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tv   Deadline White House  MSNBC  April 27, 2021 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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you know we'll stop at nothing. hi there, everyone. it's 4:00 in the east. the biden administration today loosening the mask recommendations for vaccinated americans. now fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks outdoors unless they're in large crowds, like at a concert or stadium. the news has two important benefits. one, holding firm on the administration's commitment, and here's president joe biden just a few hours ago. >> starting today, if you're fully vaccinated and you're outdoors, you need -- and not in a big crowd -- you no longer need to wear a mask.
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the cdc is ability to make this announcement because our scientists are convinced by the data that the odds of getting or giving the virus to others is very, very low if you both have been fully vaccinated, and out in the open air. so go get the shot. it's never been easier. once you're fully vaccinated, you can go without a mask when you're outside and away from big crowds. the bad news is that the biden administration is now rowing against a two-headed monster on the disinformation and polarization front. it's important to stop right here and tell you that, back when donald trump told people to inject bleach, there were people who took that to heart, who listened to him. in a story just this week out of brayden ton, florida, and man and his three sons were indicted by a federal grand jury for selling a bleach formula they
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claimed was a cure for covid. according to "the miami herald" he used the statements to secure his product. they made over $1 million selling their bleach mixture. 9 fda said it received several reports of hospitalizations and life-threatening conditions as people drank it, and at least seven people died, prosecutors say. whatever you think of trump an his media lackeys, they have followings and followers who listen to them. keep that in mind when it comes to this. last night, from tucker carlson, who told his millions of viewers to call the police on any mom or dad or caregiver who's accompanied by children wearing masks. this means that a teacher leading her students to the playground at p.e., or parent hosting kids in the park is in and out at risk right now of
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having a neighbor call the cops on them. carlson said to, quote, report abuse. >> the next time you see someone in a mask on the sidewalk or bike path, do ask politely or firm already, would you science shows there's no reason for you to be wearing it. your mask is making me uncomfortable. we should do that, and we should keep doing it until wearing a mask outside is roughly as socially accepted as lighting marlboro. it's repulsive, don't do it around other people. as for forcing children to wear a masks outside, that should be illegal. your response when you see children as they play should be no different from your response to seeing someone beat a kid in walmart. call the police immediately. contact child protective services, keep calling until someone arrives. what you're looking at is child abuse, and you're morally obligated to attempt to prevent it. >> so that was last night.
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millions of people heard that. call child protective services. keep calling. here we are, at this tipping point with covid, from the frayed fab bring of our lives from the last 13 months is slowly being nitted back together with safe and effective vaccines, a new president committed to healing the virus, and surging resources and thrust the police in this country into the middle of his perform atiff rating grab. it's repulsive. the biden white house is laser focused -- but soon, soon, they'll have to face a grave threat from the lives being told about the virus. the liftling of mask recommendations for the vaccinated is the dangerous incitement to conflict over a parent's right to protect their child, is where we start this hour with some of our favorite reporters and friends.
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health policy director. doctor kavita patel, and former fbi assistant director for counter-intelligence, lucky for us, all three are msnbc contributors. dr. patel are there any vaccines available for young kids? >> no, not yet. >> so we do have hope that children will be able to be vaccinated 12 to 15 first, then younger ones, probably by the end of this year or the first quarter of 2022, but to keep your child safe, like to make this a -- i have seen cases of child abuse, and it's morally
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reprehensible about using those words to protect your child. you shouldn't be shamed, nicolle, if you said to wear a mask, even if you don't need to outdoors. keeping yourself safe should not be something that is against the law. >> do kids still have the ability to transmit the virus from one to another? can kids still spread the virus, dr. patel? >> yes. so we know the evidence supports that children -- or let's be clear, ages 12 and over, we do see that they act almost like adult in the sense that you can see the rate of spread, similar in ages 12 and over, to other adults. then we know that younger children are not as efficient or effective at transmitting the virus. i think the reason you're seeing all of us still putting into place, asking children to wear masks, even outdoors is because of the variant and we're now seeing transmission and variants
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in children that went from child to adult. so it's not common, but, again, i do think children are not a significant risk, but it's a risk that i don't want to take with my child. >> kids are adaptable. frank figliuzzi, what does this do for the callers? >> yeah, there's a couple serious issues with carlson's comments. i have to tell you, nicolle, i debated even coming on and talking about tucker carlson. for him, this is really about ratings and relevancy, and he thrives on this kind of coverage. he'll probably have us on in clips tonight on his show, and relish the fact we're talking about it. but here's why i'm here today doing this with you.
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first, the problem is that law enforcement does not need calls for nonsense. the same hosts on fox who every night tell us that our cities are in chaos with violent crime out of control are not telling us, calling the police if you see a parent trying to care for their child and keep them healthy. the police don't need their calls. in fact, in many states, a false report to the police, and specifically a false claim of child abuse is a crime in that state. so he's essentially telling people to commit a crime. the other problem with this is the nexus to violence. that's what concerns me the most. we have a track record with a fox base, the trump base, which is one and the same over the last four, five years, committing acts of violence because of something somebody said who they view as a leader, whether it's ingesting a sanitizer or the el paso walmart shooting subject shooting people
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because of words that trump said, or whether it's the january 6th next. carlson seems to not understand the nexus between words and violence. if you were responsible and mature, he would get on his show tonight and he would say, i did not mean to tell people they should confront each other on the street about wearing a mask, because i don't want violence. but i'm fearful there will be violence if he doesn't retract the statement. frank, just to sort of add to your point about the nexus with extremists motivated to commit violence, this is the national terror advisory bulletin on domestic violent extremism warnings issued at the beginning of this year -- dvs motivated by a range of issues have plotted and on occasion carried out attacks against government facilities. threats of violence against critical infrastructure,
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including the electronics increased in 2020 with violent extremists citing conspiracy theories. so is incitement over a child wearing a mask part of what they're talking about? >> we've seen the entire intelligence community, including dhs and fbi warn us repeatedly that domestic violent extremism is fueled by the media, social media, this polarization for profit that fox news engages in, getting people riled up is part of the strategy, and they seem not to care that there's violence attached to it. one more thing they seem to not understand. that is the russian intelligence service and other adversarial governments actually amplify what goes on foss news. you can't tell who posted first, the gru or fox news or tucker
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carlson. every time he says this about vaccines, masks, covid, you can see the russian bots and trolls from moscow start repeating it and amplifying it. hi 'essentially becoming a surrogate for our adversaries. >> these are the numbers that the biden white house is facing. among republicans 46% are willing to get vaccinated or have already been vaccinated. 20% will wait and see. i guess that's our hope bucket, and then 35% of republicans will only be vaccinated if required or will definitely not be vaccinated. i know this isn't the vaccine hesitancy that the biden white house expected to contend with. i know a lot of thought and planning and resources went into education and sort of encouraging vaccination in african-americans communities,
