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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  April 22, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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never be the same after the storm named maria. in a is our broadcast for this thursday night with our thanks for being here with us. on behalf of all my colleaguings at the >> it was november 12th, last year, november 12th 2020, election day had been a week and a half early, november 3rd, and we all know how that resolved, november 3rd was election day by november 7th, every major news outlets had called the presidential race for joe biden. president elect biden and vice president elect harris gave their acceptance speeches on that night of november 7th. so by november 12, five days after that, the level of desperation among republicans and trump supporters who really did not want to believe that this had happened. it was kicking up a few notches
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every day. and by november 12 we things got publicly quite weird, at almost a new level very quickly. louis gohmert of texas on november 12th participated in something called a global prayer for u.s. election integrity, and where did that happen? where else, said with me now, obviously that happened on facebook. but on that facebook broadcast, they sort of went one by one, they brought up all their best stories, their best fantasies about what had really happened that showed that joe biden hasn't really won, and showed how nefarious forces had made it look like biden won but the real patriots were not fooled because they knew the real story, because they heard it on facebook. on that facebook broadcast, these guys tried out the theory
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first that there was a secret supercomputer called, the hammer, operated by the deep state, i think the idea of maybe operated by the nsa, i can never really figure it out, anyway. per they're telling, the hammer was a supercomputer that had the ability, nation wide, to switch all the real trump votes into fake biden votes, shadowy forces, the deep state. the trump appointed head of cybersecurity at the department of homeland security had to put out a direct rebuttal to that craziness about the fake supercomputers. i remember seeing it at the time and this thing actually from, the real homeland security homeland department saying there isn't really a supercomputer named the hammer. i remember being mystified about what it was that they were rebutting, that is because i don't have enough facebook in my life, or enough louis gohmert. the host of this november 12th facebook event tried it out all
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these various conspiracy theories, explaining how trump had secretly won but it looked like biden won, but all would be remedied. they tried it out, the hammer thing, they tried what was by then regular fare for the trump election conspiracies the idea that dominion was controlled by then communist, or are the really dead, should we dig them up? they went through the hammer thing, they went through thing about dominion voting systems, if it was in the hammer maybe it was dead communist control from behind the grave. if they went through all these things, one by one. this was the time. total nonsense. but after they went through dosed to, the hammer supercomputer one and the dominion voting system secretly controlled by hugo chavez, who is dead. once your through dose to and you haven't got gotten what you need, you need to kick it up a notch and why settle for just
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continuing to spin everybody up into a frenzy based on your own an sourced assertions, when you can source your assertions to a sitting member of the united states congress, who is going to come on your program, on facebook, and tell everybody a whole new story that is even better, and that incidentally justifies more radical direct action to try to keep trump in the white house. so texas congressman, louis gohmert, he comes on and he was like, i see you're made up nsa supercomputer conspiracy, but i have a new one, i raise you a u.s. army commando raid in germany that is going to fix all of this even though the army are the bad guys. >> i had information from some of our former intel people that
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there was extremely compelling evidence that could be gleaned from societal that is a company headquartered in barcelona, spain, that was responsible for aggregating all the information from all the machines and whatnot. that information as to how many votes were switched from republicans to democrats would've been easily established from the information that they gathered and what were the votes going in and which ones were changed going out. it turns out -- i don't know the truth, i know that there was a german tweet in german sing that on monday, u.s. army forces went into that company and grab their server, there's some that believe that
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this is the u.s. intelligence that manipulated all of this in order to cover their own rear ends. >> u.s. army goes to germany and seizes the server from a spanish company. because this is the server, the spanish company in germany had hues to switch, in america, all the votes from republicans to democrats, it was the record of the whole thing, and the army -- army got the -- went in, got the spanish server, how did germany that was the survey fixed election that made it look like biden won when really trump won and now the u.s. army has the server, and that's bad news? no it's good news because the army is the bad guy because intel is covering their butts? what? that was the theory from congressman louis gohmert on
