge, at least here in his state. listen in. >> there have been states that have largely thrown away, lifted all their restrictions and are doing better than new jersey. does that frustrate you? >> i think it's because of less density and warmer wealth honestly. they're able to spread out more than we can and live more of their lives outdoors than we can. it's a reason for us to remain sober and double down on our efforts. we'll continue to do that. >> reporter: as you mentioned, it is causing states to call for more vaccines from the federal
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government. new york continuing to call on the federal government to provide more vaccines to their state in particular. michigan did receive more vaccines. they are the state with the highest surge right now over all of all the states and territories in the united states. the white house says they have no plans to change the way they allocate their vaccine allotment right now, guys, which is based on population density rather than spike in cases. they say otherwise it's a case of whack a mole. new jersey is today. it could be another set of states next week. >> seems like often new jersey, for whatever reason, ends up on that list. cori coffin joining us from teaneck, thank you very much. meghan markle rsvp'd and will not be attending prince philip's funeral. there is a service to remember his royal highness at the can't bury cathedral. it just got under way within the
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last hour. we'll continue to keep an eye on this service and give you the details on the funeral arrangements set for next saturday. what's going on? >> also ahead, a police officer appearing to threaten a black army office with execution in a traffic stop on a viral video. a new letter signed by 140 former officials urging congress to establish a 911-style commission to investigate the capitol hill attack. olivia troye, one of the signatories. that's at 8:00 a.m. on "velshi."
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we're tracking breaking news now, a hawaii resort is locked down after an armed man barricaded himself in his room and reportedly shot through his door. this is happening at a resort in
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honolulu. hundreds of guests and employees sheltering in place. some rooms have been evacuated. hawaiian news now reports the suspect is a member of the navy and lives in oahu. people across the world remembering the life and legacy of prince philip. there's a special service in honor of the duke, and we have details on the funeral arrangements set for next saturday. the service will be held at windsor castle with a small group of about 30 people that will be there due to covid restrictions. you see windsor castle there, the favored home pour the queen. it will also be the same time we'll see prince harry with his family publicly since the bombshell interview with oprah winfrey.
3:19 am
so many questions have been answered in the last 4 hours, among them whether prince harry would be there to send off his grandfather. >> reporter: kendis, people here in britain very focused on the prospect of that reunion between prince harry and prince william. the headline here "united in grief." that is going to be a powerful moment because people in britain very vividly remember the two young princes walking behind the coffin of their mother, princess diana back in 1997. they had their grandfather, prince philip at their side. things have clearly been strained between the two brothers in recent months, but they will be reunited next week here at windsor to pay respects to prince philip. we also heard from their father, prince charles, the heir to the british throne, not given to public displays of emotion. yesterday he paid a moving
3:20 am
tribute to a man he called my dear papa. >> my dear papa was a very special person who i think, above all else, would be amazed by the reaction and the people said about him. >> reporter: the entire event will take place behind the castle walls. the public will not be able to attend because of covid restrictions that are in place here in britain. this morning, we have started to see some preparations under way, cranes moving inside the castle, generators being brought in to power the event. as you mentioned, a remembrance service is already under way at canterbury cathedral. that service is being led by the archbishop of can't bury, the same man who presided over harry and meghan's wedding in 2018.
