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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  May 19, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> thanks for being with us here tonight, i will see you again tomorrow night. you know tomorrow night is? it is friday eve, i'll see you them. now it's time for the last word would lawrence o'donnell. good evening, lawrence. >> good evening, rachel. katie porter's gonna join us tonight because she did it
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again. she did another one of those crushing's of a ceo in a house hearing -- but she's not going to join us until the end of the hour because we have so much ground to cover before that, including the return of andrew weisberg and tim o'brien who were rushed into service last night as we were speaking in this moment, bookers were frantically trying to find experts to talk about this development of the new york state attorney general. embarking on the criminal investigation of donald trump. it is only fair that they get 24 hours to digest that and come back tonight with their expert views, of where we stand tonight. the story has developed a little bit. we now have reporting indicating that it's been more than a month or so since the trump lawyers found out about this criminal investigation. >> yeah, and there is new reporting from cnn tonight, we
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have not confirmed it but cnn has said that the new york attorney generals office has appeared to have held on to a piece of the criminal investigation themself, even though some of it has been handed to the da's office. according to cnn's reporting tonight, which we have not verified, they're saying that the a.g.'s office has high held on to criminal tax investigation of the chief financial -- which is adam weisselberg, which adds another layer of complexity, and also adds a pressure point in terms of who's worried about their future. >> michael cohen told him earlier this evening that he expects, for what it is worth, that he expects that if donald trump gets quartered on this, he will just blame everyone else in the organization from alan weisselberg, to his own children. michael cohen says that donald trump will say, that was eric's job, i don't know anything about it. >> yes, seriously the fact that
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the thing that we know that they have consulted about payments to ivanka, got the payments could've been not kosher, potentially she was up paid in ways to conceal tax fraud. if that's one of the things that the company is going to get in trouble for, who do you cut off at that point to try to save yourself? if one of your financial schemes benefited one of your kids? >> it is the year of defendant trump, he's already a defendant in civil lawsuits and it is just a question of whether he's going to become a criminal defendant in georgia or new york. >> thank you my friend. >> thank you, rachel. and now there are three. three criminal investigations of donald trump win georgia for potential violation of election law, and two in new york, by the manhattan district attorney and the attorney general of the state of new york.
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24 hours ago, it was breaking news to us that the new york state attorney general is conducting a criminal investigation of donald trump and his businesses. it was not breaking news to donald trump. washington post reports that the notice from the attorney generals office was sent in late april two attorneys for the trump organization. it suggested that criminality could apply to actions by current and former company executives and employees if the investigation finds wrongdoing, the person familiar with the matter said. the disgraced president of the united states was banned from food and other social media issued an old-fashioned press release today, the first sentence of which was a lie, according to the washington post reporting that donald trump's lawyers were informed of the criminal investigation in late april. donald trump's statement today said, i have just learned
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through leaks in the mainstream media that the democratic new york attorney general has informed my organization that their investigation is no longer just a civil matter but also potentially a criminal investigation working with the manhattan district attorney's office. and so tonight there is still taking its directions from a twice impeached loser was already a defendant in civil cases, including one in which he is accused of rape and is now facing three criminal investigations into states. none of that has discouraged most republican members of congress from doing whatever donald trump tells them to do as we will discuss later in this hour. tonight cnn reported the new york attorney general letitia james has also open and investigation on the personal taxes of allen weisselberg, as rachel was saying, that is trump's family long-term accountant.
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report says that the pressure on weisselberg is mounting from two directions with the attorney general looking into his personal taxes, while prosecutors in the district attorney's office are digging into his role at the trump organization, his personal finances and benefits given to his sunbury, a longtime employee of the trump organization. the tax investigation into weisselberg's personal finances by new york attorney general letitia james was opened several months ago, and is being handled by a small unit within the office that has authority to bring criminal charges, people familiar with the investigation said. and donald trump's lying press release about the investigation, he calls his former personal lawyer and fixer, who he elevated to deputy financial chairman a lying, discredited low life who was not listened to or given credibility by other prosecutorial offices, and sentenced to three years in prison for lying and other events unrelated to me.