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but this feels like, one, a bigger group and a fact-resistant group. how are they combatting these numbers. >> it will hold them back. it's part of what biden stressed today. that was in his message about mask wearing, and incentive to people who don't want to do it, saying, look, if you get a vaccine, you can take your mask off. there's some benefit to you doing this, but last week they rolled out -- they're really counting, understand they're not the best messengers to these people. they're hoping the private sector can help by providing on-site vaccines. they're hoping that other people, local officials, doctors, church groups, nascar, country music singers, popular people and institutions that are popular with white conservatives can tell the message better than they can, but this is a huge problem. there's a certain ceiling that
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they are hitting right now. i've talked to some people who work with rural groups who say, even with cash incentives to get the vaccine, they see people not coming back for the second shot, saying, you know, i already had covid, i don't need to do it. there's a real ceiling. the biden administration is working for more creative ways to reach these people, and certainly the announcement today that there is an immediate benefit that you can benefit from yourself to getting the vaccine was part of why they wanted to roll that out today. >> annie karni, to your point this is a real problem, your colleagues at "new york times" have incredible reporting about a private school in florida, of course, the opposite is true, but again, and frank, i take your point about not wanting to engage on this topic, but
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everything the white house is doing, everything that's being communicated isn't being undermined and nullified by this information coming out of once somewhat -- i hate to use the word represent table, but these are news organization that used to turn to for news. this is what's happening in a school in miami. one of the school's founders informed employees with a very heavy heart, if they choose to get a shot, they would have to stay away from students. in an example in how misinformation is used, ms. centner claimed in the letter that reports have surfaced of non-vaccinated people being -- dr. patel, first to you, the opposite is true, and how concerning is it to you that
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this isn't just a nut shouting during the 8:00 p.m. hour on fox, she runs a school. >> doctors in florida who were on that woman's facebook feed quickly -- we started texting each other and literally as it was happening said, where is this coming from? >> that's insane. there's no reason to not allow vaccinated individuals, especially in a school setting -- that's exactly what president biden wanted in march, to prioritize staff and faculty. number two, there have been now hundreds of millions of people who have received this vaccine around the world and in the united states, and we have been monitoring for these bizarre side effects that i have seen on social media, changing to all sorts of body functions, dna,
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all of it is false. it is still months after we started giving it effective at preventing you from dying -- let me repeat that again -- preventing you from dying and from being severely hospitalized. so the benefits far outweigh the risks. i'm very concerned about our education system as a side note, if this is the leadership we have in schools, but even more importantly, it's to your point, i don't know how the biden administration tackles this. and so if you're thinking inside the white house and you're ron klain and jeff zients, you need to make it so easy to get vaccinated that you trip over people, that you just can't avoid it. that might be how we finally get over this hump, combined with requiring if you want to participate in normal activities, you have to be vaccinated. that's getting us to the requirements or mandates we don't want to talk about, but
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frankly we need to get to that to level set the reality from the myth. >> annie, is there any consideration to picking up the phone? obviously tucker carlson is playing a game of chicken. is there any consideration to saying, you guys will have dead viewers on your hands? if you look at trump's margins, you may not want to kill too many more of the republican base? is there any consideration for the white house to say, can we draw the line at disinformation that might kill vulnerable americans? >> i this will that would be a high-risk strategy for them. they have -- even republicans -- we saw ivanka trump post a picture of her getting a vaccine, and the comments were vicious. even donald trump himself that is belatedly said -- encouraged people to get the vaccine. there's blowback on the trump family for getting the vaccine. so i think that, you know, the
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rye-wing commentators like tucker carlson understand there's a big anti-vax part of the base. the former president understood that when he refused to publicly get a vaccine. he knew there would be blowback from his supporters for doing that. so i don't think a call from ron klain or jen psaki would necessarily have the fox news talking heads change their messaging. one thing i did find interesting about tucker carlson's monologue last night was that that it illustrated they're still having trouble landing a direct hit on the biden administration. this -- this message came hours before biden himself steps out at the white house and said, you don't have to wear a mask outside anymore. it would almost make more sense if he was doing this in the face of news that biden is continues to insist on mask wearing. in fact, you know, if tucker
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carlson wants less mask wearing, he could amplify the president's message today, but he's turning it into a culture war. it doesn't match up with the facts comes out of the cdc and the government, which are actually saying something that he doesn't disagree with this this time. >> that's the irony of the whole thing, frank. that's why we covering it as disinformation. we're no longer having different takes on the news of the day. it's straight-up disinformation. annie karni knew, and surely tucker carlson knew that today president biden was expected to loosen the recommendations for mask wearing. so my question, frank, is what is the motivation no incentivizing behavior that could literally kill your own viewers? >> you want to keep the counter-narrative going. you want to disagree with the
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current administration as much as you can. perhaps he'll say tonight, look, even the president agrees with me, but he's going to keep one-upping biden. now he'll say nobody should be wearing a mask, and certainly no children. the way you counter disinformation is you makes it painful to keep putting it out. the school that you cited in the miami area, look, wealthy founders, wealthy donors very much a trump-based school -- take the money amp. how do you do that? teachers need to sue for losing their job for getting a vaccine. if they can't be in proximity to a child because they're going to choose to be healthy and vaccinate themselves, that need to go to court. the same goes for sponsors of fox, if they pull out of shows that keep putting on the disinformation, it hurts in the pocketbook. that's a legitimate way of
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countering extremism and disinformation. nicolle, you and i have had numerous discussions in the past about how long it would take for this country to come back from what trump did and the damage that's been done and what are we talking about today? literally a school educating children, sending a message that you don't want to be around anybody who's vaccinated. you know who that makes happy? people like vladimir putin, who are trying to control hearts and minds in the understand. united states. >> it's a tragedy. doctor, annie and frank, thank you all for saying yes to having this conversation. when we come back, there was a lot during the trump years that we lenders we couldn't thrust, lies, meddling in just about everything. so when you look at how much his white house and he personally tried to intervene in last year's census, it might make you wonder. the current president will address the nation tomorrow night laying out his priorities
1:22 pm
for the months ahead. as more killings of unamend black people at the hands of law enforcement continue. we'll preview. right-wing disinformation strikes against and again, making an issue and enraging the audience out of the something that literally does not exist. all those stories and more when "deadline: white house" continues after a quick break. don't go anywhere. " continues after a quick break. don't go anywhere. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! ( sighs wearily ) here, i'll take that! ( excited yell ) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one-gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health! ( abbot sonic ) >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. and nutrients to support immune health! this couple loves camping adventures and their suv is always there with them. so when their windshield got a chip, they wanted it fixed fast. they drove to safelite autoglass for a guaranteed, same-day, in-shop repair. we repaired the chip before it could crack. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them.