3:21 am
that was only three years ago, but it feels like a long time. >> it really does. it was in april of 2018. so much has changed in that time. it's going to be so tight that not even the prime minister is going to be allowed there. raff, i'm told there's a small group of eight who will definitely be allowed there among the 30. do you know if prince harry is among those who will attend the service itself? >> that is our understanding, that prince harry, as one of the core close members of the royal family, he's no longer a working member of the royal family, but he is still a member of the family. our understanding is that he will be among those at the services. kendis. >> all right. raf sanchez from windsor castle. thank you. coming up, former president donald trump just can't help himself, going after mitch mcconnell again at a republican donor event. on the heels of a newly
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history says: fine jewelry for occasions. we say: forget occasions. (snap) fine jewelry for every day, minus the traditional markups. ♪♪ you'll recall the terrible mass shooting in south carolina blamed on a former nfl player. this morning we've learned a sixth person has died following wednesday's shooting. robert shug had been shot six times sum coming to the injuries overnight. former corner backfill lip adams gunned down several people before turning the gun on himself. adams' brain is being examined for possible links to cte. back now to the republican donor retreat in florida where donald trump spoke last night, determined as ever to keep his grip on the party. the former president also
3:27 am
reportedly unloading on members of the gop. with us is omerosa manigault newman, former trump white house official and author of "unhinged," an insider's account of the trump white house. >> good to see you. the associated press released some of trump's prepared remarks. in it it said that the key to his triumphant future will be to build on the gains our amazing movement has made over the past four years, clearly charting a path with him in it. what role do you think he'll actually play from now on? >> unfortunately, as reported, donald trump doesn't stick to his prepared remarks, as we saw. donald trump is really focused on getting revenge. he has gone after people in his party that are key to actually the republicans taking back the house, the senate and possibly
3:28 am
the white house. he's not focused on what's best for the party. donald trump is focused on what's best for him. you ask about the role he's going to play. he's going to go after anyone he thinks wronged him, those who voted to impeach him as well as those vocal about what happened on january 6th. >> a veteran republican fund-raiser in texas told "the new york times" that trump's lingering presence on the political scene is a tremendous complication. that's how this person worded it. why does the party feel obligated to keep him around, particularly because he's the losing candidate? >> donald trump has managed to do something that i don't believe anyone has been able to do in the history of politics. donald trump has actually hijacked the gop, and he doesn't really care about the party, but he has control over the party. it's almost like an abusive relationship. donald trump has gone after and primaried individuals, not thinking about the consequences.
3:29 am
donald trump has also insulted the minority leader, gone after members of his own party. when you say why, it's because he has a huge following, he has a base that can sway any of these races which is why people go to him to look for endorsements and to look for his praise. but the only way that the republicans are going to be able to regain control of the house, the senator the white house, is they're going to have to cut ties with donald trump and i just don't see that they would do that. >> i do want to talk about the house and specifically a certain congressman, embattled congressman matt gaetz. he's not claiming to be the victim of the deep state and goes on to say in a tweet here, and i'm quoting, i draw confidence knowing that the silent majority is growing louder every day. who is the silent majority he's referring to? >> i don't know, but -- >> doj has been quiet so far. i doubt that's who he's referring to.
3:30 am
>> let me tell you who has been absolutely quiet, donald trump is distancing himself, which is a telltale sign that there's things going on behind the scenes that matt gaetz should be very concerned about. this idea of deep state came from steve bannon, straight out of the steve bannon playbook, to blame these dark ominous forces that are controlling things behind the scenes. the truth is, based on the information, matt gaetz is his own enemy. he's taking himself down. blaming others is going to be quite ridiculous and watching him kind of implode has been difficult for folks in florida because it's a bit embarrassing to see a representative who is supposed to be representing the people and his district embarrass the state on such a grand level. >> former congresswoman katie hill who formed a friendship is calling out congress for the double standard she says exists. she says when rumors about her alleged relationship with a staff member were swirling, the
3:31 am
ethics committee opened a probe almost immediately. with gaetz it took about two weeks. here is what she told me. >> i do think there's a double standard. i don't know -- i don't know how many times it has to play out that we see men held to different standards or where we just kind of say, yep, that's what they do, as compared to women. >> do you agree? do you think that was at play here? >> not to undermine what the representative said. she went through a scandal that was obviously very difficult for her. i would say being a woman who has been in politics for 20 years, the boys still control the hill. yes, there should be an investigation opened immediately about representative gaetz. we know that's not going to happen because, obviously, there are going to be processes that have to take place. he hasn't quite yet been charged with a crime. as we follow this, i'm pretty certain that women will have lots to say, but men will have
3:32 am