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november 12th. the military times actually did a great time documenting how this particular trump world conspiracy theory continue to evolved over the course of the next couple of weeks in november so that by december it wasn't just the army going into sees the server from this company instead the server was being guarded at a cia facility, the cia was protecting it and there was a fire fight and on the other side of the firefight was the u.s. military intelligence battalion working for trump lawyers, sydney powell, they were the commanding officer, maybe, and that battalion, that 350 military battalion, in this conspiracy theory was commanded by sydney powell and they went to germany and physically fought it out a shooting war with the cia aide to get the service that would reveal all about how the election was stolen. and somehow in the continued evolution of the story, in november of 2020, the u.s. army soldiers, under the command of
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trump lawyer sydney powell, were elevated to special operation forces? and then the final iteration of it was that in this fire fight where it was sidney powell's army commandoes versus the cia, multiple sydney powell commanded special operation commanders were killed in this operation, at least five of them were killed, and it was all covered up. they are bothers -- their bodies disappeared, because what was in the server? trump world found out that on the trump server, the server from germany, it was the real election results as seen on this map obtained by a dude on twitter. and as you can see, donald trump secretly won the election with more than 400 electoral votes including the electoral votes from california, which
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trump lost by nearly 30 points, but because of the server in germany, it tells a different story. of all the trump world conspiracy theories after the election, this one about the german servers and the military thing was definitely the most baroque, and maybe the most insane. and here's a sitting member of congress promoting this, of course, on facebook, also in a conservative tv channel it was also featured on one american news, that network even broadcasted a picture of the map that was supposedly found on the servers that were seized in the raid. a map that showed the real election results where trump, among other things, one california. the company that got hit with this conspiracy theory of a company that was supposedly at the heart of this conspiracy theory they had to put out a statement, that most of struck them as crazy that they had to write it.
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they said number one, we don't actually tabulate vote in u.s. election, add all number to, we don't have any offices or services in frankfort, germany. number three, no one has seized anything from us let alone the u.s. military. what else are we supposed to say here, this is insane. but think about the implications of what they were promoting here, and they were widely promoting this particular conspiracy about the election, the trump world contention, by sitting members of congress, said that trump supporters -- prayers for election integrity, which was the name of that facebook events -- the contention here was that their prayers for election integrity, their fight to make sure that trump's election was somehow secured and not stolen, allowed to be misrepresented by shadowy forces, they were being told by this insane baroque conspiracy theory, that what
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they believed about trump secretly winning the election is something for which blood had already been shed. something for which american soldiers had already been killed in a shooting war as they tried to get the evidence, to grab the server that would show that trump had really won the election. trump supporters are being told when they were shoveled this junk was that there was a military operation underway already to keep trump in the white house to reveal the truth about the stolen election. members of the u.s. military already dead in the service of this battle for truth, maybe already the start of a war. you wonder why they were spun up and have to do what they did on january 6th, they had been told by a bunch of authorities that the war was on, that blood was already flowing, that patriots had already given their lives to stop the steal, to prove that biden hadn't won the election. they were primed to use force
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with nonsense like this, by being told, you won't be the first, other pitchers have already died for this. that is the really serious part of it as ridiculous as it is. the ridiculous part of it is still as ridiculous, right? one of the guys who promoted this both dangerous and completely ridiculous idea of the secret raid to steal the servers back from the cia facility in germany, one of the guys who promoted this concept, specifically online, is someone who runs a company that is call cyber uninjured is, this is the cyber ninja website. oh boy, here we go. that is their home page. just rest your eyes there for a second. ninja costumes, right alert. if you scroll down off that landing page this is the next thing that you get to. do you have a cyber ninja on your side?
