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tv   Ayman Mohyeldin Reports  MSNBC  August 3, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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good afternoon, everyone. i'm ayman mohyeldin. happening this afternoon, the political fallout continues for new york governor andrew cuomo. after new york's attorney general alleged that cuomo broke both federal and state laws after reviewing multiple claims of sexual harassment from 11 women. >> what this investigation revealed is a disturbing pattern of conduct by the governor of great state of new york. i believe women and i believe these 11 women. >> he denied a taped video.
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>> i never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances. i am 63 years old. that is it just not who i am. >> but governor cuomo is running out of allies. over a dozen lawmakers from new york have called on him to resign. biden is expect to reach the milestone of shipping 100 mullon vaccine doses to other nations battling this virus. will we'll bring the remarks to you live as soon as they get underway. we start this hour with that breaking news on andrew cuomo. and now i'm joined by nbc news investigations correspondent tom winter, former assistant u.s. attorney maya wiley who ran for
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new york city mayor. let's start with you, tom. the story evolving and developing by the hour. bring us up to speed on the very latest developments. i understand you're learning there is now an on going criminal investigation into his conduct. >> that's correct. the opening district attorney's office says that they watched and have reviewed the document that the attorney general's office put out today. st that 165 page report. ayman. on top of, they're going to ask the attorney general's office for the investigative material. the underlying material that is hund that report that you're looking at on screen, what are we talking about? 74,000 pages of documents. we're talking over 179 interviews, 41 people interviewed under oath which all go to the three key points you see on page there that cuomo sexually harassed 11 people. one a new york state trooper assigned to his detail according to the report. and the staffer retaliated against the former employee for coming forward, specifically trying to push an op-ed about her background and put out
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potentially derogatory information and then basically fostered a toxic work environment. those were kind of the three centers or the three conclusions of the report today, ayman. and the albany district attorney's office saying they don't want to comment further because of an on going criminal investigation. so it appears at this point that they're going to explore the possibility of bringing criminal charges. the attorney general james said today this was a civil investigation and that's where it's going to stay. one of the chief investigators here ann clark came forward later and said, look, this report is public. it's out there now. so if it you're a police department or district attorney, you can have your opportunity to look at it and pursue things going forward. the report is very clear in who said what and when and includes testimony from the women. it also includes documented evidence about who is in on meetings including cnn's chris cuomo who is the brother of new york governor andrew cuomo apparently involved with trying
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to craft or at least respond to some of these allegations. so a whole host of things here. the governor, of course, denied this sexual harassment putting out a produced vud yoe today video today which included photos of him hugging or kissing other politicians or other influential types. that is his response so far. we'll have to see how that plays going forward. as you suggested, a faur amount fair amount of people are calling for his political end. >> as tom is mentioning, there he says the governor broke the law. explain this to our viewers in terms of why she might not have brought about any charges? does that make it harder for other attorneys, you know, district attorneys or what have you, prosecutors in bringing their own cases forward? >> so what the attorney general did was respond to a request by
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the governor to impanel independent investigators to investigate the allegations and that's what she did and produced a report. i think she is working hard to make sure she is not politicizing her role as an investigator of this case but making it clear what the evidence is. and the evidence when you start to read this report is consistent and except broader and deeper with the evidence that we were already hearing back in the spring. which is multiple women telling us about consistent sexual harassment and behavior and the governor. women that didn't have any relationships to one another. that's what's in this report. it's a civil rights violation. we have to understand these are civil rights violations. you're not allowed to use a position of power and authority
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over a woman that works for you or any person that works over you for sexual favors. you certainly can't retaliate against them because they complain you did it. and that is really at the crux of this. and the report is public. it is evidence. the evidence is being made public. so whether it's the women themselves who have a right to bring a sufficiently case against the governor for their civil rights violations or other law enforcement authorities that have the legal authority to bring charges. this is something that is publicly available. that is something that we expect to be seeing now from this state house. >> i want to play for you a part of what the governor had to say. he tried to defend his actions by showing pictures of him touching and kissing other people. should note to viewers that nbc news did not edit this tape at
