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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  August 5, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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if it's thursday, president biden battles arising covid threat which is taking a toll on the white house politically, as the administration is about to roll out more efforts to get more people vaccinated, starting with kids in school. pandemic politics spreading far beyond washington as republican governors like ron desantis try to pin record setting surges on an all too common scapegoat for the right wing, migrants at the border. we are tracking another record breaking day in louisiana as the state sees a massive influx of covid hospitalizations. we speak with the state's top health official, that's also coming up.
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welcome to "mtp daily." i am chuck todd. i have been saying it for months, how covid goes in the united states, so goes the biden presidency. as pandemic numbers increase, the president's numbers are starting to decrease. more than a month ago, president biden declared independence from the virus, covid cases in the united states flat lined to 10,000 a day. we are now averaging more than 100,000 cases a day, 10 times jump. cases are rising in all 50 states, and in places with low vaccinations rates. the administration announced a plan to encourage children over 12 to be vaccinated by the time school starts in fall. the education secretary will be at the white house press briefing, expected to begin any minute. we'll keep an ear on what he says. we have an idea what they're proposing, all of this as most of the country is experiencing substantial, high transmission of the virus. some hospitals and states like
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arkansas, mississippi, louisiana, florida are breaking records, running out of beds, having to cancel things like elective surgeries, in tampa and broward in particular, and for president biden, writing on the wall politically. a brand new poll shows his numbers dropping on the coronavirus, approvals are down nine points, and handling of the economy down four points. all of this is covid related. for now, his overall job rating is at a sluggish 48%. those numbers are a stark reminder, president biden's political situation and fortunes of the party won't improve likely until covid does. should be worth noting while biden's 48% doesn't look great compared to his numbers, it is still above where president trump ever was in his four years. joining me at the white house, josh letterman, heidi pris bell a.
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josh, it is interesting, your primary beat for us is climate. in many ways on any other day, if we were at 10,000 cases we might be leading with your beat on climate. as the white house press briefing on covid, covid, covid, covid, no matter what the administration would like to accomplish outside covid, until the virus is tackled and pushed out of here, it means all of the other proposals have to take a back seat. >> reporter: that's right. that's kind of the dichotomy. the line you hear from the white house is walk and chew gum at the same time. substantively, they feel they're doing a good job of being able to stay focused on getting things they want to get done. white house officials point to the fact that the bipartisan infrastructure deal still on track, not an easy lift. the democrats' only massive spending bill looks like it will happen along with major climate
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components of the president's agenda. politically that's where they have less control over what the message is and what the country is talking about. that's where the white house feels like there's a gap between what's under their control and the way the president's leadership will be perceived. they'll point outlook, we got the vaccines out to everyone. it is not a problem about did the federal government fall asleep on the job with vaccines or other measures, but now it is up to republican governors and companies to mandate this. they are feeling like they're being punished for something outside their control. >> it is interesting. i want to dig in on that. in some ways, some would argue they have too light of a touch when it comes to they haven't made anything a mandate. they're backing off almost for fear of the right wing. yet they're sabotaged anyway by
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some republican governors. >> there's two concerns. one are legitimate legal concerns about how far you can go. we have seen the biden administration wrestle with that out in the open on the eviction moratorium and what the constitution will allow, and the other part which is i don't think the white house thinks it is in their best interest to be in an escalating tit for tat in florida. it makes it harder to do the job of getting folks vaccinated. they don't want to go down that path. >> especially since he is looking for material to fund raise off of. increasing the vaccination rate among children that can be vaccinated now, schools have opened in parts of the south, every monday between now and labor day, only have more kids in school. what is the plan to increase vaccination rates because they