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i don't know, but if i do i hope he's not wearing gigantic leisure gloves while he's trying to type on my mask laptop while it is turned off. this company, cyber and in just a company run by an online proponent of the qanon conspiracy theory, and an online proponent of the fantasy that there was a secret war between the army and the cia in germany where the secret service that stole the election for biden four season everybody died and it has opened covered up and we can find our bodies because deep state is doing it, but we have the map that was on the server -- proponent, online proponent of that conspiracy theory, runs this company cyber ninjas, which has now been hired, they're now doing this, they've been hired by the people of the state of arizona, they are being paid, with taxpayer dollars in arizona, to recount all the 2020 presidential election ballots in the largest
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county in arizona, arizona, a majority of voters live in one county, in november, that county and arizona as a whole voted for joe biden. and as much as trump supporters may not like that, it is true, there has already been an audit by a federally accredited firm for the vote, a forensic audit of the vote, there was a hand recount in that county overseen by both political parties. the board of supervisors which has five members, four of which are republicans, they voted unanimously to certify that joe biden won the election. but not anymore, now, in late april, the cyber ninja guy, the cyber ninja die from the secret server in germany war raid conspiracy thing, arizona republicans sued to allow his company, him and his company to have another look at what happened in that ever zone back in november, and they have
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actually turned over all of the real ballots, more than 2 million ballots count cast in that county, so the trump conspiracy theory guy, the qanon, secret server guy can see what he thinks happened so he can give the real results from the arizona election. this is really happening. i should mention the cyber ninja guy is going to be working alongside another stellar choice by arizona republicans, who personally went to d.c. on january six for the festivities there because he said that he was a trump elector from arizona, he didn't win arizona, but the electors for the biden ones but on the day that congress was certifying the election results, this guy went to d.c. eyes and arizona trump elector. because he contended that arizona's trump electors should be counted. . because trump should be awarded the state votes in the electoral college. so, he was day that there that.
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the count, you may recall it was delayed that day by the mob attack on the capital which temporarily stopped the counting. but he was there in person, so arizona would have its electoral votes counted for trump. he was there, january 6th. and he's also now announced that he will be working on this recount of arizona votes that are starting today, organized by the arizona republican state senate. he and the sovereign in just a guy who promotes the secret server germany story. and you know, joe biden is president of the united states. whatever they do in arizona it is not going to make him not president of the united states. but, what they are doing in arizona, what has trump world electrified right now, all newly energized with the fantasy that trump world has yet to be reinstated as president, with a just ordered today at the veterans memorial
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coliseum in phoenix is going to be used by trump world to try to claim forever that trump secretly won arizona. and he secretly won the election. and biden is illegitimate at as president. and they will use when they are starting their to contend that for years. here we go. do you have a stubborn in your side? we are never going to get away from this mess. i mean, eventually, we will all get old enough that he will age out. but we are never going to get this particular dollop of stake out off of our proverbial shoe. today honestly felt like a minefield of stories like this. i mean, hard-core trump world really does think that the election is going to be overturned because of the sydney powell qanon folks being put in charge of re-counting all the ballots in america. and that really did start this week and they really are going to recount those ballots. who knows what they are going
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to say happened. i'm sure we will get it in a cute drop when it happens. or will hear about it on facebook. they are going for it! that is what trump world. it is and of course, trump world is still essentially in control in the republican party. but today felt like a minefield in terms of stories like that. these things left behind that we are still mired and as a country that we sort of can't escape the stink of as a country. even as the country is trying to take off a new different erection. for example, today the united state supreme court, the court in its infinite wisdom assigned to justice brett kavanaugh the task of writing the majority opinion in a sweeping new ruling that essentially reinstates sentences of life without parole for kids. there was no outright rule banning that that -- life without parole for juvenile offenders -- but there was strong settled supreme court precedent making that sentence only available in a very narrow circumstances.
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people convicted of crimes that occurred while they were children. justice kavanaugh's opinion today blows that up. it blows up all that precedent. which is one thing on its own terms, right? life in prison without the possibility of parole for something someone did while they were a child. without the possibility of parole, for life. you do something when you are a kid, you get locked up for it and there is no chance, no matter what else happens in your life, in your entire adult life for you to ever ever see the on incarcerated light of day. for what you did when you are a kid. i mean that, just on its substance, that is ethically, spiritually, something i'm not sure the country was looking to shovel onto our collective conscience right now. you may disagree. but to have it to be justice kavanaugh who writes that opinion for the court, all this hand wringing, right? especially for conservatives about the perceived authority of the court, the propriety of
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the court, the esteem in which the court is held, to have justice kavanaugh right this particular opinion, on how there is no such thing as bad behavior by a kid. no such thing as bad behavior by a teenager, they can at least partly explained by that kid being a kid. him? after his confirmation process. that he turned into a theater of his own rage and being questioned about allegations made against him for his alleged behavior while he was a teenager. here is brett kavanaugh, now a supreme court justice, insisting that it doesn't matter if you are a teenager, our society can and will now declare you irredeemable for the duration of your natural life based on things that you are found to have down when you are a child. you are concerned about the perceived legitimacy of the court. really? no other just discovered that one? all three trump appointed supreme court justices, because there are three of them, voted with justice brett kavanaugh on this.