lots to say. the truth, is hopefully justice will be served in this situation and the truth will come out. >> omarosa saying the men still control the hill. thank you so much for being here. >> they do. thank you, kendis. the $2 trillion price tag on president biden's infrastructure proposal has many republicans pushing back. the president is opening a door to bipartisan negotiations. tomorrow he'll host a group of democratic and republican lawmakers to work on his package which his administration is pitching as a massive jobs creator. nbc's monica alba is at the white house. what do they hope to accomplish, especially with all this buzz surrounding senator joe manchin. >> reporter: president biden says he's open to bipartisanship. he wants to hear ideas from republican lawmakers about how to pay for this giant infrastructure bill. so far transportation secretary
3:33 am
pete buttigieg says he hasn't seen anything that will actually work or will be productive from the gop side. they're willing to hear ideas. that's what's going to take place tomorrow at the white house in that meeting. one area of likely compromise is the corporate tax rate. we know the biden white house wanted to raise it from 21% to 28%, but now they've signaled a willingness to come down to about 25%. that's likely an idea where you'll see democrats and republicans find some common ground. you managed drk senator joe manchin, of course, that moderate who really holds a lot of sway in terms of how this process could play out. he wrote in an opinion ed just a couple days ago that he doesn't think they should use reconciliation which wouldn't require republican votes. he staunchly came out against eliminating the filibuster which is that 60-vote threshold for some of the president's other key priorities. take a listen to how he defended
3:34 am
that position in a recent interview. >> i'm just who i am. they don't look at me as there's the big, bad democratic, joe. hey, there's joe from west virginia. democrats look at me that way and republicans look at me that way. if they want somebody to beat up somebody because they're on the other side, they've got the wrong person. if they want somebody totally partisan, don't send me. >> the last time republicans came to the oval office over the covid relief bill, the president said thanks, but no than, i'm going to clear the way for democrats to go it alone. that's exactly what they did. it's unclear it will play out like that again. the other open question is what happens to part two of this infrastructure bill which is president is expected to lay out in a joint session to congress at some point late they are month. >> feels like the x factor effects so many things, the infrastructure bill, the new commission on the supreme court as well. monica alba, thank you.
3:35 am
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we're back with other top stories we're following this morning. former u.s. attorney general ramsey clark passed away at 93. he served under president lyndon johnson and went on to set up his own practice an fought against racism and the death penalty. clark was also known for his controversial critiques of u.s. policy defending foreigners like saddam hussein. tornadoes killed seven in louisiana louisiana. one witness says le saw a twister lift and move an entire house 400 yards. nearly 90,000 people are without power in five states, and today, forecasters are predicting severe thunderstorms across the central florida peninsula and across the mid atlantic. after 529 days of being closed, new york's coney island reopens its amusement park.
3:40 am
frontline workers were the first to ride the iconic wonder wheel. ironically that same wonder wheel was built during the last great pandemic, in 1918. new details emerging about the timeline of what went down on the capitol on january 6th. those details are contained in a previously undisclosed pentagon document obtained by the associated press. it reveals how vice president mike pence and leaders tried to assert control while president trump's inaction contributed to a slow response from military and law enforcement. lawmakers are set to meet with the inspector general of the capitol police in the coming weeks. joining me now, david ward and jaf individual ali, former senior director of countertake richl. java, we'll start with you. pence was whisked to a secure
3:41 am
room. from there, as rioters attacked police and made their way inside, pence made an urgent phone call to the acting defense secretary and issued a startling demand, clear the capitol. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer were in another area asking for deployment of the national guard. what does it say that the people hundred derred down are making the calls and not the president of the united states who, according to jamie raskin, was watching cable news? >> i think it further underscores the chaos and the lack of preparedness that morning. pretty unsettling report that came out yesterday with former vice president pence's remarks. while there were some steps that were taken, clearly inadequate security and the right to mobilization and that's why we saw the delayed response of
3:42 am
different elements coming to the capitol once the insurrection. >> eric trump spoke at a republican donors event in south florida. an attendee said the former president praised the crowd that attended the rally. he wasn't talking about the people who went inside. what message does this send to that's already emboldened by the events in january 6th. >> it continues to signal to a volatile white nationalist movement that there is still space for political violence. it is increasingly dangerous, particularly as we begin to head into what is becoming known as marching season. clashes of far right activists and counterprotesters in the united states. >> cities nationwide are bracing themselves for white lives matter rally coordinated by extremists online that will take
3:43 am
place today. are cities ready? what's your advice on how they should be preparing? >> cities have had some period of time to get ready for the rallies today. my sense is that we're not going to see the type of violence that occurred on january 6th. that doesn't mean -- at least on a large scale. it doesn't mean that some people may try to do something. my sense is, there's folks in these movements, even those who are going to show up, know that there are now serious consequences for any potential threats to people, buildings, institutions. so not to say there couldn't be a handful of individuals who do step over into the wrong side of the law or the line, but i just don't get the sense that we're going to see something large scale right now. >> eric, quickly. we have 30 seconds left. do you get the same sense? >> i think that's right.