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all. this is how the governor actually presented it at the conference. >> i do kiss people on the forehead. i do kiss people on the cheek. i do kiss people on the hand. i do embrace people. i do hug people. men and women. >> now we should note that -- we should mention that the report alleges much much more than that and you heard the denials of inappropriate sexual advances earlier in the segment. but even still, is that an acceptable explanation? >> no. imagine this is a defense for any sexual crime or civil violation, civil rights violation. i kiss people all the time. so ignore the fact that there is an allegation that i grabbed her breast against her will. we have a state trooper who was
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moved from her role, put on the governor's detail at his request, changed the terms and conditions of who was qualified to be on the detail because she did not have enough years of service because he wanted her on that detail. she says he touched her inappropriately by running his finger from her belly button to her hip. we have women saying he grabbed their behinds, you don't get to say i'm not a sexual harasser because i kiss and hug people all the time. if it that were the case, you would never be able to bring a sexual harassment case, period. it is not a defense. any time a person of any gender does not consent to sexual touching or conduct, it is a civil rights violation and possibly a crime depending on the state. this is quite simply sexual harassment, retaliation for
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complaining about it, and in this context of the most powerful person in the state, it's also abuse of power. and what we need to remember that as we're thinking about this impeachment process as well. it is an abuse of power. >> all right. we have a lot more coming up on this major story throughout the hour. maya wiley and tom winter, thank you for starting us off this hour. we want to turn now to today's other top story. that is president biden's covid-19 remarks expected later this hour. it will be the president's second address on the coronavirus in less than a week. i comes as mixed messages from the administration are leaving many americans as "the new york times" put it with whiplash about vaccines and what people need to do to stay safe at this moment. meanwhile, local and state officials are addressing the surge in new cases on their own earlier today new york city bill diblasio mandated vaccines for workers and customers at all
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indoor restaurants, gyms and entertainment venues across the city. >> you want to participate in our society fully, you got to get vaccinated. you got to get vaccinated. it's time. >> now this as private companies are also taking steps to get their employees vaccinated. just this morning, meat packer tyson foods said they'll require the 120,000 employees to get the shot. and they'll be given a $200 bonus to do just that. joining me now nbc news correspondent dasha burns live from brooklyn, new york. our white house correspondent for pbs news hour and dr. vin gupta. how will this mandate actually work? will it be enforced? and exactly how if you spoke to any businesses in the area have they prepared themselves for it? >> yeah. st this is a major step in a city hit so hard so early on.
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it will now be the first city in the united states to require proof of vaccination. if you want to go a restaurant, gym, or a performance venue. now this will launch officially on august 16th. the mayor said the next month will be a period of education, of talking to businesses in the public, making sure people know how this is going to work. then the enforcement period will start september 13th. city officials will be doing check ins, will be doing inspections and if you are coming into a restaurant, you'll need to show either that paper vaccination card that you get when you get the vaccine or a digital version. new york state has the app that is simple. it is a digital vaccination card. the city is also building its own app called the heat to nyc pass that is digital proof. but the overarching message is, look, this is a city that has a lot to offer. if you want to participate in it, you're going to have to get vaccinated. if if you're unvaccinated, this city is going to get a lot smaller and a lot more limited
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for you. but as you mentioned, there's a lot of mixed messages. i've been talking to business owners throughout this pandemic. they have to navigate a lot of confusing policies. i spoke to the general manager of this restaurant behind me. take a listen to what she had to say about all this. >> we're all probably looking forward more to the clarity of just knowing that everybody who is eating and dining indoors with us is vaccinated. the prevailing thing that has happened in the hospitality industry is people trying to balance really wanting to welcome their guests and really wanting to keep their guests safe. and the unusual situation of having to enforce rules. >> ayman, overall, the people i spoke to said this announcement, this clarity is really much more a relief than it is a burden at this point. ayman? >> so dr. gupta, vaccines are key to stopping the spread.