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and it is trump appointed justices that made the difference here. the justice that brett kavanaugh replaced, anthony kennedy, had in fact led the court on pushing rehabilitation when it came to kids in trouble. that is done now with the trump justices they're, led by justice, i like to be here! today, in the house, we had a rollicking on why it is that u.s. taxpayers still pay tens of billions of dollars to oil and gas companies. it is one thing for them to compete on their own terms in the marketplace but what is it about oil and gas companies in particular that need literally tens of billions of dollars in taxpayer funds propping them up? that hearing today had lots of fireworks. and it was underway as the new york times broke this big story of how the military junta that has taken over myanmar, the military dictatorship it is
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busy killing its civilians by the hundreds, the primary source of income for that military junta in myanmar, at least until this day, has been a single oil field. an oil field in which california-based chevron is a major partner. military dictatorship that is just taking over in myanmar appears to be largely funded by this one oil field that chevron is part of. now the military dictatorship in myanmar does not have its own lobbyist in washington, right now. but new lobbying disclosure forms from chevron just disclosed this week show that chevron as a company, again, chevron, based in california, has taken it upon themselves to become the lobbyist in washington against the u.s. government putting any sanctions on the myanmar military dictatorship. and the sanctions that might take a big bite out of their big gas field there. which again, is the same gas field that is the revenue source funding the dictatorship that has just taken over that
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country. happy earth, day right? democrats today in congress, convening this theory, doing this legislative work, are doing that the u.s. should stop giving tens of billions of dollars in taxpayer money to gigantic oil and gas companies every year. since, a, they don't need it. and be, why are we paying for that? and by the way, have you seen how they are behaving around the world? big oil and gas gets taxpayer subsidies. any taxpayer, u.s. taxpayer funds, making in to the chevron lobbying budget that is trying to keep the spigot open for the murderous military junta that just took over burma? because chevron is worried about anybody taking a bite out of their gas feel their. i mean, are we seriously paying for that? the biden administration is trying to sanction the military dictatorship to try to turn things around in burma. meanwhile, there are taking taxpayer dollars and giving them to chevron which is
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lobbying to make sure that there are sanctions that hurt them in burma, even those sanctions that hurt and would be the sanctions that would actually defund the murderous dictatorship. i mean, why would we pay for that? why would we play on both sides of that? the republican witness at that hearing today, as i mentioned, this idea of stop subsidizing oil and gas companies, that is in biden's legislative proposals the democrat of legislative proposals, that's where they're trying to do, that's where the convening today, but republicans of course have to bring their own witnesses to. they summoned a -- as their witness for today's hearing, a representative from the american petroleum industry, who argued for the republican side that we as a country absolutely should keep subsidizing big oil and gas companies. one of the republicans on the committee, republican congresswoman from new mexico then expressed her own, and its
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own way, eloquent agreement with that. because if we didn't keep subsidizing oil and gas companies as a country, come on man, seriously, what would happen to us. >> if not for fossil fuels, we would not be having the capability to have these remote calls and talks right now because of the plastics and medical devices, eyeglasses, pantyhose -- >> pantyhose. if we don't keep giving billions of dollars to chevron exxon and all the rest, guys, we might lose pantyhose. pantyhose. are you ready for that? that was the republican contribution, today. on the issue of why you shouldn't just pay oil and gas companies with the gas you put
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in your car, you should also have your government give them your tax dollars to because pantyhose and other stuff. what a day, right? president biden hosted heads of state today in the climate summit to make big commitments on what the united states is going to do to cut our emissions on leading on this issue. the president's top advisor on climate change is gina mccarthy who is in this interesting new role under president biden after having spent the obama administration running the epa. she made some big announcements today along with pete buttigieg, and is going to join us here live. next.