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that is michael cohen he is talking about. it was very much related to donald trump. at least for one night, in a hotel room, at a gulf result. where stormy daniels spent some time with donald trump. michael cohen was sentenced to three years in prison because he committed a crime against the united states of america to influence the outcome of a presidential election by delivering a payoff from donald trump to stormy daniels of $130,000 in 2016. federal prosecution said that michael cohen committed that crime at the direction of donald trump, their phrase was in coordination, and at the direction of donald trump. after michael cohen pleaded guilty to those crimes, and a house hearing, alexandria ocasio-cortez asked him about issues that could interest prosecutors. >> to your knowledge of the president and provide inflated
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i sets to insurance companies? >> yes. >> who else knows that the president did this? >> allen weisselberg, ron liebermann and matthew calamari. >> where would the committee find more information on this? do you think we need to review his financial statements and his tax returns in order to compare them? >> yes and you would find it at the trump organization. >> msnbc's george read asked michael cohen if donald trump's children would know about the manipulation of acid values. >> yes they would know, what's the evaluations are. specifically on projects that they were designated to. each of the children were designated two different properties, but allen weisselberg, you every single dollar in and every single dollar -- not even dollar, to the penny, every single penny in, and every penny out it all went through alan weisselberg's desk and reported to donald j trump.
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>> the new york times is now conforming the reports that allen weisselberg is under criminal investigation for his finances. michael cohen told joy read that donald trump would blame any possible crimes on allen weisselberg and he might even blame crimes on his own children. e >> i think donald trump is gonna flip on all of them. what do you think about that? including his children. i really believe that donald trump cares only for himself, and he realizes that his goose is cooked. what is going to happen when all of a sudden, they turn around and start asking him about his tax returns, or about the devaluation of the assets, or the way that he took deductions? i don't do my taxes, it's my accountant. he's gonna turn on his accountant in point the finger. he's gonna say don jr. handle that, even to handle that. >> and leading off our discussion are former chief of
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the criminal division in the eastern district of new york, he's the lead prosecution in the mueller investigation and a legal analyst, and tim o'brien is with a senior columnist for bloomberg opinion he is the author of the book trump nation. the breaking news of the moment is the new york times confirmation of what had already been reported, new york times saying that new york's attorney general office has been criminally investigating the chief financial officer of former donald j trump's company for months, over tax issues according to people with knowledge of the matter. andrew weisman who've had 24 hours to deliberate over what was breaking news at this moment exactly 24 hours ago, we do have some additional information since then. what is your reading of the legal jeopardy for donald trump now in the state of new york?
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>> a couple of thoughts. first, allen weisselberg is clearly in the sights of the manhattan office and the new york attorney because they want him to flip. frankly, although i rarely agree with him michael cohen has it right, which is that donald trump is going to say that he was not aware of certain facts or devaluations and blame under links, that is a tradition of people like him. frankly, it can be true, at times. that is something that the prosecutors need to really work out. getting him to flip is important. he faces two types of liability, he faces potential liability for the work he did as part of the trump organization and also he could face liability in respect of his own personal taxes. of course it's been reported
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that he has been receiving or is the beneficiary of substantial sums to pay for school tuition and the issue is going to be how is that being reported both by the trump administration and allen weisselberg and others. they do the right thing? the second thing is last night we talked a lot about the -- i gave you a legal lesson about the mark that and to other things on that score. one is that the new york attorney generals office happens to now have the leading world expert in the martin act is their new protective act. you can swear what is adding up, but they have certainly the resources the leading experts on the martin act which is an act that takes care of people who commit fraud in connection with real estate offerings in new york. the second is that there is a
