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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  July 23, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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covid delta variant, the nfl is out with a new warning today, teams that experience outbreaks among non-vaccinated players could end up forfeiting games with players not getting paid. in los angeles more bars and restaurants are requiring customers to show proof of vaccination. italy will join other countries like france and israel in requiring people to show proof of vaccination or a negative covid test for many social activities including indoor dining and shows. we are live at a testing site in dallas where around half of new cases involve unvaccinated children. here in the nation's capital the hunts is on after another outbreak of violence. this time dozens of shots being fired outside of a restaurant in an upscale d.c. neighborhood. we are live at the scene with the latest. new u.s. sanctions on cuba. we'll talk to a top cuban official on the status of u.s.-cuban relations.
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he's one of the first cuban officials to appear on u.s. tv. let's begin with the latest on the rising covid numbers and nbc's morgan chesky in dallas. morgan, you're at a site when we've been seeing a surge in the number of people coming in to get tested. why are they getting tested all of a sudden and what are they finding out? >> andrea, great question. it's a twofold issue here. on the one hand with the return of school coming just a few weeks away we're seeing a lot of younger children driven by their parents to make sure that it's safe when they go back to play sports and they're in the classroom. on the other side, summer camps are very much active in this part of the state and we're hearing from the administrator here that last week they only saw 140+ and it's young children that are here with mild symptoms wanting to make sure whether or not they have it and if so, if it is indeed the delta variant. here what they had to say just a
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few minutes ago. >> over the last year we've seen the numbers steadily decline. we are up to about 40 cars a week ago and we are up at 140 cars a day so it's gone up tremendously. >> in one week? >> and of what you're seeing, a lot of them are kids. >> this wave has been different in its complexion, many 30% to 50% of the people we see for testing are adolescents and children. >> reporter: and the doctor's main concern wasn't necessarily with the well-being of the children. he says they typically have more milder symptoms, but he is concerned if they are unvaccinated that they can spread this more contagious delta variant to those still at risk. you can still have this breakthrough case if you've already been vaccinated and get the delta variant, andrea,
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although it won't be as intense if you are totally unvaccinated. so right now the concern here, we're seeing summer camps have to close and all eyes are looking ahead to the upcoming school year and greg abbot said he will not issue a mask mandate when school gets back to the classroom here in the fall. andrea? >> the risk is spreading to other kids, to teachers, parents and grandchildren and then you're off to a huge spread. in one of the three states, by the way, we should point out, one of the three states contributing to the surge are texas, missouri and florida according to recent data and also because you're in dallas, a huge football city and a football state i want to ask you about a new warning from the nfl that games will have to forfeit games and play if there is a covid outbreak among unvaccinated players when they come to camp. >> this is according to a memo
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from nfl commissioner roger goodell, andrea. on half of their teams 80% of the players are vaccinated and that at this moment 75% of total players are in the process of getting vaccinated. as far as those potential punishments and/or penalties, if a team has to forfeit a game as a result of breaking the covid protocol, then they will not be able to make it up and the player could end up losing pay. so a lot to look ahead to with the upcoming season coming. >> and losing the chance to get into the playoffs, potentially. thank you so much. morgan chesky, we really appreciate it. joining us now is dr. ashish jha dean of public health and always good to see you and particularly today. first of all, your reaction to the nfl and they're trying to encourage vaccinations. the numbers are pretty high on vaccinations and they're trying to get over the top and get herd
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immunity? >> thanks for having me back. you know, the nfl is asking for accountability. people want freedom to choose or they get vaccinated, i believe in that, but if you'll have freedom you also need accountability and if you're the one unvaccinated player who then gets infected and causes breakthrough infections in a lot of other vaccinated players that will be a real problem and this is the kind of thing we need to see from businesses around the country. personally, i would prefer that the nfl be mandated, and if not, this is a good second stop. >> there's increasing pressure on the fda to get to full authorization. everybody knows it's coming. the president said it's coming quickly, but if you got past that emergency use, wouldn't that strengthen the ability of companies, states, if they're willing to do it if governors are willing to mandate vaccination? >> absolutely. i think it's a psychological barrier more than it is a legal one. lots of organizations are,
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obviously, at this point mandating vaccines. the university where i work is doing it. it's totally fine to do with an emergency use. for companies it's a psychological barrier and they want to wait until the fda full approval comes. the science, the data and the evidence on these vaccines is so overwhelming and the fda should be fully approving these vaccines and it's puzzling why they're waiting so long. >> want to ask about the delta variant that accounts for most of the new infections. what's the impact on the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated especially children who are not old enough to be vaccinated? >> it's a great question. there are about 50 million kids under the age of 12 who aren't eligible to be vaccinated yet. the pandemic is. i have a kid in my home who is under 12 and not vaccinated.