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biden: when i think about climate change, the word i think of is jobs. vo: and these aren't just the jobs of tomorrow. they're the jobs of right now. good paying jobs to modernize our infrastructure. in manufacturing. construction. engineering. they're in our cities... in our suburbs... and our small towns... we take on climate change... and we build back better with clean energy jobs. biden: so let's waste any more time, let's get to work. ♪ ♪ it's the biggest thing that ever happened to small.
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with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. >> it is not about the planet, it is about people, it is about our future, our kids. it is an unwavering focus on the air that we breathe and our public health. the strength of how we can
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build our communities and make sure we are grasping environmental justice as we move forward, it is what we value, it is what we care about and we have to deliver it. >> we have to deliver it that is the white house national climate adviser, gina mccarthy. you may recognize her from her thomas epa administrator in the obama administration, but here she is today in the new world that she now holds in the biden administration. she spoke today in washington alongside transportation but advisor -- they took questions from reporters about the administration's plan to more than quadruple the number of public electric vehicle charges that we have in the u.s., the idea is to transition the fleet, transition u.s. cars from gas burning cars in the u.s. to electric cars, you need charging stations everywhere to make that viable. today president biden pledged to cut emissions in the u.s. by
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half by the end of this decade, by about eight and a half years from now this is a ambitious goal, gina mccarthy is the person tasked the administration of coordinating all the efforts necessary to get their. joining us now is white house national adviser jean mccarthy, miss mccarthy it's really nice to see you again, thank you for making time for being here. >> it's nice to see you too, rachel. happy birthday. >> thank you very much. people have referred to you in the press as climate coordinator, climate czar, you've been called the fauci of climate, part of the reason i think people have a hard time settling on a title is because your role is new, i knew would to call you when you were the administrator, but right now, how is the role, how would you define it? >> i'm advising the president and i'm running a little group of folks that are looking to cross every sector and see how
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we can start reducing our emissions, because president biden has rejoin the paris accord and we are really going all out to reduce our emissions as a way to really restart the economy, as a way to grab the future for the united states. we're gonna start investing in america again and bring back some really good pay union jobs and start looking at that clean energy future and how we win it for our country. it is an exciting moment and we're doing a whole of government approach, and everyone is involved, obviously secretary buttigieg is really interested in the transition of the transportation sector, but i'm hanging out with jennifer green home at -- i'm hanging out with deb haaland, i'm hanging out with tom bill sack in agriculture, i'm hanging out with michael regan, every one of these cabinet agencies really have a
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lot to offer about how we reduce our emissions. but equally important how we just rejuvenate ourselves as a country and start investing in the kind of future we want to hand to our kids. >> how much of that big old announced by the president this week, this idea of cutting our national carbon emissions in half by the end of this decade, how much of that -- how much toward that goal do we get by the infrastructure bill? i know the infrastructure bill is a big priority for the administration and i know that the legislative effort to pass that is well underway. i believe that some version of the infrastructure bill ultimately will pass, thanks to the budget reconciliation process even if republicans don't come along. but how much is that overall goal dependent on that one bill? >> i think president biden was really interested in moving that bill regardless of what our commitment was because he saw it as being so vitally important for our economy and
9:35 pm
for the health and well-being of the american people. so it will be enormous lee helpful in accelerating this, but if you look at already available climate solutions, if you look at the ways that we can move our country forward and reduce our emissions, we still will be able to get at 50% reduction by 2030 because clean energy is winning everywhere. i know the prior administration liked coal and wanted to favor it but it had no impact. we have the biggest actual boost in solar and wind power, the last year of the trump administration, and the republicans in that administration actually extended tax credits to keep them humming along. that's because states and cities wanted it. it is cheaper. there are lots of opportunities but investing in innovation is going to be important. so the american jobs plan is a