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stat tax statute, and a false statement statute under new york law which is quite broad that makes it a crime to submit falsified, or to have falsified business records, particularly if you're doing that in another crime. for instance, if you have false trump organization business records and you are doing that to aid in either a federal or state tax scheme, you can be charged with that very broad false statement charge under new york law, that is a felony. >> tim o'brien, they also included in the new york times reporting tonight that the investigators have examined whether taxes were paid on fringe benefits that mr. trump gave to allen weisselberg including cars, tens of thousands of dollars in private school tuition for at least one
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of mr. weisselberg's grandchildren. we just heard michael cohen say allen weisselberg knows where every penny has gone, is that your assessment of allen weisselberg's position in the trump organization? >> absolutely, lawrence. allen weisselberg has worked for the trump since the mid 1970s, he came into the company as fred trump's accountant. he and donald grew up in the company together. there wasn't a significant financial transaction that didn't pass through his hands. he handles and still handles donald trump's personal taxes as well as the trump organizations corporate filings. there are two people inside the trump organization that had to rubberstamp before donald trump was comfortable for it getting out of the door. his name hasn't come out of the news, i'm not in that jason greenblatt has done anything
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necessarily, but he was trump special envoy to israel during trump's presidency. those two men were the gatekeepers around everything of financial substance in that company. this is not a big complex organization, the trump organization is a mom and pop shop and allen weisselberg has been manning the cash register for them for decades. i think the fact that he is now being clearly targeted in a criminal investigation is potentially sizeable because these investigations always perceived by squeezing people at the bottom to get them to flip at people at the top. there are not a lot of levels between allen weisselberg and donald trump. allen weisselberg and trump's children. i would imagine, all of them are thinking now about lowering up independently, and once that process begins to click in,
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they all think, i think, about saving their own skins and wing their loyalty to trump against the possibility that they may face a prison charge at the end of all of this. loyalty is a one way street in the trump world, i don't think there's gonna be a lot of loyalty displayed towards trump, because he knows that he isn't -- they know that he is not going to be loyal to them. >> i believe i learned the name allen weisselberg live on tv from tim bryan, who has written a book about the trump businesses, and so no one can take us inside the trump business is better than tim. andrew, the new york times is reporting that two assistant attorneys generals from miss james office have joined the district attorney's team, which has been seeking to turn mr. weisselberg into a labyrinth to witness against trump. how does that work in terms of sharing information from the
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attorney's office to the district attorney's office? is grand jury information obtained by the manhattan district attorney's office available now to the attorney generals office? >> well, i think is the example you're giving, the new york times reporting, it is working in the opposite direction which is that the new york attorney generals office is sending people to work in the manhattan kits. what is allowed in that situation is for those people in the new york attorney generals office who have been conducting, by all accounts, a long term financial investigation, which we know a fair amount about in the light of the litigation this past summer. those people, it looks like, are joining forces with the manhattan district attorney's office. i view that similarly to when the manhattan district attorney
10:18 pm
brought in mark from paul weiss. here he is bringing in people with subject matter expertise from an investigation and they can share with the information that they have with the manhattan district attorney's office and presumably move the case along faster. >> and true weissmann and tunnel bryant, thank you again for your emergency services on breaking news last night and for agreeing to join us tonight, . we appreciate it. >> thank you michael. >> thank you. coming up today 35 house republicans refused to take orders from donald trump, that is 25 more than last time when only ten house republicans voted to impeach donald trump in january. we will be joined next by one of the house impeachment managers who prosecuted donald trump for the insurrection at the capitol and the senate impeachment trial in february. jason crow is up next. yeah (laugh) keep your downstairs dry
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35 house republicans who are willing to vote against the wishes of donald trump and do the right thing. 35 house republicans who voted tonight for a bipartisan commission to investigate the attack on the capital on january six. on january 13th there were only ten. ten. ten house republicans who followed their oath of office and voted to impeach donald trump. all ten of those republicans voted tonight for a january six commission, and 25 more republicans joined them along with all of the democrats which meant that the bill passed the house representative, 252 to 1 75, the most prominent republican opponent of donald trump in the house, liz cheney, is one of the ten who voted to impeach donald trump and voted tonight to investigate donald trump and everyone else involved in the attack on the capitol. john katko who represents the city of syracuse is one of the ten who voted to impeach donald trump and voted for the january six commission. john katko is the top