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one democratic group has filed cases, the first of many came hours after the commerce department released the results of the 2020 census, which forms the basis for deciding how many congressional seats each state can again. according to the results, texas gains two seats. five other states in the south gain one seat. seven states will actually lose a congressional districts, which includes new york, which would have kept all of its 27 seats if 89 more new yorkers had returned their census forms. that only highlights the question about the integrity. it took place under a trump administration slammed by federal judges for the many ways in which they sought too interferes loon the process. "new york times" reports the numbers are a product of the
1:27 pm
most embattled census process in decades. the trump a manufacturing tried and failed to have a citizenship questions added to the cents form, and to have unauthorized immigrants removed from the court. let's bring in donna edwards, and former republican congressman david jolley, national chairman of the serve america movement, both lucky for us msnbc contributors. my colleague rachel maddow said maybe there will be an asterisk in sort of the history books when this census is recorded alongside the other. do you trust the results of this census? >> i think it's unclear. i heard that secretary raymondo of the commerce department said
1:28 pm
she believed it was fair and complete, but there's reasons to be skeptical, given the shenanigans that was played by trump administration, and then there were questions among immigrant communities, given all of the angst expressed by the former administration around their status in the first place. so i think there is reason to be skeptical. but that said, i think it's important for the processes to go forward in the legislatures to begin drawing these lines. we know it's a highly divisive and political process, and at the end of the day, given the states and the population shift, we may see a bit of a wash when it comes to the numbers as they might affect the presidential
1:29 pm
election. >> david jolley, same question to you. one, do you trust the integrity of the census results? and two, your analysis of how it might impact or politics? our politicians? >> the majority that controls the house kind of hangs in the balance with some of these challenges to this census and to the reapportionment based on the census. you know, the constitution mandates that a census be held every ten years, but it also gives congress the authority to direct the conditions and the questions. the courts have largely protected the congress's prerogative around that. every ten years, and i was part of this process because of one of the committees i sat on, politicians try to inject themselves. on the republican side, they question the data science modeling that goes into getting a fair count of all americans. the other data and information that is collected, republicans
1:30 pm
have tried to restrict that. so some of the court challenges you will see will be challenging the validity of the numbers that the census has produced. i think the only strategy here for those who want to challenge this is to try to get split decisions in different federal court circuits, different federal court districts. then the open question, to donna's comment about the acting commerce secretary right now, where does the biden administration come down? does it defend the process that was largely conducted by the trump administration? does it stay silent? or does it come down suggesting the census neither tore revisited? it would seem a slim opportunity for the latter. >> if they do that analysis, donna, here are some dates that may be part of that. in march 26th of 2018, the commerce department orders the citizenship question to be put
1:31 pm
on the census. the court then blocks that. the trump orders the census to excludes undocumented immigrants. january 21st, biden reseriouses trump order on excluding undocumented immigrants. what does that pour tend to david jolly's point, donna? >> well, i think it was a very, very problematic census. i mean, keep in mind, for example, if you were an undocumented person, you are supposed to be counted, because the census requirement -- the constitutional requirement is we count every person in the united states. people were afraid, they were afraid to step up, afraid to be counted. there was a back and forth about who was going to be counted and when, and then there were all the changes in the process that the president announcing at one point there would be an extension, then pulling back on
1:32 pm
that. so i think there are going to be plenty of grounds to challenge the census count, and i would encourage, you know, especially some of these democratic-leaning groups, where the numbers are close and the margins are close, to take whatever legal remedy there is to make sure that we had indeed a fair and accurate and complete census count. we're stuck with this for a decade, nicolle. that means everything from determining apportionment, but also determining the resources that are allocated to communities, the way federal dollars are spent. this is no small matter. >> so we've spent a lot of time, david jolly, talking about what all the republican-controlled legislatures are doing around voter suppression, now around criminalizing assembly and protests.
1:33 pm
let me summarize this information. for a party that has shown a real appear title for picking their voters, for structuring elections around where their voters will be and tend to vote, that seems ominous. >> it does, nicolle. republicans feel very good about the results of the census, the affect that more republican-leaning parts of the country picked up seats. the important part that you presented is where republicans picked up seats, you also have republican control of the map drawing in many jurisdictions. florida being a perfect example. even though voters have tried to put greater restrictions, still republican legislators will test the boundaries of those
1:34 pm
restrictions. so what you will see is a race against the clock. can they get republican-friendly maps enacted before the 2022 election? in most states where politics have a heavy hands in map drawing, you see challenges have to work their way through the court process before the final decision. they also know the census reapportionment alone will not give them back the house. they still have the work to do even with a friendly census outcome. >> donna evers, and david jolly, we'll stick with it. they are both sticking around. the president's address tomorrow is expected to move congress now and quickly on reforms for law enforcement as the number of black people killed by police continues to rise. for many, talk needs to turn into action and now. that's next. into action and now. that's next.