9:36 pm
great strategy to actually move forward to grab that clean energy future, but on its way, it brings the best opportunities and hope that we have, really, to grow good jobs, to reinvigorate our unions, to get the middle class where they need to be again, to move people out of poverty and really very importantly, rachel, for the president and i think for all of us is to invest in those environmental justice communities that have been hammered by this pandemic. because they don't have good housing, they can't get around on transit anymore, they are having struggles to get food on the table, we have to understand that now is not the time to keep sitting around and everybody's kitchen table and talking about climate. but if you want to sit at that table and talk about clean energy jobs, if you want to talk about good agricultural practices, if you want to sit around and talk about really
9:37 pm
neat ways of getting around like better transit and making sure our potholes get filled, they like that discussion. that is how president biden thinks of it. he doesn't think of this as climate, he thinks of it as when you talk about climate, you're talking about jobs. and i think that is pretty great. >> white house national climate adviser, gina mccarthy, with a sprawling portfolio and a lot of the skills they, washington earned skills, if anybody can do it you will be the want to get it done. thank you for being with us to help us understand, come back anytime, we would love to have you back. >> thank you, rachel. >> we've got much more ahead, senator cory booker's going to be joining us live in just a moment, and we have a lot more to get to, stay with us. s. i win again, patrick. that's siiir patrick. oooooow. sir.
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these abuses from oscar grant,
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-- all the way to find out of steel right here in minneapolis. we struggled through all of that, but we are going to now, in his name, and in the name of dante, we are going to pass the george floyd justice in policing act as federal law. we are going to make it against the law all over the this country to keep bringing us to funerals for our young princes. some of us are told to shut up. into just to be quiet. and you call that piece, but peace is the presence of justice. you can't tell us to shut up and sulk. we must speak up when there is an injustice. >> reverend al sharpton, giving
9:43 pm
a eulogy today at the funeral for 20-year-old daunte wright who was killed in brooklyn center minnesota during a traffic stop two weekends ago. police officer involved in a traffic stop shouted, we can see on the body cam footage, that she would tase young mr. wright, instead she shot him once in the chest weather service weapon. the protests in brooklyn center since that killing have been a dramatic bad drop to the george floyd murder trial that took place just a few miles away in downtown minneapolis. earlier this week, it resulted in the guilty verdicts on all three counts against the officer who had been charged for the murder of george floyd. several of the speakers today and daunte wright's funeral said that in order to avoid more funerals, like mr. rights, and mr. floyd's, the george floyd justice in policing act needs to become federal law. that bill is before the evenly divided u.s. senate, right now. and perhaps alone amongst any other major piece of legislation, we do know miracle of all miracles, that there are
9:44 pm
at least some bipartisan negotiations happening to try to pass this. cnn reported earlier today that democratic congresswoman karen bass planned to meet with democratic senator cory booker and republican senator tim scott, today, for quote, informal discussions about the bill. huffington post seemed to confirm that a little later on today when they're reporter, they're reporting the capitol reported that he saw republican senator tim -- democratic senator congresswoman kerry bass walking out of an elevator together. as i said, miracle of all miracles. joining us now is the democratic senator from that very unusual tableau, senator cory booker of new jersey judiciary committee. senator booker, really nice to see, you thank you for coming on the show. tonight >> it is good to see you too, rachel, thank you for having me. >> it feels like a very small miracle to be able to report
9:45 pm
with eye witnesses that there are bipartisan discussions happening among three by partisan very serious members of congress like you and senator scott and congresswoman bass. that alone feels like a glimmer of hope that i'm not used to feeling. is it worth being hopeful about this? >> it definitely. is i will confirm that we have been talking, literally over weeks, and those bipartisan discussions have been really promising. we all have our wants, in other words things that are critical for me to see in this bill, and we can get it down in the senate unless we have republican support. and it's been a good faith honest broker in these discussions. so i'm very hopeful. we are in contact, it has been very real throughout these weeks to see death after death. african americans and police, and on top of that the george
9:46 pm