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while the pandemic is raging in unvaccinated people it's also spilling over into vaccinated and that's why we're starting to see breakthrough infections. i think if we want to protect kids which we all do, vaccinate everybody around them and that will make a big difference. until they're vaccinated it's a risk. >> i was going to ask, summer camps, the camps are concerned, the parents are concerned about sending their kids. a lot of kids 12 years and younger. >> yeah. i think summer camps are a preview of what's about to happen this fall. in my mind if you want to run a summer camp safely. you mandate vaccines for kids 12 and over mandate vaccines for adults and those campers. for kids under 12 you can't do that. you want to make sure all of the adults are vaccinated and for kids there are simple things you can do. maybe some testing, but otherwise there are ways of running camp safely like there are ways of running school safely, but vaccines have to be
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a part of that solution. >> dr. ashish jha, have a great weekend. thank you. joining us now valerie jaret, former senior adviser to president obama and a chafr chair of civic nation boosting vaccinations in communities of color and author of "finding my voice. when the plan crumbles." you know that the biden white house is under a lot of pressure now to do more to stop the spread of the delta variant. they did so well in rolling out the vaccines, but now they're hitting a wall in terms of persuasion. what do you do in term was mandates? >> well, look, first of all. >> we are trying to work with the biden administration to reach those hard to reach people and introduce them to influencers and it doesn't
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necessarily have to be an elected official. it could be a local pastor, a block club leader, a coach. whoever can best influence certain family members can encourage people to take the vaccine. f mandating it. i think what we can do is say, look, if you want them to make their own decision fine, but we're not going to let you come to sporting events or schools and universities are requiring vaccines for students to come back on campus. we are balancing our rights of freedom with public health as we do in so many other contexts. so i am all for reaching as many people as we can. we have heard so many stories, andrea, of people who are sick in the hospital and saying oh, my. i wish i had taken the vaccine i had no idea it could be this bad and how many of those stories do we have to hear before we all get out there and get the
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vaccine and it's available everywhere. get the vaccine. if you don't know where to go, go on ask we'll take you to a location near you. >> valerie, what about mandating it for healthcare workers? new york city has done that. >> absolutely. it's more than 2,000 people or employees, for that matter? >> i am all for mandates, particularly for people who are interfacing with the public. the only way we can contain this disease, we know is with vaccinations and so for public health workers, of course, they should be vaccinated and for people working in our restaurant, of course, they should be vaccinated and so i take a pretty hard line in terms of the mandates, but i also think we have a responsibility to go forward with an education campaign so people can understand what the science dictates and there are so many false stories going around so we
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have to debunk those at the same time as we're saying if you want to be a part of this society, our responsibility is to keep it as healthy as possible. >> what do you think about what the nfl is doing? >> i'm all for it. i agree with the doctor, mandate it, but short of that you have to create both carrots and sticks and if people want to participate in a sport and be around one another and take the risk of communicating thins to one another, there have to be consequences of that, and being look, we are a year and a half into this pandemic. we know basic facts now. we know what the science dictates and we know that with the delta variant it is much easier to contract the disease and we see people who have been vaccinated who are not getting the disease, and so -- yes, i think it is now time for us to take firm measures and try to get as many people vaccinated as
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possible and where appropriate, there should be a mandate. >> and specifically, besides getting influencers, what more can your group do? >> yeah. so we're a grassroots organization, and we work with organizations all across the country and to knocking on doors and it's an all hands on deck and we work closely with the biden administration and the civic nation that has been done on outreach for years whether it's the united state of women and college campuses. recently we brought michelle obama's initiative when we all voted and encouraged people to vote. so we have a track record of getting messages out and using those people who are influential on the ground, and it is a retail effort, as well as coming on shows like yours to get the message out.