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are unfortunately lower than they thought they would be this close to school reopening. >> reporter: quite a bit lower, chuck. let's start by illustrating why some epidemiologists are forecasting a perfect covid back to school storm. going to throw up maps. you're looking at significant rate of spread in the southeast, the red areas. they're the same areas in the graph on the right which have low vaccination rates among children in the 20 percentile. a lot of states banned mask mandates, arkansas, oklahoma, florida. when the education secretary spoke with us, they said that's why we are in and all out sprint. they said maybe we can get children through sports physicals, you want to play sports, get your physical. they're coming out with new guidance and forms pediatricians can use in partnership with
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american academy of pediatrics. even the olympic committee and other sports groups are reaching out to national pta associations. there are thousands around the country. they want to parachute pediatricians into all important first meetings, resources for pop up clinics. most important thing he told us was willingness of parents resisting masks to put aside pride and politics. >> i think it is clear where we stand. short of mandating something i don't have power to mandate, we know what we have to do. unfortunately it is politicized, we want to remove it. make it about kids, not politics. they deserve to be in classrooms. unfortunately i am not -- i'm just as worried about politicization of this as the covid variant. >> reporter: nationwide, vaccination rate for 12 to 17-year-olds is only 29%. we have a small window with some
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classes already starting. chuck, we know what's going to happen. epidemiologists say some areas in covid storm areas, you could see outbreaks in as little as three weeks. >> we will sadly get to that in a minute. hang on. bring in phil rucker. this gets into there's only so much, getting into this with josh, only so much the white house can control. this is a crisis where even if it is not in their power, talk about vaccination of kids, it has to be led by states. you want high school sports associations to essentially tie vaccination with participating in sports. there's nothing a federal government mandate can do. you have to get governors to sign off on stuff like that. this seems to be the circular problem that they're running into. they're only as effective as the governor partners allow them to
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be. >> that's right, chuck. it is a political nightmare for the biden white house. there's nothing more treacherous for a politician than parents worrying whether kids will be safe in school, worrying about the virus spreading because of policies at the state and municipal level in these communities, and the central tenet of biden's campaign for president was that he was going to tackle covid, he had the skills and the bipartisan relationships to effectively cut through the crap and address the pandemic in a way trump did not, and the fact that covid numbers are rising now, the fact that the delta variant is so potent and the fact that getting the vaccines into some of the communities has been such a challenge is really spelling political trouble for biden at this hour. >> do they have the covid task force, ron klain, do they have new ideas to tackle this or feel as if at this point, even though
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they know they're taking on water politically, a lot of people at the end of the day say they're going to blame the top. ron desantis has poor poll numbers right now too, i think it is covid related. every official, gavin newsom, if covid not tackled, you have an angrier public now. the vaccinated blame the unvaccinated. unvaccinated are told to blame folks at the border. everybody is looking to point the finger now. it is not a good situation. >> that's right. and we're just on the precipice. if this continues to escalate the next couple weeks and we enter fall where businesses are not reopening when they were supposed to reopen, people can't go back to offices like they were supposed to in fall, we head into a winter there might be further restrictions and lock downs. that's a huge problem politically for anybody in elected office because people are fed up with restrictions and with lock downs and looking to their leader to fix the problem, and obviously the problem is not fixed. >> i want to go back to the
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issue with students. heidi, we have seen, go to teachers unions. on one hand, they want a super safe place, but have been resistant on vaccine mandate. i get it. teachers represent a group of americans like all americans, majority in favor of vaccinations, but there will be a vocal minority that are not. if you can't get teacher unions to agree on a mandate, how do you expect sport associations where a lot of high school sport coaches haven't been provaccination, how do you get them on board? >> there's not going to be a mandate is where it ends, chuck. you talk to local officials and frankly they're scared. i talked to officials in indiana who had a mask mandate, feel they lost student enrollment and