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do vaccine mandates work in the same way if they are going to try and stop the spread? meaning, are vaccine mandates the only way to stop the spread now if you're not able to get everyone vaccinated? >> good afternoon. you know, i wish this was a conversation we were having two months ago. we were having it. this is not why we adopted at the time. this is smart policy from the mayor of new york city. you're going see a lot of states and counties do fast follows. we know this is going to move people. friction to the area of leisure whether it is going out or traveling. this is what's going to move people based on surveys. of it's not cash incentive. it's not lotteries. it's friction. and direct engagement in education. but this is the way to go. it's clear in place that's adopted 70% uptick or higher,
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the hospital admissions are the lowest point they have been throughout the pandemic. there is a clear correlation between case transmission rates and what we're seeing in hospitals based on the level of vaccine uptake in a specific community. >> dr. gupta, tyson foods dealt with his own outbreak last year. made a lot of national headlines. it is requiring workers to get vaccinated. a lot of these plants are based in traditionally red states with the lower vaccination rates that you and others have been concerned about. do you think this approach from major corporation could make a difference in those areas that are traditionally struggling or lagging in vaccination rates? >> absolutely. it's really hard, ayman, to scale direct engagement. a lot of people we try to reach through direct engagement don't have trusted medical relationships. they don't have that. the they're not in our health care system. the direct engagement is only going to scale to a certain
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degree. this is huge. tyson moving towards this direction is fundamentally different than google and apple doing it. because by the way, they were doing it for the corporate staff. so somebody didn't want to get vaccinated, they could continue to work from home. this is the first major front line employer that says to their hourly staff, you are going to have to get the vaccine to come back to work. otherwise, you're going to risk your job. that's huge. and so now this opens up potentially a pandora's box of other front line employers, not health care employers to say will will we do the same? the ups of the world, grocery stores, you name it. this is going to allow that fast follow. i hope we'll see it in more and more states. >> yeah, we've seen some tech companies do that. let's talk about the white house here for a moment. as we mentioned earlier, a little bit of confusion about what responsible hafor looks like as it relates to this pandemic.
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what can we expect to hear from the president this hour as this situation continues to develop by the day? >> well, white house officials tell me president biden is going to come out and forcibly and really pointedly talk about the need to be vaccinated. he's going to urge americans. he's going sat vaccination rates are going up and that's a good sign. but that too many americans remain unvaccinated. he's also going to be in some ways talking about the fact that now 100 mullon vaccines have gone out to other countries, really underscoring the idea that while we fight the vaccine and what we fight the virus, rather, here in the united states that we're still supposed to be focused on helping others. one thing that i have been told by a white house source, we should expect a more aggressive tone from president biden. i'm told in particular that he's going to be going after states that he believes is making it harder to keep people safe, localities that are banning mask mandates, localities banning vaccine mandates, governors and
12:17 pm
local officials who are trying to in some way not allow local officials and others to make science based decisions. so he may be calling out conservatives by name. more likely, he's going to be talking about some of those red states where we see in places leaders saying that they don't want to see people's freedoms infringed. he'll say this is not the time to be thinking like that. in fact, this should be the time you are following cdc guidance and protecting other americans and doing so means wearing a mask and getting vaccinated. >> all right. thanks to the three of you for this hohn this developing story as well. coming up, we're going to have a lot more on today's breaking news involving new york governor andrew cuomo. insisting that he never touched or harassed anyone after an investigation found that he sexually harassed multiple women. we're going to talk to state senator who is calling on cuomo
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among others to resign when she says she'll do if he doesn't. e says she'll do if he doesn't
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♪ dream until your dreams come true ♪ history says: ewelry for occasions. ♪♪ minus the traditional markups. we're mejuri. handcrafted like the olden day. designed for the golden days ahead. ♪♪ ♪♪ back to that breaking news in new york. a defiant governor andrew cuomo not backing down today. denying he touched anyone inappropriately and refuting other findings from this state attorney general's bombshell report. the 165-page report found the
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governor sexually harassed 11 women including current and former government workers and in doing so violated both federal and state laws. the report also says that governor cuomo and the senior staff tried to retaliate against one of the former employees for coming forward and the governor and the executive chamber fostered a toxic workplace. the governor didn't address every finding in the report. here are some of the details investigators laid out. >> the governor executive assistant number one and reached under her blouse to grab her breast. this is the culmination of a pattern of inappropriate sexual conduct. including numerous close and intimate hugs where the governor held her so closely that her breasts were pressed against his body. the governor also several times inappropriately touched a state trooper assigned to the unit to protect the governor.