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so we're not going to leave any stone unturned because this is so serious and everyone -- everyone who doesn't have an illness where your doctor is saying to you, you can't do this, should be vaccinated. >> come on back any time, valerie jaret. >> thank you. >> thank you very much for what you're doing. >> and restoring a presidential tradition. first lady dr. jill biden leading the u.s. delegation to the summer olympic games. she's in tokyo on her first solo overseas trip as first lady. she was one of the few people inside the stadium for today's opening ceremony. members of team usa marching into the olympic stadium led by flag bearers sue bird and eddy alvarez. sue bird telling savannah guthrie the energy here is inside and tennis star n naomi osaka, made headlines in may for
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and breaking news here overnight in washington where gunshots erupted in a popular neighborhood packed with restaurants and bars. witnesses said that they heard as many as 30 shots in all. two men were wounded and are now recovering in a hospital. police are still searching for suspects seen in this video fleeing the scene in a black sedan. this latest shooting nearly a week after another outside baseball's national parks sent fans there running in panic. some neighborhoods deal with this every day. "the washington post" reporting
9:19 am
that over 2700 bullet casings found in one square mile of one southeast neighborhood. >> joining me who was a witness to the shooting. you were right in the area. josh, tell us what happened. are the suspects still at large? >> as far as we know, they are still at large, andrea, with police announcing no arrests and still searching for the black sedan that disappeared after fleeing this way just seconds after the shooting, apdrya. you can still see on the ground the evidence markings from police. of course, this whole strip was filled with restaurant goers and folks going out on the town on a thursday evening to have drinks with friends. one witness described to "the washington post "they saw someone in the intersection, racing back and forth dodging bullets on both sides crying and eventually she just collapsed on
9:20 am
the ground and got into the fetal position and the mayor muriel bowser saying this is no easy fix and it won't be one single thing. and i say to them, i repeat what i said, we need to get to people before they use their guns. that's how we prevent it and if we can't prevent it, we'll make sure that we hold people accountable. >> just a block and a half or so, andrea, just about a week and a half ago, you had a 53-year-old man who was hit by a stray bullet and killed. this epidemic of gun violence here in the nation's capitol as well as the rest of the country are so alarming to law enforcement, but gun violence activists say this kind of interpersonal gun violence is carried out by a tiny fraction
9:21 am
of people and they say that's why it is so important to take steps to reach out to people who might be susceptible to gun violence or to become a victim of it before that happens. >> and we should point out to folks outside of d.c., this is a neighborhood -- i was there just a couple of weeks ago, the president and the vice president have eaten at restaurants there. igor, you were nearby as shots rang out. tell us what you saw. >> thanks for having me, andrea. i was nearby when i heard a rapid succession of 20 to 30 gunshots. very unusual for this area, as josh mentioned, a very upscale street in d.c., very popular restaurants lining the street itself. so to hear something like this happen really, really struck me as out of the ordinary. you could smell the heavy, heavy odor of gunpowder all across the street. witnesses who i spoke to say that two men had gotten out of a car and started shooting at
9:22 am
another person across the street. one man, unfortunately, got caught in the cross fire sitting down at a restaurant eating dinner and still broad daylight. so really, just a brazen act to see this incident here, but i think it also should be mentioned that shootings in d.c. are not uncommon. they happen every day and not in upscale neighborhoods and it's worth noting as josh did, they were having other shootings this week and earlier this month there was a 6-year-old girl shot in southeast d.c. and actually, was there a large demonstration in washington about the shooting. so i think it should be worth noting that this happens all across the city and more attention should be paid to all shootings of this kind. >> absolutely. let me point out that last night in our neighborhood, last night was one of the most beautiful nights and it was like a spring night in d.c.