3:44 am
what we're seeing is a ploy, not a movement. white lives matters is simply an attempt to try to recruit and instill fear in often hard working or marginalized communities. we have to be cautious, but we should know that this is likely more of a publicity stunt. >> all right, eric and jaf and javid. up next, police pull over a black army lieutenant. newly released body camera footage, now a viral video and the lawsuit filed against the virginia police officers. >> get out of the car. get out of the car now! ing but . your expenses look good, and your books are set for the month! ...going up against this guy... and pitching your idea 100 times. no, no, no! no. i like it. -he likes it! ...and you definitely love that.
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3:47 am
why am i being treated like this? >> so the person being taken into handcuffs there. that was army officer lieutenant caron nazario. the newly released footage showing heated interaction between the lieutenant and two police officers from back in december. the video has gone viral as lieutenant nazario sues both officers for violating his constitutional rights as they drew their guns and pepper sprayed him in the face before knocking him to the ground. >> one officer said he was trying to stop a car with intoed windows and no rear license plates and alluding police. the lieutenant said he had a temporary license plate in his window and trying to stop in a well-lighted area. joining us to discuss right now, glenn kirschner, msnbc legal analyst and terrence gaynor, former capitol police chief and
3:48 am
decorated vietnam veteran. terrance, we'll start with you. in the video we hear nazario say i'm serving this country and this is how i'm treated. we saw the video, that same officer sprays nazario in the face with pepper spray with his hands up. if this was one of your officers, would you be okay with the behavior we're seeing here? >> no, i would not be. there's a lot more information needed, but there's a lot better ways to handle this than what we've seen. it is not proper behavior, not what we teach nowadays, not what we expect. there's a lot to be answered for. >> while we have you here, i'm curious about, if i was in that situation, what would i do? the instructions were very confusing and could have gone wrong easily. at one point they say get out of
3:49 am
the car. another officer says put your hands out of the car. another officer says remove your seatbelt. all of them could have resulted, as a black man, with shots being fired at you. what are you supposed to do in a situation like this? >> those were the procedures not done or executed at all by these officers. number one, advising people to be comfortable and pull off into a well-lighted area is very routine. again, i don't know how long they followed him. i don't know how long the chase was, if that's what they're trying to say. once they got to that spot, you don't have multiple people giving commands and definitely not contradictory commands. the lieutenant was asking very reasonable questions, why am i being stopped, what's this all about? screaming and yelling like that only aggravates the situation. there's simply no attempt to comment and proceed with some degree of professionalism. you do see in this clip at
3:50 am
least, it appears the younger officer is at least trying at some point to show some displain and let this driver know what's going on. it gone out of hand for no reason, and the fact that there were no charges and no real no statements from the police department is another indicia of there's a problem with this. your other guest will maybe talk a little more about the legal aspects. so there are wide latitudes officers have under supreme court rules when they stop a car for traffic violations. there's a lot of nuances there, facts that i don't have. but this -- even if the initial stop was lawful, it was terribly ugly and -- >> it was not executed well at all. >> glenn, your name has been evoked. we'll have you pickup on that. i want to pickup on something terrence said, this escalated from the get-go, it appears, like the temperature was already at an 11. >> yeah, and -- >> what's your question to
3:51 am
the -- >> sorry, terrence. >> i appreciate being on with chief gainer. i remember him from his m.p.d. days and my u.s. attorneys office days. regardless of the basis of the traffic stop, and it's been reported he had no rear hard tag, hard license plate, but he did have a paper temp tag displayed in his window. perhaps it was obscured by the tint. all of that is beside the point. what we see at the moment of the stop, you see a police officer escalating the situation needlessly, and i would suggest recklessly. and dangerously. and you have an army lieutenant who is trying to de-escalate the situation, who reportedly drove about 100 seconds so he could get to a well-lit area, which frankly is prudent for him to have done. then he has his hands out the window, and he is saying, you know, i'm scared. what i suggest a police officer
3:52 am