10:23 pm
republican on the homeland security committee and he was delegated by house republican leader kevin mccarthy to negotiate a bipartisan agreement for january six commission. congressman katko did that, kevin mccarthy told congressman katko exactly what the republicans wanted for that commission and the democrats gave congressman katko and kevin mccarthy every single thing they asked for, everything. and when kevin mccarthy got everything, he asked for, he publicly turned against the deal that he made through congressman katko. tonight's vote came on the day the fbi arrested six additional members of the trump mob who attacked the capital bringing the total to more than 425 arrests. and marking one of the busiest days in the investigation, today the fbi also released two new videos of capital rioters, during the insurrection, and is now seeking the public's help
10:24 pm
to identify them. in the first video, an unidentified member of the trump mob is shown attempting to rip off and officers gas mask, then picking up a tactical baton and hitting the officers with that. in the second video another member of the trump mob is seen punching officers while wearing gloves with metal knuckles. during our discussion now is jason crow of colorado he's a member of the house intelligence community, he was an impeachment manager in the first senate impeachment trial of donald trump in january of 2020. congressman crow, thank you very much for joining us tonight. what did we learn today about what it means when kevin mccarthy makes a deal with democrats on legislation? >> good evening lawrence, thank you for having me back. i am still a missed on the
10:25 pm
outcome here, on one hand i want to be optimistic and say there are now 35 republicans of you pointed out who voted to do the right thing. on the other hand there's another part of me that says we are just trying to form a commission, we're just trying to do with people have always done after a big crisis or a problem, like we did for 9/11. we're gonna look at the facts and see what went wrong, i don't give too much credit, i want to say that there are more folks that are doing the right thing, yet, again we have kevin mccarthy who has made himself very clear that he will do whatever donald trump asks him to do. >> let's listen to what senator schumer said about this. wha>> what's the republicans ae doing, the house republicans, is beyond crazy. to be so far under the thumb of donald j trump, letting the most dishonest president in american history dictate the
10:26 pm
prerogatives of the republican party will be its demise, mark my words. party will be it>> this bill mat through the senate, it will need ten republicans in the senate to get to 60 votes to move it to the senate. mitch mcconnell has now announced that he will be opposed to it because he doesn't say this, but obviously, because donald trump is opposed to it. >> >> how many reasons do we need to get the filibuster? we have one more. i had to the growing pile of list that the jim crow era procedure that remains an impediment to any progress in american society and politics at this point. kevin mccarthy and mitch mcconnell continue to try to make a deal that they're invested interest in donald trump to win an election. kevin mccarthy made a deal by getting john katko to commit to this. he said basically you think
10:27 pm
they'll work on the deal. he wanted to delay and he comes out with excuse after excuse into why they didn't want to agree to this commission. the final thing he try to bet on was that they would not be able to work on a deal. something miraculous happened. they worked out a deal. it's actually pretty surprising in congress right now. that caught kevin mccarthy off-guard. he didn't know what to do. he was just left saying, i just am not going to support it anymore. he didn't really have a good reason for saying that. that's where he is. >> let's listen to what you're calling tim ryan of course -- he is now a candidate for senate in ohio. let's listen to this. >> want to thank the gentleman from new york and the other republicans who are supporting this and thank them for their bipartisanship. to the other 90% of our friends on the other side of the aisle. holy cow! incoherence. no idea what you're talking about? if we are going to take on
10:28 pm
china, if we are gonna rebuild the country, if we're going to reverse climate change, we need to political parties in this country that are both living in reality! and you are one of them! i leland back the balance of my time. >> that sounded like the food to stray shun of the entire democratic side of the house speaking through congressman ryan's voice. >> yes, listen, i had to call my wife to the day of january six when i was caught in that chamber. a police officers and 140 others were brutally beaten, lost eyes, lost fingers. people thought that they were going to go home to their families that day. united states have capital was taken over by a riotous mob. we have kevin mccarthy who literally hours after that happens gave a speech, call me out by name, and thanked me for holding the brief and helping to prevent the chamber from being overtaken by the bob.