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today more responseses from the federal government to police-involved shootings of black americans. a civil rights investigation has been opened into the shooting death of anthony brown, jr.. it comes one day off amid the
1:39 pm
ongoing sweeping probe following george floyd's murder. the white house says biden will list police reform, which he has discussed with lawmakers as a major priority in his big speech tomorrow night to a joint session of congress, as the white house negotiates for any renewed attempts at a breakthrough around legislation at that front. we'll learning more about what that will entail. chum schumer says senator tim scott and democrats, quote, are making good progress. let's bring in our conversation, retired seattle police chief carmen best, and mike memoli. mike memoli, what should we expect to hear from the president tomorrow night on this topic. >> nicolle, based on my conversation with white house officials and my colleagues on the white house beat for nbc are having as well, it's clear that policing reform and the largest issues of racial justice will be
1:40 pm
a more significant part of this president's first joint speech to congress than any joint address from a recent president in recent memory. there's a very important reason for that, noim. as we mark the 100th day of administration, and for joe biden especially he feels a real obligation to deliver on the promises he made not just to voters, but specifically to the floyd family. this time around a year ago where the biden campaign had to be grounded, it was floyd's death and the demonstrations followed that led biden out on the campaign trail, let him to go to houston for the first time on a plane during the pandemic era to meet with the flight
1:41 pm
-- floyd family. the chamber tomorrow night will look very different from past speeches to congress for a president. one of them is that the first lady will not be able to have guests sitting with her that a president would refer to, but i was texting last week with an official after the chauvin verdict, and certainly it was a good best had they have had the ability to have guests, you may have seen floyd's daughter, who as president biden has referred to often, said my daddy changed the world. look for the president to try to give his lift to the negotiations that are underway. the white house feels that they are making progress. the white house has confidence in karen bass, cory booker, who is meeting with tim scott. it's important to note that republicans see this as an important priority, the selection of tim scott as the republican to respond to the president's speech tomorrow also
1:42 pm
shows that they see this as something that needs to get done. that's why, unlike a lot of other issues, republicans are giving scott a real legwork to go into these negotiations with their colleagues. i think his endorsement, if a breakthrough is made, will be significant. >> well, that was my question for you, mike memoli. tim scott isn't just the republican party's sort of designee for these negotiations. he seems to be to be negotiating in good faith. on his own part he's been selected to respond tomorrow night, but there's a cacophony undermining the very idea that police reform in america is necessary. is the white house sort of aware of, or intent on trying to do anything to give tim scott any extra running room, or are they just staying out of the negotiations? what is their strategy with that? >> yeah, the way this was
1:43 pm
described to me in the than session was, depending on what happened in the georgia runoffs, the blueprint moving forward for george floyd updated justice and pleasing act would either be the democratic version from the house that passed last year with some modifications to bring republicans along or the tim scott version proposed last year, introduced in the senate with some modifications. obviously democrats won those runoffs. democrats do have control, but i think they do see tim scott here as an important player, and the stumbling block, those of course is this issue of qualified immunity. there was a warning sign today about just how far tim scott can go, ian caldwell asked a senate minority leader mitch mcconnell about where negotiations were heading. he expressed some concern. the white house for its part today was asked if they were prepared to compromise on that issue, and they want they wouldn't be negotiating from the podium, but that's an important
1:44 pm
sticking point. hopefully they're making progress. >> carmen, what is your sense of what law enforcement could come to the table and support as well if there's bipartisan consensus around a big police reform package? >> well, i think we all recognize that there's a need for the significant please -- police reform. a lot of attempts have been made. i think there's an opportunity to move this forward on a national basis. the sticking point, of course, will be the officers will want some sort of immunity in some ways, in regardless to personal liability if there's a civil rights allegation or violation. so that's going to be something going to the profession, which is already very tough, that will be, you know, something that law enforcement will definitely want to see. on the other hand, those really want to make sure there is appropriate accountability, will
1:45 pm
want to be a punitive measure you are, whereby there is no immunity on civil rights violations. i do think there's an opportunity to compromise on that, and it's been stated before, could possibly have, you know, the department be liable and to cover the cost for any civil rights violations, as the departments have the responsibility to train, to teach, and to make sure that they hold officers account annual to behaviors in the field. i'm very hopeful, and i believe there's an opportunity there's light at the end of the tunnel there's a way to push this forward. too much is at risk if we don't have any change at all. >> carmen, there's a heartbreaking drumbeat of tragedies that seem to unfold at a faster clip. it seems to be faster than once a week. what is going on? >> that's a great question. i have asked that myself. it seems like every day we hit a new low, another incident before we can even recuperate.
1:46 pm
it's hard to answer that. i don't know exactly what it is, if people are in the profession and both on the field are hyper-sensitive, hyper-alert, maybe overreacting in some cases? maybe in other cases, because the public is so laser-focused on what is happening, things are getting more attention. there's a lot of reasons why it is happening, but at the end of the day, we know we have seen a lot of issues that need a second look at what occurred. it's a real stringent accountability measures in place. one of the things i will add is there needs to be continuity in agencies. we have some agencies that will release information, some that don't, some release partial information, some don't. having a consistent set of guidelines that every single organization has to follow would be helpful in people understanding and building credibility and legitimacy within policing. >> carmen best, and nbc's mike
1:47 pm
memoli, thank you so much for spending time with us. we'll be talking a lot more in the 24 hours. the lie put out this week by several conservative outlets about the vice president may have been half-heartedly walked back, but the leaders that led with the lie are very happy to lead it out there with all the supporters out there to see. that story is next. supporters out there to see. that story is next was that your grandfather, paving the way for change. did they brave mother nature... and walk away stronger? did they face the unknown, with resolve...and triumph. ♪♪ there's strength in every family story. learn more about yours. at ancestry. tonight, i'll be eating a pork banh mi with extra jalapeños.
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another day, another heaping serving of gop misinformation, another myth ping-ponging around the administration. vice president kamala harris' book propped up against a backpack by a migrant in california. they alleged falsely, without retribution, that migrants in the shelter were given the book as some kind of welcome kit. the post has since deleted the story from its website, but from that front page and picture, fox news, of course, picked it up, repeating the false claim, this time with the salutation. the "washington post" said, long
1:52 pm
beach city officials told the "washington post" that harris' book is not being handed out in welcome kits. a single copy of the book was donated during a citywide donation drive, officials said. they keep telling lie after lie after lie. i swear from the beginning, this daily dose sort of cheap shot lie is the new republican crack addiction, david jolly. i think because dominion has sued them for billions of dollars, they do this sort of half-pedal -- this is ainsley earhardt. peter asked a wonderful question
1:53 pm
because we heard that, but they're just saying a book was donated in the citywide drive. they're not being placed in these kits. and then he said, well, i think she was making money on it. has nobody done spring cleaning? the book was donated to the shelter, and lots of people donate things to their area shelters. but the point here, david jolly, that i think is the real danger -- yesterday it was this lie about burgers, today it's this lie about kamala harris' book. it's the real tell that they haven't got anything substantive. >> that's it, the media conservative virus at large is devoid of policy and it's largely around stories that you mentioned, this conspiracy around meat consumption, around kamala harris' book. if the vice president's book is being provided to migrant
1:54 pm
children in a welcome kit to america, who cares? perhaps every kid should be introduced to the values the united states government wishes to put upon the world stage. if it means that the vice president has a book about empowering children who are one of the -- at one of the weakest, most vulnerable point in their lives? big deal. it's a bunch of garbage but it's the only currency republicans have in this environment, and sadly, because of the conservative media apparatus that elevates this nonsense, it's effective. >> i always make this analogy when i'm talking to my team donna, but i was so affected by that documentary "supersize me, what happens to one human body when he lived on mcdonald's food for all three meals."