9:23 am
we ate outside and people eating outside all over the city whether they were in restaurants or at home because it was a beautiful, cool, humidity-free night. josh letterman, igor, thank you both so very much. shootings have risen 20% over the last year, not just in d.c. today attorney general merrick garland is still in chicago rolling out the administration's effort to crack down in the effort in five major cities. joining me now is pete williams. explain the initiative, but what the restrictions are legally given the way the supreme court and other courts have been ruling against urban plans to try to control guns. >> so the goal here is to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them. every year atf traces 500,000 firearms and that's about how many are recovered from crime scenes like the one you've just been talking about. so this initiative is intended
9:24 am
to deal with the crime guns and they steal them. sometimes they buy them from legitimate dealers or if they're not qualified to buy a gun then they get it from someone who doesn't have to have a background check and they're known as straw purchases, and that's when someone is entitled to buy a gun makes the purchase for somebody else. it's hard to prosecute. there is no gun trafficking statute. what prosecutors have to do is lying to someone about lying on the federal form and these cases tend to not have much jury appeal. so what the attorney general has done here in the cities that you're seeing here on the screen is to order a new emphasis on investigating and prosecuting these straw purchase cases. this isn't the case of surging manpower in these communities and instead it's an effort to leverage and redirect existing staffing to focus on these cases and admittedly it may not make a huge difference because crime
9:25 am
guns do come from many sources, but the justice department's hope is that it will shut down or put a kink into the pipeline that gets these guns into the high-crime areas. >> in terms of handguns or just review the bidding on where we are on the legal restrictions on any kind of controls. >> they vary from city to city. you can possess a handgun in washington if you have a permit, but it's doubtful that the people involved in a shooting last night had a permit. for a long time the city banned handguns and the supreme court said no. it does provide an individual right and coming up in this supreme court term, andrea, it will keep and bare arms looking at whether cities put pig restriekzs on checking the home and that's the big question that
9:26 am
it's now agreed to take up. >> pete williams, thank you so much. cracking down, will the new biden sanctions on cuba do enough to change how the government is handling anti-government protests. i'll talk to one of the first cuban officials on u.s. television coming up next on "andrea mitchell reports." stay with us. uh, i-i'm actually just going to get an iced coffee. well, she may have a destination this one time, but usually -- no, i-i usually have a destination. yeah, but most of the time, her destination is freedom. nope, just the coffee shop. announcer: no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. voiceover: 'cause she's a biker... please don't follow me in.
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president biden is promising new sanctions against cuban officials for their crackdown against recent protesters who are saying that it's just the beginning unless the cuban regime reconsiders how they handle anti-government protests and re-establish cubans' access to the internet and telecommunications. how is cuba's government responding? joining us, we are happy it say, is carlos fernando ocasio, for the cuban ministry of foreign affairs. thank you very much for being with us. first of all, what is your response to the sanctions and to what the president is saying? >> andrea, we saw yesterday the president, the secretary of state and other officials speaking about cuba. as has been the case for the past few days with a lot of
9:31 am
disinformation about our country, and i see sanctions that if the first place are a violation of international law. they're trying to apply u.s. law to a country which is outside of the u.s. jurisdiction which is cuba, something that is unacceptable and we have rejected and secondly, zee to try to understand what is the impact. you are sanctioning an individual that has no assets, no bank account in the united states nor any intent of visiting as a tourist of the united states and we are trying to understand what is the practical meaning of what they're doing. >> so if there is no practical meaning and the same sanctions were imposed against the same officials and the same brigade are the trump white house in january. if they're symbolic why did the foreign minister rodriguez today talk about a migration crisis if the u.s. keeps this up? >> what the minister said and alert side that the united
9:32 am
states and people within the united states are trying to provoke a very irresponsible crisis of migration. cuba has been alerting for this for months already about this, and we have said that it's irresponsible to do so. we have taken every measure to prevent it. it is something that we want to prevent, but the united states is playing with something that they should not be doing. >> will you restore internet access and what is the government afraid of people having information? >> internet access has not been interrupted in cuba. some services have been frequently and sporadically interrupted, but the main topic here is the attack of internet against cuba with the participation of the u.s. government and with the participation of major organizations that deal with internet. it is something that also has been covered by other newscasts like righters and "newsweek" and have been recognized as expert
9:33 am
in the matter and this is operations to try to mobilize people and to disseminate misinformation about cuba which is confusing everybody. we have seen people even in your program say things that are totally untrue about cuba and it is part of an operation against our country. that is the big story regarding internet. internet is not interrupted in cuba. >> has not the government restricted dissemination of internet information? hasn't the government taken some steps to interrupt internet access perhaps outside of the city of havana? >> as i said, there has been sporadic interruptions of some services of internet, but internet has not been interrupted. the big story is the interruption of cuba's outlet, of cuba's organizations and the interference of cuba's infrastructure and network which can only be done with the support and participation of the u.s. government and with the