10:29 pm
fast forward a couple of months and none of it happened. or a did it happen the way we thought it happened. or our eyes are deceiving us from the actual video footage shows. i am really at a loss for words for how this is happening and the extent to which they are trying to sweep this under the rug. but i'm not going to let it happen. my colleagues are not going to let it happen. we know what happened on january six. we are going to preserve that memory. and we know that accountability is necessary for us to move forward as a country. >> congressman jason crow, thank you for your courage on january six. and i know it was courage that meant a lot to your colleagues at the time that you are with. and thank you very much for joining us again tonight. >> thanks, lawrence. >> thank you. coming up, how much longer can president biden try to reach a bipartisan deal on infrastructure with kevin mccarthy? who he met with last week. now that kevin mccarthy has repeatedly proved that his worth words are worth
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and gives me his word something is going to happen, i take it. unless he breaks. it and he broke his word. as he made that deal. we're nowhere near that we agree that we should try to get bipartisan agreement. >> that's what president biden told me last meek about dealing with house republican leader kevin mccarthy. and now we know how impossible it is to make a deal with kevin mccarthy. the top republican in the house homeland security committee. john katko was death was -- to make a deal with democrats on a bipartisan commission to make. congressman caught kill got the democrats accept everything that kevin mccarthy said he wanted. everything. and then kevin mccarthy betrayed congressman katko and prove to the democrats that his
10:35 pm
word means absolutely nothing. kevin mccarthy voted against the deal that he made with democrats. and he was joined in that betrayal from his own bipartisan deal by mitch mcconnell in the senate, who called the bill that the house voted on tonight quote, a slanted and unbalanced proposal. and that was after it was balanced with every single thing that kevin mccarthy wanted. if president biden wants to know if he can rely on kevin mccarthy's word just ask republican congressman john katko. who voted for the deal that he made with democrats tonight. joining us now, john heilemann host an executive producer of the podcasts from the recount. jennifer palmieri, former communications director for the obama white house. she is a quote show host of showtime's the circus. jennifer, you've been there. you've been in the white house. you've wondered who might me be
10:36 pm
able to make a deal with on the other side. and there is shows biden telling me last week that he's going to take kevin mccarthy's word until kevin mccarthy breaks his word to him personally. what are they thinking in the white house tonight after what kevin mccarthy did two congressman katko? >> i think what they're thinking is not they would like to have bipartisan deal. i think they still think that is possible. not because they can necessarily reside on kevin mccarthy. because there is enough republicans who may find in their interest to do so. and they would like to have a bipartisan deal. they think that would be good for democracy. it would show the american people that congress can work in a bipartisan way. and that would be good overall. but they also know that they have to think ahead. they could always go to reconciliation. and in order to do that if they had to in order to get something substantial passed. >> john, i think it's entirely
10:37 pm
possible that joe biden, last week, when he was saying that to me believed that there is a 1% chance of a deal with kevin mccarthy. but he was going to lean on that 1%. the truth is, the person that really needs is mitch mcconnell. the house can get pass anything without republican votes. he needs mitch mcconnell to get a bipartisan deal in the senate. and mitch mcconnell showed us that he is in the same spot as kevin mccarthy. when donald trump says we don't want this, mitch mcconnell doesn't want it. yes >> lawrence, one is the concept that jen and i are both very very familiar with because it's a freeze that our own friend -- rahm emanuel likes to talk about, be bipartisan, or get caught trying. get caught trying is a really important piece of political advice.
10:38 pm
right? so when joe biden comes on your program, sits down talks you and says, that he would love to make a deal with kevin mccarthy. he's gonna take kevin mccarthy's word until he has no reason to. and he only knows there's a 1% chance. that's what you call get caught trying. that's where the politics of bipartisanship. are trying to make the deal. and if you're not going to get the deal, look to the american people like you're going to try to get the deal. and that's good for you politically. not just good for democracy, as jennifer just said, but also good for politics. i think the second important point is, i think i've said this on this program before, one of the great misconceptions in american politics is that joe biden has some kind of blind spot when it comes to mitch mcconnell. that they've been friends for a long time and done business together. it is true they have done business together. they are not friends. and joe biden is not under any illusions about mitch mcconnell. so i would say joe biden has exactly the same view of the trustworthiness as a deal partner of kevin mccarthy and mitch mcconnell. which is 1% in both cases. but in both cases, get caught
10:39 pm
trying is seen still the operative principle. and obviously, mcconnell matters more functionally that mccarthy does in terms against. and >> jennifer, what do you think make of the ten become a 35 tonight? i think 25 republicans on the house floor willing to stand up and vote against the wishes of donald trump? >> yes, lawrence, i was pretty surprised. but is still a really no number. you wonder, a week ago, the house republican caucus voted to take list shanties leadership post away from her. right? did that have an impact on some of her colleagues? has what she said in the last week had a effect on some of her colleagues? remember in february when they had the first full of confidence on this cheney, almost 70% of the house republican caucus voted for her. right? three months later, on a blind vote she's out of leadership. it's still a really no number,
10:40 pm
right? 35 of them, it's not a lot. but it is more than voted for impeachment. and the fact that after she was ousted. so, it's very much wait and see. it's too early to say if that's optimistic. but i was surprised that it was as high as it was. >> john, if you could pick up 35 republican votes on legislation for infrastructure, that would be considered a giant bipartisan win for the democrats. >> huge. yeah, one of the things that i'll also say about liz cheney -- other than the difference between the two votes. the earlier one at this one. the difference between a secret ballot -- the first round republicans were vote -- versus this vote would've been a recorded vote and the --
10:41 pm
i think that 35 is in this republican party is a huge number. and i think it's both a testament to how clearly they fought voting against this was just bad for their politics. they just thought this was a vote hung around their neck. and i think is also a huge problem for kevin mccarthy. because kevin mccarthy losing 35 is not a threat to his leadership today. but given the lockstep nature of the republican party and most things, for kevin mccarthy to lose 35, is going to make him a little nervous. and it's a big rebuke to him i would say in the context of the way the republicans have been operating so far in this congress and the last congress. frankly, the same. we >> john heilemann and jennifer palmieri, thank you both for joining us again tonight. we always appreciate. >> thanks lawrence,. >> thank you, lawrence. >> thank you. >> coming up katie porter did it again. she may have foreseen or during her magic in the house hearing on this program in her first month as a member of congress.