1:55 pm
that's really the only analogy i can come up with for the republican party, just full of fat and sugar and junk. >> they have no gain. this is nothing else to say. they don't really have policy they can lean on. they're devoid of leadership, so then they devolve into this kind of nonsense. at first when i read that story, i actually thought it was a joke because it was so unbelievable as to be unbelievable because it's unbelievable. and it reminded me of that teenage game that you play, gossip, where the thing that starts out is not the place that you end up at the end. and this seems to be a repeat performance by not just the news media but by republican leaders. senator cotton, congressman jordan, the chair of the republican party.
1:56 pm
this is all they have to offer the american people, and i think it is the reason that joe biden remains strong, his popularity high, because americans are rejecting the nonsense. >> and i guess the warning here that i'll put down as a marker is that it always escalates. i mean, the attacks on president obama started pretty small and stupid as well, and they escalated to delegitimizing him as a legitimate president with birtherism. we'll stay on it. i appreciate both of you. donna evans and david jolly, thank you for being with us today. after a quick break, don't go anywhere. we're just getting started. eak,t go anywhere. we're just getting started shouldn't something, you know, wacky be happening right now? we thought people could use a break. we've all been through a lot this year.
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domestic violence extremism or dve. dve is growing in the united states. >> as we battle violent extremism, foreign and domestic. >> meeting the violent threat of violent extremism. >> violent extremism, white supremacy, domestic terrorism that we must confront and we will defeat. hi again, everyone. it's 5:00 in the east. the biden administration has stressed since day one its priority to confront the growing threat of domestic violent extremism in this country. late yesterday it took another big step to do so as homeland security secretary mayorkas
2:01 pm
announced an internal review to rule out extremists in the department's ranks. in a memo to staff, the secretary not holding back in his assessment, writing this, quote, domestic violent extremism poses the biggest threat in america today. we will not allow hateful acts or violent extremism to penetrate the fabric of our department and fundamentally compromise our ability to protect the home land. the "new york times" said the announcement on monday highlights the administration's decision to prioritize combatting domestic extremism after decades in which the government at times dismissed it as a minor threat or hesitated to invest additional resources to fight it. it is also a pivot from the
2:02 pm
approach taken by president donald j. trump, who pressured federal agencies to divert resources to target the antifa movement and left wing groups, even though law enforcement authorities -- nbc news, the pentagon orders pause across military to address extreism in its ranks. what incited the insurrection to the capitol and lie open the threat of extremism. the wave of election bills have not slowed. 61 bills have come up in 47 states. republicans are not really concerned about voting fraud, because there isn't any. the concern is more that
2:03 pm
everyone can vote who wants to. the biden administration showing no tolerance for extremism as the gop continues pushing false narratives is where we start this hour, with some of our favorite reporters and friends. karen is here, an msnbc contributor. also joining us, chief of staff of homeland security during the trump years. he's the co-founder and adviser to the group public political reliance for integrity reform. also joining us, national security clint watts and former fbi agent. miles, i start with you. is there extreism at dhs? did you see any? >> look, there is no doubt this is out of control, and i start with former president trump's
2:04 pm
terrorism put people in danger, without question. when it comes to the ranks of the federal government, when the dhs secretary says this is one of the most pernicious national security threats to the country and the most serious terror threat, the first thing you want to make sure to do is make sure your ranks have not been infiltrated by those individuals. this isn't a political move, this is what we do when we try to screen and weed out foreign spies from our work force, weed out international terrorists, weed out transnational terror criminals, so it's right and appropriate that the homeland security is screening our work for us to make sure there are not domestic terrorists who have infiltrated the department. what i will say, nicolle, they have to handle this with kid gloves, because if there is a hint of a political notion behind this, it will undermine the cause. i believe they'll do it in a disciplined way, but they've got to do it cautiously. >> if a democrat said you have
2:05 pm
to use kid gloves to root out terrorism, every republican i know would kill them. do you want to elaborate on your point about kid gloves? >> sorry, nicolle, i missed this. we lost you in the audio. >> so you said that mayorkas has to use kid gloves in rooting out extremism in the ranks of the department of homeland security, and perhaps no agent, you know this better than me, was no more politicized to donald trump's sadism than the one you were chief of staff to. i think if a democrat used the word kid gloves in rooting out terrorism, you and i and everyone we knew would kill them. what do you mean by kid gloves? >> we have to make sure there is no interference in the process, because you're absolutely right, nicolle. everything donald trump did in the u.s. was politicized and it put this country in danger.
2:06 pm
i believe they are taking actions in an apolitical way. they must do it carefully, because right now there are critics who will pounce and say this review is just meant to rule out people who are conservatives. i don't believe that to be the case, but they've got to approach the case delicately, but it's important that they do it. this is a very big sign that the biden administration and taking the threat seriously in a way that donald trump never did. >> so, clint watts, what does that look like when the extremists themselves associate with one political party? i have run the video, i'm not going to do it again today, of the insurrection countless times. there aren't any biden-harris flags there. they were carrying trump flags and confederate flags. they weren't carrying american flags, for the most part, they were carrying trump flags. what is the most careful and conservative exoneration look like if you cleave off affinity?
2:07 pm
>> what is extreme behavior? they'll have to define that and define it very clearly. they have to enforce it in the ranks. the department has been through this before, and i realize some of the language in the memo comes to them. when i was young, we had problems with supremacy in the ranks, and we did run some of these programs, but it was an added challenge. the added challenge this time is there is no foreign interrogation specialist. if we were dealing with international terrorists, if they were talking about al qaeda and others, that is fairly easy to police. in this case it is not. we've seen, as we talked about it before, overlap between law enforcement and many militia
2:08 pm
type groups. we've seen people from the law enforcements and law enforcement groups and asians show up during the intersection. as soon as they show up to a training, they'll have views that often times over the last five years, it was routine when i would go see baga cell savers. i think the law enforcement by donald trump has really come to fracture everything from our state and local level in terms of our law enforcement agencies. >> elizabeth newman has made this point, too. obviously we have a freedom to associate with whoever we want in this country, but that's not what we're talking about. we're talking about the folks that christopher wray has been secretly jumping up and down and warning people about. that's a radicalized extremist.