12:23 pm
in an elevator standing behind the trooper, he ran his finger from her neck down her spine and said, hey you. another time she was standing holding doort open for the governor. as he passed, he took his open hand and ran it across her stomach from her belly button to where the hip where she keeps her gun. >> we have more now. let's talk about what the fallout has been. reaction is coming fast and swift from various political corners of the world. >> it absolutely is. and from many prominent democrats calling for the govern or to step aside. the governor saying that if he did something that made someone feel uncomfortable, he did not intend it. and the instance that we heard just a moment ago from the investigators pointing out that one of his accusers said that the governor put his hand under her blouse and groped her.
12:24 pm
the governor said flatly, it just did not happen. so his defense is that either it didn't happen or he didn't mean to be inappropriate in what he does or what he did. and what he said also was that he felt that what he did and was characteristic of behavior that he learned from his mother and his father. but that does not go well with the investigators who said that they had over thousands of interviews with people, 41 of them being under oath. and the state attorney general said she absolutely believes these women. so does new york state's junior senator. she said it's time for the governor to go. take a listen. >> as i said before these allegations are deeply disturbing. these actions are inappropriate for the governor of the new york state. i think he should resign.
12:25 pm
>> we should point out just this hour the lieutenant governor's office kathy hokul issued a statement and said she compliments the women for coming forward. if the governor does resign, he is making no indication he would do that. she would be next in line to assume that office. ayman? >> thank you very much for that. and with us now, joining us is a former cuomo staffer. senator, thank you so much for coming back on the program. let me start by getting your reaction to this report and everything we've seen and to governor cuomo's response. what is your initial take away? >> the first thing, thank you for having me on today. i mean, my first reaction is one of really commending the brave women and all of the people who used their voices in the face of actual and potential retaliation. i want to reiterate what the attorney general said which is
12:26 pm
that i believe the women and that i stand with them. my additional reaction is that the ag's report confirmed what many of us knew to be true back in spring and in which we spoke about which is that the governor and his team have fostered and upheld a toxic work environment. that is harmful to his staff and harmful to new yorkers. it infected the way he governored the state of new york. >> let me read for you a part of new york lieutenant governor kathy hokul who just released this statement in part saying "sexual harassment is unacceptable in any workplace and certainly not in public service. no one is above the law. the under the new york constitution, the assembly will will now determine the next steps." do you expect this to fuel support for impeachment proceedings in the state legislature? is that where this needs to go? >> i think the next reasonable step is to begin the impeachment proceedings.
12:27 pm
i called for the impeachment of this governor many months ago. i think today's findings give the assembly a significant amount of information and as a reminder for everyone, that doesn't mean that the governor is impeached. they will be delivered to the senate and there will be a trial that will be underway. i think that most important thing that we need to keep in mind is that if cuomo is not held accountable and the defense works, effectively what we're saying is that there are no standards against sexual harassment in the state of new york. that is something that is unacceptable to many of us and very high stakes if we're actually going to be a state of zero tolerance when it comes to harassment and abuse not only in the workplace but anywhere. >> you're considering running against the governor in the democratic primary.