9:34 am
authorities of the major internet organization. that is the big story here. internet being used as part of warfare against cuba. >> human rights groups are saying that the protesters are not getting fair trials. they're getting summary trials and no defense lawyers. is that fair treatment? summary trials are not unfair and it is part of the cuban criminal system as it is part of the criminal system of many countries and there's nothing unfair or extraordinary about it. all of the people being tried are receiving counsel. they have their own lawyers. they wish they can choose them or they're assigned to them and done with total due process and it is part of the many lives that are being disseminated in cuba. nobody has disappeared as they have been saying. there are no killings in cuba and no evidence has been put forward to the country, and these lies are being said in the
9:35 am
u.s. media by politicians and members of the government including senior officials of the government, as i said, it is a political operation against cuba that is totally based on misinformation and trying to extend something that occurred almost two weeks ago and not allow it to die. they're saying that there are demonstrations of cuba, and there are organizations present in cuba that can have access and go anywhere in cuba and no evidence of that, and nobody is reporting the misinformation that is being carried out against cuba. >> are there any contacts between your government and american officials? >> we know that embassies in both locations were downgraded as a result, actually, of the havana syndrome, initially and then as a result of sanctions. so what is the diplomatic communication that used to be fairly frequent five years ago,
9:36 am
six years ago between the two countries to rye to sort through these conflicting things? >> well, as you said, there is an official challenge. the federal government has not asked to ask us a spike question or any specific concern or to explain to the from tests that we made or to the statements that we have officially made about their participation and involvement of what's happening in cuba. >> i wanted to ask you about remittances because the president said that they're trying to find ways to get money directly to the people. marco rubio, who you know is a fierce critic of your government was here yesterday telling me that it's the government policy that has to change because remittances go to government-controlled banks and then they are converted into pesos which are not valuable compared to dollars to the average cuban there or any place
9:37 am
else, and that the money does not reach the people unless the government changes its policy at a time of economic starvation because of the pandemic and the decline in tourism from all countries. will you change the remittance policy? is there any give on that at all? >> i saw his statements in your program yesterday with a great deal of audacity. the remittances that are sent to cuba are not taxed as is being said. the government does not pocket 20, 40 or 60%. the government does not tax remittances. the remittances that come to cuba, we have to pay a commission not to cuban agencies, but to western union and western union pays cuba one dollar for every $100 that are remitted just for the services that are rendered. the rest is pure misinformation. the way to do it is as you do it in other country. people can send money and it can
9:38 am
be deposited in dollars. it can be deposited in euros or cuban pesos. whatever they want. >> what they're trying to do is justify for measures harming cuba. you have to understand the whole scheme is to harm cubans. common cubans, their everyday life to try to incorporate them and to generate within them a sentiment of one of diss satisfaction and frustration to see if they are mobilized against the government. it is the whole scheme. it is the conceived plan of what these policies are doing. >> i also want to ask you before we lose this connection about the havana syndrome. it started five years ago, and it is now occurring all over the world and nbc has reported in so many blesses, making it clear to o visuals, in any case, it's
9:39 am
happening in vienna. it's happening in moscow, china. who do you think could be behind this? >> it's happening in washington, but today, up until today nobody has come with any physical proof there's no health demonstration that hundred attack has occurred. symptoms have been described and there's no doubt people have had symptoms of different types and to talk about ultra sonic, infrasonic or extrasonic attack, there's no proof for that and there is questioning in the scientific community of any of those allegations. there has not been a serious attempt by the u.s. government up until today to talk with cuba about what has happened. the little conversation we had with some law enforcement agency in the united states, they came
9:40 am
to the same conclusion that we did, that there's no proof of any wrongdoing or any individual and organization. we can't testify to what happened other cities. in chuba. no attack occurred. i know this your view, i hopy can seeio in harf ana soon. thank you, sir. >> thank you. it's a pleasure. >> get ready for the guardians to take the field. who are the guardians? cleveland's baseball team is changing its name. >> because this is the city we love and the game we believe in, and together we are all cleveland guardians. >> and that was, of course, narrator tom hanks. the franchise announcing the decision this morning after a long pressure, a longstanding pressure to ditch their original
9:41 am
name, the indians, which critics said was racist. the team said that the guardians refer to the guardians of traffic, the statues outside the stadium. the name change becomes official next season and tom hanks, there's no crying in baseball, but tom hanks apparently started his chat rickal career in cleveland. so tom hangs loves cleveland, as do we all. new details into the fbi investigation into sexual assault allegations into brett kavanaugh. this is "andrea mitchell reports "qwest only on america s nbc. a lot of snacks are packed with air but not planters nuts. our dry roasted peanuts have an incredible ratio of size to substance