2:09 pm
can you talk about what they are demonstrating for rather than president reagan and someone who has been rationaleized. do they have a racial bias that undermines the way they conduct their job. it really is conduct unbecoming of the position. i think the second part will be any sort of notation toward vai lentz. when we're doing radicalization training, we usually talk about the idealogy, prefer to look at that. and the other thing is
2:10 pm
processes, institutions, the chain of command and the fabric of america itself. it's pretty bizarre at this point -- in our country they used to ask the question, have you ever tried to be part of an embassy or tried to overthrow the government? for the first time in our country, i think people can't say no to that. they're actually saying yes to that question. a lot of these questions we always took for granted is why do we ever. >> well, that's so a madsing, and you all know this. miles and i applying for if, and it is one of the screens. fblg, it relids on the truthfully back if youly liblg
2:11 pm
on top of the background checks. >> we've increased the number of domestic ter r n when i got here to about 2,000 now. that's domestic terrorism overall. when it comes to racially motivated violent extremism, the number of arrests have grown significantly on my watch, and the number of arrests, for example, of racially motivated violent extremists who are what you would categorize as white supremacists last year was almost triple the number it was my first year as director. >> so, carol, i thought of that testimony today. as i said, i've been a government employee and your background check is conducted by the fi. real vetting of all in a truly
2:12 pm
novel of the federal government and those who are essential threats? >> i think it's going to be very interesting. on the one hand this conversation has focused on being really careful not to make this a political litmus test. if you have an agri supervisor, it doesn't mean you're trying to overthrow the governments. a ifs, and about frlt & can --
2:13 pm
pence and make sure the certification of the election of president biden wasn't actually certified and didn't go forward. those things rnlt -- social media pages today. and people have skron shots of that nfrgs and they themselves violated the orders. forgive me my phone. they violated the orders -- it's just news. >> right. >> whether they violated their own social media policies and whether or not they were engaged in something that was along the lines of what clint's talking about. i know from interviewing people at the secret service, they are very board this and they have
2:14 pm
essentially been reviewing in sort of a data mining way, and i would like to know are they encouraging certain things that would ly. >> this reminds me so much of the moment wasie lekd, then candidate barack obama aeb aeb hef wurnl. people were in white supremacist gruchs stoking that momently -- a national security expert who was waving the flag and saying
2:15 pm
trees extremist threat are the highest they've ever been, and it's a number inform many. especially republicans in congress who are saying, wait a minute. those those -- are you going past conservatives who want a moment of the past? it is misinformation that they are being fled make extremists who want to flee? it's just been higher and higher. >> i'm going to let you finish kbrour phone call, but we want to pick up on this, miles. let me just say there, obviously there are plenty who are republicans and who support
2:16 pm
republican causes but that is not who we are talking about. we're talking about people who associate themselves with the goodness of the insurrection, who voesht themselves with stop the steal, who went to the capitol, who disassociate themselves with extrajudicial in the "new york times" that donald trump knew he was afford them pardons that said great reporting from andrea haber man about to name the national
2:17 pm
security charm and it was not clear what mr. trump meant by his request or his additional comment to mr. mcaleenan. there may be reporting at the pentagon that comes close to this, but this was a shocking look inside the department that you helped run, and trump being comfortable knowingly asking senior people to break the law. i just wonder if you can speak to what impact that had on how much authority people felt like they had there and whether you feel any nexus with extremism? >> you know what, any nicolle -- nicolle, i absolutely do. it was very clear what donald trump meant. he wanted people to break the law and do things at the border
2:18 pm
that were unethical, immoral and unconstitutional, and he was offering them a get out of jail free card to get it. that's one of the reasons i quit the administration shortly thereafter was because of that episode which we immediately reported to our lawyers, because we were concerned that the president himself had violated the law in making that offer. what impact did that have on the department of homeland security? it politicized the department. it also made senior leaders afraid once trump conducted a surge, and they failed to follow through on that demand and it made them not answer tickle threats. there is an historic level of hip oc rhysy.
2:19 pm
thls the deep state trying to target conserve -- conservative. that's what we're talking about here. it is serious, and there is hip -- hypocrisy here because for years they criticized the obama administration, saying they weren't calling it what it was, terrorism. now republicans are making that accusation, refusing to call domestic terrorism what it is, a clear and present danger to the united states. >> miles taylor, carol lennick and clint watts, thank you very much for having this conversation at this hour. i'm anxious to talk to all of you. the rift of liz cheney and kevin mccarthy after liz
2:20 pm
cheney's failure to combat saumt in rlt. it's come down to this. they will give people a $100 savings bond if they get vaccinated. the white house continues after a quick break. don't go anywhere. house continu after qua ick break. don't go anywhere. tonight, i'll be eating fried avocado tacos. [doorbell rings] [doorbell rings] thank you. ooo...
2:21 pm
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(text chime) (sighs) (text chime) (chuckles) (text chime) it's the biggest week in television. watchathon week is your chance to finally watch shows you missed for free. now you get to talk about them with your friends, no matter what time it is. say "watchathon" into your voice remote and watch for free do you believe president trump -- or former president trump should be speaking at cpap this weekend?
2:24 pm
>> yes, he should. >> ms. cheney? >> that's up to president trump. i don't believe he should be playing the role for each party in our country. >> on that high note, thank you very much. >> i love that. the riff within the house gop, full display back in february between a leader and kevin mccarthy and the trump allies who want to make the deep platform former guy, who is holed up in mar-a-lago, carrying things out by carrier pigeon. signs today that the rift between those two, mccarthy and cheney, have deepened since that a few weeks ago. mccarthy is saying there is still a place for liz cheney.