12:28 pm
>> i think that say reasonable question to ask. but questions about politics to me, today are a distraction from the findings against the governor. i think the governor wants us to deflect all of the attention from himself because the report is damming. 11 women are in the report including now a state trooper who was actually assigned the irony and the really devastating fact of that is she was assigned to protect him. and then he asked for this investigation which is another important point here and it he could on rates everything that the 11 women said. we have to hold him to account. it's very important that we do. sexual harassment is a personal issue for me. it's something i worked hard on not only before i took office but while i've been in office. it is something that i'll work on way beyond the governor being in office. and so today it's about the governor being held accountable for his actions. because getting away with any kind of harassment or abuse in the state of new york is sending
12:29 pm
a signal to people everywhere that you can get away with this behavior and doesn't matter what kind of office you hold but that you'll be protected. i think moving forward with the impeachment proceedings is the next reasonable step. and maybe another question for another day. >> yeah. no doubt. i appreciate. that it was just only in the context of one of the ways to hold him accountable through the ballot box if all other means do not work from your perspective. >> ayman -- okay. >> go ahead. >> thank you. >> i was just going to say, i think clearly what we can conclude here is that it's reasonable to decide -- to conclude that new york city needs a new governor because his behavior has affected the way that state is governored. a lot of the energy is focused on his bad behavior instead of making sure that payments for tenants and for landlords go out the door. so again this is affects governing. much that's why it matters.
12:30 pm
that's why new yorkers should care. it leads us to the conclusion that we need a new governor in the state of new york. >> all right. new york state senator, thank you so much for your time. greatly appreciate you taking all the questions. coming up, the biden administration is under pressure to do something about the eviction moratorium that expired this week. what treasury secretary janet yellen had to say in a phone call to house democrats today. you're watching "ayman mohyeldin reports." y. you're watching "ayman mohyeldin reports. ♪ ♪ when technology is easier to use... ♪ barriers don't stand a chance. ♪ that's why we'll stop at nothing to deliver our technology as-a-service. ♪ ♪ give me, give me ♪
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it is a busy day in washington, d.c. the president and vice president met with latino leaders to discuss their agenda on economics, voting rights and the el paso shooting that targeted the communities. >> we all act together to counter what is basically a domestic terrorism. >> on capitol hill, treasury secretary janet yellen briefed lawmakers on what the department has done with emergency rent relief funds and refused to commit the white house to extending the moratorium as progressive democrats continue to protest and push for an action to stop nationwide evictions. >> this need is urgent. this is an emergency. >> and the bipartisan infrastructure bill is down one vote now that republican senator lindsey grahamed positive for
12:35 pm
covid post vaccination. and at the risk of losing more since he attended a boat party with other key law machers. lawmakers. >> we were outside, okay? everybody has been vaccinated. >> joining me now is nbc news capitol hill correspondent. what is the feeling there right now? are people nervous about this boat party and what it might mean in terms of implications for voting on this infrastructure bill? >> there was a the lot of nervousness among lawmakers, especially the seven, the two republicans and five democrats who attended that boat party. but every lawmaker that we talked to who attended said they got tested again for the second time today and their tests have come back negative. the doctors told them they don't need to get tested again. so there is a lot of relief that it seems to be an isolated incident by senator graham and
12:36 pm
it's not going to have major impact on this bipartisan infrastructure bill. now if they move to the reconciliation bill after this and graham is still out, he's supposed to manage that bill on the senate floor. if he is still out, he won't be able to do it. someone will will take his place. the but for the time being, there will be no other people who will have to quarantine for the moment. ayman? >> let's talk about the big bombshell report today from new york. the news about governor cuomo. how is that reverberating on capitol hill? what are the reactions of lawmakers certainly those from his state? we heard from the junior senator not too long ago. but what about the others? >> chuck schumer said that cuomo should resign. and that is the overwhelming sentment among the democrat uk delegation saying he should no longer be in office.