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are hesitant to do it again. a lot of officials want as much cover as possible from washington, from their association heads, but there's the question of who goes first, who are the first to mandate it. it has happened in new york city, the question is when the dam will break. a lot of companies are starting to do it. with teachers union, that's a problem. but they turn it around and say we've got 90% of our teachers vaccinated and you're asking me to send a teacher who may be high risk diabetic back into a classroom with kids running around without masks when we know we're having a lot of break through transmission. why don't we start with some mask mandate, whether it be at a local level or hey, the question now is is there anything more the federal government can do, chuck, and we continue to press on that. >> phil, is there something
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they've been hesitant to do that they're thinking about doing? at this point what may be bad politics now not doing something is worse politics later. >> certainly been hesitant to try to impose any sort of mandate. rhetoric has escalated. there was an advanced move from the white house to begin to try to apply some pressure to states and municipal leaders to enact further restrictions. could see more of that in days to come. again, they're limited in what to do, especially when it comes to school policy, so much is state level. >> quickly, phil, any thought of doing, has the feel of maybe do
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a prime time mobile office address, say school is starting, here's what we have to do. i know everybody is not happy with this, but here's the problem. have they thought about something like this? i'm not sure how seriously they considered that option but you know and we all know that biden can say whatever he wants to say in whatever venue he wants and there's a segment of the country that will tune him out, not take him seriously. those are the people they're trying to convince to be vaccinated. i am not sure how effective it would be. >> another saying, get caught trying. thank you both. and before that, josh letterman had his own reporting. thank you as well. check out phil's new book "i alone can fix it." pandemic politics, governors like desantis try to take control as covid spirals in florida. and how the nfl is a major
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and ask how to save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill when you add xfinity mobile. get started today. and texas, account for one-third of all new covid-19 cases in the entire country. i say to these governors, please help. if you aren't going to help, at least get out of the way of people trying to do the right thing. use your power to save lives. >> joe biden that taken to himself to single out florida over covid. why don't you do your job, why don't you get the border secure, and until you do that, i don't want to blip about covid from you. >> welcome back. that was the republican governor of florida, ron desantis yesterday, criticizing president
10:19 am
biden's covid response, trying to make the issue somehow about the border. that clip was used in a fundraising email. comes as desantis and others face a surge in covid cases and hospitalizations. florida is a mess now. they reported a record number of covid hospitalizations for the fourth day in a row. desantis faced criticism for defines trying to sugar coat the picture as parts of the health system are pushed to the breaking point. some banned mask mandates in schools. hospitals are treating more children for covid more than any other point in the pandemic. the pressure isn't just on the white house, when it comes to covid, a lot of elected leaders will face pressure as long as delta is surging and have the cya version of things, covid blame game if you will. joining me, matt gorman, and aid to the harris campaign, adrian
10:20 am
elrod. matt, i want to start with you. i feel as if joe biden is seeing their poll numbers, and they know covid is a hangover and weight on them, saw it in national polling i pointed out. and to me it is not a coincidence. ron desantis is looking to point fingers on a day he saw he was trailing in re-election and his approval numbers have gone down. they all have the same in common, it is called covid. >> yeah. look, i think quickly the white house need an adversary, a villain. the wind wasn't on their back as before. look, if i am ron desantis or greg abbott, politically i am ecstatic by being elevated
10:21 am