2:25 pm
>> is liz cheney a good fit for your department? >> wow. that comes -- can we hear liz? that comes a day after cheney publicly broke with mccarthy on the scope of a bipartisan commission to investigate the capitol insurrection, agreeing with democrats that the commission should focus solely on what happened on january 25th and not political violence on the far left, as team trump wants, even though it was right wing extremists with their flags who stormed the capitol. trump told "politico," if you minimize what happened on january 6th and we appease it, then we will be in a situation where every election cycle, you could potentially have another conversation and guarantee a
2:26 pm
situation where we don't guarantee a peaceful transfer of power, we won't have learned the lessons of january 6. eugene, i'm sure you've seen the breaking news. liz cheney is now taking up space underneath donald trump's skin. he just put out one of his miss missives, attacking her. i was about to go on the air and she said to me, this is a security story. liz cheney sees the republicans, it would appear, as part of the problem when it comes to homeland and national security. >> i think that's right. you know, she has been out talking about this from the very, very, very beginning, and i think what we're seeing here between the mccarthys of the party and the liz cheneys of the party is that they are both making completely different political calculations. he is making one that if they do take back the house in 2022,
2:27 pm
he's very likely to be speaker of the house, and so he has to go all in on the kinds of things that are about trumpism, right? it's not just that he has to hug president trump, he has to hug trumpism. that's the politics of content, never backing down, supporting people who may have bad ideas and ideas that he may not even agree with personally for what he sees as kind of the survival of the party. liz cheney doesn't see it that way, right? she is seeing it as it had nothing to do with antifa, it had nothing to do with anti-racism protesters, so why would we be looking into that? i think what we're going to continue to see and what is probably bad news for liz cheney is that she seems to be in the minority here, right? the republican party seems to be largely in the camp of what mccarthy has been talking about and sharing over the past few
2:28 pm
months and that includes seeing president trump as the leader, former president trump as the leader of the the party, and, more importantly, seeing trumpism -- there's not a lot of policy in that. trumpism as the beating heart of the party. that is something the -- the trump word is good in 2022 that if they win in the primary bought not the general election, that will tell us a lot about who made the right decision here. >> i worked with liz cheney when i worked for george w. bush. there is nothing moderate. there are no sanded off-squeezing democrats. she is a hard-core democratic republican, but there is no
2:29 pm
word. kevin mccarthy is the opposite. there is nothing put politics, and they can't co-exist. what liz cheney said there, if we do not investigate and hold accountable those who incited in the insurrection know how it happened, then we will no longer be a democracy whose hallmark is already a peaceful transfer of power. she's saying this will happen again and again and again. this is six republicans who have appeared with or have associations with the very malicious scrutiny. even if it doesn't prevail, what do you do with the security threat that the republicans now present? >> it looks like republicans are not going to deal with it. i think to build off the excellent points that eugenie is
2:30 pm
it -- eugene has made, it wasn't a problem. i know we don't elect our presidents through national elections, but in seven of eight national elections, republicans have lost the popular vote. she understands citing with trumpism, as eugene said, means con signing the republican party to that minority space for a whilely. this is a problem, she said, that is going to continue. if an election as pain and you
2:31 pm
can imagine when we have a genuinely close election how much harder it is going to be. the peaceful transfer of power which has really been the hallmark of our collections, never we are difficult. >> i'm going to give you one more point, eugene, that shows liz cheney can read a poll. a new nbc poll, actually, asks the whether whether or not you're more of a trump supporter or support of the gop. 44% still say they're a trump supporter, but 50% say they're a republicans reporter. it's the secondly polls higher
2:32 pm
than that. do you think that gets liz cheney a little bit more space up there? >> i think so. it makes her feel probably a little less lonely. something that both of you know, having worked in white houses and done campaigns, voters aren't stupid, right? and so they can read tea leaves just like i can, just like anyone who gets in front of a camera and talks about this stuff all day can. so as they're watching president trump kind of lose his grip, if this happens, lose his grip on republican leadership as -- you don't see him that often, you only hear him on false news,
2:33 pm
the, but his twitter left out part of the conversation. that's why he was able to say, maybe i'll run for president, because you're more interesting as a politician if you're going to run for president. being a former president, i'll likely vote for you. i think he's trying to be part of the the consideration, especially for voters that really used to be the base of the republican party. those white leadership to follow that particular business and ifrful. . if he wins in 2022, that's a
2:34 pm
different conversation, so i think that is something that leadership has to catch up with the republic respect party on. let's say it's marco rubio, it's not going to be, dad nab it, that we're going to continue to see this nitpicking. >> rob gibbs, ms. cheney has not ruled out the presidency. would you like to roll out a liz cheney option? >> i think she's smart to keep her options open if only to keep the conversation going as the person trying to direct the republican party in a different direction.
2:35 pm
here's the one thing i would say about those poll numbers, if you have 35% for donald trump and people not splitting up the trump gop vote in a republican primary, i don't have to tell you what happens to who might be the nominee, because trumpism hasn't left the party. we saw in 2016 when different candidates like marco rubio and ted cruz went through their "i'm going to try to be trump phase," we found out they're not as good as acting like donald trump than donald trump is acting like donald trump. i think the party still has a huge challenge. liz cheney is waving her arms desperately for the party to deal with it and deal with it now. i didn'tly. >> eugene daniels and robert gibbs, we will return.
2:36 pm
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2:39 pm
for years senator hillenbrand was trying to curb sexual assault. that's because the pentagon failed to rid sexual assault
2:40 pm
from its ranks. more than a dozen army officials were fired or suspended due to sexual harrassment. now guillenbrand's bill is making a major shift. a recent survivor came out in support of the bill. that should make other senators get behind one of the biggest changes in military rules in history. senator guillenbrand joins us now. i remember when you started offering this bill. how far did this get and what has senator ernst done to help? >> the commandant by commanders was horrible and it did not hold
2:41 pm
any perpetrators responsible. second, you had president obama say reform was needed. he asked his secretary of defense to create a panel to review the issue, and they said they also believed these revisions should be taken out of the chain of command. third, you've got individual senators who are at a point where they want to support reform. jodi ernst the only republican female who was in combat supports this legislation, and so does some of the more moderate democratic senators who were on the armed services committee and wanted to see if other reforms worked first, people like angus king and mark warner and john tester. those senators have now changed their view and they are supporting the bill. you just have growing momentum. because we've put into place every small piece of low-hanging fruit you can imagine. we've had several panels come up
2:42 pm
with recommendations. during the entire eight years i've been either the ranking or the chairwoman of the subcommittee. so i put those reforms in place, and they haven't made it better. now we still have an estimated 20,000 incidents of sexual harrassment last year. we had a 60% amount of retaliation for those who came forward to report. and support has gone down since i started working on this issue. we're not getting better in any regard. there is no measure saying we're taking care of this. what has been so frustrating, the commander since dick cheney, secretary of defense since dick cheney has said there's zero tolerance for sexual assault. everyone on the committee has said, i've got this, ma'am, we can do this. there is no evidence they have this, and, in fact, they've done so poorly on any objective
2:43 pm
measurable. >> i want to read from this ft. hood report, because you're right, this is probably the force of will and this issue hasn't gotten better. let me read the "new york times" reporting on this investigation. they write, the investigation released on tuesday found major flaws at ft. hood and a command climate that was permissive of sexual harrassment and assault. it allowed the combat to slip into survivor mode where they were vulnerable and preyed upon but feared to report for being ostracized and victimized. do you have a sense of where these traumatized women are in places where there hasn't been an investigation like this one at ft. hood and how we help them now? >> so if we do change the law, and instead of the commander who is within their chain of command
2:44 pm
making the decision about whether these cases should go to trial, that decision will now be given to a trained military prosecutor who has no bias, doesn't know the accused or the accuser and is trained in criminal justice. today's commanders are not lawyers, they are not trained in criminal justice, and their jags that support them are generalists. they also have very little criminal training experience. i also think if a prosecutor is in charge of these decisions, they will take more kisz and actually try more cases success successfully. that's why i think this could give confidence for survivors to come forward, confident that the criminal justice system is worthy of their sacrifice and confident that justice might be possible. >> yeah, i mean, you see that in other situations where if you see justice being meted out for a victim, sometimes it gives you
2:45 pm
confidence to come forward. i wonder if you could just quickly speak to what happens next. if sounds like there are many republicans, perhaps, joining the effort. what is the next step for the legislation? >> well, tomorrow several of us will be in a press conference. senator grassley has been on this issue with me from the beginning, and to have new members like senator ernst and angus king and mark warner be joining that cause, with all the people who have been there from the beginning like ted cruz and mazie honore, it is so widely supported. we will have 60 votes in the senate. so we will announce this new legislation that we added some prevention measures that was very important to senator ernst,
2:46 pm
and we tightened up the language so more senators were comfortable with it and hopefully we can move forward. we hope to place this amendment in the baseline bill. it will have the kind of support that it might not have to be voted on on the floor. if it has to be voted on the floor, that might take another couple months to get the vote on that, but i have every confidence that we will get this done. >> it's just a huge deal to have something this big and this consequential with so many bipartisan support. senator gillenbrand, thank you for joining us today. the white house returns after a quick break. don't go anywhere. ite house ret after a quick break. don't go anywhere. o safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust.