10:42 pm
because the first time i saw congressman katie porter do her thing in the house hearing, i brought that video to the screen of this program that night. so after this break we will see katie porter do it again. this is one of her specialties, crushing ceos about how they run their companies. how they pay themselves. tonight katie porter video is next. and congressman porter will join us and get tonight's last word. 's reshaping and reimagining her four-acre. slice of heaven. it's not hard to tell she's the real deal. renee runs with us on a john deere 1series tractor because out here, you can't fake a job well done. nothing runs like a deere. get a 1sseries tractor starting at $99 per month. ♪♪
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10:47 pm
development to create new, lifesaving drugs. ladies and gentlemen, once again, i give you, congresswoman katie porter. >> mr. gonzales, how much did you spend on litigation settlements from 2013 to 2018? >> i don't have that number often. i would be happy to give it. you >> okay, 1.6 billion dollars. 2.6 on litigation and settlements. what about marketing and advertising? how much exactly did you spend on that? >> marketing and advertising we spend about $4 million a year. >> yes, 4.7. how about executive compensation 2013 to 2018? >> 2013 to 2013, is probably on average about $60 million a year. >> 2334 on for size. how much did you sit spend on
10:48 pm
stock buybacks insure holders stop, buybacks and dividends, to enrich your shareholders from 2013 to 2018? >> we'll stock buybacks, if you actually look at's pure stock buybacks it'll be about 13 billion dollars. >> stock buybacks and dividends is the question, sir. >> diffidence i would have to come back to you with that number for that. >> 50 billion dollars. so mr. gonzales, you're spending all of this money to make sure you make money. rather than spending money to invest in, develop drugs, and help patients with affordable lifesaving drugs. you like to patience when you charge them twice as much for an improved rug, and then you lie to policy makers when you tell us that our andy justifies those price increases. the big farmer fairytale is one of groundbreaking r&d that justifies astronomical prices. but the reality is that you spend most of your company's money making money for yourself
10:49 pm
and your shareholders. and the fact that you are not honest about this with patients, with policymakers. that your feeding a slice. that we must pay astronomical prices to get innovative treatments is false. the american people, the patients, deserve so much better. i yield back. >> the honorable katie porter will get tonight's last word when she joins us next. oins us next a pill for adults with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis when methotrexate has not helped enough. xeljanz can help relieve joint pain and swelling, stiffness, and helps stop further joint damage, even without methotrexate. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections. before and during treatment, your doctor should check for infections, like tb and do blood tests. tell your doctor if you've had hepatitis b or c, have flu-like symptoms, or are prone to infections. serious, sometimes fatal infections,
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10:53 pm
katie porter questioning the ceo of the pharmaceutical company -- about why he doubled the price of a cancer drug called -- >> they didn't spend any money it was invented by a smaller company which you later acquired. correct? >> we pay 21 billion dollars for the company, correct. >> are there if you are side
10:54 pm
effects, sir? >> no. it has the same aside effect profile. >> mr. gonzales, do people need less of this medic medicine to treat lymphoma now? >> no. >> so, this drug took zero risk to develop this drug. you bought a approved for the market knowing it would be profitable. you hiked the price to pay for r&d, but you haven't made the drug any better, even as you doubled the cost. >> joining us now is democratic congressman dame katie porter of california. she represents california's 45th district and is a member of the house oversight committee. congressman porter, i would like to be doing what i think people are doing in their tv rooms around the country. and that is giving you a standing ovation. but we have to use every minute here to cover this important ground. i have to thank you so much for that questioning. because i used to sit through hearings in the senate finance committee which has
10:55 pm
jurisdiction over health care, and the assumption that the higher american drug prices were there, in part at least in part, to pay for research and development, was never seriously questioned. and certainly never dismantled. like what you did yesterday. >> what is really important that we test these assumptions, because that is our job. to get answers. so witnesses are there to give us information and we are there to push back and try to get answers. and it's true that pharmaceutical companies spend money on research and development. but it is not correct that that is the primary reason that they double and triple, and quadruple, raising the prices of these drugs. it's to profit their shareholders. and i want them to be honest about that. as then because begin having the honest conversation about what the cost of prescription drugs. my >> favorite thing that you expose about these hearing is the utter incompetence of the