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>> florida and texas are fighting with them rather than work with them. they're only effective as they are with governors working with them. should they have picked the fight? >> chuck, it is less about picking a fight, more about the fact the white house wants more people vaccinated. they're looking at states like florida and texas which have high cases of covid and low numbers of vaccinations compared to other states, and they're saying we want to address this. please do the right thing, governors. you look at the polling, i am going to disagree with matt, polling shows three fourth of americans regardless of political party believe and support wearing masks in states with a high number of covid cases. why? because they want to follow the science. that's what the white house has done, they've done it effectively. they let science, not politics be the guide. that's one of the reasons biden's approval numbers tend to be high at this point. >> i am curious for both your thoughts. there's a part of me three
10:23 am
months ago, you looked at what gavin newsom and ron desantis, seems as if every executive was benefitting from appearance of getting covid behind them, they were handing out checks. >> i think what you're seeing it is important to push on vaccination in an education way, not compulsory way. let's face it. people are over having masks. i disagree with adrian on wearing masks, especially if vaccinated. biden messaging why you need to wear a mask is muddled. they tried to play cleanup, the fact they've gone a little overboard in it. >> i want to pivot to raw politics both sides of the aisle here. first, let's deal with your side of the aisle. hakeem jeffries, somebody that progressives thought of more of
10:24 am
an ally, he is also in the leadership, reacting to the nina turner loss to more establishment candidate. he writes the extreme left is obsessed talking trash about mainstream democrats object twitter when the majority of electorate constitute mainstream democrats at the polls. when they're delivering millions of good paying jobs, best economy in 40 years, massive child tax cut. progressives have not won at the ballot box this year in a real contested way. they might point to buffalo or something less well known. but they're having influence on policy. is this going to get uglier as 2022 heats up? >> i don't know if it necessarily gets uglier. you make a good point, the progressives have driven a lot of policies. and frankly a lot of policies coming out of the white house
10:25 am
have been at least motivated and inspired by some of the progressives. but ultimately when it comes down to it, you look at special races we had, special elections this year, and the establishment, more moderate democrat more in line with the biden values, the moderate values that tend to drive the core of the party, those are the ones that won, this administration made it clear. we talked about it during the campaign that we don't win this race on twitter. we don't win elections on twitter. that's where you see a lot of noise, it is not where you win races. this administration, you're seeing it play out in real time in the white house. moderate wing of the party is still where it's at. >> matt, i have to read you the first line. the former president put out a statement at 1:03. the biggest election in a long time is the one that took place in ohio's 15th district with
10:26 am
winner, mike carey. goes through the where is my credit, why am i not getting attention. obviously he knew a loss there would be devastating to his perception as king maker. but should he be spiking the football at 37%? >> i love ohio, but might not go that far. look, if i am someone running for office, trump endorsement table stakes. you need to expect it, want it. but key in ohio 15 that didn't happen in texas, he went further. $300,000 from trump's pac went into that district. you want him to raise money for you, make sure people know about the endorsement. half the people voting in texas special election didn't know susan wright was endorsed by trump. big mistake on part of the folks around him. >> do you expect the trump team to be more aggressive? they don't like to spend money
10:27 am
raised on other efforts not about donald trump. >> he doesn't want the reputation of fixing the wrong candidate. do they ease up on gas or double down, that remains to be seen. you go after reputation as we saw, he will be willing to spend the money. that's what i expect. >> as he said, i don't think it was the biggest election in a long time. fails to realize the biggest political story this week was in his old home state of new york, maybe that's why ohio races didn't get the attention he thought they would. anyway, good old fashioned political strategy session. thank you. speaking of the biggest political story on the embattled new york governor, lawmakers are close to wrapping up the impeachment investigation. new york assembly is nearly finished with its investigation, giving the governor until friday to submit evidence in his
10:28 am
defense. but that doesn't mean the impeachment process is coming to a head anytime soon. the judiciary committee set to work monday on a timetable. lawmakers say they want to be thorough drafting articles of impeachment. cuomo is facing mounting pressure to resign in the wake of the attorney general findings on allegations that he sexually harassed 11 women, including a state trooper, used his office to retaliate against one of them. not charged with any crime and denies much of the attorney general report. also before we go to break, somber, shocking news to report this afternoon. president of the afl cio passed away unexpectedly this morning. he led the powerful unions for more than a decade. familiar face on the air waves. key ally of president biden a long time, even when he was vice president, called him a close friend this afternoon when president biden briefly eulogized him. at age 33, mr. trumka was the