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at we're going to give every single one of these people, the people that have already stepped up, our young people, our young people that have already stepped up and been vaccinated, and every single one of our young people we're going to give a $100 saving bond to every single one that steps up and takes their vaccines. >> that's west virginia's republican governor jim justice incentivizing vaccinations for young people in his state. it's a $100 saving bond that
2:50 pm
will go to west virginians 16 to 35 who decide to take the jab as well as those who already have. the governor said demand for the vaccine has dipped in his state in recent weeks. about 75% in that age group and not received even one dose of the covid vaccine yet. leaders across this country are trying to get creative and incentivize vaccinations including the cdc which announced fully vaccinated people no longer are recommended to wear masks outside except for in very large gatherings. someone who doesn't love this idea is the codirector of the center for vaccine development and dean of the national school of medicine at baylor college. what do you think? >> well, it's not completely terrible, but i have mixed feelings about it, nicole. here's why. >> tell me. >> first of all, i do sympathize with the governor. he's in a tight spot as are all the governors because the bar is
2:51 pm
quite high. we know the transmission of this virus by the summer, we have to reach between 75% and 80% of americans to slow or halt virus transmission, bring it down to containment mode, number one. number two, 20% of the u.s. population is automatically ineligible for the vaccine because they're under the age of 12 and we don't have data to support the use of it in kids. that means all the adults. large segments of the american people are not getting vaccinated. so i appreciate the creativity. and i think it's worth exploring different approaches. what i'm concerned about are the optics of our place in terms of the world stage. i mean, here we have people across india, a billion people, desperate, clamoring for vaccine. for all practical purposes we're
2:52 pm
not vaccinating sub sahara and africa. such horrible tragedy. to my mind, we look like a nation of sulky adolescents that we have to hand them $100 bill or basically $100 savings bond to get them vaccinated, and that gives me some pause for a concern. >> well, you're absolutely right. i mean, we are a country dealing with our own largely self-made problems, this extreme toxics polarization that makes the governor of west virginia have to pay people to do what's in their own health interest and what is in the public health interest so we don't transmit the virus. but you're right. we look like gluttons on the world stage. we have these safe and well tested vaccines and we're paying people to take them. can you speak about what else in your view we could be doing to help places really struggling like india? >> well, for india, what we have
2:53 pm
to do is recognize the magnitude of the problem. and, nicole, there are 1.1 billion people in india. and they have to be vaccinated. we have to reach the same levels of vaccination we're reaching in america. so that's 800, 900 million people times two. so we're talking almost two billion doses of vaccine. so in the immediate days, we now have to bring out oxygen for the hospitals because there is a terrible run on a weakened health system and now we have to enable india, which is the world's largest producer of vaccines to allow them to do it. we have to ask them, what do you need to help so we can help you make your vaccines for the population of india and do whatever it takes because the world's largest democracy, we
2:54 pm
can't have that. this has to be all hands on deck for the g7 countries. this has to be our top priority to do everything that we can to help them. >> in that context, it certainly makes our issues here at home of hesitancy, which are largely rooted in political ied yolgys so silly. i wonder if you could speak briefly about removing the recommendation for masks outdoors. >> yeah. some would say it's overdue. i think in this case the issue is we haven't really set forth a road map for the country in how we're lifting restrictions. it is coming in drips and draps. the calls we're making are not bad. it is not context chulized or sin that sized for the american people. we need to fully vaccinate the country by the summer. and at that point, it will improve.
2:55 pm
it will look something like it did in 2019. masks can come off entirely. we can congregate in bars and restaurants and sports venues and music concerts. but we can only do that when we get virus transmission way, way down, and that's going to take another few weeks, another six to eight weeks. so this is how we're going to do this on a week by week basis for another six to eight weeks. that would make more sense to the american people. i get that. that makes a lot of sense. >> a conditions based return to normal. doctor, thank you for sharing your wisdom and comments with us. finally, as we do every single day, remembering lives well-lived. just two months before she passed, alison williams told one of her closest friends that she was working on fulfilling her purpose, our life goal. truth was in her 37 years, alison fought more than her fair share of battles. she faced challenges.
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some of them health related. some of them just, you know, life. but again and again and again she picked herself up and she fought. so she told her friend she wanted to take those experiences, that pain and give back to other women and help them overcome their challenges. such grace. and such strength. you really had to try hard to be in a bad mood around alison. she was an absolute day brightener who was active in church and a member of her choir. a friend told us you could always pick out alison's proud mississippi accent from somey in the tenure test. she was so proud of her son, a high school football player and a terrific kwoung man. he's truly a living, breathing reminder of all the good his mom sought to put in the world. we will be right back. [tv announcer] come on down to our appliance superstore where we've got the best deals on refrigerators, microwaves, gas ranges and grills. and if you're looking for...
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thank you so much for letting us into your home during these extraordinary times. "the beat" starts right now. hi, ari. welcome back. >> welcome back to "the beat." a turning point arriving on covid while misinformation endures. ahead this hour, how the white house has a joint session of congress and how things looked when i visited there for some reporting today. plus matt gaets. the cdc issuing guidance that people can go walking and socializing outside without a mask if you are not in a crowd. >> for vaccinated people, outdoor activities without a mask are safe. >> the


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