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♪ ♪ know this about the jungle, everything that you see wants to kill you and can. ♪ ♪ ♪ born to be wild ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ born to be wild ♪ ♪ ♪ see disney's jungle cruise. applebee's and a movie, now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. startling new details today about the inquiry into sexual assault allegations into justice brett kavanaugh when he was donald trump's second supreme court nominee. senate democrats have released a letter from the fbi in which the agency admits it received more
9:46 am
than 4500 tip, but conducted only ten additional interviews. the fbi saying the relevant tips, quote, were sent to then-white house counsel don mcgahn, a kavanaugh backer. mcgahn has not responded to a request for comment and the fbi is declining comment. former u.s. attorney and msnbc contributor joyce vance. how concerning is this revelation? >> it's concerning, andrea, but i'm not sure that there's anything that can be done at this point in time. the fbi's go-to explanation for what happened is that their client in these background investigations, it's not a criminal investigation is not a criminal investigation and they work for the white house and that's not a very satisfactory answer in this, though. >> this, from what i believe from mi recollection, was the
9:47 am
second fbi investigation after so much controversy after the first investigation. so it was an incremental investigation that had been pushed for republicans and used it to say, see? he's been cleared. that's it. your recollection is accurate and that's part of the problem here which is re-opening the investigation is not according to the memorandum of understanding between the white house and the fbi on these investigations. it's not up to the fbi. it's up to the white house. the missing piece is that these investigations in many ways are an aid to the senate which independently of the white house's nomination of federal judges, the senate has the obligation to review those applications and to vote to confirm or not in the absence of full and complete information and particularly here where there was a live controversy, and the fbi opened up a tip line and the tips, you know,
9:48 am
essentially it was just a sham. nothing was really done to investigate tips. in fact, the most noteworthy ones were sent on to the white house which clearly did nothing. so how does that really inform the senate process? it's clear that there needs to be some kind of reform here. >> the same thing happened in 1991 when they so-called re-opened the investigation into clarence thomas and didn't permit a lie detector test and other information -- other witnesses to appear. same deal. joyce vance, thank you very much. and coming up, a perversion of justice. a new book by the journalist who first broke the jeffrey epstein sex trafficking story and new revelations by his alleged victims. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. om the e. and last time i checked, pretzels don't grow on trees. just saying. planters. a nut above.
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your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. epstein. a decade before the me too movement, jeffrey epstein was convicted of sexual charges against a number of women. then in 2019 national attention went back on jeffrey epstein. he was put in jail on sex federal trafficking charges. joining me now is julie k.
9:53 am
brown. throughout the book you talk about an eco system around epstein. who are the people in that eco system and are any of them being held responsible? >> well, we know they have indicted max well, who was his partner, his girlfriend at one point, and who according to the charges against her as well as several statements from witnesses she helped recruit some of the women and girls that were later abused by him in palm beach. there is a number of other people that were in his orbit. there was a number of other people enabling him from the butler that answered the door, the chef that sent the girls food when they came in.
9:54 am
he had pilots, and the list goes on and on. >> and one thing you had cost robert oi costa their job. so what happened behind the seens to have him approve such a lenient deal. >> that is one of the things that i do in this book, i connect the dots in a way that i was not able to do previously. i have seen them be brilliant in the way they picked their attorneys. almost every attorney he had had some kind of connection to the prosecutors in the case. i go over all of these connections to the web and how he kwused that to ma nip lace this unprecedented plea
9:55 am
agreement. >> and you wrote of a connection between epstein and larry nasser, the incredible olympic trainer from michigan state. >> yeah, i make a jex just that as i was writing this story about nasser it broke. it kind of made me realize that is that it was a probable that needed to be examined in the same day that the world woke up to nasser. they also needed to wake up to what happened in the epstein case. it also has an effect on how reporters are dealt with and these things.
9:56 am
>> yeah, they don't like to be part of their own story. and i didn't want to initially go into how i got the story, how i got into it, but i got feed back from readers asking me these questions. readers were curious and i think that the journalists don't do a good enough job sometimes. at a time when we're getting criticizes as enemies of the people, i thought that perhaps i could enlighten people a little bit. sometimes the struggle that journalists have to go through. >> thank you for all of the revealing things in your book and on your resporting. we have breaking news from
9:57 am
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can your internet do that? if it is friday, new alarming data suggesting the coronavirus pandemic is far from over. with the delta variant surging and hospitalizations spikes among the unvaccinated from east to west. leaving a dark shadow over the olympic opening ceremonies. plus, joe biden takes his midterm messaging for a test drive as he makes his first presidential appearance on the campaign trail today to rally support from terry mcauliffe. and more bumps in the road for the deal that might be bet ere described as a deal to get a deal.