10:29 am
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10:33 am
high. unlike earlier in the pandemic when the dire cases were in older at risk americans. number of cases in 18 to 29 range is the most of any age group and it has grown. fastest and pediatric hospitals see a terrifying rise in younger patients. joining me from children's hospital in new orleans, morgan chesky. we know that the vaccination rate among 12 plus is low, vaccination rate on 18 to 30 is not as high as it should be, and we're seeing the dire results. >> reporter: chuck, you're absolutely right. sentiment shared from doctors across the state is the best thing to do now is be vaccinated, especially because there are so many kids under age 12 not yet eligible for the vaccine. doctors here at children's hospital of new orleans say parents can get vaccinated and
10:34 am
what that does is almost creates a barrier to spread of covid-19, particularly the delta variant that's spreading so quickly through the south and here in louisiana. we know half the covid patients here at the hospital are under age 12. i can tell you having walked through the icu unit, it drives the point home so much when you see the young patients struggling to breathe, suffering the same tell tale symptoms that we saw older folks deal with this time last year. that's why doctors are incredibly concerned. in a lot of these cases, immune systems are not fully developed. hear what an infectious disease specialist told me in an interview. take a listen. >> we have four children in the hospital today under the age of two years old with covid-19. and that's just nothing any of us ever expected to experience. the children that we're seeing
10:35 am
in hospital are tip of the iceberg. we know that in our outpatient clinics where we do testing for covid-19, rate of positivity today is 14%. one week ago, it was 7%. the week before that, it was 1%. that tells us everything we need to know about where we are headed with the pandemic. >> reporter: vaccination rates are going up here in louisiana but can they go up fast enough to help hospitalizations level back off. we know at the state's largest hospital in baton rouge where we were earlier this week, they had to have a federal team come into shore up staffing. numbers are only predicted to rise. chuck? >> morgan chesky in new orleans. thank you. stick with louisiana. joined by the top medical official at the louisiana department of health. yesterday i spoke with dr. o'neal out of baton rouge and
10:36 am
she painted a bleak picture of not just running out of bed issue but staffing shortage, running out of nurses, running out of that situation. how bleak is the picture? >> thanks, chuck, nice to be with you. it is pretty bleak. these are the darkest days of the pandemic, i think she's correct. she joined governor edwards this past monday for a press conference to share that message along with another that spoke at children's hospital a moment ago. we added another hospitalized covid patients today and that number continues to go up. we have not yet seen any sign that it is abating. that's scary. 50 hospitals in louisiana reached out to us to can for help. 50 hospitals said they can't adequately care for all of the patients coming in. that's a remarkable number. as opposed to earlier in the
10:37 am
pandemic, we have enough ppe and enough vents, it is staffing that's the crunch. >> and we know the way the federal government is working now, you have a blank check probably to find staff. can you find them? if you could, what is the challenge here? is this folks leaving the field, is this fear of their own exposure? what are some of the reasons for the staff shortage? >> it is all of it. a lot of nurses are pursuing nonclinical work, some have taken time off to travel, some have gone back to school. it has been a hard year. and nurses were the literal front line. i would never blame anyone, it has been a really challenging year. before we went into this spike in louisiana, we were 6,000 nurses short as a state. and every state is experiencing some degree of this. so we have to do better job
10:38 am
bolstering nurses, providing for mental health support. where we find ourselves now, we're asking for help, but i know other states are facing similar challenges. >> sadly, one of the best ways to watch a vaccination rate go up in any specific county or area is when covid cases rise, the delta variant is lethal, they see people dying on ventilators around them. can you get the vaccination rate up faster? is the roadblock still the same roadblock we have been dealing with on misinformation or hesitancy or things like that? >> it has gone up sharply here. as you say, hate to have it come to this. we're on track to go up pie a factor of five. five-fold increase the past few weeks. up to 12,000 people choosing to vaccination. up from 2500 a few weeks ago. it continues to go up. most people are doing it because they're afraid, rightfully so. it is a small state.