should say is, there's no reason to be scared, sir. let me tell you why i stopped you. instead, the police officer says, you have reason to be scared. i'll tell you, the way i saw primarily the one police officer act and then take out the mace and gratuitously spray it in the lieutenant's face, which is darn near a criminal assault. i don't know that that is reasonable police procedure. so what we always hear about is police have qualified immunity when they're performing discretionary acts unless the acts are clearly unreasonable and in violation of a citizen's statutory or constitutional rights. based on what we have seen, and i agree with chief garnor, we need to see the whole story, this lieutenant may have a well-placed lawsuit against these officers. >> very interesting. terrence gaynor, thanks to both
3:53 am
of you for laying it out for us. >> thank you. >> coming up,s corporations have spoken and republicans are mad. the latest battle for voting rights. >> political terrorists, guess who boehner is referring to with that jab, the former speaker of the house goes on a terror against his fellow republicans in a new interview. the details ahead. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein.
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situation on the caribbean island of st. vincent just got a whole lot worse.
3:57 am
within the last few hours officials on the island reported massive power outage following another explosive event at the volcano. lightning, thunder and rumblings could be felt for several miles and the majority of the country is out of power and covered in ash. many of the island's 100,000 residents have been evacuated. residents of nearby islands and caribbean countries are told to stay indoors because of the air quality. >> new fallout now to georgia's restrictive voting law. a group of demonstrators gathered near the augusta national protesting the state's new law during the third round of the masters. and a number of republican-led states are looking at similar measures. nbc's vaughn hillyard is following these developments. so, vaughn, good morning. what's the latest on this front? >> reporter: yeah, good morning. you saw those dozens of protesters outside of augusta national golf club there yesterday. after the major league baseball pulled just this last week, their all-star game, from atlanta and moved it to colorado because of that georgia voting
3:58 am
law that was passed here this last month, there are now five lawsuits pending against the state of georgia over its voter election law. but while that litigation is pending, there are other states here that continue this spring, to continue to work through their own legislatures to pass other types of measures. just go from east to west, from florida this week who is working on several different measures, including one in which the sponsor, the republican sponsor of the legislation said that it would -- this piece of legislation would bar individuals from trying to influence voters within 150 feet of the voting entrance. and that could include much like georgia, barring folks from delivering water or food. but then you also move to texas, just again this week, one of the committees in the statehouse passing house bill 6, which would bar local officials from sending out absentee ballot applications to residents. and then move over to arizona here where, again, legislation
3:59 am
moving through their own state senate and state house of representatives, one bill working its way through the committee that would not allow any early ballots to be counted unless they were postmarked on the thursday before the election. arizona's governor doug ducey said this week when asked whether he would sign any of these rules into law when 2023 could be at stake, he said he would sign the appropriate legislation he deems necessary. lindsey? >> vaughn hillyard, we'll keep a close eye on that. thank you. we begin a new hour at msnbc right now. former president donald trump back on stage and lashing out at fellow republicans at a donor event, reportedly taking aim at senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, determined as ever to keep his grip on the gop. plus. >> i didn't do --
4:00 am
>> back up. >> whoa, hold on. >> an active duty member of the u.s. army pulled over by police. what happened next caught on body camera and now going viral. that lieutenant now suing for excessive force. >> you call some of these members political terrorists. >> oh, yeah. jim jordan especially. my colleague from ohio. >> former republican house speaker jim boehner skewering jim comey jordan and ted cruz airing on cbs. >> sort of like the wright brothers on mars. nasa preparing for the first flight test of the ingenuity helicopter. it is said to be the first powered flight of an aircraft on another planet. except for those alien aircrafts which we know do exist and have been flown for years and years. >> okay. >> we do say good morning. the truth is out there. >> there actually is


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