12:37 pm
that is not a new position for most of them. they is said he should resun when the allegations came out. and they say that with this report that it's just damming. and he should no longer be in office. one representative from his state, she's a republican, she said that he should be arrested. so she has gone the fartherest, of course. she is a republican. but cuomo has hardly any support if any at all up here on capitol hill, especially from his delegation. ayman? >> one more for you. there is a lot of talk about evictions. is there sunshine that we're going to see concrete progress on evictions now that the moratorium on evictions has passed? >> well, treasury secretary yellen as you mentioned, had held a conference call with house democrats today and a lot of them pressed her on the administration should extend this deadline at least for a short amount of time so the money could go out.
12:38 pm
she gave no commitment that the administration would do so. and, of course, there is that supreme court case that said that they can't act unilaterally unless there is a good legal reason. now i also asked senate majority leader schumer is the senate is going to vote. he did not commit to that at all. he also called on the administration to do something. and he said that the states need to release that money. he points out that new york and south carolina as of three weeks ago released zero dollars so far to help people to stay in their homes. congress is the no going to do anything. the administration is not going to do anything. so there is really this stalemate that is happening on this eviction issue. ayman? >> all right. lee an caldwell live on capitol hill on multiple developing stories this hour. thank you. and some olympic news to get you caught up on. superstar gymnast simone biles was back on the competition
12:39 pm
floor today. she won awe bronze medal on the balance beam with suni lee finishing fifth. this one means more than any of the others after she pushed through so much this last week, sitting out all but the beam competition to focus on her mental health. she is now tieded with shannon miller as the most decorated olympian in the american gymnastics history. poland is granting a visa to the sprinter from belaruse. she said she feared for her safety and that belaruse team officials tried to force her to return home after she was critical of how officials were managing the team. she told the associated press that officials made it clear that she would face some form of punishment upon her return. and after an activist group says it has bought sprinter a plane ticket to poland where she can seek refugee status. more than 100 state
12:40 pm
lawmakers rallied today for voting rights legislation. we'll talk with texas state representist jasmine crockett. one of the texas state democrats that left the state to block a restrictive republican voting rights bill. you're watching "ayman mohyeldin reports." you're watching "ayman mohyeldin reports. subway®... has so much new it didn't fit in our last ad. like the new deli-style oven-roasted turkey. and new hickory-smoked bacon. it's the eat fresh refresh™ at subway®. there's so much new we don't even have time for this guy! but i'm tom brady! oh, and there's smashed avocado too! ♪♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole significantly delayed disease progression versus letrozole. ibrance may cause low white blood cell counts that may lead to serious infections. ibrance may cause severe inflammation of the lungs.
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-copy that, she's eating the rocket. i assume we needed that? [chomping sound] ♪♪ lunchables! built to be eaten. she has eaten the rocket. [girl burps] over. this afternoon, hundreds united to fight for voting rights in washington, d.c. lawmakers, texas democrats and state legislators from 30 states came to the capitol to demand congress stay insession until it passes the for the people voting rights act. this after more than 200 people were arrested outside the capitol last night at another voting rights demonstration. joining me now is texas state representative jasmine crockett. representative crockett, thank you so much for coming back on the show. we have been talking to you throughout all of this. i know you and your colleagues have been in d.c. for weeks now. and i like to start this segment by asking you has anything
12:45 pm
changed in that time? >> absolutely. first of all, it's good to see you again. you know, i'm sure my counterparts at home want to pretend as if if we just flew out of austin and came to d.c. and had some wonderful vacation. instead, it's been just the opposite. we have worked really hard. had an opportunity to go out to the poor people's march on yesterday and i had an opportunity to speak with senator warknock. he said but for y'all, coming up here and fighting like you have, i can tell you that we would not be where we are as it relates to voting rights legislation. and so what the republicans are most afraid of is the fact that we have united, not just texans but georgians and arizonans and
12:46 pm