10:39 am
most people know someone sick now. you hate to have it come to that. the question is how do you help families get that lesson without living through it themselves? >> what's your level of concern as schools open up. schools are already open in some parishes in louisiana. with the vaccination rate among 12 plus way below 40%, are you worried about the surge continuing as more kids go to school? >> yeah. i do have concerns. one of the reasons the mask order that governor edwards issued this past monday that took effect yesterday is so very important. if we want to do things we care about, like getting kids back in school in person, like keeping businesses open, universal masking is the only way to achieve that now while we're in this surge. >> i know this is a tough time. good luck. i think every area not experiencing a surge fears they may be next.
10:40 am
i hope folks are taking note, especially folks out west for the sturgis motorcycle rally on track to be a super spreader event. thank you very much. coming up, from covid crisis to climate crisis. apocalyptic scene as a massive wildfire rips through and destroys an historic town in northern california. details and dramatic video next. .
10:41 am
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welcome back. as the country battles the surging pandemic, the state of california is battling another major crisis in the form of a surging wildfire, named the dixie wildfire. it has been burning since july 14th. these apocalyptic videos on the screen now are from yesterday. a fire tore through the small community of greenville in northern california. you can see homes, vehicles, buildings, gas stations. they're gone. completely destroyed by fire.
10:44 am
engulfed in flames, leaving the town essentially desolate, unrecognizable. no injuries were reported. the dixie fire is only 35% contained. it is now the eighth largest wildfire in recorded california history. up next, if looking for an example how to get more people vaccinated, whether they like it or not, check out the nfl. the league has managed to get almost all players vaccinated. what, if anything, our political leaders and corporate leaders could learn from it. ers coulled arn from it.
10:45 am
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this past year has felt like a long, long norwegian winter. but eventually, with spring comes rebirth. everything begins anew. and many of us realize a fundamental human need to connect with other like-minded people. welcome back to the world. viking. exploring the world in comfort... once again. as i observe investors balance risk and reward, i see one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold.
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your strategic advantage. welcome back. as private companies continue to craft back to work strategies with their employees, you may want to look at what the nfl is doing, beginning preseason with the hall of fame game. something that didn't happen because of covid. while the league is not imposing a mandate ahead of the 2021 season, it is putting onus on players to be vaccinated, it is a don't call it a mandate mandate. they may have to forfeit game for covid outbreaks among unvaccinated players. the threat appears to be working. 90% of players are fully vaccinated or had at least one shot. nine teams are above 95% threshold. 27 teams are above 85%. for more on this, joined by peter king, nbc sports columnist
10:49 am
who covered the nfl more than three decades. one of my favorite guys to talk to on sports. and joined by vin gupta. an extraordinary familiar face in covid coverage. you may not realize, he advised the seattle seahawks through the pandemic. good to have you both. peter, let me start with what the nfl did. it appears to be a don't call it a vaccine mandate mandate when you have quarterback like ryan tan a hill in tennessee saying he was forced to get the vaccine, jimmy graham saying he felt forced to get it. what was behind it and are you surprised how united the league is on this? >> well, what was behind it, chuck, is very simple, that the league wants to play 272 regular season games and all of the playoff games as well. last year, they came close a few times to not playing games, so they basically said that happens
10:50 am
again this year, the offending team is going to have to forfeit the game. what they basically said to players is you will be second class citizens. you will have to live in a bubble for the entire season. there's quite a few players said okay, i'll live in the bubble, but also they're endangering in a team sport team, because now we have seen, because the delta variant does penetrate people who, you know, they have had the vaccine, and all three vaccines. so basically, we have seen that this could happen again. and is happening again around the league, so for the players who are testing positive now, they are still in trouble, but the issue now is as dr. gupta now knows, it is not as severe once you get the covid with the delta variant. so, you know, i would say about the league, there is now an
10:51 am