floyd trial. so, i think the sense of urgency is there to get real accountability in policing. to ban certain practices with police, and to get more data available to empower more oversight. so, there's a lot of group discussions going on, and i think a sense that america needs something to get done, and it will not solve all these issues, but it will be hopefully -- we can get it done and it will be meaningful senate reforms that will give us more strides toward justice. >> senator scott is a republican in the senate who has received a lot of support from his own party. there is reports now that they are going to put him forward, for example to give the republican response to the speech that we don't call the state of the union. when president biden gives his first speech to a joint session of congress next week. is it clear to you that senator scott is essentially negotiating with you, and talking with you about this,
9:47 pm
not just on his own behalf but that if he gets to a place where he has comfortable, that he could vote for some form of policing reform legislation that you all work out together, that he will be bringing other republican senators along with him? >> you know, to this moment, i don't think he's trying to do something where it'll be stand-alone, he's trying to being bring along his caucus, and that is the challenge. it is for us to come to agreements. and those that are worthwhile. but again, i think that he is negotiating in good faith. he is keeping his caucuses warm. and as the sort of, all season of the republican leaders, -- we are in a place now where i think all of us feel optimistic, but there is still some tough issues to negotiate out. >> is there anything that right now, you can tell us is a no go place for you in terms of what must be part of this, or there is no --
9:48 pm
it is not worth passing it? you have bright lines, like that in mind in terms of what is the minimum the has to be here in order to make this worth pursuing? >> i don't want to get into details and negotiate this publicly, but i will say that the funeral that we watched, the one for al sharpton, i think it really hurts me is that i have seen them before. and before, and before. sitting in a community where the number of black boys it, anguish is to -- this legislation for may, has to take strides towards saving black lives. to ensuring that we can stop some of the things that killed eric garner, like the chokehold or killed breonna taylor like the unjust, in my opinion, no knock warrant. we have to do something that maybe doesn't solve all the problems, i'm sure it won't,
9:49 pm
but that can give us a sense that this replay that we have seen, the wretched anguish, the pain, the scarring of our communities. the moral injustice is that we all can agree on, that they should not happen. we have got to do something meaningful other than expect less likely events like these in our country. >> senator cory booker, former mayor of the great city of newark new jersey, now democratic u.s. senator and member of the judiciary committee. senator, it is always great to see you, thank you for being with us on particularly tonight. >> thank you so much rachel. >> good luck. all right, we have more ahead, stay with us. stay with us
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so what do you love about your always pan? it's a kitchen magician. have you ever seen a pan cook three things at once? >> well, this is going to be
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
interesting to watch. you might remember about a week ago we reported that hundreds of big american businesses like target and google and american airlines and bank of america, they got a big splash-y full
9:54 pm
two page ad in the new york times in the washington post declaring we stand for democracy. they promised in the ad that they would oppose any discriminatory legislation that makes it hard, harder for people to vote, but as a result so reported the clarion statement was published at the same time that the biggest business lobbying group and -- has those same companies as members, at the same time that the chamber was actively pressuring u.s. senators to vote against the big federal voting rights bill in the senate. the chamber of commerce whipping votes against voting rights while the members of the chamber of commerce are taking this big publics in in favor of voting rights. it is an awkward. thing right? it is a contradiction. well, now those big american businesses who signed that statement while also being members of the u.s. chamber of commerce, they're being called upon to leave the chamber of commerce over this disagreement on voting rights. a letter sent to the drug
9:55 pm
corporation by accountable dot u.s. says this. quote, by providing financial social support to the chamber, targeted contradicting the pledge you, and hundreds of corporations, recently made. it is not just target, similar letters were sent to 16 other official members of the u.s. chamber of commerce who also signed on to this, we support voting rights, statement. these banned american companies came out publicly declaring that they want to be on the right side of voting rights, now they are very literally being called to put their money where their mouth is on this issue. you can't both be in favor of voting rights and be a member, a dues paying member, of this organization that is whipping senators votes against voting rights. you cannot do both. for these companies, this is a real test, a real choice. watch this space. >> you can't stop smiling.
9:56 pm
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