floridians. we are truly moving needle even if it's making sure the awareness is there. so i do want to thank your network specifically because you guys are making sure that you keep this topic at the forefront and that is making sure that congress is starting to recognize that we all want this to be on the forefront. >> we're going continue to cover it as it plays out. speaking of the senate, you have senate democrats, they are working on a new version of a voting rights act. do you have hope that that will pass even if this version of the for the people act does not? >> yeah. you know, i understand that they're having hearings because they're trying to work on this formula issue. there are a number of ways they are trying to work around having to necessitate the hearings and come up with a new formula. one of the things that majority whip clyburn told us is, listen, let's make all 50 states have to go through clearance. then we don't have to worry about this specific formula, a formula that no matter which way they twist or turn it, states
12:47 pm
like texas and georgia will always end up being subjected to preclearance because they have a history of intentional discrimination. what we are seeing though is that the for the people act really does have some momentum behind it right now. we obviously know that john lewis voting rights act is not ready because we have to deal with the hearings. but for the people, they are working on that right now. it's my understanding that we will have something this week. that is my understanding from talks on the senate side as well as the house side. there will be a new version rolled out this week. now the question is, will the senate be held over? will they go on recess? will will they be close enough with the new language to go ahead and say we think that we can get this passed so we are patiently waiting for that new version, that new version in which voices like manchin's voice has been a part of. senator warnoc has been a part
12:48 pm
of and senator klobuchar has been a part of. i eagerly await that new version and hope that we finally get to the point that everyone is on the same page on how we are going to reconcile the issue. because one thing has been made clear. everyone recognizes that there is an issue. the problem is that they haven't agreed on what the fix for the issue is. >> all right. texas state representative jasmine crockett. always a pleasure. we'll check in with you again as this continues to develop. appreciate your time. >> thank you. still ahead, more reaction to the results of the investigation into new york governor andrew cuomo. congresswoman kathleen rice, one of the first lawmakers to call for grofrn cuomo to resign joins us live next. you're watching "ayman mohyeldin reports." "ayman mohyeldin reports. oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? so you only pay for what you need. sorry? limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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shift the focus more on you. ask your doctor about ingrezza. it's simple. one pill, once-daily. #1 prescribed for td. learn how you could pay as little as $0 at as calls for andrew cuomo to resign build after the new york attorney general found he sexually harassed 11 women, the governor remains defiant. dozens of lawmakers in new york have said he should step down. joining me is one of the first lawmakers to call for his resignation, kathleen rice. congresswoman, thank for you your time and coming back on the bram. the question today is, do you think the governor will resign? >> the sad truth is probably not. i think -- first let me say i commend all of the victims for
12:53 pm
participating in this investigation, which is incredibly important. it's not an easy thing for them to do in this political atmosphere. if anyone watched what the investigators laid out, it was one of the most grotesque and disturbing factual recitations of what can only be described as one of the worst toxic work environments ever. if you hear the facts -- i'm going to continue to be reading the report, but it seems very clear to me there are two conclusions you come to after reading this report. number one, governor cuomo is a serial sexual abuser of women, and number two, he created a brutally toxic work environment and kept it going by surrounding himself with people who protected him from these women he was harassing. put aside whether there's ever going to be criminal oar civil charges in the future, the mere fact this governor, who has been there -- he's coming up to the
12:54 pm
end of his third term, so almost 12 years, has had the pow tore create that kind of toxic environment, should be enough for him to step aside, but heart his response, which was pretaped, i can only describe it as a hollywood production kind of film, if you will, short film, where he blamed his behavior -- he didn't accept responsibility for his behavior. he blamed everyone from his mother and father to women who misunderstood him. so i don't think he's going to resign. >> do you think that he should be prosecuted, based on what you have seen so far from the report? and just the fact that you have the attorney general andn that report say he broke federal and state laws? >> well, that's going to be up to the prosecuting agencies. i used to be a d.a., as you know, so i didn't like when other people opined about