average of about seven players per team that do not have the vaccine. that's fairly tremendous to get 80 people to agree on anything out of about 87 is tremendous. >> so, dr. gupta, there is a report they want a daily testing even of the vaccinated players which ticks off jimmy graham, and he said, wait a minute, and he is a guy who did not want to be vaccinated and he is saying, wait, i thought that part of the perk was not to be tested everyday. >> well, the league's policy, and they have been advised by the cdc and the league's policy is that we think that the vaccinated players need to be tested once every 14 days if they are asymptomatic, and that is what the league's stance is. i don't think that the league
10:52 am
would mind testing the players everyday. i mean, if it is almost not, and it is not hard to give that to players if that is what they want, but in my opinion, i think that the players would rebel at this against their own union. they don't want to be tested everyday. >> dr. gupta, and let's talk about the medical aspect. you know, look, incentive-wise, i have a nephew who plays college baseball and he had to be tested at 6:00 in the morning, and if he was vaccinated, they would not have to be tested at 6:00 a.m., and for those college kids they were vaccinated, because they did not want to be up at 6:00 a.m. >> and chuck, if you have a close contact exposure of somebody who has confirmed covid, cdc revised that perhaps you would need 72 hours after that exposure, but in my view,
10:53 am
so it is not necessary for a group of individuals who had a known exposure in that group, but for what peter said, in addition to the friction exposure, and nfl is a leader here in adopting this model to don't get vaccinated not only are you affecting the way that the team's ability to eat out on the road, but you will have to mask up, and stay in your room on the road, but with the success of the seahawk, and these are the healthiest people on planet, and outside of interacting with the sports medicine doctors and rehab therapist, they don't have the occasion nor should they have to talk to a doc like me, a pulmonologist, and yet when they were put in front of me, and pete carroll and this is a broader element and not just me, and the threat, is that, hey,
10:54 am
doc, i had covid, and so do i need the vaccine and this is what i hear from others, i lead a healthy life, and when we broke down the barriers and answered the questions, it had the best education and breaking down the barriers for direct communication to help. >> and is this a model for schools in general and model for nbc and comcast and don't calm it the mandates a mandate. >> why not, chuck? a combination of friction and education to me makes a lot of sense, and meet people where they are at right now, and by the way, most people who are not vaccinated do not have trusting relationships with medical providers. when you are talking to the people, the national institute for occupational and health came out with the survey said that those who are not vaccinated are a movable middle, and some of us mayhem and haw, and what are they waiting for, well, they
10:55 am
don't have the relationships and when we add that and the friction what the nfl has done so successfully, it will work. >> peter, they are putting in the effort to try to make sure they don't have covid outbreaks on the teams, and what about the fans, and the stadiums? what's the protocol here? and you guys in the press box? >> i think that it is the moving target. i really do. just as you see cities, and you know, you see bill de blasio saying that you have to be vaccinated to go into restaurants in new york city, these protocols are changing all of the time. came to st. joe, missouri here, and i flew here from a woman in denver who is a schoolteacher, and she said, we don't know if we will have to wear masks or if the students have to wear the masks and the school starts in two weeks with. so i think that all of this is what is going on in america. one of the things that is
10:56 am
difficult is what i think for the nfl right now is to make a hard and fast rule for the next five months, and you can't do that in the united states right now. you have to go by what the prevailing wisdom is right at the time. so right now, they have said, 32 teams can fill their stadiums, between now and labor day weekend, that could change. >> that is for sure. peter king and dr. gupta, appreciate both of you on this segment, and let's play some football tonight and see what that is like. thank you all for being with us this hour, and we will be back with more "meet the press daily" and our coverage continues with geoff bennett right after this break. right after this break. [truck horn blares] (vo) the subaru forester.
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it is great to be with you. i'm geoff bennett and we are following breaking news on multiple fronts here in washington. any minute we will hear from attorney general merrick garland who is told to be making an announcement on a civil rights investigation. we will bring that to you lye when it starts. breaking news from the white house where the administration led by education secretary miguel cardona is going to reveal a vaccination policy. 1 in 5 new cases in louisiana is among children. >> it is going to provide parents, educators and communities the resources they need to be confident and ready


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