10:56 pm
washington lobbyist who prepare these witnesses and allow that ceo to go in there without a command of his own financials of his own company. very simple issues like how much in dividends. the items that you present their, does it continue to surprise you that the lobbyist haven't figured out how to prepare witnesses for these hearings? that you're going to be participating in? >> it doesn't surprise me. because this is a serious undertaking. i have been a witness before congress and i would spend hours and hours, not just writing my testimony. but doing research, trying to understand, what's the context of the hearing was going to be, who the witnesses were. you can literally see me coming down the hallway with my white board. so it is not a surprise where i'm going and what i'm going to be doing. and yet, they continue to just really not put in the work. and i think it shows a disrespect for the american people for, the process of democracy. >> i'm just thinking of those lobbyists seeing you coming
10:57 pm
down the hallway with the white board and knowing they're never going to be able to figure out which directory or direction you're going. and i want to listen something the vice president said today about the life of single mothers in this country. she grew up being mothered by a single mother. she talked to maxwell about this on the sirius radio show. let's listen to this. >> my mother raised my sister and me. she had two goals in her life -- to raise her two daughters and then breast cancer. she was a breast cancer researcher. when my mother worked long hours, which she did almost always including on weekends, my sister and i would walk two houses down to mrs. shelton, who was a second mother to us. and help to take care of us. my mother would talk her entire life about how she may she could not have made the discovery she made on breast cancer were it not for michel shelton. >> we have never had a vice
10:58 pm
president with that kind of sensibility about the life a single mother's. you are a single mother. and you are finding in all sorts of provisions of law, biases against single mothers. including what you've identified about the child tax credit. could you explain what you're trying to achieve with that? >> yes, so the expanded child tax credit, the way setup is it has an income these out. when you hit ex income, you start to not receive. when you go over a certain income, you don't receive any of it. that makes some sense, we're trying to target people with need. but there's an assumption bill into this that single parents, simply don't have the same level of expenses in raising a child as mary couples. and it's the opposite. we know that single parents face volatility, more expensive solitary realty, a higher proportion of their income on childcare. trust me, there is no discount for single parents. i've been looking.
10:59 pm
so it's really, really important that in policy that we're trying to lift up every single american child. that we don't disadvantaged children because of the marital status or family status of their parents. >> the way it works -- a single parent, a single mother with an income comparable to a married couple, gets a significantly lower child tax credit for that same one child, who is not, in any way, less expensive because that child is the child of a single mother. >> exactly. the example that you are showing is even for the single family, the single household that is earning $15,000 lefts, trying to pay for childcare, trying to pay for food, trying to pay for housing, ends up getting less tax credit. here's the thing, this is not really about single parents. it is about kids. every kid in this country should have the same shot at
11:00 pm
nutritious housing, quality childcare and adequate housing regardless of the marital status of their parents. that is how we're gonna lift up every country in this country to create our next generation workforce. >> congressman katie porter, thank you for joining us once again, we always learn something important, more than one or two things when you join us, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> katie porter gets nights last work the 11th hour with brian williams starts right now. >> good evening once again, day 120 of the biden administration, we have a live picture for you tonight of times square in a newly we're open new york city. this is what life looks like now, 423 days after it was all shut down because of the pandemic. the city that became the epicenter of the virus now is the latest symbol of the nation simple towards hopeful and cautious recovery.