12:55 pm
whether i should prosecutor a case or not, so that's not in my bailiwick. but i sincerely hope that every new yorkers reads this report and stands up and says enough is enough. the last thing we need is a governor who, for lack of a better word, is behaving as if he lives on another planet, as if this kind of behavior is somehow excusable. when i used to try criminal cases in court, if a defend came in and said, but i do this kind of thing all the time. i always rob banks, or i always brack into homes, it would be laughed out of court and they would be convicted. i hope the governor is not going to go down that path, saying just because i kiss and touch people a lot, it should be okay. even he hypocritically during his statement said any politician who says i should resign is doing it for their own political reasons and not respecting the victims. the number one person showing
12:56 pm
zero respect for these victims is the governor. he should do what's right by the victims, by the state, and resign. >> the new york state assembly is looking into the next steps, if cuomo stands his grounds and refuses to resigned, what comes next? should he be impeached? >> it's well within the assembly's jurisdiction to take this up. chuck levine, who i believe is an samablyman from long island, where i am from, i believe he's in charge of the committee that will start this process. i believe they have tied that investigation for possible impeachment into what was going on with the nursing homes and the $5 million the governor made on his book, but i think what this moment calls for right now is to forget about the other two things and deal with this report which lays out, to me, copious amounts of evidence that would justify removing him from
12:57 pm
office. >> all right. congresswoman kathleen rice from new york, thank you for your time. always appreciate it. happening right now. multiple people are being trited for injuries after a shooting at a metro station in washington, d.c. prompting a lockdown at the pentagon. for over an hour, the police they've at the pentagon said he described several casualties. joining me with more is courtney kube. what more are we learning? >> we know after 10:30, a pentagon police officers was attacked just outside the pentagon. there's a metro stop here at the pentagon. it's on the reservation, on on the grounds here. a police officer was attacked there. there was -- we know now according to sources familiar, that in fact a federal police officer was killed in the attack.
12:58 pm
the officer fired back at the assailant, and the assailant was hit. we don't know right now the assailant's condition, though, this all occurred here on the pentagon reservation the last time we had anything similar to this was 2010, when an individual came and fired shots at pentagon police officers. that assailant was also shot in that case and killed, but this is a -- there has been a tremendous, enormous police response to this attack here today. the fbi is taking lead, the washington field office. at this point we still do not have any indication of a motive, why the assailant did this, but at this point we're hearing from authorities, from officials at the opening, the threat is over. we just don't know exactly what happened to the assailant, whether that person was killed in the exchange of gunfire. >> courtney, really quickly, do we know anything about the identity of the shooter?
12:59 pm
>> no. we just had a briefing here with the chief of the pentagon police, but he gave us very, very few details. he would not say anything about the assailant, wouldn't even firm of death of a police officer, but as i said, according to numerous sources f/a-with this, a police officers has been killed, and there were other reports of a large presence outa local hospital, and large procession of police cars that are often seen when you have the remains, the body of a fallen police officer. we're still looking for more details. >> as we continue to push forward, do we know whether or not the intended target was the pentagon or somebody else at that metro station? >> we don't know at this point. the officials who i spoke with saying at this point it's still very early. i want to caution that, but it does seems as if the assailant was specifically going after
1:00 pm
this police officer. so, you know, we're getting assurances, very confidence assurances from officials here at the pentagon, that in fact there was no larger threat, but without knowing a motive i. it's hard as to know why -- they're being very quiet with the information, which is surprising. as i said, i covered the 2010 shooting here, and this one has a very different feel, and i don't know why at this point, ayman. courtney kube, thank you. that wraps up the hour here with me. "deadline: white house" with nicolle wallace starts right now. hi there, everyone. it's 4:00 in the east on what is turning out to be an incredibly busy days of breaking news. let me tell you what we'll do together. in a few minutes, president biden will come out and make remarks on this covid


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